Give Peace A Chance!!


Today I have sincerely and openly asked few basic questions from myself that what exactly I need from my life? What actually I come through from this blessed worldly life? What basically I have gained? What basically I need from myself or from this life or from others??? What is my purpose to be here? Why I am unsuitable to situations which are higher in stature than me? Why this place is weird to me mostly? Why still I am struggling for my rights, for my re-organization, for support to have my existence among other beings? ……….

Why I am thinking much more than others? Infact why I am thinking in such a mega electromagnetic world? Why this world becoming a speedy race and no one is winning just the money makers? What are my values? Which cultures to I belong? Why I am deprived of the support I deserve by birth and by Fate force? Am I lunatic to be thinker or I have diversified thinking to be sane enough to debate upon various topics? Am I obsessed with the life style of mine? Am I done enough with myself?………

All these questions are inhabitant here, if the selfishness and self consciousness is the key role for the money makers and all the beings that are living for themselves and only for their own sake. This is abnormal truth in the normal world of sciences where all the human natural resources make replaced by the technical inventions. The discoveries are rare yet on the phase of earth and upfront and so emphasizing that they express themselves by impressing so many races belong. Nations are belonging and contemporarily following the foreign cultures in practices.

There are lots of question still unanswered since a thinker born and keeping going with them by searching all along travelling this journey of life. Human plans are not achievable sometimes, most of the time must mention …..That really means that there is Some One who has drives all this whose plan is implemented to ours and He is Ultimate Source to carry out all the stuff in order and He is the Power who can test or bless.

What actually make someone depressed or teased to ask all these questions the major source of element the own sake, the human conduct in majority what they enhance and do for others. In this race the key role is of parents, they are ultimate source for the breathing, living human creature to be part of this worldly race so they must plan the outer source and environmental agendas for their kids, to moralize them, to socialize them within their circle of limitations and within their ideal source of cultural and religious aspects.

The major point to hit is here GIVE PEACE A CHANCE to mere psychology of oneself and to others. The concept of Peace is not just I have my food for living at my place and I have enough money to spend my life and to sooth myself …… The concept of Peace never comes with the word ‘’I’’……. This is the main aspect to enhance and to adhere………

Peace comes from inside of thinking but it sustain with the mutual effort of ‘’WE’’ and socializing with this idea into society to all norms. Together we can fly, together we can achieve, together we can analyze, together we can be the nation to be followed, together we can do something or adds on to our existence and together we can be initiative for the successful path……..

The Peace has the wider concept for adaptation in this world; we don’t need investment for peace we need enhancement and reformation to spread peace. We need the platform to revive the true ideas and concepts in practice to groom ourselves for the implementation of peace. For this the social policies, the ethical programming, Govt resources and the religious aspects implementations can help us to the right directions.

GIVE PEACE A CHANCE can only be possible if we begin the exercise from the self effort if one self will not hurt ownself and abuse the hurting in practice for own sake and then stop spreading this attitude to others.

Questions remain the same if they did not quest for the good reason of purpose of living. If the questions are logical and they insist for thinking for the positiveness and for purposeful message to others ………………

Give Peace A Chance………………Give Peace a chance to your own door and door to door ………..Give Peace a Chance for living all over ……

Glory Be To; Almighty Allah Subhan Talah


This is indescribable; the words are always short and very lesser in origin to elaborate the favors of Creator and it’s beyond achievement to write about all the count abilities and bounties of Lord. He is the Ultimate Truth, Ultimate Reality, Glorious in all aspects and Gracious in all controls. Glory be to Allah …

His blessings and His Creations are all wonder of wonders, from the elements Fire, Air, Water and Earth to the tiny little bug and insect. This World, the hereafter and whole Universe all in all are wonders. The mysteries within reach and beyond access all are the paths that at one stage and edge all matched to each other but the Ultimate Source is Divine One who possess the Divine Qualities to create, control and crescent all the substantial and non substantial realities and objects. Glory be to Allah …

His given universal start has unlimited access of knowing till the end. As substance is a materialistic form it begins from the matter of objectivity so it does end one day logically and evidently. But in existence the Universal wonder rarely enough is the non substantial reality of living or breathing element. Such Creations are the Miracles of Creator. Glory be to Allah …

