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Innovation is creativity which comes out of keen imagination, discoveries might not stay valid long but Innovations always left three ways viberations for new directions — for more new ideas — change and moderations — modifications and manipulations rule the … Continue reading

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The Lost Generation – Part 2

Even worst today the Man is considering himself the most powerful ever as experimenting the most in defensive and destructive necular weapons. Those weapons not just kill one man or a rare community of humans but give pre-mature death and … Continue reading

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The Lost Generation – Part I

Tear down the mosque and temple too; break all that divides but do not break the human heart as it is there that God resides. Where you born is not important, what is you born is important. What exactly purpose … Continue reading

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The Culture of Muslims

‘ For every one of you we appointed a law and a way, and if Allah had pleased He would have made you a single people, but that he might try you in what He gave you. Therefore vie with … Continue reading

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The Word Opens And Says

With immense of thinking the words illustrate the PRECIOUS PRAISE: IN THE NAME OF ALLAH; The most Merciful, the most Beneficent, the most Kind, the most Humble, the most Generous, the most Glorious, the most Giver, the most Gracious, the … Continue reading

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