The Pre-Mature Burial ;Pre-Mature Death


There is no need to be taste death obviously to have burial. In today’s world the death is on the way. In fact death is the over period of this world but the world has the sign for another.  Alive beings are also buried among walls or under the false materials of social systems. The pathos upon world is that they are generating each ambiguity by themselves due to their mistakes. World is going on astray, working for the so called establishment and developments but there is nothing to be last forever.

There are so many cases which known by world already where the innocent people are suffering a lot, to the excess and to the heights. There is no jury no law and order which can save them because law is blind. So called jury is paralyzed. Infact, this world is getting mean day by day having no certain objective for the humanity. People who are talking about humanity they are just delivering lectures for the sake of nothing or for the sake of their own means.

Today’s Human is greedy; his perspective is to search his own means among others and in the traits where he can enhance his own greed to be fulfilled. This greedy spirit has been spread all over due to which the most element to eat up the humanity and humanism.

Due to which one human is getting strong in his will and considering others just salve to his will and causing damage not only to their identities, but also to their self dignity. Due to this major reason today humans not need to be buried under the earth but most of them are buried alive into four walls. Buried alive into their own mentalities, buried alive into their own disorder psyche.

Imperialism or the superrich source human from the world has been begins wish to the supreme power to get control over, to rule to make humans like himself to be enslaved. This lead to astray; the path of satin to over whelm the negative sources and approaches. What is enhanced somewhat merely in the world with focus. This world has been picturesque today apparently the graphic world where humans are not needed but the machines or manmade marvels. Man made mentality is over ruling this world. Machismo and mechanical approach is the most vital.

Man is away from the nature and its instincts. Away from religious aspects, away from natural resources, away from instinctive and impulsive natural system. Though man is considering this his success but having all this and seeing all this the day is not far when Sun will rise from West as per the promise of Almighty, as a sign that this mortal world is near to End.

Gather on the plat forum where we all need unity, faith, discipline, courage, dignity and above all humanity. We don’t need to led down our own species as the salve one to one of us out of greed but to Almighty Creator.

Appreciation Column


~ Next to excellence is the appreciation of it ~

“True Spirit is revealing, and the revelation leads to the path where Knowledge and Quest for Divinity begins. The ecstasy of Knowledge is hidden in Learning and Learning maketh the TRUE Spirit Extravagantly Genuine Esoteric.’’

Teaching the most respectable, honorable and most dignified career that provokes the school of thought to understand the materials and materialistic outwardly and worldly affairs.

The one, who is learned, qualified in understanding the ebbs and flows of life and having intense experiences that open the doors to the world and window to the ecstasy of spiritual world, can and could achieve the Reality and Truth; which is fundamentally the citadel of faith.

This metaphysical and cosmological knowledge bequeathed and beseeched with the intensive, instinctive and intuitional ideas and capsules of thoughts. This body of knowledge provides a key to understanding the nature of the Real, the reality of the cosmos, and our being. It contains the map for getting from Here to There as well as the means of realizing that There is Here and Now, at the centre of our being and in the present moment.  Generally what is this world? The place of temporary transaction of spirit in the body containing so many Realities absorbed in.

The serene objective is obviously the vital soul of the Reason. Primarily, the learning, seeking, searching, questing are the fibers of knowledge enchantment, enhancement and adhering the provoked hidden realities. Teaching becomes the circle of this as it is impulsive that whatever one seeks should vibrate.

This vibe ration was once conquered the world, when Prophet (PBUH) has taught the world lessons of Realties and widespread the Light of Knowledge. Thought, is a seed in a soil which fertilize the land with the heavy and healthy crops, the culcated thought based on Reality and Truth should be vindicate generations to generations, so that we can have the self dignified live as well as a staunch sco- economical system based on Din, with lead role of Islam.

Though, this is the best of times yet the worst as yet to come to believe. We have been far away the teaching taught to us by Almighty Allah through Islam, Holy Prophet (PBUH) The Holy Quran our Spiritual path. It is important to analyze that we are victim of social and cultural optimized pseudo-imperialistic approaches. However the Realities are over curtain today and all the way to the people who remember their Lord and recall His favor to proceed.

Consequently, above compliance is an attempt to sprang the complimentary clause for the beginning of the institution where the gathering of the seniors or juniors should be the not enough than a vow to be on the platform to seek to learn to gain and to be not empty vessel but the jar full of milk of knowledge.

