Being a Muslim is my identity, and TO BE.
    Certainly and very proudly. Really it is?

    Let me upfront this reality very pungently, point wise:

    If, I am intimidated by the world around for pity things, the love of worldly affairs hold me so tight that I couldn’t let them go emotionally, psychologically or physically, the captioned subject challenged me so hardly that I cannot face mirror and my conscience pricks.

    If, I am weakened myself only because, I faced hardships, where I born/among my family and social interaction. Society has its own marks and paths and they deny to accept anyone who is bit unique to state his/her ideas, norms or challenged their set patterns which may be hurt their false super ego. This is only when society fabricates, the actions they intentionally or unintentionally following, according to their designed structure.

    If, the imitation (Taqlid) of a perfect or Divine is so complicated, where one is even questioned for the spirit he/she holds or blessed, because the outer course differs it. When the religious doctrine among people yet they hive to adding more according to their will to sooth.

    If, independent reasoning (Ijtihad) is vulnerable, because the court and judiciary are not that capable to see in the light of Divine, direct and righteous path. Since their wisdom is prejudiced, seized and damaged by the evil they are cherishing.

    Thousands of years been passed and Man came up to this level that existing period though offering so many choices/favors yet it is most puzzling/confusing. This millennium’s compass invented many directions yet forgot the focal one. Naturally, when any state touched an optimum level it will have the decline too. Hence, the universal law is based on antithetical on scale; it has variance and variance of importance.

    Such divergence creates its existence of interaction, as independent or individual level and on the consolidated level to some extent. Light is needed, it is important so does the darkness as well. Now light associated with an expression of motivation yet darkness symbolized as shady as it could. Constant, only light also be unacceptable, so that the darkness. Hence, each has importance in accordance to the need, course and as designed by Divine.

    It is not necessary, that one decision is always correct for everyone, it varies.
    Hence, this should be picked wisely that where the imitation is required and where the reasoning is required. Copying the perfection, is an ardent act for human.

    It is said nothing is perfect in this world. Wrong statement. How?
    Following three statements are clear to define

    The Creator said, if you see the skies, your glance will be reverted back and you can’t find an error in our creation. In addition, The Holy Quran is a miracle and this Divine book says the unsaid. It encodes what was coded. Again, The Holy Prophet (PBUH), the last Prophet and Blessing for All the Worlds. Consequently: Creator and the Creation, Divine and Doctrine AND Blessings and Blessed.
    The central point is, I born in a Muslim home, is this my credit?
    Of course, this is my Fate.

    Now staying Muslim, even practicing and keep tracking myself as Muslim, is my effort.
    It’s uncertain that, I would stay the same, develop or even go astray.

    We are surviving in 21st Century, yet it is so difficult to hold an identity which is exact and clear. The panorama or the living structure/introduction goes:

    I am a Human (Existence as a creation)
    As a Human, I am a Female (Category of survival/sex)
    Being a Female, I am a Muslim and has a Name (Belief and with standing)
    Being a Muslim, I live in a Muslim State, which has a constitution (Ideology/Nationality)
    How learned I am and what I do/own (Character/Profile)

    In my case, all above are given.
    My existence, sex, belief/religion and ideology. For me above all 4 are my fate. However, there are many people who struggle for last two points and they stand so far nowhere.

    Now if, I have been cursed/envied/wronged for being what I have not chosen myself, it’s really complicated to understand. I have been accused or so many hypocrites watched and criticized me for what I am.

    Why we have to prove ourselves as we are? We exist/ breathe by the Will of God, He is the One who determines our Fates, then who are those who interfere, envied and want us to be harmed and killed. Who are they?

    They are the trial & error part of our Fate. The people who actually provide you tough time, they provide you opportunity to be strong and grow more. If they are causing damages to you, they are actually making life sour for themselves.

    Our identity is not the one the people define but truly the one GOD, determines.
    Whatever God bestowed, it is favorable even though apparently, it seems destructive. At first place one should be believer and next stick to the ideology belongs to it.

    I believe in ONE Creator, who is Kind and Merciful.
    My ideology even based on Divine, and I try imitate the perfection performed by Last Prophet PBUH. This set my road very clear and sound, hence there is no other need to contradict any of the affairs, either effective for worldly or hereafter.

    Yes, my identity is not only my name.
    It has other important elements too, the core is the one which defines my spirit/soul to be addressed here and hereafter. So I need no search/effort to select any other belief/religion as the one given to me, is complete doctrine, it is not left empty anywhere about any topic of life.

    Universal life is full of deception, it’s tough though sometimes to determine the reality/pathway to reach the goal. As a result the guidance is in the shape of religion. No religion provoke any human to any ill, however the previous religions are for the course of time.

    Islam is till End.
    Even Muslims are corrupted, even they follow secular teachings, and even they are not practicing what taught to them. Even though, it does not meant that the doctrine been changed. It’s not.

