Specie’s Speech ….


      Water World Specie’s Speech ….

      I am a dolphin; my world is full of waters…. Full of ecstasy ….I am a dolphin ….The light I got from the world around delighted my soul I live under waters but there is no darkness…..

      I am a dolphin …

      Under waters there is a world full of creatures and species, I travel under waters on mapped ways I have made in my sight and this travelling made me friend to all around. I join groups, I visit other caves but I remain the same from my genre …

      I am a dolphin …

      The interesting exploration of mine is the light after the darkness of underworld, this darkness of underworld never made me afraid of because, I know in this world everything is travelling in specific circle. Each circle has its own identity …..

      Revolving circles are obvious they are competitive to others, I have made peace with all because this is the purpose, the core purpose being a mammal I do made peace with all, peace with all with my own species and with of different nature …….

      I am a dolphin …

      What mystery is the sea, whose stirrings speak of a hidden soul beneath….… This blessed grace which bring me the gracious kingly regions in my own, this is only that I bear Playfulness, Transcendence, Gentleness, Harmony, Intelligence, Contentment, Friendship, Community, Resurrection, Generosity, Power, art to utilize the protective, stabilizing, compassionate demeanor of being dolphin as a message of wellbeing to the pure of heart.

      Yes, I am a dolphin …

      I represent the Nature in best course of study in this life, I am a mammal, I live beneath the surface yet I have my breath on surface….. I play with the waters with mingling of air …..This is sign of gracious ….. This gracious of gracious feelings is significant and indifferent from others…. I am not a giant as I am not beast; I am not small because I am not just the subject to pathos……

      Yes, I am a dolphin …

      I am a sun dolphin significantly as Active, Life, Vibrant, Health, Renewal, and Intelligence. I am a Moon dolphin significantly as Hidden power, Intuition, Dreams, Conception, and Feminine

      This is a key understanding because as dolphin my identity of meaning is connected with themes of duality. I have to do with (Being a dolphin) both fish and mammal. I am both of the water, and an air breather. Ergo, dolphin symbolism talks to world upfront about “being in two worlds at once.” Indeed, the dolphin is a great conveyor of the concept of yin and yang.

      Yes, I am a dolphin …

      I survive not for the sake of living, I live because I know the meaning of life, I live because living is my course. I assess the world under waters and I jump towards the waters…. Sole purpose to be friend to all …….This is what my generation known for …..

      Yes, I am a dolphin …

The art of Talking Myself!


    I have nothing learn more intense and better than talking myself, I never ever have a better friend than myself conscience…. I have never been in heavens before until I have start talking myself .

    I was a cute kid when I use to make imagination world of my own identity, my games were pure where the castles of thought and expression was nothing else than innocence ….

    My innocence was rare, was unbeatable but true enough my innocence was guided that experience taught well but can’t able to ruin the treasures of my soul…..

    I was deep though I was child I use to make my perception world be true, my playing were so transparent that all the actions belonged to home and home to actions …. The sojourn was those days and the integral part was with core focus to talk to myself …….
    I have nothing learn more than talking myself …….

    People say insane are the character who talk themselves, than why the people successful in the world around who made their inner speeches aloud …. They speak in front of mirror…….

    There is a logic a strong logic there is nothing as important as precious as Real You……There is nothing outside and no other being is that much focus of attention then being Self…. Self is a vital character which absorbs the circles of two major parts; one is of the heavenly source (Fate, Destiny, predestined identities) the second is of the earthly mere earthly ……

    Let be straight here to define that self identity the hardest rocket science but once this journey has been started it mapped the way itself ……

    Talking myself is always been art to be full of colors, full of respect to myself and decorate my thinking in front of me to make it presentable to others. I bothered nothing…. Nothing bothered me here ….

    Yet what bothers is my own Fate ……
    Talking myself is the key divine it gives the possibility to open that door perhaps no one be there earlier, it is not a sign that make some one insane but it is a skill of a highly talented and intellectual being who been blessed to learn to know and to define what been bestowed or what been destined and defined ……

    Ages been passed the analysis been done, the history been created lots of literature been gathered of different breeds from different culture of different skin humans yet the similar aspect remains the same. The Cosmic Task Master is the same the house of the Master is the same so the tricks and revolutions of the Master are also the same
    From ages of ages the human inside world is the measurement tool for the outer world. There are very strong and logical reasoning for that Nature instinctively blessed human the persona; the character with in the character / that speaks to the conscience, connect with the conscious mind the unconscious and travel up to the sub-conscious every human is a different fate book and each book re-defined/ pre-defined with all the contents and contexts to be enhanced and defined.

    Persona is the person that lives inside of a character to speak him or herself. Different people with different fates realized the different stages of the persona speeches.

