BC to AD, beginning of times to the end of times, first age to medieval age, ascendants to descendants and time of heavens to time of earth, realities been converted and unfolded in many ambiguous or phenomenon oracles.

    A prophecy to future, always been on Human’s Mind and an individual is always in seek of that what comes next? None would like to have evil to be heard through or been acted upon one’s action. No one bought evil by hand but man of knowledge Faustus did in Marlowe’s writings.

    See how human minds, willingness and desires ruled and over ruled the instincts. Sometimes man of nature acts against the nature, once the instincts been repelled they reacted over the same being messing against them.

    Again to know future is always been wonders for human world, but what if the predictions for the person who wanna know against the will of a person?

    Against the will…… how this be descriptive? Soul or psyche has its own nature so do the Aura of interaction on physical grounds. We deceive ourselves and our actions most of time by assessing things on norms just present in front.

    Things have their tow fold realities and truth and what apparent we see this is not actually the real essence or nature of any object.

    Hence, religion, faith, believe and practicing what we strongly feel in the omni presence is more authentic and strong. We believe angles are creatures we don’t see them in daily routine, if we deny we can but if we believe we have many strong reasons to believe in, not just that religious scriptures say so …………

    No we can access and feel personally, in many matters and this personal feeling of assessing things is the most powerful phenomena ‘Intuition’

    The key sense and higher perception level actually differs the person from common and layman. Why?
    Because he/she and individual can see through things prior against time and space which others like laymen or common persons can not. Reasoning for that is very genuine and revolves around the key areas:

    - Blessed Psychological level // Strong Psyche
    - Spiritual level // Religious practice
    - True Faith // Believing spirit
    - What is true faith and how to ponder in practice?
    - Following the Ultimate Truth
    - To grow up to the level where one can illuminates his/her fate as free will

    Mentioning above, the major endorsement is religion and faith one carries, religion is the code of conduct. Evaluating worldwide religions and their course of action, no religion would agree upon any ill doings, all religions speak about the morals and the ethnic implementations.

    Though that religion is Abrahamic or Non-Abrahamic. The form and format of religions are mythical unless they would be practiced. Now what we practice is in hand, how we practice is also defined than why not amplified, why not implemented?

    Why on the name of ISLAM there are forces they brought damage to the Peaceful image of the religion world wide. Why terrorism been yielded to associates with ISLAM? Why that’s so?

    Verily, when humans are halted to the level, where instincts just react to the basic needs, this happens. When we say things we actually don’t mean it.

    When we stop being conscientiousness in our routines. When we hinder our own way of our perceptions to be groomed and governed by the natural law …………….. When certainly, we boost our supreme egos to lead us to the ways, actually not good for our spiritual goals.

    Human soul is emblem of everything yet nothing but there is parrot inside that speaks as per the nature of the things, now if practice would guide it so than they same way will be highlighted, and if not than same would be restricted or hindered.

    Whom do we listen?

    The voice that command truth or the voice that can manipulate for the worldly affairs? Whom do we listen?

    This is self decision? Or communion?
    This is actually both. Responsibility is two ways traffic not one.

    Only those people who are sound in their ethics, practice and faith can rule the world. Now if the strength and feasts would be fed to the Alpha evil wolf it would be the ruler and if it would be the Alpha sublime one than it will be the ruler.

    Evil and goodness are natural forces and they can not be denied. We living creatures revolves between or above in circles to them by fate or free will.

    Endorsements and manifestations are sometimes based on choice most of times not, subject to writ of fate that would be unchangeable.

    Now unseen realities are intangible but very powerful. They exist with their own supreme testimony, reflection and exposition and bestow same reflexes for the physical realities.

    Universal Truth over ruled, this would be challenged by human intelligence through mechanical & scientific explorations. So when a living creature rose up to the level where can challenge the Instinctive realities there the reaction begins ………….

    Intuition would ever and not always been honored, if so than how would we bestow to our CREATOR, few important strings are just ever and forever in HIS CONTROL; CREATOR’S CONTROL.

    We need to zoom in and out for the textures and zones we are surviving in for both the angles physical and spiritual.

    Now physical should understand from the fundamentalities to the unlimited access and same is the case with spiritual realities.

    This is certain that again in human history we hilted to the Era where we are dealing with two extremes and therefore the balance to carry both together are infact out.
    Simultaneously, what we can do is to bother self first for the direction of thinking and than for the practice and than be communion for the better sake …………….If we can do that ….

    Wishes and desires are thousands out of thousands all can not be fulfilled in this life in such short spam, so don’t linger on and between for the climax level of the life been given.

    Let’s be like running water, because it keeps going so its’ clean …..… We can understand even the most complicated phenomenon oracles if we rise up our wit and use wisdom rather than just intelligence for the sake of creating mechanical world.