    My identity is my realization
    The day, I realized the meaning of truth/lie, life/death, goal/achievement and the real success. I knew that I need to associate every object/ molecule to my Creator to have His guidance. The soul who identify his/her given Fate, trial-error and destiny, is the one cherish the self-esteem.

    I knew my identity
    Around me, there are so many who knew not, they are black out in such Era. Whereas they are so called Muslims. I cannot predict future, nor do I have a desire to do so. I exist to breathe and to understand, if I could a little, I believe I done my part.

    If I knew myself and my clear identity, I knew my Creator.
    And knowing my Creator is not enough, there is a need to be linked up, to be connected.
    Strive to think and thinking up to wisdom, I am sure can badge me.

    In the hour of trial/effort, let’s try to be connected with Creator.
    Speak less, avoid crowd ……… Listen what Nature says. Everyone should have his/her identity first, than practice and scale it.

    I can adopt what I like, staying in line. Going out of boundary, is a wrong selection then this is self-harming. If harming others is wrong-forbidden then equally self-harming is also destructive/evil.

    We are not fighting issues/plagues but ourselves.
    Acting one thing than navigating it. Be constant-be faithful, this is the only way of redemption.



    How you listen the voice of heart?
    When you listen the yell of soul?
    Whom do you hear?
    What do you prefer to hear from the heart and the soul?

    Now or Never.
    If now, this is not heard then it is common to comprehend it would never be heard.

    Hope, strings to Mercy.
    Mercy, is to see and to hear You Made.
    Don’t left breathing ones alone, empty and cold.
    Limitlessness is not for mortal, boundary is though.

    You hold to say ‘TO BE’ then let ‘IT BE’.
    Mercy is a desire, nothing else than that.
    Voice, I have but holder of back
    Saying is not enough, need is to be heard.

    What to do?
    Did I ask for this life? Did I commit my Fate? Do I am the one who control?
    Do it for ME, Do it for others.
    Only YOU can do.

    YOU know YOUR will, I can’t as I am just living for sometimes
    Certain and most of the times uncertain.
    You are the predictor. You are all sane.
    You, yourself is One and All.

    You hold to say ‘TO BE’ then let ‘IT BE’.
    Mercy is a desire, nothing else than that.
    Voice, I have but holder of back
    Saying is not enough, need is to be heard.

    Thought of You keeps Me alive, let me live even after my death transaction
    Let me have that eternal peace that cure my wounds
    Mercy Me, Your ultimate blessing
    Let My Fate, Your favor

    I am summoned by a sermon
    A call of prayer, flowers me, all my hopes string to Your Mercy
    Grant my soul what is asked for
    Forgive Me, for everything even for nothing, as You are all listening, all forgiving.

    Call to be granted.
    Voice to be heard.

    Listen Me. I am not a saint, neither a sinner.
    You knew better, as destiny designed by You.

    I believe Your Truth, Light and Nature.
    I do my part in thick and thin, being exist.
    I belief, I am a believer.
    Enrich My faith, I believe in

    Let it be for Me.
    Hope, strings to Mercy.
    This is a voice, simple and low with faith
    To have Your attention, as You are All Mercy

    Alive is the conscience connected to You
    Clean is the heart praying You
    Light is the soul believing You
    Let my conscience, heart and soul be alive, clean and light.

    Want is Your Attention, Your Mercy. Listen Me
    I am not a saint, neither a sinner.
    I belief, I am a believer.
    Enrich My faith, I believe in

    Call to be granted.
    Voice to be heard.
    Mercy Me, Your ultimate blessing
    Let My Fate, Your favor



    BC to AD, beginning of times to the end of times, first age to medieval age, ascendants to descendants and time of heavens to time of earth, realities been converted and unfolded in many ambiguous or phenomenon oracles.

    A prophecy to future, always been on Human’s Mind and an individual is always in seek of that what comes next? None would like to have evil to be heard through or been acted upon one’s action. No one bought evil by hand but man of knowledge Faustus did in Marlowe’s writings.

    See how human minds, willingness and desires ruled and over ruled the instincts. Sometimes man of nature acts against the nature, once the instincts been repelled they reacted over the same being messing against them.

    Again to know future is always been wonders for human world, but what if the predictions for the person who wanna know against the will of a person?

    Against the will…… how this be descriptive? Soul or psyche has its own nature so do the Aura of interaction on physical grounds. We deceive ourselves and our actions most of time by assessing things on norms just present in front.

    Things have their tow fold realities and truth and what apparent we see this is not actually the real essence or nature of any object.

