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‘’The function of the artist is to invent, not to chronicle.’’ Transitional changings are always welcomed, even not though they just occur. This is how life treats lots of humans in the domain where the surface reality looks mirror to the depth but truly it would never be. Natural realities are mysterious. From day to […]

Jerusalem; Magnificent Empire…….


The City of Extravaganza faith & Significant Gates!! An ancient place beloved and a tragic city…..It is city of Fate, it is city of Faith, it is city of many reasons and reasons of reasons, beyond that city reasoning of wars in all ages, and city of destruction, the city of blood yet the city […]

2012………2015………. 2020……


Millennium, Centuries, Decays, Years and years on the phase of earth ………….Maketh History of this mortal land of earth ……… And of Humans and Time; Years passed and made the history of centuries they wrote themselves in the reflection of human acts and though in real they have been guided by the Fate to be […]

Snake & Ladder Show


It is unpredictably impossible to understand the meaning of implemented politics in third world countries especially in Pakistan; it is as mysterious scientifically as Bermuda triangle. All the aspects in politics are converted in bog land so far once a person caught in it will sink into the depth and will get no results more […]

And The Bird Fly Back ………………


Journey of life started once the life begins, and the journey of survival begins where life struggle to live. More or less the beautiful example of living somewhat is the life of a bird which struggle hard to live and survive. Bird is a simplified nature being which travels with the measures of seasons, delight […]

‘ The Clock of Time’


How old the time is not known, perhaps it is older than universe, made before universe for count ability or it has been made after the casting of human race. This is not exactly known to human conscious; its record is just known and alive to Almighty Allah. Time itself is a strong character, and […]

Vicegerent of Earth -Part 5


World organizations has made and the thesis and the regulations has been invented and manmade laws has been bestowed even than Nation, Skin and Difference remains the same and more over the major cause superiority. Decision making, might is right attitude and the categories 1st world class countries and living beings, 2nd class and finally […]

Vicegerent of Earth -Part 4


To compare the past times with the present is not a sane act as so many changing’s has been occurred already. But what if we will compare the past times humans with today’s …… any difference? Huge and hell of difference. Everything has been changed and keeps on changing rapidly therefore it effects upon all […]

Vicegerent of Earth -Part 3


Adam the first being, once he began his journey on the phase of earth; he has obeyed and adopted the way of life which has been taught to him by Lord. If we been through history we come across to know that Adam and his race has been exploited and they have been vanished away […]

Vicegerent of Earth -Part 2


They were called Humans, first humans. They have been vindicated. They have been made with purpose. Once their creation has been originated only life has been known and after committing Sin, the death as well. Once when they have been together in Eden only happiness will be there for them and tasting fruit of the […]