    We humans are the most higher beings since it would also declared my the CREATOR, so we can understand even the most complicated phenomenon oracles …………………..Certainly WE CAN!



    What, When, Why and How?

    What is velocity and vertigo in terms used here?
    When did I realize this to be felt?
    Why it is essential to address?
    How can I deal with it?

    Mental energies are so vibrant that they could travel one place to another same is the case with the thinking and imagination. What we generate in thinking, When we generate in our imagination, why and How actually matters ……………… Does physical and environmental aptitude and emancipation essential for it?

    Nah ….. Yah ….. May Be
    See mental games they are never stable, many clues and many tricks … Trick out of trick actually clue us to our performance, really isn’t?

    It is not that easy to understand, the underworld of our mind is really an invasive ocean, it has many species hidden deep down. This is about an individual, about a mind and what if there be many minds, many mental energies ……..How would they be controlled? How they would be ruled?

    Precise to the limit, motivational or inspirational spirit is mundane or a gift? Or it is subject to human will to be ruled or over ruled or its just slave to fate? How possibly we can address this?

    Labyrinth is this mind in shape of walnut……………many questions juggle at once and seek of a answer is a traveling one door to another. Capacity of human defines what, when, why and how one can learns, travels and amplifies ……..
    Yah…..Nah… May Be …

    Mental Energies……..Thinking….. Imagination ….. Unconscious Mind….. Motivation……. Inspiration ….. Capacity and strength!

    As brevity is the soul of wit, concisely, Nature is only Existence which endorsed it’s Manifestations. It’s not just happened; it exists from first to last, Alpha to Omega, Beta to Gamma and all in all to Sigma ………..

    Nature has its own course of actions in space and time and also specific actions out of spam and time. For Nature, it rules and over ruled and still be Mighty any other creature with in range of time and space can not over or under estimate the Nature. Time and space is again big thing to debate …..

    Why it is needed to be here because here on earthly life we have all the mix ……..

    Mental energies, which gave ecstasy beyond is out of the frame of time and space……. This is Universal Truth!

    Thinking and Imagination which inspires and motivates, artistic and creative is also free of limits ……..No Time…No Space … This is Divine Truth!

    Unconscious mind has no clock and an immense horizon, apparently dark, dead and transparent but it exists. Again no spam here, no needles to rule … This is Mysterious Truth!

    Reasoning to act and mental stimulation could be sudden or could be not but this is something which gonna catch with in certain lines for certain objectivity. Yah …. This is Logical Truth!

    Capacity and strength … Ahh pre-defined sometimes, absorbed sometimes, sometime this and sometimes that, controversial and emblem of change …… Nah… Yah … May Be……. It can be ordinates, originates and could be vertical or crucial ……..…. This is Physical Truth!

    Time and space revolves and changes the Truth and Nature of Truth ….. ..
    Timelessness and spinelessness changes Nada … It travels between and beyond Nothingness ……….. Nah…… Yah … May Be….

    Existence and Reality both have clash. The apparent reality is not what actually it is. Nature defines it so and so in accordance to the physical and environmental sciences. Existence depends either its based on time or space just like human bodies or beyond that just like human soul and mental energies.

    Out of that what synergy we have? What synthesis we have?
    What if as Greek Myth describes the caricature characters and they exist? What if that myth would be real? What if Unicorns exist?

    What if mind says and it just happens, though it is happening distance been destroyed by man by inventing and by his innovation, where communications been done far away even with alive hallucinations, seems real person in front.

    So this if, been achieved some what man’s mind is traveling now between and beyond time, distance and space ………
    Nah … Yah ….. May Be …

    Velocity; speed has its own worth it could be controlled and uncontrolled. It is not always bearable …… It requires and challenges the mental, physical and psychological capacities. Vertigo; a sensation of whirling and loss of balance, associated particularly with looking down from a great height, similarly challenges the gravity.

    As each body of living creature has its own capacity of absorbing velocity, vertigo, time and space, same is the case of soul. We here in this universe dealing with two extremes and both differs each other and with the passage of time and space causes and effects also changes one edge to another, bad to worse, fair to good…..
    Yah …. Nah … May Be …

    We have actually alignment to revolve in, if it be out we shall be lost, because emptiness and nothingness is also Nature’s side, it is also naturally invented …. That could not be denied……….. Though it had been denied yet not …….

    Now it depends What, When, Why and How an individual will realize the spark that impelled to touch the untouched ………….. That one space to another hit from filler to the empty, existence to emptiness and every thing to nothingness ………….

    Being observer and absorber, I realized Me, Myself and I’s vertigo velocity with in range and it could be predictable to some extend and rest many aspects unattended. Since out of range subject to time, space and distance yet to explore ………

    This journey is an individual story one line to another, start to finish and there are many adventures and many more manifestations …. ……. Nah… Yah …. May Be ….

