October 3

Mass Hysteria

They are saying this Era is of change. We all are stepping in End of Times hence, wars broke out, over all crisis, natural catastrophes, and calamities etc. Humans corrupted their nature by practicing destruction instead after learning they adopt constructive attitude. They are saying all the things near disaster, they are saying that we […]

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February 19


At least we have few people, who are holding microphone and yelling at deaf audience with the spirit if one person changed, the revolution will begin. Truly, this is the age and time of digital consultancy/speaking to the wonderful rock wide opened eyes holding public all around the world. People prefer to discuss and keep […]

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November 26

Friends And Foes Alike

I wished to have a bird eye view, and somehow may be for once that wish comes true, I fly over not to see the specific domains, Infact to soar in the air and have a true free breath. After a while a monotonous wave hit by, why? Flying has its own fears and joys, […]

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September 25

Secret Prisoner No.650

20 Years of conviction or claim, whatever? Destruction, deprivation, disparity, or discrimination, whatever? Conflicts, complexes, complications, or calamities, whatever? Weapons, battle, killing, blood bath, poverty in short, the loss of humanity, whatever? Whatever it was, it took lot of human energy for vain. It looks like that the so-called supreme powers of the world have […]

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January 6


Past. Present. Future Decay. Century. Millenium Date. Month. Year Time; Hour. Minutes. Seconds. AM; Ante Merdin PM; Post Merdin Evolutionary enough humankind did errands after errands to reach up to this level, where the theory of relativity of Albert Einstein may accept as, that Humans even can try access to timelessness and spacelessness yet Man […]

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December 26

How Far Is Too Far?

The darkest night turns serene limelight ahead……. Y2020 is the lesson Timeline is Divine Knowledge, only the Creator knows the Truth. Theologians and Historians only estimate and now their given estimations are challengeable. This 21st century is the timeline of disquietude. The time of concerns and apprehensions, impacted, and made us illusionistic. In the hour […]

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November 26


We are here to comprehend our being as a character.
To establish our ties with the creations of kindness
So that we can expect kindness and love from Creator in response.

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October 31


There are times when no response is actually the mighty one
But here the matter is different, MUSLIMS don’t want any false debate on their faith and on HOLY FIGURES. We believe in what is revealed by ALLAH and we believe more in unseen/unrevealed ‘Al Ghaib’ by ALLAH. We put all our trust in ALLAH.

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September 28

Donkey’s Years

Estimated 2000 years and above, humans are habitants on Earth. Time passed away and history been written, how correct or false this is to assess upon our own wisdom. As a common trend, the past generations telling the upcoming generations what had happened. Few wrote malicious stories, by adding on or exaggerating the actuality. Others […]

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August 28


If one good wish would be granted, I would like to ask GOD to bless us all with His Mercy. We needed this the most now. If one good happening would affect, I would like to ask GOD to favor us with the renewal of the world where peace and tranquility be our fate. If […]

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