All About Faith


    Here wins, who possess the knowledge of practice for the ultimate goals with consistency and persistence …………..

Map the human existence from the day first is though complicated, similarly as to calculate the end of human world and the human history, literature and the whole profound universal existence.

Whole of realities are not the mere themes, and the world of appearances are also not just the broken mirrors with crushed images. All sounds proof to existence, all sound proof to the Truth all sound proof to the realities.
When it comes to the deepest analysis of the life of existence the major and the core reality is the Faith. It is all about the faith when comes to rewards, gain and achievement. All about Faith……..

Dominance Divine obviously convert and conflux. The images never stay the same in Nature…..The images never have the same impact as they might perceive or conceived. The images of Nature especially are very astounding, astonishing and surely they are deceptive.

The blindness to eye is the biggest loss but the worst is the blindness of heart and blindness of soul and both these blindness never can consummate the Light of Faith…..

Blindness to images is one thing, blindness to color is another. Blindness to sight is one thing, blindness to knowledge is another. Surely, when it comes to the blindness to faith it is kinda like the pot of mud with empty darkness. The darkness that could be descended in and beyond unlimited decades……

Decades of decades could be in such search and millions of millions humped in the battlefield for the sake of unknown search of spiritual enchantment regarding Faith.

Lot brings lots, and the time of lot revolves, inbounds, out bound and stays the emblem and the symbol of keep in gravitational circle, but what if could never happened without reason where as it looked like apparently, NADA, emptiness and nothingness………..

What if sky or ocean seems blue but actually they both are and actually the transparency concludes the deceptive sign of color. Transparently, is the highest most quality that could be mirror under and above, and over the surface of waters but this transparency naturally deceptive.

Deception is Nature’s remedy unseen, unknown, unblended, unacquainted, unwanted yet needed for the eye and the sense of sane, for the better enhancement for the better enhancement, for the better concealed and the revealed truths and realities.

When it comes to faith though people of ages use to dominate this rare natural and instinctive product a lot but they couldn’t possibly understand the immensity of this Divine favor and of this Divine blessings because they actually not cordial to accept the greatness and the mightiness of this favor.

Now, if we access and try to assess that what actually faith is, it is kinda like an emotion, that could be pulse easily or it is a human’s psychology need to endowed or empower a reference of gain in any kind of consultancy.

It is a faith, is a Divine Mercy for the human guidance? Or is it really a profound or unique feeling to bestow upon the spiritual demonstrations.

Faith is something beyond reach yet it is in access to human and those especially who believe and guide their own self, own selves, consciousness and self conscience. Faith deals with no science, with no intellect and with no nerves.

It actually deals with the Heart, with conscience and with the consciousness of the solidity of proofs within the limits of existence and beyond that whatever not seen but even believed is infact Faith’s miracle that the unseen existences are seen and yet believed and one could sacrifice even the most precious aspirations for the control of unseen strengths. To pave the way to such realities faith works ……..

Faith reveals, it comes to the hearts when purity astounds the seed of thought inside the human existence to revolve the senses around that what for infact the existence be in the shape and be in the signs.

Lots of questions associates with this reality, as a realistic analyst one can conclude that to be in this world is all about Faith, one who bounds to it will never go astray and one who deceive will never find it.

Faith comes when truth be the light of knowledge, it enlightens when one could deemed to it and it will be enhance when one be doomed to it.

However, there are lots of people following lots of different myths and religions but whatever they are practicing is their endowed favor or selection but what connects and fulfills the spiritual needs is just because of their intensity of faith

Here on this phase of earth is all about Faith……………….

Submission to Fate Forgeries


Fog, Fog and fog around, the smoke is out but the fog is in. How to explain this fog of heart, how to elaborate this smoke from ice, how to give words to this wheel that could roll and can bring all the memories ……..How could one ……. How could one can possible enhance or adhere all the mysterious of Nature and Divine deep inside to consciousness or to heart ….. How could one?

To make an acquaintance with those deepest unheard sounds, astounding unheard melodies and the surprising charms one could shake hand to the soul world through the mystically arranged accounts of Sufism ……

Correctly it is not only the elaboration of the words in such knowledge it is kinda like someone has taken the whole pot of poisonous water in different positioning of unconditional realities yet stay alive with the grieves and gravity of knowings ………

The mist of the knowings of such realities through the curtains behind the royal Truths, believing and be in that royal castles of knowing are not that easy …… But the question is there how could one possibly be there?? Yeah how one could?

Believing is something and the faith is something else, to have faith is one thing and to make a belief is another……To be in practice is something and be mystic enough to copy the copy of copy is something else. To be the noble one is one thing and to be a Sufi is another …..

The people who declare themselves the persons of practice of any religion they thought of the indoor to faith to just have the window to Believe but they actually remains blind to the images and the sceneries to the original beauty of the Divinity and Divine Love.

