Mother of Moses A.S


Part II

She obeyed that Divine command and put some cotton in the box, suckled the innocent apple of her eyes and put him asleep in the box. She locked it tightly and cast it in the river Nile. Can it be imagined? What must have been her condition, when she had consigned her innocent son to the bloody and merciless waves of the river? Most of the historians who described this event had avoided putting light on the miserable plight of the mother of Moses AS. Her eyes were fixed at the box carried away by the waves of the river. But a few of historians have depicted the scene of those painful moments and said that when the box had gone out of her sight and that dreadful environment terrified her then she realized that she herself and consigned her son to the merciless waves of the river. It seemed that she hit upon no plan to save her son from tyrannical clutches of Pharaoh, except it. Thus she realized that on the one hand she had saved him from pharaoh’s killing, but on the other she herself had cast him in the jaws of fish. Salabi says:

‘’ When she cast Moses AS into river Nile and he disappeared from her sight, Satan came in delude her. She started saying on her heart of heart about her treatment with her son.
She thought that it was better to bury her son after being slaughtered by Pharaoh than making him food for creatures of river.’’

I think, it is the part of the narrations told by Israelites, which were publicized by those Jews who later on embraced Islam, because there is nothing about ‘’ Satanic delusion’’ in the Holy Quran. Quran rejects it; because it has been clearly mentioned in the holy Quran that mother of Moses AS was commanded by Allah to cast her son in the river.

Hazrat Moses AS mother does not like to go back to home and stays at the bank of the river. She is sunk into the grief of her son, when her daughter Maryam reaches there in search of her mother. She consoled her mother and brings her back to home. Then Allah grants he comfort and solace, as Quran says:

‘’ And the next morning the heart of Moses As mother became restless. And she had nearly given out the secret if we had not strengthened her heart so that she might remains convinced of the promise of Allah.’’

The currents of the river took Moses AS near an orchard contiguous with Pharaoh’s palace. His housemaid used to fetch water from there. No sooner did they see the box then they took it out and carried to their queen Sayyidah Aasiyah the wife of Pharaoh. They thought the treasure of precious pearls. When the box was opened, they were taken aback to see a handsome innocent baby inside it. He was smiling delightfully at Sayyidah Aasiyah. When she cast her affectionate eye on him. She felt extreme love for him, as he was her own son, she thought him to be a divine gift specially conferred to be a deprived mother having no child of her own. She had sunk into this fancy when Pharaoh’s soldiers came there and demanded for the baby. She ordered them,

‘’ Go back, this child has no relation with Bani Israel when she found them in confusion, she told them politely to let her solve the matter by herself. She said, ‘’I myself shall go the Pharaoh in order to request him to give this child to me. If he agrees, then al-right, otherwise you will be allowed to kill him. I won’t rebuke you.’’
She took Moses AS to Pharaoh and said.

‘’ And the wife of Pharaoh said this child is but coolness of the eyes for me and you. Slay him not perhaps he may be of benefit to us, or we may adopt him as a son.’’
He replied:

”He May be a comfort for yr eyes but I don’t like him. He soon repented on his mistake and ordered to kill him because he may be of Bani Israel, who may cause to tread over him and his kingdom under his feet.’’

But Sayyidah Aasiyah kept insisting on her demand eventually Pharaoh agreed to hand over the child to her. She carried the child in to Royal Palace. Her joy knew no bounds. Mother of Moses AS was sitting aggrieved among Jews. She was sunk into this thought if she could ever see her son again. She told her daughter Maryam to go after him to get some information about him.

Maryam started looking for her brother on foot and reached at the bank of the river Nile. There she came to know that there was a little child in queen’s palace who had not accepted the suckling of any woman. She said in her heart of heart that he must be her brother. She took several round of royal palace very carefully, where she was seen by Asiyah’s maidservants. They were in fact looking for suckling woman, who may be accepted by the child for suckling. When Maryam came to know all about it, she controlled herself and concealed her emotions while entering into the royal palace and said meticulously,

‘’Shall I direct you to a housewife who may bring up the child for you, and would also be well wisher of the child’’

She replied dogmatically,’’ I wish only your goodness’’. They further asked. ‘’ Perhaps you have some information about the parents of this baby, otherwise how can say them to be well-wisher of him.
It is very simple, she replied I only know that they are very kind hearted and virtuous. They will intimately take over the responsibility of bringing up the child in a hope to be favored by the king. This reply assured them to some extends. They carried the baby and followed Maryam. On the other hand mother of Moses AS was lost in her grief and agony. She did not know what blessing and eternal bless was about to conferred on her by Allah.