For the organizational setup or the pre-oriented management the personalities and their profound traits and magnetic idosyncraisis must needed. For the purpose to elaborate the materialistic realities to the junior beings this is vital most. Furthermore, psychology is such labyrinth which is much known today but still stays a mystery and it traps if its’ grooming not done on the patterns of said or taught entities or identities.

Appreciate everything your associates do for the business. Nothing else can quite substitute for a few well-chosen, well-timed, sincere words of praise. They’re absolutely free and worth a fortune.

‘Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It takes what is excellent in others belong to us as well. At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.

Correction does much, but encouragement does more. Encouragement after censure is as the sun after a shower.

Courtesies of a small and trivial character are the ones which strike deepest in the gratefully and appreciating heart.

Encouraged people achieve the best; dominated people achieve second best; neglected people achieve the least.

Appreciation is one the most remarkable source of support.

It does not need money, materialism or heavy investments to deliver or to have smiles on other’s faces.

This is another name to devotion and dedication.

It is much enhancing and much elaborating. It is the most probable and morally it is all about Gratitude; which is parent among all other behaviors.

Magnetic words that create the harmonized and the utmost gratitude for the complimentary sequence are the worth of human psychological fulfillment.

Because unless we as humans appreciate each others for worthy abilities and the growth of the collective social growth, that will lead path towards the achievement and the betterment of the learning future.

It is not essential that only juniors need words of appreciation to grow and to move forward with confidence and self dignity.

Everyone needs it at every stage for the self satisfaction and exploring his unique identity among other beings to be differentiated. These honors of getting the true remarks that make us grow, there is no other substitute and it will add on the ever remembrance in human’s mind. Whenever we recall the moments of our success we will not be able to forget the words of the appreciations related to that sequence.

Above column has been dedicated to an institution which got the beginning as a learning centre and all the best wishes and amiable desires for the working team and the management who will guide the new generation towards the future to have broader vision and to capture the wider horizon.

Congratulations! May Almighty Allah bless you to lead this up to the conquering level where the worth of it must be recognized well and you, your team would be differentiated among others with their own self dignity, hard work and unique style and with true commitments, unconquerable will and convictions. Yet;

‘Vicegerent of Earth’ —— The Man master piece of Creator —- Living or surviving —– Alive or dead —– Make so ever —– The story of Mankind—- History of history — Chapters of chapters —– All narrates but still hard to elaborate ………..’

Human is an amphibian, (psychologically) having many senses of world and each world of sense has its own language of salience and noise and these all senses of world of one single human needs identity, recognizations and illumination to the outer course of the other effecting sense of another human.

By understanding such hidden mysteries, Human mind and soul achieve the originality of this worldly life, Of Lord Almighty of him/herself above all the objective to be here and the success and the goal here after in next world.

This column is an appreciation, an effort and complimentary graph for a generous, amiable, and pragmatic and thought provoking beings…… Hope that above column will achieve its true purpose to be remaining a part of ever sustaining appreciation applause and clause.

Wishing them all the very best with heartily prayers to up front the world with your exploring reality the way truly beings you are not with the cultural adaptation.

Thanking you, in advance for providing me an opportunity to share my views with you and be the part of your remembrance as my writing.

Yours Truly! ……….Farah Tufail

Rulers and the Ruled


‘What ever good befalls you is from God; and whatever misfortune befalls you is from yourself.’

(The Holy Qur’an)

Islam assumes that the governing elite should be an example upholding the highest level of Islamic ethical conduct, both in their outer rituals as well as in their personal qualities. When, however, this is not realized a clear division appears between the class of rulers and the ruled. Such divergence in the history of Muslims has often led to confrontation and revolt.

An institutionalized separation between the rulers and the ruled had begun from the death of the fourth Caliph’ Hazrat Ali (Razi Tal’ah Anhoo), when the objectives and the life styles of the Umayyad Caliphs and courtiers diverged from the general Muslim public. This state of affairs continued almost throughout the entire history of Muslims. In the early days it was the Byzantine and Persian Sassanian administrators and court advisors who helped Muslim rulers in fiscal and other bureaucratic controls. These were gradually replaced by other non-Muslims and foreigners who not only dealt with matters of finance but also military affairs and foreign relations.

The Ulama of the courts were all highly domesticated, often chosen for their tolerance, support, and ability to rationalize the rulers’ decisions and actions according to Islamic legal and theological precept. These Ulama were often held in contempt by ordinary people, echoing what prophet had said.

