‘’The function of the artist is to invent, not to chronicle.’’
    Transitional changings are always welcomed, even not though they just occur. This is how life treats lots of humans in the domain where the surface reality looks mirror to the depth but truly it would never be. Natural realities are mysterious. From day to dawn, from light to darkness, from sky to land, from ocean to sand and from galaxies to species.

    Every human is unique and thou the artist. There are truths which are hidden and darker in shades and there are truths, they are sublime, lighter and float over the surfaces. “Solitude sometimes is best society.”

    Every living creature has a chain. They come from someone. They have origin and cause. Humans been given religion and guideline to follow, so that their generations been know with the identity. So that their connections been defined and their threads been contacted.
    Hence, their ancestors been manifested in record of history and that leads to their future generations. “How terrible– to see the truth when the truth is only pain to him who sees!” Biopsy of limitless and unlimited never the same. Humans, cultivate the same what they saw………… Really?

    Today parents are worried for their kids, since collectively they are of the view that this generation is different they are so fast, they have no patience and no consistency. They need change so rapidly. This is worldwide view and thought authenticated somewhat.

    Simultaneously, eastern and monotheist parents are surprised how their children fall for illicit relationships and even than justify themselves where as their genetics are not rooted so. Lust to explore new is very obvious in coming generation. They are not even deprived, but still restless and instinctively empty. Those who jump to conclusions may go wrong.”

    The reasons could be many, if science would search the logics for human behavior and their layered psychology; where a self is a monologue. There could be verity of flavors and multiple demonstrations. To manifest once core reality is never be easy.
    As an example, parents were bond in one singular strength base relationship and their off springs are indulged in multiple sex orientation rather than to stick one qualify long term relationship. This is not that they got grooming for this, either this not even what their initial learning is. This is perhaps 85% of atmosphere or social impact, what going on around.

    This is vulnerability of roaming. “Thou lov’st to speak in riddles and dark words.” Out of 100 may be 2 % would be the neat souls or bodies, rest all been afflicted. This affliction damages self-image frame. Why that’s so?

    If physical world has its logics and reasons so do the psychological prospects. Soul has its own grounds. This is not religion which taught goodness or badness. It’s Nature, goodness and badness is made and both have their own strength, race, circles and influences.

    ‘’Vanity and pride are different things, though the words are often used synonymously. A person may be proud without being vain. Pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves; vanity, to what we would have others think of us.’’

    Guilt comes if an innocent been killed accidentally or deliberately. This is value or Moral?

    Level of Goodness or Badness.
    Or goodness sometimes comes out of committing something bad or maybe badness can over whelmed out of some good act to be done. Fate of humans so do the deeds of humans are tricky. Both plays whenever the conspicuous and conscious mind not aware how to thread both.

    How it works? Very transparently with the level of intention. Deed/ act can be manifest. Thought/ intention cannot, still they exist and they have more value and impact than the act some times. ‘’Art is individualism, and individualism is a disturbing and disintegrating force.’’

    Worth comes as gem, if act and intention both stays pure, actual, truthful and influential. It proves itself as success in worldly life and hereafter. This goodness by nature and in nature. That would considered as value and moral in thread if socially applied.

    There is always TIME for everything. Time defines the worth of fate collectively. There is Good Time and there is bad Time by Divine registered. We just go through, whatever good or bad amplified. ‘’Every savage can dance.’’

    What comes from genetics or ancestors than? Very surely the appearance of breed that is most probably physical stuff. The dominance starts right from here, if the darker skin toner is dominant the of springs absorb the same. Similarly in another case of lighter tones.

    This is how the same with SOUL? God forbid, soul is not mix and match physiognomy, neither sex-orientation material. This is by the Order of Almighty and with the order of Almighty and for the Order of Almighty.

    Therefore, it only in Divine control either it would be instinctively structured on goodness or badness. Either it would be tracked down to the same mapped destination (To go where to comes, or come back to same spot where ever it goes).

    Parents were never wrong doers, yet the child commit the murder subject to situation or because of his inner vengeance. Yet there are cases where parents are not even deserving to value such capable and ability holder off springs, they are ruthless yet their children make their origin proud. “For so I created them free and free they must remain.”

    Lots to say about lots of stories around. The limitlessness itself is sometimes killing. Immensity is not for earthly being, humans are and never been the deities or can’t be raise up to the stature of any lords or gods, since they are none just ONE TO RULE all the UNIVERSE. Immensity is By Divine and For Divine. ‘’In all matters of opinion, our adversaries are insane.’’

    True, we are sometimes captivated of our own chains of fate and sometimes these been implemented by the owners or the seniors available. Their right time right decisions maketh lives of generations. Parents and their wrong decisions ruin not only one world but the all the world a human can survive in.Yet, it is useless to condemn, it’s fruitless to stick for the blame games.

    LET IT GO. What’s done cannot be undo because this is human world not system generated inquiries or data. The pain we inflict upon ourselves hurt most of all.”

    We cannot control all the behaviors, we cannot rule all the world and we cannot even control ourselves many of certain occasions. What we can do is to work out for the intentions and inclinations we are up to.
    Don’t deceive so that you cannot be deceived. Don’t hunt so that you cannot be hunted. If you don’t saw negative and still you get the opponents of your doings than believe that you have higher of stature in your soul. Your exercise, practices fruit patience, value and consistency and such values are always rare to admire. “A mind not to be changed by place or time. The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heav’n of hell, a hell of heav’n.”

    Blindly don’t follow what is going on. Don’t fear of loss, don’t grief over which was and is beloved it’s all here for transaction, it’s all here for ultimate world.

    After all this is soul’s errand let it be free from the grudges and from the situational suppressions. It is breath, so breathe till the signs of life thine. Thou art arduous, yet possible. I am from and because of my parents but I proved to be different based on the efforts and objectives I set. I am the only person in the world I should like to know thoroughly.’ This is not they have given me such immense, diversify or delving thinking. This is THE SOUL which carries and collected its patches….. ‘Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.

