Estimations and anticipations are generally based on the ideologies? Wrong …..
They are none the less are based on the social interaction and community.
One woman wearing short skirts in Muslim community for sure be condemned for her dressing, because the method is pre-defined and it should be followed. There is no harm in alternation or moderation a bit but wearing something which expose the body will duly influence and trigger the skeptics and critics to comment and condemn.
Considering that can we surmise that mixture of cultural impacts created problems? Culture to culture copy or trading of traditions one space to another are foundation of conflicts?
What if Muslims celebrating Halloween?
They are judged, biased and been framed as prejudice by their own people. Is it fair?

What if Christian celebrates Eid?
They are not judged, biased and not even been framed as prejudice by their own people. Fair enough.

This is not all about how we would judge others or others judged us.
This all about perception. This all about intention. This is all about how we feel and express. One has hell inside will deliver the same ……One earned heavens will connote peace.

Truth widespread that most of the common people select and act the first category.
They don’t want to make peace with themselves.

Nature is a coin having two sides, one of destruction and other is of construction.
People find easy and trigger the Head (obverse) presumably its top for betterment/prominence whereas Tail (reverse) should be treated presumptuously. Nature has both, one following another.

If I cut my left side, I won’t survive only with right
Predefined and Predestined.

We Muslims, been ridiculed for appearances maybe, sometimes of informal outlook or not reformed much for universal changings (Mechanically) whereas Muslim set the benchmark in all areas. However they lose dignity when they stop practice their core ethics, of course, it is a lengthy debate and I opine that only debates can’t resolve issues.

Enough of my wonders when people actually interact and raise conflicts over the past and the history, kinda, Muslim sect Shiaa considered the disputes of Ummah’s lead and they concluded now, in this Era that wronged been happened. Similarly people defeated (apparently) Hazrat Hussain R.A out of hypocrisy, evil and envy and after sometimes they realized what they have done.

Same religion has sects and people fight over it.
It’s not the religion or the idea related to the faith ….No..……Never
It’s the idea of thought that cropped for human own evil nature of destruction, for destruction and for earning the false authority for short live.

Next to turn, when the argument raised among religions.
Do we ever thought what panorama we have for our faith (we are revolving in or evolving in)?

Innocence is one of the most vital sign and blessing for Prophets, they are chosen for the goodness and directing the Divine path. Now for Muslims, we honor and have faith for the whole process of religious journey which impact human life time to time for better sake. The point is we never even think to ridicule or demoralize any religious concept for anyone but what we have in response.

How could people raise even their inch of thinking to say a word against or even of disrespect for Prophet Muhammad (Sallal Allah Ho Waslim)? How they dare so?

In fact I believe violence or any negative energy caused in such aspect is nothing but misconception of those groups who are just caged for nothing and in emptiness.

Prophet Muhammad (Sallal Allah Ho Waslim) is high above in stature than this.
People don’t need to decide what level of integrity HE should have when Almighty designated HIM all above of worldly affairs.

HE represents Purity, Innocence & Righteousness.
Praises and Blessings Be upon HIM

We confront worst ambiguities and conflicts for things which are predefined.
There are lots of realities and realms which are beyond scientific world, because THE WORD OF MASTER actually matters.

Scope of vision here is don’t trigger Nature against its flow.
As Human try to access your space and circle and revolve within don’t cross even yours or others. Nature has justice, it reveals actual image in the mirror. Human psyche is fragile, ugliness detect madness.
Pity for those who in terms of their defence, defeat themselves and deceive themselves. Deception is also a face and a phase of Nature, only the sane can chose the right one.

Be sane by working out to earn wisdom not merely intelligence.
Be sober by working out to earn spiritual redeem not merely world affairs.
Be rational so that difference of being human stays not merely a mammal.

Be that for what YOU have been designed for.
‘Be and It Is’

Foot of Destiny


    Destiny is not in the lines of hands but the lines of fact, the facts unknown to human worldly eye, the facts have reality that take the breath away………….

    The happy feet you have, so the happy destiny you may have. Destiny may also appears the ugly feet that brings destiny closer access to walk, through over surface, walk over rock even beyond rock —-What we need to access, what is the secretive knowledge to know what will be our destiny?

    Went to the so called religious people who said about other and don’t know about their own? Is this a right way? To say and share all your reality and plans to the people around without knowing either they have better intentions or evil eye upon your fate blessings?

    What a big deal?
    This is open world we need to be open not close. This is world of variety we need to be intuitive but communicative at the same time.

    Now let’s just glance on this how institution works?
    Is that the sixth sense? Any blessing? Any special force to understand the hidden realities? Logically it’s noting just presumably the perception of senses that provides the touched feel………So far stronger the persona consumes, huge ‘the Sword of Damocles”

    What’s the big deal? Nothing much ……..
    The contents of varieties of soul around the world wonder the mind, that how closely they are web together yet they have differences. That how possibly the same blood, same natives, same relatives and the same siblings are distracted by the actions and reactions and difference of opinions of each other. The whole universal karma is strange enough to understand, the levels we explore yet remains incomplete to some extent. We stay remain curios to know and we remain still to mysterious of Nature and Universe.

