The art of Talking Myself!


    I have nothing learn more intense and better than talking myself, I never ever have a better friend than myself conscience…. I have never been in heavens before until I have start talking myself .

    I was a cute kid when I use to make imagination world of my own identity, my games were pure where the castles of thought and expression was nothing else than innocence ….

    My innocence was rare, was unbeatable but true enough my innocence was guided that experience taught well but can’t able to ruin the treasures of my soul…..

    I was deep though I was child I use to make my perception world be true, my playing were so transparent that all the actions belonged to home and home to actions …. The sojourn was those days and the integral part was with core focus to talk to myself …….
    I have nothing learn more than talking myself …….

    People say insane are the character who talk themselves, than why the people successful in the world around who made their inner speeches aloud …. They speak in front of mirror…….

    There is a logic a strong logic there is nothing as important as precious as Real You……There is nothing outside and no other being is that much focus of attention then being Self…. Self is a vital character which absorbs the circles of two major parts; one is of the heavenly source (Fate, Destiny, predestined identities) the second is of the earthly mere earthly ……

    Let be straight here to define that self identity the hardest rocket science but once this journey has been started it mapped the way itself ……

    Talking myself is always been art to be full of colors, full of respect to myself and decorate my thinking in front of me to make it presentable to others. I bothered nothing…. Nothing bothered me here ….

    Yet what bothers is my own Fate ……
    Talking myself is the key divine it gives the possibility to open that door perhaps no one be there earlier, it is not a sign that make some one insane but it is a skill of a highly talented and intellectual being who been blessed to learn to know and to define what been bestowed or what been destined and defined ……

    Ages been passed the analysis been done, the history been created lots of literature been gathered of different breeds from different culture of different skin humans yet the similar aspect remains the same. The Cosmic Task Master is the same the house of the Master is the same so the tricks and revolutions of the Master are also the same
    From ages of ages the human inside world is the measurement tool for the outer world. There are very strong and logical reasoning for that Nature instinctively blessed human the persona; the character with in the character / that speaks to the conscience, connect with the conscious mind the unconscious and travel up to the sub-conscious every human is a different fate book and each book re-defined/ pre-defined with all the contents and contexts to be enhanced and defined.

    Persona is the person that lives inside of a character to speak him or herself. Different people with different fates realized the different stages of the persona speeches.

    People with different thoughts and versions have their different certain or uncertain level of communicating with in self.

    Talking self is an art this art if full of expansion, extension and exterminations. This art is full of cosmic energies and full of cosmic tasking. This art is actually the firm learning with calculations of each happening. It gives actually the sign to pre-define to re-direct the things in front of oneself it is the analysis of knowing objects or the happenings prior before they exist.

    Self talking about any situation provides much debatable aspect to intellect to firmly hold on, analyze examine the idea generated or commenced. As a wonder of learning as a keen follower of my sake myth and as a being to be known by myself and thy the earning of deeds.
    I have accessed this act and art upon me very clearly in front of me as mirror. It’s like I have been through the journeys of journeys talking with mirror to reflections, reflections to mirror, objects to their shades, shades to shadows and shadows and shades.

    This gives the brightness in soul to have vividness of thought and vastness in speech. Talking self is the authentic of self appraisal and has the awareness to soul limits. The speech I would say are most probably the revelations because how one could can talk such realities without enhancing the outer on the inner aspects, in a very short period of breathings.

    Talking self is an art it is worthy to contact sometimes with self and sometimes to connect higher up to the heavens where self’s goodness is attached with the Divine.

    Talking self is an art it is revealing, relieving and profound in its own version. My poetry, my writing, my pen’s movement and though of the tongue all in all identify myself seething.

    Self knowing is the most complicated task because Nature defines nothing but swinging change with reality course sometimes favorable and sometimes not.

    What is being in, what is being out, what remains not are forever. Nothing has lasts forever. Inclination may think of; may sort of the sign to adhere up to this level. Self talking is an art in any way, in any radiant way.
    My memory is so powerful that I still remember the days when I use to learn the lessons from the book of beginners, book of learning beginners. The Radiant Way the colors of the book, the symbols and the worlds all seems to new but able to comprehend and apprehend it is not because some one teaches from outside. It is only because only self speech and self talking was as blooming and blossoming as similarly.
    Yes from the day reading and learning Radiant Way to the journey self talking and this analysis, the cosmic energies been strangely changed. The cosmic tasking had been strangely intact and severely subject to rapid changings.