    This comes certainly from THE SOUL………………

    Transitional changing are always welcomed, even not though they just occur. This is how life treats lots of humans in the domain where the surface reality looks mirror to the depth but truly it would never be. Natural realties are mysterious. From day to dawn, from light to darkness, from sky to land, from ocean to sand and from galaxies to species…………………..

Jerusalem; Magnificent Empire…….


The City of Extravaganza faith & Significant Gates!!

An ancient place beloved and a tragic city…..It is city of Fate, it is city of Faith, it is city of many reasons and reasons of reasons, beyond that city reasoning of wars in all ages, and city of destruction, the city of blood yet the city of Divine treasures.

The city time never forgets for the repairing or revealing the time consciousness with the realm of fate and with the stream of consciousness. Where history begins and some believes history ends ……

Divine Providence and Divine Essence is allured over this city, therefore it is holy of holy places among the places of earth. City of mysteries and city of religions, city that preserve the day light everyday and console the night darkness yet it remains alive. The city that tells the story of God, Story of human, story of mankind with mankind, the story of relationship of God with Human and human with God….

The city of wonders and the city of miracles, the city of miracles of miracles, wonders of wonders ….The city within self a discovery, within self a myth, within self a character, within self personification, within self a monologue, within self a dialogue and within self a soliloquy ……..

It is city of many dead and yet it is the city of life. This city lives every day like sunrise and dies every day like sunset even than the life is obvious to this city everyday from ages and to ages. Time’s wheel and Fate’s wheel both wheels are the cynosure orbits to rule this Holy city associated with Faith ……

Jerusalem, city touched by God and transformed by Human of all ages, of all times, of all fate puppets. It is holy land of the western world, the city of spirits, memory and promise. ……..

Perched top Judean hills to the eastern way to Mediterranean Sea. The Holy land full of mysteries and treasures of knowledge and history that provokes the thought and seduce the thought of thought of faith. The first glance to this city is selectively seductive……

Jerusalem, is the touched land, torched to the believes and faith, it is associated to none but to all humanity, but to all who have faith, to all who believe that the belief and faith exist in existence for the life core.
This city is the most ancient as the Mesopotamia and the Arabian lands. This city belongs to the Prophets, to saints and the Holy Innocents who told the people of the world that life is not just a mere phase here but leads to hereafter …… ..

They taught the version of God, they introduced the language of God and they persuade towards the way of God that suits, made and for the betterment of the humanity. Humanity is what all myth’s search, what all religions taught and what all about on the land…..

Little is known about the ancient and earliest of people living in Jerusalem ….The Canaanites 5000 years ago they came to this land and they wish to rule and they did for sometimes. The Era which is known well when King And Prophet David Hazrat Daud (A.S) rules and line up the people for their betterment in this world and hereafter…..

Almost all the Kings and Rulers from the North and each direction of the earth revolve this Holy City and they once in a while step to this land for the fulfillment of their desires.

The David (Hazrat Daud A.S) – The Solomon (Hazrat Suleiman A.S) – Nabacunazzar – Alexander – Caesar – Heriod –Suleiman the magnificent Turkish ruler in 16 century — The Muslims of Ottoman Empire, The Syrians, The Jordanians —- Hadrine, the Romans – Napoleon ….Even after the Hitler stake their claim ….The world wars captured this land and the captivity involves the conspiracy of the prime rulers, of the Politians and of the monarchs from all around the world……

We come across to know from the ancient scriptures, that Jerusalem is the focus land of preservence and protection for the living beings. The Promised Land for the Israelites and for their generations….

The authenticity of the knowledge we get from The HOLY QURAN where we got information regarding the Promised Land for the Israel and for their children after exile from the Egypt with the favor of Creator and great source of Prophet Hood of Moses (A.S) and Haroon (A.S). They had been forty years in the desert of Siena for their own deeds but finally they entered to the Promised Land.

Undoubtedly, Israel came from the generations of Prophets, as the strongest link came from the Abraham Hazrat Abraham A.S, and his son and Prophet Hazrat Ishaq A.S Isaac from the womb of Hazrat Sarah A.S, after him his son Jacob Hazrat Yaqoob A.S who had twelve sons and from his decedents ….

And when Prophet Joseph Hazrat Yusuf A.S was at the emperorship and as in the kingship he then set up the land in Egypt for the decedents ……

Long Time, when good times revolve with the trial times when the True souls and their emperorship been over and the cruel kings be the part of story of history to play the role over the stage of life.

The Pharaoh of Egypt as a cruel, arrogant and the most disgraced being whom the air of the earth, the soil of the earth even the waters of the phase of earth the birds and all the livings being condemn him for his cruelty and evil doings …..Yet his dead body is still in the front of the world as a sign for the wisdom ….

However Moses Hazrat Mosa A.S by the Will of Creator dutiful for the Israel’s to free them from the disgraced life to the free life. Hence forth they travelled from the land of Egypt to the Promised Land and there is long distance and long time wheel that introduced so many realities into existence.

The Promised Land is Jerusalem, undoubtedly it is the place where the land has no treasures foreseen but even than it is full of exception and deception. All the ways are the ways that comes and forth to this land.

The Israel and the generations henceforth came to this land the highest time for the intensity of the emperorship when David and hereafter Solomon rules over this land. The Prophet and king Solomon who rules the land with the highest mounts, he not only rules over the humans but also over the Jins, supernatural beings, birds, animals and even insects.

The Holy land seems to be the corner of paradise somewhat when the chair of the King Solomon waves and travel in air and the air been subject to Prophet’s order. All these miracles been described by The Holy Quran and such land been the land of concentration of all other’s in all the Era’s of times.

After the time of Prophet’s rule and guidance to the people there this holy land always been in the eye of the world around no matter what religion they belong but they had been there for the mightiness, to be strong as ruler or to be capture or be captive over the faiths of faiths.