    So still there is no big deal?
    Extremes of two edges are obvious. It effects, defects and affects ……….

    By default Nature is doing this all and Nurture is the receptive force. Nature is constructive yet destructive itself these two extremes are by default and Divine. Nurture is may conceived to be that people cater them and made them to some extent this is the component but again instincts are higher and instinctive quality is ruler, as human we cannot deny this.

    We got to be sometimes in the middle of stream to know how it would felt at heart and we need to be at edges for salvation. What we need it’s defined how we need it is not?? We mostly need to be digged out …….Strive to dig how the need would be fulfilled is the first action once it would be done the reactions, effects and causes would came after.

    Challenges are not the issue to deal with, they came just to reform the mind and intellectual games would be more interesting when one cope it up with. In fact the core reality is to stuck some where in life and mostly on the course which is against will, mental energy and satisfaction is killing. Soul been greatly harmed by this and it will cease the ability to perform.

    This era which defines it’s time itself, is full of perils. By analyzing this element there are logical reasons behind because nature and Nurture both mostly now dome and domain the destructive part as universe is getting to black hole.

    Suspicious components are obvious when delusion and illusions stage the world. Curiosity was once the source of learning to seek knowledge now a days a weapon to use kill others. It leads to destruction if over whelmed in any case.

    What is the bid deal? Is it any?
    We have the seed of though in our minds but we impelled to kill the source to grow the plants and trees for fruits. It’s natural and nurtured both ………….

Two Vital T’S


    1. We are common laymen we don’t know much about the universal agility, predominant changings and the smart mind games. Yet we can sense the humane innocence, diligence of feelings and psychological moves from affirmative character’s vibes.

      Cordially, words are sometimes not enough to express and in this world there is no measurement for the true feelings and spirit of truth as auxiliary that only found in few these times. We are fortunate to be crowned by such support, if we have!

      Accumulation, verbatim, staunchness, servileness, nadirness and erudite replete templations been done and we are fortified against the trash walls of the negative forces. When timely support of characters are around. Lord whispers in hearts, therefore treating hearts consciously are a vital job.

      Presumably, the world is a place where challenges, successes and performances spread around mainly two aspects trials and tasks. Trials are rough so do the tasks but both have major difference trials re-emanative and tasks are human designed elements.

      Tasks are fulfilled and set to be assigning character in designed frame where as trials have their own intensity and destiny handled by divine.

      Tasks can be deviated where as trials are specific, fix and deserve perseverance and patience from the character. Differences make life colorful and argumentative as obvious. We see one side of frame rest another over looked most of times. If we see both we cannot decide easily what should be our human will for any specific task or trial.

      Lets have the vision through the feelings not by the worldly aspect what gonna be the results? Surely as per the classifications of the worldly affairs it won’t that much sound. People think that wisdom is the main source to sort out the problems tasks and trials can be more presumably addressed better in energy with mind than soul. How true this is …..

      Analysis anticipated clearly recommended that any task or trial can be only sorted out with the min-max ratio when the mind is attentive and spirit is high to gain. This spirit of gaining is soul’s intensity and emotional force. What is our performance it is actually what we feel about doing things, work or any task.

      Lots of determined people hit the level of their super-ego to attain higher and most eligible level and they gain it because they stay determined to do that or perhaps they are instinctively stubborn enough to attain what they set as their targeted goal.

      Time is the source of learning and templations, trials and tasks are both connected but few tasks are human made and they are killing for others in aura and enjoyment for the one who thinks this is for outcomes. Brain games are actually the tasking few people implement for learning applications and others just play with them.

      Consumption of thinking over the aspects matters for the applications. Tasks and trials are solid entities therefore associated with strength but for sure sometimes they are hard to acquire for better results because they make the negative entities and circles to spread.

      Obviously, all the brains are not equal but they have capability to enhance and they differ to add on variety. Therefore the tasks and trails are different and unique for each brain to test their abilities and capabilities. Opportunities and possibilities to be oriented are more or less better or worse depending on the circumstances and destiny.

      Important two T’S they work out for the learning and applications……….
      To Be Continued !

  • Own Swagger


      Self importance is not bad deal, but what actually it deals? We have to think and should revise the themes ……Should we …….

      Certainly we have to …. Fashionable or smart moves are not argumentative but they actually raise fatal attractions and such attractions may cause and affect both ways …..
      Looking into the supremacy of the characters in the world is watching the power elite believing power as earning but nothing last forever ……..

      Looking into the diplomacy of the characters in the world is watching the pendulum moving to and fro as trying to stick to one point but everything is unpredictable …….
      Looking into the hypocrisy of the characters in the world is watching the fire in woods spreading swiftly edge to edge, burning all over but water is the remedy it sufficiently works …….

      Looking in to the dominance/ ascendancy of the characters in the world is watching the accuracy under treat within the time bar but one is not always right ……….
      Looking into the realities of the characters in this world is watching water from surface yet to the depth with naked eye.

      Crossing a river or ocean if there is no soaring boat it would seems impossible, but if it is thousands of impossible miles over the oceans can be voyaged. We over due, estimate or under estimate the identities of characters or self somehow in certain or uncertain consequences of life.