    Let Logic turns over the Cosmology, Let Nature turn over Nurture ….Let be ….Keep going and keep asking yourself questions, they are better to move forward …… Keep seeking the answers…………. Many manifestations yet to endorse ……..



    Men all are speaking fake, they adorn fake images and prefer to be vulnerable. Their characterization is dual and no benchmark for idiosyncrasies. What are the reasons?

    - They want to live life, universal and luxurious one.
    - They wanna enjoy for the sake for enjoyment at selfishness.
    - They think they can be successful only if they stay trendy, non-apostatize, adoptive and deceptive.
    - It’s not important to be moralistic in their private time.
    - Each one of them want high esteemed image in society.
    - They don’t worry and bother exploitation due to their actions towards others.
    - They think politically and as sneaky professional.
    - Emotions of others count nothing for them but just theirs for themselves.
    - They are unaware of their psychological, situational and emotional traumas.
    - They believe no religion but so called Secularism to support their inner Satanism.
    - Their super ego and narcissism needs boast to roast others.
    - For their goals they actually have no solid, logical and fiscal purpose or result.
    - Their character to be judgmental, vague personality and they associate themselves to successful people where as they are big losers.
    - They just prefer worldly affairs.
    - They believe somewhere they lose, they suffer or been through tragedy they have permit to sentence others.

    There might be other sound reasons as well, the scope of vision, to scan and sense the world around matters. The area to address here, is really men are getting insane to the level where morals are out of gauge due to the media provoked? I don’t think so …… It might be an opinion to a certain level as media is a fantastic medium to promote artistic vision, esthetic sense and vibrate the best of best literature to message across the world.

    Why nudity, vulgarity and skin shows are on?
    Why people are getting so comfortable with the idea of expression through body language without clothes?
    Why men of art and media just favorably portraying the beauty by showing off women up to dirty level?
    Why is that so?

    Expression of though has its own beauty but it is not essential that it should be demonstrative up to utmost level. Psychologically, few emotions are appealing and though humans reveal in seductive and attractive manner others actually feel fulfilled of being watchers.

    What kinda fulfillment this is?
    Ecstasy of allurement, where mind goes beyond logic …………..
    Where mind’s universal logistics of imaginative traveling would be over. Where extremes been joint and create tranquility by switching off the earthly feelings. Simply, heavenly feelings, feeling divine out of earthly and limited pitches.

    Again point is such feeling only been created when soul been invincibly strong and full of light. Just, to color the image and remains shallow in the thought is not the key idea.

    Today fake images, shallowness and fickle attributes been adopted and more thoroughly in practice because on the grounds of liberalism. Liberty is for action that defines betterment for self and others not which causes harm.

    We humans today we need to peep through our sleeves and collars; we should understand that lust causes nothing but just exploitation and regret. It is something for the sake of nothing. Honor the women of your society as human being in grace and elegance. Don’t visualize them as piece of meat for the sexual lust.

    We need religion to be our code of conduct and modesty as our ruling spirit. We need to lit up candles for our selves and for others…………..

    To be self tycoons and selfish beings do not suit to human being………..
    Use words, eyes, feelings and medium of your communication decently ………….

    Be productive and paramount in practice !!



    Obsession and possessions to hold on something special or something apparently seems special to some one leads to lie of deception. Deception is rapport with lie hidden with truth and deception is rampant; it certainly flourishing unchecked.

    Truth from lies is a biggest discovery we come to know when we interact with the characters. This brings shock either amusement, truth discovery brings wonderness somewhat.

    Complicated are the roads for the inventory of simplicity and innocence these days. All are disguised. In this Era all truth and essence of goodness all disguised as favor somewhat. What apparently we watch and been through is all about deception.

    We saw mirror and we always come to have the left angle in the mirror there is no right angle in mirror. Mirror speaks the verticals of deceptions. The hidden truths remain the same with universal realities. Beauty of nature allures in light but in dark it wonders and ponders the evil around.

    The emblem of good and evil, truth and lies, reality and deception all framed together. All connected each other. A hidden source of power for the great is the study of the past. The lives of wise and successful men and women are like buried treasures of wisdom. Great good fortune comes to those who unearth these valuable treasures by applying the lessons of the ages to current events.

    Universal truths are all around; watchfulness is the key to achievement. Emotions are not tangible yet they are most powerful in source that can support to live or reason to die.

    How we define the relationship with SELF, with YOU and OTHERS.
    Strange is the myth once but now is the truth, self relationship is the most complicated one, since it always curtains the hidden wars, self war to conquer self. Once self has been conquered all other aspects just sterotype, sequenced to or swapped to adhere.