Israelis always been under the wall of wars, beneath the rulers though they were kind or tyrants who made the peace or explode and exploit all are directly or indirectly associated with this place.

606 Bc Tyrannical King Nabacunazzar before Syrians and after 100 years // then Roman Hadrine they made city as Roman cultural theme over Hellenic and Greek Mythological theme AELIA CAPITOLINA new roman city.
The non-believers, the believers, the Syrians, the Romans or the nations who don’t even have the consent for the religion they impelled to be on this land to gather what their instincts be desired.

The desire of the mighty ego of human that revolves to the lust of power, the lust of supremacy or the lust itself for the mightiness in the super ego. What actually human conduct of consciousness pricks to this land? Is the religion they belong to or made them to recognize? Is the faith human of all ages digging? Or the is the belief to supersize the human needs upon other skin the imperialism though the cultural, social, economic or political? Is the lust of control? Whatever be ….This land is the centre orbit of attention to be or not to be …..
Onwards from 6the century 638 Byzantine Empire defeated by Muslim Caliph Hazrat Omer R.A. Conversion the infidels to Islam who are not Jews or Christians who do not believe in any religion, they been guided well and Muslims take over the rule and they had been rule the land and the people belong to that land in the ordered way, in the neutral way and in a human way ….

The Holy Land, yeah this is the same holy land who absorbs many miracles till date and with the Consent with the association that the Holy Rock is the rock of heavens on earth and that was the sign of ladder for the journey of Heavens for the Holy Prophet PBUH as mentioned in The Holy Quran Surah Bani Israel.

Hazrat Husain R.A was assassinated by Omiya’s and that was the Era of turbulence for the Muslims and the Muslims of Damascus, Al Malik 691 century from them made the tomb over the Holy Rock when they reach to the holy land for their better consent and political boast.

The Muslims been divided in sects after the Holy Prophet PBUH…… The Shia’s/ Sunni division created much turbulence and yet such sects convert in several other sects here after — Ottoman Empire of Muslims also rule over the holy land with the peaceful consent and thus created a strength of Muslims in holy land….. .

Though the rules are from the Europe, from the west or from the east or Arabia they came with their causes and proportions of duties. They came to the land for the solemnity, severity and for the sovereignty. They made up decisions, changings and the commands as per their ruling capacities. They bring forth the vibes of their customs made up the sketch as per their mental sanctions and divisions, dual abilities and diligences……

Eight gates, eight staircases as Lord’s Mercy is more than His Wrath—City significant to Paradise and the Day of Judgment associated with it —-

7th century to almost 1070 the Muslim Era sustained in Jerusalem after that Turk & Egypt Muslims than Pope persuade Christians for Faith Wars for the Christian Faith and Crusades began in 11th Century almost in 1099 then after that Egyptian Muslim Ruler Hazrat Salahuddin regain Muslim control in 1187 century —-
88 years of Franks; who enters in 1099 century Catholics Christians empire in Jerusalem, the Muslim ruler from Egypt — 746 Mosque Al Aqsa re-built again in a elegance and with the Muslim grace of unity of faith and sound restorations.

No natural resources, no river, no seaport, no minerals, no trade, no marketing, no enrich agricultural land, no refined gold or jewelry or treasury element…… There is none the earthly or materialistic elements as this place is the subject to world trade but this own land productions as compare to the other lands are none even than the world’s eye to this place is eternal.

FAITH brought here all the nations instinctively, Religion, the need to close to HOLY of HOLY Faith, Divine Source and simply for GOD ——

Jerusalem is divided in old and new city in the present Era, the new city is subject to world trade and same as the Anglo-American state. The city which is still of ancient times is the old city Jerusalem which itself divided in four major clear sections. Muslim (North East) of the old city and they can there only with their religious practices —–

Jewish (South East) Jews walls western Wall —–Armenian (South west) the people belongs to Christianity with the faith that Jesus has the two major aspects of character one the complete of lamb of innocence but human and second the complete divine they don’t prefer the concept of trinity —–Christian (North West) those who may be the puritans, protestants or Catholics most preferably they are Catholics who teaches and practice the trinity as the core reality.

Jerusalem old city holds the following major gates which are very significant in their own historical and religious aspects. That could not deny the associations of these gates at any cost because from the ancient times to till now they exist in reality and they been are monologue of reality in their own way:

    1- Golden Gates East ( sealed/blocked gates by Muslims 1300 years ago)
    2- Zion Gate South west
    3- Jaffar Gates West
    4- New gate North West
    5- Damascus Gate// Column Gate North
    6- Herod’s Gate North East
    7- Lion Gate East (associated in accordance to Christianity the crucifiction of Jesus)
    8- Dung Gate South Muslim Corner

The gates are the realistic signs and symbol of the essence of the city and the grace of the city for the grace of faith. These gates are entrances and exit in door and outdoors of realities.

Golden Gate is sealed gate by Muslims it is said that it is referred to the revelation of false Messiah or other interpretation that it holds above a grave yard which is associated to the eternal grave yard of the time when all the grave sleepers the dead will be alive to meet their deeds as their eternal end. From the above the golden gate the whole land of this city considered the land or ground for the Day of Judgment ground …..

It is abstracted gate; the golden gate clearly visible even if sealed or blocked, it is closed yet its existence refer a gate and identify end of end times and end of the world …..

Zion Gate is the Jordanian gate it has even now the shot bullets visible in the walls and gates which is the part of memory and remembrance of conflict war of six days. This gate belongs to the Jews’ reliabilities to their worldly possibilities and opportunities.

Jaffar Gate -is recently captive and geographically arranged as European conquers and foreigners’ ideas their horse in to the city through this gate and made the trade way possible to this Holy city.

New Gate– is the associated gate for the new Era and the gate that link the new developed city and the old city for the worldly purposes.

Damascus Gate – also known as column gate …. Muslim invaders came to this gate through the city and they introduced the Muslim culture and heritage to the world of Jerusalem. They introduced all the Muslim and Islamic traditions and customs and thus the Muslim community been organized and gathered into the city.