      Importance to self or rather than self both are needed and vital in balance because here on earth all the universal truths are mirrored. Each character is mirrored to self and to some extend to self like reflection in another, in such case two different people of different background may attract to each other magnetically and magically that they knew each others from ages.
      Moreover, it happens too that people interacted daily for years and remain strangers to each others as they have no interest as interactions.

      Attractions, interactions and intentions counts…. How people perceive things and how they implement the stuff. Such behaviors pre-defined or defined in verb would actually brief human attitude.
      There are people who are very strong by nerve, they know how to spell and expel. They know how to deal with things and people in an impressionistic way.

      There are people who are not strong by nerve; they do not know the tactics or techniques to communicate or to gel in the society as sparkling characters.
      A person who carries the higher spirit with the true attitude towards the consequence with strong head has individual and defined swagger

      The group of characters who gathers at one point with one aligned spirit of idea with keen intentions have the same spirit and inspirations to deliver the best.
      Being a character, than collectively as nation the swagger is vital to establish nation spirit and slogans to gather on one point and vision to wide spread their energies for betterment.
      So far, attitude of expression is the strongest of among all others, better the attitude as conducts better the source of vision and thought.

      We need to look upon the attitudes we adopted from ages and from old traditions, we should keep adopting them as they are the righteous and correctives. But if old traditions could be the hindrance to the learnings then they should be revised in safe hands.

      Swagger is an attitude that defines individual strength and of communion courage. Consequently, the reasonings are none but it builds confidence to the souls and the appearances collectively.
      Humans are specified with the sense of dignified roles and briefed ideas where as characters are verse to the environment and communion developments.

    Intellectual Maniacs


      Brilliant minds, formal minds, primary or average minds or superlative minds all are brainy to some extend but the idea of rationality, is central to the explanation of human behavior.

      Behavior to some extend cannot be separated from the brainy activities interlinked and interconnected with all the fundamentalities of human needs. Human nature carries unique veracity and versatility in its own way.

      Innermost nature is innocent, free from blame and always spiritually worthy. Only the outer persona – the role we play – is subject to blame.

      Being human, one gets subject to misfortunes. Your deepest and most natural self is not to blame. Suffering comes by not knowing what you are underneath all those layers of personality. Be natural and unpretentious.

      Mind is the source of knowing and it is the major key driver to any extend a person can ride to. Inventions and innovations are the most vital sign of human mind boast to get the amazing imaginations comes in to the reality where as it sounds sometimes magic that one speaks from north of America to the Oceania.

      Brainy people are unpredictable they switch gears in middle of stream because they hit the ideas so often and rapid and they move on, in their own directives and directions which they want to convert or correct according to their experiments and assessments.

      Consistency is one stressful practice that could hold a brainy person stuck or fix in the box which is out of gauge aspect for the brilliant minds.

      We have three major aspects to assess the situations or circumstances of life around

      – We explain things, emotions or skills as we see
      – We assume/ perceive things, emotions or skill we want / ought to be
      – We follow things, emotions or skills they way dictate to us

      Now three categories of brainy people who fit them up in the system or make the system for others

      – They practice things in such a focus/consistent way that they upgrade the level of earlier ratio of success
      – They imagine, innovate and discover the ideas and ways to assign the implementation therapies and theories for the engaged and in gauge people around lesser than their thoughts
      – They made things happened in their own unique way. They don’t copy don’t cheat but they create and invent

      Mind brings logic as reason.
      Reasoning is one core subject that humans are on earth and universe been created. Rationality and rational behavior is uniqueness, attractiveness and elegance of any character that swims in it. Logic, reason and rationality our interlinked together they generate mind and brain that could rule over.

      Intellectuals are unique because of their way of thinking because they are not traditional or a cultural norms they provoke a rebel attitude somewhat when they are inclined to picture any of their basic idea. Their contentment level is strangely different they don’t fulfill themselves or feed themselves over the generic available stuff or sometimes they overly want just that.

      Intellectual maniacs require something new, different and frequent if they have the constant frame or routines they would become de-motivated over the approach. Some times such maniacs know what they want and sometimes they don’t know what actually they want.

      For them the things are, as they are not very interesting. For them things ought to be are interesting. If’s and but’s they always create and always mention for better reasoning or rationalizing their thoughts frequent in frame.

      Maniacs are not those who mess around but those who make fuss, out of mess invent something which wonders at mind magic. Mind has magical force and brain is magical by Divine Force because the thought itself is a bubble it last only and so far it could be breath to mind’s energy.

      By Grace Mind is active alive drive remains in a micro mini second it would several images, many and more vibrations of thoughts relating to mass of past experiences that delve into nostalgia, related to present domain where what happening acceptable or devastating or jumping to the future how it would be at next place.

      All such stages are actually the mind ages, brain’s games.
      Intellectuals are keen seekers they observe best what they watch and they perceive what they intend to watch

      Watching around and intimating prior is their sign to mis-match them sometimes under the circumstances they been trapped or they been put in

      Devastatingly, here in world all living creature been thrown of somehow of reasoning. We create logic or we dig logic this all depends on the ideology of rationality how it been taken and how it been given.

      How this rationality been expressed? This is through the behavior ………
      Behaviors are pr-defined or been assess through many studies from the ages till this age still there is room of working for each individual to examine the act of behavior for him/her self, because self is the key and character that holds all the strength.