    People with different thoughts and versions have their different certain or uncertain level of communicating with in self.

    Talking self is an art this art if full of expansion, extension and exterminations. This art is full of cosmic energies and full of cosmic tasking. This art is actually the firm learning with calculations of each happening. It gives actually the sign to pre-define to re-direct the things in front of oneself it is the analysis of knowing objects or the happenings prior before they exist.

    Self talking about any situation provides much debatable aspect to intellect to firmly hold on, analyze examine the idea generated or commenced. As a wonder of learning as a keen follower of my sake myth and as a being to be known by myself and thy the earning of deeds.
    I have accessed this act and art upon me very clearly in front of me as mirror. It’s like I have been through the journeys of journeys talking with mirror to reflections, reflections to mirror, objects to their shades, shades to shadows and shadows and shades.

    This gives the brightness in soul to have vividness of thought and vastness in speech. Talking self is the authentic of self appraisal and has the awareness to soul limits. The speech I would say are most probably the revelations because how one could can talk such realities without enhancing the outer on the inner aspects, in a very short period of breathings.

    Talking self is an art it is worthy to contact sometimes with self and sometimes to connect higher up to the heavens where self’s goodness is attached with the Divine.

    Talking self is an art it is revealing, relieving and profound in its own version. My poetry, my writing, my pen’s movement and though of the tongue all in all identify myself seething.

    Self knowing is the most complicated task because Nature defines nothing but swinging change with reality course sometimes favorable and sometimes not.

    What is being in, what is being out, what remains not are forever. Nothing has lasts forever. Inclination may think of; may sort of the sign to adhere up to this level. Self talking is an art in any way, in any radiant way.
    My memory is so powerful that I still remember the days when I use to learn the lessons from the book of beginners, book of learning beginners. The Radiant Way the colors of the book, the symbols and the worlds all seems to new but able to comprehend and apprehend it is not because some one teaches from outside. It is only because only self speech and self talking was as blooming and blossoming as similarly.
    Yes from the day reading and learning Radiant Way to the journey self talking and this analysis, the cosmic energies been strangely changed. The cosmic tasking had been strangely intact and severely subject to rapid changings.

    The Day I first try to learn from Radiant Way to now the technical business letters all in all cosmic knowledge lies in what we actually see through things upon the Self realizations.

    To know self and has the Real You Realizations this self talking is gainful, handful, mindful, adieu and aidful ……..

    I have nothing learn more intense and better than talking myself, I never ever have a better friend than myself conscience…. I have never been in heavens before until I have start talking myself .

    My expression of thought, my speech of thought ….

    What remains here is the thought …

    My freedom of expression, my freedom of thought and my freedom in freedom all derives from the idea provoked from persona via self debating over aspects of metaphorical realities.

    Realities comes from pre-defines realities controlled by truth and Nature of Truth.

    What stays, which is for Always and forever and it is associated with Nature ….. Remaining all is copy of copy it won’t last forever …….

    Time enfolds when ends meet ………Time enfolds all analysis in course…. I am counting the needles and their movement … I am waiting for the ultimate needle strike …Lets see my pumpkin will convert to carriage , me as Cinderella, mouse as horse …. Or this fascination may over rule by any ugly picture ……. Let’s see ….

    I’ll keep talking my self unless I stop breathing …….. Because self talking as an art if you have world of cosmic energy in yourself to learn from ………

    My innocence is rare and my experience is unique … Emblem of rare and unique enforces to know ….
    Self talking is an art it colors the picture in two ways ………

    I’ll keep talking my self unless I stop breathing …….. Because self talking as an art

Life writes the Questions we pursue the Answers !


    How far this narration is correct? Is it alright to mention that we as human peruse the answers to life given questions or life itself states……. Yeah it is up to the level of anticipating that what actually the worth making, perceiving and the thinking towards the consequences of life.

    Life is not a straight road symmetrically arranged, nothing is designed here, nothing is maintained here, and nothing is the part of cosmically decorum or universally decorative that would have the specific outlook.

    The datum of life is the most unpredictable in the course, subject to various topics, heads and type of information all have mathematical calculations; theory is the sign where one can reach whence all the key words, symbols and the signs are correctly enhanced.

    Human Mind, Human Intellect and Human Behavior are basic three instincts that could allure and explore the better consequence to be better in position and better in soul development.

    It is also true that where instincts fails intellect ventures. Some times instincts are vulture and sometimes the intellect is vulture. What wins depends on the force applied. The applied force would be the enhancing one or could be the most deviating.

