Illusion (Optical, Visual, Precautionary Powers)

Individuality is most famous in this era.
Everybody around so conscious to build self and social image, however, forget to establish strong ties with self to polish the character. Yes, self is important so does the image but again this is not the only way of expression or communication, people made so worldwide. This is one side of the story, the other side voices us that human is by birth, a mimic creature.

Psychic abilities are doorways/pathways to understand the multi-dimensional realms. That’s obvious that we are in the most grave and lowest rank of universal circle where the law of gravity and regulations are dependent on physical realities.

Those physical realities have several shapes of matter and life spams. It begins and it has end and then there are recycling. Human consciousness and mind comprehend this, yet reality and universe are far behind this, directly or indirectly relates with metaverse and metaphysical world.

The unconscious dept and darkness gives the impression that Mind is a labyrinth or a galaxy. Mind and its labyrinth are never equal or similar of each and every human, yet it has many differences. It’s all about mind, what mind sounds like but its not true.

Human is emblem of unseen airy materials (at a time and at force of tasking) the action we see is very lesser of them. We can only explore or assess we are trigged to, else where around serval elements to whom we are not much sensitive therefore we are unable to adhere their importance.

In this era, more or less selfishness is the new branding and every body practice it somewhat to gain what ever is designed to attain. Worldly material is the base and is the goal, the generations after generations even transgress the base or goal orientation, yet they won’t realize the importance of life and self.

Religion taught, human misled. Science taught; human misled even. Why that is so?
Because if human race denies the unseen, they would never be understanding the core reality. Each and every thing can’t be examined or need experimentation.

Things are practical where we have gravity, and space has no gravity, yet it has creations. Such creations differ from our physical grounds, but they are alive, have their source and part of cycles (life and death). With in seconds man’s mind can jump into the past (memory) by the sense of nostalgia and the next second could be hitting future by the power of imagination (predicting future).

Mirroring of own mind and imagination is the most difficult task, it may grant an age, or it may grant the life cycles. Life never ends, it just changes the phase and face. It continues, till CREATOR designed it to be.
Now human knows the concept of eternity and mortality and that material is to perish even than human race and generations much wasted in the same domain.

How can this imagination reflect into several phenomena?
The power of mind is obvious. The mind is the real giant it can be immortal, or it can be mortal. It could make the choice out of what is what and what is why. Conscience is the speaker of it and expresso of pragmatics. Consciousness and unconsciousness both are mysterious realms, inside the waves and vibrations are different and outside different. If one could align both energies, such synergy can be leading for focus.

Attention spam and concentration again the vital most grounds to excel. A child has this lesser so keeps jumping on knowing and exploring. We grew and became mature, and we practice concentration to achieve the optimum level of outcome. Now outcome may be as per the desire or may not be as per the desire but in both ways it’s a success, how? Simple as out of it we learn, as learning is the journey ……. Intention and attention both pave way to the right peak, now its up to human will either adopt it through negatives or through positives.

The philosophy of knowing and being known to/from and how? This is something which is built in, its in nature and in nurture. Nature and nurture both mirror each other, hence we learnt that mirroring is science yet a myth and may be a religion. Whatever be, the truth is it is practical, and it is a language and helps in linguistics, it built the language and linguistic and it may ruin it too.

Creator and Creations mirror each other.
Right and Wrong mirror each other. Left and right does the same.
Man and Woman mirror each other.
Nature and Nurture mirror each other.
Body and soul mirror each other.
Light and darkness mirror each other.

Any what’s not?
I mean mirror each other, every sense, thought reflects and radiates and display the art of mirroring. My readers, do you get an idea what is this mirroring?

It’s the same image/reflection generates from the original. Though it has no physical reality yet its feasible and concrete in influence. It shows and says what’s not been noticed without mirror or reflection. Here I am not talking about the shades or shadows but about reflection and mirroring as same to same, one to one and one on one.

Differentiation is obvious of shade or shadow and of mirroring or reflection.
Each has importance, yet significance of uniqueness.

How can science translate it?
The best configuration is Neuro Linguistic Programming. It did explore several realities peeping inside the mind of a human and identified many seen and hidden elements. But again, the gaming is of nothing but words, yes words. Powerful and influential words, those words trigger your emotional realms. Makes you nostalgic, empathic or give you signs to have self-pity. Agree this or not but it is partial truth that words play with emotions they even control, rise or make your self esteem lower.

What left if words drain you, up to the level where your energy is null?
What if words make you toxic?
What if words cause you injury and won’t heal?

All happening, all such happening.
Words mirror the same reflection or shadow.
It all about mirroring yourself or others, here or here after.

Mirroring is an art, yet science ….


Mass Hysteria

They are saying this Era is of change. We all are stepping in End of Times hence, wars broke out, over all crisis, natural catastrophes, and calamities etc.
Humans corrupted their nature by practicing destruction instead after learning they adopt constructive attitude. They are saying all the things near disaster, they are saying that we are intimating others what they know by using technology, media, and literature.

