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Give Peace A Chance!!


Today I have sincerely and openly asked few basic questions from myself that what exactly I need from my life? What actually I come through from this blessed worldly life? What basically I have gained? What basically I need from myself or from this life or from others??? What is my purpose to be here? […]

Glory Be To; Almighty Allah Subhan Talah


This is indescribable; the words are always short and very lesser in origin to elaborate the favors of Creator and it’s beyond achievement to write about all the count abilities and bounties of Lord. He is the Ultimate Truth, Ultimate Reality, Glorious in all aspects and Gracious in all controls. Glory be to Allah … […]

Self Discovery; Life is Journey ……


According to Sufi metaphysics and in fact other metaphysical traditions in general, all that exists comes from that Reality which is at once Beyond-Being and Being, and ultimately all things return to that Source. In the language of Islamic thought, including both philosophy and Sufism, the first part of journey of all beings from the […]

Time; the Substantial Existence…..


I have invited time to deliver the best interview that time can deliver the best based on truth that what had happened on that very day on the phase of earth that one messenger of humanity upon the right direction of humanity and of noble cause had been assassinated……..Who done the efforts, the ultimate effort […]

Child’s Education


Nothing you do occurs by chance; every action and thought is motivated by your unconscious at some level. In order to live in a civilized society, you have a tendency to hold back our urges and repress our impulses. However, these urges and impulses must be released in some way; they have a way of coming to the surface in […]



Intellectual norms are the people who self defined, self refined and self directives, who believe in logics by believing more in search the truth by the vibrant imaginative thoughts. Their hopes lead them to achieve their goals by adopting pragmatism as practice and by committed exercises over and over again upon their intelligent themes. Intellectuals […]

Secretive Judgments


Yeah it happens in the world of humans they are lots of pretenders, infact all are as the living Nafs (Will) inside the human persuade him to be attempter that sort.  The secretive thoughts of humans are brilliantly magical though either it would be appendence of goodness or of evilness. These inner preserved thoughts are […]