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Business in These Days


Usually, most of the people interested to do their own business because they believe that job is the most substantial reality. They worked much but gain short. Being jobain people prefer to learn or to snatch the ideas of organizations to be one day organization themselves. By learning of particular profession they can bound their […]



It is said rarely, randomly, usually and most of the time by people of all Era and all religions that conceptionally or really there is world where the EXISTENCE MAY EXIST the day before. That must pronounce as PRE-EXISTENCE. As far as the religious concept it is clearly the reflection that soul being made by […]



This is the ultimate truth that the CREATOR is undoubtedly ONE. His ONENESS is the sign of Almighty and Glory of His actions. Centuries ago many pagans ought to believe in other concepts they start thinking conceptionally that GOD’S PRESENCE is just and must but His world is just like the earthly beings. Those pagans […]

Existence Part 1


This is the most critical, complex and vital topic that spot light towards the major aspects: The Creator, The Creation, Birth and death, pre-birth, cosmology, universe and its’ purpose more over this topic is as vast as ocean, even I can consider that even the five oceans eventually join and will become the pen even […]