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Mirror in the Water

Come see that MIRROR its quite magical it shows my own image – Seeing mirror No in mirror seeing myself is the answer of a of character – Water is also a mirror – In term the purity of water … Continue reading

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Green Leaves & Rotten Leaves

‘’There is a Tree on which the Leaves represents Life, whenever any leaf become week and yellow as it is ready to befall just like in season of Autumn than I’ll swiftly went to catch the soul of that living … Continue reading

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‘Castle Of Thought’

So far the ‘Castle of Thought ‘never exists in reality, but it depends on a person to make reality as refine as per his image of thought. Reality has its’ own truths, own false, own success, own falls; it brings … Continue reading

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When Life Changes Mode

This is so far the story of every living being that sooner or later the life’s angles will be change – The seed may get rise upto the plant than eventually becomes a tree through with ripe fruits or through … Continue reading

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