    We Live in Times …………In sense …..


        Live in Times……….

        We live in times where killing in GAZA is normal as routine, people use to talk over it but it’s alright if going on. We survive in times when we got drone attacks on any land just to make sure that people still knows the supremacy of one giant person’s head or their nation’s foot on other’s land according to their impious will ….

        We live in lives when Burma, hell fired up with humans to fuel the aggression of oppressive even then its easy for world to have BMW rides on the contrary.

        We live in Times……….
        Surely we have the bigger picture here, on borders the situations are critical we say enemies to those who are cross boarder but we raise objections, rallies and protest against the Govt inside of the house, what we say we don’t measure …

        What we do, we justify by own sight and again killing is not big deal it is an art for human today …. Be a Man is phrase to justify the killing of same kind…. This is a Man today full of conflicts, full of impious activities and full of killing through thought, action, tongue, weapons and each resource he may uses for benefits…………

        We Live in Times…..
        When success for us is material and money gain, then no other thing matters much to that level…….. Success lies in killing many and surviving for one ………

        We live in times ….
        Floods, hunger, loss and emptiness ………..We live in times

        We cover one barrier of language to wipe the gap between the nations or humans we got another trial, we done one task to see or have a little ray of hope to rejoice for the task done but then we see things befall…………. We live in times ………

        We judge, we rule, we agree, we disagree, we condemn, we complain…………
        We live in Times ……..

        We learn history and come to know that killing is always been art for human to be disguised to overcome the fear of his short falls or rule his supremacy over others and this history is still the major accrual. Whatever the Era is, human struggle from evil to good and good to evil never left behind this plays ………….

        We live in times ….
        Where science is logical and speeding up many aspects into realities true or superficial both even then religious evolution creations are doubtful and even then Darwin’s theory is part of studies that man is the refined shape of Ape …..

        We live in times …
        In a sense, there is no such thing as failure. There is only sweet and sour reality, and more is learned from the sour, oftentimes, than from the sweet. For failure, hard as it may be to swallow, opens the blinds to the real world, and reawakens the clarity of vision known only to those who have risked, and tasted, disappointment.

        Keep in mind that failure — the final taboo in modern society. But this is just one part of the inevitable cycle of life for those who dare to live fully and completely. Never to fail at all is to fail in the biggest way — avoiding risk altogether, you cannot help but fall far short of what might have been.

        True joy is a beacon in the world, and though it is indeed rare, its presence is an indication of great good fortune, both now and in the future. How could it be otherwise?

        We live in times…..
        Where media is the high up and the eye of Watcher ….. We live in times when relationships are political and social at the same time …….

        All times are good and all times are bad but these times are actually wrapping up the realities near to doom, so far we have faced the world superficially and we have faced the world in reality with the strengths and details of weakness ……… We live in times …

        We watch the movies and presume the reality from there, we grow and educate ourselves and yet convert into the jerks, imitating the false characters and foul games through videos and create the magical expressionistic in short purpose for nothing …..

        We live in times ……
        Reflection of the past and the future itself … It is futuristic yet it is flying high we are connected to the history and yet approaching to new world of innovations yet the killing is there, yet the war between good and evil is there …….

        We Live in Times…….
        We question each other and search for answers when we come to answers we deny actions …. We live in Times……

        Time is wheel of circle and an ultimate entity given by Divine, it represents and carries a change sometimes revolutionary, sometimes gradual change is transformation.

        Time themes the resurrection and renunciation itself ….. Whatever be the signs of nature around, time itself is the biggest entity of absorbing realities its wheel is keeping spinning the pace universal truth designed ……..

        The realization of times left by the watchers, seers and the writers. They speak of times as they see and presume best upon their knowledge and reports and produce notes for the coming generations for the times …………. WE LIVE IN TIMES …………..

    Wants & Compromises


        I liked the moon… I love the moon because I can’t have it … Human nature to love those higher most signs and symbols of Nature and Beauty which can’t be attainable or achievable….

        This is universal truth that appealing things are alluring but they remain always out of hands. They remain the shining moon that ages through ages, centuries through centuries humans of the times wish to enhance, wish to capture but deep sighs are enough to have the relief of ray.

        Charmer Moon never captured by the charmed one!
        Well not even the one who can’t wish for it >> it’s not something to be attained.

        I liked the moon… I love the moon because I can’t have it even I wished to be thousand and thousand time… Of course logic of mind why should I have a planet of stone as my wish as moonlight is already the ray to earth and to all it is seen …. To all is would be feeling ………Ahh, Human nature to love those higher most signs and symbols of Nature and Beauty which can’t be attainable or achievable….

        What else if we get what we want >> Surely want switches >> Truth can’t be deny!

        Want is one keen emotion I would declare that keeps the circle revolving. Aggressive the effort, pinnacles of vibrations will be there and what happens if efforts are some where be just the eye to the course the results would be also disastrous because to some extend efforts are not everything they are also something subject to human strength of will. Where the strength been indulgent and intenacious the will been vanished.

        Will to effort >> Effort to will To and Fro. To and Fro …..