Heriod Gate – is also known as flower gate in Arabic and spectacular speculations made through this gate. Suleiman the Turkish ruler rebuild the city structure and void the destructive elements by rebuilding it in magnificent mode, Muslim quarters through this gate and earlier the Jews tribe seduced it with their worldly charm. Liability faces north whatever comes from there— There was a Jew prophet Jeremiah who predicted in his writings for the burnt future and huge destruction in the city from the north Jews did not pay heed to such predications but onwards the predictions came true when Nabacunazzar banished Jews civilization— 12th century crusaders entered and destructed wars will be the destiny of the holy city, moreover the Sultan of Egypt entered in the city and Jerusalem be dissolute. Alexander walks in the city as a friendly outlook to the world and he over throws the new innovations to the city actually he got impressed of the city outlook and thus Greek invaders introduced the western civilization to the Jerusalem. Alexander infact believes in One-World Civilization and brotherhood man humanity. This modern Cosmo-political ways affected Jews and they the common people deliberately or undeliberately adopted this new transformed culture …. Greeks excel in Art, Craft, Music and scruple work. They not only introduced they culture but they did transformation of Hellenic customs and heritage.

Excess was there in the city and it was polluted of and from other cultures all around the world. In due course few Jews as a group defend this rapid move by splitting the culture and they as rebel made two ways two cultures. Their hidden activities for the favor of their religious aspect to prevail all over was there but under the shed as the supreme powers were at the top to rule the Holy City.

Lion Gate – belongs to Christians as they believe that through this gate the world of Jesus signs and his footprints and his holy presence essence is there especially Dolle Rose is the way where they believe that Jesus crucifiction had been done. This gate is the way in to the way where the Christians faith is associated a lot due to the many holy places associated with Jesus and Mary.

Dung Gate – This gate belongs to Jews especially Jews temple as they believe someday their temple (in the times of King Solomon) rebuild and the Messiah will come to save and bless them. Jews believe of their Messiah from the western walls of this temple is an ancient myth and they have faith that this Messiah will firmly prove to the world that their religion and believes are the trust worthy and actually have the depth to allure all over the world…..

    ‘’The words are everywhere and every one’s mind another tip of another tongue’’

Despite of the fact that old city absorbs the main seven gates who are currently open and way in and out to the city and associated with the history of humans from the day they been in existence and till their fate meet end … The eight gate is sealed due to the futuristic approach which has deeper meaning for all the main three religions (Muslims, Christians & Jews) and people associated to them …..

The history revives itself with the speech of time and fate and be the monologue to the generations through generations and generations to generations ….. All the generations belong to this city and to humans of religion they actually have an eye towards this holy city ……

The hidden mysterious and the seen yet unseen existences are also the part of this city …. As an evidence K- Hung spring under the kingdom of Jerusalem which is almost 4500 years ago and it is still under the city available for unknown reasons… This spring is a miraculous tiny river with the clean waters that could be aid for whom … This could be a mystery ……

Jesus Hazrat Isa A.S his birth at bethalam, his teachings and his living in this holy city was miraculous essence and his return to this land as well …..Hazrat Maryam A.S the mother of Jesus her birth, her growth in Aqsa and the unlimited bounties because of her modesty ….. The Holy Quran describes the realistic words about Hazrat Maryam A.S in Surah Maryam and many other chapters where the presence and the miraculous birth of Hazrat Isa A.S have been mentioned ….. Surah Maida in Holy Quran explains the heavenly super …..

    Jerusalem is the land of Prophets and their miracles…

The new city of Jerusalem is fabricated land on the pattern of western new world transformations and it is nearly to the customs of European civilizations but this new city completely belongs to the Jews and their modern yet their custom life.

This new city considered as Shah Areem means city of 100 gates, Israelis belong to this city and practice their religion fearlessly ………….

Haradeem means God fearing …. Jews and their attribute towards life pattern is not yet modern as their women still dress with the coverage of 18th century aptitude and yet Jews men dress in black. The Jews are still on the grounds they own fabricate to linger onwards but their religious aptitude and their waiting gesture for their saver Messiah ……

The Holy Lands on earth the Holy Makkah, The Holy Medina and the Holy Jerusalem all three main lands are considered to be the lands associated with Faith and Believe. These lands are associated with Prophets and great miracles that world is witness over.

All religions are the root of one, all the humans who are divided all are rooted as one, all the splited concepts are actually rooted as one and the person sane who indulge and recognize the root of the Faith never distracted the signs and symbols….

Surely this Holy city Jerusalem absorbs various and many other unseen and hidden mysteries that could not be seen to naked worldly eye….

The mountains around this land and this land itself are God’s chosen and it had been favored in all times. Faith brings the humanity collectively here and Believes are the knot to the certain religions whatever guide to Truth with The Essence of True Knowledge is infact the God’s given essence…..

I wish to see the knowings of this holy city the way I preserve in my perception, though my conception can’t captive of all the Divine Essence poured in this pot but I wish to see the unseen, hidden and exceptional knowings ……..

    Jerusalem is the land of Prophets and their miracles…

2012………2015………. 2020……


Millennium, Centuries, Decays, Years and years on the phase of earth ………….Maketh

History of this mortal land of earth ………

And of Humans and Time;

Years passed and made the history of centuries they wrote themselves in the reflection of human acts and though in real they have been guided by the Fate to be as they have been.

Years, centuries, decays and millenniums are destined to be with the lapse of time and with the wheel of time to revolve. Each year brings something new and changes as compare to the past, future years are much steadfast and present time is evidence of it. Time has its three phases all majorly known to human natural and common world present, past and future.

Years are speech to them, so do the centuries when they have been converted. Past has been converted and very much viewed to the world in the present world. Regarding future time and years, recently worldly time frame of the year 2011 and steadfastly moving to 2012. So many predictors predicted already about the coming era. The predictions referred to so many certain and uncertain realities or might be assumptions. What ever be the happening are there.

