Common verdict, when a person is anguish actually ruins what earned. There are lots of situations, in life where we have everything before us, and yet we feel nothing. This recalls, everything is miracle or nothing is miracle. Life is not a prophecy, yet is not less than that ………….

    Inner speech is always converse, contradict and more communicative. Hence, we see people are salient, yet they speak. Hence we observe people appear insignificant, yet they have concern. Hence, we watch people who are rude, yet inside they have soft hearts.

    The best teacher is time, people say. It teaches, what everybody else cannot. It’s correct, yet there is more supreme teacher, it is conscience. There are two types of people. They have boasted their esteem or lower their esteem. People who do not pay attention to their spiritual growth they have more or less Low Self-Esteem, they have complications and complains for less blessings all the time.

    Self –speech is kinda like art, no rules for using colors or no principles for making sketches just needs auto-conversation positive and affirmative. Self-speech is the corridor for the outer progress. Alas, it’s has been observed that people are mostly these days are detrimental and opinionated. They believe in intrigue rather than to have clear conscience.

    The fundamental reason would be, to some extend as people see, act and been through the playing and applying games of politics. Humans in interaction are disloyal. This disloyalty is now in genes and now transferring generation to generations. Instead of, usages of intelligence people prefer shrewdness, wickedness and short cuts.

    Hypocrisy, is one satanic mask which human adores the most in 21st century. There had have been ages people do the same but now, as we see ruins of history in record and we estimate future, hamartia at peak too, so we face this more or less every family’s practice business.

    Rationality, that mirrors the feeling into or up to the level, in another person, that kills or attracts, both ways, has it’s vices and virtues. Practical and rational gathering of humans, itself is path of guidance. Believing that, this is prime need of today to have those around who not only just understand you but also value you, as you are and map the road towards gain. This gain should be for both worldly life and life hereafter.

    Cognitive energy demands power, every human has internal and external power. This is to sometimes, share with others and sometimes to keep self. Eventually, your strength is yours, focus over it and take your own power to own. Don’t allow to catch your energy to ruin it or make you drained. Emotions, if hijacked by anyone, they are mostly illicitly used. Divine can rule here, only none other creature, but can overrule.

    Don’t be shy to accept the criticism or change, healthy ones, are always needed for progress and growth. Mentally strong people, actually welcomed both with open harms and whole heartedly. They don’t create comfort holes or zones for their self –killing or they don’t make it their unconscious weakness. They believe in risk factor and invest them for the life achievement goals.

    Life is unpredictable, uncertain and unfathomable. It’s really unfair with people at many stages, every human in this earthly and worldly life suffers a next level tragedy that in fact affects mind or soul’s energies to some extent.

    Consequently, people reacted in many ways when they are deeply hurt. They don’t bother how it more affect them if they keep going on the track where they just care their false ego instead of self. Higher dignified self is not the super ego. These both are separate entities. True, emotional wounds are worst so do the sentimental scars. People transformed good to bad and very rarely bad to good. Few pretends or converted to stones. However, many and various reactions by different people.

    Always, the grounds are not exactly the correct, truth is not what we bear sometimes, truth has hidden faces, and it is what we (humans) are blind to most of the times. Truth of original skin only be known by Divine and His creations are His creations.

    He knows what He knows. He knows All.

    Empty feeling, is one dark emotion that most probably leads to nothingness. This nothingness refers to purposelessness and that is actually the doomed day of soul. Before death, the soul can taste death. Before or without any peril or accident people experience unusual happenings.

    Unseen realities are forceful, they have more deeper impact. So do the motions of emotions. Deep hurt never recovers, what possibly a person can do is to forgive a chance for himself/herself and adopt what offers (based on fundamental values).

    Salient are the features, impact the most. So do the intrigue of spirit and soul.
    Dialectic are the sources generate deep souls …………



    None other than, not wrong to say it lattice, abstract synopsis. It needs summation and recapitulation. Professional ladder is equalizer to snake and ladder show in the world of globalization where business is at business.

    Imperial will is always a Man’s greed for power and prestige and that is to say, man of power and rulers apply most of the times, for their materialistic favor. Objective been prior designed so that such Men knows the outcome already according to their will.
    World of business, from the century beginning 2000, revolving around many terms of statistics, one of the major of arcana describes the emergence and acquisition. Now this portfolio gain and gulp, revise and reverse, review and revert; eventually the massive is more immense.

    Very shorter cannot survive in such karma, the struggle of survival would be so complicated. Insecurities, deformities and complexities are bare rooted. On a flip note, taller would have same track in the specific domain.