These Times – Those People
The new generation is questioning even the older one too.
Too many questions and available answers are not enough. Words are words if not practice for good.

These times, those people ….
Their lust for power/control and to rule; whom they rule if people die so frequently, and none left. To whom they dictate their satanic laws/regulations if no followers left.

Oh, these times, those people ….
Their vision, future goals to launch new tech-societies, paper-pen free environment emotionless, expressionless humans, equal to machines, artificial intelligence, and cyber world. They plan and implement what their greed out of greed to boast more and more greed. Gluttony, never ending until they derive themselves in the pitch of hell. How wonderfully the specifications, categories and classification done, for example:

*Generations divided X, Y, Z
*Societies/Ethnicity 5-6 groups divided
*Religions/Regions (based on geography, heritage, customs) divided

Division after division to the areas of life of humans where their positioning power and control may have progress and thus it will be easy to concise population/people in numbers/data to further uniform the key areas, such as language.

Uniformity of language is way essential, why?
Several reasons: apparently affirmative, however beneath the surface the major weapon is brain enslavement. But how?

Possibly, when we have the uniformity of language, it translates and transfer the cultures, morals, ethics, customs even emotions and expressions. Impact of language, even manipulation of language plays very vital role.

Oh, these times, those people ….
Playing with words and creating contradictions, well its easy and such trick bombs many for fights and quarrels. All those techniques tricks worked out actually and if we observe they did their research and complete homework to show such level of arrogance that interface the outlook of power and control.

Oh, these times, those people ….
They worked secretively once; they hide their agenda till they enriched them up to the level where Defence mechanism been completely destroyed. Human races mostly obey and stay consistent for their basic needs and to that they cannot protest. And if group of people protest, they may only consider riots/terrorists, civil war brokers to ruin the peace and harmony on local/international level.

Oh, these times, those people ….
It seems lots of trials and temptations all around for everyone but especially for the youth and the target age to absolute confuse them or to kill their will of decision. As far as the people are foolish it is easy to weaponize them for their own difficulties. Wise people are actual problem because they think, question and resolute. Such norms are competitive and somehow challenges the system.

Law of Nature and Nurture are pre-defined, its pretty obvious that ugly/untidy stuff cause nuisance, but if some one adopts it and accept it that means he is out of the normal natural boundary. Paedophilia, zoophilia, endocannibals, LGPTQ, Oedipus/Electra complex and occult practices etc all are unnatural courses but there are satanic people who disgracefully involved in it and even preached so.

Oh, these times, those people ….
We are all facing constant and quick changes; biological, psychological, economic, political, and social. In some areas we are adding some influence and on the contrary others are impacting either bad or good. Situations are alarming family units are splashed out; future living generations are in danger, yet we are not taking measures.

Jerks are ruling and jugglers are serving.

Oh, these times, those people ….
A crowd cannot be a nation, hence mentally ill never recognize GOD, the Creator and the worth of Divine Doctrine. Be watchful and do not allow evil to snatch your soul away from the ultimate good. Man is made for heavens thus we have to strife for it by good deeds. Be inspirational and someone adds value to life instead of:

Oh, these times, those people ….



At least we have few people, who are holding microphone and yelling at deaf audience with the spirit if one person changed, the revolution will begin.

Truly, this is the age and time of digital consultancy/speaking to the wonderful rock wide opened eyes holding public all around the world. People prefer to discuss and keep discussing to the level they stain the argument.

This has two contemporaries, one positive side that atleast few concerned/persons are there to lit the fire for others and the other side is that much buzzing around resulting in nothing if no practice.

Interactions and communication undoubtedly are important, but this is not the only thing we have to focus. This is one aspect of the wholesome picture. Now the course of functional nature is what I do practice and consistent to perform when I say so, to the others it will create an effective aura.

The aura that impacts, impress and implicate.
However, as stated above it is conditional. Replica itself never be original but positively it is closest to original. That’s the beauty. So nearest to the same practice would be admirable.

Now the most cost consuming questionnaire:
What we have to practice and what are we practicing? First and most raising point, WHAT
Why we have to practice and why are we practicing? Second point of curiosity to learn, WHY
When we have to practice and when are we practicing? Third point, WHEN
How we have to practice and how are we practicing? Then comes the point of assessment, HOW

Human psyche is complex.
It is not designed to submissive easily, it requires logic and convincing elements. The best practice we humans adopt is out of Character.

Now what is Character? Isn’t the same as personality?
We just switched the word for it

My quick and straight answer is NO. No matter what others opine of, but my realization is, personality is the set of patterns of behaviours we adopt. Environment is the key factor here. Very less/ few people survived against the majority of actions, only because they are spiritually blessed.

Now the people who are spiritually blessed and keep practicing the ultimate truth, they built up with a strong convincing character, carrying best traits and values. Natural and humane.

The formula is pretty simple if we want to stay easy going for others and for ourselves.
Nothing would be hideous to be patient on.

Its not measuring others all the time but yourself.
You are standing on the edge of the hell if you keep pointing others, criticizing them and try to change them according to your will. Accept things as they are especially people. Guide those who want to be changed. Accept people as they are and if you cannot, then leave or distance yourself instead you keep saying them wrong or disgrace them.