        I might feel that soul in body sometimes, and human existence in this caged world, in such hours of trials like a person caged in walls from all four sides, the walls are at auto compress mode and when they are almost near to compress the being trapped in, the person’s perception of self protection or prospect of self defence yell on, the shouting may bombard over the scheme for a while and the walls stretched for the short breathings. This is a short living perception of age on perception, of the age need, of the age of will and wants ….. Will to effort >> Effort to will To and Fro. To and Fro …..

        In such turmoil’s, what are the wants and how are the wants been template!
        Ask and ye shall receive!

        Charmer Moon never captured by the charmed one!
        Well not even the one who can’t wish for it >> it’s not something to be attained. Certainly and truly!

        Ask and ye shall receive! Well it’s not that easy but sometimes it happened in world, what shall ask truly and intensively ye shall receive with same force … That would be matter of believe.

        Act and possibly the action is the speaker. Speak what actually the self commence.
        Wants are essential and vital for the finishing, circulating one from starting point to end. Infact each human should fix and stand again on the same point from which started.

        The world is cage and the caged one is alive and conscious. Sometimes wanted to be caged sometimes wanted to be free. Freedom when outer aspect is peaceful. Cage when nothing else would be fate.

        Needs to be fulfilled and wants to be cherished, for humans when want becomes stronger the need becomes evident. And when needs become stronger wants are evident.

        “Optimism produces the very success it desires and expects.”

        Want is one thing which is natural but the ways are not all demonstrative they may stretched, searched or may designed upon the level of pragmatism. Now as human is a flying being in imagination so the state of confusion may leads to the prejudice.

        The focal point always be on the cards but not hilted by all but by the very rare being consuming wisdom based on pragmatism.

        Want is the excretion and exception level of imagination where as many wants been killed on the phase of earth by Man in accordance to the situations and circumstances.

        This is not the age of wants to be fulfilled this is the age where need itself a want and gradually people around are so busy to be messed up to understand and segregate the want from need and need from want.

        Need to be fulfilled want subject to attain. New, need is want, want is need so both reflect the same. As reflect same in the image and in practice and act wheels also the same.

        Ask and ye shall receive!
        I liked the moon… I love the moon because I can’t have it ……..

        Logic moon looks amazing in reality just the stone planet but astonishing as it the one of the greater sign it has the quality of winning and waxing.

        Not for sure the moon but the moonlight is there to make needs and wants in the lime light to perceive right , to template righteous acts …………

        All wishes or wants are not to be fulfilling but the core ones should this world would be empty if there would be no want be granted if it would be true!!

        Truth by true ones always granted….
        So wish every day, and believe in wants of fulfilling >> Keep aside the needs and keep aside the wants balance them and walk in moon light the unattainable are attainable!!

        The achiever is achiever after trials, after actually realizing and make justice with the sense of needs to be maintained and wants to be desired !!

        Truth by true ones always granted….
        Ask and ye shall receive!
        I liked the moon… I love the moon because I can’t have it ……..

        Eventually can it is matter of perception!! The door is same person to passage always different or bit different ……….. Eventually can it is matter of perception

        To be Continued >> Compromises yet to describe …………….



    1. (Secretive Feeling)

      Manifestations of the emotions are not that easy, striking appearances are obvious here> striking revelations realizations are always surprising always alarming they basically give the transformations one stage to another ….

      Manifestations of the emotions are not that easy, yeah complicated stuff … Now what matters is how we actually template our doings when the revelation of emotions been done. Be sensitive towards the needs of own self and towards others both altogether is also not that easy…. Yeah not that easy, complicated stuff…..

      Being Sensitive is Divine gift this gift becomes over whelmed in many situations, in many aspects two ways or two happenings – Either one stay so sensitive and sacrifice own needs and requirements and as a higher virtue he/she adopts the way to support and help other beings by sharing his efforts and Fate given gifts.

      But then such character stay obliging by nature, as conclusion for him/her remains quite empty as compare to other because such character is giver ….

      Givers are most probably the sufferers by fate; givers are most probably the sufferers by tamed understanding of supportive nature.

      Giving is somewhat the scourage for humanity, it is sometimes it’s by will and sometimes it’s by implementing the force that one could suffocated in the iron bars impelled to do what is beyond the nature.

      Influence over influence, influential sources are chapter of life; to conclude influences are not always designed for the favors there are lots more behind, lots more …

      Influences may provoke the veracity of thinking and veracity of doings, influences may define the ebullience of nature and life and influences also conclude the swings of patterns that could be similar hard as to learn Ebonics or being ebony try to decorate the conversation as a dialect of set standard of language.

      The other way, the other effect may be that with the passage of occasion the hyper sensitive being also convert and hide in the shell enforced by the natural laws, adopt selfishness >> Little selfishness is good and important else where all natural gifts been vipe away by the cruel world around who just vary one angle to another where crowd just follow where the festive and festivals are going on ……

      Creative side needs an outlet …
      You just can’t get a certain someone out of head – No matter what you do, dominates your brainstorming, brainwaves ….. This is the creative side of the personality of a creative character who actually knows the core Rusk of influence.

      Influence of Creativity also needs an outlet …..
      Such identity is actually the core ambition of the innovative people ….Their breed is lacking today … They have been all hired by I-Phone organization or by the organizations who are just promoting material innovations as influence to the world around, for today’s Machine Man ……..

