Emotions contain flow of flood in the human ocean of psyche; they have their own world of expression.  This own world of expression, which are full of sentiments flourish the identity reality to the outer core of the world.

Happenings made their existence so easily in the physical structure of human world, by their forceful attempts, the insistence, instantly in the human world; they are very much connected and emphasized over the emotional realities of human psyche. Sometimes, these happenings are so intense and forceful that they can easily interrupt and disturb human psyche. In such intense circumstances humans often distracted from the normal routine happenings for which they are used to of.

Situations made happenings as bridge in the consequences of life in human world, though human is also animal, a mammal in the animal kingdom, and in this doom the most sane because of the knowledge, because of the thinking and imagination the rest all aspects are beastial, if thinking is out, if imagination may lost, if inside of human mind, soul or psyche gone than there is no charm or charismatic powers remain in human and the happenings or intense situations may affect the internal structure of this crown being easily. In such way, when the disturbance, the turbulence and the tensions spread over human skull; the only way not to be seized by them is in shape of HOPE.

So oftenly humans easily distracted due to such phase and they fall sleep in deep in the intense situations they may gulp very harmfully and without effort the whole positive side and sunshine of human field of thinking. The thinking corner of human mind is the only control panel for whole human body and outer structure, if this control panel is distracted the whole outer core stay plugged to that. This control panel is not home for rocket science but verily the room for emotional backup.

HOPE is divine source it is connected with fate and entered in free will through actions. It brings light in the phase of darkness of such dilemma of situations that could not handled by humans. There are lots of consequences where humans did best of best efforts but they still feel trapped they still remain in the deep intense situation and sometimes it’s hard to be get rid of this. But what exactly, helps human to be real storm breaker of his on outer layers? The only divine source the hope it has no shape, no physical reality, no appearance, no character, no castle but yet it has castles beneath the surface of thoughts and these castles could be come true if the true hope, the ultimate hope, and the full moon of hope be there be the part of the control panel.

Sooner or later, in any stage or any age of human life each and every human may get such sequence where the outer light or sunshine is not enough for humans. Sometimes the consequences get so darker and dense that no outer color may reflect the identity of life.

Such happenings, such accidents that kill the outer course of ray of life, effect and bring death to the internal core of human structure………Even such dense darker death consequences have remedy have some vital element to know well, which is called HOPE.

Hope is next to vision; it brings visionary power to foresee and bear the rest of situation. Most oftenly tragedies in life contain such drug that seizes human blood and flesh to be converted in skeleton and soon be rotten. The harsh realities, the loneliness, the breakups and when loved ones left and the desert of time just make graves of sand grains.

Hope is remedy, is medicine is direction is something which is unseen yet close to the soul that gives patience and turn to wait for the right time to come and act as a character in favor of human genuine and ultimate needs.

If we say living in this world that would not last forever, and its end gives relief in favor of human salvation, it is not wrong that during this worldly journey in most of the major aspects we need some intrigue and unique heavenly sources to recognize the truth to reveal the ultimate goals……And hope is one of that majestic power that bestowed to mankind for the positive favor for human stay in the tragic world where paradise is out of it.

We as humans are verily unsatisfied beings the outer distractions lead humans easily to the ways where the productivity, creativity and development may get very higher rank where desired and in desire, staying as desire so quickly convert an ambitious optimistic being into a pessimistic bug that people commit suicide due to being declare themselves losers in front of their desires.

This existing apparent world does not match the idealistic, opinionic, imaginative and visionary world of human because this world enhance the physical realities it is embodiment of life and death, whatever it contains even the tiny little living object may converse and have results here after. This exists and this is existing world, staying with sand time yet mortal and this is small as compare to the rest which is immortal.

Man is spiritual passenger in this complicated journey if he conquers himself he can conquer everything if he recognize himself he can know everything …….And in such knowing everything can be the part of anything between the lines of heavens, above the lines of universe and beyond the limits……………..

To be hopeful is a positive act, it is itself a part of prayers because hope directly connects with Lord’s Will, and if at once the utterance may not listened, hope fully it has sign to understand that there must be special for the next stage or there must be some hidden benefits…………

Connectivity with hope is real, though it looks visionary but it has blessed force and power that could finally lead to victory. Destruction is tragic and tragedy opens the windows to the human emotions to sustain the flow which it contains.

Why it happens that loved one leave us? Why no longer anybody stays?  But if what they do not …………………..Because in this way they stays in remembrance in memories they live in human psyche and soul and they shift their spirit one after another through good deeds they made history they teach………..