    Force of face or face of force both entities are the most complex, though we humans mostly been judged by the appearance where as we know they deceive as anyone can adopt any frame of face anytime with the blend of colors and liveries what ever design in style or be in fashion or culture of time frame, place frame and the mental frame of human creativity to be so.

    Now when it comes to the development or growth of anything in the universal core nothing can happened one sided. Nothing can be done as a single entity in this world. Every thing phases in action, inaction, reaction and interaction. One of the phase is empty or violated from the practical picture or work the whole of orbit, the circle of work been disturbed and none can perform the way expected or the instinctive caliber been invent to.

    As a whole work nothing can be the sign of individual in practical core of life, here everything is in double or in multiple entities with multiplex anticipations and examinations. Here action based on reasons of inaction and then inactions based on reasons of actions and then actions over the reactions and the reasoning of reactions over the interactions.

    What we say we don’t do, what we do we don’t say most of the time, voice is commendable, now it depends if it is conditionally loud or unconditionally subject to salience. Every consequence, every happening is the demandable and commendable. The only the ONE who create, who created, who made and who make it happen is the ONE can lead, can tame, can run the show…..The ONE who can, we control, who could and who is running the show.

    When there is a logic that Someone Supreme running this whole show then there is no other comment left to discuss the salient get speech here and speech get the salience. The voice becomes the lead here and lead becomes the voice.

    We as humans just can endeared and endured what just been done and what is done once made once, created once remains the same forever…..because artist knows the worth what done is done….It’s up to the mood of the artist if he personally revise the art, the scripture, the sculpture or the painting or keep looking what made is made. Keep watching identity to explore more or left what is done is done …..

    The Creator, The Lord is the greatest artist, he paints as life, he scripture the fate, the time and sculpture the humans the living beings … The Lord is the biggest of all artists He paints life that raise the questions and we humans if blessed with intellect, emotions, behavior we pursue the answers …….We humans if we want we can and if we believe it just happened as magically or miraculously vary to vary and verily very easily ……

    True is the statement life asks questions from human intellect and we as humans pursue the answers so far with the tooling and toning of mind and it’s use……

    True there is no art but in Nature, true there nothing as astonishing as Nature…..True there is nothing as amazing as Nature, true there is nothing as inspiring as Nature….True there is nothing as commendable as Nature ….True there nothing left but from beginning to end just Nature …..True verily true there is no great artist but just the Nature ….

    True are the answer if asked questions are sane, true are the questions if they get the reasoning of reasonable rational logical answers ……….True is the life if its image stays in the image of eternal mirror …True are the course…..are the doors through we pass from one edge to another ….

    True are the dreams when they been seen with open eyes and watched on happening on realistic grounds … True …… True is the life if it reflects the same or with immense imagery hereafter ….. True are the myths if they be closely studied for the rational approach … True is everything where truth be hidden …True is the truth where lies the secret of Light…..

    How u can get the answer unless u question? And most probably we question the same things where as we know the answers better than external force…..Even than we question because life is statement ……..Life is the statesman …..True if we question it is in Nature… If we answer it is also in Nature …… Quest to question and question to quest….Quest to answers and answers to quest …

    Surely what we do is in our Supreme Nature!!

Life Through Reflections……


    Life through reflections, Life through words, Life through images, Life in reflections, Life in words, life in images …. Life it exists…. Life where we will find you…. Where … Do in reflections….Do in Images….Do in Words… Where do… Life where we will find you …..

    Quest for you is time’s desire…..Quest for you is Destiny’s desire…..The desire itself desires for you ….
    Life through reflections, Life through words, Life through images…… All are same untouchable …. All in all are same untouchable….. Where do… Life where we will find you …..

    Life you are what spreading wings over like dove…….But what enhanced if you be quested always …. You be questioned always… You be lives in and yet flew away, you be the sigh of breath yet you be that take away ……. Where do… Life where we will find you …..

    Life through reflections, Life through words, Life through images…… All are same untouchable …. All in all are same untouchable….

    You exist, you echo, you be invented, you be prevented…… You have phases like faces, you character the man and man characters you ……… Where do… Life where we will find you …..

    You emblem of intensity, velocity of emotions yet you become perilously the drop vanished in huge waters…
    You are the sign, you are symbol, you are what you are, you are what you ought to be, you are what happening, and you are what destined to be ….. Where do… Life where we will find you …..

    Life you mirror yourself, watched your image and disguised yourself in reflection, you be there if words could capture you….. You delight; you embrace the one who character you …..
    Seems you breathe in the beauty and beauty breathes you …. Where do… Life where we will find you …..

    Quest for you is time’s desire…..Quest for you is Destiny’s desire…..The desire itself desires for you ….
    Life through reflections……..Life through words, Life through images, Life in reflections, Life in words, life in images ….

