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Common verdict, when a person is anguish actually ruins what earned. There are lots of situations, in life where we have everything before us, and yet we feel nothing. This recalls, everything is miracle or nothing is miracle. Life is not a prophecy, yet is not less than that …………. Inner speech is always converse, […]



None other than, not wrong to say it lattice, abstract synopsis. It needs summation and recapitulation. Professional ladder is equalizer to snake and ladder show in the world of globalization where business is at business. Imperial will is always a Man’s greed for power and prestige and that is to say, man of power and […]



(Secretive Feeling) Manifestations of the emotions are not that easy, striking appearances are obvious here> striking revelations realizations are always surprising always alarming they basically give the transformations one stage to another …. Manifestations of the emotions are not that easy, yeah complicated stuff … Now what matters is how we actually template our doings […]



There are bad times, there are good times, both times are in times …… Contradict each other, reflect each other good times, bad times what ever the times they walk each other, represents each other, seek through each other and see through each other…. Born on earth and you just been through happy times, is […]



Long discussions, attempt to be so obviously ambitious, be workaholic and look so busy but do nothing…………. A simple definition to Procrastination……Actually it is more than just a word and it has a definable thesis because it happens in the world of work where humans postponed so many regular, important and vital issues in waiting […]

World of Change……..


Change expected to world it could be good or either be bad ……….. Change is the time’s chain that could rule the Era’s time to time that covers with in the history of world reality …….. This change could lead to the main aspect and hot ground of knowing like: Cultural Imperialism which is famous […]

Present Day Muslims


‘’All things in the heavens and on the earth give glory to God, the sovereign Lord, the Holy One, the One Who possesses all power and knowledge’’. (The Holy Qur’an) The general condition of life for Muslims in the second half of the twentieth century can only be understood if we consider the totality of […]



Solitude is an element for which bacon says that: ‘’ A solitude lover may be a wild beast or a god’’. But as per experience it is wrong every person is sufferer of solitude because every person is naturally culcated of viruses of natures’ novelties. Since I born I’m unable to understand mine Lord the […]