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Child needs it to play; mother needs it for her kid and it plays upon the certain roles for the desirable games of little mind of a child with his/her imagination and fantasies. A child make a toy in his/her hands as a character being controlled my child’s Will. The toy most of time stays […]

Mother of Hazrat Essa, Jesus A.S (Hazrat Maryam)


‘’Recall, when the angel said: O, Maryam! Allah gives you the glad tidings of a command from Him. His name shall be messiah, Jesus A.S son of Mary, illustrious in this world and the Hereafter; and shall be of those brought near to Allah’’ (AL IMRAN) Who is Jesus A.S? (Christ) Jesus A.S whom Quran […]

Strange are the Times !!


‘’ Time looks forward; forwardness is a sign of time. The speech of time is Era the lessons are progressive and productive, venerations of it is like meditation. Voices of time recommend frame of images- Images those contain reflections with shadow sustaining present, past and steadfastness towards future.’’ Humans may get lunatic of Time strangeness […]

Mother of Moses A.S


Part III Allah says in Surah Al-Qasas:- ‘’ And We inspired the mother of Moses A.S saying; ‘’ Keep suckling him(without fear); then when you fear for him, cast him into the river, and the fear not, nor grieve; for surely We shall return him to you and We are going to make him a […]