    Hence, religion, faith, believe and practicing what we strongly feel in the omni presence is more authentic and strong. We believe angles are creatures we don’t see them in daily routine, if we deny we can but if we believe we have many strong reasons to believe in, not just that religious scriptures say so …………

    No we can access and feel personally, in many matters and this personal feeling of assessing things is the most powerful phenomena ‘Intuition’

    The key sense and higher perception level actually differs the person from common and layman. Why?
    Because he/she and individual can see through things prior against time and space which others like laymen or common persons can not. Reasoning for that is very genuine and revolves around the key areas:

    – Blessed Psychological level // Strong Psyche
    – Spiritual level // Religious practice
    – True Faith // Believing spirit
    – What is true faith and how to ponder in practice?
    – Following the Ultimate Truth
    – To grow up to the level where one can illuminates his/her fate as free will

    Mentioning above, the major endorsement is religion and faith one carries, religion is the code of conduct. Evaluating worldwide religions and their course of action, no religion would agree upon any ill doings, all religions speak about the morals and the ethnic implementations.

    Though that religion is Abrahamic or Non-Abrahamic. The form and format of religions are mythical unless they would be practiced. Now what we practice is in hand, how we practice is also defined than why not amplified, why not implemented?

    Why on the name of ISLAM there are forces they brought damage to the Peaceful image of the religion world wide. Why terrorism been yielded to associates with ISLAM? Why that’s so?

    Verily, when humans are halted to the level, where instincts just react to the basic needs, this happens. When we say things we actually don’t mean it.

    When we stop being conscientiousness in our routines. When we hinder our own way of our perceptions to be groomed and governed by the natural law …………….. When certainly, we boost our supreme egos to lead us to the ways, actually not good for our spiritual goals.

    Human soul is emblem of everything yet nothing but there is parrot inside that speaks as per the nature of the things, now if practice would guide it so than they same way will be highlighted, and if not than same would be restricted or hindered.

    Whom do we listen?

    The voice that command truth or the voice that can manipulate for the worldly affairs? Whom do we listen?

    This is self decision? Or communion?
    This is actually both. Responsibility is two ways traffic not one.

    Only those people who are sound in their ethics, practice and faith can rule the world. Now if the strength and feasts would be fed to the Alpha evil wolf it would be the ruler and if it would be the Alpha sublime one than it will be the ruler.

    Evil and goodness are natural forces and they can not be denied. We living creatures revolves between or above in circles to them by fate or free will.

    Endorsements and manifestations are sometimes based on choice most of times not, subject to writ of fate that would be unchangeable.

    Now unseen realities are intangible but very powerful. They exist with their own supreme testimony, reflection and exposition and bestow same reflexes for the physical realities.

    Universal Truth over ruled, this would be challenged by human intelligence through mechanical & scientific explorations. So when a living creature rose up to the level where can challenge the Instinctive realities there the reaction begins ………….

    Intuition would ever and not always been honored, if so than how would we bestow to our CREATOR, few important strings are just ever and forever in HIS CONTROL; CREATOR’S CONTROL.

    We need to zoom in and out for the textures and zones we are surviving in for both the angles physical and spiritual.

    Now physical should understand from the fundamentalities to the unlimited access and same is the case with spiritual realities.

    This is certain that again in human history we hilted to the Era where we are dealing with two extremes and therefore the balance to carry both together are infact out.
    Simultaneously, what we can do is to bother self first for the direction of thinking and than for the practice and than be communion for the better sake …………….If we can do that ….

    Wishes and desires are thousands out of thousands all can not be fulfilled in this life in such short spam, so don’t linger on and between for the climax level of the life been given.

    Let’s be like running water, because it keeps going so its’ clean …..… We can understand even the most complicated phenomenon oracles if we rise up our wit and use wisdom rather than just intelligence for the sake of creating mechanical world.

    We humans are the most higher beings since it would also declared my the CREATOR, so we can understand even the most complicated phenomenon oracles …………………..Certainly WE CAN!



    Eccentricities of savior faire and their extra ordinariness never are the nurtured, never be natured. Pinnacle of miracles happened when the leashed level of destruction has been done to the hemisphere. Pinnacle of thought apexes such level, though it might be constructive or destructive.

    Constructive is that part which is clothed these days with the mechanism of universe and so on it would spring on. Rest humane elements are subject to mostly destructive nature. Yes, nature is constructive as well destructive because creation is only because Creator is there. If there is no Creator obviously, there is no creation. So the colors, the flairs and what ever the mirrored qualities or disqualities we assume, we perceive and we understand all come from Divine.

    In human chapters and course of life, its like life comes first than the death, where as this is not the right way to list the realistic element. Death been invented first to represents life it is like per-requisite and per-evaluation of Creator. Maker planned everything!

    But Creator hides His True Essence, so that learning for creation should stay grounded because one of the major sources that derive to learning is curiosity to know. Maker planned everything but hides His True Essence.

    Pinnacle of thought apexes such level……….
    Now to assess the optimum level, see how things work:

    Creations from Creator, Truth from lies, Light from darkness, Life from death, White from black, Woman from man first hereafter men from women, Land from water and water from land and hence constructive through destructive. Maker planned everything.