The achievement of Divine Love can be possible by the ways and the emotions of Sufism; the myth and the doctrine that explains the world with the deceptive alluring charm with the image of reality hidden inside.

The image and the picture always have the two edges of realities and two fold Truth that would be very rare be defined they just can adhere and be in delve to those who quest or who are blessed to the path to enhance such realities or they would enhance such emotions that could possibly enhance the Divine Love deep inside the pure heart with the intensity of pure and modest thoughts…….

The Divine Love is the form of Ecstasy where one can just fly to the dome of the highest most Royal Palace of the wonders, the seasons of delight there are the seasons of instincts and they becomes the Light of Soul in adequacy of all the directions and in every directions.

Fate is not just a book of hidden foresee knowledge but it is the sign of action for one being who been concluded in the pot of mud yet serenity awakes when the Light of soul itself touches it for the awakening.
The human who tries to conclude the practices under the circumstances that fate forgeries conduct…….

The submission to all the fate forgeries not that easy but the one who be submissive that much will get all the spiritual syrup for the rest of life.

Submission to fate forgeries is actually the acceptance to the deception with the originality and this can be done by the one who been blessed with the third eye. For the awakening of third eye the spirit should be pure so that it can produce the spiritual ballads for the rest of the world around.

The traps of fate which can be conclude as the forgeries they actually are ebullient to the worldly appearing tragedies though they are unbearable but they taught well the beings for their lessons to be in their consciousness memory for ever……

The eye of the person who is profoundly spiritual can read, learn and can interpret the fate forgeries into the actions where deception never shows the ugliness in appearances neither in reality nor beyond the hidden curtains ……

Remaining are the remainings but they even die when the existence subject to same ……such is the case with the submission to fate forgeries ………

Shoring Oceans ……. Salient Edges !!


Riding on the horse is a fascinating experience and it is enchanting so far that could ride on the nerves on human to tame the most faithful creature as a rider. Similar is the inspiration to fly in the air, very alluring and magical experience for sure again similar as to dive in the waters under control of nature and swim to fulfil the spiritual magnetism connected to the waters.

There is deep, unimaginable and amiable relationship and connection of human soul, human mind, and human consciousness with the waters of oceans.

Nature is kinda like mother, which soothes and nurses and nourished the creatures to the original peace and calmness in search of which one can wander around. All the alluring Nature images are the face of the charm of Nature. The charm of Nature is undoubtedly charismatic and it’s connectivity to human needs and human gravitation sources are obvious.

Nature expresses the mood through the images invent in the shape of natural signs and symbols, and they are one of the most powerful, alluring, deep, unfathomable, uncontrollable, unpredictable, unconceivable, unprocurable and untraceable in the mirror of realities, may discover as waters , as the sea, as the oceans.

Water is often used to symbolize things in literature. Water is a universal symbol of change and is often present at turning points in a story. Since water is often a sign of life, many times water represents life.
Water can also be broken up into two categories: fresh water and bad/polluted water. Fresh water can represent good health, and bad water symbolizes bad health. Water can also mean purity and cleansing.

The Ocean is a sign of power and strength, dominating all other symbols of water–due to its immensity. All life was ocean-born and life still exists in the ocean; therefore the ocean represents life. Also, the ocean represents mystery.

The ocean is known for being unpredictable and uncontrollable, hard to navigate in time of storm and sometimes known for being beautifully calm; always at its own will unknowingly, unblended, unclaimed, unlaced, unwanted and unhooked …… Sometimes, the ocean is referred to a place where you leave your bad memories, melancholy, grieves, sorrows, and sadness…..

The ocean is also known to symbolize hope, truth, and in some cases, mystery of treasures, surprise and magic. The ocean is the beauty of Nature’s unknown aspects that revealing yet unveiled and mysteriously transparent yet deceptive…….

Now nothing in this universe as universal truth which is not deceptive, every and everything is deceptive, this deceptively is actually the receptivity and acceptance of the knower, of the quieter and of the louder.

The immensity and intensity of the emotions where oceans are mentioned are very abundantly profound. The oceans shoring are the most fascinating in Nature’s works, this creativity is the mist of most astounding reality.

The surfaces of the oceans and the waves over the layers have their own idiosyncrasies, the waves those abhor and absorb the gravity of life that can mould, with draw and can even has the quality to direct fanatically and abruptly the ways of fate.

The life over the surface is immense, the life under oceans are even more universal truth, the underworld of waters, their exploration, their living uniqueness is Creator’s creation of creation, creation as creation, creation over creation and creation with in creation.

This whole world full of signs and symbols are all in all, is the emblem for the crown of creation Human’s thinking and human consciousness to renown and to perpetuate in a sane way of intellectual demonstrations to explore the universe and its’ all the aspects.