The hope is that kind of travelling spirit that make through of anything by any consequence……. So be positive, stay on the positive direction, be hopeful for all aspects of life and live with perceptive that based on hope, be hopeful and spread hope to others……………….. As it has no appearance but hope is main character whose image is the most effective and highly motivating and progressive in all aspects of life…………

What lost is lost, this lost shell left in phase is the pearl of HOPE, the gain brings more ray to the lighter streets ………….Lets our coming generation open their eyes in the phase of ideal ground of human best of best imagination with no other perspective BUT positive direction of HOPE that could have realistic appearance of human crown dreams and thoughts …………….

Hope is rope that must hold tight for the blessings coming in way and leaving though out, rope of hope , divine essence is hope, perception is hope, to see, to watch hope is everywhere in nature, in seasons, ripping of fruits, in sunshine, in green lands, in water falls………………

Hope surrounds us …………..wishes us ……..we just need to spread the wings of inner swan to embrace it with purity and by intensity of innocent emotions……………

Come hope for the rest of life, be on the boat of hope to cross this ocean of life to have the ultimate edge of success and shore of Will of Creator……………….


Benefit of Doubt


Doubt basically is not good protected emotion and it is considered negative most of the time and especially when it comes to religion and religious aspects. But each emotion and each feeling has multiple meaning and sometimes doubt do provide an opportunity of knowing the possibility ahead.

The benefit of doubt could be realized sometimes when on dark road in dark night in turmoil of darkness and in speechless salient times if alone someone traveling and could afraid be of be halt anywhere and that person’s mind speech just possibly alarm and sense not to be stopped; ‘It might there be …………some supernatural element………or perhaps some beasts that could harm…….’’ So such expression of thought and sense of alarm could possibly the benefit of doubt.

The message is here to pick the possible aspect as possible as it could be possible and from each corner and edge of circumstances and circumference of life teachings. Doubts are wrong and satanic when it comes to religion and in religious practices, they are not wrong but dangerous as well that can ruin the morality everything the whole concept of existence, it can easily eat the believes …………..and if believe can be bitten by any doubt then there is no chance of light to doors itself in the darkness of the heart holes. Understanding to the aspects that evil has limit where as good has no limits, darkness can spread but can easily gulped by light if the strong believer could think of that………..

Existence converts both aspects goodness and evilness along aside but it’s up to the implementations and the impression or expression of adoption either which force can be the most adoptable …………most probably it is seen that people are adopting the imitative line which will be followed by each ordinary person easily, sometimes senses or consensus of people gathered to the aspects which are easily spread over, and instinctively the flesh and bone of humans can easily adopt and covert to the way which are malicious such as evil which appears as attractive as glittering gold.

The short lived life of evil is just caged in this worldly maze, it can overrule just this world and few limited accessed people who just need their lives to be ruined for their own conscience’s un recognization. The doubt that could alarm human senses to be defensive and to be on the right way with the estimation of upcoming circumstances, doubt may indulge human in knowing the hidden reality and truth if human want to quest and knock the beneath the surface reality by be curious about the doubt.

Benefit of doubt comes when one realize that the things for which he or she is curious could lead to the result of knowing and this knowing could be easily digestive or this could be tougher that can ruin all the mental positive aspects and structure of human traits. In this life and world the major two forces are in front of the mirror and the battlefield of this good force and evil force is obvious there. The God is all pure and all the goodness and the evil force is Satan that could violate and pride against God’s kingdom where as Satan is nothing but also just in reality a creation which deserves end and has end soon. This is true that doubts against religion and religious aspects are all satanic but when doubt comes to the edge that it gives the ticking alarm to know the reality that could open the windows of truth to the human mind and soul to the levels where it gives advantages of saving human structure in positive direction in position vision.

The ability to envision in your mind what you cannot at present sees with your eyes. It is based on the principle that all things are created twice. There is a mental (first) creation, and a physical (second) creation. The physical creation follows the mental, just as a building follows a blueprint. If you don’t make a conscious effort to visualize who you are and what you want in life, then you empower other people and circumstances to shape you and your life by default.

It’s about connecting again with your own uniqueness and then defining the personal, moral, and ethical guidelines within which you can most happily express and fulfill yourself. Begin with the End in Mind means to begin each day, task, or project with a clear vision of your desired direction and destination, and then continue by flexing your proactive muscles to make things happen.

Make things happen is an art of human spirit and visionary power, and benefits of scale all aspects in parallel may lead to the way of winning. Life is not black hole that it could easily be gulped by the darkness …………World is signed or symbolic with nebula structure where the change is obvious in each micro mini second.