Friends And Foes Alike

I wished to have a bird eye view, and somehow may be for once that wish comes true, I fly over not to see the specific domains, Infact to soar in the air and have a true free breath.

After a while a monotonous wave hit by, why?
Flying has its own fears and joys, you are exposed to wider spectrum and several horizons exposed to you. You saw what you wished for, and you saw that you never even thought of.

That’s how it goes.
It’s never one side, never ever one sided. I have my right side and have my left too. Both sides made me what I am. Now which side tilted up, down more or less it depends …..

It happens when we don’t practice kindness and justice, we must pay off.
That’s what I saw, the ugliness of the urban sites while my flight. I saw clearly and loudly friends and foes alike.

How can human societies have built up?
O yeah, by structuring and designing the modern skyscraper with cement and blocks…….

Whatever we do we will ultimately return to origin.
Truth and Nature sound enough, if we don’t accept, out of our own illiteracy and fun of deception to self. It’s not relevant in the bigger picture, what relates is the TRUTH and societies lived and make renowned history because of the value system they practiced as community not self.

Honest people credit each other.
They are not fools actually, they are wise they know what turns out and around.

Who are those people?
They have no study base, no research, no effort involved to endorse or, for manifestation. Just a glance over these writers or reader base like they can register any of their thought, make it documented and gathered moths around, to room their prejudice and pride. They have all the right to challenge Religion and its right practices and all the experimental studies/ science.

Once upon a time, we have religion one side and we got the parallel scale to it as science and a race of human put their efforts to state, negate and fumigate. What about now, we have theorists and therapists, yet we have bundle of puzzles to sort out and yet state of confusion.

This is the main topic, state of confusion.
You have everything in front of us and yet we easily denied.

You pick a remote and the behavior is: tik one channel, tik another one, tik other, tik tik and tik…. So on…. perhaps several hours spent on this tik tik tik……………you want to see a lot in a short spam to get some thing interesting yet bored.

Now this tik tik resembles to clock too
This invention of a human, clock and those needles are direct pointers. Man understands the limit, space and time dimensions yet denies the same. So, this Right and Left …. Yes and No, this very pendulum …..

Debating on facts, issues, ideas, reality, and appearance………. All in grey
More or less let’s say Black and white.

Is it all that we have to think about?
Like human got that energy and spirit to understand how this world been structured and what for, the ultimate purpose is pretty clear. So, in order to transgress we are reversing to the level where we started off. It meant the flight was boring try something else.

Humans are determined for few important aspects by birth.
Now challenging the core, what is this about – Whom you are fighting against? I guess this is the mythical model that a human fighting godlike figure to have his grandeur and to prove his place etc. This is all how a human mind want to picture, it has nothing to do with real happenings.

Zeus depicted, made up to that level but now in scientific era if we look up does it sound realistic? Does it not lead to confusion? So human mind has that confusion from the beginning and still the same passage out. And that’s what the reluctance, why and how easily man mind trapped in confusion?

Man agrees at one point and then denies the same?
Okay, if it’s about a study or a theory its positive enough for the stage of learning, like you negate to agree way forward at the right point. This very behaviour we cannot apply for the belief system, the rationale is you cannot be liar and truthful at same time. Either chose the truth or stay with lies. So confusing self in depicting the character building, is something really wrong with the idiosyncrasies around. Depending social environment and the core self.

Nobody denies the fact collective is authority but again we have records and examples how and several times SELF brought revolutions. Why is it so?

Again rationale, the character.
Who stays sound and staunch with the linage of Nature and Fact. There is no doubt about the CREATOR who owns everything and made everything. So why we humans doubt to establish relationship with CREATOR? Only because there are lots of distractions, we cannot deny truth.

State of confusion for the belief is not believing in, anything.
This is the most crucial area, either this is true or not? This does not come from DIVINE.
Confusion comes from EVIL.

To follow something, you need to be ensured of, that what ever you are believing in, its for the higher goodness. Don’t deceive yourself or let the negative energies deceive you.

Don’t let the wrong whispers come out for you. Don’t allow and enter in the cage where friends and foes are alike. They promise whatever that’s false.

The only CREOTOR’S promises are TRUE and REAL.
Yes, the traps are here for them who are hearing to the whispers and the whisperings of no use.

The friends who appear so instantly and gone like wind, they are the darkest of all realities. They are in real foes. They are envy of you and wants to drag you where they belong too. Don’t fall for them.

Be real and stay on truth
Believe in, what DIVINE has blessed, truly it leads to the right pathway.


Secret Prisoner No.650

20 Years of conviction or claim, whatever?
Destruction, deprivation, disparity, or discrimination, whatever?

Conflicts, complexes, complications, or calamities, whatever?
Weapons, battle, killing, blood bath, poverty in short, the loss of humanity, whatever?

Whatever it was, it took lot of human energy for vain.
It looks like that the so-called supreme powers of the world have nothing else to do hence they invest on such human destruction.