Though it is not possible to gain, to enhance, to adhere, to acquaint all the aspects of Universal Truth because Nature and its all creations are limitlessly huge and immense just like oceans. As one drop fall in ocean it becomes the part if it but all the drops which make the ocean can never be countable.

Now it is the dependency or the dominance of the consciousness either be the a drop be drop in ocean to be part of ocean, or the ocean’s waters that sustained from ages, the ocean’s waves that could astounds, allures and captures or be the ocean itself.

The consciousness is though that kinda ocean where a character soaps, surfs, swims, shores, makes noises enough in shoring yet stay salient when same wave touches the edge, the shoring wave up to and until to shore lives and dies, think and invent, breathe and sound, watch and touch ………….

The personalities, though the hidden, though by appearance they are immense, few of characters are undoubtedly are very deep same as ocean. They actually camouflage their traits to be somewhat, to ought elsewhere and to wear the livery that be with the badge and batches of deception.

Serene Skies and bright blue seas and transparency of waters of oceans all in all are deceptive. The deception is so far not negative term any more as it teaches the core lessons in that way that could never be enhanced by any other means ……

The shoring oceans, salient edges, the rocks those stays still the rocks those allow fall flows to touch them and crushed their rock bodies, the blue creations, though skies, though oceans, they all have the deception, they have the immensity of soul inside and outbound reality…..

The emotions associated with such emblem (Ocean or Sea or Waters) are the best example of the intensity, immensity and the depth of expressions. Now emotions need expression because emotions with expressions are kinda like dead shells engraved under water graves of gravity where there is no door to outside.

The expressions for emotions, and emotions for expressions both are vital for the impression of the frame of picture of life though they concerns with the Nature of Universe or though it connects the living beings under the universal Truth, it’s all about the mingling of transparency of pure drops in the waters of oceans.

The magic of expressions are charmingly alluring they can hold on even the disasters of oceans be there ………Here on earth in human world it is all about to make understanding with the Nature and it’s signs one who does actually instinctively high to catch the Nature’s sounds and Nature’s unhidden melodies they remain always sweeter in their attribute …….

Here on the earth in human world, it is proof that oceans are the major aspect of life though it is mysterious as the life itself till death and even the life after death and even after that but grace of all these realities are the observance of the decent and pure hearts full of oceanary emotions and momentary expressions ……

Yet the observance and prerversence taught the ways to shoring ocean and such virtues tendencies lead to the salient edges and they have their own myth to describe own doctrine to be described to ages ………….. Shoring oceans and salient edges………

Tendency and decency of such core realities they are truly emblem as the instinctive and intensive Ecstasy and when it comes to Ecstasy then it is itself the pot of serene waters where one can mirror all the purity in the image whatever the imagination draws ……….

This life is the ground of existence and it is extensive to another life and it is important therefore it leads and connects to unseen, unhidden and unheard all existences extensively connected to each other…….

Shoring Oceans till the salient shores, till the salient edges both ways are the intense ………strangely connected though strange but even acquainted ……. Shoring oceans, salient edges.

Flight of Imaginations


Sitting in the class room while apparently concentrating the book reading the flight of imagination is there, while working on the office table apparently staring the system the flight of imagination is there, instantly walking on footpath while thinking certain things of purchase the flight of imagination is there, Co-instantly creating check and balance to accounts the flight of imagination is obvious there……..

Now how to indoor the reality of flight of imagination? This is actually the strange but very strong sign of having human intellect wave in so many different aspects and paths that could cover the directions that vibe towards human skill to be verified in the situation trapped.

Most of the times one of the action that needs the most importantly the concentration void the action to be the best in add sense of the gain. Most of the times the inner aspect of flight of imagination ruin the apparent practice and actions…..

To analyze the core reality that why mind becomes so wonder and fonder of taking flight of imaginations which are not possibly possible for the apparent situations to be the same that one can perform the will of imagination.

Infact this imagination is the powerful element of non happenings to happenings that could create the possibilities to impossibilities, the non liabilities to liabilities, non opportunities to opportunities. Imagination is thought stranger but the straggler of inspiration.

Imagination of inspiration is actually the way out for the dream being in the stature of reality. Imagination is a frigid product, deep ponder inside, it’s like swinging air to and fro can’t hold it, can’t see it but can just can feel it. Yeah the feeling of feeling is actually the indoors to the world unknown full of sound realities, full of priceless treasury and full of remarkable mysteries.

The flight of imagination during the course of actions are actually the signs of distraction to sense of concentration apparently but infact these are the pricking of the consciousness towards the soul journey that
most of time miscalculate the apparent worldly actions.

Imagination is the weapon of fulfilling the unfilled emptiness of life lapses. It covers all and totality of living. Infact it is true that everything is possible and attainable because imagination aids human to strengthen to believe in unbelievable.

