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October 29


Emotions contain flow of flood in the human ocean of psyche; they have their own world of expression.  This own world of expression, which are full of sentiments flourish the identity reality to the outer core of the world. Happenings made their existence so easily in the physical structure of human world, by their forceful […]

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October 24

Benefit of Doubt

Doubt basically is not good protected emotion and it is considered negative most of the time and especially when it comes to religion and religious aspects. But each emotion and each feeling has multiple meaning and sometimes doubt do provide an opportunity of knowing the possibility ahead. The benefit of doubt could be realized sometimes […]

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October 18

World of Change……..

Change expected to world it could be good or either be bad ……….. Change is the time’s chain that could rule the Era’s time to time that covers with in the history of world reality …….. This change could lead to the main aspect and hot ground of knowing like: Cultural Imperialism which is famous […]

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October 13

2012………2015………. 2020……

Millennium, Centuries, Decays, Years and years on the phase of earth ………….Maketh History of this mortal land of earth ……… And of Humans and Time; Years passed and made the history of centuries they wrote themselves in the reflection of human acts and though in real they have been guided by the Fate to be […]

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October 6

I Exist ….

Continuation of Article ‘The Woman’ Shadow!! They become huge than original shapes usually, so sometimes apparent complication seems high but in reality they are tiny in front of human efforts……….. Keep doing good efforts they will revert back in rewards……. Shadows are maketh by original characters and these character are wonder of the living land […]

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October 2


Birth of mine is not that precious but worthy of astonishment I have been no one but Woman as identity among creation …………….This is nothing yet everything……. Everything that catches the sight, everything that brief the miracles of Lord……. I cried, when born but my scream is not loud as I am woman in breed […]

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