    Free will from fate and fate from Lord’s Will, who hides His True Essence……
    Maker planned everything ………

    Vertex of heat to hearth and hearth to heat all the tiniest little stuff connected, if there be length that does not mean that it has no edge towards next. If there be congestion there are more view able angles. Again the matter is how the pinnacle of thought works to get the acme for the soul of deed.

    All are connected, conscious to unconscious and unconscious to conscious all connected. In between if there be grey shades, if there be blackness and if there be emptiness all are connected. It about in dot that covers everything. Maker planned everything ……… but hides His True Essence.

    One toughest cookie who will live life to the fullest would achieve this scale, but such achievement also gives the understanding and the knowledge to the hidden secrets, not sure. Now to dot the vividness if it be the art vice versa the same vastness in dot, Complex studies, complicated world and difficult Universal Nature …. Isn’t it?
    Limit the sign sometimes essential, especially to human world it is a key for performance and practice but on the contrary infinity and to its access is also the instinctive need. How would one turn on and fight against instincts if they are just given, just ordered and just done. They would remain the same as designed ………Isn’t it?

    Maker planned everything ……… but hides His True Essence.
    Why? Reason or answer

    Answer may be correctly given by ONE who designed this course of action we as human cannot model that clay here. Only HE can ……..

    Reason is one way of learning and understanding the complications of universal truths, though they mostly sprang up from the deception. So it might be that reason Maker planned everything simply none can challenge HIS SUPREMACY subject to unchallenged remains wholesome and complete. Creator signs and symbols the element of truth that comes from the lies of the universal reflection. Water seems blue; sky seems blue where as originally having no color.

    This is because the core to understand intelligence is blessing. Lord tests the intelligence itself by the deception of HIS Nature. Maker planned everything ……… but hides His True Essence.

    Zenith is the configuration of such truth and it’s deception. Yes….
    Truth also has the deception it never be revealed by Divine’s Nature at once but gradually like a poison.

    Now this poison affects the life or subject to taste the death it depends. Since death is never end its beginning of new journey to next world and of course death is of many types, sometimes physically we are alive morally we are dead. We are alive by mind and by conscience we are dead. Most of times we are alive only by brain and by heart many are dead. Souls are murdered these days due to many reasons …….

    One of the cores ………….
    Maker planned everything ……… but hides His True Essence.

    Eccentricities of savior faire and their extra ordinariness ……….
    Assess and evaluate Nature, Nurture, it’s timings and implementations and halt judging its not human element it’s DIVINE.

    Divine does not allow His supremacy to be shared because, Maker planned everything and hides HIS TRUE ESSENCE………….

Religion My Flag


    Breath at length … wishing these days ……..

    All the responsibility lesser or more suppressed or oppressed been forwarded to those who raise the slogan religion as their core activity.

    Yes they are pure or dirty this is not the concern. Whatever they are if they use religion to tag their self ego boastings, self satisfactions for the sake of their false conscience seeding, yes surely they are the culprits ………..

    Culprits, we know them and we don’t punish them …..
    We know them and we assure t doom ourselves not the root cause.

    ‘The act of following is often seen as a lesser state of leading ‘

    Setting Morals High”- When working with others, keep your standards high. Involve yourself in high-quality, team-building enterprises. The result will be successful.

    “Gathering with a Common Cause”- Don’t gather together with the wrong people, let your idea/cause/project will meet with strong objections. Secure those who share your vision. Put yourself in other people’s shoes and you will succeed

    “Sharing of Purpose”- Gathering with others will fuel and enhance the shared purpose. If everyone did not see eye-to-eye at first, they will soon.

    However, the wise person remains cautious and knows that success often comes with associated dangers. Spend your success wisely and save portions for a time of need. Abundance can come and go. Stay in contact with the person within. You are your own best kept treasure. You are what you are seeking, and always have been.

    “The Cauldron”
    But remember that you are what you consume……. Good things come from good thoughts and energies…… To give is to receive actually!!

    Protection comes through intuition in other ways as well
    And as we do unto others so too shall it be done unto us

    The grace of the material world when something is pleasing to the eye, it can fuel success and happiness. The grace of the soul is when is pleasing to the actions engraved to others, it can fuel success and happiness original ………

    Hitting back to the core subject holding a flag of religion does not meant to be clear in thought and direction over the knowledge given by religion, its just the folly and deception to self where conscience unfriend the soul to truth, knowledge and Divine….

    Exemptions, wish that it would be a night mare that some one pinched us and we woke up from this dreadful and deadfall sleep. Wish it could be …..
    World around makes us so drastic in actions that we don’t even know that which act can be a sign of gain or loss for us.

    The extreme forces out there, they are not preachers of religion they are nonetheless the people who lack direction and spirit in their lives.