Flight of imagination though in practice is futile but to sooth the nerves’ fevers are brilliant. The fertile imagination gives fruits to the stage of action. The picture never be completed unless the sketch be colored with the patches of intensity. Surely the imagination is the intensity of gateway indoors and outdoors.

Understanding the imagination actually ends the charm of intensity of moods of thoughts as well of intensity of inspiration. Understanding temperament of imagination and the angels of imagination with more precision are where normality ends and pathology begins.

The flights of imaginations are normally embarrassing in situations, mostly very pulsive and of course conditionally confusing but infact they are profoundly astounding and persistent towards the world of perfection where the fantasy is the rulling queen ……….

Imagination is miraculous power, it is magical and magnetic. It is agnatic and gigantic somewhat it is the world of consciousness where even the meak person is the embodiment of superman. The ugliest reality can be the fantasy of heavens there.

From Intensity of sound to intensity of light, from intensity of emotion to intensity of temperament, from intensity of vibration to gravitation and from the intensity of attraction to charm imagination is the role model of paying off the healing pulse to the courage of observance and absorbance……….

Imagination strangely deals with emotional intensities as well, it is connectivity, it is vivid in explanation, yet it is mysterious to know in depth but at least it is like an atlas of human revolving circles or orbits where it covert the impossibly in possibilities.

The whole of the impact of it possibly positive to those who balance in creation of the waves of their imagination interlinked and thread to their own unheard melodies of conscience, consciousness and levels inside the human soul and spiritual realities …… ……..

Melodious and miraculous this imagination is a drop in the ocean of subject to life…. These melodies are threads are the wagging noises, are the pricking calls, and are the netting of web where the human orbits be circled in the specific aligns …… These aligns are windows to imagination and to its shoring flights ……

Nest the world with imagination that absorb the positiveness in all the corners, the nest of world needs it, the necessity here tend, to temple, to template and to tempt the directions to the align lines ……..

Nesting the life with positive light of inspirational imagination is actually the aid to soul to flourish the flesh bound to the walk on the waters, to swim in the air and to fly above high up …… up above and high…. Up and up to heavens ………

Chance the world of deep knowledge to make acquaintance with the inner , introvert imagination to conflux and to mirror the reality in the reflection of light……Chance the fate to free will to nest, to quest, to dig, to wave, to saw and till to reap…..

Chance the flight of imagination to the covers of reality to the pages of light to the book of salience and finally to know deep …………to set the treasure hunt of the unheard melodies…………

Imagination is innovative, is inspirational, is actually the thought of seed that could raise the tree……..Imagination and imagination of oneself to another is just like journey exchange and the salient conversation of solitude ……Imagination, imagination flight, flight of imagination and imagination all about completeness of incomplete, is indulgence of the ignorant, is the fullness of profound, is the pouring in the emptiness……….

Imagination seems blue, turns black and color the violet in sunshine rays colors …… It may raise up to the level where one can be the highest in the spirit level it can be ruined without birth by the falsehood of ownself defeat…..

Self defeat is the biggest defeat of all defeats of above all wars of battles……Imagination can even save the skin there ………Think the magic of imagination, make this magic be happened for the miraculous unheard melodies covert to heard melodies……….. As imagination is actually the part of motivational consciousness and motivational imagination is the highest in stature to achieve ……….

4 P’s;


Preparations, Planning, Penetrations & Practice

  • Sensitive being who feels a lot and knows little is the most unfortunate being, most unlucky creature under the sun in this whole universe. Sensitiveness is just not an emotion but it is actually the unknown, unseen and indescribable myth that connotes the sense of feel most in range.

    Some says it is itself a disease some says it is the most vital emotion we need to solicit the life and human accounts but this gigantic emotion is the most insidious, the most seductive, it can ruin most rather than to maketh the human existence on a true channel of achievements.

    Actually the emotions are the flows are as similar as the flowing waters. And similar to the waves of oceans, the need externalization. They need to solicit the harmony of the same as created and as revealed.

    Aim of scientific fulfillment but of spiritual adds sense. The spiritual, religious aspects lead the Beliefs of the human science and human sense of emotions, psyche for the force and characterization that presume the essence of living and end in the faith.

    Infact to be in this world the major purpose is to adopt, follow, grow and save the faith once it is adopted and revealed in the original sense with true and truth’s source.

    Assertiveness, perceptions, conceptions, controversial thesis theories all are separated one after another whence the emotions took place, their myth are the most important and most vivid in all aspects.

    Whence the flow of the emotions cover, or harmonized by the waves of mental flow the human acts became more and more clear and crystal to the surface of pearls of realities.

    Whence the mental waves and the emotional flows all are balanced on the scale and stature where the acts and the actions of the humans are adorn with the maturity of planning the direction, preparation of the major seeds of thinking and then the penetrations, moving towards the right direction of light and knowledge and then affirm practice and the practical and pragmatism conflux and reflection to human acts.