Humans in the source is the most reformed in origin to be close in creation relationship to Creator but today’s human is too busy in lunatic self originated world with the self oriented activities where the sound track of the actual reality and human relationship with Creator is getting so meek and weak that evil enhancements are very in practice. Glory be to Allah …

God’s Grace never be mentioned by the numbers of the believer or worshipers He is beyond all needs, He is Omni-present and Omni- eminent, He is from the very beginning and He remains after always. His Grace is the most vibrant and nothing but a luminous Light which is the origin of all the creations. Glory be to Allah …

This is not just the matter of subjectivity to scroll, but this is within a human need to be in guidance of Divine source would be miraculous in all the aspects where human may tired of thinking beyond access of their wisdom. Human mind is mega storming engine that could work out over the line of thinking and initiatives that could be build by human imaginative drive all these access by knowing the self conscience to self consciousness. Glory be to Allah …

All the glories to be Allah, as He is the God of all the inventions, He created all the creations, the whole universe from tiny little source of living to the expansion of all sources of sources. Glory be to Allah …

Closest to Allah is one who possesses the following three qualities:

Magnanimity of the river —>Fear

Kindness of the sun         —>  Hope

Humility of the Earth     —> Love

These qualities are not that simple as they appear; in reality they have much more deeper meaning. The meaning beyond the curtains, the fear explains to be forbidden from all the crimes and immoral activities that could ruin the relationship of one with his or her Lord. The hope elaborates in any testimony, in any toughness one sustain self conscience and self consciousness to be in balance and rest remains in thankful attitude towards the creator even till the last breath. The love does all the positiveness, it can tame the beast, it can rule the world and it can make one nearest and dearest to the Creator. Glory be to Allah …

To be self in the mirror of these three major reflections and advise other living beings to be in is the most worthy gratitude so far. Such qualities are just the struggle to be in the closest in relationship with Creator. The most important relationship is of the human with the Creator and to strengthen, to smoothen and to catch up this relationship is the inner need, appearance should bow to this Divine need so that one should be initiative and progressive in all other aspects. Glory be to Allah …

To explain the all the bounties of the Glory of Creator Almighty Allah is impossible to count as they are indescribable. The Creator is All in All the Actuality, the Ultimate Truth and The Reality of Divinity. One who be insertion in the development and knowing of Divine relationship with the Earthly source that could raise the earthly being the worthy of having Ultimate Favors of Creator. Glory be to Allah …

Allah is one, His Oneness is the Source of His Divine Essence, To know Creator is the human need so far human achieve this source all other aspects become secondary than. The Creator is Truth and the Light of this Ultimate Truth enlightens the life even in the darkest consequence. This world is comes from the sound proof of darkness to light and it sustain until Lord Will and all this trial world comes to end one day and the Judgment will be of Creator upon His Given Myth…….. Glory be to Allah …

Self Discovery; Life is Journey ……


According to Sufi metaphysics and in fact other metaphysical traditions in general, all that exists comes from that Reality which is at once Beyond-Being and Being, and ultimately all things return to that Source. In the language of Islamic thought, including both philosophy and Sufism, the first part of journey of all beings from the Source is called ‘’ARC OF DESCENT’’ and the second part back to the source the     ‘’ARC OF ASCENT’’. Within this vast cosmic wayfaring we find ourselves here and now on earth as human beings. Moreover, our life here in this world is a journey within that greater cosmic journey of all existences back to the source of all existence. We are born, we move through time, and we die. For most of us, without knowing who we really are, we move between two great mysteries and unknowns, namely, where we were before we came into this world and where we shall go after death. The answer of materialists and nihilists is that we came from nowhere and we go nowhere; we had no reality before coming into this world, and nothing of our consciousness survives our death. They reduce our existence to simply the physical and terrestrial level and believe that we merely animals (themselves considered as complicated machines) who have ascended from below, not spiritual beings who have descended from above. But if we are honest with ourselves we realize that even the concept of matter or corporeality is contained in our consciousness and that therefore when we ask ourselves who we are, we are acting as conscious being and have to begin with our consciousness. If we are intellectually awake, we realize that we cannot reduce consciousness to that which is itself contained in our consciousness.