The million dollars question is, it was really planned?
It was evident? Or it was revenge?
Whatever, who cares?

The pathos and the pain can only be felt by those who suffered, who lost.
Who said that Nazi concentration camps are no more alive……. Bagram secret jail is the same place of torture and homicide. Infact, worst because hidden and outer world has no access to it.

What are these wars? What for?
These are to prove that how much still the human is barbarian? Or elsewhere? Seven to eight years of suspension, torture, and cage for the prisoner no 650. Why?
Only the suspect of conspiracy.

9/11 taught this world nothing but the dilemma of refuge no where. When there is no shelter in human skin, its better to sustain in woods. The point of constraint, how easily people are prey of politics and its industry. How common for media and for channels to broad cast lie and to sell it so loud to the world. The one who is salient remains in wonders.

Today the whole world knows Secret Prisoner No.650 in Bagram jail, was Aafia Siddique. She was imprisoned for reasons for which the authorities have no proofs. All the blames and fabricated stories are impelled to disgraced her up to this level ……….
Her yelling and shouting will have results soon. She could be of National Pride in another way if such fate will not hit her so hard. Its not her trial it’s the biggest trial for human life, especially of Muslim Ummah.
Where are those heroes who stand for right of truth speakers?
Questions are lots, answers are none. Questing for far fetched hopes …….

The real world is terrible.
The pragmatic world is horrible.
This political world is wilderness.
Book or thesis work is there.
Faith is one unique, unseen, and invincible force that kept the soul alive for the true path. Again, few years or days they can live with such cruelty.

There are lots mysterious stories around which insists us to think either we as human can be judge, is this place is just? No at all, hence the dooms/ judgement day, awaited by those who went through blamed sufferings/ trials.

Schemes and propaganda’s last for nothing and nowhere.
Whatever happens here it has a reason, though some crisis snatches our ability to cope with, deprive us from the confidence to fight ahead but still the hardship adds on strength if it is not causing death.

Court trials may hold Aafia guilty for strange claim, where as a woman bearing torture day and night how could she pointed gun to the US, armed men? How can a judge have passed on such judgement?

Of course, it’s easy to press the victim when some one cruel is in power.
Kindness never been shown by empty hearts. Only the graced hearts know what value this and how much Divine loves it.

Truth has its own pathways
They are full of light that shines if not here somewhere ahead.

Again, this stage show has an end.
Soon it will ………………….

May that specific prisoner have the kindness and justice as soon as early.
She already been through a lot now ………….

Dedicated to Dr.Aafia Siddique



Past. Present. Future
Decay. Century. Millenium
Date. Month. Year

Time; Hour. Minutes. Seconds.
AM; Ante Merdin
PM; Post Merdin

Evolutionary enough humankind did errands after errands to reach up to this level, where the theory of relativity of Albert Einstein may accept as, that Humans even can try access to timelessness and spacelessness yet Man is time and space bound creation even parallel.

Evidence, Man has body yet soul both emerges and this life has a journey.
Instead, it is not just a life, it is one major aspect of it. Life has a much bigger frame and meaning than that.

Do only religious scripts are enough?
If not, why not?

All prophets came before scientific inventions yet people deny their teachings.
Now there are many claimers who said they are ‘Men of Science’ and by the scientific invention, they are still challenging the Beliefs. If evidence is important for all rational functions, that is to say, ‘Believing’ is unreasonable.

Unseen more influential than seen
That’s over the ages itself, Universe has proven authentically.

Cut it down shortly, Life is Multi-Dimensional.
We, humans, are here to access the potential of framing it. So far there is no harm to accept things as they are. It is important to accept what so ever available as it is. Such as Goodness exists, so does Evil. We humans didn’t make it but we have to face it as it is a test in this worldly life. We cannot change the design or the whole Agamograph. Yet we can add on at least our initials to the universal canvas.

If scientific knowledge (study of inquiry) explained the power of ‘Believing’ there is nothing else TRUTH than that but if such inventions misinterpret and confuse human thinking between appearance and reality, this is the level where humans extend but for nothing.

Estimation is also one science and sign of awareness.
Till this Era and time humans are working on estimations, they knew less by striving but they knew more spiritually. Hence, awakening is one essential domain that is given and divinely controlled. This is not a study of estimation or inquiry, though rational thinking, experiments, and reasoning ads on fuel but the value and the ultimate validation comes from these 2W’s: WANT & WILL.

WANT & WILL both are magical, motivational & meditational.
Make it out of it whatever: bodily- earthly needs, in between engagement or maybe the higher meaning.

This level where human is soulful
Want and Will both checked in and false Ego been destroyed, this is the right gauge and page where human achieve unachievable. The potential of humans is actually unseen.

There is a simple question, for which rational minds need to understand that why should people sacrifice their worldly life? Why there are cruel people in this world and others are suffering? What they will get if they adopt Patience?

This is actually a turning point.
Why one is human sustaining on unseen things by believing?

There is no rational evidence available for this. YES, to believe in or for believing. But if we try to go beneath the surface, we will realize that BELIEVING is the source and beam which makes us immortal and even pave the way to earn immortality and a higher level of nobility.

