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Changing Horses in the Middle of the Stream

In the middle of the stream what we did to our ambitious rights? Do we justify ourselves or our need of success rank? Is it okay to change so often the track so easily while bothering none other than realistically … Continue reading

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What we can do is Nothing!!

Special wheels of Lot, Chance, Destiny, Fate & Time …. …… These are the entities which are beyond control of humans and they are predictably very unpredictable. They can be smoother for the peace and harmony of the souls and … Continue reading

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Life Through Reflections……

Life through reflections, Life through words, Life through images, Life in reflections, Life in words, life in images …. Life it exists…. Life where we will find you…. Where … Do in reflections….Do in Images….Do in Words… Where do… Life … Continue reading

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Magic Or Miracles…Magic And Miracles…….

Ages ago, humans practices beyond the limits of the Ethical grounds and they want to fulfill their each and every desire by the shortest possible ways and through the easy going elements. Humans are very complex and complicated beings when … Continue reading

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Absolute Words

Sometimes we lack absolute words to express the absolute impressions and expressions. Sometimes we don’t have absolute words, tongue, version or signs to express the absolute realities which we have had explored but didn’t captured them consciously— Conscious realities are … Continue reading

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From My World to Yours… …

The happiest times may occur in the most unexpected places where hidden secrets have a way of escaping. Everything happens that happened to be! Which not gonna happen is actually fascination, imagination, perception or beyond that you are lucky if … Continue reading

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On The Wings of An Angel…

What you do is in your Nature On the wings, the white wings that can carry me as easily as the morning drop on the fresh green leave ……… Flight over those wings was near to ecstasy and more than … Continue reading

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