Now, no matter how we seek to go back to the origin of our consciousness, we cannot reach its beginning in time, and the question again arises what our consciousness, its origin and its end are. The spiritual practices of every authentic path, including Sufism, enable those who follow and practice them earnestly and under the appropriate conditions to gain new levels of consciousness and ultimately to become aware the consciousness has no beginning in time (but only in God) because ‘’in beginning was consciousness’’ and it has no temporal end because ‘’in the end is consciousness’’. Once we discover who we are in the spiritual sense, we gain an insight into the mystery of where we came from before the caravan of our earthly life began its journey here below and also into the mystery of where we shall go after the end of this terrestrial journey.

Self knowledge also pierces the veils that limit our ordinary consciousness and ultimately leads to those higher states of consciousness that stand above the world of becoming. We are then able to be aware of our human reality and our ultimate identity beyond the confines of time and space. Sufism makes possible the piercing of these veils as it leads the seeker on an inward journey within the journey on the road of the Scared Law, or the Shari’ah which is itself a journey within the journey within the journey of life, while life itself is a journey within the journey of all beings in their return to the Source. The Sufi path is an inward journey whose goal is to know who we really are, from where we came, and where we shall go. Its aim is also to know ultimately the nature of Reality, which is also Truth as such.

As we travel upon this road of self-knowledge with the help of the means provided by tradition –means without which such a journey is in fact impossible—we gain a new perspective concerning every kind of reality with which we had identified at the beginning of our journey. We come to realize that although we are male or female, that attribute does not really define us. There is a deeper reality; one might say an androgynic reality, transcending the male- female dichotomy so that our identity is not determined simply by our gender. Nor are we simply our body and the senses although we often identify ourselves with them. As we travel upon the Sufi path, it also becomes more and more evident that what we call ‘’I’’ has its existence independent of sense perceptions and the body as a whole although the soul continues to have a consciousness of the body while being also aware through spiritual practices of the possibility of leaving it for higher realms.

Likewise, although we have emotions and psychological states with which we often identify, the spiritual path teaches us that do not define and determine our identity in the deepest sense. Infact, often we say ‘’I must control my temper’’ which demonstrates clearly that there is more than one psychological agent within human beings. As St. Thomas said, confirming Sufi teachings, ‘’Duo sunt in homine’(There are two in man). The part of us that seeks to control our temper must be distinct and not determined by the part of our that is angry and needs to be controlled. Yes, we do experience emotions, but we need not be defined by them. In the same manner, we have an imaginative faculty able to create images, and most of the time ordinary people live in the lower reaches of that world of imaginal form. Again, we are determined by those forms, and journeying upon the spiritual path is especially effective in transforming our inner imaginal landscape. As for the power of memory, it is for the most part the repository of images and forms related to earlier experiences of life. Metaphysically speaking however, it is related to our atemporal relation to our Source of Being and the intelligible world to which we belonged before our descent here to earth. That is why true knowledge according to Plato is recollection, and in Sufism the steps of the path are identified with stages of the remembrance of the Friend. Most people, however, consider these everyday remembered experiences as a major part of their identity. Yet again, the centre of our consciousness our I, cannot be identified with our ordinary memory. We can forget many things and remain the same human beings. The spiritual life may in fact the defined as the practice of techniques that enable us to forget all that we remember about the world of separation and dispersion and to remember the most important thing, which this world has caused us to forget, namely the one ‘’saving Truth’’ which is also our inner reality.

Many would say that if we are not determined by our gender, bodies, emotions, imaginative faculties, or memories, then surely we are what we think and are determined by our minds. Here we are reaching a more delicate realm. One can say with Aristotle that man is a rational animal, which means that it is in the nature of human being to think. Even as great a Sufi figure as the thirteenth- century Persian master Rumi says,

O Brother, thou art thought itself,

The rest of thy being is but sinew and bone (Mathnawi)

But by thought Rumi did not mean simply everyday discursive thought, which skips from one concept to another without the whole being of the person who holds the thought participating in the concept(even if it be true) a thought that does not go beyond the level of mental play. Moreover, conceptual knowledge can be wrong and lead to error, and excessive cerebral activity can distract our consciousness from the centre of our being. That is why mystics have also spoken of ‘’unknowing’’ and more specifically, Sufis have stated explicitly that in order to reach the Truth one has to ‘’Tear the veil of Thinking’’. In any case, while we have a mind, our true identity resides in an even deeper level of our being.