No sooner did she see the baby then she unabatedly wished to cheer out, but she deliberately got over herself patiently. She embosomed the child with deep love and affection. They were surprised to see the child who had already rejected every suckling woman Was now busy in suckling heartily.

When Moses AS had sucked milk to his heart’s content, they brought mother of Moses as to Aasiyah and told her everything in detail. She said to the mother of Moses AS to stay with them for suckling the baby. But she replied, ‘’ Would you like to allow me to carry the baby with me to my house where I’ll suckle and take care of him for good because rest of my children may be in trouble in my absence. So I am bound to stay at my own home.’’

Obviously, this attitude of Moses As mother looked strange, why she had denied living in royal palace along with her son. But no wonder, circumstances were in her favor. Mosses AS did not accept the suckling of any other woman except her. She was quite conversant to the fact that Aasiyah had an intimate love for baby. That is why she kept insisting on carrying the baby to her home where she could extinguish the thirst of motherly love, away from spies of the king and environment of the place.

If she stayed in the palace she would have two choices ‘’ Desirable and undesirable’’. Desirable choice was painful for her because she had to control her passion and motherly love so that none could be suspicious of her attitude. On the other hand if she had disclosed the secret of her motherly love she would have handed over her son to the murderer by herself. But she had absolutely firm belief in blessings of Allah. Therefore she selected her own home for the betterment of her son. Salabi says:

‘’The mother of Moses AS remembered Allah’s promise that is why she did not accede to Asiyah’s proposal. Because she was quite sure that Allah would fulfill His promise.’’

Aasiyah has no other option but to agree to the proposal of Moses AS mother. She had a great importance for the life and survival of child. Thus she allowed her to carry the child. In this way mother of Moses AS carried him to her home…………………………….


Emmence Thesis By Dr.Ayesha

Walking on the Water


Water all around but that water was strangely alluring, illuminating and enchanting. That was rich and enhanced the color was unique and transparently Green; the color of tranquility peace and mystery. That was strange but true while touching that water one feel the truth of being real and spiritually abounded of bounty of knowledge and calmness. This water not part of ocean, not part of river yet was connected somewhere on some edge, which corner, which edge unknown, but fact that must be connected the bear feet dipped in water was like enchanted by new world, unseen, unknown yet truth. Dipping feet underwater like someone flying over that magical water the experience was ‘’WALKING ON THE WATER’ with slow move with diligence and delicacy. That walk over that magical water was substantial and sustained of twofold reflected realities of mirror. That water had some end as it had the way very wonderfully designed rare and enough to astonishment that it pave way to the shrine, a beautifully constructed and magically charming. This was part of journey of spiritual world, where even a tiny little thing was enchanted with different and several realities, undefined and inpresistent for definitions.

Being a creative writer my pen has no ink to write the word for that place. That was ecstasy; a journey within journey a struggle to know nothing outside but inside. Imagination upon innovation, flight of spirit where mind has no attitude no speech, Dream within dream.

All these extreme ecstasies cannot be justifiable logical because profoundly enough logic, mind and mathematical resolutions have no ground here. Realistically and as per religion Islam, True dream is the 40th part of revelation that contains nothing but pure truth. Dream pre-defined a revelation as truth as knowing through signs and symbols so this; the world of knowledge quotient wisdom and ravishing divine God truth.

First came reality of true dream is revelation, resolution and revolution. Another as man mind constructions and the foremost usually happened dreams to common people by their own will based on worldly affairs based on their usual or environmental thinking and the situations they are trapped and plunged in.

Dreams, people said are called which can’t be true and stays always enchanted ecstasy and fantasies. People said dreams are part of human creative mind and unique or different attribute of this term Dream. Few, of the myths consider dreams the most important part of human life because earthly life relates with the spiritual and the unearthly world. Doctrines of human world may differ with each on time to time basis but somewhat as per consensus all doctrines contain Truth related to human unearthly world and spiritual ecstasy.

Conclusively, Islam consolidated the fundmentalities of Dream Literature and the other doctrine witness upon it. So far, mostly the estimators elaborate that dreams represents the foremost happenings of human environmental affairs.