    Control is lose, management is out of order and admin is not pottered. Root causes affect and the effects are obvious. Laymen or common persons cannot address this, in fact they can if they are aware of their basic rights and supremacy to be on one platform. Since upper management always play well strategies they create restlessness in middle level people for the sake of crisis, hence they would not have far sightedness ahead.

    Professionalism concept been changed, more than competency or skill development or usage it is not politics. The higher circles and upper handlers are lords. They have their key players and rest they sustain the business. Youth is out of range. They are, had have been and will be utilize where there such kinda seniors required people for gambling.
    Career ladder; is a metaphor for job promotion. In business and human resources management, the career ladder typically describes the progression from entry level positions to higher levels of pay, skill, responsibility, or authority.

    This metaphor is spatially oriented, and frequently used to denote upward mobility within a stratified promotion model. Because the career ladder does not provide for lateral movement, it is assumed to be a singular track with the greatest benefits at the top.

    Higher discrimination and disparity when calculating gender, educational/vocational backgrounds and more or less social/ family basics. Respect to be earned similarly as money, people prefer short routes and easy means.

    There are majorly two types of worker, one who are focused, laborious and progressive considerably over their values and ethics. Other type is to consume energy from the FIRST CATEGORY and put it on for themselves, this is how they circulate them and create hype over and over. Such people keep themselves near to top guns and get steady and ready for their commands. Usually their slogan ‘YES SIR’ and they behave all along as Yes Men.

    Professional ladder is not simply subject to staircase based on hard work. No and never. It depends on so many various aspects, country and its statistical reporting, culture and trends been followed in that genre. Worldly aspects though manifested in that course other side how and what kind of organization been hitted to begin the career or pursue onward. Either been chosen or impelled to continue due to unemployment ratio or other sort of reasons.

    It certainly bestow over the organizational structure and mission statement of the business channel. The companies and corporation who value their human resource as an asset they boast the interim and exterior both strategies altogether. They boast their employees not only for professional education but also for on job trainings and workshops.

    The private limited companies mostly survived over their workers’ hard work therapy but do not regard or reward as they deserve. They squeeze their energetic time and age for better reasons for them and wrap them up by teasing their self-esteem up to the level where they themselves give up.
    Third world countries/ zone, business channels are bare eye witness of private limited companies’ so called set trends, they had been rooted old and would sustain so, unless they been incorporated from other giants at time. People served to companies for 20 years or more or less than decade rest they are plunged and quick sanded.

    The more reluctancy is for coming youth, their competency and existence been challenged from their middle standard of education. They have been raced to get the GP’S and highest more scoring. Their psychological energy been deviated in that case, because field required experience of work not score/ marks in subjects or paper written units. Experience comes with the time, age and chance. All these three elements bigger the investment, huge will be the output.

    Smart and astute workers result to sage and acute intelligence of chauvinism. Eventually, this add on credit. Simple and common person cannot cope the pace up to this standard. Either one way or another humans need to work since it is important. Now most of them work for others to use their intelligence, value and abilities or other way fewer tackle to work things for them.

    Wisdom, and wit replaced with mental capabilities and political strategies because they work more than any other trick in business. The objective to think bid and to be big in terms of money and material since luxury and stability provoke in this era only because of the available and tangible stuff.

    Being in universal business, honestly I have seen many convertible elements, business been mixed and matched white into black and black into white. Smaller to bigger and crushed to tiny again. For all the personas professional ladder is not easy to step up, especially when you value your truthfulness and your honest character the most …………………..

    Male oriented societies with only lust won’t resist or exist longer …… Corporate culture now impelled to have multitude qualities of females in each and every business but how they put the way around it matters



    1. (Secretive Feeling)

      Manifestations of the emotions are not that easy, striking appearances are obvious here> striking revelations realizations are always surprising always alarming they basically give the transformations one stage to another ….

      Manifestations of the emotions are not that easy, yeah complicated stuff … Now what matters is how we actually template our doings when the revelation of emotions been done. Be sensitive towards the needs of own self and towards others both altogether is also not that easy…. Yeah not that easy, complicated stuff…..

      Being Sensitive is Divine gift this gift becomes over whelmed in many situations, in many aspects two ways or two happenings – Either one stay so sensitive and sacrifice own needs and requirements and as a higher virtue he/she adopts the way to support and help other beings by sharing his efforts and Fate given gifts.

      But then such character stay obliging by nature, as conclusion for him/her remains quite empty as compare to other because such character is giver ….

      Givers are most probably the sufferers by fate; givers are most probably the sufferers by tamed understanding of supportive nature.

      Giving is somewhat the scourage for humanity, it is sometimes it’s by will and sometimes it’s by implementing the force that one could suffocated in the iron bars impelled to do what is beyond the nature.