    Self is DA VINCI; it has secret coding, most of the times even an individual does not know the hidden mysteries deep inside the oceans of self unless internal world been kicked sourced or external set backs indulge an individual to be sharked deep so ……. Shock, sudden, salience, solace, sublime symbol and sign prevails the reality on work. It brings truth from lie and lie from truth ……….

    In such universal time, self has many decapitations and depictions, it is evolving, and it is traveling so on and on. It has manage images for a an individual soul and character than so far it has many other hallucinations and holograms for the out source surface to interactions with others.

    If SELF disguised so than how we can define YOU?

    SELF to mirror is actually YOU. In considerations to this there is no way out of own threads. Only one being is enough with many interpretations and multi-dimensional images. SELF is DA VINCI ………..

    Truth is external indulgence, must for the instinct of survival, gain, seeks and to learn all such terms are always out sourced themes where as direct synthesis attracts most.

    How much differentiated the world of SELF and YOU?
    And how much the world got difference from You to Others?

    Truly enough, huge and massive differences ………..
    ‘Self’ is DA VINCI, ‘You’ are supreme and ebb and flow of both immediate for both ……. Others are the interactive reality ……

    Human mind is labyrinth for sure but it has numerical athletes to understand the complications. Nerves system is the most interactive of all and it is actually ruling. The human of current Era is much aware of the science of knowledge than the ancient times therefore can avert, advent and event better than old times.

    Since, key to knowing is indulging the mind respective to practice and this only happen when an individual took liberty to develop the confidence provided self effort. Hence, beneath the surface there are many world ahead worlds. What counts really, is searching and see through things reality from superficiality. Truth from lies, light from darkness ………

    The big charade with confidence is that it has nothing to do with the comfort of what we achieve and everything to do with the comfort of what we don’t achieve. People who are confident in business are confident because they’re comfortable with failure. People who are confident in their social lives are confident because they’re comfortable with rejection. People who are confident in their relationships are confident because they’re comfortable with getting hurt.

    The truth is that the route to the positive runs through the negative. Those among us who are the most comfortable with negative experiences are those who reap the most benefits.

    It’s counter intuitive, but it’s also true. Often we worry that if we become comfortable in our failures — that if we accept failure as an inevitable part of living — that we will become failures. But it doesn’t work that way. Comfort in our failures allows us to act without fear, to engage without judgment, to love without conditions. It’s the dog that lets the tail go, realizing that it’s already a part of himself
    Self, confidence and realization of both meant a lot. Human psyche revolves and evolve over it and against it and under its umbrella …………..



    Eccentricities of savior faire and their extra ordinariness never are the nurtured, never be natured. Pinnacle of miracles happened when the leashed level of destruction has been done to the hemisphere. Pinnacle of thought apexes such level, though it might be constructive or destructive.

    Constructive is that part which is clothed these days with the mechanism of universe and so on it would spring on. Rest humane elements are subject to mostly destructive nature. Yes, nature is constructive as well destructive because creation is only because Creator is there. If there is no Creator obviously, there is no creation. So the colors, the flairs and what ever the mirrored qualities or disqualities we assume, we perceive and we understand all come from Divine.

    In human chapters and course of life, its like life comes first than the death, where as this is not the right way to list the realistic element. Death been invented first to represents life it is like per-requisite and per-evaluation of Creator. Maker planned everything!

    But Creator hides His True Essence, so that learning for creation should stay grounded because one of the major sources that derive to learning is curiosity to know. Maker planned everything but hides His True Essence.

    Pinnacle of thought apexes such level……….
    Now to assess the optimum level, see how things work:

    Creations from Creator, Truth from lies, Light from darkness, Life from death, White from black, Woman from man first hereafter men from women, Land from water and water from land and hence constructive through destructive. Maker planned everything.

    Free will from fate and fate from Lord’s Will, who hides His True Essence……
    Maker planned everything ………

    Vertex of heat to hearth and hearth to heat all the tiniest little stuff connected, if there be length that does not mean that it has no edge towards next. If there be congestion there are more view able angles. Again the matter is how the pinnacle of thought works to get the acme for the soul of deed.

    All are connected, conscious to unconscious and unconscious to conscious all connected. In between if there be grey shades, if there be blackness and if there be emptiness all are connected. It about in dot that covers everything. Maker planned everything ……… but hides His True Essence.

    One toughest cookie who will live life to the fullest would achieve this scale, but such achievement also gives the understanding and the knowledge to the hidden secrets, not sure. Now to dot the vividness if it be the art vice versa the same vastness in dot, Complex studies, complicated world and difficult Universal Nature …. Isn’t it?
    Limit the sign sometimes essential, especially to human world it is a key for performance and practice but on the contrary infinity and to its access is also the instinctive need. How would one turn on and fight against instincts if they are just given, just ordered and just done. They would remain the same as designed ………Isn’t it?

