Innovation is creativity which comes out of keen imagination, discoveries might not stay valid long but Innovations always left three ways viberations for new directions — for more new ideas — change and moderations — modifications and manipulations rule the world step by step time by time — So be innovative and stay with passion of innovation — Get more by thinking more — by and within new ideas —

The Lost Generation – Part 2


Even worst today the Man is considering himself the most powerful ever as experimenting the most in defensive and destructive necular weapons. Those weapons not just kill one man or a rare community of humans but give pre-mature death and pre-mature burial to the future generations and nations. Politically the supreme power so called therefore as they are also sufferers because whatever nature bestow the harm or trial no one or any nation can quit but just by the WILL OF CREATOR HIMSELF.

The abuse or the difference of nationalities insignificantly increasing the dominance over inferiorities. The insignificant skin difference is the major cause of battles as well on the phase of earth therefore Religion and the Guidance of Almighty Lord are favored upon humanity first. The lead to cause this difference or to change it is not that easy, because it does not switch off this all agendas which humans who politically establishing each day emphasize on the self energies, which just hand to their own mouths.

Time makes the history and the history reveals the truth. Truth is unbearable and bitterest most of the times because it causes the sense awakening hard keys. The doors of which will open than it is impossible to be shut. To abolish the difference is vital at this stage but who will? This is the major question ……………………..

GENERATIONS; need the recognizations must, elsewhere they can be destroyed as it happened. The one, who searches, the one who quests for the self recognizations no matter what having so called nationality of any land of any country, is definitely the lost one. The one who lost the identity and wants the renew one with the faith he or she has. Man is an amphibian, having many senses of world and each world of sense has its own language of salience and noise and these all senses of world of one single human needs identity, recognizations and illumination to the outer course of the other effecting sense of another human. Generations gaps and vacuums also create this mystery as well and make it more vivid and complicated towards the surface of mortal life.

The lost generation is not specifically of any land or of country that migrate from one surface to another but it is each and every human who needs to scroll or to revise his birth to living identity. Where ever a single person born it is not because of hi will but it is the fate. So the concept of lost generations are there because the person get his recognizations where he born and grow up and his environment, social circle and from the specific sco-economic education he learns. If someone migrated or be among those where sufficiently he feels to be change or to travel to get peace in search of himself ……. It is not wrong. One should has the right to be sole in his quest of himself unless he gets the all those answers he needs to be known of. In nutshell I’m also lost generation …………… I born somewhere and grown up somewhere and living on the place where I, my soul does not belong ……………………

The Lost Generation – Part I


Tear down the mosque and temple too; break all that divides
but do not break the human heart as it is there that God resides.

Where you born is not important, what is you born is important. What exactly purpose you contains for life? And how meaningful life you make for yourself or your fate bestow upon you. There is no question about life that one asks to exist, no it’s the fortune and the cosmic rule by Almighty and once He has systemize it so the universe is after it. Lord has made the groups for the people so that they can recognize each other with their particular castes and specialties.

With the passage of time this chemistry of actual relationship has been converted to the level where all the reorganization and recognizations has been demobilized. People have invented new chemistries with the passage of time that to some extend become harmful to their own similar beings. They have divided themselves and try to rule and this formula has been formulized upon so many other nations.

A person born in Asia, associated with it but no matter what the parental lead is from. In so many other countries in Europe and North America the people living there even with the mentality that they serve there and their generations born there they might have nationality for that specific country with the facilities upon which their lives depend and they will have care free live other than the third world country.

The biography of this vivid topic is far complicated to explain, as it is originated after the Second World War, when Ernest Hemingway has stated this concept so boldly. Somehow it is correct when so many people of different communities has lost their lives and their loved ones survive with or with name sake, the children who lose their parents and elders are unknown of the fact that to whom they belong. When the topic under discussion came:

We thought of the miseries of the Era or of that specific time when nations fought each other without caring that no matter how rudely and brutally they are dealing those losing humans in every corner of the world and they are not showing cruelty to this world or to any specific land or chosen people but itself to LIFE. And the slogan rose as ‘Live & Let Live’. That period was worst on the phase of earth.

But what we would call now? Even more than worst where we are having the cold war’s even in a singular being. Today’s Man is prey of indecision that what exactly he wants? The battle which begins from the smaller rank and will convert as huge on the level that no congress can control and people just tear each other into pieces no matter using the daggers, swords or bullets, tanks……………………

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The Culture of Muslims


‘ For every one of you we appointed a law and a way, and if Allah had pleased He would have made you a single people, but that he might try you in what He gave you. Therefore vie with one another in doing good. You will all return to Allah and He will inform you about that which you differed.’’

(The Holy Quran5.48)

The culture of Muslims has ever been bound by geographical or climatic considerations, for Islam is a universal path and therefore accessible to all peoples. In 1990 it was estimated that there were over one million Muslims living in disparate geographical areas covering several million of square miles stretching all the way from China and the Pacific Rim to the Atlantic, as well as in Europe and more recently North America, Muslims have thus inhabited every possible climate and terrain. The Arabian heartland of Islam mainly encompassed the desert regions where scattered group settled in oases, and nomadic pastoralists inhabited the vast but still habitable areas around the cities. Cultivated areas in the great river deltas where ancient cultures once flourished, such as the Nile Valley, Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley, and elsewhere, were farmed by peasant-folk. The mountains, hills and the forests found more toward the northern areas of Muslim lands were also home to many. Muslims are represented in every race, ranging from Chinese and Mongolian to Turkic, Aryan, Semitic, African, European and India.