    You be showered, you be shadowed, you be reflected, you are what imagination’s fancy and you are shadow of thinking, thinking shadow you life! You the reflection of thinking shadow…. Where do… Life where we will find you ….. Life, you thinking shadow…You be thinking’s shadow …..

    You be the journey with in journey, you be the dream with in dream, you be the errand with in errand that just meet one edge to another end …..Life~!

Life where we should quest you ….Life should we see you through reflections, should we…. Should we see you through images, should we…… Shall we …. Should we see you through words or beyond them …. Life where…. you are captured in mirror of reflection or in reflection of mirror?

Life where it is when one quest and where it is when it never be quested just lived, life is alive … Alive though not getting you…. Life! Those who are trying to, they be salient as speech decently never have words to express you ……

Reflection are strangely shadowed they formed, reformed and also transformed. They may appear on the surfaces but they never be captured as staying images. But even reflection stays an image in the eyes of beholder.

Beholder’s eyes are kinda like mirror when reflections be captured there…… And reflections are mirror when they stay in beholder’s eyes …..

Life is also a series of reflection, series of images and long series of words; all in one similar to each other. Reflections are what exist but they actually are not they are of subtleties of realities.

Reflections have many shades, many colors but sometimes they remain transparent for the solemn soul. Compare to reflection, soul may interpret the same somehow because soul is for real with many and various subtleties but even than soul has no shape as it exists and controls but even than it’s reality remains like the reflection.

Reflection mirrors in the pure waters and in the purity of the oceanary objectivity stays subject to charm the soul. Charm to soul and soul charm to something……Charm to something or charm to nothing or charm to anything or charm to everything ……

Life in few aspects are so mysterious, pretty mysterious enough that one caught up to the level and understanding to that levels seem to be possibly impossible and such the subtleties of reflections of realities they give the inside, they give knowledge where one understand beyond understanding but expression may lost there it can’t be describable …..

Describable are the things not the subjective to things……Describable are the emotions not the subject to emotions ….. Describable are the possibilities not the subject to possibilities …..

Consequently, touch is out of reach, out of reach is what the touch……is never be achieved is the reflection of what soul depicts it can be seen and more surely can be badly and tempted to feel but touch is out there ……
To touch sometimes to so many realities are not possible but even then they exist strongly with the sense of control and they are sensory and stay long and captured a lot that lots of other seen existing stuff never grasp that strong.

Life in words and life of words are infact provoke the same illusion or delusion the reflections to do and they remain well mirror to the persona’s who played with them or swings with them make the jess of for intellectual therapies…..

They have also sensory reality again can feel they have level of emotions…..has expression the impression is there but touch is out there ……

Life through images are more speech ably speechless, they presume, they preserve, they hold on, they keeps what keeping they throw what throwing according to the seer’s watch……….

And accordingly what itself demands to be because it is alive, it is as alive as reflection, it is as vital as reflection it is as clear as the image, it is as true as the words, it’s as magical as the charmer’s charm, it’s as magnificent as the magnum of pearl and it is as real yet disguised as THE REFLECTION ……….

Life the reflection of the reflection, Reflections is what life’s image and the living moments are the words for the speech that allures ……..

The reflection in the water
The things I want in life
Are of the reflections in the water
When I go to touch it
It ripples and fades away

Only then re-appear
To toy and taunt my head
For then again I try to touch it
It ripples and fades away…

Sometimes it laughing at me
And at times it would glare
I would still try to touch it
It ripples and fades away

Every day I would sit for hours
Staring at the reflection in the water
I would reach out my hand and try to touch it
It ripples and fades away

    You be the journey with in journey, you be the dream with in dream, you be the errand with in errand that just meet one edge to another end …..Life~!

    You are chapter within chapter, you are ocean with in ocean, you are what within you within you……Life is what life within you….Life is what the breath within you… Life is what the essence within you, life is what nature within you, life is what the thinking within you, life is what the moment of living within you, life is what momentum of moments within you, life is what the counting of breath within you ……….

    Life is what the life within you ….. Do in reflections….Do in Images….Do in Words… Life is in reflections, in images, in words…….

    Life through reflections, Life through words, Life through images, Life in reflections, Life in words, life in images ….
    Where do… Life where we will find you …..Where we will…. Will! Where you find HER (Life)?

From My World to Yours… …


The happiest times may occur in the most unexpected places where hidden secrets have a way of escaping. Everything happens that happened to be!

Which not gonna happen is actually fascination, imagination, perception or beyond that you are lucky if you seen or feel such things, that you have access and excess to them! Essence the Divine!!

Your world is not much different to mine but it is significant, it has all elements that could link up to mine but even than what are the differences?

