Confrontations Synthesis


    The twin houses of mystery and discovery rule any journey. Each new day is launched on a fresh landscape, one that reaches out to grab our full attention. Though new adventures are a great teacher — and often a great equalizer — there is an art to living lightly in a strange land. Mindfulness and discernment become the keys not only to success, but also to survival.

    Universal realities are all about confrontations, when their syntheses are due. There are mix energies with frames of mirrors and flames of emotive forces. What if balance has been created to each soul to rise as pious? What if the desires been objectified as goal orientations? What if eye watched the same when t closed and opened? What if?

    If’s and But’s all for vain for sure. Filling words …….
    Where as mostly designed to use or to argue ……….. Logic is not only the science to understand the realities. No and never.

    Precautionary the revealing insight, seeing through things is a prophecy based spiritual essence, it would be only the blessing or it would be an opening door upon Divine Selections.

    Dilemmas are immense when these energies have been clashed among the parties. One could see through things a farsighted person actually in situations, mostly been degraded by the majority and of course majority is authority. Wisdom is one sign of precautionary insight but is not on the whole stamp.

    We say to the world the word, the brains are different. Average functions are same but Divine did the multi-serene inventions and births to each individual. Every individual is not just the norm made up of the blood, veins and so called brain but also of the most paramount entity soul. So when the brains are different so do the souls.

    Difference of opinion actually distinguishes individuality and its impressions. Certainly in all frames in all gestures all never be same. Twice energies mix and fix. Whatever is influential would win the race. Contretemps bring the variety of thoughts in flames just to be sure if they are positively taken by the audience, if caused grudges it would be failed of the objectivity of attributing the acknowledgement of the learning of shifting of the thought.

    Feign of argument of any kind would effect both ways. Obviously the bitterest effect preserved in heart would be poisonous where as anger that out burst the bitter words would affect the character’s dealings. Both ways have their consequences!

    Easy to say difficult to act!
    Most of the people say, less act and template incorrectly. Synthesis for confrontations cannot be one sided.

    It is seen that truth lies in one to the fullest but it prevails half with the wrong doers as well. The ratio of moral even in this era is effective because Divine has HIS plans for the universe and its end.

    Near to end things loose their satiability and stability, it has been observed.
    Near to death materials loose their links and roots, it has been seen.
    Near to periphery objects loose their margins and spheres, it has been analyzed.
    Near to …….

    Divine has HIS PLANS ……..
    Insight is one key that perhaps open is door, might the blessed one can do or the people who think deeply to touch the spheres of the realities.

    Divine has HIS PLANS ……..
    Confrontations are real but apprehend as deceptive. We realize sometimes only one aspect we left another. All balls cannot be circled or can be catches in one go ……

    Easy to say difficult to act!
    Most of the people say, less act and template corrective as well.
    Synthesis for confrontations cannot be one sided.

    The twin houses of mystery and discovery rule any journey and every journey.
    Errands would be made in any case more or less one place to another to seek, to learn and to act.

    Let the confrontations actively be on track for those who deserve the upper hand. The people who deserve more value than the ordinaries. Errands should be made …….

    Divine has HIS PLANS ……..
    Though the mortals most of times have not……
    If they have though…. Could be modified as only Supreme can Rule

    Divine has HIS PLANS ……..
    Insight be given to the Divine Selective Beings ……………
    Universal realities are all about confrontations, when their syntheses are due……