Hide and Seek !


    1. Pee ka Boo … I see You
      I left the corner so that no one can see me, I run away to the ground to seek the place to hide, I tried but I can’t hide myself…. I am tied to some extend…. I tried …. I run, I hide behind the rock… I seek the corners but I can’t avail any chance to hide myself anywhere …. I tired myself to hide but this thing always seeks me ….

      How can one be hiding from owns shadow?
      Yes how come and where about?

      Where ever you go, or whatever you do the shadow remains the same and nearer to the soul, to actions, to the frame in existence and to the figure in course.

      Certainly or uncertainly there are many aspects where we see through things, we know the consequences or results prior but we risk our own will to detach to the inner idea of fret making, or fear sorting knife….

      Yeah we use the inner fret as knife to the outer actions to scissor the ribbon with wearing smile on lips and glasses on eyes…… Certainly all the opening things are not always for the betterment >> All opening things have the closing in mishap ….

      There are lots of consequences and circumstances when we just merely play with the identities we know around, we don’t actually bother the results or we don’t actually attached to the outcomes for the others, we feel facts and causes for ourselves, we want the advantages for ourselves, we want the goodness for us ….
      We don’t bother the rest crush for others……..

      We can seek a hide for the temporary purpose for such activities, for such prospects but we can’t actually hide in real from the shadow of consciousness, from shadow of doings, from shade of what did, what saw ………

      All are clear here …….. When selfishness is the core of action…. All is clear here, when people just call for their own sake….

      In such way, each being has the given prospects to this earthly life that could be nothing if the purpose behind is nothing and it will be very thing if there be purpose … Each purpose has its own sole and soul to action …..

      On the phase of earth there are many non value beings that are nothing but just the burden, their burden is that much heavy that no one can actually bear but they just become the part of their over whelmed games …..

      Hide and seek is not the man made game it is Divine, truly it is Divine compensations are like devastating to be acted as commanded … Solid devastating the actual idea to be copied …….

      Hide and seek is all along in this labyrinth of life, we hide from one aspect and we seek another …. We actually try to transform one sequence to another for the better circumstances but in real the demonstrated facts rule …

      Shadows never left behind, never left aside, they remain with the slide of side what ever been adopted ….

  • Destinations


    1. There are bad times, there are good times, both times are in times ……
      Contradict each other, reflect each other good times, bad times what ever the times they walk each other, represents each other, seek through each other and see through each other….

      Born on earth and you just been through happy times, is not the law of Nature, No, Never! Born on earth and you just been through ill times, is also not the law of Nature, No, Never!

      Despite of the fact that hard time or the comfort zones both are the vital cards to lead the game to destination. The configurations are that we have to be more relevant to the subject what ever be on cards…..

      Do we design our own destinations? Or they had been designed already…
      Heard about people saying that ‘You the architect of your life’, heard that ‘You are the manufacturer of your construction’… Heard that …. Heard melodies are heard they just remain in the mind as salient version … They are heard …. But what for the unheard, unheeded, unhealed melodies ……

      Do we design our own destinations?
      Personally, if I comment, somewhat yes, this is as political aspect as the beginnings and ending of the world wars …….Yes! We design somewhat we wish for or desire for but to implement or to get what we design is not certainly yes by Ultimate Boss!

      We have sole power of thinking, perceiving and imagination which is surely subject to the human Will ….

      We can perceive whatever we like and have its effect over our sound quality of action… Now action lead to actual destination is not the security or sure element unless been tested and taken vice versa….

      We Imagine anything, any where any aspect which seems impossible this is the best part of human existence that can make the inspiration alive, though it becomes the part of fantasy what fancies also have their existence at least though just in imagination …. We do design our own destinations, yes in our imaginations …..

      Thinking, once of my favorite process, which lead to the Relation of Lord to Man, Man to Lord … All in all thinking is the soul of wit, soul of identity, soul what ever the human wanted to be in the world here and after …… Yes, thus this declares we design our own destinations …. We do!

      We have soul and sole powers; Thinking, Perception & Imagination!
      Noting can match that …..

      Destinations, do they design already?
      Of course, this is another side of the same coin, flip side….
      This is another excess part of the same truth >>> Truth that this is a place just a limited place and been developed for sometimes, for some aspects and doings and here after it been cultivated in another color of picture >>> The paints applied will be taken or received the same …..

      Destinations are unique if been refined by thoughts and approached with proactive and pre-planned strategies; destinations are near when they are marked with the clipping of eyelids and eyelashes, they are very close when think and see before ……

      There are bad times, there are good times, both times are in times ……
      Destinations are not subject to good times or bad times yet destinations are marked and assemble with the good times and bad times…..

      The priorities and destinations marking are different according to the dogmas, believes and the faiths of culture, of the humans of different group of mind or circle…..

      But for sure one destination is very same for everyone where the remarks been given, the levels may be different but destination is the same, it is logically been analyzed because extension or variety is the product extension………

      Extension always comes from one central or original from one origin spot.
      Dogmas, Believes & Faiths again are the same aligned as thinking, perception and imagination….. Dogmas are for the people who need the line, Believes are for the people who hold wisdom and faith is for the Supreme Being ….

      The being which ultimate raise the self esteem, self reliance, self assurance, self reorganization, self esteem, self spirit, self identity >>>

      The being which ultimate raise the spirit of being a fair person, a simple person who hides thousands of feelings behind a happiest smile ………

      There are bad times, there are good times, both times are in times ……
      Contradict each other; reflect each other good times, bad times……

      Destinations may design by our Wills or be destined to route to, they are pleasurable if been stimulate with conviction and consistency, if destinations been seen and worked out far sighted they sat in the same stature….

      If destinations been calculated as desirable object and keep pace with practice it stay align no better what how complex the rod to the destination…. No matter what how sharp turning us been through or how much turns we have……..

      Design your destinations…. Make them goals raise up your perspectives; work out for the Ultimate goals … face the complexities with certain limits of determinations …. Conquer your will by conquering your self in actions …

      Conquer the fate by conquering your limits of Free Will …..
      Reach to the destination though at peaks, though at grounds….. Reach to the destinations, mark them, align them, plan them ……….. Strategize them ……

      Reach to the destination; they are essential for the motivation of living!
      Design your destinations, conquer them mark them for living, construct them … Make them castles to be known and stand for ages!