This article is not about the predictions but of analysis of the practical study of time of this century and the passed decays about humans and all over circumstances all around the world.

This is a magical process of bring activity into manifestation. Magic is an ancient word for manifestation, so this earthly world life as well. Human fate is understood and preserved in heavenly book so the practical happenings and surroundings are uplift them in real and in realm of human actions.

This world is based up on the connections, all the certainties and the uncertainties are in magnetism of miraculous heavenly and worldly connections. Up in the heavens the Nebula is evidence of the predictable or unpredictable happenings, the planetary nebula signifies Birth of new stars of new lights and the death of the previous ones.

The significance of heavenly bodies like nebula is much worthy to cover up here because directly or indirectly the Astrological effect of these heavenly bodies upon human life and its worldly wheel is very vital and evident. Astrology is not only subject but it is living place of breathing celestials that generates light is equal to life, darkness is equal to death, chance is equal to action, travel is equal to battle to survive or remain in the circumference or be the giant in size to command the juniors.

Consequently, the reality of the world history of human life and time which is emerged with each other so deeply. It is understood that human travelled from the journey of last many previous ages. Man has been searched out and learned out a lot from ages to ages, from centuries to centuries.

Man was unaware of the fact to be sheltered so he lived in caves and then learned about make homes and then landmarks. They were not aware to adhere the fact to be land owners and then with passage of time became kings of lands and the emperors…….. now a days as presidents …….Man who was unknown of his own structure (at that time) yet start to fight with his fellow man for the land for the corners to be own just own his greed to have his name over ………..similarly man made home with learning time frame and ages and today humans are genius in mega structures. Man made mega structures are now the wonders of world in architect.

Building homes to mega structures, these builders (humans) achieved so much that till at this 21st century perhaps there are any material or corner of the object that could not be used but still human innovative mind working on more to invent.

Building homes from first instant to till yet is a first example of basic necessity, second one is food ——– Regarding this element what could mention like from early ages people use natural food items and not much obtained of the levels but today again if we analyze man travelled a lot and learned many new ways from ages to ages, from centuries to centuries and now the food items are on its peak even the marinated food, the preserved one, the fast food made by quick mode machines, fried items etc. So man has overcome and invent and preserved the ways for food and again man worked and learned with the passage of time from ages to ages and from centuries to centuries and reached at the time 2011.

The third basic need of man is clothing, so the human who once knew nothing to cover his body but sustain leaves for that purpose, gradually sew and knit and today man invented so many ways to dress up, and to bump off the entire his outlook. Clothing factories, even the import export business based over this need, the marvelous brands and brand clothing, the trend and culture developed up to the rank of world famous fashion shows …………….. So again and again even for the third basic need man travelled and learned from ages to ages and centuries to centuries and today reached at the edge where one can be fully veiled and on the contrary can select two short pieces to cover the shames, the decision and the variety is there with the learning, with passage of time, with converting years and with the steadfast centuries that could travelled by man mind imaginative powers, innovative psyche, ought to be style or it might say exterior circumference of the time physical reality.

The fundmentalities has been conducted and the other aspects of live where humans connected with religions, myths, generations, their mind structure, the psyche, their outer and inner developments, culture, social systems, environmental truth and realities about himself and the other living beings, about the living places, discovering lands and countries man has been tremendously travelled and developed a lot.

Man has invented the lands and then named them amaze the world by made them countries then made boundaries, divide the races, rule over the nations, divide the world in first standard first world, second world and the third…. the boundaries defined with the respective level of mental veils and levels. This is the same human with the converse time invent the ways of ruling and create them of politics and cultural social politics that could rule over not only land but over the same humans just reflection like ………….But what the inside?  World knows the reality and the people sane enough to study the history and literature …………..

Though the time is running fast travelling the same way but in speed and come up to the level where human has been almost expand and extended all the aspects of life, created and captured all the natural and unnatural sources …………It would not be wrong if we declare that today man imitated best of best imitation of Nature. Today in the year 2011 man has copied of copied the best of best and yet worst of worst ………..Man achieved the exterior physics realities as well as interior biological realities as well . This is the peak level of human intellect where man has smoothen the live and living easy and busy with satellite system, with replacement of wireless note pads , I-pads instead of paper, replacement of pen with man’s own finger, books replaced as online encyclopedias………….More on and on

Change is the converse and converting and some time the less knowing gives the feeling of fear and pity of tragedy and sometime more of more knowing do the same ………..So man having the machines and mechanical world all around, planes, the cars having the airplanes engines, highest speed, fast as light or more than light. These are undoubtedly called achievement, the success of knowledge, and practice of knowledge and education ……..

World convert and reverted and tell the same story as added as value to it………It has been noticed that in last two to three decays (20 to 30 years) world has been steadfastly changed and move on the scientific miraculous inventions that sometimes it could be a doubt that man is still the figure of flesh or bones or some day while by awakening in morning we will found that man figure is also easily clothed as powerful mechanical body and structure. Or perhaps it could be that bed time stories or Hollywood movies could easily come true that show powerful hulk satellite figures ruling world and even the hero may have some super mechanical power to defend…….well enough to electric-micro imaginative box of man called mind……… perhaps it could be ……

2011 is almost at end and prevailing year 2012 is evident of happenings, this could be more mechanical in first world where it could that due to highest level of traffic people could hire the air taxi’s to early at work ………and if this could not be in 2012 than perhaps could be in 2015 …….or in coming years ……Infact man has invented and discovered the arenas, almost all aspects but what remains the basic targets? The same old chapters’ shelter, food and clothes or more than that if more than greed to being sharp and being speedy to achieve more is also there and the basic instincts which has been govern by good and evil could never be change even if man conclude his figure himself in machine ( which couldn’t possible)…………

What if we roam the world and still see the differences, the exterior dimensions like still in the world people are living in jungles, still they have no basics available to them and yet on the contrary there is world where the same being (human) that is approaching to command the celestial bodies and inventing lives there and could try to be cohabitant there………….

