‘’ O, our lord! I have settle some of my off spring in this valley, where in there is no cultivation in the neighborhood of your sacred house, O our lord! In order that they may establish prayers, so cause people’s hearts to the incline towards them with love and devotion, and provide them with fruits, haply they may be thankful,’’

The story of Hazrat Hajirah mother of Hazrat Ismail A.S has been mentioned in detail in the Bible. The Holy Quran has also insinuated to it at various places, since that, the Holy Quran does not give comprehensive detail of any incident but focuses only on the substance of that very incident. The purpose behind this philosophy is to consolidate the attention of human being towards admonition.
Allah had deputed Hazrat Ismail A.S’s mother for bringing up her son when father of Hazrat Ismail A.S Hazrat Abraham A.S left both of them in a barren valley. The anxiety of Hazrat Hajirah for her son, her eagerness on his inextinguishable thirst and palpitation, her running between Safa and Marwah in search of water has become the part of history and an example for the people. This is unforgettable and lasting picture of motherly love. Her pains and exertions are so purified that they have been regarded as a part of worshiping.

Who is Hazrat Sayyidah Hajirah?

She was a frail and feeble maidservant. She was daughter of the king of Egypt. Having being impressed by dignity and nobleness of Hazrat Sairah, the king decided to send his daughter with her as a house maid and thought it a great privilege for him and his family. He said,
‘’ It is better for my daughter to live like housemaid in Sairah’s house then to live a queen in any other house.’’It was the tradition of that society that the second wife was considered the maid servant of the first wife. Sairah the wife of Hazrat Abraham A.S took Hajirah along with her from Egypt to Kennan. Sairah had become very old but was not blessed with any child. One day she thought to bequeath her maid servant to Hazrat Abraham A.S. After some time, be the Grace of Allah Hajirah became pregnant. Now, Hazrat Sairah started blazing with womanish jealousy, which lies in almost every woman. She felt that her maidservant was looking down upon her with a great pride.
One day she complained against her to Hazrat Abraham A.S that she had given him, her maidservant who was expressing her pride and superiority for a few days. He replied very politely. ‘’ She is your maidservant, you may treat her as you wish.’’
Hazrat Sairah didn’t say anything to her maidservant and became silent. But when Hazrat Ismail A.S was born to Hajirah, she could not endure it and swore that she would no longer live with her maidservant in the same house.
Sairah kept on afflicting Hazrat Abraham A.S even, one day he left his home and set off towards the South. Sayyidah Hazrat along with her innocent newborn baby Ismail A.S also followed him. He thought of finding a place of refuge for his son in Makkah, where there were some relics of Allah’s house (Bait Ulla). This is the same Bait Ulla (Allah’s house) in which the very first prayer was performed on the earth. Makkah was barren in those days, and there was no sign of population. Bedouin’s caravan had rarely come and stayed there. Some people of Amaliqah tribe were living away from Makkah. They used to come in search of water and grass time and again.

Hazrat Abraham A.S left Hajirah and Ismail A.S on the mound, while giving some dates and a leather bag of water. He further told them to make a hut with leaves and branches of date palms. When he was returning while leaving them alone. Hajirah terrified by that dreadful barren desert and said,‘’ Please don’t go back leaving us alone in this deserted plain.’’
But neither paid any heed to her nor replied. He feared of surrendering before motherly love of a broken hearted, confused and miserable mother. Hajirah repeated her question again ‘’ Where are you going while leaving us alone? Where there is no sign of any human being’’ But again he did not pay any attention, even when he reached at the end of the valley he heard a heart-rending voice of Hajirah. She asked. ‘’ Has Allah commanded you to leave me and my son in this barren valley?’’
Hazrat Abraham A.S did not turn back to her and replied. Yes! Having heard this reply, she surrendered and said. ‘’ Alright, Allah will never leave us helpless.’’ She bowed her head quietly and paid no attention to Hazrat Abraham A.S. no sooner did Hazrat Abraham A.S cross the valley and went behind a mound then he prayed to Allah submissively and humbly.

‘’O our Lord! I have settled some of my off spring in this valley, where in there is no cultivation in the neighborhood of your Holy house. O our Lord! So that they may be constant in prayer; so cause people hearts to incline towards them love and devotion and provide them with fruits, haply they may be grateful.’’
O our Lord! Verily you know what we conceal (in our hearts) and what we disclose. And nothing is hidden from Allah in the earth or in the heaven.
(Surah Ibrahim-37-38)

After this prayer he set out for Kennan and reached to his wife Sairah. Now Hazrat Hajirah paid her full attention to her son. Seeing him, she got some consolation and affection with which she forgot some impending troubles and painful sufferings in the solitude for the time being. And as much as she absorbed in his love, she forgot the feelings of loneliness and ill fate, which were destined to her in this desolated valley. But when she ran short of dates and water and the innocent son was anguish with thirst. She stood puzzled and started looking for water.

