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Who seeketh Me findeth Me. Who findeth Me knoweth Me. Who knoweth Me loveth Me. Who loveth Me, him I love. Whom I love, him I slay. Whom I slay, him must I requite. Whom I requite, Myself am his … Continue reading

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There is No One In The house But The Master Of The House

See with eye of inwardness the inner reality of the world, For with the outward looking eye thou canst never see the inward. Every level of existence, all that constitutes that many levels of the universe, all the creatures from … Continue reading

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My Visit To Delhi & Kashmeeri Gates

It is been pleasure to be at such places, such place which once considered to be the entrance of Sultans, Kings or Queens. Places where once the royal bloods were allowed their royalty, their sawariees like elephants and the camels … Continue reading

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‘’ World is a sound that heard by the profound ears’’ Group of people make society, different people make different societies depending on their own thinking and their mentalities. Few people have typical mentalities that led them to generate society … Continue reading

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Lahore is very ancient and historical city having its own basic tales related to all kind of cultural people submerged with different people of religions. This city is full of energetic people having different occupations. Having fort of Mugal Era … Continue reading

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