      A strong epiphany here ……The strongest!!
      Does Machine Man has the Epiphany? Does Machines has right to have feelings or emotions? Machine Man …………

      I would say today’s flesh and bone originated man is a machine man when enlightened to the world of innovation or highly demanded materialistic approaches. Man, Money, Material, Minor, Major, Maximum, Minimum all in all Match each other. Matches among all there …….. Matches among all are here!

      High above, skyscrapers buildings, walls above walls, windows above windows >> Window mirrors to walls and walls mirror to windows >> Machine Man Made >> Man Made Machine >> Man Machine Made

      Window mirrors to walls and walls mirror to windows >> Walls above walls, windows above windows >>

      We can write as well like Man Made Machines replaced the original Man’s Value, we can say Man Machine is getting more value than Man’s own Flesh, bone, skull machine……

      In short machine is interacting with Machine

      Now Secretive Feelings are the most fierce feelings of all when they need to be exile and kept hidden inside, they will then wrapped up so insidious that could be nothing but the emotional poison for the human flesh. Even working machine can be exploded by this…

      Of course emotions are not associated with robots, but robust news would in coming years will be or shall be that robot cried, robot been tear shed…. Aha Joke …. Some times the stupidest joke is the criticism in irony!

      Killing is not just physical, killing is because of internal emotions and spiritual aspects as well … Lots of killing in the world – This world is full of criminals — Full of killers, lots of killing every day, every time, every single moment in each and every single aspect….

      This is really a world compiling and imaging hell in to heavens and heavens into hell…… What so ever selfishness is the core part for development >> Mechanism is productive >> Advocating worldly life only is progressive >> Influence of disposals are accurate >> Veracity lies in the alloy of Lie >> Henceforth what a uniform mixture!

      Aren’t that incredibly Wow! Isn’t that impressive double Wowww!
      Ruler over ruler step by step, phasing one to another, keeping all in pot the flipping coins.
      Impressively selfish development approach ………

      To my readers >> The comparison here mingled up of the external mechanical world with the emotional waves of human soul and heart. Alas! The harmony is out here… Satiability is ruin …. The balance is unknown here……Don’t use the word equilibrium here its obligatory!

      To my readers >> Today’s human actually dressed in material and addressed in zonal frame, pressed by forces around and presaged in circles >> Caged in nationality zones, skin tones and vibrates disbarments >> Justice is when rich comes to court >> Law and rule is when poor been addressed

      Frame of our life >> We are riding a speedy horse the scourage of which is lost and its destination is predefined but so long to achieve, if it stays some where it is for temporary aspect, the renewal of search is the core ambition here ………. It runs so far that nothing could be enhanced in the middle way…. During this what is lost is lost …….

      Realistic approach is same to this philosophy, in relationships in communications all along every one is searching own goals own selfish grounds, nothing and no one is serving for others. At services, on service and for service concepts have been changed……

      Epiphany is a sound feeling that is piper for the outer circles…… It vibrates perception’s speech strongly and thoroughly. Emotions should be regarded they should be sensibly carried with care and sensitiveness …….

      All kept and carry secretive feelings inside all humans somewhat do this but don’t keep those emotions inside that could just become killer to living aspects … Don’t hide them speak them up to all around who held responsible to carter those …. Bounce them back!


  • Time Caged !


      What is actually the independence?
      What is Emancipation?
      What is Liberty?
      What is Freedom?
      What is this all?
      What is this all about?

      There be millenniums of millenniums involved to understand the truths about above. The centuries of centuries involved to attempt to be crawled towards such places one can sigh the relief.

      Independence for a land or country or for a nation
      Emancipation for a gender female – For Woman
      Liberty for the human intellectual norms, for Soul
      Freedom for the all and everything, Yeah freedom has broader aspect, very broader aspect …..

      This is all about life chronicles, life histories and all about the feel we have as inhabitants of earth, as humans; the generation higher in stature and most civilized in all aspects.

      So this is the civilization, reformations and higher stature of innovations, intellectual calibers … Is it … What we are having before us? Before us in 2013 and above ….

      This is all about life chronicles… Right

      Independence for a land or country or for a nation
      Emancipation for a gender female – For Woman
      Liberty for the human intellectual norms
      Freedom for the all and everything, Yeah freedom has broader aspect, very broader aspect …..

      Here I am not going to be descriptive for a country, for specific nation or color or breed, for religion or for social statures…… Not at all, because every person born the same way and die the same, woman virginal hole to death 6 feet place in grave ……..

      Whole to whole journey is same of all humans here so all the same … Hole to hole journey is the same … Hole to whole journey…. Whole to hole journey ….. Is the same, so all are same here in this lining, in this link in this journey …… This very journey where life and death the flip side of a coin ….This very journey Whole to hole …..This very journey hole to hole …….

      All are same as all are caged for something here; the cage is same, cage of body for soul…..Cage of time for every body and soul….. Time caged the journey whole to whole…Time caged the body hole to hole ….Time caged the soul hole to whole ….