    The Day I first try to learn from Radiant Way to now the technical business letters all in all cosmic knowledge lies in what we actually see through things upon the Self realizations.

    To know self and has the Real You Realizations this self talking is gainful, handful, mindful, adieu and aidful ……..

    I have nothing learn more intense and better than talking myself, I never ever have a better friend than myself conscience…. I have never been in heavens before until I have start talking myself .

    My expression of thought, my speech of thought ….

    What remains here is the thought …

    My freedom of expression, my freedom of thought and my freedom in freedom all derives from the idea provoked from persona via self debating over aspects of metaphorical realities.

    Realities comes from pre-defines realities controlled by truth and Nature of Truth.

    What stays, which is for Always and forever and it is associated with Nature ….. Remaining all is copy of copy it won’t last forever …….

    Time enfolds when ends meet ………Time enfolds all analysis in course…. I am counting the needles and their movement … I am waiting for the ultimate needle strike …Lets see my pumpkin will convert to carriage , me as Cinderella, mouse as horse …. Or this fascination may over rule by any ugly picture ……. Let’s see ….

    I’ll keep talking my self unless I stop breathing …….. Because self talking as an art if you have world of cosmic energy in yourself to learn from ………

    My innocence is rare and my experience is unique … Emblem of rare and unique enforces to know ….
    Self talking is an art it colors the picture in two ways ………

    I’ll keep talking my self unless I stop breathing …….. Because self talking as an art

Renunciation & Resurrections


Speech : Culprit Is You My Heart

    Culprit is, you my heart!! Yes you my heart, you created the world which does not exit, you made the world which not exists …. Observe and absorb your stance, the stance that makes the experience sojourns …….

    Culprit is, you my heart ……Yes you my heart …Culprit is, you who read and write for and sake of destiny be made, you are the board for destiny, the board that explains what destiny up to for you ….. We are culprit to our destiny not to deeds these deeds are seeds of destiny ….I

    n another words destiny seeds the deeds …. So what we play is the cards’ role ….

    The role of cards is bestowed not been selected, never choicer by us, never choose by us luck the fate is when been alarmed or been asked from the destiny being ….

    Culprit is you my heart, yes you my heart how much your abortion in you …you are just a piece of flesh

    Always lead your heart, always follow your heart it will never took you wrong it will never blemished you if you the heart is true and truly passionate and enfolds with true emotions…… Follow your heart ……
    Thy is the asset ….. Though you are my culprit my heart as you created the world which does not match this apparent world …. But your given world is all beauty, is all the charm, and is all the heavens …… Yes you my heart you are the friend you are the foe, you the sign of sign the soul’s demand …. The soul’s command …

    Culprit is you my heart!! Yes you my heart you created the world which does not exit, you made the world which not exists …. Observe and absorb your stance, the stance that makes the experience sojourns …….

    The seasons are subject to life and death, Nature is subject to life and death, Universe and universal all products are subject to life and death…..

    Life and death is the major circle here in this world of transformation, in this world of termination, where one comes another go …. Another comes and the later go …

    We are not the culprits of our deeds … We are the culprits of our writ of fate…. We are the culprit of our destinies ….. Where these waters stay perhaps the central place is the Heart …if one source to be most focus to blame …..

    Yes you my heart …culprit is, you my heart you created the world which does not exist ….. The clash of your given world is vice versa you give the picture of Heavens here I deal with hell ….. You have pitcher of soul …Here I have the broken mud pot …….
    Culprit is you my heart, my friend my foe, my centre, my focus, my and myself…..Culprit is you my heart ….. I sojourn the journey I made, or I want to be through, let me sojourn ….

    Change is subject to transformation and this world is full of it, here birth is important but rebirth more important than that, the concept is psychological as well as spiritual but true …Transformation is vital….. Opening of doors, one to next, next to next and to next …..