This deeper level is the heart/intellect, the heart being the centre of the human microcosm and also the organ of unitive knowledge associated with the intellect (in the medieval sense intellectus, or Greek nous, not in its current sense of reason). The heart is also where Divine Reality resides in men and women, for as the scared Hadith asserts, ‘’ The Heavens and the earth cannot contain Me, but the heart of my faithful servant dose contain Me.’’

Here, at the very centre of the heart where the Divine resides, is found the root of the ‘’I’’ and the finally answer to the question, ‘’who am I?’’ Sufism seeks to lead adepts to the heart, where they find both their true self and their Beloved and for that reason Sufi are sometimes called ‘’the people of the heart‘’ (ahi-i dil in Persian). Of course the phase ‘both their true self and their Beloved’’ does not mean any ultimate duality, for as Rumi also said, in the heart there is room for only one I. which is both the root of our true self and the Self as such. Who am I? I am the I that, having traversed all the stages of limited existence from the physical to the mental to the noumenal, has realized its own ‘nonexistence’’ and by virtue of this annihilation of the false self has returned to its roots in the Divine Reality and has become a star proximate to the Supernal Sun, which is ultimately the only I. Having passed through the door of nothingness and annihilation, I come to the realization that at the root of my consciousness, of what I call I, resides the only I that can ultimately alone is.

Neither this body am I, nor soul,

Nor these fleeting images passing by,

Nor concepts and thoughts, mental images,

Nor yet sentiments and the psyche’s labyrinth.

Who then I am? A consciousness without origin

Not born in time, nor begotten here below,

I am that which was, is and ever shall be,

A jewel in the crown of the Divine Self,

A star in firmament of the luminous One,

Being human however implies a second phase of discovery in light of the first. Having discovered his or her roots in Divine through the teachings and practices of Sufism, the Sufi then returns to the lower levels of existence, which are again seen as parts of his or her identity but not as they were before. Rather, they are transformed so that each at its own level reflects something of that supernal Reality, which determines our ultimate identity. They heart, having been discovered and its hardened shell melted through spiritual practices, emanates a light that shines upon the mind, which then, rather than jumping aimlessly from one concept to another, becomes an illuminated instrument of intellect, able to discern true knowledge and distinguish between truth and falsehood, substance and accidents, necessity and contingency, levels of existence and most of all the Absolute and the relative.

It becomes an aid in, rather than a detriment to, self-realization. The same is true of the imagination faculty, which becomes transformed in such a way to create imaginal forms reflecting higher rather than lower levels of reality and to facilitate the theophanic contemplation of sacred forms.  As for the emotions, rather than being negative and dispersing one’s spiritual energies, they become completely transformed into positive energies dominated by love, charity, empathy, and so forth and controlled by virtues. Our memories are likewise transformed, becoming the treasure-house for the remembrance of the Friend rather than a bleak warehouse filled with trivial and opaque forms, concepts and images.

We finally come to the body, which in most mystical schools in the West is looked upon primarily as an impediment to the freedom of the spirit. Of course this aspect of the body is real but another aspect is also very significant and is emphasized strongly by many schools of Sufism. First of all, we have more than one body. We have levels of subtle bodies within us corresponding to all levels of cosmic reality going up to God. Sufism makes possible the awareness of these other bodies and makes clear their role in spiritual life. Second, as the soul and the psyche become illuminated by the spirit and the real ‘’I’’ begins to shed its light on the individualized self, the body also becomes transformed by this inner illumination and in fact often becomes itself illuminated. One need only recall in the Christian context the halo is the iconography of saints and the incorruptibility of their bodies: a new and at the same time primordial relation is established in them between spirit, soul and body. In Sufism the body becomes an outward source of barakh, or grace, in the case of those men and women who have come to realize who they really are. The body also becomes a tangible and concrete external form that preserves and reflects the spirit within. It becomes the temple of the spirit.

