Mirror in the Water


Come see that MIRROR its quite magical it shows my own image – Seeing mirror No in mirror seeing myself is the answer of a of character – Water is also a mirror – In term the purity of water is most needed— In ancient days the water is the mirror for the beauty and for those who befall in love with themselves in the mirror of water.

Water reflects — It gives reflection to those who want to seek from reflections. Self reflection is self knowing and self knowing is the projection of achieving the Will of Creator –

Mirror is my best friend because it will never laugh when I’m weeping in front of it. Mirror is the only display that shows what the front image appears — Mirror is the one world which shows the images never captured them but images want their display in it.

Each figure, each personality has the same psyche to see the mirror and it is obvious that if two people standing in front of mirror the one only stares at himself or herself first – Count on his/her beauty or image – Mirror always shows the left personality in front of you similarly as you are – Mirror actually shows the depth of the eyes that can even see personality soul and conscious in the mirror if want to watch carefully with utmost attention:

‘’A loving person lives in a loving world. A hostile person lives in a hostile world: everyone you meet is your mirror.’’


The topic Mirror is quite vivid; actually it contains the vast concept even the sky is the mirror to earth and Earth mirror to sky. The eyes of heavens look down to the mirror of earth. The outlook of this universe is mirror to each tiny little object/ the eye itself is mirror it capture the image inside and open it up to outside even than the image stays in the eyelid just like a mirror. It will remains and reminds that:

‘’ God is like a mirror. The mirror never changes, but everybody who looks at it sees something different.’’


Mirror in the water is like a reality beneath the surface though it stays beneath even than it remains the reality, the Truth never changes if stay underline or beneath the surface. Mirror is the exploring energy, it gives the identity and observation inside it but it gives appearances glow, reflection and their own self in it – Mirror laughs when an appearance laughs , it reveals own self personality beauty and deformities.

The signs always appears in Mirror though relates to our earthly lives or it gives the identity for the forth coming future, incase relates to the live here after. Mirror is reflection of all that we need to develop in our personality and in our life in our soul.

Mirror in the water is the identity that covers inside the whole secrets, secrets containing the significance for light of truth and life here after. Mirror speaks to who understands the psyche of it. Mirror contains the whole truth of the image who wants to know – The knowledge of the appearances and through appearance inside of the souls.

Perplexed realties reveal through Mirror language though its version is unique and not understand by usual common mentalities unless peep through its deep psyche. Mirror speaks to who wants to know about own self. It is a door or window of knowing the soul deep inside. The knowledge about own self is entirely a chapter of life where one can knows the original purpose of life and its revealing realities.

Mirror speech is quite, its’ voiceless but displays of images is itself has the language it has the version that can understand by the eyes. Appearances are often got angles—In mirror always the right image displayed as left and left as right. Change is there but appearances are the key to peep inside the images in the soul of the outlook of the images.

Mirror in the water is the significance of the thought that captured in it beautifies if beauty want to know it, it rectifies if flaws should cruises…. So in ancient day’s water the pure water considered the symbol of reflection and as mirror is invention of human mind when human tries to see own self – Own self has keen purposes and messages, believing in self, knowing self …….and consequently one when understand or achieve the understanding of own self can gain the Will, the Grace, the Knowing of Almighty …………..

(To Be Continued)

Green Leaves & Rotten Leaves


‘’There is a Tree on which the Leaves represents Life, whenever any leaf become week and yellow as it is ready to befall just like in season of Autumn than I’ll swiftly went to catch the soul of that living being ‘’ —-

This is Truth for which An Angel has been allotted by Almighty Allah Life is a gift and sustaining of it is on Tree and seasons comes and go, effect and cause few left and few remains all this proceed with the Will of Almighty Allah – The suspension is only on the sign or due to the reasons or any incident or due to any accident –

Green leaves are the leaves that sustain their color due to their originality and knowing of their place as righteous – The rotten leaves are the one easily affected of the season and they don’t have the spirit to observe the green color – they become the rotten not because they deserve so – No its because that pre-dementedly or not they sake so – They stake so –

Suspiciously this is the suspension that Fate is the actual controller of that – We never know that where a reality can effect and a green one becomes the yellow and undelightedly the killing truth is that the yellow one never become the green – But Green can be yellow and finally can fall — 

Life its track and the earthly life is though temporary but it is full of growing truths and realities where the life brings the knowledge of being invested and insertions—Actually the term green is directly or indirectly represents the Knowing – Its self knowing or Creator’s Massage.