    Culprit is you my heart, my friend my foe, my centre, my focus, my and myself…..Culprit is you my heart ….. I sojourn the journey I made, or I want to be through, let me sojourn ….

    Culprit is you my heart!! Yes you my heart you created the world which does not exit, you made the world which not exists …. Observe and absorb your stance, the stance that makes the experience sojourns …….

    This world has fundamental reality of birth and re birthing, Renunciations & Resurrections ……

    What is Renunciations…..?
    It is mingling one same product with one same or one different product with different…

    What is Resurrection ….?
    The alive considered or is dead and then gain rebirth by nature, by instinct by force, by law, this Psychological rather than logical, this is Philosophical rather than rational, this is not methodological at all.

    Even then it happens by the differences, the seasons live and die, the light live and die by prevailing darkness, Day live and die when night approaches, Green leaves live and die when get yellow and rotten and so on this journey…. Travel starts from one edge to another live and die … Similarly the Human Nature, Spirit and Soul live and die in vertical limits…… We daily sleep; we die temporally and then survive….

    Daily the human muscles live and die new one generated when old one dies… One sheep die the another produce … The other produce the later die…

    This is the law, rule of thumb, no one can change it but this has change in it when renunciations and resurrections of new and old things been collective.

    We are forced to deal with the ‘underworld’ of life – the part of life that most people tend to ignore. The person confronts death in various ways – usually on a psychological level.

    (No one dies even a millisecond before their allotted time.)

    Sometimes there are near-death experiences with this transit. Generally people attend more funerals. There is a need to cope with – to come to terms with -death.

    The purpose is to lose the fear of it. So many of our true hopes and aspirations are blocked by the fear of death.

    A Child cry when get first breath in the world and this is considered positive sign for the live started, we cry when some one dies and took last breath… At both stages the fear lasts, level out To and Fro …

    People fear success, or the achievement of their heart’s desire, because somehow it ‘seems dangerous’ – one could die in the process. So, learning to deal with death will help us to live our lives in the now and in a better way.

    The heavenly bodies are signs that rotate and they have certain houses and poles to describe of bestow the details to humans physical realities …. Such houses/Poles of realities not only deal with death, but with its corollary – resurrection. And, after what you’ve been through, resurrection is in order.

    This is something to study then to apply to life. We see resurrection, renewal all around us all the time. Nature is doing this all the time. One day ‘dies’ at midnight and instantly a new day is ‘born’. The old year dies on December 31 and instantly a new year is born. In the winter the foliage dies, but is reborn in the spring. Let us not mourn the dead but, when confronted with death, let us look for the resurrection and renewal that must follow. Life never dies. Only what is born, dies.

    Rebirth is actually based on thinking, Renunciations & Resurrections subject to thinking process and to aspirations level. On a more mundane level, this is to get involved in detox regimes of all kinds. A time for getting rid of all the effete, useless material that clutters our lives – whether it be in the body, in the home, in finances or on the mental and emotional level. Old, destructive emotional and mental patterns should die -just as viruses or destructive bacteria in the body should. This is the death that gives new life.

    The end justifies the needs, the ends justify the means, the ends subject to needs, deeds and ultimately to means all are subject to one focal point and then to spread wide …

    All of us in this life die every day and live every day our first breath die to give birth to another and this what is happening to all other aspects, Yes it is certainly happening.

    Man is an amphibian beast six times role in one; this is what actually refers to same soul and spirit. This soul which is arrest in this mud pitcher is full of light but lives in darkness … Light only explores when the darkness been known and darkness been only seen when light been know…

    So the speech begins or ends culprit is you my heart, are you ….. Are you my heart? You made the world which not exists, you created the world which is imaginary, and images are for the perfect soul that holds nothing but everything …. But this everything is not possible henceforth because nothing lasts forever here …..

    The culprit is none other than you my heart you created the world that conflicts with this …… The culprit is I this heart full of such intense emotions …..

    This is not the mountains we conquer but ourselves …. I conquer you or you conquer me here at this stage? Culprit is you my heart …..

    I conquer you … Or you conquer me ….

    Culprit is you my heart ……
    You created the world which not exists …