Difference is your eyes are two fixed to your face and mine fix to mine unless one’s eyes do not step other’s sight can’t be the tears of the same eye.

Perfection is nowhere in the world, but when it comes to my fascination it is, when it comes to my incredible imagination it is, when it comes to the art of perception of mine it is and when it lacks indoors of mine consciousness somewhere than I will conceive it from the Nature’s extracts and from Creator’s work which is more than perfection, more than perfection of perfection.

Perfection from my world of Nature to yours is not much distant but even than far behind or far beyond what it seems and what it ought to be.

Again the matter is of difference? Difference from My World to Yours…….

What shines is light or reflection of light, the morning drop like a pearl or the eyes those eyes that are more worth than pearls and reflects more than light as they can enhance the image just like mirror captures unless the image dropped by eyes once lashes clicked and in mirror one face can’t stays longer and so many faces travel to watch in it. Difference from My World to Yours…….

Perfection is nowhere in the world…but close to it many things even the man made things near to perfection what causes? Flawless practice is close and near to perfection……. Nothing is perfect but perfection has the boundaries the closet of it is flawless practice. Difference from My World to Yours…….

Difference remains the difference when it is distant in thought and may not be wiped from the image of thought but if could be erased from there than there will be no differences …….

Even yet they were but they will than transformed and transferred into the newest aspect of similarities. Now what cause similarities? Similarities ….. From My World to Yours…….

Easy to endure, when a swan swims over water and when two ducks swim over water, their swimming generates the generosity of gravity they make the water circles around and these water timely circles are exactly the orbits of chosen swimmers of their kind the similarity arise when they together face, feel, fret, fight, follow, frost, forward and find what the Nature culcated to them…… From My World to Yours…….

The happiest times may occur in the most unexpected places where hidden secrets have a way of escaping. Everything happens that happened to be! From My World to Yours…….

Life at my door is what I look into the reflection of images of own conscious or unconscious mirror and life at yours gate what want deserves to be at edge …In My world want wants me to Will the blanks, at yours the blanks are subject to Will and want rush to crowd…..

Everything happens that happened to be! From My World to Yours…….

Outside crowd do nothing but ruin the actual spiritual beauty that one naturally wear in to conscience where as in my world the inner crowd is enough to explore there were lots of lots colors yet to examine. Exploration in important and that’s enough for the gregarious being who Will at Own……. From My World to Yours…….

Examination is must where one analysis the reasons with the liquid of logic but the sky’s limit can’t analyze or can’t me examine, the star’s birth or death can’t be count on or examine, if dreams live on than there life can’t be examine……

The differences or similarities all worth in human world to the celestial beings to the pure beings and to the beings who are mingles to light to knowledge there be just is just….There be the happenings of the crystal practices, metaphysical realities and the imagination on stage in character for the performance ……This what bridge from my world to yours…….

From my world to yours ……



From the smile of a new born baby to the innocence of face of kitten all in all is beauty…… Nature disguise in mother’s instinct or the blooming flower all in all is beauty…… playing child in fantasy and the splendid roses all in all is beauty ……. Sky to the green lands, trees to the touch me not plant all in all is beauty …..Heavens to earth all in all is beauty………..Stars to galaxies; moon to light all in all is beauty……. Passion into vision to action, words from language to salience all in all is beauty ……..Creations into existence, creatures alive all in all is beauty……Time of realization, Intelectia of sound knowledge all in all is beauty……………lamb to rabbit, fish to bird, animal to human all in all is beauty………

Beauty normally sounds alluring and the best to refer it is the womanish personality that could charm the gaze and awake an idea of wonder of creation…..But the sound woman beauty is best in disguise, in Hijab not the way the epoch of media is presenting…….. . Beauty be associated with some extend to woman when it comes to discussion in human world, but what if it would be associated with every single moment and momentum and each little to bigger aspects of universal spectrum………..What if it could be describe in more wider horizon to involve the passion, inspiration be part of beauty ………..

Sense of beauty is one of the fundamental aesthetic senses which allure not only the human apparent reality but also the unseen emotions; beauty is none other than a type of weakness for humans without this human world is like garden of thorns, the apparent beauty though alluring but has both sided effect, one side is that which is essential because beauty’s positive aspect that apparent beauty sense the beauty of vision and sooth the human sense of ecstasy to explore the universe full of mystery and hidden treasures. Second part, beauty is mysterious and it is deceptive, it is alluringly charming and such charm sometimes ruins the worth of the importance that could be fall in challenge, could be fall in trap to test, and could be puppet for testimony. The dark aspect of beauty is mysteriously dangerous as literature produced till yet and the aspect that covers the light of beauty is based on ecstasy that could be surely in higher stature expressed as Tajliat E Kudrat; the measures and beauty of Nature.