    Maker planned everything ……… but hides His True Essence.
    Why? Reason or answer

    Answer may be correctly given by ONE who designed this course of action we as human cannot model that clay here. Only HE can ……..

    Reason is one way of learning and understanding the complications of universal truths, though they mostly sprang up from the deception. So it might be that reason Maker planned everything simply none can challenge HIS SUPREMACY subject to unchallenged remains wholesome and complete. Creator signs and symbols the element of truth that comes from the lies of the universal reflection. Water seems blue; sky seems blue where as originally having no color.

    This is because the core to understand intelligence is blessing. Lord tests the intelligence itself by the deception of HIS Nature. Maker planned everything ……… but hides His True Essence.

    Zenith is the configuration of such truth and it’s deception. Yes….
    Truth also has the deception it never be revealed by Divine’s Nature at once but gradually like a poison.

    Now this poison affects the life or subject to taste the death it depends. Since death is never end its beginning of new journey to next world and of course death is of many types, sometimes physically we are alive morally we are dead. We are alive by mind and by conscience we are dead. Most of times we are alive only by brain and by heart many are dead. Souls are murdered these days due to many reasons …….

    One of the cores ………….
    Maker planned everything ……… but hides His True Essence.

    Eccentricities of savior faire and their extra ordinariness ……….
    Assess and evaluate Nature, Nurture, it’s timings and implementations and halt judging its not human element it’s DIVINE.

    Divine does not allow His supremacy to be shared because, Maker planned everything and hides HIS TRUE ESSENCE………….



    The things we like, sometimes we start disliking at once. Abruptly it happens we disliked specific stuff in life or people and immediate there be some connection that we start liking same ones …… Immediate responses are normal?

    Consistency is valuable most of the times and in each action and course of life even it is declared to be virtue when followed religiously.

    Human attachments, relationships and connections are though vital but simply they are complex as well. With the passage of time few relations got strength and few got the impact of delusion and deception. It’s true characters are masked.

    “Clairvoyance” ability to see beyond physical sight can reveal this element but working on human energy is not normally access able to every common person.

    We can widespread our Aura, we can make connections, we can widespread the wings of our thoughts without speech because we are expressive beings. We can express and impress………..

    What if one day you came by and feel strange magical energy around you that each person magnetically connecting you, interacting you, want your attentions for their work and frames and create an essential importance for you. Is it really you who created the magic? Or this is universal impact or zodiacal impact? What is this?

    Certainly it is something in YOU; it shall be your way of thinking or your way of action or your Aura’s dominance which can be established due to certain consistent behavior, study, knowingness or practice. Surely as evident it’s YOU.

    Outer circles are evident too they are not deniable facts, but they are because of YOU and for YOU. So how we handle around, think about and impact ourselves to the life, actions, people and even Divine, it matters.
    We common people are not prophets and we are not chosen ones therefore we are even worthy or bound to the specific circles, though we are. We are not bound, but almost to some extend to fate lines.

    Similarly, one day you immediately find that your are having so lower energy that cannot cope up with the same stuff, your daily job or same monotonous life actions. Why? Any logic behind?

    It’s human nature that for goodness sake he/she wants the credit but for any crisis or critical element that effects as human he/she needs some outer force or some one to blame. Realistic approach is, this is vice versa. This is not only an individual who causes such impact but the forces around too.

    Since, sometimes in life we got such damage to our emotional and psychological arena that we feel and everybody around dishonest and no one to be trusted and we are bare to harmful stuff in life.

    This is psychological and powerful impact but this is archetype of thinking circle of an individual, if experiences constant pressure of negative energies around and persistent level getting low than it’s obvious that one starts condemning around and blaming others for all the trials and errors.

    Various people are of different natures, few took such trials and errors as challenge and don’t stop unless attain what they will for they use two keys, two major D’s determination and dominance towards what ever they want and foresee.

    Circles are true they are of thinking, they are of relationships, they are of attachments, and they are of an individual’s aura and of collective society and onwards of nations, culture their educations ………… Most vital what gives powerful impact is the level of knowingness.

    Illuminations are the higher level, it majorly selects the scope of implementations ………….. We must ask regularly few questions to ourselves like why we need the connections what specific need I have for?
    Am I too emotional and I need some one show my melodramas? Am I too political so show off my speech quality or master mind games? Or else where

    Consequently, talking self and assess your level of linkage is important. As humans we must need our level of interactions and exchange of thoughts and their fulfillment. This could only happen we select our circles right ………..

    Sometimes when fate is dominant we don’t select our circles they are just made but we need to stay in touch with them to create our own!



    Limits and connections two majors to be addressed, both have their consequences both have their ways and results. True is the saying that a wise person in harmony with fate is sensitive but determined.