History revolves and chapters of time always read by new students so coming generation and breed of human will taste the same sequences the early people did………….as each breathing living being could die one day similarly the whole this world will face phenomenal truth as rule of the thumb…………. So if we expect new inventions, at the same we expect conflict of thought of nations……. We expect the battlefields on skin differences on races standards……….we expect the same ray of light to sprang somewhere and we expect the same darkness of ignorance ………we expect time bring change with the same ancient lessons………

Every start has end somewhere so does this time, years, and centuries as well …………this notion of time, and study of years significant of ultimate truth that man is here in this phase of world to basically recognize himself and his Creator (whose given identities and subtleties) to whom man instinctively and naturally imitating …………..though it had been 8000 and 5000 BCE Stone Age to the travelling era of 2012 or would be 2020 or up to more than 3050 or from the creation reality of Adam to the last man of world ……..

It is worth mentioned in preserved sculpture (Fate book) of it would be better in Creators’ Ultimate Knowledge.

The NEW AGE and Indigo Generation may define themselves more clearly enough to world for us as middle generation I still think and feel that there could be better idea or way to describe the whole subjective idea in descriptive way and yet not achieved in that way could idealized in imaginative corner…….

To Sum up, there are HOPES, though based on believes worth righteous and some of them are false reflected but even than escapes, traps, traveling, discoveries, explorations, distortions, learning, happenings, generations, aging and ultimately journey of human history of the world and of Millennium, Centuries, Decays, Years and years on the phase of earth for a while going on the sun set and the sun rising in existing Era just going on…………………

Snake & Ladder Show


It is unpredictably impossible to understand the meaning of implemented politics in third world countries especially in Pakistan; it is as mysterious scientifically as Bermuda triangle. All the aspects in politics are converted in bog land so far once a person caught in it will sink into the depth and will get no results more than the death.

So far this is the most complex study and subject where truth is out, and one clear mind just get so confused to understand that which given statement is worth knowing. There are so many issues and flaws especially the education; knowing the study to conquer ourselves. Mountains are not much high to climb or conquer but ourselves and when a sane person conquers oneself it will void all other complications externally.

There are no limits for the people who are terribly trembled in the heart of marsh land because the person who wore the black dress is not afraid of the stains that come over because it can be easily hide over the black over coat. The stains are bad to the white dress where it will be shown as the non symmetrical undesired decorative blot.

Blots are fret like grimite to the dignity of a character, when it comes to the false world of such trap of politics where the blots are dignified rather than the worthy respect because they believe that these stains are unseen and have no physical appurtenance to reality. It seems that beliefs and the realities are just the corner products or just the forum reserved subjects nor worthy more than that.

It happens that catastrophes, the imbalance life, the viruses are there to the nations when their originalities has been buried under their own thick sick mentalities of false and foul play of such activities where they kill others by saving their little wills to have smile for their ill desires.

After all for all means why money ranked so high to the world? Is the world is so much standarderize for the divide and rule. The drill why has been converted to the Kill therapy with ultimate results of having Nada …………. There are lots of question media is raising as well but sufficient to their making money and for high ranking again ……….The answers in response remains the same with the dead ends ……….

Converting this discussion and dialogue into the smartest clause and the shortest term it is none other than just SNAKE AND LADDER SHOW, which is on air every day and every time. What happening around in reality and what are the possible solutions? For the entire crisis around ……….

Actually it is true that most of the fatal Lot provided catastrophes are re-written and humans and era’s are victim of them but no nation never have been abolished unless they commit such crimes that Nature does not like and allow legitimacy.

World around is getting more mean than usual, so far history is witness over human selfishness when it comes to the destiny of power or lust for power in supremacy but this should be violate so that human world cannot be destroyed by Man’s own hands.

For the politics and the foul games there is no such measurements yet and there is no one who can teach the realistic ethics or humanity to those who love to play snake and ladder game but the selected souls who only can be send by Creator with His Ultimate Will.

At that stage of world, for the third world countries, for Muslim countries there were no enemies outside of boundary but inside there are no other races who are planning or poisoning politics to the innocent people of such lands but their own skin matchers because they are not the thinkers of goodness, because they have forgotten the study of humanity.

Nations never grow if their own cultures and social systems become their hurdle in their provisional progressiveness. The foundry is of good purpose but lacks the implementations for the practice. Myths and doctrines may save in skins in shape of books or notes but they are useless unless they have been purposely practice in actuality.

Practice for coming generation with the ultimate true good cause is essential thesis already history has been produced so much ……………………2011 is the year on earth and humans are in same positioning of differences and are getting more captured in outer cage of human’s alarms…………

Don’t name the human false alarms for the defense of ill will of human’s own lust of worldly timely cage which won’t last forever but soon flew away with the tide of death ………….

Blackness of human’s deeds are enough to dense the darkness over this world’s shadow …………we need pure and clear reflections not the dark shadows……..

Think, speak and stand for the rights the human need for true humanity……………

And The Bird Fly Back ………………


Journey of life started once the life begins, and the journey of survival begins where life struggle to live. More or less the beautiful example of living somewhat is the life of a bird which struggle hard to live and survive. Bird is a simplified nature being which travels with the measures of seasons, delight of seasons of sorrows and seasons of willingness. Bird has home after home and after. Bird originally the form and presents the reformation of life aspects with change.

Types and breeds are different their sub-services to seasons are also different. Irrevocably their serves as well.

One of the birds I may recognize and considerably comes beyond Access Bridge keeping purpose in mind in moves and in flight. This bird was trapped years to the season unchanged which times bird thinks to be static not dynamic where as apparently the seasons always has variations but not desirable switches or change which that bird want to enhance.

Consequently, the bird fly to the known, yet unknown territories roam around, consumes time for their own flights and for the act of fly- Simantanoulsy of this bird during swifting of flight learnt a lots of change chains of variations and conditions of nature. During this journey of flight bird at least desirably struggle for the right directives correct flows and diversify arts to more on.