Even than the surface reality is just the appearance and the appearance is the chauvinism and it never be the treasure keeping where as soul is deep the depth contains treasures and treasury may obtain by leading the way with determine thought and with visionary power where doubts may convert in positive sign of knowing and keeping the believes more strong ………………..

Water is there, fire is there, air is there, and blots are there of all the realities that emerge this world and life and man could be possible anything and anyone, by knowing self soul he can achieve the knowing of God (the ultimate Truth, Light & Goodness) if even a little pride of human that God has been in human heart just be as claimer, this could achieve nothing but even the self soul may also be floated on another way…………the destiny of man will may achieve to Fate script if man may declare self soul destined with modesty of knowing and even a tiny aspect may lead to the corner of willing to the track Will of Lord ……………

Fall in doubt when it covers and makes your believe more strong, fall in knowing the curiosity with the visionary power, follow the path of knowing which bring benefit to self soul and others. Fall in love knowing paths, keep them close and distances of thoughts may revert as the strength of imagination powers. Keep sleep and awake in the village of knowing which can brighten the day with sunlight of belief and which can allure by converting all the ill thinkings and doubts in goodness, in benefits…………..

Wake up and open your empty hands to yourself and stand and walk with the reflection of self soul and give knowing a chance, knowing of all the hidden realities that should reveal in this world and human should have even the sound, proof and benefits of doubts…………..

World of Change……..


Change expected to world it could be good or either be bad ……….. Change is the time’s chain that could rule the Era’s time to time that covers with in the history of world reality ……..

This change could lead to the main aspect and hot ground of knowing like: Cultural Imperialism which is famous speech now a days that could finally sign and predict; Third World War shall be expected to the world and there are lots of reasons behind one of the most vital element that most knowledgeable Critics consider that Second World War apparently had been wiped off though from that era to till date the cold soc-economic war of mental differences is still there ………….. Man has achieved the exterior success but always by ruling and over ruling the lower of strength over his own species.

Is it call peace? What ever is happening around us ………Is it call peace? Is it ……called peace that one side of a world is decorative and the other ruined by the same world builders? Is it call a peace that one is facilitated of all the luxuries of life and yet on the contrary the same people of society suffer hunger to death………….

The symptoms of the Third called upon War around the world is like a virus which has been sprigged out already in due course because around the world each society norm is already overcrowded and over whelmed of the ruling powers and their policies which are pre-defined for the lust of power and lust of self governs and self needs and dogmatic approaches.

New Imperialism is also the one of the most predictably fundamental reality around the world which has been seeded over and this is not remain the concept but the actuality of time and the people of the world are morally on immorally, predictable or unpredictable derive to this dogmatic reality and to this social psychological war based on economical imperialism.

Third World War could be reasonably conclude and estimate as War of Management, Multicultural War, psychological War, Soc-economic War. War of Dogmas , War of conflicts, War of signs and War of Languages, War of Differences…………

This imperialism, Doctorow, Doctrinaire and Dogmatic Truth is out of reach that how when and where humans are becoming the path of this maze but it actually the reality that comes out due to research and young Critics’ work that world is never stay still so the human mentality. The signs of converting the realities in imaginations, and truth converting the imagination in reality are all revolving around like the gravity and gravitational force. The cultures which easily and very magnetically and magnificently sprigged and rang up could be possible of the same imperialistic approach and it is called social or cultural imperialism that the unique influence of culture should dominate to the generations or the crowd of the nations all around that could itself becomes the legal aspect for the group of people or could be the most useable trend.

Just like music and music lovers there is no science behind, or no myth or religion to follow the musical culture but it is happening that people of different races, the nationwide worldwide nations understand the language of music. Pakistan was never known to people of west anymore unless Nusrat Fatihe Ali Khan introduce his kawali beats to the outer world especially to the west even African also know this artist for his talent of fame or fate of fame. Similarly, the Arabs known for their fundamental Arabic music and belly dance all around the world in such way the English breed could rise up their mind and interest for this learning and the awareness is there. This mixture of multiracial multi-races cultural exchange is not just for their entertainment but more than that…………

Michele Jackson he was black by race his language of music is known by whole world either the Africans the jungle livers don’t know the meaning of the English version but even than they dance and wave on same layers which Jackson want to provoke all around….. This mixing and misting of talent teaching the new invented culture to the world which bring down every body at one ground and make millions as one crowd substantially is the substitute for rising up the norms of the rare people who thought to teach the world and ground the world in new aspect in new invented culture and new social body of alimenting the multi- twist cultures whose fundmentalities are rare in roots of reality.