When she could not find anything somewhere, she thought of climbing up a hill. The nearest hill was Safah in this valley. She climbed up Safah hill and put a glance at the surroundings to find something and set ears to listen any voice but there was nothing but calmness and horror ……………..Then ……………… (To be continued)

Preface Umm-Ul Nabi (PBUH) // Authoress Dr, Ayesha Abdul Rehman
Eminence Muhammad Abdul Wahid Qadri

Mothers of Prophets (A.S )


The most beautiful aspect about women hood and motherly love is indescribable so far. This graceful thing is the role of mother in the Holy Lives of four Prophets; Hazrat Ismail (A.S), Hazrat Mosses (A.S), Hazrat Esa ( Jesus A.S ) and Hazrat Muhammad ( PBUH).

Therefore we’ll have to recourse to the revealed religions. It is surprising to note that the responsibility of up bringing these four Prophets, in their childhood was entrusted to their mothers. And their fathers could not share it. Because, the fathers of few Prophets has died before their births and the few others were not available with them in their childhood. But it is a natural thing. It can neither be considered a sudden accident nor a strange thing but the abundance of mother’s passion of love, affection and sacrifice demanded that they should play their roles in bringing up those Holy Prophets (A.S) who were chosen for the guidance of humanity at large. As the Holy messengers, bearers of those religions were brought up their mothers so, their religions can’t degrade the dignity and status of mother. Allah says:-

‘’ Hold fast to the faith of Allah according to the pattern on which He has created mankind. There can be no change in the creation of Allah.’’

Nature….. Pre Nature


Sound is the most vital element that Nature invented this because of this important element that Universal realities come true. This world has been begun with the profound sound and will end with the unique one too soon as per promise of Lord Almighty.

Nature is the source of light to world which can establish the way of optimism towards the original goal but so far the materialist world not honoring the same. The opportunities besides are the witness that this seen world is covered of unseen world and unseen world is much stronger than the conventional, connectional and perceptional Truth beyond reach.  As this is also calculated by nature that humans superseded by those instinctive needed and feeder thoughts which nature has bestowed the action beyond the control of nature are the actions which can not be justified but the wrong ones and that laid down the realities and Truth nonetheless far long.

‘’ Sound is the Voice of nature, sometimes melodies that one can do nothing but just simply enchanted by it ,sometimes soul taking that one can easily be the part of horrible reality that can take breath away. The voice of nature mostly stays the soothing win the waves of air and light but it’s another side must shown in the darkness and weirdness. This is reality and Truth of Nature and always manifested and twofold with two ways, rays acknowledgment’’.

Nature is destined and pre-defined it can be imitated little but mostly stays instinctive and calculated as suggested. It can be nurse it can nurturing it can resemble, it can be mirror to the acts. But it can be violent as well. When ever we have to calculate the identities or realities of nature we must cross parallel in scale the both sides.

Pre-Nature is that Nature is pre-defined and well revealing itself it is under curtains yet it explores and reveals itself to outside to every breathing creatures. To realize and understand the beginning is most vital evidence to the on going process and the ending. Where there is beginning there is ending as well.

Pre-evident, pre-realized, elevating and elating Nature is the forecast of its own reflection. It does not need any image to beautify or purify the dignity of its’ own but it is pre-destined that it contains the breathing on the phase of earth through inventing creatures of different species.

Consciously or unconsciously Nature is revealing and makes speech in the nature wide areas of hills, mountains and greenly lands. It is truly very close to human to talk with and to educate the topics Nature like itself. The purpose to compose the lyrics for Nature is own realization that nature is the pre-defined and EVER LIVING and EVER SUSTAINING reality that just be known to those who spare time to peep in themselves.


PERSONA; I never bother the World………..


‘’ I never bother the world as world bothers me , in return what I Do is nothing but Patience, because only patience makes me higher in stature and makes me successful in my own self and own self declarations and satisfactions lead to the WILL of Almighty Allah’’.

This narration or quote is dedicated to one who told his inner self to the mirror. The Fate or Fortune is some what so sound and stay blessed upon me when other trusted me so well that can tell even the inner most reality or tragedies to me. This trusty spirit being realized as trust worthy is incredibly enchanted THE SOUL. As Flame lit up, gives light to others, but it burns itself. Similarly, the person who is trust worthy lit up for others but burn up inside for nothing but naturally for the spirit of devotion or for the reversion of same favor.

‘’Favor, especial favors are never needed, what needed it just of the same reversion of taking back what ever just delivered but Time, This Time and This Day just lacking this understanding . The world is not big enough that cannot be captured but human mind and emotions are surely upto the level that not fully entered of generated at once at spark. ‘’

The world is huge when it get empty, its must be considered seduced when filled up, what ever this is the earthly life in which we human befall to work out till our last breath. The story begins when one start gazing or chasing and one just considered trapped.  

Persona’s Speech:

That one sunny day usual enough similar to other same routines, same place, same learning’s, same faces, same relations, same outlook, same splendors, same the one (whom I never considered but maketh the one that given the life to its toes) and same me. What happened than? Yes the life switched because the thinking switched and this manipulation in the thought and thinking brings change. Thinking is not much dynamic it is somehow static as compare to emotions. Emotions are more dynamic and diversified than the thinking or head skills.