Green leaves are the leave that worth life and stays green because they generates the color to refresh, they make the worth of that TREE contains greenery and green leaves. Rotten leaves are somewhat unlucky domintely or undominetly as they also appear on the same branches and bunches of the TREE but they remains unfortunate because have been trapped in the labyrinth deliberately or undeliberately they are made for fall.

Falling down is not a big deal but from that TREE, especially on the specific time and then be the part of the NEXT LIFE you never know where the similes can be not depicted yet – However the Nature and Natural creativity is not that easy to understand but the one who thinks and go deep in thinking can depict the same — ‘As to be Thinker is more vital than to be a Saint ‘

Consequently, green symbolizes the life and suspension towards the NEXT and the yellow represents the alarm towards the conversion of dimensions. This conversion leads to the way to understand that every rotten leaf, every autumn leaf, every winter fall leaf is not that unlucky – Sometimes it’s also important to fall and be alive in another dimension.

Consoling an idea that rotten leaves stay the part of the green ones how….. ? Simply it is the formula of reality and truth that positively or negatively two ways, two sources, every aspect has two edges – Life and here after also contains the same – The ONE aspect may sustain in the NEXT but here TWO —

So the leaves are green or yellow, alive or dead, autumn leaf or winter fall or the rotten they just be the part of TREE and tree has been controlled – Each leaf has the turn – Once be on the TREE and be green than yellow and ultimately turn down but turning down is positively the beginning of NEXT ……………..

‘Green leaves & Rotten Leaves depiction, conversion, vice versa and dimensionally signal be the green one by acts remaining leave to be a leaf that must judged and treated as ultra and where the Light dwells ‘

‘Castle Of Thought’


So far the ‘Castle of Thought ‘never exists in reality, but it depends on a person to make reality as refine as per his image of thought. Reality has its’ own truths, own false, own success, own falls; it brings forward what a human can estimate sometimes and may not judge most of the times. Every roar of laughter brings tears afterwards, and every tear may conclude in smile any time, this refers unpredictability the person who float with the flow while stabling with the waves of ocean of life got sum up with the shore of desirable results, sometimes find empty shells and luckily sometimes ‘A shell with a Pearl’. Sometimes open shells with nothing inside. A drop of morning water if captured in the womb of shell will become the Pearl and fortune shows such mercy to lucky shell not to the every shell.  

Ringing…………. A bell……….. Outside world…..or inside somewhere!! This darkness may it gulp by ultimate lightening …………Happenings…..Castle of Thought —–>

Though is the whispering of soul in mind, if the thought is positive, soul is an inspiration the true and light absorbing soul. Thought mostly inspirational and comes from inside—If a being been through the incidents can be as clear in his mind as the true spread worthy mind with fresh thinking and fresh bell of air.

The Art of Virtue is Reality ….’Truth needs no colour,

With ITS’ colour fix’d;
Beauty no pencil, beauty’s truth to lay;
But best is best, if never intermix’d?’ —– The deep thinker is bornly adore Truth Color with beauty, calculatively Virtue of Reality —-

A purity of thought is like a virgin, a beauty untouched and as deep as the ocean is keeping the treasures in heart of its chest and having water over the surface and under the surfaces. Beauty and clarity of thought is much important for the reflection outside over all to the personality, to image and to the ground reality.

Some times it’s hard to portray the true imagination or the deep thought having golden castles in it, but when one try to explain the true identities of the conscious mind and soul. The elaborations for thoughts there are many but regarding the special thought that contains the ideology that’s not much easy.