Similarly, the Media imperialism is one of the best weapon or the worst that is affecting the world and the nations easily be the follower of each other. The mass of media imperatives/Neocolonialism , media communication and media imperialism is the best of need today if it could spread peace and the worst enemy if could rise up conflicts over the religious aspects or of social economical thesis or cultural imbalances. Just as Indian tradition, costumes, trends, language and their cultural aspects are dominating to the traditional followers unknowingly and desperately that they just forgot the limits that it could be allowed or not or it have any verge for the faith believers or not……………….. Similarly the drama sequences and the theater affect and rise the same impact the viewers watch and seek, some just consider the matter of entertainment most of the vibrant audiences not only adopt but also follow…………

It was times when writer write the fictitious tales to catch up or wide spread the human imagination by the unique thoughts but now a days most of the media, writers, world literature having enough heavy stuff of real unfictitious product around to capture and to allure the audiences and the nations……….. News channels and their vibrant happenings, the online Critics, the anchors all are the productivity of mass journalism and this is riding heavy all around the world their jobs are much secure and financially higher in stature because deliberately or indeterminately they are part of the said cultural imperialism and this riding change of the world ……..the chain of inventing new cultural change of world where the mass communication of conflicts and conspiracy therapy, the mass of media communication and media psychology, media imperialism, soc-economical imperialism, philosophy of cultural imperialism rising each day as of sun…………….

The verge is going on the path where the generations zonre is just what ‘They SEE, They DO’ what ‘They Listen, They Speak’…… Human coming races likewise in stature the so called humans but tamed and calibers remains as imitation just like Apes ………….. News and news lovers though that news was true or false but to kill time they have the spreading knowledge of news……..

The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad is one of the golden ample and example of duality of human nature in sound and in proof and it really defines beneath surface the same approach the world tasting today around………….

So the world of literature producing the ideas, the dogmas, the diplomacy, the conspiracies, the nationwide news and the good and false attitude towards humans own selves, the disasters of world around happening in due course, the Far east conflicts, Asia rumors, Gulf attacks, Afghan stress, Egypt protests, Libya/ Syria under dominance rule, the protest theories of Europe and supreme powers (United States//Russia evaluating China/Iran)  the configurations of world statistics of stock exchange its upheavals and its to and fro pendulum movement, up and down chemistry of currencies are the eyeleting knot……….. Let’s see who win the race somehow the solutions in the world book the same lessons might is right theory the economy who strengthen by gold purchasing could survive among the rest the best.

In such course the most eventual though is that these social cultural mass of doctrines and discoveries who are leading the world and humans obedience to their Naafs (Self conscience) nothing else they are ruining the mental, physical, psychological and natural human aspects and bringing imbalance with the substantial realities and perhaps could be substitute to spiritual actualities. Why this could not be forcefully emerged to the basic benefit of humans or nations? Because naturally there are major two forces work upon on universal nature positive and negative, good and evil……………

The positive is slow down due to the negative proactive approaches, but positive proclaimed pragmatisms, magnificence magnitude may prevails in end ………..This truth and in the notice of the sane educated norms this cultural approach is not only be guided on spread over in sense of psychological or communications masses but also through food items the trends introduced of fast food, the junk food items, frenzy drinks the usage of menthol and acidic flavor items that are harming product and could rising up cancer and other harmful diseases………….

This is the boundary of world that human sketch for him and in accordance to his needs and demands and self diffident approaches that if right ‘For Me……… To Me’

This concept of ‘Me, Myself and I’ this is the basic norm natural cause of any disaster because it is beyond the boundary and foundry of human nature to adopt ………..This ruin, this lead negative , this pore the pride in vessel and Pride of human, Power of Pride of Human always ruin and cause defeat and repentance………

How fair it could be if the world could honor the same religion, same boundaries of Nature bestowed upon Man which are ideal ………How fair it could be if people in rule and nations and nationwide masses give

PEACE A CHANCE…………………. !!

2012………2015………. 2020……


Millennium, Centuries, Decays, Years and years on the phase of earth ………….Maketh

History of this mortal land of earth ………

And of Humans and Time;

Years passed and made the history of centuries they wrote themselves in the reflection of human acts and though in real they have been guided by the Fate to be as they have been.

Years, centuries, decays and millenniums are destined to be with the lapse of time and with the wheel of time to revolve. Each year brings something new and changes as compare to the past, future years are much steadfast and present time is evidence of it. Time has its three phases all majorly known to human natural and common world present, past and future.

Years are speech to them, so do the centuries when they have been converted. Past has been converted and very much viewed to the world in the present world. Regarding future time and years, recently worldly time frame of the year 2011 and steadfastly moving to 2012. So many predictors predicted already about the coming era. The predictions referred to so many certain and uncertain realities or might be assumptions. What ever be the happening are there.

