Convince Or Confuse Them……


    Interesting is the talk that seeds to conversation for the sake of knowing the real idea behind any frame of mind when it comes to the exchange of communication between two, three or more.

    Whatever be the panel of communication the real Strategical mind is the inventor who perceive another’s idea with the sense of obligation, sense of smelling and send of identity.

    The matter of object is sometimes not that important and sometimes very effecting the sharp mind enhances the strategy of developments.

    Sooner or later in life, what we do it depends on the idea of practical source to be implemented, sometimes we strongly believe in something which destroys us externally as we firmly believe in where as the universal realities are not of the same signs.

    Truth of truth is that believe is to be tested and believe which is not tested is not believe but a fake affectation. Now the difference between the believe and the estimation of anything associated with faith is quite higher because they both been place in two scales. Both been detected and tested in their own way by Destiny and Divine.

    What Divine does to us we do the same to our own breeds convince them by law, order or by nature or if not than confuse them by the source which has the strength. Convince them or confuse them by this strategy the half of the business been done.

    Interesting is the talk that seeds to conversation for the sake of knowing…..
    The knowing is what is the identity that has no resource to boundary it stays with the soul
    and limitation of the enhancing power, it is empowered itself and empowers the one who
    Wants to adorn …….

    Convincing is the same empower when it is logical and when not than it needs some
    strategy and best of all to confuse in front of you who has lack in knowledge or in

    The business is done in all the way when convincing is the power and when it is unbreakable in expression to others, it never happens that it never works, it always works when picked and delivered by the intellectuals but when it is not tooled well than confusion is the core impression that can rule …..

    Thinking is bound to what the practical circle revolves, since the logics where the mental capacity demands and convincing where the Will demands and when Will is storming or not storming or stemming right then the impression to trap in fronts with the sign of confusion ….

    Convince them or confuse them ….The deal of business done!! Half of the success achieved and half by cashing your identity of true idea!!

    Interesting is the talk that seeds to conversation for the sake of knowing…..

Natural Ability!


    1. ‘Practice maketh a man’ true statement, but actually practice is some sort of exercising the elements more and more to portray the image in accuracy. Accuracy is achievable either by the practicing the element more and more or by the instinctive qualities. When it comes to instinctive qualities they are actually the fundamentality of any core reality to be in shape.

      More than practice the Natural Ability is the course of reality which is much appreciable, natural ability with practice is just like building a golden castle in the middle of stream of oceans where there no heavy layers can affect or cause any fault or damage but only the the alluring wonders that captures the sight, that captures the mind, that captures the soul, that captures and sprang the inspirations and motivations.

      Natural Ability is bestowed quality it is in higher in stature than the practice element, because practice is subject to energy and consistency and natural ability is matter of unpredictably just the performance at once. At once …..

      Finding solutions through experience again it is like practicing the ground elements
      Resolving issues via skill and decision power is what the instant creditability. The focal
      Point of understanding is that Natural Ability paves the destined components strongly in
      Shape and Identity rather than the excursing one thing again and again.

      Both becomes the emblem of innovative creations only practice is time taking consistent
      approach which is like standing up to the staircase step by step towards adopting virtues
      by natural ability is abrupt effect and impression of enhancement rare one are the
      Characters who absorb and been blessed with high Natural Abilities.

      They are fortunate people instinctively but among people they will be a bit sufferers because others rank them judge them aside them peril them being collective and get jealous of them natural ability in higher stature. This been by Divine command by nature that they been blessed the others are not than how come they be at theirs.

      Natural ability is the source which does not need the identity of competition it comes from the nature an instinct that would just command for the performances upfront. These are the positive entities yet they rest effect negative to the beings who are not blessed to such rank.

      Consequently Nature is the Divine Essence that is Rulling, Commanding, Dictating and of course the Capture Power of everything around. The Will is also the source that comes from the same orbit. Orbiting the Will and the Command both together in same scale rank is surely not easy and certainly very complicated.

      Rank your knowledge to explore the real in you and to search the real ability of Divine Blessing and revolve your efforts around it certainly then the impossible will be possible, the unachievable will be achievable.
      Draw the lines to carry the road, decline the dawn that could be harmful……. Portray what imagination speaks ….Color your personality peeping inside your own winning abilities. Won yourself to won others.

      Findings are for none if not done for yourself…… Natural Abilities may be polished with the Wit of understanding and with the wit of intellect and with the Wit of experience …..

      Draw ….. Draw the picture for the sake that gives inspiration ….Draw what drawing demands, act what practice demands, experience what will commands…… Perform what ability demands …..Demands the command and command the demands ……

      Rank your knowledge to explore the real in you !
      Practice is Something and Natural Ability is Everything !!