      Influence over influence, influential sources are chapter of life; to conclude influences are not always designed for the favors there are lots more behind, lots more …

      Influences may provoke the veracity of thinking and veracity of doings, influences may define the ebullience of nature and life and influences also conclude the swings of patterns that could be similar hard as to learn Ebonics or being ebony try to decorate the conversation as a dialect of set standard of language.

      The other way, the other effect may be that with the passage of occasion the hyper sensitive being also convert and hide in the shell enforced by the natural laws, adopt selfishness >> Little selfishness is good and important else where all natural gifts been vipe away by the cruel world around who just vary one angle to another where crowd just follow where the festive and festivals are going on ……

      Creative side needs an outlet …
      You just can’t get a certain someone out of head – No matter what you do, dominates your brainstorming, brainwaves ….. This is the creative side of the personality of a creative character who actually knows the core Rusk of influence.

      Influence of Creativity also needs an outlet …..
      Such identity is actually the core ambition of the innovative people ….Their breed is lacking today … They have been all hired by I-Phone organization or by the organizations who are just promoting material innovations as influence to the world around, for today’s Machine Man ……..

      A strong epiphany here ……The strongest!!
      Does Machine Man has the Epiphany? Does Machines has right to have feelings or emotions? Machine Man …………

      I would say today’s flesh and bone originated man is a machine man when enlightened to the world of innovation or highly demanded materialistic approaches. Man, Money, Material, Minor, Major, Maximum, Minimum all in all Match each other. Matches among all there …….. Matches among all are here!

      High above, skyscrapers buildings, walls above walls, windows above windows >> Window mirrors to walls and walls mirror to windows >> Machine Man Made >> Man Made Machine >> Man Machine Made

      Window mirrors to walls and walls mirror to windows >> Walls above walls, windows above windows >>

      We can write as well like Man Made Machines replaced the original Man’s Value, we can say Man Machine is getting more value than Man’s own Flesh, bone, skull machine……

      In short machine is interacting with Machine

      Now Secretive Feelings are the most fierce feelings of all when they need to be exile and kept hidden inside, they will then wrapped up so insidious that could be nothing but the emotional poison for the human flesh. Even working machine can be exploded by this…

      Of course emotions are not associated with robots, but robust news would in coming years will be or shall be that robot cried, robot been tear shed…. Aha Joke …. Some times the stupidest joke is the criticism in irony!

      Killing is not just physical, killing is because of internal emotions and spiritual aspects as well … Lots of killing in the world – This world is full of criminals — Full of killers, lots of killing every day, every time, every single moment in each and every single aspect….

      This is really a world compiling and imaging hell in to heavens and heavens into hell…… What so ever selfishness is the core part for development >> Mechanism is productive >> Advocating worldly life only is progressive >> Influence of disposals are accurate >> Veracity lies in the alloy of Lie >> Henceforth what a uniform mixture!

      Aren’t that incredibly Wow! Isn’t that impressive double Wowww!
      Ruler over ruler step by step, phasing one to another, keeping all in pot the flipping coins.
      Impressively selfish development approach ………

      To my readers >> The comparison here mingled up of the external mechanical world with the emotional waves of human soul and heart. Alas! The harmony is out here… Satiability is ruin …. The balance is unknown here……Don’t use the word equilibrium here its obligatory!

      To my readers >> Today’s human actually dressed in material and addressed in zonal frame, pressed by forces around and presaged in circles >> Caged in nationality zones, skin tones and vibrates disbarments >> Justice is when rich comes to court >> Law and rule is when poor been addressed

      Frame of our life >> We are riding a speedy horse the scourage of which is lost and its destination is predefined but so long to achieve, if it stays some where it is for temporary aspect, the renewal of search is the core ambition here ………. It runs so far that nothing could be enhanced in the middle way…. During this what is lost is lost …….

      Realistic approach is same to this philosophy, in relationships in communications all along every one is searching own goals own selfish grounds, nothing and no one is serving for others. At services, on service and for service concepts have been changed……

      Epiphany is a sound feeling that is piper for the outer circles…… It vibrates perception’s speech strongly and thoroughly. Emotions should be regarded they should be sensibly carried with care and sensitiveness …….

      All kept and carry secretive feelings inside all humans somewhat do this but don’t keep those emotions inside that could just become killer to living aspects … Don’t hide them speak them up to all around who held responsible to carter those …. Bounce them back!


  • Destinations


    1. There are bad times, there are good times, both times are in times ……
      Contradict each other, reflect each other good times, bad times what ever the times they walk each other, represents each other, seek through each other and see through each other….