To the question who are we? We can then answer finally that we are latent are archetypes embedded in the Divine Reality, which is the ultimate root of every ‘’I’’ and that through that archetype, which has become existentiated by God, we have existence in all realms of being from the spiritual to the physical, microcosmically and also macrocosmically. We were brought into this world in order to realize who we are and having discovered that reality to live accordingly while on earth. But this self-discovery is not possible without inner illumination, the subjective counterpart of objective revelation (upon which the former usually depends, there being occasional exception that only prove the rule). In the Islamic tradition, it is primarily Sufism that answers the basic existential question of who we are and through this answer provides guidance for a life full of spiritual felicity, marked by illumination and leading ultimately to deliverance from the bondage of all limitation.

Time; the Substantial Existence…..


I have invited time to deliver the best interview that time can deliver the best based on truth that what had happened on that very day on the phase of earth that one messenger of humanity upon the right direction of humanity and of noble cause had been assassinated……..Who done the efforts, the ultimate effort the hardcore to be on the righteous path

Time as character can portray the better picturesque along with grotesque style with the alive depiction of happenings. Time is a rare character of knowing and the knowing on the phase of earth it has been originate the day of existence for the specific place for the identification and for zonal divisions.

It is correct that time is the worst enemy of those who don’t consider its importance to avail it for their rights to be implemented but it is the best in teachings and provides the experiences that would enhance the human energies derive and incline to do efforts for the desirable results.

Time is friend to those who are consistent and persistent to their efforts and their lines to follow. Now a day Time is every character because each person has only worth for money and for earning it but time is worthy for every human being to cost the worldly life.

The reasoning for such materialistic time counting attitude is human need to attain the unlimited longings for only this worldly place where time is spaced and conquers those who tape its footsteps. Time makes history; it conquers the weakest and keeps in flow the human’s strength towards their existential and substantial reality which means to quest the hidden areas of living and life’s meaning and purpose.

For sure, somewhere the time may blocked or locked for few reasons that one could realize and meditate the human existence reasoning for that but most probably the time is in a frame of clock that revolves and turn its cards over human fate and human conscious acts.

As this world is full of wonders and mysteries, time would be considered as one of those though it’s driven actions of emotions are the most powerful and convincing. We as humans can’t wave against the flow of Time and Era, none of the power in existence can mould it but Almighty who has invented and created it.

More or less this is not only contemporary thoughts of all times and ages that man linger and fast forward sometimes his own conscious and unconscious towards the ambiguities and realities of time and sometimes get so slower that time pace fast against the common speed to catch.

The parallel, balance and equilibrium among all the realities should bring out the positive responses towards the life and certainly nothing last forever so does same case with Time it is also the part of remembrance, the part of imagination and the part of substantial breathing existing sequences. The flow goes on for us we ourselves stay, make a chance to glance upon the outlets of realities and adopt the certain ways of actions. That’s true that man can do efforts but efforts are also in bound to the rope of hope of Fate ……………

Child’s Education


Nothing you do occurs by chance; every action and thought is motivated by your unconscious at some level. In order to live in a civilized society, you have a tendency to hold back our urges and repress our impulses. However, these urges and impulses must be released in some way; they have a way of coming to the surface in disguised forms.

Human forms are not always remains the same but duly from the phase of birth to the leaning stages of growth of a human child. Though a child is little different in bodily growth in comparison to the younger ones but a child is a complete human structure at the age of 4 to 6. It’s just child sense of puberty which reaches at the age of 13 to 14.

A child is original form who can animate the innocence in a character shape. A child’s purity is the self ID of unconsciousness that speaks in the realistic truly sense. A child is a pure innocence and has originated in a liquid shape that can take any shape in real that could be vibrate or offer to a child as a environment or as in education training.

A child is Ape, though in imitation a child is very intellectual, the inspiration and motivation in child for the growth and to roam the world or to grasp the reality is very clear in child’s own world. As an expression a child is weak to elaborate his own world in a sane and intellectual way because for this he must need the orientation in conversation and a speech pace.

For this purpose to get own ID, identity knowledge, to get the status, to get the knowledge around of the world and to know own self purpose a child needs qualifications and education to not only know the materialistic world, metaphysical world, wonder of world or spiritual world.

Life is not a straight path that would be so easily understand by any self living being especially for a child. A child needs a specific caring shelter, a sense of protection and security to have alive consensus in this waking world.