The special thought –is just like a pearl in a shell that takes thousands years to make it the most precious among all – Consequently the Castle of Thought is mine instinctive perspective for which I wish to sketch the image in my mind and with the Grace of Allah I will template soon – here the message is that True Image and Light of thought may express to the world for the sake of knowing because Knowing is itself a institute of life and its right path —- (To Be Continued)

When Life Changes Mode


This is so far the story of every living being that sooner or later the life’s angles will be change – The seed may get rise upto the plant than eventually becomes a tree through with ripe fruits or through with only branches seasonally effected – So many writers predicts about life interpret about it – Criticize upon it and eventually reach upon the conclusion that it is some way predictably enhanced and some way unpredictably concludes the eventualities.

‘Every Breath Lasts’ but every breath creates bubble too. No matter what how it could last ensuring that though short lived but ever remember—that’s the way our memories are – GOOD ONES and bad ones. Bad ones effect and last marks on us and on our memories that we cant forget. But good ones are like the mirror to life and themselves the keen spirit to life –

With the modes and variations of life we have different stages in life upon life – Some times we just like trained animals to act the same as registered in Fate –Sometimes go with Innovations and thought provoking scales – Eventually the result orientation for this as:

‘Puppets can just show maker for audience Performer justifies the mediums of acting the role and deserve appreciations’


For life it is like the selection of boxes –they are no boring boxes just make sure you are filling the right one exactly the same that let your personality or personality of consumer shine through. By using evocative unexpected modes the language and impression get unique and effectiveness caused in aim high and in greater statures. To write the exact impression or expression about life in an art and so many artists born who work over it and already expressed the life with its workable and dimensional modes as they always honored the word while covering the worlds ‘Every word scared, don’t waste the creditability ,profitability, liability and sensibility of the each or single word.

Life gives so many philosophers who try to understand it, it gives so many intellectuals who want to explore it, it gives so many experienced and reformed sane organics who deserve to be appreciated a lot in all cores and in all terms of life – So Alexander can be there if taught by Aristotle and Aristotle can be generates if trained by Plato. So life gives amplest certificates in figuring it out

Change is also for always good or for bad reasons the diversity of it make happens the frequency of human mind be secured with in earthly phase of life. What a personality can do for better creativity in it to grow, grasp, and be observant as a salient singer. Be preserved with pregnant thoughts; adopt patience as a key role player. So the change and life and its modes and scales are presentable for remote access of knowledge by the interface on recycle of the life stages.

Knowing on things is different thing and knowing of secrets –Is surely different. In our world we are lacking people who knowing things, revealing things so far how can expect that people so suddenly just start to observe the secrets of lives. But controlled or under controlled positions or circumstances are noting they are just part of the FATE’s games. If Fate bestows goodness no one can violate if FATE starts violations itself not one can either blame to fate – So what ever be the symptoms of life peace or eagerness or rashness all are firmly under the impression of FATE – So far changing’s bring the phases and the shadings for the understandings.

With the passage of time and life personalities build up or hide under the life sketches what ever be the time frames or the periods over and over it just happened and carry on. The time passes the Era’s changed with that the terms, standards, the policies and the human mentalities also changed.

What ever be the mode who must consider persistent observer and consistent the flow – The One Who BELIEVE – the one who simply believe that to whom he/she seeing in the mirror is the one source of living and trusting the modes with in any consequences with great courage and skill to tackle out –

Just BELIEVING preserve the faith and faith reflects its’ beautiful image in the mirror of reality. There is no secrete ingredient in the recipe but just that what if you think you are making it special for some special occasion or for some one special it will be – Only the magic of BELIEVING can make it happened.

In the Mirror there is no one just the image of the seer, similarly that image is the source of changing the moods and modes – Taking care of that image with utmost faith and believe is the part of every responsible being –

The complications never hurt or damage the mode of life (BELIEVE) but the only thinking upon it makes it so — make it happened that you stay strong and care free of the changing effects or life modes effects just because you BELIEVE in yourself and lead to your ultimate MAKER that’s just bring forth nothing but success, peace and reconciliations & renunciations.