’’ I fear for my people (on account of) the Ulama who condone the rulers.’’

For the most part court life and public life continued in parallel giving rise to a culture of accord and mutual understanding. As long as the ruler appeared to be reasonably just and not too oppressive, the two tiers co-existed. Occasionally, however, confrontations erupted and in most cases the rulers resorted to brutality and sheer force, manipulation and certain compromising adjustments. Because the Shi’i maintained that the right to rule Muslims belongs to the qualified Imam, in whose absence only the most pious and knowledgeable could rule, the majority of the shi’is either opposed or ignored the institution of kings and sultans. The Sunnis on the other hand often accepted the rule of any Muslim as long as he professed Islam and the majority of the populace acquiesced.

The general population had their own hierarchy of Ulama as well as of leaders of commerce, artisans, and landowners. The ‘’people’s system was allowed to function as long as the ruler was paid his taxes and allowed to requisition his recruits. These Ulama and mosques maintained their independence from ruling interest through endowment, often in the form of shops and other sources of income.

This was general arrangements until the emergence of the twentieth-century modern Muslim, ‘’State. ‘The model for which was imported from the West and forcibly grafted on to Muslim lands, for it was not an indigenously cultivated model. From then on all mosques and other Muslim institutions were absorbed by the governments, thus coming directly under centralized rule. By the middle of the century, the new-style governments controlled every aspect of the life of the Muslim masses. This resulted in the rise of numerous opposition groups, frequent confrontation, and all kinds of social upheavals and disasters. In the past the alienation of the rulers from the ruled had seldom resulted in such major clashes because people had been left alone to live their ‘’separate’’ lives.

The situation in contemporary ‘’ Muslim states’’ is such that the rulers version of Islam is often no more than a ritualistic veneer, bearing no resemblance to the divine prophetic model. Pious and serious Muslims often consider their Government as traitors to the true cause of Islam and all attempts to democratize or parliamentize their method of government have therefore resulted in failure or are mere cosmetic face-lift to ensure Western approval.

Metaphysical and Cosmological Doctrines


Pure Metaphysics, which is also the theoretical dimension of salvific knowledge, is the science of the Real and is therefore most essential for human beings, since they have ultimately no possibility of escaping from reality. In the modern West, metaphysics and gnosis soon became a branch of philosophy, understood in the modern sense, and this subordination was followed by the complete rejection of metaphysics by many schools of Western thought, especially from the nineteenth century onward, as we see in Marxism, Comptianism, logical positivism, Anglo-Saxon analytical philosophy, and the like. Soon real metaphysics was forgotten, not to mention the means of realizing its truths.

But the thirst for real knowledge continued to manifest itself in certain Western souls, who again turned to the Orient and with its help, to the forgotten metaphysical tradition of the West. In this quest for metaphysical knowledge Hinduism, especially the school of Advaita Vedanta, attracted many people. It is only during the past few decades that the metaphysics of Sufism, as elucidated primarily in the works of Ibn’ Arabi and his school (to which I shall turn more fully in appendix has become available to the larger Western public.

This vast body of metaphysical knowledge, along with traditional cosmology, which results from applying metaphysical principles to both the macrocosmic and microcosmic domains (not what is understood by cosmology and psychology today), is one of the great legacies of Sufism. This body of knowledge provides a key to understanding the nature of the Real, the reality of the cosmos, and our own being. It contains a map for getting from Here to There as well as the means of realizing that There is Here and Now, at the centre of our being and in the present moment.

In the traditional Islamic world this knowledge was known to only a few, but now with the spread of all kinds of modern secular philosophies and problems created by ill-posed questions that threaten the very citadel of faith, this metaphysical and cosmological knowledge bequeathed by over a millennium of Sufism to the present- day generation is of the utmost importance for psychology, the Islamic tradition as a whole. It also provides the necessary preliminary map for those, including non-Muslims, who want to know who they are, where they are, and where they should be going.

Metaphysics and cosmology is interconnected to some extent, therefore is launch the inner and outer world to be connected and be the part of logical mind to understand and soul to absorb it.