This article is not about the predictions but of analysis of the practical study of time of this century and the passed decays about humans and all over circumstances all around the world.

This is a magical process of bring activity into manifestation. Magic is an ancient word for manifestation, so this earthly world life as well. Human fate is understood and preserved in heavenly book so the practical happenings and surroundings are uplift them in real and in realm of human actions.

This world is based up on the connections, all the certainties and the uncertainties are in magnetism of miraculous heavenly and worldly connections. Up in the heavens the Nebula is evidence of the predictable or unpredictable happenings, the planetary nebula signifies Birth of new stars of new lights and the death of the previous ones.

The significance of heavenly bodies like nebula is much worthy to cover up here because directly or indirectly the Astrological effect of these heavenly bodies upon human life and its worldly wheel is very vital and evident. Astrology is not only subject but it is living place of breathing celestials that generates light is equal to life, darkness is equal to death, chance is equal to action, travel is equal to battle to survive or remain in the circumference or be the giant in size to command the juniors.

Consequently, the reality of the world history of human life and time which is emerged with each other so deeply. It is understood that human travelled from the journey of last many previous ages. Man has been searched out and learned out a lot from ages to ages, from centuries to centuries.

Man was unaware of the fact to be sheltered so he lived in caves and then learned about make homes and then landmarks. They were not aware to adhere the fact to be land owners and then with passage of time became kings of lands and the emperors…….. now a days as presidents …….Man who was unknown of his own structure (at that time) yet start to fight with his fellow man for the land for the corners to be own just own his greed to have his name over ………..similarly man made home with learning time frame and ages and today humans are genius in mega structures. Man made mega structures are now the wonders of world in architect.

Building homes to mega structures, these builders (humans) achieved so much that till at this 21st century perhaps there are any material or corner of the object that could not be used but still human innovative mind working on more to invent.

Building homes from first instant to till yet is a first example of basic necessity, second one is food ——– Regarding this element what could mention like from early ages people use natural food items and not much obtained of the levels but today again if we analyze man travelled a lot and learned many new ways from ages to ages, from centuries to centuries and now the food items are on its peak even the marinated food, the preserved one, the fast food made by quick mode machines, fried items etc. So man has overcome and invent and preserved the ways for food and again man worked and learned with the passage of time from ages to ages and from centuries to centuries and reached at the time 2011.

The third basic need of man is clothing, so the human who once knew nothing to cover his body but sustain leaves for that purpose, gradually sew and knit and today man invented so many ways to dress up, and to bump off the entire his outlook. Clothing factories, even the import export business based over this need, the marvelous brands and brand clothing, the trend and culture developed up to the rank of world famous fashion shows …………….. So again and again even for the third basic need man travelled and learned from ages to ages and centuries to centuries and today reached at the edge where one can be fully veiled and on the contrary can select two short pieces to cover the shames, the decision and the variety is there with the learning, with passage of time, with converting years and with the steadfast centuries that could travelled by man mind imaginative powers, innovative psyche, ought to be style or it might say exterior circumference of the time physical reality.

The fundmentalities has been conducted and the other aspects of live where humans connected with religions, myths, generations, their mind structure, the psyche, their outer and inner developments, culture, social systems, environmental truth and realities about himself and the other living beings, about the living places, discovering lands and countries man has been tremendously travelled and developed a lot.

Man has invented the lands and then named them amaze the world by made them countries then made boundaries, divide the races, rule over the nations, divide the world in first standard first world, second world and the third…. the boundaries defined with the respective level of mental veils and levels. This is the same human with the converse time invent the ways of ruling and create them of politics and cultural social politics that could rule over not only land but over the same humans just reflection like ………….But what the inside?  World knows the reality and the people sane enough to study the history and literature …………..

Though the time is running fast travelling the same way but in speed and come up to the level where human has been almost expand and extended all the aspects of life, created and captured all the natural and unnatural sources …………It would not be wrong if we declare that today man imitated best of best imitation of Nature. Today in the year 2011 man has copied of copied the best of best and yet worst of worst ………..Man achieved the exterior physics realities as well as interior biological realities as well . This is the peak level of human intellect where man has smoothen the live and living easy and busy with satellite system, with replacement of wireless note pads , I-pads instead of paper, replacement of pen with man’s own finger, books replaced as online encyclopedias………….More on and on

Change is the converse and converting and some time the less knowing gives the feeling of fear and pity of tragedy and sometime more of more knowing do the same ………..So man having the machines and mechanical world all around, planes, the cars having the airplanes engines, highest speed, fast as light or more than light. These are undoubtedly called achievement, the success of knowledge, and practice of knowledge and education ……..