Many of the famous, known and prolific writers all around the world write about the beauty in their own style with sense of profoundness and with pride of their visionary power and strength. Some defined their nation’s beauty of ability, some defined their land beauty and some select the Nature and Natural beauty to explore. Beauty is the most charming reality and its presence is the witness and evidence of existence. Beauty can be an expression, an impression and can be an action of practice.

Beauty can be search through and can be observed on in the biggest aspects of life but even in the little secrets that could a child hold in his mind, that could be the silliest thought but in child vision important for his growing years.

All the visionary people who have beauty of thought, who have the beauty of version, who know the worth of the purity, modesty deeds and manners that could make them higher in stature they express always the inspirational side of their lives and their enlightened vision.

As all the major aspects comes from inside world like motivation, inspiration outer source are vital for implementations, for practice and for the exercise of actions so the beauty may be the essence of outer source Nature or of the Inner source Nature all would be wonderful if they charm human sense of aesthetic, sense of building, sense of arts and crafts, sense of living with mannerism, sense of spiritual ecstasy that reveal to human awareness that beauty lies in originally what we naturally are and in adopting the best deeds among the other human beings by serving them with kindness , politeness, with loyalty and with humanity. Beauty lies in the sense of thinking and in vision that could enlighten the outer source with inspiration and motivation to be good in all aspects of life.

Beauty is what a human attain in front of Creation by good deeds, by supporting living beings and caring the life as the precious most gift of Nature to strengthen the relation of creation with the Creator ………..

Aesthetics Sense


Aesthetic Sense is a sense just like other five basic senses in human structure, it may compare to the common sense or on the contrary it may little higher in stature than the common sense, because common sense is a sense which is not commonly used by common people upon the common aspects of life …………But even than this sense relates to the senses to sense the situations and sense to define the sensible things…………..

And where there no common sense will be used there the commendable, commence able, recommendable source of sense may appear as Aesthetic sense, which relates to the human arts, designs, beauty and appearance, culture and decorative sense of attitude.

Human consensus are the amazingly astonish senses, that could make foot prints in the mountains, construct the blueprinted lands, make houses in mountains , that could made the floor of jewels and shelves of pearls…. Human sense of art and art of construction, human sense of beauty and art of beauty, human sense of consumerism to conquer the world upon the will or for the fulfillment of just sense of luxuriousness not enough for human senses…………….

Human sense is higher and the embodiments of human art all around the world are worth praising. Though they were Muslims, they were christens or belong to other dynasties and religions, all the nations in the world in all the times and eras worked out for the best quested art and art of beauty in all aspects.

For the art and arts of beauty humans are never bound to the phase, time or boundaries, human’s senses and mind never paralysis the sense of art and beauty to any limit bust always quest and search for the precious most ways to establish human aesthetic sense.

Man is made to quest the identities of inner world in the outer wonder land where human has been send to deliver the message of Creator with love, harmony and with instinctive sense of art and beauty.

Beauty and art of beauty is the weakness of mankind, the search of innocence and experience in such arts calculative as sketching, painting, architects, human sources of gathering nature aspects all are the part of human aesthetics…………

Whatsoever be the reasoning behind the images or the reflection of human inspiration for the sense of art and beauty, rare or random, common or uncommon, special or precious all above that human is instinctive mammal who core and adores all the aspects that capture beauty and even human mind essence has this ability to express and to snatch the precious and priceless treasures and made them the wonder for all the generations and among all other human races.

Around the world there are lots of Muslim made monuments, Arts and Crafts, Calligraphy , beautiful and charmful Mosques that could rapped gaze top to toe and hold sight till the breath last the ages and times are witness over the magical aspects and grooming of human aesthetic senses. Muslim Sultans to Kings, Prophets to Caliphs all worthy effect and prefer and appreciate the sense of this highly recommendable source and such arts. Islamic Aesthetics are finest among all nations and alluring and charismatic that enhance craving effectiveness……..