Realistically, the truth needs never any introduction or formal display to the world or to the people as it has its own characterizations upon all times and ages. As its idosyncraisis has own reflection upon the human life, mind and actions.

Dreams are not always true but of saint figures and of the vicegerents of the earth. Especially, the dreams of prophets and the people to whom Lord bestowed the prophesies of realities.

Constantly, the enchanting dreams have the configuration to the earthly world to know or to recognize the embodiment of the Fortune of human. Destiny for the true dreams of the human plays vital role as it confronts later or formal something revealing or for the living understanding for humans. On the contrary, some people believe that the other beings like super natural beings also approach human’s dream world to interfere in their peace and tranquility of spirits journey and unearthly flights.

Configurations consequently, all happens if we BELIEVE in to be happened. However dreams are the most enchantingly ravishing part of human life that define the knowledge of mystery and really makes a person walking on the water…………………………………..



World success revolves as History did, as Time did and as the human literature did. All these major aspects are witness of the main elements that whenever Time supports human greed of worldly success to reach on the level where they make themselves invincible in their own needs access and greed; they must have the scale of the measure in front. The conventional, connectional and conception realities are different and are one side of the curtain and picture. The pragmatic realities are always differ under water realities which are darker than the sandy objectives.

The growth on one side always has another shape of reflection to another corner. One’s growth another’s downfall. One’s advantage another’s disadvantage. It happens that Time has multifaceted reframes for every one – It will never stay in line or similar of every one, for hundreds or thousands. Always the Time of scale brings one side of scale down and heavy and another side lighter and upwards. It is very rare that Time being so measurably balanced especially for the worldly affairs and world success aspects.

One remains on the security edges and other remains on the risk. One will be in the lap of smoothness and peace and others will be in pain and uncured conditions. The imbalance state is always there. The Time never be merciful for all the grounds and continents of world in the same instance. One area is developing and making the land marks as artificial man made continents and islands as in DUBAI on the contrary one world of success and skyscraper buildings towns will be wiped and vanished away as happened in Japan due to earth quacks and Tsunami.

It could be rarer that the living standards may change onwards every being conversion is more or less towards living is same. The focus towards standard is same for both rich and poor all need money for better investment and gain. More or less if we deeply analyze this sense of thinking or mode of moving forward based playing upon jess a person having two coins in pocket needs quickly and in seconds to be as four or six with less effort, big name through big games. Simultaneously, each being need easy references, meetings conversations more than hard work and no longer wider thought to be sustained in caliber. Once works and others six ahead stay lingered and depended over that one’s effort.

Hard work has been lost under the cover of smart work Infact, it is correct to declare over-smart work for timely frame-work. Similarly, the Global aspects same revert and convert in sandy thesis and undetected objectives.

It has been seen that the success is ongoing process it is not destination. One’s success over sized another’s failure. Example suicide bombing effect the disadvantages in deaths, on the other hand human invention of security products raise in field and scale even the lowest middle man for the security of own product need that detectors. Few, industries always been channelized to grow like food industry and items, garment industry and items and medical industry/ pharmaceuticals item need more increase calculative to the growth of population and nationwide spread.

Quality problems, service problems may rise with the passage of time because when the product economically gets multiplications the divide rule will be there. One item increase demand supply and access in demand supply decrease the product uniqueness and consent of rare value.

Brand consciousness is a phobia, somewhat which has been calculated to the genes of human mind which increasing in human ego conduct their differences and class multiplications. Rolex named and presents class status some in the garment industry the brands raising the living standards but on the contrary raising sick mentalities of objectives over the simplicity and common process of living.

Service industries logistics industries all are increase in their working calibers but also having complexities and complications on the other hand. As the years increase in ages these complications may increase more the logistics services modes, terms of price cutting or enhancement all should increase with the requirements. Opportunities may sustained to the level but needs may switched.

The richest items remains food, garments and basic living shelter these needs are natural and basic and never changed even the day end what procurement and recruitment we got in with time run is to enhance the betterment or the decorative aspect in all above 3 basic needs—food, shelter and clothes. Humans expanding their thoughts and according to the innovations and the imagination man is free today to act. This freedom has limits when it comes to the war of power. It is like wine addiction to the mentality of human when they have war of ego or war of power among themselves based on religion somewhere, based on nationwide cultural aspects or based on skin differences.