World convert and reverted and tell the same story as added as value to it………It has been noticed that in last two to three decays (20 to 30 years) world has been steadfastly changed and move on the scientific miraculous inventions that sometimes it could be a doubt that man is still the figure of flesh or bones or some day while by awakening in morning we will found that man figure is also easily clothed as powerful mechanical body and structure. Or perhaps it could be that bed time stories or Hollywood movies could easily come true that show powerful hulk satellite figures ruling world and even the hero may have some super mechanical power to defend…….well enough to electric-micro imaginative box of man called mind……… perhaps it could be ……

2011 is almost at end and prevailing year 2012 is evident of happenings, this could be more mechanical in first world where it could that due to highest level of traffic people could hire the air taxi’s to early at work ………and if this could not be in 2012 than perhaps could be in 2015 …….or in coming years ……Infact man has invented and discovered the arenas, almost all aspects but what remains the basic targets? The same old chapters’ shelter, food and clothes or more than that if more than greed to being sharp and being speedy to achieve more is also there and the basic instincts which has been govern by good and evil could never be change even if man conclude his figure himself in machine ( which couldn’t possible)…………

What if we roam the world and still see the differences, the exterior dimensions like still in the world people are living in jungles, still they have no basics available to them and yet on the contrary there is world where the same being (human) that is approaching to command the celestial bodies and inventing lives there and could try to be cohabitant there………….

History revolves and chapters of time always read by new students so coming generation and breed of human will taste the same sequences the early people did………….as each breathing living being could die one day similarly the whole this world will face phenomenal truth as rule of the thumb…………. So if we expect new inventions, at the same we expect conflict of thought of nations……. We expect the battlefields on skin differences on races standards……….we expect the same ray of light to sprang somewhere and we expect the same darkness of ignorance ………we expect time bring change with the same ancient lessons………

Every start has end somewhere so does this time, years, and centuries as well …………this notion of time, and study of years significant of ultimate truth that man is here in this phase of world to basically recognize himself and his Creator (whose given identities and subtleties) to whom man instinctively and naturally imitating …………..though it had been 8000 and 5000 BCE Stone Age to the travelling era of 2012 or would be 2020 or up to more than 3050 or from the creation reality of Adam to the last man of world ……..

It is worth mentioned in preserved sculpture (Fate book) of it would be better in Creators’ Ultimate Knowledge.

The NEW AGE and Indigo Generation may define themselves more clearly enough to world for us as middle generation I still think and feel that there could be better idea or way to describe the whole subjective idea in descriptive way and yet not achieved in that way could idealized in imaginative corner…….

To Sum up, there are HOPES, though based on believes worth righteous and some of them are false reflected but even than escapes, traps, traveling, discoveries, explorations, distortions, learning, happenings, generations, aging and ultimately journey of human history of the world and of Millennium, Centuries, Decays, Years and years on the phase of earth for a while going on the sun set and the sun rising in existing Era just going on…………………

I Exist ….


Continuation of Article ‘The Woman’

Shadow!! They become huge than original shapes usually, so sometimes apparent complication seems high but in reality they are tiny in front of human efforts……….. Keep doing good efforts they will revert back in rewards…….

Shadows are maketh by original characters and these character are wonder of the living land of humans…………In humans the WOMAN is the source of tribute that can be of same rights but she is bit in lower in rank in responsibilities that has been given to male gender. But even than woman is source of the living zonre.

Existence is the real meaning of being exist…… and this existence make sure that woman exist for the Nature given huge support for humanity. Woman has many roles to play the most important of that is of mother, she can be anything but instinctively mother and mother does the best for the child in her main and major source………… Mother is the level that could not be easily achieve unless this level could sustain with the same affection and loyalty for not only for own child but for every child.

Woman is mother, is daughter, is sister, is wife ……………and each respectable source she can thoroughly prove in best shape of Nature’s guidance and best source best believing on the modest way and with purity of heart and soul.

Considering the true source and soul of Nature this creature should stand up and be in positioning to fight up with the ill-treatment of the world around. Why woman think that jewelry is an ornament for her ……. This is old fashioned thought …….woman is naturally though beautiful that her simplicity need no physical ornaments like jewelry but the true ornament of education and knowledge to know the reality of her creation and of her existence.

World surveys are witness to the backwardness of humans old fashioned mind…………yes still the feudal mentalities and their activities are using this creature for their will’s own sake of their own means. There are lots of areas like Africa where still people resting in forests and still they are unaware of the basics even of clothing………….so far the concept of existence for humanity is not a rocket science it is maturely the idea of living with identity with true identity of being proved to be crowned of all other creatures.