      Born on earth and you just been through happy times, is not the law of Nature, No, Never! Born on earth and you just been through ill times, is also not the law of Nature, No, Never!

      Despite of the fact that hard time or the comfort zones both are the vital cards to lead the game to destination. The configurations are that we have to be more relevant to the subject what ever be on cards…..

      Do we design our own destinations? Or they had been designed already…
      Heard about people saying that ‘You the architect of your life’, heard that ‘You are the manufacturer of your construction’… Heard that …. Heard melodies are heard they just remain in the mind as salient version … They are heard …. But what for the unheard, unheeded, unhealed melodies ……

      Do we design our own destinations?
      Personally, if I comment, somewhat yes, this is as political aspect as the beginnings and ending of the world wars …….Yes! We design somewhat we wish for or desire for but to implement or to get what we design is not certainly yes by Ultimate Boss!

      We have sole power of thinking, perceiving and imagination which is surely subject to the human Will ….

      We can perceive whatever we like and have its effect over our sound quality of action… Now action lead to actual destination is not the security or sure element unless been tested and taken vice versa….

      We Imagine anything, any where any aspect which seems impossible this is the best part of human existence that can make the inspiration alive, though it becomes the part of fantasy what fancies also have their existence at least though just in imagination …. We do design our own destinations, yes in our imaginations …..

      Thinking, once of my favorite process, which lead to the Relation of Lord to Man, Man to Lord … All in all thinking is the soul of wit, soul of identity, soul what ever the human wanted to be in the world here and after …… Yes, thus this declares we design our own destinations …. We do!

      We have soul and sole powers; Thinking, Perception & Imagination!
      Noting can match that …..

      Destinations, do they design already?
      Of course, this is another side of the same coin, flip side….
      This is another excess part of the same truth >>> Truth that this is a place just a limited place and been developed for sometimes, for some aspects and doings and here after it been cultivated in another color of picture >>> The paints applied will be taken or received the same …..

      Destinations are unique if been refined by thoughts and approached with proactive and pre-planned strategies; destinations are near when they are marked with the clipping of eyelids and eyelashes, they are very close when think and see before ……

      There are bad times, there are good times, both times are in times ……
      Destinations are not subject to good times or bad times yet destinations are marked and assemble with the good times and bad times…..

      The priorities and destinations marking are different according to the dogmas, believes and the faiths of culture, of the humans of different group of mind or circle…..

      But for sure one destination is very same for everyone where the remarks been given, the levels may be different but destination is the same, it is logically been analyzed because extension or variety is the product extension………

      Extension always comes from one central or original from one origin spot.
      Dogmas, Believes & Faiths again are the same aligned as thinking, perception and imagination….. Dogmas are for the people who need the line, Believes are for the people who hold wisdom and faith is for the Supreme Being ….

      The being which ultimate raise the self esteem, self reliance, self assurance, self reorganization, self esteem, self spirit, self identity >>>

      The being which ultimate raise the spirit of being a fair person, a simple person who hides thousands of feelings behind a happiest smile ………

      There are bad times, there are good times, both times are in times ……
      Contradict each other; reflect each other good times, bad times……

      Destinations may design by our Wills or be destined to route to, they are pleasurable if been stimulate with conviction and consistency, if destinations been seen and worked out far sighted they sat in the same stature….

      If destinations been calculated as desirable object and keep pace with practice it stay align no better what how complex the rod to the destination…. No matter what how sharp turning us been through or how much turns we have……..

      Design your destinations…. Make them goals raise up your perspectives; work out for the Ultimate goals … face the complexities with certain limits of determinations …. Conquer your will by conquering your self in actions …

      Conquer the fate by conquering your limits of Free Will …..
      Reach to the destination though at peaks, though at grounds….. Reach to the destinations, mark them, align them, plan them ……….. Strategize them ……

      Reach to the destination; they are essential for the motivation of living!
      Design your destinations, conquer them mark them for living, construct them … Make them castles to be known and stand for ages!


  • Procrastination


    Long discussions, attempt to be so obviously ambitious, be workaholic and look so busy but do nothing………….

    A simple definition to Procrastination……Actually it is more than just a word and it has a definable thesis because it happens in the world of work where humans postponed so many regular, important and vital issues in waiting list or mention on high priority ‘Things to do’ although they pay attention to other stuff just to kill time or utilize time for their favorably fulfillment of psychological desire to seek pleasure rather to take pressure on nerves to attain possibly the impossible task by effort to be achieved.

    Sometimes it happens in the world of sane that wisdom deserves intellectual efforts and human behaviors decline the importance of what comes on priority and list high the ignorant part of exercises those could just be the timely product of unprogressive elements and they just sustain for the spare time to kill the quantative and quality work.