One way or another, we have chances and choices.
How we try to grab and what we try to grab is making the difference. Let say it in easy language the objective. In divine the objective is outcome and the outcome is actually objective. Religious doctrine said, if you do good deeds you will have heavens.

So performing good deeds and earning piety leads to ultimate goodness. This is what we read and we knew, but do we really deep down understand this?

Creator said don’t kill anyone as it is a sin
Do we really believe in not killing?

While addressing this very sensitive aspect, what we are and what we are thinking, all this because of the patterns we are in and we have been through. For example, a child is bound to follow the patterns whatever the parents and elders are bestowing, but when he/she on his/her esteem maturity may can challenge any of the patterns been blindly followed.

Nobody wants tragedy in life, loss, or deprivation.
If it would be on choice, nobody selects it, hence it’s a divine law that if happiness will be the part so does the sorrow. There is nothing to take or touch where human levels will be disturbed. So at times, there is a stage where patterns are uncontrollable and then there is also a stage where patterns can be measured, redirected, changed, or restructured.

Human age (25-45) where the ground realities and maturity hits, this the stage where humans can strive to restructure. We have to analyze what patterns we are following and followed and what we need to. Whatever, we can’t handle through efforts, techniques, or methodology, there we can use the power of belief.

This is key to earn the impossible then
Now if one atheist believes in some sort of pattern he is following though, he might be having some benefit out of it. The same person if got a new pattern of knowledge with more authentic evidence he might change it and this is the right act.

Clearly enough if a Muslim believes, and then due to any false conflict he adds on or denies key aspects of believing and will change the act patterns this might be correct for him on physical aspects but deep down he may violate the soulful levels.

Human potential is not just lined in any limited boundary.
It is a way higher, knowledgeable domain, and I believe it has no end. It has only Life with several transformations. Each transformation adding meaning to it. Life with meaning will make the journey of transformation more easy and soothing.

It’s useless to linger your time in the past or investing in the future it is better to stay in the moment and just feel to live a while.

A moment for a moment.
The moment just for a moment.
A moment of life and a momentum ahead…………

It’s okay to assemble all the experiences as they are, make peace with them. By the need of the time, we are not the Universe responsible for all. Not at all, we are humans just able to strive and access our potential. Every single human being has a unique level of ‘WELL BEING’, keep exploring …………


How Far Is Too Far?

The darkest night turns serene limelight ahead……. Y2020 is the lesson

Timeline is Divine Knowledge, only the Creator knows the Truth.
Theologians and Historians only estimate and now their given estimations are challengeable.

This 21st century is the timeline of disquietude.
The time of concerns and apprehensions, impacted, and made us illusionistic. In the hour of dismay, renunciation of methodologies is essential.

Why we made this so complicated?
The relationship with our own hearts and souls, why we took Nature/Divine for granted?
Aren’t we tired of converting our heaven into hell?
The frame of this communism/materialism really reflective, isn’t it?
Still there the Slavery to Ego/Power and so on …………..

The time to every human is the timeline of breathing he/she blessed. Knowing is not enough, it’s just a step ahead …………. This place is really important to understand:

Whence to where?
What to when? When to what?
How to now? Now to where and how?
Here to there………………

The rapport building, core one is with SELF.
From Self to Creator and Creator to Self and then with the creations. This is a tri-angle.
All three angles are connected and they should stay the same.

The relationship with SELF should be moderate.
We should love ourselves but not to exceed up to the level where only SELF remains. The same is the case with the creations of the Creator. We can only exceed our relationship with the Creator where we can only have the benefit of immortality.

It’s far sometimes, too far yet near.
The urge to gain touched, it’s near inside and such perception needs to be loud.

This is a wrong way of perceiving, to navigate and always estimate what is coming forth. Future is one spam of time, which for sure came forward and we have no other chance but to face it. Past just happened it’s also spam. The present is real science, how logically be utilized it depends. It’s not obvious that we have choices in life we only push to limits where we don’t have any option.

We change when we have no option or any other opportunity. Wretchedly, we assess and evaluate. The human psyche kinda liquidated stuff, as the jar same the shape.

We stretch, so we can bow.
Limits are limits, man has no wings can’t fly, on the contrary man can earn and achieve heavens.

These kingdoms are there, where one can decide.
How far is too far, it’s not about the distance it’s about emptiness. Fill it so that far away stay near ……….



Interestingly, I have been working out my Ikigai; the life to be worthwhile but unknown of the fact how to? It seems so elusive and evasive, shifty and cagey. Most of the time it leaves, me nowhere but as negative and corrosive. Treating myself abrasively, why?

I expect more from myself, I mean more than my capability/capacity?
Am I really auspicious or pretending to be?
I know who I am, but can’t fulfill what I have to?
My intrinsic amplitude is high and as well low same time, striving balance?
Unanswered rhetoric questions?
How far it goes like that stuck ….. Such lengthy stretched zone…… Vicious circle?
Conflicted; soul demands something else body wants alternative
Is it all about ME?
Am I the reason for, whatever facing?
Victim or survivor?
What if I am not so but to be as I imagine?
Why my thought and imagination so active that can’t seize the moment?