    Determination is sticking something which is intuitively accurate towards the success it is not equal to stubbornness which can has the bitter results in end. Deepening our sense of purpose is actually fortitude to win observing and absorbing true nature of things.

    Compulsive pathological lying is delusion of a persona, but it’s malicious for one till he/she enjoys. There are lots of socio problems been in our Era promoted that are by Nature and Nurture. Some times genetics are root cause of such nervous barriers and sometimes environmental sources.

    Pre-requisitions, for any pre-advancements, for the growth of psychology and it’s study is useless today by saying this I have my logic, since it is been emphasized that system and most vitally the universal karmic sources themselves drawn the destructive quantity increase to living world.

    Narcissistic approach is much highlighted in humans today. Sociopath and Psychopath is emblem of normality though, pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one’s own attributes are also very obvious, see selfie’s on face book and social media.

    These days social media is portraying the worse image, where as they can play the most morale institution for the humans for learning. Fictitious characters, stories and their false plot creating and wide spreading pseudo logia fantastica in common being more and on. People are interested in day dreaming and fantasizing things which are not actually existing, similarly they web unrealistic images and characters for themselves. Such activity generating many characters out of one person, this is desirable to each person today especially men, by hitting men here, I am again logical because Nature made this gender dominant and being Alpha Male they vibrate this energy more and consider them Hawks.

    Big five personality traits (Openness to experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion/Intraversion, Agreeableness & Neuroticism)
    In humans may elaborate their sense of category of living but this is all about theories. We never exact access the person in situation for the intentions though for actions we have way of manifestations and demonstrations. Consequently, the science we create to understand the reasons of life, nature, actions and most probably the way we think roughly the idea. This idea is actually the seed, the root cause for any result or reasoning.

    Why people are interested in killing time of others? Why people are deliberately torturing and tormenting the psyche of a common and peaceful mind? Why few people are like hawks and some like doves? Why people in this time are more mythomanic, this is generic, genetic or zonal reality? Why people are more pleased by BDSM rather than true essence of intimacy? There are so many questions and no reasonable answers ……..

    The gamut for this karma results how an individual perceives self-schema, Self image is stereotype here and it defines actually three ways:

    1. Self-image resulting from how the individual sees themselves.
    2. Self-image resulting from how others see the individual.
    3. Self-image resulting from how the individual perceives others see them.

    Now the reasons, causes and effects begin from here and than it interprets various aspects interacting with others. Our time defines the person who odors maximum triarchic model (Boldness, Meanness & Disinhibition) which is simple the accurate sign of psychopath these days.

    More or less this is true that out of 10 we are interacting 4 are psychopath or sociopath. Especially when the interactions are mostly of voice command and in person no one is interacting. But people are communicating their emotions by words, expressing it and try to empathize the emotions through reading and finally they fulfill their greed via voice command but out of that this is a stereotype of evil adultery which imprints badly the soul.

    Now the problems are many and solutions are none as the controlling authorities or counseling authorities do not bother the social grooming and governing any more. We know what people beneath the surface are doing, how evil they becoming day by day, what procrastinations they have for just better source their erotic needs to be fulfilled but so far no actions we web to count on them.

    Concept of liberalism is controversial here. Origins, Operationalizations, and Observed Linkages with Personality and General Psychopathology all are inter connected aspects. Personality of human is complex; it is emblem of mind map and intensity of emotions. Then again the day first to till the youth image of a personality the experiences, course of actions and reactions matters a lot.

    The circumstances that would be imprinted on conscious mind, though on unconscious mind actually mask conscientiousness. Machiavellianism is the main trait today for personalities around who believes short way to success in each aspects of life.

    Hexaco model of Dark triad would be more explaining term for such level. That’s true that highly sensitive person may fall to this scope of living but usually hypersensitive people are prey of such therapists. Watchfulness is essential since this is vice versa. Hence, mental disorders, abnormal social behavior, failure to recognize what is real, multiple personality/ split personality disorders which are genetic and environmental both elements.

    All this represents Schizophrenia, the signs are very obvious in humans these days. I would believe that this Era itself represents its time when humans are naturally more afflicted of this all than nurture.

    The mask of sanity which people have adopted in veil of religion is nothing but boasting of their false super ego, the end for this people defined none because they would believe for the moment staying and moment livings.
    Immorality, unethical attributes social and individual living bondages ….How we define them where as attractions to multiple or opposite sex is inhuman where as to restrict to one up to some extend would be trial most of times in living era.

    This is what we evaluate in societies these days; even history is evident over it. The kids by their own father been rejected to groom but other person may adopt for the social bondage (though they are not emotionally connected). Celibacy is evident then out of many reasons but is this human? Where as human 6 basic needs defined as:

    Self-Fulfillment Needs
    Psychological Needs
    basic Needs

    Is our fate is so easy today to have above all?