Wisdom Quotes


  • ‘Wisdom generates intellectuals’.
  • ‘Wisdom is a weapon for thinker ‘.
  • ‘Wisdom makes Man a Super being ‘.
  • ‘Best communication and better way of conversation itself is wisdom’.
  • ‘Wisdom is not only for wise people but by using it anyone can be wise’.
  • ‘Think, Read & Write these three major qualities and abilities lead to wisdom’.
  • ‘Voice of deep thought and the way of expression for it cultivate wisdom in the Soil that here after becomes tree of knowledge’.
  • ‘Breathing as Crown of Creation and knowing of nothing is befooling human  Identity and ridicules the fate lines of struggle where wisdom stay apart ‘.
  • ‘Perpetual, conceptional and liberal people remain and spend their lives in quest Of knowledge and wisdom’.
  • ‘Keep the wise people to spread knowledge and wisdom as they are the true sharers of truth and divinity’.

The Pen Short Quotes


  • Pen can change the world.
  • One can express his soul by pen.
  • Pen is more powerful than sword.
  • The pen is the most important source of strength.
  • Emotions speak but few are just elaborated by pen.
  • Pen is character itself which becomes persona for humans.
  • Writings are only famous of those who know the use of pen.
  • PEN is the first divine attention that writes every thing before the beginning of eternal story.
  • Lord maketh the Pen first to serve to write the tale of this whole universe from beginning to end.
  • Pen is unconquerable, uninvincible eminent product Omni-present and convincing and can measure the parameters of conscious mind.



  • ‘If I tell u the truth…… It’s not an easy task as it always brings tears to hearts but truth develops learning.’
  • ‘Learning is like dancing with thoughts to some extend’.
  • ‘Learn, learning is strength of soul.’
  • ‘Learning is for all life’s students’.
  • ‘Life is too short to learn every art of divine.’
  • ‘Experience is great source of learning.’
  • ‘To learn is every person’s duty to understand life and his relation with Lord’.
  • ‘ Height on knowledge provides height of learning which dwells the soul in the Identifiable frame’.
  • ‘Complaining for ignorance is for those who have not worth for Learning.’
  • ‘ Fight for learning, live for learning, die for learning it will directly leads to heavens’.

Knowledge Quotes


  • ‘Knowledge shuts a man’s mouth.’
  • ‘Hallow character cannot be the knowledge lover’.
  • ‘Knowledge brings possibilities to impossibilities’.
  • ‘Love and knowledge led upwards to the heavens’.
  • ‘The good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge’.
  • ‘Despite of the fact that Knowledge is power it is way to the strengthen light of Providence’.
  • ‘Knowledge is gate way to the unconquerable Will and unflawed, uneased,Uncased Life’.
  • ‘The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not Understand’.
  • ‘To know is the earnest nature and keen desire of Man, the more he possess the more he concentrate more he gain the knowledge’.
  • ‘Knowledge sprung Eve’s bite of Apple ,thus fruit of knowledge taught the experience of mortal life and immortal life here after, thus introduced death, thus tragedy begins, thus parent grief produced, thus Crown of creation defaults self awareness, self assertion & self monologue’.



Images reflect, reflection has its own idosyncraisis though that reflection is on the surface of the transparent water, though it is in the clear mirror or though it be in the IMAGE. Reflection is temporary but it adds on meaning as permanent as the mark.

Natural images are much more reflective and delegated towards the human mind, that it enhances creativity. This creativity has been converted in two major sorts, one to assume from the outer layer, one must be Extrovert and second pungent source is the inner one that one must be the Introvert. The functions or the devices might collaborate. Both sources have their powerful and ruling effects, whereas it also dominating to the most earnest humanly desire to capture.

If for a while we pay attention may get the idea that Human Eye is itself a camera, Human Mind photo gallery. The artists who paint, who color, who sketch all are the genius in   Capturing the Introvert and the Extrovert Imageries and Reflections.
So we get an ardent idea that this instinctive product of human nature that capturing images, maintain them, cropping the pictures, shadowing the images, collect and save the natural photos, be the sharpened and the refinest photographer…. And so on.
Today world has an eye, we are surviving in the metallic satellite universe where things have been expanded and on the contrary micro minimized as well so do all the areas of life. To collectively united on a platform, are winner’s choice.

The image in mine article is the representative and shadowed image explaining the most important and vital reality and truth of human life ‘BELIEVE’. If we believe in, it could pave the track to achievement, it is unseen yet the most powerful instinctive source that rule over the spiritual contexts.

This imagery is selective and corporative with the templates of happenings or the sense to assume the Divine testimonies. While emphasize upon this topic, is the urge as this is the deep thoughtful tooling.

