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October 31


There are times when no response is actually the mighty one
But here the matter is different, MUSLIMS don’t want any false debate on their faith and on HOLY FIGURES. We believe in what is revealed by ALLAH and we believe more in unseen/unrevealed ‘Al Ghaib’ by ALLAH. We put all our trust in ALLAH.

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August 2


Fate is conundrum. Really is …….. So does the free Will. There are very few who can thread their free will at their own, rest many are bound to the fate. Wars been broken out, millions of people suffered/died, countries lost their personal space and nationality phobia coverts many into immigrants (they might have spent […]

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November 17


Be sane by working out to earn wisdom not merely intelligence.
Be sober by working out to earn spiritual redeem not merely world affairs.
Be rational so that difference of being human stays not merely a mammal.

Be that for what YOU have been designed for.
‘Be and It Is’

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January 5

Foot of Destiny

Destiny is not in the lines of hands but the lines of fact, the facts unknown to human worldly eye, the facts have reality that take the breath away…………. The happy feet you have, so the happy destiny you may have. Destiny may also appears the ugly feet that brings destiny closer access to walk, […]

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February 25

Two Vital T’S

We are common laymen we don’t know much about the universal agility, predominant changings and the smart mind games. Yet we can sense the humane innocence, diligence of feelings and psychological moves from affirmative character’s vibes. Cordially, words are sometimes not enough to express and in this world there is no measurement for the true […]

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January 24

Own Swagger

Self importance is not bad deal, but what actually it deals? We have to think and should revise the themes ……Should we ……. Certainly we have to …. Fashionable or smart moves are not argumentative but they actually raise fatal attractions and such attractions may cause and affect both ways ….. Looking into the supremacy […]

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December 16

Intellectual Maniacs

Brilliant minds, formal minds, primary or average minds or superlative minds all are brainy to some extend but the idea of rationality, is central to the explanation of human behavior. Behavior to some extend cannot be separated from the brainy activities interlinked and interconnected with all the fundamentalities of human needs. Human nature carries unique […]

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August 30

We Live in Times …………In sense …..

Live in Times………. We live in times where killing in GAZA is normal as routine, people use to talk over it but it’s alright if going on. We survive in times when we got drone attacks on any land just to make sure that people still knows the supremacy of one giant person’s head or […]

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November 15

Wants & Compromises

I liked the moon… I love the moon because I can’t have it … Human nature to love those higher most signs and symbols of Nature and Beauty which can’t be attainable or achievable…. This is universal truth that appealing things are alluring but they remain always out of hands. They remain the shining moon […]

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October 9


(Secretive Feeling) Manifestations of the emotions are not that easy, striking appearances are obvious here> striking revelations realizations are always surprising always alarming they basically give the transformations one stage to another …. Manifestations of the emotions are not that easy, yeah complicated stuff … Now what matters is how we actually template our doings […]

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