Similarly, there is no difference or division of religion of gender or skins to highlight the sense of extremes in due course………The Medieval Era to Renaissance all eras are commendable for the human aesthetic sense  on the higher level ………there are lots of churches and cathedrals especially situated in Italy, France surely in Europe which are eye catching and praise worthy in sense that how could man think to establish them in such a perfect realism, and how man fulfill the image of mind in pragmatism………

Man truly portrays his heart’s will in aesthetic sense while involving the heart core efforts to capture the universal invincible galaxies ….Human Heart in such effort and quest is seeker, peeper, deeper, reaper…. its stays in the hidden area of body but moves and swings all the way in universe…………………

Human essence of delivering the art, diverting the art, explaining the art, observing the art and absorbing the art is fabulous enough to challenge his own imagination to conquer the impossible and the toughest complicated shadow of unknown arts that could introduce to the generations after generations……

The constructions art of beauty, the speech art of beauty, the writings in art of beauty where ever the human consent matched the intensive idea and the intense ideological inspirations human could and would raise above than thoughts and cross the boundaries beyond essence known ……. Consequently human essence and senses are the utmost desirable corners to conquer and edges to shore……

Sense of art of knowledge, essence of art of beauty all above is very impressive, magical electromagnetic power that empowers and magnetically attracts and contracts human consensus through and upon the new and driven aspects to represent in innovative Brilliancy and Excellency. This excellency could and would convert in hyper excellency once wisely advert and convert to nations and to world with knowledge and ultimate message to achieve goals……

Human sense of New Aesthetic Sense in modern development that would be finest and refinest of all is the aesthetic one that could lead to the incredible achievements, invincible satisfaction of human will and wonderful inspiration to the world and alluring essence that could beautify the land of man with humane wise acts ………..

The Source of Life – The Colors


Each object or molecule may stay transparent but Lord has not maketh ever thing transparent because dulibility is also a study which is vivid and deep to learn. The source of life is the COLORS and Almighty Allah has blessed, spread and sprinkled them in the whole universe.

Universe adorns and at torn them fabulously with their true identities of meaning hidden even than the colors are the rest of the life recognizations path. There are natural chemistry over the color schemes few of the most vital natural sources are transparent but they reflect color like water of ocean, of rives and seas like SKY.

Consequently, Nature and natural source is full of tangent colors that spread the ray of learning spirit and light of knowing. Color is source by nature is simply and symbolically represents by the Rainbow, this bow sprinkled the rays of different colors seven in number but each of them reflects more colors which has been originated by creative senses of humans.
The artistic side of human senses always intimates something unique and innovative; Colors are the soul of humans’ creative senses, Colors are the source of life and they absorb human’s style and way to adopt them.

Colors brief following symbolic details and expressions:

    ‘’ Color Symbolism Chart’’
    RED- Excitement, energy, passion, love, desire, speed, strength, power, heat, aggression, danger, fire, blood, war, violence, all things intense and passionate.

    PINK- Pink symbolizes love and romance, caring, tenderness, acceptance and calm.

    BEIGE- Beige and ivory symbolize unification. Ivory symbolizes quiet and pleasantness. Beige symbolizes calm and simplicity.

    YELLOW- Joy, happiness, betrayal, optimism, idealism, imagination, hope, sunshine, summer, gold, philosophy, dishonesty, cowardice, jealousy, covetousness, deceit, illness, hazard and friendship.

    BLUE- Peace, tranquility, cold, calm, stability, harmony, unity, trust, truth, confidence, conservatism, security, cleanliness, order, loyalty, sky, water, technology, depression, appetite suppressant.

    TURQUOISE- Turquoise symbolizes calm. Teal symbolizes sophistication. Aquamarine symbolizes water. Lighter turquoise has a feminine appeal.

    PURPLE- Royalty, nobility, spirituality, ceremony, mysterious, transformation, wisdom, enlightenment, cruelty, arrogance, mourning.

    LAVENDER- Lavender symbolizes femininity, grace and elegance.

    AMBER- Energy, balance, enthusiasm, warmth, vibrant, expansive, flamboyant, demanding of attention.

    GREEN- Nature, environment, healthy, good luck, renewal, youth, spring, generosity, fertility, jealousy, inexperience, envy, misfortune, vigor.

    BROWN- Earth, stability, hearth, home, outdoors, reliability, comfort, endurance, simplicity, and comfort.

    GREY- Security, reliability, intelligence, staid, modesty, dignity, maturity, solid, conservative, practical, old age, sadness, boring. Silver symbolizes calm.

    WHITE- Reverence, purity, birth, simplicity, cleanliness, peace, humility, precision, innocence, youth, winter, snow, good, sterility, marriage (Western cultures), death (Eastern cultures), cold, clinical.

    BLACK- Power, sexuality, sophistication, formality, elegance, wealth, mystery, fear, evil, unhappiness, depth, style, evil, sadness, remorse, anger, anonymity, underground, good technical color, mourning, death (Western cultures).

The colors represent so many deep meanings and their presence makes life quite presentable the colors change moods and brings variation in human nature of thinking and understanding. The color combinations bring design senses to humans

Now days the systematic color schemes and their presentations bring so many integral and external coverage to the human domain of thinking and presenting their creative and artistic ideas. A nature gives so many blessed colors to universe and universe wrapped in such colors with dignity of serenity and elegance. The diligence of the colors and its combinations’ are the most beautiful source for the whole universe and human life.