    Essence of essence of practice is actually the Man’s worth towards the Light of Truth. This world; the labyrinth and the maze of the tricky games, is actually full of strange truths, life is not just a simple road to walk on, and it has so many sharp turnings with deep slopes and humps.

    The character that deserves to be the most recognized among others and be in self actually the one who fortunate to be to read the fate and its’ sign for the rest has given life for the worldly aspects.

    Preparations forth with the perception of forecasted eye are actually the main stream for the human grip towards the life aspects and to be the firm and strong character building. Any work, any tiny little idea needs a preparation for the better and best outlook.

    The one who prepare flux of mind, flow of emotions and the determined psyche towards the centralized image of idea to attain is infact a character who plans and template the planning towards the penetrations of the aim concise for the action with centralization of act to be rewarded.

    Practice sharpens, maketh, rewarded, credit and cashed all the major aspects in frame of reality that could be once the part of imagination, once be the reflection. But reality is also somewhat the barrier of balloon between the consciousness and revelations.

    What creates and makes mirror to the water of realities is none other than practice in human acts, such acts are the majorly the traits of character.

    The persona of human is such a huge ocean, it’s speech with sound words are like preparations, it’s sense of careful hearing is like planning, it’s profound sight is like penetrations towards the actions and it’s implementation of conclusion is like practice, practice and practical phenomena that analogues, catalogues, enlist and index the whole idiosyncrasies pore in character.

    Preparations connect with plannings, Plannings plant penetrations, Penetrations’ connotation with practice and Practice is what human character clothed as Fate puppet. This Fate puppet could be the best will power character if stream and line up these vital 4 P’s.

    What else, what rest to realize if one realizes, foresees, smells the situations in to actions with the best adaptation of circumstances. The one who conversate in solitude to speech with unconditional conditional truth can debate any universal truth.

    Try, as try is the source in trial to test human effort in the best of gesture, the best of gesture lead the human originality in sound reality …………

    Consequently, it’s all about human effort what leads the desire below and under the oceans of conscience……. Once the conscience be the lead all effort flowered as heavens seen in this world and the one who sees heavens here will deserve the same here after ….. …….

  • Bliss Beyond Belief !!!


    So often I think the most Divine and Heavenly aspect in the life for this worldly life and thus figured out that bliss beyond belief is the actually the seed of knowledge of prayer to Creator.

    The prayer is the most important practice of Ibada; it adds the value to the life and to the human acts. This is the only source for the change of Fate and for the fate written incidents.

    Declaration of fate is mostly the most strange than the truth but it is intense revealing of the unknown realities that could be hardly be known to the human conscience and consciousness. Whence there be any switch it affects the human existence in the most powerful source that could make or ruin the tracks to be followed.

    Bliss is the way of light to human practice and when this bliss is of positive change, of positive direction, of favor of blessing and of the abundant scale of knowledge it refers to the guidance of prayer.

    The words which are associated to the praise of Creator and which links the human conscience on the phase of earth to the ways of heavens , the words are simple but pure and the words utterance out of innocence they are actually the portrait of a human fate.

    Believes are believes they can be lead to the magical escapes or to the ascending miracles what they are based on they just impact the same. The believers are same like heathens in their believes when it comes to the affirmation of the soul connection either it be to the man made stories of mental web or of Conflux Reality ……

    When bliss bestowed upon the fates of believers they become the nearer essence of the Divine Truth and the one who become nearer to that purpose can achieve the soul of faith. The assertiveness in faith, the reflection of one ray of reality and spiritual reality may convert the human soil’s existence in the Light of Originality.

    The men of honors, the men of letter, the men courage, the men of times all bent knees to the Creator for the Praise, this is not only the matter of the humans or just men but all the creations, the whole universe, the creation of creations, the trees, the birds all in all even the tiniest insects praise and bent themselves and bow above the Creator for the generous gesture of pleasing, the kind favor of prayer.

    The prayer is actually the bliss beyond belief it is the most generous and most magnificent pearl for the human beings that Creator maketh, than favored a lot limitless and then teaches and guide mankind Himself by His given scriptures and His time to time Apostles and the most vital favor that couldn’t be and never be thanked properly and it is actually the bliss beyond belief that is the teachings, the Holy Book of Quran and Prophet Muhammad PBUH, the one who taught the world the lesson of humanity, peace, love and all the major aspects that could lead the way to success.

    There are lots of favors that couldn’t be count or couldn’t be even thanked to the Creator but the bliss beyond favor and belief is the gift of prayer that could pave the two edges of bridge, that could make the fate, that enlighten the soul, that could revert the conscience to the knowledge for the happenings and the knowledge of sight and the knowledge of treasures of heart and it’s purity.

    The prayer that teaches the innocence in practice of modesty and purity would be the fulfilled one and the pleasing of it will conflux in the life through and of the practice of human acts.