    In psychology, procrastination refers to the act of replacing high-priority or important actions with tasks of lower priority, or doing something from which one derives enjoyment, and thus putting off important tasks to a later time.

    In accordance with Freud, the Pleasure principle (psychology), may be responsible for procrastination; humans do not prefer negative emotions and handing off a stressful task until a further date is enjoyable. The concept that humans work best under pressure provides additional enjoyment and motivation to postponing a task.

    Some psychologists cite such behavior as a mechanism for coping with the anxiety associated with starting or completing any task or decision. Other psychologists indicate that anxiety is just as likely to get people to start working early as late and the focus should be impulsiveness. That is, anxiety will cause people to delay only if they are impulsive.

    Schraw, Wadkins, and Olafson have proposed three criteria for a behavior to be classified as procrastination: it must be counterproductive, needless, and delaying. Similarly, steel (2007) reviews all previous attempts to define procrastination, indicating it is “to voluntarily delay an intended course of action despite expecting to be worse off for the delay.

    Procrastination may result in stress, a sense of guilt and crisis, severe loss of personal productivity, as well as social disapproval for not meeting responsibilities or commitments. These feelings combined may promote further procrastination. While it is regarded as normal for people to procrastinate to some degree, it becomes a problem when it impedes normal functioning.

    Chronic procrastination may be a sign of an underlying psychological disorder. Such procrastinators may have difficulty seeking support due to social stigma, and the belief that task-aversion is caused by laziness, low willpower or low ambition.

    Such behavior could in practice does nothing but low level of quality in work or any aspect of life that would not be constructive but rather destructive for the self character and for the social vibes.

    Procrastination is habitual to those who under estimate their own character in the crowd of exterior frame and down size the level of motivational, substantial and conventional existence of importance.

    Procrastination is garmite to the skillful people who somewhat get tired or little furious with the routine dilemmas of work. This must rusticate so easily so it could rush to cover on initial stage and initiatively it should be vibe out from personality corner because to define it vital to save a personality from demonization and demotivation.

    However it is commonly seen in all the places and usually to the respective norms who pretend to be rather too busy infact they become over possessed with their positioning in outer course and internally they precise themselves to tame others to be burden even for their sense of responsibilities.

    It happens, but everything happens for some reasoning, some major purpose if purpose gone the rest leaves the death soul life and such way of living in any context, in any content remains with the concept of Nada where as this universe, this place the whole nebula has depth to sense by wisdom ………..

    Sustain the world of personality from the destructive vibes of tsunami that could cause turbulence and retain nothing but destructive source. Be in the deeper context whatever  we do, be in the spirit of commitment whatever we mean, be determine as determination high the context of living …..’As man can be destroyed but cannot be defeated’…………

    Human recognized of in real because of unconquerable Will and continuous spirit …..

    World of Change……..


    Change expected to world it could be good or either be bad ……….. Change is the time’s chain that could rule the Era’s time to time that covers with in the history of world reality ……..

    This change could lead to the main aspect and hot ground of knowing like: Cultural Imperialism which is famous speech now a days that could finally sign and predict; Third World War shall be expected to the world and there are lots of reasons behind one of the most vital element that most knowledgeable Critics consider that Second World War apparently had been wiped off though from that era to till date the cold soc-economic war of mental differences is still there ………….. Man has achieved the exterior success but always by ruling and over ruling the lower of strength over his own species.

    Is it call peace? What ever is happening around us ………Is it call peace? Is it ……called peace that one side of a world is decorative and the other ruined by the same world builders? Is it call a peace that one is facilitated of all the luxuries of life and yet on the contrary the same people of society suffer hunger to death………….

    The symptoms of the Third called upon War around the world is like a virus which has been sprigged out already in due course because around the world each society norm is already overcrowded and over whelmed of the ruling powers and their policies which are pre-defined for the lust of power and lust of self governs and self needs and dogmatic approaches.

    New Imperialism is also the one of the most predictably fundamental reality around the world which has been seeded over and this is not remain the concept but the actuality of time and the people of the world are morally on immorally, predictable or unpredictable derive to this dogmatic reality and to this social psychological war based on economical imperialism.

    Third World War could be reasonably conclude and estimate as War of Management, Multicultural War, psychological War, Soc-economic War. War of Dogmas , War of conflicts, War of signs and War of Languages, War of Differences…………

    This imperialism, Doctorow, Doctrinaire and Dogmatic Truth is out of reach that how when and where humans are becoming the path of this maze but it actually the reality that comes out due to research and young Critics’ work that world is never stay still so the human mentality. The signs of converting the realities in imaginations, and truth converting the imagination in reality are all revolving around like the gravity and gravitational force. The cultures which easily and very magnetically and magnificently sprigged and rang up could be possible of the same imperialistic approach and it is called social or cultural imperialism that the unique influence of culture should dominate to the generations or the crowd of the nations all around that could itself becomes the legal aspect for the group of people or could be the most useable trend.