      Time caged itself… Time is caged, though it makes us caged ….. Time is inbox, framed for what is happening and gonna be… We actually strive in this world for material, for money, for establishment we get what?

      We came as empty fist and gone in seconds with same empty fists the difference is of size but again the journey concludes same weakness to weakness….. Strength lies between the line of journey but when we came here, in the very world we suppose to be weak and when we left from here, from this very world we become the weaker ……

      This journey carries what? Independence ….
      Independence we create when we fight each other basis we define as different natures of nation and social cultural grounds. We say it independence, killing trauma ….killing drama? What grounds perhaps of the higher identical imagination of differences of clean skins, though has not …… Clean skins ……..Truly all skins are stuffed here, drugged here ….. Entirely drowned here ………We say it independence ………..

      No use, surely no use this is all about killing trauma we are establishing ourselves for ourselves ……..One human is equal to all and all is equal to one which is the higher creation of Lord… We are not honoring the Divine in that course …..

      We are brilliant we know top to toe we are doing, yet we utilize our rationality for the argument save the very skin … We are brilliant ….. We say it independence…. Welcome to the world of independence we are free nations to hit each other, to condemn each other, to attack each other, to kill each other ….. We call it independence ….

      We are brilliant….
      Independence for a land or country or for a nation… Again we have to recall the forgotten …. The forgotten truth, the ultimate one that this is what we are considering, is time caged? Yeah it is …Time inbox …. Dually dialing to the destination where the finish line …..Is

      All are same as all are caged for something here; the cage is same, cage of body for soul…..Cage of time for every body and soul….. Time caged the journey whole to whole…Time caged the body hole to hole ….Time caged the soul hole to whole ….

      This journey carries the emancipation, free source for a woman…. Women …..
      No matter what how many centuries been converted, this being is made of special clay, special radiant clay….Wow….

      The skin show of woman demands, attracts, kills …Aha …
      It’s not just the Troy been done for beautiful Helen back in many millenniums….. Beauty astounds the same of this special radiant clay in all the ages …All the time along … Killing associated here in any case, though apparent blood been involved or the soul damage …. Killing is associated …

      Again for the rights of women many works been done, in the world there is supremacy for women to enjoy but again, ‘Appearances often deceive’

      Emancipation, the woman been controlled is the higher project been done, still this being is a myth … the wholeness to understand is out of court ….. Well aside the intellectuality is there blessed to this being as well but rational, irrational conditions, logical, illogical conditions, controversies, contradictions ….Aha ..

      Whatever be the sign of support, nakedness is not part emancipation …No in any myth, any culture, anywhere ….. The world analysis reviewed itself when ever women take role for skin show the world been derived to the drown entities ….. We call it emancipation?

      Again frivolous is privileged, I would say highly privileged ….
      Again we have to recall the forgotten …. The forgotten truth, the ultimate one that this is what we are considering, is time caged? Yeah it is …Time inbox …. Dually dialing to the destination where the finish line …..Is

      All are same as all are caged for something here; the cage is same, cage of body for soul…..Cage of time for every body and soul….. Time caged the journey whole to whole…Time caged the body hole to hole ….Time caged the soul hole to whole ….

      Moving forward, this journey carries Liberty, for the human intellectual norms…
      Well hats off, great applause, Human intellect has done a lot, a lots of lot … Wow…
      Discoveries, inventions, innovations, constructions…. Politics…. Wow…

      This intellect when gets liberty actually exile to the excessive exercise of attaining the goals, objectives set for the purposes told or untold, defined or predefined …. But achievements are that much that now intellect itself is wandering what been invented… Only the touch can lead to insight to Africa, to red sea to black sea … Asia to Oceania, Oceania to North America… Insight Asia to Africa…. In reverse Africa to Asia ….

      Google earth … Everything is just that easy as Google …
      Our search is today is Google … We are breathing in Google Globe …..

      Intellect has done a lot, lots of lot … made the world destiny by itself, made the world’s destiny by implementing the idea thinking may provoke …

      This liberty of intellectual norms in every aspect, what brings forth despite of this worldly success? This liberty of intellectual norms in every aspect, what brings forth despite of the universal explorations? Well, simply it concise the elastic liquids in to the jar ……….. Yeah …. True

      Chips to satellites, computer to android, depth of ocean to space…. Intellect has done a lot, a lots of lots …. But what through inventions we raise twin towers than destroy them; Man made it…Man destroyed it ……. Yeah man made it and same the man destroyed it ………. This is what we called Liberty?
      Again we have to recall the forgotten …. The forgotten truth, the ultimate one that this is what we are considering, is time caged? Yeah it is …Time inbox …. Dually dialing to the destination where the finish line …..Is

      All are same as all are caged for something here; the cage is same, cage of body for soul…..Cage of time for every body and soul….. Time caged the journey whole to whole…Time caged the body hole to hole ….Time caged the soul hole to whole ….

      Moving forward, this journey carries Freedom, for the all and everything, Yeah freedom has broader aspect, very broader aspect …..

      Broader aspect Freedom, from kingdom of man to kingdom of heavens………Freedom where the each breath not bound with another ……….freedom where living is not the mingling of body emblem with soul ……….