Children are like roses full of innocence, purity, serenity and beauty in the garden of life which has roses up front but also the hidden thorns. Children need specific environment as the roses need the specific temperature to survive otherwise they will be wither away badly.

A child education is a worldwide thinkable element, they people who are having children more than they would enhance their good growth and treatments they are not raising them up the way children need. A parent couple who are having 4 to 5 children and the income source is not enough to support them or qualify them in the best possible way they don’t worth possibly good grooming of children in reverse when they become older and children in their full gloom they don’t pay heed to the parent rights and their duties well.

This is not only the matter of East or West, not only the matter of cultures or social systems or due to the economic systems this is because of the thinking calibers of each human couples that what they actually want from their lives and after their generations. Did they really want to recognize by the favorable deeds in this world and hereafter or they just spend the life on the universal said setups.

The support of elders and the imagination plotting, favorable inspirational projections for the growth and for the life directions and set the goal directives are very essential role for the children. This duty amplified over the parents (as they are the guardian and reason of their existence in this world) then to the social setups (collective effort of the intellectual norms as humans) then most importantly the teachers (the true soul raisers and the guardians of mind) and then the activities and the friendship relationships of children that simplify their sense of gain and confidence in their growth.

A child is complete figure of what human TO BE, they want to explore their surroundings as soon as possible and they want to express themselves in each aspect of life. For the better social system, the best goals achievements and for the identities of true human consensus a child should treat as the most important and focused image in human world as they are the future constructers and mega structures of human coming ages and to make the histories to be known on golden covers.

A child is figure who absorbs and observes then acts, child actions are not much graceful or mega illuminated but their imagination world is the Essence of Divine where there true self lives peacefully. The treatment of love, embrace and tranquility adds on their positive energies and qualities to be best as in human essence and to be fit in the race of the world.

For the upbringing of your children do adopt the best way, the best studies according to the child’s interest, and preach them the religion as well as the world’s knowledge so that they never be stay backward in the race of competition.

Children are not toys to play with their childhood and afterwards just glimpse them to the flow of the cruel time and life experiences to struggle and do efforts against the demonstrative Fate. They are responsibility of the parents, teachers and the society to keep away them from the turmoil and raise them in the best favorable way so that they will be the true constructive spirits in this world and attain their ultimate purpose and goal by animating their struggles in deserving fields.



Intellectual norms are the people who self defined, self refined and self directives, who believe in logics by believing more in search the truth by the vibrant imaginative thoughts. Their hopes lead them to achieve their goals by adopting pragmatism as practice and by committed exercises over and over again upon their intelligent themes.

Intellectuals are not the special people but actually they are especially sound in only one art of knowing themselves with in the best sequence to create harmony with the circumstances of life and its unfathomable waves that can ground anyone enjoying glory of time and can high up anyone who once slept unknowingly.

Here in the world of practice, the intellectuals justify everything by arrow the right object with the right place and with the remedy of right time. The directiveness and the selection of servitude upon the correction and corrective essence will create the special harmony for the nebula favor for human exercises.

Intellects are those who can assess the situation in the best option for action in practical world not the people who read and learn the theories and just pass the exams for the grades for the specific period of life for specific achievement.

The world’s so called timely judgments for the estimation of the intellectuals, the scale of merits are not much up marked they consider those on the level who just use their mind to flourish the worldly reorganization or knowings where as intellect demands the eye to look beyond the curtains of wisdom ………

Wisdom comes from the kingdom of sane intellect which absorbs and extracts soul and spiritual light. Intelligence demands proofs and evidences over logical happenings, where as there are lots of electromagnetic waves, layers and traveling rays which can’t be seen by naked eye but they can be sense and they can be feel.

The intellect demands sense to be aware and explore the areas which may define the enlightment of the source of objective life, but in vivid picture intellect roles not only this but it captures all the areas where senses can prevail and workout. Intelligence covers all the aspects of human roaming and growth of learning and its implementations.

Humans who can understand the mix of the exchange with the universal communication, with barriers and bridges of constructions, with the squeal of the reality and truth and with the awareness to conquer ownself by this given intellect. Intelligence is bliss, wisdom is its tool and by using it with spiritual light is the sanest act on the phase of earth.