    Religion is not a flag it is a direction towards the Divine, to know His creations and HIM through his creations. Drop tagging yourselves so called names like Muslims, Christians or Jews … Drop it ….. Name yourself as a human, a being, a creation by original.

    My book is holy and impressionistic not yours………
    What we apply is actually our knowledge our learning not the book closed ranked at shelve.

    Holding a thought by revision of the sense that reports around the world over the religion extremism is nonetheless is world war which is open ended. It has no end ……..

    It has no end unless Divine force now wipes the conflict of conscience and conscious birth differences rooted in humans ……

    Excess to any extend is fatal
    Balance is sound voice to sweat hearings
    Giving is taking infact
    Religion is my flag if it is based on humanism not barbarism ……….

    Vessels getting empty pore the limitless waters
    Darkness is eating, dense the unconquerable light
    Conscience is dead, spirit the live of body again
    Consciousness the drive, route the destination as objective

    Let the desire flourish, let the garden been watered
    Let the air been cleaned, let the breath be at length
    Let the sound voice to sweat hearings now

    Giving is taking infact
    Religion is my flag if it is based on humanism not barbarism ……….

Beacon in the Night


Resilience is the greater feasibility and ability of all, the tested faith should be treated of such ability to handle. Faith is to be challenged, to be tested, and to be hit under circumstances where grounds are wavy.

Such personality consumer assures of legend as:

‘’ I assuage bruised egos, and serve as the mediator in heated debates. Faith is to be challenged. I have devoted my life to the ways of spirituality and creativity. I love tending to the seeds of spirit, and I plant these seeds in a quiet persistent way within the people around me. All my words have an underlying meaning, and I speak with purpose. My subjects might only hear my surface speech, but I am purposefully planting seeds of well-intent within their hearts as I speak.

My beauty is legendary, and I realize my attractiveness is part of my effectiveness. Poise is my natural state, not because I feel I must put on a mask. Far from it. My transparency and humanity combined with my royal status is what makes me magnetic’’

Keep your wits about you, when it comes to the self analysis of your own faith.
One should be like Sunflower: If you’ve ever observed this happy flower, you’ve noticed that its head always looks to the sun. This is the message of the sunflower “always look to the light” for the answers and guidance you seek.

Realizations for the perception of faith generate:
What are your natural gifts?
Just as my calming aura is a natural gift, you have similar radiance. Together, we can discover these indwelling gifts.
What if you had no sense of entitlement?
I would be queenly without being a queen. Let me show you how to be regal on your own merit.
Do you utilize temperance as a tool for spiritual, intuitive growth?
Take my hand (of a faithful and of faith holding person) and I will share how balance and patience nurtures the growth of spirit.

In turn, the growth of everything around us is insured.

Faith is like a beacon in night. Now this beacon is upto the worth so much strengthened so much brighter, weak in beam definitely topple to the waves and air around

Faith is the powerful tooling that leads the way. Having faith is actually tacking self upon the best of knowledge sulfates in the soul by Divine, having best of knowledge enhanced and creep by the externalization of the universal truths around and having best of knowledge to carry the power of perception

Faith handles well speed of thought, speed of deed and speed of action ……….
Having faith is easy, carrying it longer way is complicated and when it been challenged and tested then to save it for the darker era of life is the most complex.

Let say, having faith its part of ground that commitment is important though it is business though it is relationship. Violating it is actually losing the honor … Commitment lost faith lost …..Holding this virtue with value adds on the worth, losing this virtue with undervalued of specific component standing for nothing.

And certainly nothing is just nothing or just anything but nothing!

Focal point here is the carrying and caring the stance of faith though it is just a simple smile to a kid for the raise of innocence. Whatever be the action it should be crystal clear.

The abuse begins where the perception of things are deceptive. Deception is two coined two side of same coin or one card with many meaning. Deception not evil unless be unveiled, deception is not evil unless veiled. Sorting this up Faith is not part of deception but travel through the ways where deception is the key to open the crystal doors. This is maneuvering and managerial not political.

The obsession begins where perception of things are diplomatic. Diplomacy is fine word to apply to the course of action where one should enhance the favors for all. But this is not realistic in changing aspects.

Nature is of multitude, so are the instincts therefore one stick to all is not favorable in anyway or everyway. Diplomacy is positively practical term that would be commencing and for designing ‘all well if ends well’. Sorting this up Faith is part of diplomacy because underlying the intention is ’to make happy all’

Focal point here is the carrying and caring the stance of faith in all terms, in aspects tough it is business or though it is relationship. Though it be for the eternal gain or though it for the worldly gain, establish Faith doing all smaller thing of life it would give the higher and bigger picture for long ahead.

Beaming light in dark is actually the beacon in night …….This beaming and beacon is actually the Faith which vibes through the speech of soul.