Several imperative aspects, I have been engaged in.
Firstly, I tried to know the basics, then strive to establish a connection so that I can measure my performance where I stand. It’s really easy to say it’s just about fate hence just go through that, in fact it is not that simple though. Humans are tangled with multiple given energies and they can utilize cognitively, that’s why this brain thingy been given by DIVINE.

It’s not only my monologue.
Every human has the same self-speech, if sensitive, intellectual, and practical. Emotional balance and intellect are really forceful, at times the most elegant wisdom holders suffer manic depressive psychosis – This is because the amplitude of thinking, impacts emotions. This is beyond control, hence there are numeral people who actually suffer this and they don’t know how to deal with it.

Hypomania/ Schizophrenia/ Schizoaffective, these terms are really scary.
It seems much big and crucial diseases, perhaps a common man thinks they are incurable. Yes, they might be big if we make them so. If we access and assess the majority of people today they are somewhat suffering this, sometimes due to their actions and most of the time due to others. This interdependency in life, interacting and engaging with other beings, is simple Nature. We cannot enslave Nature, yet we can be compromising and accommodating with it.

Striving to know the path and then stick to it.
Divine Doctrine is there than why human struggle to redefine, reinvent, and invest all their energies towards? This strive has a reward. The hardest the struggle, the finest the results.

Faith, Patience, Consistency, Will, and Effort.
These five elements ……… Again very complicated emergence. We see one side and there is always a flip side to the coin. I choose this topic to share my thinking, verdicts, and decisions towards this life and path.

Remembrance of Creator is the source
The essence of all love to Prophet PBUH
Life is given, the path is a choice
Will to the effort, bow to fate

We came across to deal a life, with ugly fugally face and with happy appearance, very rarely though but that’s how this track is.

We are whatever our experiences made us.
We seem to be seen the way our circumstances portray us.
We are classed as what our thinking makes us so.

This philosophy is older than us, we are new. Aren’t we?

New was Adam in Eden and then on the Earth, after him we all are old.
Evolution brought Man to this level, he classified and standardized, but again needs food when hungry, need sound sleep to energize and shelter to survive. Now how to convince yourself to be motivated? That’s how:

“Every thought of yours is a real thing – a force.”
“If you are feeling good, it is because you are thinking good thoughts.”
“Ninety-nine percent of who you are is invisible and untouchable.”

Simple footsteps to follow, always see more errors in self to amend rather than to praise falsely. Be safe with this ultimate vision that Creator is there to take care of me and others. Almighty Allah is enough to watch, to hear, to grant, to bless, and to take my revenge on my behalf. I don’t need to worry about things I see and unseen for me when I put my trust in HIM.
Whatever evil caused to me, others, and on the phase of the earth is lesser than LORD’s Mercy. Allah is omniscient, Omni-present and Power holder in everything. When HE is the LORD, no other stance ever-important than to worship HIM. The best is to know how to please HIM instead of pleasing self/others.

This journey has an end, in this errand be wise to select the outcome.
Yes, the selection of outcome is a choice, the setting of the objective actually results in orientation.

If I set my goal to please my Creator, Allah has already defined all the areas of performance for this objective along with the reward/results. Then it is impossible, if I set such a higher goal and strive for it and have the opposite outcome, never!

Eco is vital
Eco of the inner voice. When out we see no influencer, then peep inside. The conscience is the source of teaching. It is Divinely Designed with positive Eco. Now it’s up to self, how much and how far one hears it and acts over it.

True, we as human needs influencers.
Again influence is the key source of illusion/delusion and evil as well. Let say, cosmetic products beautify woman’s grace. Once women adorn fashionable costumes/cosmetics surely show off. Showing off creates room for illicit attraction. This gives nothing but vanity and waste.

Now, if a spiritual guide is alive but not available on media.
Then what only a few visits him, he writes a book or his saying may be conveyed by people of the same essence. It may take time for adaptation but it will last because it is not an illusion. It is not a delusion but real knowledge for the real world.

To articulate this, is simple philosophy and therapy, as mentioned in bullets:
Don’t see things but try to see through things.
Peep inside and absorb instead to blow out in the noise.
Reaction to action is only important when the objective, is result oriented.
The outcome really matters, we can practice for a better one only here in this world.
A dead-end is nothing, it’s always a new beginning.
Be an influencer of spiritual goals instead of worldly affairs.
Let those kill their time, investing their deeds for hell, the error of their judgment will lead to nothing but chaos.

Degree achievement does not ensure good character, it may create regard for the position earning, designation, or economical window establishment. It’s evident that people will bow and respond quickly to worldly earned repute, that just the regard not respect.

Respect is one of the Divine Blessing, it is earned too in few aspects. Disrespect aligned with insinuations too. That’s true that a good character may face trials of disrespect but the truth may be out there.