Intellectuals are the people who not only learn to describe the extreme realities to the norms but those who self displine their needs, deeds, nature and tame their maturity with the practice of universal truth.

Such intellectuals are disappeared perhaps the dark ages are prevailed and the renaissance is required for the rebirth of time of nature for the nurse and for the awakening of souls towards this inclination.

The meaning of life is not just that the world is governing over, this is the test place not the rest place that one can stay longer or forever, nothing last forever here, nothing disguise but for little deceive. Here in this ground the playing should be unease for the goals hereafter.

The intellects are the need of time, the intellectuals the demand of world all around and their Intelectia contribution is the worthy of all above. Our generations are in distress and they ruin themselves in the smoke of age and in drug of time without knowing the actual use of their intellect. Each human being is intellectual if he/she understands the meaning and purpose of his/her life in moral essence.

Each day is new day, every morning get new ray of light for opening up new day, new morning, every being gets the ray of light in the age of living for the actual growth of one self’s intellectual harmonized spiritualism.

Wake up to the world where the callings are of yourself soul’s voice and command and where the merits of intellectuals are not of appealing the thesis or worldly theories but of knowing the reality of root of intellect due to which Adam get the Crown of Creation and be awarded as Vicegerent of Earth.

We should be the Adam of the essence of same award ………..tame self being to be intellectually high to discover the inner world as well the outer with the utmost yearning of learning ………….

Secretive Judgments


Yeah it happens in the world of humans they are lots of pretenders, infact all are as the living Nafs (Will) inside the human persuade him to be attempter that sort.  The secretive thoughts of humans are brilliantly magical though either it would be appendence of goodness or of evilness.

These inner preserved thoughts are actually the voice command of inner being which is the character of every common and special skillful being. The nature of the way of thinking may defined by the upbringing and the external environmental elements but the preserved character inside the body of human is the actual character if it has been well equipped with the spiritual identity, knowledge of truth and seek of reality and actuality based on purpose of existence of whole universe.

Secretive thoughts and judgments inspire the human internal world with the actual image he/she enhanced out of his deeds, a greedy person might have the nature of jackal inside his character, a liar may have sort of crow and strong person may have sort of lion and a cheerful person may have inspiration of a flying bird.

The judgments are the core enhanced ending for committing and commanding a character so for humans judging and passing judgments to each other, is not the correct deed because interactions and interpretations are obvious but the same stature living beings are not worth of judging each other or pre-define a standard for each other.

Humans are here in this world to act, to perform deeds based of his compiled, observed and absorbed knowledge of wisdom. As far as the human acts at best of his existence he will attain the ultimate goal.

Secretive comments of self being to any other human being are nothing but buried thoughts that would be call under the walls of inner walls of heart of human. The affectation of being that would have clash of inner and outer emotions, thoughts and verbal skills that would be not the art but the double standards of meak being who just does not have courage to adopt and accept his own words aloud to others for the better reason to explode whatever he has inside.

Consequently, judgments to pass are not for human’s conduct, they can just assess and access but they cannot judge each other. Only Creator can judge his creation by putting them in trials, because He is only One Who can reward, Bless and penalitize to the evil doers.

Judgments can be not of human conduct, the secretive words that could be hold in heart and if they are sour than it would be killing doze and poison for the spiritual deeds and motivational activities.

The secretive judgments of humans regarding goodness and spiritual deeds must hide as they grow with in the splendid gardens and within the mirrored walls of reflections of hidden goodness purity and modesty.

Secretive world should be purified and add sense of wisdom and knowledge where one self should be a splendid soul, where one can be sustained and absorbed character and so that his goodness should be spread outside of the world and his fair aura should enlighten the outer world.

Neither that would be evil and the inner prevailed darkness would be spelled outside and outer world also darken as did the inner soul of the negative thinking and of secretive arrogant judgments.

The outer aura is just like clothes of the secretive acts and positive thinking of a character what so ever the actions and the purity of spirit, soul and spiritual insight could be estimated to and peeped outside the similar convert and conduct for the reward of Eternal achievement.

Here in this world for all of us should understand ourselves purpose for the good doers and for positive pure thinking and modest deeds and Eternal seductive actions for the attraction of Ultimate Morality and Immortality in favor for the world here after.