Humans are blessed of so many Natures’ blessings and colors are one of the major source. Colors are the manifestation of natural creativity which covers the depth and dominance of reality in so many shapes and ways. Colors spread happiness and are the surely the expressions of emotions.

Human psyche represents colors and absorb colors with their divine essence and veneration of main identities. Consequently, All colors are the birth of rainbow colors and more to invent that could make more delightful the life of universe………………………………..

‘Castle Of Thought’


So far the ‘Castle of Thought ‘never exists in reality, but it depends on a person to make reality as refine as per his image of thought. Reality has its’ own truths, own false, own success, own falls; it brings forward what a human can estimate sometimes and may not judge most of the times. Every roar of laughter brings tears afterwards, and every tear may conclude in smile any time, this refers unpredictability the person who float with the flow while stabling with the waves of ocean of life got sum up with the shore of desirable results, sometimes find empty shells and luckily sometimes ‘A shell with a Pearl’. Sometimes open shells with nothing inside. A drop of morning water if captured in the womb of shell will become the Pearl and fortune shows such mercy to lucky shell not to the every shell.  

Ringing…………. A bell……….. Outside world…..or inside somewhere!! This darkness may it gulp by ultimate lightening …………Happenings…..Castle of Thought —–>

Though is the whispering of soul in mind, if the thought is positive, soul is an inspiration the true and light absorbing soul. Thought mostly inspirational and comes from inside—If a being been through the incidents can be as clear in his mind as the true spread worthy mind with fresh thinking and fresh bell of air.

The Art of Virtue is Reality ….’Truth needs no colour,

With ITS’ colour fix’d;
Beauty no pencil, beauty’s truth to lay;
But best is best, if never intermix’d?’ —– The deep thinker is bornly adore Truth Color with beauty, calculatively Virtue of Reality —-

A purity of thought is like a virgin, a beauty untouched and as deep as the ocean is keeping the treasures in heart of its chest and having water over the surface and under the surfaces. Beauty and clarity of thought is much important for the reflection outside over all to the personality, to image and to the ground reality.

Some times it’s hard to portray the true imagination or the deep thought having golden castles in it, but when one try to explain the true identities of the conscious mind and soul. The elaborations for thoughts there are many but regarding the special thought that contains the ideology that’s not much easy.

The special thought –is just like a pearl in a shell that takes thousands years to make it the most precious among all – Consequently the Castle of Thought is mine instinctive perspective for which I wish to sketch the image in my mind and with the Grace of Allah I will template soon – here the message is that True Image and Light of thought may express to the world for the sake of knowing because Knowing is itself a institute of life and its right path —- (To Be Continued)

The Pen


In this world the pen is the vital aspect of education. The history of pen is eternal and divine it is the strength of pen that what ever human can sketch or save will revert back as it is after so many centuries.

These days living in the digital age, you get so caught up in emails and Face book and Twitter. There’s something to be said about handwritten notes–they really show how much time and effort you’ve put into the thoughts.

There are so many other terminologies to replace the pen in these living days but even than Pen stays in its position it can not replace by any new terminology.

Pen is the product of achievers now days, business symbol as well and arts and craft do explore by this tiny little object. To say it object is not fair because this is powerful source that may convert pagan to accept the truth is real sense.

To convert is not that easy but PEN can do this!

Pen is divine source; ink of it is like an ocean that can consume many species deep inside to develop them to be care taker of them. A pen is very important because a hand-written letter has explosive social impact.

The words written once can never erase as the pen got the importance of words by explaining and elaborating the idea what ever the writer wants to express.

To write is not important but what is written by the quality of pen and style and theme may express by the wordings are more important.

Pen is the most expressionist unconquerable object that may describe any subject of life. It plays vital role for the status and stasis of human up bringing and human idsyncrasis are only impressionistic because of PEN.

It is understood that LORD Himself defines the importance by blessing human to:


The importance of pen is verily mention in ISLAM and Morley in other religions too. The life is too short to understand the importance of PEN however KALAM is profound and extravagant that achieve the identity of reality.

PEN is sort of puzzle but not to those who know the way to use it if the use of it is positive than one can conquer the world around if the use is damaged by one’s own prejudiced mind than there is no worth of it.

It is worth living and worth developing that pen can underestimate, overestimate and even cause extremism in writer through which he can explores the world.

World will not last forever so do every worldly thing but as PEN is divine source which remains in the same position and strategic.

Consequently it is not a product that violates seasonally it is itself a character, a persona, a self writer and a divine speaker through the hands of writers.