When the ‘Want’ gets Stronger, the ‘How’ gets Easier.


Verily, very interestingy, it is well said

‘ When the ‘Want’ gets Stronger, the ‘How’ gets Easier’

True, is the life when it comes to the reality, is in front of you like a desert and you can collect what you see and drops what you feel. Eyes hold what can possibly collect the collections from the grains of the desert ……
The Desert is what the collection of several uncountable grains that could be mixture of anything that could estimate to.

What is actually the hardest to scroll is to fall empty in desert and found nothing but that one is lost due to the hardship of fate.

Even in the worst trap if the want gets stronger the how become so easier to achieve because in the whole universe the rule of thumb is that every two major entities are actually attached and in the same time detached with each other kinda like good and bad.

The toughness which comes to one’s way the easiness attached to that but seemingly the roughness comes to sight because it has the forceful impact therefore it cause and along cause affect…….

But if the worst happens than itself it is the evidence for the betterment hereafter, no time bar, no time line, none fate bar no fate line but just the believe to if be in than sometimes be out……….

The chemistry of the universe revolves around two major entities, both surprises each other most of the time but winning course is the ultimate the best in favor, the best in origin and the best as true as the truth design………

Want is one forceful entity or emotion that made its’ ways smoother by itself, want gets what it makes ways to or on the other hand it must say like that want is the winning course, the ultimatum of the will and the chance. Want plays with both, Will and Chance if lose than seek, if find than Greek …………Yeah, truth of truth:

‘’Want is winning course, the ultimatum of the Will and the Chance…Want plays with both, Will and Chance…. If lose than seek, if find than Greek….. ‘’

The bar of toughness brings the undisguised the easiness we should void the curtains from the human eyes to the spiritual eye to see through things …….

Yeah SEE THROUGH THINGS, this is another very interesting course ….

See through things is actually seeing beyond things, here materials are fake, here appearance the deceptive the disguise elements are eminent and imminent…… Conclusively: “Immense are the Eyes…..’

Immense are the eyes which see the realities, immense are the souls who see through things, immensity is the house of those souls of those eyes who bother to live beyond control who consider the world after world and hereafter world. Immense are the eyes……Immense are the souls …..Immensity is the house for those…..

Coming back to the truth of the path where one can road the life as entire effort or entire life as an effort …….Immensity for sure is there, whence the want is stronger and higher in reach than the How, the cause, the way out become easier for the oriented performer who just don’t wanna be survivor as there are many, want to be the performer. Who is performer, the one for the sky is the limit ………..

How become easier for the one who figure out the want in the right direction and the directives be the true to the path of truth than the Will stays nothing but conqueror and Chance the most opportunistic …..The one who figures out the want of want in the right direction …..Then and when the want get stronger than the How become easier…

“Immense are the Eyes…..those see through things …….see through things to get the immensity in eye that connects soul to the truth and truth of truth …..

’Want is winning course, the ultimatum of the Will and the Chance…Want plays with both, Will and Chance…. If lose than seek, if find than Greek….. ‘’

    When the ‘Want’ gets Stronger, the ‘How’ gets Easier.

The desert is the world, where survival is a gain; again the survival is the grain …..The performer never chance to survival at death but enjoys death in each breath of survival and then be called the performer …..Immense is the eye that sees through things even in the course of blindness far beyond desert ………..

“The closer I get, the more I see how far I am.”


Truth of truth is as true, as the reality cores it. Definite is nothing when nothing is definite therefore whatever human designs it contains something but what perfection is, out or circles though it may be the target but this is one thing that can never be achieved. Surely, perfection is only suites Creator’s work and it is only in Creator’s work.

Man made world is what copy of copy, and it reflects the same image as the carbon copy does……One of the most exact happening is that if the closer one gets to achieve the perfection, the more it becomes how far from it.

Sometimes it happens to the will of will, it happens in all aspects of life that one desire becomes instinctively high and achievement of it becomes more far than reach.

It becomes, it happens and the reasons are just the human conscious efforts but the truth is unconscious stay more demanding, commanding and more rulling than the conscious. It has evidence or so but one can experience and who experience can teach can express.

The chemistry of understanding this clause is simple if one can conclude that the jumping things never be the own ones, they always full of deception and deception is the only beauty that allures charismatically, what it actually does leave one heart with emptiness of desiring for nothing ….

When heart be empty of desiring nothing, nothingness fills the tracks of life with uncharm solutions. Charmed and uncharged solutions are similar as the desirous product and undesired elements of life that just be the part to travel with heavy loads. Never be the same the two opposite entities as the happiness and sorrow …….

If happiness be the part the rock is also the sign of standing high and if sorrow the heart full of, than the rainbow lights are also be mere a deception appears for few seconds and then gone by……

No matter what it stays like moon in day light too but no more in sky just for human eyes so the reasoning to decide the deception is outside in nature or inside calculative ……….

Whatever be inside world is more enhancing ….So does the eyes of human and the world of human eye which contour, converse and conflux ……..What perceive inside the conception may have the ways outside, similar as the imagination inside itself innovates outside….

Such complexity is the sign when …. Closer I get, the more I see how far I am to the things I desire to obtain the obtained, I’ll be obstinate to get involve to but they jump onwards to make my age travel on the track till I get to the thread of end spot … ..

Perhaps they are just for the teaching of lesson get closer and see the distance or travel cutting distances and get closer to watch the another distance and the another distance here after ……..And so on and this journey be finished one day ……

The jumping objects are subject to deception, deception is the beauty of alluring charm, this charm is youthful for the heart but preventing from it is the maturity which never comes unless deception rules, roles and revolves ……

Nothingness is not the purpose, nor it is something which is the revealing moods but it is truth somewhat when desires become dead due to the rotations of the unexpected heaver situations they create saga; Indus saga ………

The one most strong reasoning the things are not made for me will never be mine if they are not in my fate they never come to me, and even the rusty dusty or prolonged dead objects that never my thought even perceive can just roll over me very easily as they are for me and similarly even the shining star be mine,

If it is made for me, if it be in my fate it comes to me ………..

Where as the feelings are feelings and if the desires are so weird than why they exist to allure, to charm to overrule that one try a lot to gain them but when ever get closer get nothing but distance …..

Closer I get, the more I see how far I am ……….