Bird across others, their signs and symbols bird comes know its reality and originality. Bird comes to knew henceforth the flight of ecstasy during the change of flight of this very special journey. Is it the temporary change for the bird where bird was delighted enough to have new evolution, evaluations and resolutions. But might aspects return back and start to stand where begins like finished where started.

All the creatures are subject to Time and Time has many images and frames of Ages. I won’t remember that bird anytime shows its’ belonging to the world where it timely bestow upon to be. The bird belongs to the land of his own imagery of own thinking own world this own world does not refer his misery to the outer world but it belongs to the exceptional level of being prominent of being special. The journey of flight of this bird does not refers to the outer most coverage of only being in the fly but it also refers the spiritual world of knowing.

Symmetrically there is no arrangement in life and over its path all going on over HOPE ways, all flying over HOPE SKY ROADS. The Bird as a symbolism the most vary being and free liver and the most lucky, the one being which is not afraid of the results here after in another life. Birds and their nests are the grouping but the specific exceptional this bird is rare because it understand the rare consequences and unrealized way outs as well.

Birds travel not only based on rational reason of seasons’ change but also because of their questing over the actual and the most appropriate nesting all around the world where it must be proficient or sufficient enough. Their travelling is very significant for those who can estimate the nature and its’ moods through seasons and angels of the learning through. Lighter or harder, sooner or later through light or dark bird accept and consider nature close to heart and embrace its’ future in nature’s arms. Bird is not frozen being not static but dynamic, therefore the variations caused to its life are truly enough accepted to………………….


‘ The Clock of Time’


How old the time is not known, perhaps it is older than universe, made before universe for count ability or it has been made after the casting of human race. This is not exactly known to human conscious; its record is just known and alive to Almighty Allah.

Time itself is a strong character, and its thesis is also uncompleted yet, so far writers, dramatists and the great poets wrote about Time but as per their experiences and their intellect. Time has been phased and framed as clock by human genius mind:

To & Fro…. Tick, tick…… tick …….The clock sign of time!! Time……. What?? No one knows time, tick, tick ………..but Time has life it creates life………..

 Time is vital part of life, it begins when life begins it ends when death calls for a living being just for single being but keeps going on – Time has its own pace, sometimes slow down as tortoise, sometimes run fast as it can as speedy horse. The death of time also written by Lord but when it is just known to Glory of Fate. Time is conqueror, it sustains the given pleasures, and it brings tragedy and become enemy. On the contrary, it heals the wildest wound of regret and damage.

Time got and caught, time reveals and release. Time plays and traps. Time makes us grow and become our memory as nostalgias. Time has its own moods own seasons. A time covers and adorns the leaves, some are pleasurable green and some are rotten that just fall in the specific season of autumn. This is what the actions, reactions and the jobs of TIME……. Time moves on – Most of the time human heart condemns time for so many things but that’s also true that it is character of time that to seek, search stay, leave , be friend and enemy to each living one to everyone.

Either Time has it’s another name as Era, which is changeable, alternative have many windows outside towards the wider horizons and can make the narrow anywhere TIME wants its effect and emphasis. Time is actually caged in clock, the needles of the clock represents it’s’ sign and its’ effects. Time also educates and gives teachings as it is itself an experience and teacher as well. With the passage of time and phase it adds on human intellect.

In previous Era’s human use a cope of sand— Keeping Sand Time considered as a finite commodity that is gradually running out, as the sand in an hourglass— Time is the believer haunted by a faith that mocks it with silence. Leaving innocence but not hope behind, Time venture into an alien and dazzling world, where each will encounter an unexpected destiny – and the truth about her/himself.

Reoccurrence; Three body problem, Recurrence, Butterfly effect, Chaos Theory  à these terminologies and the theories are the most vitally renown and revolves around Time Frame. There is deep link of the Sand Time with Clock Time – The journey Sand Time to Clock Time is not too long, not too short but human intellect caged time in clock.

To be Continued …………………….

Vicegerent of Earth -Part 5


World organizations has made and the thesis and the regulations has been invented and manmade laws has been bestowed even than Nation, Skin and Difference remains the same and more over the major cause superiority. Decision making, might is right attitude and the categories 1st world class countries and living beings, 2nd class and finally the 3rd world living beings or objects you might pronounce as they treated to be the same as objects.

THE DISTINCTION IS THERE, still and getting worse, politics is the foul game nothing else than that. Money is the problem for which humans are fighting? Superiority complex, hatred …….. Wah? Or ironically enough fighting for peace on tragedy land?

This topic is destined, based on destiny of Mankind, and it’s all about how the story of man begins and how it ends. It is well elaborated by the Holy Quran and the Last Messenger (PBUH).

It is not the religious impact but because of the realization of Truth and Knowledge which is authenticated and deeply versed. Just thinking and the enhancement are needed. The verge where the world and its existing Nations stand is difficult and thought provoking. It is calling the third biggest and worst situation of war as cold one is going on already among all the nations through mind ……………….. And few places are physically suffering as well.

What we ardently need is the thought of act, thought of action, thought of gathering, thought of compulsive, thought of templation, and thought of ground reality to have True Vicegerent of Earth; the one who not be ashamed or burdened of the severe acts, deaths, assumptions and consumptions.

Need Vicegerent of Thought, need Vicegerent of act, need Vicegerent of control, need ……… We eagerly and amiably need ………………………… Need Voice of Vicegerent, perhaps might assemble need Messiah ……………………….

Vicegerent of Earth -Part 4


To compare the past times with the present is not a sane act as so many changing’s has been occurred already. But what if we will compare the past times humans with today’s …… any difference? Huge and hell of difference. Everything has been changed and keeps on changing rapidly therefore it effects upon all the elements of life. So if we compare the past human with present human it’s just mere a combination or composition. Human has been always liked that good and evil.

