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March 23

Paradigm Shift

RANDOMNESS; Lack of pattern or disorder in any aspect of life cause severe changes. Unpredictability is one of the key reason for the state of confusion. We shall be firm and confine in something purely, when we knew maximum of it by heart and with wit. Believing needs trust. Truest trust shall be built with […]

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December 9

Magic of Focus; Art of Concentration

Concentrations……Concentrating is an art of study or electromagnetic spectrum source….. what so ever focus and focusing is a magic and magical aspects are also human’s one of the best art ………Nature bestow many of the aspects which are unseen but they work out and display their importance in front of the presence of human acts […]

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January 15

Science As Key Knowledge

To know things really from the soul object fundamentally, completely and totally to enhance the motive for life is called science as per my chemistry. Science is sort of knowledge that adores nature’s reality and to know the God and His Creations and the whole Universe form the beginning to onwards. Science believes in logic. […]

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