Hence, the core point to made here, we cannot judge. We can only assess, evaluate, and suggest. Judgment is for the last day and only the CREATOR decides what actual outcome of a person’s deed.

We are here to comprehend our being as a character.
To establish our ties with the creations of kindness
So that we can expect kindness and love from Creator in response.

The Creation should be responsive to Nature with one key emotion is Love/affection.
The way Creator & Nature responsive towards Creations.



Punching Time……. Incredibly, pagans are always arrogantly stubborn, even that much they are inclined up to destruction on the mutual and collective level. They have no conscious mind, no soul even they are not from any civilization.

This writing is a reflex of my harmed feelings by such pagan politicians who use their authority against all the good means for the only destruction.

Let make this point very clear to the whole world that Muslims are not out of this world creation. They are humans and their doctrine is most holy as it is direct dialogue from DIVINE.

So stop treating them as if they are none, stop humiliating them, and stop this politics over Holy/Respectable figures. Stop….. Stop….. Stop….. Before it’s too late to regret over.

I am a Muslim
I believe that ‘Allah is One and Prophet PBUH is His Messenger and Prophet’
I Love Holy Quran and My Prophet PBUH, more than anything on the earth.
Allah blessed us the greatest gift in the shape of the Holy Prophet PBUH, who taught us the Holy Quran and a civilized life here and the ways to earn eternity.

Whoever envy me upon my belief is one who is clearly out of mind and denying Nature/Divine and Reality. Whoever tries to pinch me upon my skin to damage my soul is one who is in the force of evil and knew nothing but to worship self for nothing.

This is evident no one will live forever.
Make your choices sound and real instead of being illusionistic and cause self-delusion that will lead to nothing but darkness and hell.

How rude and pathos for the world around, especially these SO-CALLED WORLD ORGANIZATIONS, who apparently administrative for human rights, for world law & order. The whole of Europe, the US opposed and reacted to the Holocaust/the genocide, in fact we as humans also condemned such killing but the matter of fact is that how many innocent people still in the same race?
So the world is really reacting to this?

The topic ‘BLASPHEMY’ is itself very sensitive yet disturbing.
Whatever I am, the recognition I got is from my faith, from my religion, from my holy book, and none other than from my Prophet PBUH.

Who are they?
What right they have and where do they drive it?
How dare they?
Why are those ruthless beings playing monopoly/politics over profane elements?

Those who lost their conscious mind and they thought they are normal they should admit themselves to a mental hospital. First of all, if you are living in this world, face today’s aspects why you are traveling millenniums back and pinpointing those HOLY PERSONALITIES to whom, such filthy people not even worthy of imagining their aroma, how possibly they could know the beauty of their existence.

CURSE upon them here and hereafter.
CURSE to that French teacher and existing Prime Minister in FRANCE.
CURSE upon all those who beckoning this and behind this.
CURSE to all those who are salient over this disrespect.

Our Holy Prophet taught us to respect humans.
And for us, all are scared, though Moses or Jesus, they are also came from Allah and widespread the message of peace. They all worked out for the betterment of humanity.

All Prophets/Messengers, the Divine Scriptures, and books they speak the truth, they only convey the word of GOD to humans. For us, there is no difference we respect all people who practice religion and spirituality.

European/Western culture is way different from Islamic pragmatism.
We understand and respect their living levels and we do not interrupt them for their freedom of choice but humiliating other’s self-esteem is never an expression of freedom.

No words when you are hurt.
Islam-phobia is nothing but an invented and injected term in this Era to create destruction, terrorism, and humiliation.

On the contrary, ISLAM is the fastest growing and wide-spreading religion in the whole world, because it says the nature of life, it taught nothing against nature, truth, and reality. Such Divine wholesome message has been delivered by Holy Prophet PBUH and the Holy Quran is the living Miracle till the end of this life.

The most complicated task in the world is to control human behavior.
This can only be monitored well if teachings are correct, humble, practicable, and building character.

Our Creator sent His Messengers/Prophets for human character building, this how we humans can live a civilized life that leads to success here and hereafter.

It’s obvious if people loosen up in character, they stop following the true/correct guidance given/blessed by Creator and that’s how people fall up to such a hole where they lost balance. They pretend to be normal yet they are gays (which is against even nature).

All those secret societies working for evil and destruction, they have to be cleared that they can’t be successful for such means. There is no one world order, they are no such power that a human can control and there is nothing a mortal can rule over.

Sovereignty belongs to ALLAH.
Allah is One and Only Ruler, Creator, and GOD. The whole universe created by HIM and HE is controlling everything, without HIS order nothing can happen. This is Muslim’s Faith.

The message to all the readers and to the whole world around does not degrade anyone’s belief just because you think that only you are correct (due to arrogance or ego).

This way or another all belongs to ALLAH.
ALLAH loves those who stay humble and respectful to others and themselves. Holy Prophet PBUH is the humblest, modest and pious among all the humans and humanity. The one who loves Prophet PBUH will be loved by ALLAH.

For other’s sake, the sick ones (Just like Emmanuel Macron) will have their result and redemption very soon. Curse on him!