      Freedom where there is no pain for any kinda gain………….Freedom where the material don’t lapse the emotions or relationships………

      Freedom, a dome where ecstasy may experience the extra role, roll over and over…..Freedom where the tranquility is the speech where peace the speech……..Freedom where tranquility is the salience where peace is the salience……

      Freedom, a dome where tranquility is the solitude where peace is the crowd……..Freedom, freedom and freedom …………

      If you don’t wanna live for anybody, then live for the one you see in the mirror!!

      Freedom, where no image caged in reflection, where no reflection caged in mirror ………..Freedom where one is the True and Truth to another………Another is the truth to one ……….

      Freedom, a dome requires nothing but everything where sounds the calmness, the grace, the charm and the chance ……….. Freedom, a dome where chance is not bound to will that ill the will …………that kills the will ………….

      Freedom, freedom and freedom ………..
      Does it be realistic or practical? ……….
      Here the imagination is sprinkling, springing, singing ……….

      Freedom, Freedom and freedom ……….
      Freedom, for the all and everything, Yeah freedom has broader aspect, very broader aspect …..

      Here again and again we have to recall the forgotten …. The forgotten truth, the ultimate one that this is what we are considering, is time caged? Yeah it is …Time inbox …. Dually dialing to the destination where the finish line …..Is

      All are same as all are caged for something here; the cage is same, cage of body for soul…..Cage of time for every body and soul….. Time caged the journey whole to whole…Time caged the body hole to hole ….Time caged the soul hole to whole ….

      For the faith holders, keen believers who absorb intensity of faith’s flavor not made for this world and not made for hereafter, here bound to die, here after bound to live ….. We call it freedom?

      This is all about life chronicles… Right

      Independence for a land or country or for a nation
      Emancipation for a gender female – For Woman
      Liberty for the human intellectual norms
      Freedom for the all and everything, Yeah freedom has broader aspect, very broader aspect …..

      Beginning line to finish line …..

      Gradual, slow steady …….gradually moving forward to the same point from where started ……….Time caged …

      We call it independence ….We are brilliant
      We call it emancipation …. Again frivolous is privileged, I would say highly privileged..
      We call it liberty …. Man made it and same the man destroyed it….
      We call it freedom …. Here bound to die, here after bound to live …..

      All are same as all are caged for something here; the cage is same, cage of body for soul…..Cage of time for every body and soul…..

      Time caged the journey whole to whole…Time caged the body hole to hole ….Time caged the soul hole to whole …. Whole hole……..Hole to hole ……Whole to whole …
      TIME CAGED!!

      To Be Continued ……!!

    Natural Ability!


    1. ‘Practice maketh a man’ true statement, but actually practice is some sort of exercising the elements more and more to portray the image in accuracy. Accuracy is achievable either by the practicing the element more and more or by the instinctive qualities. When it comes to instinctive qualities they are actually the fundamentality of any core reality to be in shape.

      More than practice the Natural Ability is the course of reality which is much appreciable, natural ability with practice is just like building a golden castle in the middle of stream of oceans where there no heavy layers can affect or cause any fault or damage but only the the alluring wonders that captures the sight, that captures the mind, that captures the soul, that captures and sprang the inspirations and motivations.

      Natural Ability is bestowed quality it is in higher in stature than the practice element, because practice is subject to energy and consistency and natural ability is matter of unpredictably just the performance at once. At once …..

      Finding solutions through experience again it is like practicing the ground elements
      Resolving issues via skill and decision power is what the instant creditability. The focal
      Point of understanding is that Natural Ability paves the destined components strongly in
      Shape and Identity rather than the excursing one thing again and again.

      Both becomes the emblem of innovative creations only practice is time taking consistent
      approach which is like standing up to the staircase step by step towards adopting virtues
      by natural ability is abrupt effect and impression of enhancement rare one are the
      Characters who absorb and been blessed with high Natural Abilities.

      They are fortunate people instinctively but among people they will be a bit sufferers because others rank them judge them aside them peril them being collective and get jealous of them natural ability in higher stature. This been by Divine command by nature that they been blessed the others are not than how come they be at theirs.

      Natural ability is the source which does not need the identity of competition it comes from the nature an instinct that would just command for the performances upfront. These are the positive entities yet they rest effect negative to the beings who are not blessed to such rank.

      Consequently Nature is the Divine Essence that is Rulling, Commanding, Dictating and of course the Capture Power of everything around. The Will is also the source that comes from the same orbit. Orbiting the Will and the Command both together in same scale rank is surely not easy and certainly very complicated.

      Rank your knowledge to explore the real in you and to search the real ability of Divine Blessing and revolve your efforts around it certainly then the impossible will be possible, the unachievable will be achievable.
      Draw the lines to carry the road, decline the dawn that could be harmful……. Portray what imagination speaks ….Color your personality peeping inside your own winning abilities. Won yourself to won others.

      Findings are for none if not done for yourself…… Natural Abilities may be polished with the Wit of understanding and with the wit of intellect and with the Wit of experience …..

      Draw ….. Draw the picture for the sake that gives inspiration ….Draw what drawing demands, act what practice demands, experience what will commands…… Perform what ability demands …..Demands the command and command the demands ……

      Rank your knowledge to explore the real in you !
      Practice is Something and Natural Ability is Everything !!