    Just like music and music lovers there is no science behind, or no myth or religion to follow the musical culture but it is happening that people of different races, the nationwide worldwide nations understand the language of music. Pakistan was never known to people of west anymore unless Nusrat Fatihe Ali Khan introduce his kawali beats to the outer world especially to the west even African also know this artist for his talent of fame or fate of fame. Similarly, the Arabs known for their fundamental Arabic music and belly dance all around the world in such way the English breed could rise up their mind and interest for this learning and the awareness is there. This mixture of multiracial multi-races cultural exchange is not just for their entertainment but more than that…………

    Michele Jackson he was black by race his language of music is known by whole world either the Africans the jungle livers don’t know the meaning of the English version but even than they dance and wave on same layers which Jackson want to provoke all around….. This mixing and misting of talent teaching the new invented culture to the world which bring down every body at one ground and make millions as one crowd substantially is the substitute for rising up the norms of the rare people who thought to teach the world and ground the world in new aspect in new invented culture and new social body of alimenting the multi- twist cultures whose fundmentalities are rare in roots of reality.

    Similarly, the Media imperialism is one of the best weapon or the worst that is affecting the world and the nations easily be the follower of each other. The mass of media imperatives/Neocolonialism , media communication and media imperialism is the best of need today if it could spread peace and the worst enemy if could rise up conflicts over the religious aspects or of social economical thesis or cultural imbalances. Just as Indian tradition, costumes, trends, language and their cultural aspects are dominating to the traditional followers unknowingly and desperately that they just forgot the limits that it could be allowed or not or it have any verge for the faith believers or not……………….. Similarly the drama sequences and the theater affect and rise the same impact the viewers watch and seek, some just consider the matter of entertainment most of the vibrant audiences not only adopt but also follow…………

    It was times when writer write the fictitious tales to catch up or wide spread the human imagination by the unique thoughts but now a days most of the media, writers, world literature having enough heavy stuff of real unfictitious product around to capture and to allure the audiences and the nations……….. News channels and their vibrant happenings, the online Critics, the anchors all are the productivity of mass journalism and this is riding heavy all around the world their jobs are much secure and financially higher in stature because deliberately or indeterminately they are part of the said cultural imperialism and this riding change of the world ……..the chain of inventing new cultural change of world where the mass communication of conflicts and conspiracy therapy, the mass of media communication and media psychology, media imperialism, soc-economical imperialism, philosophy of cultural imperialism rising each day as of sun…………….

    The verge is going on the path where the generations zonre is just what ‘They SEE, They DO’ what ‘They Listen, They Speak’…… Human coming races likewise in stature the so called humans but tamed and calibers remains as imitation just like Apes ………….. News and news lovers though that news was true or false but to kill time they have the spreading knowledge of news……..

    The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad is one of the golden ample and example of duality of human nature in sound and in proof and it really defines beneath surface the same approach the world tasting today around………….

    So the world of literature producing the ideas, the dogmas, the diplomacy, the conspiracies, the nationwide news and the good and false attitude towards humans own selves, the disasters of world around happening in due course, the Far east conflicts, Asia rumors, Gulf attacks, Afghan stress, Egypt protests, Libya/ Syria under dominance rule, the protest theories of Europe and supreme powers (United States//Russia evaluating China/Iran)  the configurations of world statistics of stock exchange its upheavals and its to and fro pendulum movement, up and down chemistry of currencies are the eyeleting knot……….. Let’s see who win the race somehow the solutions in the world book the same lessons might is right theory the economy who strengthen by gold purchasing could survive among the rest the best.

    In such course the most eventual though is that these social cultural mass of doctrines and discoveries who are leading the world and humans obedience to their Naafs (Self conscience) nothing else they are ruining the mental, physical, psychological and natural human aspects and bringing imbalance with the substantial realities and perhaps could be substitute to spiritual actualities. Why this could not be forcefully emerged to the basic benefit of humans or nations? Because naturally there are major two forces work upon on universal nature positive and negative, good and evil……………

    The positive is slow down due to the negative proactive approaches, but positive proclaimed pragmatisms, magnificence magnitude may prevails in end ………..This truth and in the notice of the sane educated norms this cultural approach is not only be guided on spread over in sense of psychological or communications masses but also through food items the trends introduced of fast food, the junk food items, frenzy drinks the usage of menthol and acidic flavor items that are harming product and could rising up cancer and other harmful diseases………….