Human world is not departed of any aspect to be stay in corner all aspects are interlinked politics plays the most vital role these days when manmade success is on height. This world may not actually will not stay forever it will be voided though by fortune or by man’s own hands one by one who construct it first and then deconstruct.

Globalization is he huge concept covering the universe to know, undoubtedly man wants to know and somewhat enhanced the reality made by LORD but surely very little beyond that still there is access world beyond stars. Yet there is no enemy but man’s own selfish thought of being empowered of everything for which he is not even worthy.

Conclusively, the world moving ahead and leaving so many loop ends and shorts these loops stand the same and need the coverage. However, the steadfastedness leave the loops behind the slow move covers and take notice onwards. The Globe is still globe not golden globe and it can never be it the empower of human ego and human mind war be there it will bring complexities but not the true spiritual winning.

Moving ahead like Time is good but be the part of books as history of chaotic realities ……………….. Not much desirable……………….. but it is instinctive that something will be soon upfront to the world considering BIG BANG theory it might fundamentality have the curtain of religion and …………

The Golden Globe


Globe is not just the meaning that it contains the ATLAS and the world map or the continents details or not of the reason that it is oval or circle in shape. It is because it is one of the sign of the others Lord had made to understand the realities and the myth regarding the invention of Creator for the World.

Globe may be a word which may replaced easily for the Atlas , but it is the most important aspect of knowing the world of human or world for human where they can fight make wars, condemn each other’s and unthankful for the blessed ones and blessings. On the contrary, work hard as well and stay human to some extend as well in some proportion.

What else if the Globe may reverse as it did revolve? Interesting question to have an answer but the answers only can float to them who quest for answers. Searching answer for this may need helpful aid to know to have the favorable support of knowing history.

The Globe may not the same from the day first as it is today, it is narrated that so many sandy areas covers the ocean and so many unsoiled areas converted as soiled areas – The water travels one portion to another, glaciers melted as wax and land becomes the parts or sleep under waters.

Historical areas may convert on rest under oceans or lands one after another gulp them each other’s and such reverse or diverse activities of getting the control over one object to another reveals and hide so many truths and realities.

Selection over the topic Globe is interesting but when we come over discussion or be imaginative upon the Golden Globe it is much appreciative to have the consent upon it. Golden Globe means Ideal Globe is not the inventor or inventory, there is no doubt that errors only be in manmade world and its human created objects. The world in which we survive it is Lord made and there is no Errors- But when the merges come to the grounds because the man is being a Khalif, a Vicegerent but as the lacking of idealism in pragmatic portions may affect the Golden Globe as only Globe.

Ideal world is not much more complex or unachievable, they are real in real if believe to. In such case Golden Globe foresee the imaginative when we watch in front the ugliness of human deeds. This is the great blessings that the Lord is very Merciful, Kind and Favorable for His creations and Lord always want His creations to be faithful and loyal to the GIVEN ALMIGHTY ALLAH’S MYTH.

TO BE CONTINUED …………………………………….

Mother of Moses A.S


Part I
‘’ And we inspired the mother of Moses A.S saying : ‘Keep suckling him (without fear); but when you fear for him ,cast him into the river, and fear not, nor grieve; verily we shall bring back to you and we are about to make him a messenger.’’

There is nothing mentioned about the father of Moses A.S in the Holy Quran but has been mentioned only about his mother who suckled and brought him up. It was the time when Pharaoh had badly afflicted Bani Israel, made them slaves and oppressed them.

It is narrated that once an enigmatic dream bewildered him. He sent for many magicians, astrologers (fortune-tellers) and dream interpreters to know about the connotation of his dream. They told him that a child would be born of Bani Israel, who would snatch his kingdom, exile his nation from that Island and finish his religion. And the time of his birth has come yet.

Having heard this news he maddened with wrath and ordered to assassinate every newborn boy of Bani Israel .For this throughout the country. In this way Pharaoh got assassinated seventy thousand newborn boys of Bani Israel. Moses A.S was also born during those days. His mother was trembling with fear and widwife felt sorry for her and promised that she would not tell anyone about the birth of that child. It is also mentioned in some narrations that midwife was deeply impressed by the innocent beauty and elegance of Moses AS and was enchanted to him that is why she did not give him to the men of Pharaoh to kill him. But Pharaoh’s detectors saw her coming out from the house of Moses A.S. They had besieged the house and were about to capture the child, when Moses A.S sister Maryam saw them and told her mother in puzzlement that Pharaoh’s soldiers were at door.