Humanities are still lacking the same aspects on which history and literature wept. In such area of description the main one is the immoral relationship and misuse of this grace of character which is called woman. Though beauty is the weakness, and the vanity of beauty leads astray but what if modesty attorns and odors and evil knock at doors?

There is still in the most advanced era of time, in 21st century the she child abuse is there, woman sexual harassment is there, rape and their targets are there and in third world countries most disgraced and disgusting element that no law protect those who been trembled by such acts for mercy, peace and justice and there is no law for those who commit such inhumane inhuman acts. There will be no stations of law for those nations who forgot their human rights and their honor in response. As weakness comes from inside similarly the evil stuff too comes from inside because if one belief upon the light not on darkness his/her belief is incomplete and challengeable same is the case if one believes in good and in his/her mind or belief the evil out of it than it is not solid belief that could rise up ……..

So the message to each woman today is to upfront the realities with the help of none other than true ornament of education and stands up to recognize their own worth by recognizing their limits of responsibilities and worth of their rights. Be strength to their inner soul by themselves by uttering truth and be the true spirit of Nature and be instinctively the inspirational character to the world that could be honored, that would be graced with worth, affection, with purity and with loyalty, innocence and sincerity.

Be the genre of Era, be the part of educational literature that could raise pride and honor upon such grace of woman, speak up for the rights, stand up for yourself and own self respect and honor ………..become the attempter and raise the motto of I Exist…………

I was younger when I come across to know that words are more powerful than any other source and language your solid version and statement which effects, is more worthy that any inspiration of outer world. Yet the words that holds up and written by pen are more worthy of any war by sword. Simultaneously, if woman consider herself weak than she is delicate creature that need the dependency over others and relations but if woman upfront the realities of Era and walk through the road of truth in the light of knowledge on the right direction with modesty, with the sense of being recognized and with censuses of being honored all above the straight path. The woman stay best on all grounds of realities……..

The younger generation that could unable to hold the major aspects of the true religion and right myth is only because of the spreading media wrong authority of social conductivities. The selection of occupation for woman is as important as woman own identity, the grounds like politics, media rooms, commerciality of vanity or beauty shows are nonetheless the foible stage for woman that could run skin show nothing else than that there is face value which is short lived.

For true Muslim woman she would declare and should understand practically that this is not the only worth world to breath ……she must have another world to have rewards of her pains…..But more than the fate declares, the excessive evil exercises of this worldly affairs for woman are room for action as woman is also brain being and brains are equally measured when comes in challenge and competition ……..

Time never remains the same, Era never remains the same, though they copy little past in present and they lit and save a little flame for future but the change brings awareness itself, change brings many colors with it especially change opens the doors which had been chained long time ago …….. So this time, this Era governs speech, honors the true sayings, declares the communication worth and gives pride to brain storming…….

Be proud to be a woman, be good to be a woman, be honored to be a woman and be an example for the coming generation that could imitate you for good reasons ……..

Being a writer I’m graced by Creator and I am thankful to Nature that I am woman and I can experience all the beautiful journey of womanish life in this mortal world and here after. My concept and personal conclusion is that we are lucky being a woman of this Era and of our belongings where we get chance, we get liberty for speech, we get honor to walk aside with the shoulder of man ………..Yet there are trials but they are good if they teach us and give us experience our journey at fullest and enjoy our diversity.

Be diverse as a character, stand in front of mirror and speak to yourself that:

‘I am best in Creature Race, I Exist and my existence prove evidence of my believes, I can run this show, I can waive the air, I can cultivate and I would remain believing the best of Truth and Knowledge, I would measure ……………I as believing in myself Exist…………….

I Exist for the existence proof…………….’



Birth of mine is not that precious but worthy of astonishment I have been no one but Woman as identity among creation …………….This is nothing yet everything…….

Everything that catches the sight, everything that brief the miracles of Lord…….

I cried, when born but my scream is not loud as I am woman in breed my identity as woman has been announced by no one but My Creator my own Lord and the description get so higher in stature that Holy Book Quran narrates and absorbs the chapters for Woman (AlNisah).

Allah Almighty blessed woman with ultimate strength of knowing the realities on surface level in deeper consequence it becomes when in mental structure woman should endear the truth of the living aspects and knowing of the creation preach.

Woman is apparently delicate being but the most flexible in all aspects and Creator has bestowed the miraculous duties upon the fate of woman to play the roles in. In world’s reality woman may count on many ranks and there are lots of descriptions and explanations for woman but what actually woman is? And worth for?