Let your soul speaks of what it would be blessed and designed for ….
Let your Faith’s light be the part of this life that could enlighten the world around…
Let your transparency of perception, clarity of thinking and mirrored imagination out extend blend with your faith to be immortal > As this is the actual goal of soul (Divine essence) to achieve almost impossible for immortal and eternal happiness.

Faith is light for sure, faith is reflection of soul certainly and faith is what for human is crown of creation. Let nose the head right to honor the crown!

I searched my beacon in night, did you got yours?
I have owned my faith for better reasons and with in best of transparent occult sciences, did you have yours?
I travel long way to route the correct direction and to remote of excess and access, did you plan yours?

I have the beams, the beacon in night ……….
Did you have yours?

Sure to remember faith to be challenged, to be tested!!

It is listening and responding to call !!

Clay Modeler…..


Clay Model is a human actually, made up of clay yet dignified if virtuous…. Clay model is this crown of all models by the Clay Modeler Who is the Best Mixture Maker …..

The best things we do in our lives we do by Heart and by True Emotions … They should be pure … Pure and dignified…..

Clay is the resurgence and the endurance of drop of counted waters that make it stiff to create the practical images that makes models ……….. Man made of clay…. Clay is the Man what Else

Breathing life into clay is the theme of life here, the feet of clay …..

Clay is the sign of life yet leads to death; it does not itself make anything if will not be the emblem of the other mixtures that make it rejuvenates and creates …

The best things happen in life when we actually eager to make them happened …… Happening of one thing is actually ending of one thing and bridge to another …… The best things we do in life are from Heart from true emotions our heart and emotions should be pure.

Miracle is this clay speaks, a miracle is this clay lives; miracle is this clay denotes clay becomes creative, miracle is this …….

Miraculous is the sign clay and the clay made being. This clay holds emblem of various and many aspects that are code to life. Coding to life… But code of life to every being is different every single being should search the certain and exact code of life for himself / herself…..

Clay is actually the code of life it elaborates the coding for each being according to the given abilities here in this world everything is given … the given patterns the given soul, the given spirit …. The given psyche….

Everything is given…. Taken is the theme if given is the plot…. Given is the theme if taken is the plot …….
Breathing life into clay is the theme of life here, the feet of clay …..

I would declare I am convinced from the index of life that Truth is actually what knowing of nothing yet everything, knowing of everything yet nothing!

That Truth prevails in the end when deception has nothing to do with everything and everything has nothing to do with knowing……. I would declare that I am convinced…. My declaration is not claim and my claim is not declaration yet I am convinced that index of life is catalogue of dialogues that persona perceives…. Persona!

Breathing life into clay is the theme of life here, the feet of clay …..

I just saw the other side of image finally I got it’s just Me! In the mirror in the reflection in a shade…. In a image! In a vision…. It’s just Me, Myself and I …the side of image the sight of image the shade of image the blade of image … All about image! In a vision!

Often those roads are my ways; my way is not usually the path of those roads….. The Roads! Making an index of ideas I have provoked from life! An index!

Two levels of scales balanced by twin minds….. Twin minds…. Two scales! Splited yet one…. Split the one has the variety…. Verily…. Gathering the one have the show … Verily variety of vanity!! Vanity to fall when usual to all…….Two levels, Twin minds!

I saw the shoe mender!! Shoe mender….. The one who mends and the one who polishes both are not equal! Not equal! Both are equal to….. Minds!

OH Man!
Shut the doors, open the windows, curtains are not necessary, decorations not much appropriate, flooring should be neat, simplicity is code, decoding of all arrangements, management should be key ….. And the Light the radiant….. The Light the Radiant is all in all needed here!! Shut the doors and open the windows … Let the light comes … Allow the Light the Radiant Light….

This is all needed here!
Breathing life, the feet of clay….. Everything yet Nothing, Persona, Vision, Index, Tow levels twin minds…..

Minds ………..variety …………..various aspects ……..All variety and various aspects been molded and hooded up by this clay being….. This is the material for this clay model which is crown model …………

This clay been modeled in various ways therefore deception is the sign, perception is an idea and reception is what meant to be delivered…. This clay been modeled in various ways……. Let be the drop, pop out of window … Let be !

The model is itself is a miracle if thinking be applied here ….True the Modeler is the Creative, Who can be the Greatest One and Only ………

This clay been modeled in various ways therefore deception is the sign, perception is an idea and reception is what meant to be delivered…. This clay been modeled in various ways……. Let be the drop, pop out of window … Let be !

Clay is the resurgence and the endurance of drop of counted waters that make it stiff to create the practical images that makes models ………..

Breathing life into clay is the theme of life here, the feet of clay …..

To be continued…..

All About Faith


    Here wins, who possess the knowledge of practice for the ultimate goals with consistency and persistence …………..

Map the human existence from the day first is though complicated, similarly as to calculate the end of human world and the human history, literature and the whole profound universal existence.