    Does we all are fulfilling the natural all needs? Desires and range of destinations are far above. The third world countries, even the first world countries are producing more sociopath and psychopath rather than healthy wealthy wise humans.

    The purpose here is not the denial of the creativeness, discoveries, innovations and the master mind activities of humans they are obvious and are ruling; on the contrary the grey shades of the today’s human are very obvious. They are having more darker area than the brighter one. New humans covering the range of old ones, even than once they reach to level and age of later one’s they realize the same grey shades. The black and grey area is increasing; knowingly we are certain of the reasons even than we fall to the traps.

    Yeah attachments, emotional links today are traps, intimacy and expectation to be cared is a trap because dysfunctional is obvious. What kinda attachments we have secure, anxious, avoidant or anxious –avoidant? Where we fall? Where other’s fall? We should evaluate …We should assess what behavior we are adopting time to time and why? Are we consistent in our behaviors, if yes than why….if not than why?

    Let us think about it …………
    Let us think and evaluate our own grey shades and than of others……..

    To Be Continued!!

Foot of Destiny


    Destiny is not in the lines of hands but the lines of fact, the facts unknown to human worldly eye, the facts have reality that take the breath away………….

    The happy feet you have, so the happy destiny you may have. Destiny may also appears the ugly feet that brings destiny closer access to walk, through over surface, walk over rock even beyond rock —-What we need to access, what is the secretive knowledge to know what will be our destiny?

    Went to the so called religious people who said about other and don’t know about their own? Is this a right way? To say and share all your reality and plans to the people around without knowing either they have better intentions or evil eye upon your fate blessings?

    What a big deal?
    This is open world we need to be open not close. This is world of variety we need to be intuitive but communicative at the same time.

    Now let’s just glance on this how institution works?
    Is that the sixth sense? Any blessing? Any special force to understand the hidden realities? Logically it’s noting just presumably the perception of senses that provides the touched feel………So far stronger the persona consumes, huge ‘the Sword of Damocles”

    What’s the big deal? Nothing much ……..
    The contents of varieties of soul around the world wonder the mind, that how closely they are web together yet they have differences. That how possibly the same blood, same natives, same relatives and the same siblings are distracted by the actions and reactions and difference of opinions of each other. The whole universal karma is strange enough to understand, the levels we explore yet remains incomplete to some extent. We stay remain curios to know and we remain still to mysterious of Nature and Universe.

    So still there is no big deal?
    Extremes of two edges are obvious. It effects, defects and affects ……….

    By default Nature is doing this all and Nurture is the receptive force. Nature is constructive yet destructive itself these two extremes are by default and Divine. Nurture is may conceived to be that people cater them and made them to some extent this is the component but again instincts are higher and instinctive quality is ruler, as human we cannot deny this.

    We got to be sometimes in the middle of stream to know how it would felt at heart and we need to be at edges for salvation. What we need it’s defined how we need it is not?? We mostly need to be digged out …….Strive to dig how the need would be fulfilled is the first action once it would be done the reactions, effects and causes would came after.

    Challenges are not the issue to deal with, they came just to reform the mind and intellectual games would be more interesting when one cope it up with. In fact the core reality is to stuck some where in life and mostly on the course which is against will, mental energy and satisfaction is killing. Soul been greatly harmed by this and it will cease the ability to perform.

    This era which defines it’s time itself, is full of perils. By analyzing this element there are logical reasons behind because nature and Nurture both mostly now dome and domain the destructive part as universe is getting to black hole.

    Suspicious components are obvious when delusion and illusions stage the world. Curiosity was once the source of learning to seek knowledge now a days a weapon to use kill others. It leads to destruction if over whelmed in any case.

    What is the bid deal? Is it any?
    We have the seed of though in our minds but we impelled to kill the source to grow the plants and trees for fruits. It’s natural and nurtured both ………….

The Light of My Soul ……..


    The light of my soul, that exceptional ray
    How false I was in my earlier enlightenment…………How false

    I thought light of my soul lays in my innocence, purity and holiness ……. How false …….

    The conscious effort of playfulness is everything to the world of Alpha being

    I’m no one and stands for nothing but submission

    And when it comes to the light of my soul
    I realized how false I was in my knowing before opening that door

    That specific door I got the key
    The color of that door of my blood
    The light of that door of my soul
    Yet the world behind and ahead is none mine

    That specific door I got the key …………
    I realized how false I was in my knowing before opening that door
    The world behind and ahead is none mine

    The light of my soul, that exceptional ray
    How false I was in my earlier enlightenment

    These stray reflections now converted to hallucinations
    Leaving the smoke of emotions indoors with youthful folly
    Be decided the world behind and ahead is none mine ………….