When it comes to the tender beings, the LORD named as woman is the being that moulds the both thinking, head skills and the emotions so one can say over all our presence. It is like a woman (Mother) gives birth in the earthly life and than a second woman in Man’s life as the partner more or less also the vital figure that makes, mould build or destroy. This is woman who want to establish the link as pure it may converts and keenly sew in the skin of a personality and this is woman by womanish acts can play nothing but silliness. For me I consider the positive but comes with the Tsunami that shudder the soul, heart, mind, life and the relations. As all not same I agree but it happens with me so for me that very single relation just ruin all the fields that fore seen to be grown in hopes and in positive sight. Met her at study place, she drawn the attention towards as I kept on protecting eye as I have been recommended the most elite in my personalities among others.

Proceedings onwards as I know so far persona proceedings, the waves of the ocean begins violent and but that’s bitterest reality that it happens and written in fate and who can erase it? No one at least I cannot (though my inner persona makes it Alas! I can) but I cannot assuredly but at that stage if I sustain the scale than for sure ALLAH blessed upon more. Yes she came to the world of emotion by giving it air but left similarly as seasons avail and prevail. I don’t bother what she did to me but bothered mine sources and bothered my close liaison relations that’s much considerable – Ages over ages some say that ‘LOVE IS BLIND’ its appears to me in my life so truly . I have been not yet commenced that either I have been trapped to that or either I fall in that. But surely I get fall from that because I have been deceived under my trusty eye – In relationships it is vital that few realities must known prior else where we get so far along. It happened not been reformed, failed and long away from the ages. Similarly I lose few hopes as I got jungle shrubs in the emotions of my sharer. My Sharer becomes the retreater, becomes the deceiver, becomes the world’s eye upon me, and becomes the one whom the conscious called words. I have been called and become Cuckold………………. Unknowingly.

Above this word and reality there is no other deemed, decanted, misty reality descend upon. Consequently it is true that I have been searched by that eagle eye to play upon however, this hurts deep where one can hindrances upon all the proceedings where that personality need urge to sprang. However that day doomed upon me when after being in the crystal clear mirror image I got crack. The mirror shows reality though in earthly realty some things may happen deep inside. This ruin the world, it was hard to bear but as time is good healer with great passage of life so it heals up the open haunted heart and as well the deepest emotional wounds.

I don’t know either I forget or forgive her or not but surely I cannot forget myself and own self forgiveness of the selecting the one who just foot upon me as considering a road or crash upon me a tiny stone in a way. This is the cultivate land this earth, what ever be saw so shall be reaped. Only with the words that her conscious may spell the guilt of misdoings or she must aware of the exchange of her acts none of my concerns need to say, so do I none I can I say from my tongue or my heart’s voice. To share this contains a purpose that through that experience the others learn to be aware of their own will’s considerations, but scale it out either it is good or what the hereafter results.

Life is not systematically arranged it has pendulum of time in its hands moves To and Fro; it’s just like LIBRA (Sign of scale). So I would only recommend and suggest to the spectators to be the attentive eager personality who save from the waves of life and Fate – Stay the person who be bestow in front of Lord and remains in Almighty’s favor only HIS favor can save and make the one ‘BLESSED ONE’ .

 Persona; ends the speech but life going on ……………….

Dedicated Article ‘ Persona Speech’ ( Mr Hassan Imran’s Autobiography)  


Best of Times Yet Worst of Times !!!!


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going direct the other way – in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only. ……… Speech of 2010 to 2011 –

Most probably the this Era, this present time also presents the same – We are having all the presentable objects and newly invented objects in front of us but we yet lack the identity, the inner identity and satisfaction.

What we can do is not debate but is the pragmatic and practical implementation of the ideal thesis and ideal art if living and learning’s which we are thoroughly lacking in our living standards. We are continuously having and asking the world of thought the rhetorical questions but when it comes to answers than we have very few scholars to reply logically and pragmatically.

It seems that clouds are there they make the cloudy atmosphere; the darkness is specially depicted for the earthly sky for the earthly eyes. This Era is bouncing back something which done earlier or signing the forth coming aspects. Dogmatically, the history recalls and repeats itself. But is is also fact that nothing is new on phase of earth – All the happenings all the story is already written and told. The book of Fate containing all aspects even the when the tiny little leaf will grow up in the season of spring to the season of autumn of despair to leave.

Humans describe what they have been through; the fit of nostalgia brings scale that contains all the memories of conscious mind store. The strikes and the stones over the fate and over the struggling Era the mankind conscious never forget – It can massive with the passage of time but can’t be voided. Similarly, the good days are the waves of the ocean just come and go – Sometimes speedily and sometimes with rare hopes.

Selection of this topic is based on vivid inside of life and due course Era – So It will be compiled in parts – Here the intro and the QUOTE best of times yet worst of times – itself is self explanatory but few explanations need words must which I dig to state on paper soon ………………. (To be continued)

Farah’s Diary!!!