    Whatever be the beliefs be in the heart, the prayer with true heart and generous words never be rejected by Lord, He is all Hearing, All Listening……

    Prayer, Pleasing aptitude and pleasure to bent before the Creator undoubtedly, is the bliss beyond belief ……… Be in practice to pray to Creator with the utmost keen conception and with pure imaginative thoughts those prayers never be rejected……

    There is infact within a need to all the creations to praise to their Creator, though no one could praise the way Lord Worth …….. Make a bridge between the Soul and Heaven, between Conscience and Creator, between Light and Reality and so on and on to the world existed but unseen to human world but the commands of which are the most ruling …………..

    Bliss beyond belief among us and we are yet searching the peace outside …..We must create vocabularies to our arties to honor such bliss and stay in such practice……

    Forwarding To The World Unknown….


    Truth is somewhere hides under waters or beyond the highest mountains, or in heavens but it has such powerful existence that no one can underestimate it or estimate it to the direction of his own. Truth has its such existence, the presence that it connects, contributes and consummate.

    Truth is the converse reflection of reality so harsh sometimes that its bitterness ruin even the beauty of it self’s existence. Sometimes truth has its beauty hide in innocence but it is seen mostly in practical world that innocence always hide the truth that attorney of the deceptive image.

    Consequently, the world unknown is the world none other than human world of consciousness and under oceans of consciousness. As every one’s mind is actually another tip of another tongue. Slip of tongue actually ruins the mind’s imagination of the add sense reality. Slip of memory is actually worst than that.

    The rule of consciousness is the most powerful it is been consume the mental energies from the universal truths around and most profoundly from the Truth Divine. Now when it comes to the vivid aspect of reality of Truth what actually it meant by implementing over the presence of existence in the living beings.

    Reality always has its’ own shades and shapes, it has reflection, it has deception, it has perceptives and conceptions all are apparently hideous but in depth as a matter of fact very insidious.

    The one who is actually attracted to this profound knowledge, infact Truth is a kind of rare knowledge which illuminates the all hidden dark corners with light with soul of right with spirit of order.

    Abundantly, Truth is actually the sign of forwarding to the world unknown of rare mysteries that could open the doors to the light of soul’s life where the self respect of the conscience is the crown of all existing aspects.
    Vividly, it has been seen that though truth in this universal reality may ruin the charm of attainments and the business of making money to ease the life but what happened when such actions convert and converse in the human characterization. Everything lost if the loss is of character.

    This character of human is actually the soul of reality and of Truth so far the person is truth lover and spread it out in all aspects the Light of Truth becomes the knowledge in all the roads on all the paths to make the guidance of the character.

    This forwarding of Truth is actually the transfer of a true soul from the base of the appearance to the peaks of realities where all the flowers are full of fragrance; all are attached to the universal acts to the heavenly rewards.

    Who said that we have nothing on earth heavenly, we have the virtue of Truth the most highest in existence and the crown of all virtues with heavens’ powers. This is infact the Light of the soul, Light of the Knowledge, Light of Universe, Light of the Heavens and the Light of the Supreme Essence.

    The world is following the footsteps of the super ego, which dominates the conscience kills it for bad reasons; murder it for the self sake for the expenses of the timely world to be hanged hereafter. World’s councils are dead when they make the characters realize only sufficiently the rights of their appearances for the livery of their skin keepings.

    Unknown realities have the worth and have mysterious sounds, profoundly enough the gravity of attraction, they make suspicious to those who have nothing but curiosity to fulfill and vibre the sound whereas it has always the path of virtue and cloth of modesty for those who feel the essence of it.

    Unknown Truths are also of the similar context, when they are hidden they must be the red carpet for the royal walk and when they disguise the apparent beauty and fall in to the rivers of dignity of reward then it comes and become forwarding to the world unknown where nothing lies, nothing sense but the Truth.

    There are uncovered Truths of the soul’s world the one who be the mystic to peep inside to gain the pearls to quest them to gather them he/she be the respected most honored most.

    Character of human is like scale, like needles of clock, like to and fro make sounds sometimes becomes quite rare of rare the character is who knows about itself in the original sense and out of thousand tripe nine stays failed in this effort.

    Whatever be the course of life for the character, whatever be the fate of the character which is mostly different from each other and so on the one who succeed in this race is the one who is higher in the virtue of recognizing the Truth of his/her character’s fate and wearing the Truth in all the acts of the human deeds so that the deeds become the speech themselves for the character to be bestowed upon the fast tracks in the turbulences if life’s trapped circumstances.

    When the character awakes and whence the sleep, when the fate awakes whence the sleep, when the conscience is awakes whence the sleep, when the consciousness is awakes whence the sleep, when the act is awakes and whence sleep, when the virtue is awakes and whence it sleep and when the Truth is awakes it never sleeps, when the Light is awakes it never sleeps to darken any course of life either on earth neither in heavens. When the Knowledge awakes it never sleeps as it follows the same measurement the Truth does the light does ………..

