Phoenix Marionette


    (Long-lived Bird Puppet)

    Re-generations actually happens, life with in life is the formula. Life lived is actually earned expectancy. Longeivity sometimes is fruitful and sometimes fruitless, depending upon the seed of generation and its worth.

    None other than there is no such reality which is beneath the surface not acknowledged by nature itself. The keen eye can explore the digging holes towards the treasury.

    Usually, the least we survive, the least we grasp the grapes of life, the best we survive the best we grip the grapes. Least survival is a story of beginners, of strugglers where as best survival is for the higher beings, who are wise enough to use intellect in the course of life.

    We mix and match actually the wisdom stuff with emotional sciences. Nature, emotions have nothing to do with intellect. Emotions have their own powerful existence and unseen personas that would travel through mountains and heavens above.

    Intellect is appealing it prevails curiosity to know, to assign the task, to grap and graph the idea to amplify, to grow or a sound gain that has appearance for vanity show. This is kinda fulfillment which comes two ways introvert to extrovert and contentment lies from extrovert gain to introvert …….. Two way traffic into one …. Multitude of fortitude!

    Emotions, unseen and sometimes indescribable yet deplorable, yet well to character and makes character a well……..Deep inside deeper and core. So far the emotions are pure, clean and innocent the touch of Aura of any character would be charismatic and generic.

    Together this blessed higher intellect and emotional persona is actually like a phoenix marionette ……….It will go on in higher objective realization of self reliance, pride in taking up self among others and the connectivity with the Divine …….

    When it comes to Divine, truly enough only the one who has been ranked in this frame of intellect comes emotional sculpture can reach the Jacob’s ladder …..

    Developing a relationship with Divine is easy way to difficult and itself completion to unknown and naming to the reknown ……….. The relation with Divine is actually a blessed union and by birth instinctive connection where it has to be established most of the time.

    Intellect and emotions (Naturally, Psychologically and Spiritually) both together actually design the character by deed, by need, in deed, in need and indeed……. The one obtain purity would be the most enhanced character ………

    The alienation of one could be cause the rest deformity.
    Intellect though or the emotions subject to puppeteer for the puppet.
    Try to find out how this alien virus turned you into a doll. The task is to escape, to emerge from the chrysalis and get back to your true individuality. This isn’t easy as there is always the risk of moving on to another image (unwittingly) after metamorphosis.

    Appearances are normal component of life and relationships. They are part of the game, and you will have learned to join in without placing too much importance on them.

    It seems that neglecting something; want to walk before you can crawl.
    A marionette’s puppeteer is called a manipulator.

    The Quantum Leap
    Pythia, “When something is asked what it means, it won’t let on”.
    Only Virgil’s words can help you now: “Look closely and go on!”

    Sometimes the word of a topic itself is the explanation of the sentences and yet the explanation needs the promotion or support of the power words.

    This truth can’t be denied that every character some what is the phoenix marionette and those are powerfully enough who have the strong blend and emblem of intellect and emotions, together holding them and balance them is an art and patience is the key to balance the scales. Patient in the sense of the word’s original sense “patientia”: forbearance of exigencies, enduring trivialities and ordinariness in everyday life……

    The language of heart speaks of the Divine …….The version of intellect is the logical journey to cut down the crops for new weeds and seeds ……..

    This is Quantum Leap here on earth for the rest and next life for each higher being blessed by Supreme Nature phoenix marionette which last forever (hereafter) even then never last forever ……

    Next life is forever, this life is a chapter …. Study the chapters ….Read them and feed the best items ………… Long-lived Bird Puppet ……. Ashes and soil …..

    Sculpture yourself and see in mirror how the puppet looks …..
    Surely mirroring the puppet is sign ……..Every character is a sculpture of fate itself; ripen up the destiny that defines hidden treasures…….