During this moment of anxiety, Allah revealed on Moses A.S mother to wrap him in a piece of cloth and cast him into and burning oven. She did the same. After that soldiers came into the house. They found nothing but mother and sister of Moses A.S who were busy in their work. They inquired wrathfully of the visit of midwife. They replied solemnly that she was their friend and had come to see them. Hearing this reply, soldiers went away.

Now Moses A.S Mother was under taken by the anguish about her son. In the meanwhile she heard the voice of her son from the oven and went running to bring him out of burning oven. By the grace of Allah, Moses AS was not even touched by fire. Now the fact was quite obvious to her that it wasn’t out of danger to keep the child with her any more. She was still under this deep contemplation when Allah revealed on her.

‘’That put the baby Moses AS into a box. Then cast the box into the river will cast it upon the shore then it will be picked up by one who is an enemy to me and him’’………………….


A Pearl in the Shell


Shell is the hard part what lays in it – Sometimes nothing and sometimes a pearl – A living pearl living and breathing in a shell grown up and born in the womb of shell – The shell is the harder part and the result and the fruit calculated as the peal in it……………Isn’t it ?

Pearl is famous as precious treasure, symptom of wealth but as it access so nearly what it can enhance. What could possibly? The Pearl is pre-defined as the wealth or the presentation to beautify the glory. This is the most representative for all Era’s of women who always keep it the sign of pride and expression of their wealth and glory.

It has been the jewelry of women the famous for their presentations and alignment with the emperors. This is worldly definition. Here the purpose is philosophical to demonstrate the life of a Pearl it may have twofold realities the spectator may judge the inside of it as it held for elaborations it cannot be more clearly defined too.

Shell is the defender the hard core for the precious thing and May held responsible for the saving or even the beginning of the life of a precious jewel. The opening mouth of shell may be the enhancement of the dew drop of the morning and than keeping it in its womb it may predict the coming pearl. They are lively though they meant to be the treasury thing to the world. These are precious because of their rare beginning and use. What else that human use them for the wealth, for pride for demonstration over the human like them ……………..

What worse such precious signs used for the foreplay of money itself by humans. If the actualities has been realized commonly it is not sane to say that most of the people intact their worldly affairs it’s like they just head bestow in front of LORD and wish to stay the same till the last breath.

The jewel may keep with very care by human who worth them and pearl may kept very rare. From the care of shell to the live of treasury box, pearl sustains one major aspect the glory and the dignity that it is worth dignified and worth capturing by every eye. The life of a pearl is rare but true, it is worthy of dignity and wealth, it is surely honored of every era. Pearl has long age has well it stay for hundred years it has been said in the womb of shell and than from the dept ocean to the heights of sand it may live and shift one trader to another in seek of more and more price tagging.

Is it not strange that pearl is precious for the beings tackling it, but it remains to the mercy of the people for the use for show? It is not strange that is worthy for the royalty but safely or over consciously kept in the velvet boxes any way? Is not strange it is always been the sign of honor yet it has been wore by always the solitude of a whisper woman? Is not strange?

Strangeness with preciousness twofold enclosed mostly, in favor of understanding for the sane people the curtains beneath May revealed but it could be very rare.

Life of a pearl is similar to the life of a rare being with knowledge, actually this pearl is the knowledge that covers the hard shell that may come outer world gives massage unspoken yet deeper in subject and context. Rare for the expectation up to major purpose to allure the dignity of living and the true meaning of it.

What ages, gone and gone one after another never stays, The Time, The Age, The Humans, Their demonstrations all over, What stays………… The Deeds, The Emotions, The Spirit, The Soul containing Truth, The Eternal Relationships. More or less the memory, the remembrance that makes History and it revives itself. The parel is itself history contains remembrance.

Sooner or later, everything flew the time in the world runs fast but stays in ‘Alam E Malkoot’ …………A day or a half night of world sun recovery contains that’s world perhaps hundred years. Hundreds of years have worth and consistency where as running stead fast may forget many dots of sand behind many pearls unforgettably in the velvet boxes untouched and unarranged for the major purposes.