    This is the boundary of world that human sketch for him and in accordance to his needs and demands and self diffident approaches that if right ‘For Me……… To Me’

    This concept of ‘Me, Myself and I’ this is the basic norm natural cause of any disaster because it is beyond the boundary and foundry of human nature to adopt ………..This ruin, this lead negative , this pore the pride in vessel and Pride of human, Power of Pride of Human always ruin and cause defeat and repentance………

    How fair it could be if the world could honor the same religion, same boundaries of Nature bestowed upon Man which are ideal ………How fair it could be if people in rule and nations and nationwide masses give

    PEACE A CHANCE…………………. !!

    Present Day Muslims


    ‘’All things in the heavens and on the earth give glory to God, the sovereign Lord, the Holy One, the One Who possesses all power and knowledge’’.

    (The Holy Qur’an)

    The general condition of life for Muslims in the second half of the twentieth century can only be understood if we consider the totality of all the factors shaping their current situation. One of the most important points is the present geo-political distribution of Muslims. The majority are living in so-called Muslim states, many of which are Arabic speaking (nearly one-sixth of all Muslims are Arabs) joined together by a powerless political coalition called the Arab League (established in 1945). In 1971 over forty governments with Islam as their declared state religion joined together in an Organization of the Islamic Conference and by 1992 there were forty-six members of the OIC.

    The reality is that Muslim states are continuously embroiled in the senseless controversy and even political or military confrontation with each other. There is very little real harmony between them or a common higher objective. Muslims with in these states are also divided in the broader sense along ethnic, racial, sectarian, and linguistic lines. Sectarianism within the Sunni majority, as well as between Sunnis and shi’is is often exploited. The unifying attributes of Islam—– Humanity, reasonableness, piety, submission to Allah, knowledge of the Qur’an and way of the Holy Prophet of Allah ——– are not the primary objectives of Muslims rulers or their state policies. Present day Muslims are divided by artificial geo-political lines and ruled by puppet kings, sultans, and presidents who are allied to or nominated by Western diktat, upon whose advice, technology, and economic control they are dependent.

    Within these states much official propaganda and discussion about the glory of past Islam is indulged in. Thus, we see and hear of Islamic conferences, Islamic parties, Islam banks, and even enforced Islamic codes. As the Islamic sentiment of the masses grows their governments label most of their acts as ‘’Islamic’’, without any true spiritual conviction or transformation.

    For the first time in the twentieth century, however, the shock of the Islamic revolution in Iran brought the decaying conditions of Muslims sharply into focus and triggered attempts to arrest this decay and possibly renew and revive the Din of Islam. The rise of Islam in Iran, and its challenge to the techno-imperial power of America, resulted in a decade of war against Iran, fought of course by proxy of the brutal Iraqi government with aid and encouragement from Arabs Muslim states under the supervision of the West. The events in Iran brought about widespread interest and debates throughout the Muslim world.   (Continue Part II)

    The superficial divisions among Muslims are perpetuated by the lack of proper basic education. This lack is comprehensive for it includes the Qur’anic and prophetic teachings, in particular the higher spiritual values of the Din. The historical neglect of the education of Muslim women has ensured that the mother is left ignorant and thus bound to raise children in an un-Islamic manner.  The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said: ‘’ The true school is the mother’’.

    A tradition which, like many others, is often repeated and little acted upon. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) also called upon Muslims to seek knowledge ‘’even if it was a china’’ (I-e, far away), but as we have seen, The Qur’anic and spiritual knowledge of Islam, have become the preserve of a few specialists while the majority of Muslims remain content with outer Islamic cultural or ethnic trappings.

    A contribution factor to the lack of Muslim mass education is the dominance of a class of professional ‘Ulama and Mullas ——-the so—- called ‘’clergy.’’ As they established themselves as the guardians of the Din, People complacently delegated their religious duties to this class of experts instead of fulfilling the prophetic injunction for everyone—-man and women alike — to strive to gain full spiritual knowledge. And so we now have dismal but common scenario of Muslims paying someone else to recite the Qur’an once in a while, usually on the occasion of bereavement, instead of learning and acting upon the Qur’an itself.

    Islam teaches that it is the community that has to perform all functions of the life-transaction for themselves and by themselves and not to rely on the specialist professionals. In fact, it is blame worthy act to be paid for teaching religion, reading the Quran, or even being an undertake. The community is beholden to serve itself and thereby increase human interaction and interdependence.