    To say, to write to color it not that easy what words can express, the impression of the feel and to feel the life is actually the whole core reality, who feels can sustain, can vibe, can hold on can make the Divine relations.
    No one can erase the writ of fate, no one maketh the own character but the fate, no one conceive or perceive the Truth but the digger who carbon the way forwarding to the world of existence on non existed to the scene, seen and the unseen…….

    Truth is though stranger than fiction but Truth highlights and makes the difference to know of knowing of the worth living of worth Divine………….

    Wanderings of Mind


    Mind is mysteriously extreme and extremely huge factory of sounds of thoughts. Mind is the partner role of brain and brain is the labyrinth of various numerous and unlimited imaginative perceptives, predictive innovations and periodic assertiveness.

    Mind is the huge factory of memory making, recalling the moments saved in it sometimes it make so vague images that could hardly memorize by the time be needed. And sometimes it’s so active at neurons that one may get full-fledged webbed in so many and various cores of actions.

    Mind is actually a man; this mind is infact a main magnetic and gigantic drive which controls the leadings of actions and reactions. The mind product is actually the action product, the mind thought is actually the converse reality for the appearance but it is also true that’s sometimes external realities effect the inner realities the appearance may act and contrast the image with the inner life of thought and imageries.

    Despite of the theories around the world regarding brain and mind mystery the mind is the house that holds so many wanderings of thoughts and memories. The wandering of mind brings the frets sometimes, sometimes the joys, sometimes inclined towards physical realities, sometimes towards innovative and mysterious realities, sometimes beyond reaching vibes; sometimes the nearest and tiniest objects and sometimes just to kill the worldly time …….

    The wandering of mind is a myth sometimes the involved needed but human start taking flight to another place to another world, to another personalities to know them to scroll their fate stories ………

    Theories of mind and its function are numerous. Earliest recorded speculations are from the likes of Zoroaster, the Buddha, Plato, Aristotle, and other ancient Greek, Indian and, later, Islamic and medieval European philosophers.

    Pre-modern understandings of the mind, such as the neoplatonic “nous” saw it as an aspect of the soul, in the sense of being both divine and immortal, linking human thinking with the un-changing ordering principle of the cosmos itself.

    Which attributes make up the mind is much debated. Some psychologists argue that only the “higher” intellectual functions constitute mind, particularly reason and memory. In this view the emotions—love, hate, fear, joy—are more primitive or subjective in nature and should be seen as different from the mind as such. Others argue that various rational and emotional states cannot be so separated, that they are of the same nature and origin, and should therefore be considered all part of what we call the mind.

    In popular usage mind is frequently synonymous with thought: the private conversation with ourselves that we carry on “inside our heads.” Thus we “make up our minds,” “change our minds” or are “of two minds” about something. One of the key attributes of the mind in this sense is that it is a private sphere to which no one but the owner has access.

    No one else can “know our mind.” They can only interpret what we consciously or unconsciously communicate. Broadly speaking, mental faculties are the various functions of the mind, or things the mind can “do”.
    Thought is a mental activity which allows human beings to make sense of things in the world, and to represent and interpret them in ways that are significant, or which accord with their needs, attachments, goals, commitments, plans, ends, desires, etc.

    Thinking involves the symbolic or semiotic mediation of ideas or data, as when we form concepts, engage in problem solving, reasoning and making decisions. Words that refer to similar concepts and processes include deliberation, cognition, ideation, discourse and imagination.

    Thinking is sometimes described as a “higher” cognitive function and the analysis of thinking processes is a part of cognitive psychology. It is also deeply connected with our capacity to make and use tools; to understand cause and effect; to recognize patterns of significance; to comprehend and disclose unique contexts of experience or activity; and to respond to the world in a meaningful way.

    Memory is the ability to preserve, retain, and subsequently recall, knowledge, information or experience. Although memory has traditionally been a persistent theme in philosophy, the late nineteenth and early twentieth century’s also saw the study of memory emerge as a subject of inquiry within the paradigms of cognitive psychology. In recent decades, it has become one of the pillars of a new branch of science called cognitive neuroscience, a marriage between cognitive psychology and neuroscience.

    Imagination is the activity of generating or evoking novel situations, images, ideas or other qualia in the mind. It is a characteristically subjective activity, rather than a direct or passive experience. The term is technically used in psychology for the process of reviving in the mind percepts of objects formerly given in sense perception.

    Since this use of the term conflicts with that of ordinary language, some psychologists have preferred to describe this process as “imaging” or “imagery” or to speak of it as “reproductive” as opposed to “productive” or “constructive” imagination. Things that are imagined are said to be seen in the “mind’s eye”.
    Among the many practical functions of imagination are the ability to project possible futures (or histories), to “see” things from another’s perspective, and to change the way something is perceived, including to make decisions to respond to, or enact, what is imagined.