    I realized how false I was in my knowing before opening that door

    An ornamental feel of this lead is my errand to where?
    There ………. By opening that door ……Behind that door

    And when it comes to the light of my soul
    I realized how false I was in my knowing before opening that door

    My soul is pure, so that my body to be as well
    The light that travels in, adorn it for a while
    Living the joy of moments, left nothing but scars

    Gentle penetrations are expected
    The influence of human affairs come more through strength of character

    Let my soul be my character lays in innocence, purity and holiness
    Let it be …………. That ray to stay exceptional don’t impelled it to be optional

    Opt to reality, none exist
    Alpha beings are wholesome of grey shades ……. The shades unknown to me earlier

    How false I was in my earlier enlightenment…………….



    Magnitude is frightening……..Magnificent realities explode the mind away….. Sudden happenings never have been being part of acceptance where one can be contented. By force if a human be some one is actually not amiable for acceptance. Acceptance comes over the contentment whatever we do, we think or we want. The UNIVERSE gives you everything you NEED, but you have to pay for everything you WANT!

    The law of destiny
    The law of Karma
    The law of Attraction

    All above three elements are thought provoking for living on earth. What if we don’t follow any rules and try to live, this calls to be taboo and it is forbidden.

    Two ways to live either be submissive either be rebellious to all around. Both ways are demanding and have it’s own nature of sacrifice, loss of in-definitions and on the contrary the gain. Tutelage for both is none. Early it marks escapade later the results.

    All results are always not fair. The results which are unexpectedly not fair are actually sign of more effort and struggle towards the goal to have better and concrete learning and yearnings. As one whom does one work thrice have better practice and value than one who just passes by and gets something for granted and loses the value. Conditions applied speak well of it. Sometimes few frequent practices kill more than anything. It makes the act monotonous and non-vibrant.

    Maze, labyrinth and games are good for mind as conscious works better if it be challenged, so the smarter use their head and be in queue early and first in rank where as they may lack somewhere in emotions or the world that connects to soul and its blessings.

    Physical attractiveness same play good and foul, it effects and causes and it creates the magic of attraction just for while. What if most beautiful badly ruined …..It happens butterfly full of fresh colors does not survive in polluted atmosphere.

    It can be around only the fresh roses and representing beauty of nature. We cannot expect butterflies in suffocation but cockroaches. For both one common aspect is best both breeds don’t kill each other but humans do!

    What ever be the signs we are having in awakening or in sleep they represent the bubble of our own very individual existence. This bubble carries basics as well as particularities. This is though bubble but weigh the pros and corns and the whole major/minor arena of the person’s life/death, actions and repulsion.

    This bubble has hall of mirrors where persona is classified, personality may defined, level of brain be specified and finally the declaration thinking and action of one’s existence. Now, actually what need to identify is how far-sighted and how narrow minded we are to question ourselves and around the universal realities to have the proper answers.

    Because reasoning is one major element of learning, we knew things because we wanted to know, we are by nature curious what we want and what for.

    - How one can assesses the hidden karma, only if head speaks?
    - How one can understands his/her persona, aura, reality of existence, only if intuition/ perception work?
    - How one can ultimate achieves what he/ she sets for him/her, only if struggle to catch the pre-destined stuff?
    - How one can elaborates and satisfied for what he/ she gains, only if comes out of fruit of struggle and application of gained knowledge?

    Mind seeks to learn out of questions and answers but how soul learns? The brain games affect the soul? Soul/ psyche is different entity than the mind? Emotions are connected with mind or soul? So many realities embalmed to humans, so many questions and answers need to be searched out.

    Even the pre-destined elements need to be defined to human world in each approach and in every course of life. Time to time the demand of favor changed but the fundamentalities remain the same.

    Few people ask themselves so many questions that their over thinking bring them to the another edge of the soar where they can only suffer their individual emptiness, gloominess and in revert it comes as apparent anxiety, sadness and loneliness. That does not meant, they are wrong in their thinking patterns. No, not at all its just they attract that energy which infact not the demand of that specific time frame set for them.

    Evaluation of conscience is a different course of study as it grains the morals, ethics and religious aspects to follow. Material world’s speech differs from the conscience’s karma. However, the trial just begins here when we start dealing with self-conflicted two edged extreme thinkings. Self-conflict out of any difference of thinking domain creates huge confusion which ruins the confidence.

    Dare to win self-control and self-conflicted thoughts. As self -winning is the best and biggest victory ever. Self-journey is actually the purpose and this the factual road map for each individual to move on. Try to recognize what lies in self and set the road to follow.

    Though all paths are not set by humans, fate traps.
    Even than dare to win, dare to ……

    Certainly magnitude is frightening by nature but self-magnitude is spiritual meditation best of all essence. Dare open it ………… dare to