Hence, to compel the thought right here with the clause is not wrong that reflection is made up by the images. The dulibility here is of two topics, one is of Image and the other of Word Believe. Image is one way of expression of thought and word is another and the expression, thought altogether linked with the idea or the subject which is fabricated to reveal.

Believe is unseen, untouched. It’s not physical, it has no body, has no color as well. Some say that it is unreliable and unreachable. It is nothing but the mystical myth created my human mind or it is something just attached with human emotions. The missionary approaches enhance such thoughts, or the atheists ‘neglect such an important reality but one who is the believer cannot.

Believe is spiritual thought, it is as powerful as the Will can make it. Distances are out there as soul is the major source of believed. The race of human is still on the phase of earth who does not believe in God; The Creator. But if they do not believe it will not the refusal or if they deny than their denial is just their falsehood it will just affect them not anyone else.

Believer can make the difference, mental exercises, to see to examine, to analyze than accept is the scientific mode not the spiritual ground, not the reality exposure and not even the religious note. To believe is a mystical spirit which endowed and empowered with the depth and the heights of covering letters. It is embellished with the purified thought and only the neat and pious and pure can reach the level to start believing in.

So many happenings had been through on earth, from the day Man has been made the vicegerent of this place, history elaborates everything but few not which has been only known by Lord. Religion has bestowed to Man, if think for a while what is it? Specific Holy Book that gives or astern the way to follow terms and conditions to live ethical life, miracles and ancient nation’s scruples’…….. What?  It is hard to believe if scientific narrations would add on.

Religion’s soul is believe, who believe get purified. Generosity may depends just to be staunch in whatever be identified the Truth by spirit.

There are so many examples where we can estimate that we have no evidences, no proofs but the miracles. Miracles just prevail and reveal there where believe sprang. As:

‘There can be miracles, when you believe, the hope is frail it’s hard to believe’

The breath taking soul believes, because it is maketh so. Life of physical world is just like that being in the field to crop, but life for the spirit is trackless, traceless and placeless but not priceless.

Life is Whispering of Soul


My thought is curser, verdict is different and deep
Why the shinning star is eye catching, why the sun shine vital for the fruit ripping, why the water flow bears color dual, why the sky sees blue where as it is transparent !!!! Appearances often deceive…. you never know why when how and what kind of community around you………… the duality of life effects —————–

Only Soul has life, life is made for soul —— life is soul, life is light; he who is true and follow the path of knowledge will get the true identity of life. Life is ray of light for soul to bestow to count to widespread life is whispering of soul.

Life is blessed if the soul is blessed. Life is hellish if the soul reacts. Life is the most meaningful and significant of all the other subjects because subjectively it is the most vital for whole of the creation. Universe has been majorly the context of life as it is alive. Every living object is based on matter and it got life in its specific condition maketh by Lord.

Life is the first natural instinctive source that brings the universe a shape and figure for further penetrations that’s true that Lord Almighty has made this world invincible for the vicegerent of earth who has been favored with the intellectual qualities that can understand and search the wonders of the creations of the Creator.

There are schools of thoughts and their philosophies about life are predictive in nature that elaborates some where the ideologies and some where the ideas. The authentic descriptions are of Divine books that are giving the true hints about the Life and its sources.

For humans they believe in life but as they have been divided in the different nations and communities so they have different concepts and the bending sources. The Divine scriptures are major source of their believes, the religions so they start developing the graphs of their mind their grown emotions.

Apparently the human body is made up of so many elements that are essentially the part of his existence but the vital role for the Life is soul. This soul is unseen but the most powerful instinctive source that revolves the whole circle of life beginning to end.

Life through this soul is dual but expressive and impressionistic, actual whispering of the life is of the soul, so far the light of soul is high the caliber of living the same or depends on it. Few of verdicts that people symbolizes life, some says that it is journey, some says that is like ocean the ups and down are like ocean’s waves, some says is the examination and results we will have hereafter.

As the book states and reflects the personality, mentality, psychology and the ideology of writer so do the environment of the sprang up soul effects the life and its walking paths. Life is too short to realize the whole spiritual world and its’ happenings but life is too long if the soul stays not the guide for one to act.

Listen the Voice, the whispering of the soul, the guiadance and the light to lead the LIFE on the simple clear tack that makes it prominant as reflection, as image in the mirror …. Listen not for the argumentation but for the discussion of parallels on introvert and extrovert balances. Listen the life beep, whispering voice as soul ………….