Whole of realities are not the mere themes, and the world of appearances are also not just the broken mirrors with crushed images. All sounds proof to existence, all sound proof to the Truth all sound proof to the realities.
When it comes to the deepest analysis of the life of existence the major and the core reality is the Faith. It is all about the faith when comes to rewards, gain and achievement. All about Faith……..

Dominance Divine obviously convert and conflux. The images never stay the same in Nature…..The images never have the same impact as they might perceive or conceived. The images of Nature especially are very astounding, astonishing and surely they are deceptive.

The blindness to eye is the biggest loss but the worst is the blindness of heart and blindness of soul and both these blindness never can consummate the Light of Faith…..

Blindness to images is one thing, blindness to color is another. Blindness to sight is one thing, blindness to knowledge is another. Surely, when it comes to the blindness to faith it is kinda like the pot of mud with empty darkness. The darkness that could be descended in and beyond unlimited decades……

Decades of decades could be in such search and millions of millions humped in the battlefield for the sake of unknown search of spiritual enchantment regarding Faith.

Lot brings lots, and the time of lot revolves, inbounds, out bound and stays the emblem and the symbol of keep in gravitational circle, but what if could never happened without reason where as it looked like apparently, NADA, emptiness and nothingness………..

What if sky or ocean seems blue but actually they both are and actually the transparency concludes the deceptive sign of color. Transparently, is the highest most quality that could be mirror under and above, and over the surface of waters but this transparency naturally deceptive.

Deception is Nature’s remedy unseen, unknown, unblended, unacquainted, unwanted yet needed for the eye and the sense of sane, for the better enhancement for the better enhancement, for the better concealed and the revealed truths and realities.

When it comes to faith though people of ages use to dominate this rare natural and instinctive product a lot but they couldn’t possibly understand the immensity of this Divine favor and of this Divine blessings because they actually not cordial to accept the greatness and the mightiness of this favor.

Now, if we access and try to assess that what actually faith is, it is kinda like an emotion, that could be pulse easily or it is a human’s psychology need to endowed or empower a reference of gain in any kind of consultancy.

It is a faith, is a Divine Mercy for the human guidance? Or is it really a profound or unique feeling to bestow upon the spiritual demonstrations.

Faith is something beyond reach yet it is in access to human and those especially who believe and guide their own self, own selves, consciousness and self conscience. Faith deals with no science, with no intellect and with no nerves.

It actually deals with the Heart, with conscience and with the consciousness of the solidity of proofs within the limits of existence and beyond that whatever not seen but even believed is infact Faith’s miracle that the unseen existences are seen and yet believed and one could sacrifice even the most precious aspirations for the control of unseen strengths. To pave the way to such realities faith works ……..

Faith reveals, it comes to the hearts when purity astounds the seed of thought inside the human existence to revolve the senses around that what for infact the existence be in the shape and be in the signs.

Lots of questions associates with this reality, as a realistic analyst one can conclude that to be in this world is all about Faith, one who bounds to it will never go astray and one who deceive will never find it.

Faith comes when truth be the light of knowledge, it enlightens when one could deemed to it and it will be enhance when one be doomed to it.

However, there are lots of people following lots of different myths and religions but whatever they are practicing is their endowed favor or selection but what connects and fulfills the spiritual needs is just because of their intensity of faith

Here on this phase of earth is all about Faith……………….

Submission to Fate Forgeries


Fog, Fog and fog around, the smoke is out but the fog is in. How to explain this fog of heart, how to elaborate this smoke from ice, how to give words to this wheel that could roll and can bring all the memories ……..How could one ……. How could one can possible enhance or adhere all the mysterious of Nature and Divine deep inside to consciousness or to heart ….. How could one?

To make an acquaintance with those deepest unheard sounds, astounding unheard melodies and the surprising charms one could shake hand to the soul world through the mystically arranged accounts of Sufism ……

Correctly it is not only the elaboration of the words in such knowledge it is kinda like someone has taken the whole pot of poisonous water in different positioning of unconditional realities yet stay alive with the grieves and gravity of knowings ………

The mist of the knowings of such realities through the curtains behind the royal Truths, believing and be in that royal castles of knowing are not that easy …… But the question is there how could one possibly be there?? Yeah how one could?

Believing is something and the faith is something else, to have faith is one thing and to make a belief is another……To be in practice is something and be mystic enough to copy the copy of copy is something else. To be the noble one is one thing and to be a Sufi is another …..

The people who declare themselves the persons of practice of any religion they thought of the indoor to faith to just have the window to Believe but they actually remains blind to the images and the sceneries to the original beauty of the Divinity and Divine Love.

The achievement of Divine Love can be possible by the ways and the emotions of Sufism; the myth and the doctrine that explains the world with the deceptive alluring charm with the image of reality hidden inside.