    Consciousness in mammals (this includes humans) is an aspect of the mind generally thought to comprise qualities such as subjectivity, sentience, and the ability to perceive the relationship between oneself and one’s environment. It is a subject of much research in philosophy of mind, psychology, neuroscience, and cognitive science.

    Some philosophers divide consciousness into phenomenal consciousness, which is subjective experience itself, and access consciousness, which refers to the global availability of information to processing systems in the brain.

    Phenomenal consciousness has many different experienced qualities, often referred to as qualia. Phenomenal consciousness is usually consciousness of something or about something, a property known as intentionality in philosophy of mind.

    Philosophy of mind describes the nature of the mind, mental events, mental functions, mental properties, consciousness and their relationship to the physical body. The mind-body problem, i.e. the relationship of the mind to the body, is commonly seen as the central issue in philosophy of mind, although there are other issues concerning the nature of the mind that do not involve its relation to the physical body.

    Dualism and monism are the two major schools of thought that attempt to resolve the mind-body problem. Dualism is the position that mind and body are in some way separate from each other. It can be traced back to Plato, Aristotle and the Samkhya and Yoga schools of Hindu philosophy, but it was most precisely formulated by René Descartes in the 17th century.

    Substance dualists argue that the mind is an independently existing substance, whereas Property dualists maintain that the mind is a group of independent properties that emerge from and cannot be reduced to the brain, but that it is not a distinct substance.

    The 20th century philosopher Martin Heidegger suggested that subjective experience and activity (i.e. the “mind”) cannot be made sense of in terms of Cartesian “substances” that bear “properties” at all (whether the mind itself is thought of as a distinct, separate kind of substance or not).

    This is because the nature of subjective, qualitative experience is incoherent in terms of – or semantically incommensurable with the concept of – substances that bear properties. This is a fundamentally ontological argument.

    The wandering of mind is the approach to the unknowns, to unseen, to the miraculous attachments, to the involvement of natural resources, inclination to instinctive realities and to because of the sense’s flights ….. However the perception is there, inception is there and insidious signs are there to the sensitive souls who can tele and understand the layers and waves of the mind workings.

    Positiveness, negativeness, assertiveness and perceptiveness are the web for the wandering of mind they keep on the track if the existence and existing realities stay in shape and they will be open to the hideous ways if they can’t be maneuvered well ………

    Unknown Reasons


    All and all have reasons at core, in depth and in reality but are they actually? Sometimes we stay happy for the reasons unknown and sometimes we stay delusional for unknown reasons, sometimes melancholic, sometimes tragic and sometimes beyond the boundary of human existence and even so easy to forget the miraculous providence of truth and reality. What lies under the sun so majestic that these unknown reasons are all around?

    These are not easily comprehended all the time in all conjuncture or conjecture. However it is the part of human wisdom that humans usually associates all the available resources to the science of senses and then elaborate it to the certain levels of realities so far every human has no such norms or psychological enhancement that get all the core realities into the surface of existence but even than every human lives due to the certain reasoning of environmental resources.

    Emotions are the most parallel and unparallel scale of this study unknown reasons sometimes they are intensively so high that the wrong side seems nothing but the right to achieve. Sometimes the righteous are declared as the astray.

    Universal truths are also on the same measures, are evident but reveal are the part of one’s character as ‘A Man’s character is what his Fate’ so the connectivity of fate with character and character’s domicile what the free will and destiny marks with in lines of hands. To erase the misfortunes from the hand lines are impossible but persistence over memory cannon can be the favorable to delete the footprints of evil tragic past.

    The rhetoric questions in human life regarding uncalled tragic events or accidents never are answered in the consequences they happened. Fate brings them as the matter of fact for happenings and they just happened sometimes human consciousness be healed with the apparent time frame of the factual reality of healing remedy of time and circumstances.

    The reasons which are searched they are actually the fate lines of happenings the reasons which are not found or quested they are the subdued to be hidden from human eye as hidden realities are favorable for human consensus. For unseen realities, they are very absorbed, very sharp and very alarming ……….

    The focal point is that reasons which we understand are just the part of life where we can travel above and think beyond… But the reasons we search and we quest logic to identify or rectify happenings with evidence but we got nothing but wanderings of mind are the reasons which draw line between human acts, human practices and Divine acts and Divine laws. Divinity is the face of Miracle ……

    Miracles happened where the impossibility lies according to human mind, senses and consciousness but actually the Truth, The core Reality is nothing is Impossible for THE CREATOR, THE GOD, THE LORD, and THE ONE WHO CONTROLS……

    The unknown reasons are always around us either we can estimate them we can feel them or either we can’t …… The reasons brought life into structure and sometimes structure of life question for reasons. It’s all about known reasons which actually lead by unknown reasons…….

    To Be Continued ….