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March 27

Mother of Moses A.S

Part II She obeyed that Divine command and put some cotton in the box, suckled the innocent apple of her eyes and put him asleep in the box. She locked it tightly and cast it in the river Nile. Can it be imagined? What must have been her condition, when she had consigned her innocent […]

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March 27

Walking on the Water

Water all around but that water was strangely alluring, illuminating and enchanting. That was rich and enhanced the color was unique and transparently Green; the color of tranquility peace and mystery. That was strange but true while touching that water one feel the truth of being real and spiritually abounded of bounty of knowledge and […]

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March 23


World success revolves as History did, as Time did and as the human literature did. All these major aspects are witness of the main elements that whenever Time supports human greed of worldly success to reach on the level where they make themselves invincible in their own needs access and greed; they must have the […]

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March 10

The Golden Globe

Globe is not just the meaning that it contains the ATLAS and the world map or the continents details or not of the reason that it is oval or circle in shape. It is because it is one of the sign of the others Lord had made to understand the realities and the myth regarding […]

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March 8

Mother of Moses A.S

Part I ‘’ And we inspired the mother of Moses A.S saying : ‘Keep suckling him (without fear); but when you fear for him ,cast him into the river, and fear not, nor grieve; verily we shall bring back to you and we are about to make him a messenger.’’ There is nothing mentioned about […]

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March 8

A Pearl in the Shell

Shell is the hard part what lays in it – Sometimes nothing and sometimes a pearl – A living pearl living and breathing in a shell grown up and born in the womb of shell – The shell is the harder part and the result and the fruit calculated as the peal in it……………Isn’t it […]

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