We Muslims are peace lovers, as taught and trained by our Prophet PBUH.
Hence, we don’t actually be bothered by such low beings who took offense against those who did no harm to nobody.

This is an appeal through this article to all the humans/readers in the world, kindly choose wisely to follow, as the universal karma formularized as:

Do Good and Have Good
Give Respect and Have Respect
Tit for Tat
What You Saw So Shall You Reap
What Goes Around Comes Around
Blood will Have Blood

There are times when no response is actually the mighty one
But here the matter is different, MUSLIMS don’t want any false debate on their faith and on HOLY FIGURES. We believe in what is revealed by ALLAH and we believe more in unseen/unrevealed ‘Al Ghaib’ by ALLAH. We put all our trust in ALLAH.

Answer to the cruel/uncultured people, simply halt your voices and actions to disgrace.

Grace has never been seen by the prejudiced eye, as if beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, similarly Faith only captioned those who are blessed and deserved.

Being a Muslim and Umati (Follower of Prophet PBUH) in this era and so-called Y2020, I have even not seen my Prophet PBUH, but I strongly felt and I know by default Holy Prophet PBUH is the True messenger of ALLAH who widespread the Eternal Message, who introduced the ideal humanity to be practiced. Who is LIGHT, SOUL, and beyond that what low beings said or do?

The most vital essence and strength is always unseen
Unseen or unrevealed has its own power, glow, and grace. Only the knowledgeable and the wise will understand ………


Donkey’s Years

Estimated 2000 years and above, humans are habitants on Earth.
Time passed away and history been written, how correct or false this is to assess upon our own wisdom.

As a common trend, the past generations telling the upcoming generations what had happened. Few wrote malicious stories, by adding on or exaggerating the actuality. Others depending upon controversies, whereas Truth is out there.

History witnessed itself that there were many rulers/explorers/ emperors even Politian who ruined and ignited the truth based historic books in bulk, and that’s how we have been through this half learned journey. We knew what the older generations impelled us to be known.

In such case the Authentic Sources only be the Selective Scriptures and Divine Holy Book, none other than all are the descriptive stories. Sometimes the tribal people are ahead or sometimes the urban people.

Stories are stories, bunch and bundles make the history.
All through those donkey’s years producing history, what this human race has learnt?

Let’s enlist as, this could be:
Political-Economic statistics
The urge to dominance……. How one Government or Politian lean down the other.
Political Mapping ……..Dismissal of existing boundaries by adding new geographical regions.
The Art of War……. Killing and genocide on the name of race, grace and pace.
Divide and Rule ……… Slice down the territories/countries to channel the new orders.

If we go more in depth of segregation, this may be as:
Socio-Religious Statistics
I am a Muslim, hence belongs to Arabs/Asian Region Etc
I am a Christian, so belongs to everywhere/Centralized in EU
I am a Jew, suffered and gain our state so late, now power belongs to us

Moreover, considering this division conventionally convictional in this Era, that’s perhaps:
Geographically, Political, Socio-Economic window
China explored the world by boasting their economy and beating others, they became the need of living world.

America enslaved people of world by strategic dealings, propagandas or planning, news, or controversies whatever strike most human psyche to be gripped in.

Britain/Germany/Russia, lost their political prestige in mid-1900, however they never stop b eating the bush around.

Imperialistic vision, dividing world into colonies, acquiring more and more land/enslaving people by materialism and in return to have their cheap labor, creating co-dependencies and with the passage of time inventing more linguistics terms to hide the bitter truths, here we are in the age and stage of globalization.

Drastically, it was complicated but not impossible.
Hence, such design actually worked out when one dot been connected to another. Centralized dot the king.

This is universal truth, that we have always flip side of coins
One aspect’s impact if possibly affirmative than the next side may effects negative. So does this concept of globalization, if it connects the world on one page, the evil eye or watcher is more in power to damage at once, whatever and where ever wants.

Imperialism, colonization, dependencies, banking integration and this globalization equivalent to one world order. One screen, displaying variant and various pictures in same instance, now that describes the centralized control, monitoring, assessment and evaluation, based upon setting new objectives and outcomes are really easy.

This thought transferred into such reality not in a day.
It took several experiences and experiments, hence upto this level the ocean been crossed and the edge is near to shore.

Whatever this behavior been adopted, its’ kinda deity like.
It is unsuitable for human to behave like lord of the world, therefore meet the end soon.

Time and Truth both have their own influential presence.
They have their own impactful characteristics, given by Divine Nature even after 100 of years if they destined to be revealed, they will show the actual face and reality.

Even after achieving too much, the death is evident.
Death does not allow this world to transfer whatever earned with it, unless the earning is for eternity.

The biggest dilemma of our current period, we are been far away from the earning of eternity and the reluctances been increased. Our older generations have hope for future and our generation even generating the idea of hope so mechanical based on gaming.

The command for change is really important.
Change, again has flip sides one option is affirmative for one and another may be negative.

All those Donkey’s Years, we have faced those flips of change, time and truth.
That’s how it is still going on………….