The image and the picture always have the two edges of realities and two fold Truth that would be very rare be defined they just can adhere and be in delve to those who quest or who are blessed to the path to enhance such realities or they would enhance such emotions that could possibly enhance the Divine Love deep inside the pure heart with the intensity of pure and modest thoughts…….

The Divine Love is the form of Ecstasy where one can just fly to the dome of the highest most Royal Palace of the wonders, the seasons of delight there are the seasons of instincts and they becomes the Light of Soul in adequacy of all the directions and in every directions.

Fate is not just a book of hidden foresee knowledge but it is the sign of action for one being who been concluded in the pot of mud yet serenity awakes when the Light of soul itself touches it for the awakening.
The human who tries to conclude the practices under the circumstances that fate forgeries conduct…….

The submission to all the fate forgeries not that easy but the one who be submissive that much will get all the spiritual syrup for the rest of life.

Submission to fate forgeries is actually the acceptance to the deception with the originality and this can be done by the one who been blessed with the third eye. For the awakening of third eye the spirit should be pure so that it can produce the spiritual ballads for the rest of the world around.

The traps of fate which can be conclude as the forgeries they actually are ebullient to the worldly appearing tragedies though they are unbearable but they taught well the beings for their lessons to be in their consciousness memory for ever……

The eye of the person who is profoundly spiritual can read, learn and can interpret the fate forgeries into the actions where deception never shows the ugliness in appearances neither in reality nor beyond the hidden curtains ……

Remaining are the remainings but they even die when the existence subject to same ……such is the case with the submission to fate forgeries ………

Bliss Beyond Belief !!!


So often I think the most Divine and Heavenly aspect in the life for this worldly life and thus figured out that bliss beyond belief is the actually the seed of knowledge of prayer to Creator.

The prayer is the most important practice of Ibada; it adds the value to the life and to the human acts. This is the only source for the change of Fate and for the fate written incidents.

Declaration of fate is mostly the most strange than the truth but it is intense revealing of the unknown realities that could be hardly be known to the human conscience and consciousness. Whence there be any switch it affects the human existence in the most powerful source that could make or ruin the tracks to be followed.

Bliss is the way of light to human practice and when this bliss is of positive change, of positive direction, of favor of blessing and of the abundant scale of knowledge it refers to the guidance of prayer.

The words which are associated to the praise of Creator and which links the human conscience on the phase of earth to the ways of heavens , the words are simple but pure and the words utterance out of innocence they are actually the portrait of a human fate.

Believes are believes they can be lead to the magical escapes or to the ascending miracles what they are based on they just impact the same. The believers are same like heathens in their believes when it comes to the affirmation of the soul connection either it be to the man made stories of mental web or of Conflux Reality ……

When bliss bestowed upon the fates of believers they become the nearer essence of the Divine Truth and the one who become nearer to that purpose can achieve the soul of faith. The assertiveness in faith, the reflection of one ray of reality and spiritual reality may convert the human soil’s existence in the Light of Originality.

The men of honors, the men of letter, the men courage, the men of times all bent knees to the Creator for the Praise, this is not only the matter of the humans or just men but all the creations, the whole universe, the creation of creations, the trees, the birds all in all even the tiniest insects praise and bent themselves and bow above the Creator for the generous gesture of pleasing, the kind favor of prayer.

The prayer is actually the bliss beyond belief it is the most generous and most magnificent pearl for the human beings that Creator maketh, than favored a lot limitless and then teaches and guide mankind Himself by His given scriptures and His time to time Apostles and the most vital favor that couldn’t be and never be thanked properly and it is actually the bliss beyond belief that is the teachings, the Holy Book of Quran and Prophet Muhammad PBUH, the one who taught the world the lesson of humanity, peace, love and all the major aspects that could lead the way to success.

There are lots of favors that couldn’t be count or couldn’t be even thanked to the Creator but the bliss beyond favor and belief is the gift of prayer that could pave the two edges of bridge, that could make the fate, that enlighten the soul, that could revert the conscience to the knowledge for the happenings and the knowledge of sight and the knowledge of treasures of heart and it’s purity.

The prayer that teaches the innocence in practice of modesty and purity would be the fulfilled one and the pleasing of it will conflux in the life through and of the practice of human acts.

Whatever be the beliefs be in the heart, the prayer with true heart and generous words never be rejected by Lord, He is all Hearing, All Listening……

Prayer, Pleasing aptitude and pleasure to bent before the Creator undoubtedly, is the bliss beyond belief ……… Be in practice to pray to Creator with the utmost keen conception and with pure imaginative thoughts those prayers never be rejected……

There is infact within a need to all the creations to praise to their Creator, though no one could praise the way Lord Worth …….. Make a bridge between the Soul and Heaven, between Conscience and Creator, between Light and Reality and so on and on to the world existed but unseen to human world but the commands of which are the most ruling …………..

Bliss beyond belief among us and we are yet searching the peace outside …..We must create vocabularies to our arties to honor such bliss and stay in such practice……