Evil try to enhance more and more and somewhat have it whatever they strive for, evil travel far more fast than Truth. Evil travel s a lot and get so many easily be its follower where as Truth just try to tie up the lasses.  Question is not to discuss the Good or Evil, but to have thesis about the Human, about Man as the Lead and as in a lead role.

If man got the position, strength and has the power of persuasions than why he just be the self senses and self consciousness conscious. Just himself the cynosure and the conductive and other others treated to be salve. To be empower, embellished and strong in the decision and to rule or overrule the similar beings.

The history governs and gives evidences for this. Kingship, empires and imperialistic approaches all are the prove of this Man made Will and its circus. To rule is important as nations need the governors and the statesmen but how to rule is an art. How to be the part of humanity and how to serve them at best, as the leader of the nation is not the leader but the servant and the guider. But is not a hilarious joke these days? Yeah it is truly.

There been many wars and battles among the people and nations on the phase of earth, some of them are known and literature has been maintained upon such wars and tributes had given to those worriers and some of the wars have not even calculated to be remembered. In the scientific developing Era humans been through two major huge World Wars, those war has given birth to rigid and physic trembling literature and finally when human heart was tired of it a soft gesture has been vindicated and a jury or specific community decided to maintain the World’s atmosphere and environment as it is our collective home land.

(Continued as Part V)

Vicegerent of Earth -Part 3


Adam the first being, once he began his journey on the phase of earth; he has obeyed and adopted the way of life which has been taught to him by Lord. If we been through history we come across to know that Adam and his race has been exploited and they have been vanished away and become the part of history’s chapters. As Noah was the prophet who has been named as Second Adam who has built the Ark by the order of God and saved the races of each living beings by Creator’s command. There are almost approximately one lack twenty four thousand prophets on the phase of earth as per the Holy Quran who by the Will Lord preached the human races towards the True path to be guided on.

In case the history is vibrant we have lots of discussions in mind about human and his history concerns the development on the phase of earth, the religion foremost important and lots of other topics like world climate and the geographical changing’s. What we exactly enhance from the idea from vicegerent of earth? Actually it is not about the prophets or the Messenger (Pbuh) or about saints; they were the high ranked and chosen beings and blessed as well with the great favors by the Will of Lord.

Every living being as human is vicegerent, who has the thought to reside the way of life. Every human character who has the mental scope to understand the Lord’s Creations and creatures is truly the Vicegerent. Not only has the preacher had this label or designation to be diligent towards this path to be recognized but each sane human has the same duty and has same position.

Now this realization should just need self acknowledgement so that every character should know the meaning the purpose of his/her life. In early eighteen century and onwards when the world got the edge of exploitation and killing is the only source and game which the nations were playing with each other. The famous literature writer Hemingway has given the concept of ‘NADA’; that refers to the concept of purposelessness of life whereas it is not true it was the conditional depression because of the Era, elsewhere life, soul…….. Adam and his race have so many Reasons to be responsive on this phase of earth.

The reason itself the major part of Human thinking and his existence. If the hidden purpose can be searched by the human than he can lead his life towards his gaining. Objectivity and subjectivity is always the human mental charm as he has designed to qualify up to the standards made by Lord. Though man is not that much hallow or shallow the way he pretends when fails to attain anything but actually he needs so many sources to get the ultimate goal. Such as Time that brings so many turnings and level of understandings, such as community that acts or reacts, such as experimental outcomes that will convert as experiences, such as conditional bias and basis. All the cosmic energies are the evidence for the Creator’s Miracles and Human’s browsed and search.

(Continued as Part IV)

Vicegerent of Earth -Part 2


They were called Humans, first humans. They have been vindicated. They have been made with purpose. Once their creation has been originated only life has been known and after committing Sin, the death as well. Once when they have been together in Eden only happiness will be there for them and tasting fruit of the forbidden Tree grief born………. The story of these two Humans perhaps not designed they way they have selected for them, perhaps it was just for their peace and harmony but they have been introduced tragedy themselves.

The ultimate Sin is not that they tasted the Fruit of Knowledge or they have been deceived by Evil which was arrogant, deceptive, and jealous and revenge taking. The Sin was they did not obey the order of Creator. Obedience of the order of the Creator was essential. The curiosity in human instinct itself is killing sometimes, in fact most probably it lead to the way where one can lose. So do the first beings did .

This is not the story of mankind or of first humans, Adam and Eve. But it enhance such realities that so far we study, so far we think we will have every time a new thinking and a new reason to understand. This chapter of Human life is the most vital one, one who understands this can understand the purpose of life of this place and hereafter.

There are so many orthodox studies, many vibrant thoughts, different and in significant and raise objections, conflicts and arguments. But all this Literature has been originated hereafter. First and the foremost element to get an actual idea that so far what has brought life on the phase of Earth …….. A Sin, A Reason, Human Inner curiosity instinct, Impatience of knowing the knowing, Deceptively, Innocence, disobedience, Greed of charm of eternity………………. A Woman …….. What? Why?

As a posture to adhere the regret of sin Man’s downfall, this was not mistake that can be taken as granted that was Sin for which the regret, guilt and the killing breath was there….

Why is it so?

Only the Adam, the first human is the Vicegerent. Only he be the responsible of life and its tragedies. Only he be the part of this earth to scroll it, to know it, to search on it. The answer is straight away a big No. He is the first Human, the tragedy of life begins with him on the earth and it is true that everything has been new only for Adam and Eve. After wards for other humans it is like just happenings.

If we go through the religious scripts, we come to know that Earth is the place is first sufficiently enough maketh the home land for humans so that they can spend their lives with due care, understanding and with the most vital element knowing. The home land has been decorated for him with greenery with trees, with flowers. The ripped fruits and the crop reaping have been taught to Adam, so shall he saw so shall he reap the same. This land has been open to Adam to explore, to know and to stay for the time being till the day his soul meet the God and have the results.

(Continued as Part III)