The Culture of any people is based upon sets of values and perceptions which motivate them to behave in a particular way and there are several factors that underlie the distinctiveness of Muslims culture. It is primarily, of course the Din and courtesy of Islam —–the behavioral patterns, practices, and the perceptions of life —- that have unified the Muslim people and which enable us to talk about an ‘’ Islamic culture.’’ Because Muslims believe in the One All – embracing God and that this life is a preparation for the next, their perception, evaluation, and living of life’s experiences are shaped by the extent to which this understand has been absorbed into their lives and transformed their outlook.

When different races, tribes and nations assimilate the Din deeply and correctly, one finds that they first identify themselves as Muslims before nations, societies, or races. Equally, when Islam does not become deeply rooted in the people, the national, cultural or other group identities take precedence over their faith to the detriment of its application. Although Islam naturally united the Muslim peoples, one cannot claim that is produced cultural uniformity. Everyday life in Indian Muslim household in Delhi was not the same as that of its Moroccan counterpart in Marrakesh. However, they would have shared their love for The Last Prophet (PBUH), their attitudes towards family honor (especially regarding their womenfolk) and toward their land, animals, and shrines. Their festivals would be similar and they all aspired to do on Hajj. But Indian family would also be very conscious of class or caste considerations and other related customs as an impinging legacy of Hinduism, which would be alien to the Moroccan.

A second factor in uniting the Muslims masses was the inevitable use of Arabic. Because the Holy Quran and the traditions were in Arabic, Muslims naturally learnt it and that common denominator of language generated a basic sense of connection between them.

A third unifying factor underlying Muslim culture is general uniformity of the religious rituals, especially the Salat and Hajj. The connective power of collectively performed, meaningful rituals is nowhere more epitomized than in the great universal and spiritual market place of Hajj. The once yearly pilgrimage brings truly diverse people together, placing them under the eye of God on a platform of equality in worldly status, humbled and dispossessed of any material or social power.

The unifying characteristics of Islam touch upon every aspect of life from the way a Muslim regards water (whether it is ritualistically pure to enable its use in ablution); to modesty regarding one’s body (for both men and women); to protecting women from the harsher aspects of public life; to the etiquette of conducting fair and just business transactions; to upholding honorable conduct in war or peace. The entire spectrum of human experience is provided for in the Din.

The Word Opens And Says


With immense of thinking the words illustrate the PRECIOUS PRAISE:


The most Merciful, the most Beneficent, the most Kind, the most Humble, the most Generous, the most Glorious, the most Giver, the most Gracious, the most Compassionate, the most Magnificent. Allah Almighty designates the source from which all things seen and unseen emanate and return.

Almighty Allah has made the PEN and ordered him to write and this glorious PEN begin writing with HIS Gracious name and write about everything from the day first till end. This Pen wrote the whole story of the universe by the Will of Allah significantly and magnificently. To praise Allah it is not that easy even the whole ocean be the ink and the whole trees of the universe be the Pen even the Praise to Lord is not possible. He, Himself is the Supreme, is the Majesty, is the ALL, is Omni-present, is Omni-potent, above all HE is the Creator, The Ever Liver Eternal and Eternity is the forum. He is though hidden from the every eye of the beings but He is present everywhere and be the nearest to all of His creations.

To get His Will is the original act and the deed of the beings especially of the Crown of Creations. Behold there is no sin but not to obey Him or not to Believe in God. In every Era from the beginning of the history of the life humans deny of THE ORIGINAL TRUTH and THE DIVINE LIGHT; as their objection to see and then believe but seen things also forgotten by human mind easily with the passage of time but the blind faith the unseen belief stays forever.

To deny TRUTH is the satanic deed, however THE DIVINE CREATOR is so far mystery, is so far the whole knowledge yet to reveal. HE is the guider and the destination and the goal of those who search truth and be pungent in their faith as the concept of Sufism. The praise through the words of reality for the LORD is the mediator’s source of solace and the desire to achieve the ultimate peace.

There is no peace but in praising Allah Almighty, there is no faith but to worship Him from the depth of the heart and from the bottom of the spirit and from the core of the highest emotions that HE is the ONE who bless, who favors, who bestow good, who pave ways, who guide, who give mercy, who forgives and who have the mother nature to love divinely His creatures. If we see around and travel we get an idea that how much beauty this world adorn, the clouds, the sky, the heavenly bodies and the oceans, the land escapes, the mountains, the glaciers ……………… lots more the whole universe the colors and the wonderful scenic fantasies if the these are so fantastically fabulous than if mind thinks how much and how about the CREATOR HIMSELF.

This is the irresistibly thinkable element where mind, soul, imagination of human all give up all end……………….but cannot be to capture the DIVINE …..In the HOLY QURAN in surah NOOR, LORD HIMSELF explains and gives an example for the sane beings and for the wisdom seekers that:

‘’ Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The parable of His Light is as if there were a Niche and within it a lamp: the Lamp enclosed in Glass: the Glass as it were a brilliant star: lit from a blessed Tree, an Olive, neither of the East nor of the West, whose Oil is well-nigh luminous, though fire scarce touched it: Light upon Light! Allah doth set forth Parables for men: and Allah doth know all things.’’

Lord Himself explains the ULTIMATE BEAUTY, the world here on the phase of earth is not eternal where the biggest and all Eternal Truths can be revealed, these can be revealed to those only who raise question to themselves and quest for the Ultimate Truth.