    The slow erosion of Islamic values and way of life during the twentieth century, coupled with Western material, monetary, technological, educational and political dominance over Muslim lands, has caused most Muslims to imitate Western culture wholesale as  an act of ‘’progress’’. Blind westernization has naturally resulted in frustration, disappointment, anger, and nostalgia and sometimes a desperate desire to revive the Din at any cost. The average educated Muslim continues to be confused about the possibility of modernization without de-spiritualizing westernization.

    A natural outcome of this confusion is seen in frequent upheavals, usually accompanied by ineffective anti-Western slogans and various other forms of emotional and sometimes violent defiance, ranging from small demonstrations to hostage-taking and major revolutions. Many Muslims feel nostalgic for the past, disappointed in the present, angry with unjust rulers, and despairing as a result of poverty, exploitation, and other inhuman and un-Islamic conditions. Large numbers of Muslims also live in non-Muslim states throughout the world. For example, the population of Muslims in India, which is secular, is greater than that in Muslim Pakistan.

    Most Muslim living in the West is economic emigrants from Asia or Africa, with the exception of a small but increasing number of converts. Although these immigrants have brought with them some of their national, ethnic ways and customs peculiar to their individual cultural backgrounds, their descendants are gradually rediscovering original Islam and its high values and moral standards, as their inherited cultural baggage is gradually peeled off.

    Younger Muslim generations in the West are no longer hypnotized by the myth of an alternative system for honorable and fulfilling human interaction other than the sublime path of Islam. In a shrinking world where it is becoming increasingly clear that the emperor has no clothes, their awakening is gradually being shared throughout the Muslim world. The myth and collapse of Communism can only be followed by the discovery of the falsehood of apparently civilized Capitalism. The idol of Capitalism is being dethroned.



    Solitude is an element for which bacon says that:

    ‘’ A solitude lover may be a wild beast or a god’’.

    But as per experience it is wrong every person is sufferer of solitude because every person is naturally culcated of viruses of natures’ novelties.

    Since I born I’m unable to understand mine Lord the creator who has maketh the whole universe and have written this story in order to template his divine idea to suffice the holiness.

    The relation between the creator and the creation is strange enough it can not judge, it can not be fully understand this is the element which is beyond comprehension which can not be touched to the boundary.

    But the person who begins the journey in the solitude to pay attention to the idea of this is hunger to know about him first.

    The thirst of self knowing is obvious one who starts learning himself, his inner world he must be lonely because solitude teaches the sense of sensitivity to make invincible the invisible inner world.

    To know inner world is not that impossible but to explore the loneliness there need to be mighty heart because human nature is against solitude. Human can’t live without gatherings social activities where as loneliness is like gadget like rock, like darkness, likes dead winter very cold and killing.

    Being lonely no one consider himself lucky, infact condemn fate that why the rit is so? Why the being is so empty hearted and alone? Why the images are wage? Why the terms and conditions are so foggy?

    Solitude is not science yet it explores the unknown world which demonstrates knowledge if one starts learning from it. It creates the arts of understanding to those who concentrate upon the specific ideology of it magnitude.

    Solitude is killing sometimes when one feels missing, emptiness and hollowness in the air. Living place should be enlightened with the hope and socio activities rather than be wilderness.

    It is commonly signifies that loneliness is depressing, solitude is catastrophic, it leads to darkness and emptiness, it creates hole in the soul, it cause virus of barren life, it will effect like rotten leaves spread all over around the life deadly to eat up the living objects. It is like cold wind of winter, it is like autumn that shreds in accountability most of the people is of the consent that solitude is a negative and diverting source where as it is as positive as it considers to be.

    To be lonely is positive if one starts thinking the way it is…….. In life as per law of nature there are always the positive/negative impacts.

    Few souls are powerful enough to understand the positive impacts of each of the vibrating emotion of the law of nature element else where most of the beings are the consumers of negativity and their approach of accepting things are pungent.

    For example a baby starts speaking he easily utters ‘’NO’ rather than ‘’YES’.

    By the law of nature a kid starts yielding his neck negative more early than sign to positive head shaking in action yes. So the as per the law apparently the loneliness is negative but it depends on the utilization of this worth.

    If one begins to praise Lord almighty in solitude than it will become the ecstasy for soul and someone starts the evil doings than it prevails the darkness that become thickest day by day.

    The motive to state solitude here is positive its impacts

    Is also trust worthy it will be the art for artist,

    It will be the thought for the write, it will be ocean for the drop, and it will be church for the praise worthy,

    It will be the most interesting part of life of any human being having it if he starts searching the

    Learning aspect from it.

    The profoundness of thought of inner world

    Of being to outer world is interlinked,

    Ejaculated and depends………

    Depends on understanding.