Is only woman can be the companion of man, a human female breed? A wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter? A co-worker, a friend or a beauty being to be declared for love or romance? Is this the creation for the support or to cooperate? Or just to be the sense for the pleasure?

Infact truly is this being the most important being in breed it cultivates outside and inside both areas…. This is the being which could made this earthly life heavenly if this being is modest and worth to fidelity. But if the same one is demonstratively and instinctively evil than there is no side ahead than hell.

If a woman can be playing roll as positive and the most worthy of mother that in the world there is no sign of affection or there is no other feeling of warmth than that than on the contrary same woman is the case that cheats and disgraced the true roles of the nature.

This topic is not for the woman rights or to elaborate woman roles NO, this is for the real insight that could be as defined or that could be as flourished or that could be as destined. Lots of literature has been produced, lots of ages had been consumed, lots of thesis had been presumed, lots of myths retained and pertained woman appearance as well as realities. And major religions has been elaborated the limits, honor and the rights for this vital being.

All the elaborations truly maintain the context, prophets came and define the importance and the limits and the rights for woman………there are lots of signs that could endear the minor to major catalog for the roles and the ranks of this being. BUT what if all could be preserved to the bookish knowledge? Where are the practices for the implementations?

Most articles of mine are not the pre-defined literature imitation but the original thought by the provoked stubborn upfront mind that could have diversified identity and deeper zodiac signs to hit upon to know and explore the knowing……

Here the ground reality is that when world comes to the step forwarding the mental capabilities are the same for both gender in human, when it comes to the body effort it is somewhat diversified, to the world man is known as tougher being physical strong yet the reality is woman carry in womb, woman bear the ultimate pain for which need the strongest stamina and the limitless patience….. So even than man remains the strong? Point

The comparison here is not of man and woman……NO, not at all; positively here the thinking is to provoke the idea of maintaince for the exchange of truth and reality. If woman walking aside strongly with man than why in this world of finance this being could be thought of mission statement? Woman is everywhere in the world, some are beneficially higher in rank that they could be highly reached to the level where none of the other person could be able to stand instead in sight. On the contrary the same woman is still limited, still pathetic, still the second being with no brains……….The surveys are witness to this reality and there are lots of woman in third world country still remains and subject to ill treatments.

Stronger context are rare and spread over but still the woman can’t find the difference of reality in others’ sight even human has travelled to this mechanical scientific world where sooner we can get flying saucers or limo for the rented taxi to travel within city limits ( in first world west). West woman or first world woman is much better in comparison to the third world east woman even than disorders are anywhere in the world.

Morally the world assigned downfall, because religion is getting the secondary corner not the first sight life zonal adaptation which is the most disgraced element for the BELIEVERS……..because believe defines the life aspects, so far the believes are correct the life aspects will be widely more enough…….

What is happening around that officially woman could be the shoulder rider, shoulder companion in all major effort works but when it comes to incentives suddenly woman could converted to second rank……….similarly woman could be introduced and seduction being in all aspects of life but what if a woman is modest and covered over and still she consumes the eye of suspicion………There are lots of immoral subjectivity connected to woman’s appearance but to the real thinkers does this reality knows to the world that the inner strength and the moral soul and spiritual beauty which a woman can naturally consumes that could be nowhere …………

Mean admirations for the selfishness in the world is all around but that just killing the human world and that just eating the moral aspects of human life.

What role model we are providing to our coming generations………the new breed is actually unable to understand that a mother can only cook and effect over household activities or mother could earn also and invest to the future of children is father figure is any where??? This is happening in the social system ……………On other hand if we just see in East if mother could help in just household activities than she is not worthy of that rank because she is not earning.

The differences we are getting into our lives are of imbalance life of dissatisfaction or of money problems or of natural disasters or of our own deeds ………What ever the consequences are woman is the source of central attention in any case, in any relationship ……….sometimes woman are guilty for the deeds but most of the times they are not, they have been impelled for the said performances where could lively puppet could act best……….

Woman can do anything if could be challenged but woman is honorable when she is morally high, spiritually modest and respectable when educated and practically strong in decisions and determine to life on real true track. Woman can be anything if defined evil the worst and good to be an innocent angel.

There has been Troy war on earth for woman and there have been Mogul war of King Akbar against his own son Saleem for woman ………….there have been sacrifices for woman, there have been rewards and crowns to be honored for woman ………….

Woman is real when instinctively empowered with moral duties of her fate role, leading astray is easy living worthy is difficult. Chances in such world are very sharp to be converted in trap consequences as this could be worst time but even than this is could be best if personally we wanna liberal the speech …………

I Exist is the motto here……………………

To Be Continue……………..