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Synagogue Of Satan

It seems we are working on COLLECTION OF PIECES, as if we are given a glass menagerie. During all this process we are stand still and under learning how the system and the admin of the world is actually operating? … Continue reading

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Allah I took refuge to your Grace, Kindness and Al-mightiness I trust You in all favors My Faith is bestowed by YOU through Your Beloved Prophet P.B.U.H. Your are my all source, You are to whom I will return Allah … Continue reading

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An Identity

Being a Muslim is my identity, and TO BE. Certainly and very proudly. Really it is? Let me upfront this reality very pungently, point wise: If, I am intimidated by the world around for pity things, the love of worldly … Continue reading

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How you listen the voice of heart? When you listen the yell of soul? Whom do you hear? What do you prefer to hear from the heart and the soul? Now or Never. If now, this is not heard then … Continue reading

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Phenomenon Oracles

BC to AD, beginning of times to the end of times, first age to medieval age, ascendants to descendants and time of heavens to time of earth, realities been converted and unfolded in many ambiguous or phenomenon oracles. A prophecy … Continue reading

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Eccentricities of savior faire and their extra ordinariness never are the nurtured, never be natured. Pinnacle of miracles happened when the leashed level of destruction has been done to the hemisphere. Pinnacle of thought apexes such level, though it might … Continue reading

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Religion My Flag

Breath at length … wishing these days …….. All the responsibility lesser or more suppressed or oppressed been forwarded to those who raise the slogan religion as their core activity. Yes they are pure or dirty this is not the … Continue reading

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Beacon in the Night

Resilience is the greater feasibility and ability of all, the tested faith should be treated of such ability to handle. Faith is to be challenged, to be tested, and to be hit under circumstances where grounds are wavy. Such personality … Continue reading

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Clay Modeler…..

Clay Model is a human actually, made up of clay yet dignified if virtuous…. Clay model is this crown of all models by the Clay Modeler Who is the Best Mixture Maker ….. The best things we do in our … Continue reading

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All About Faith

Here wins, who possess the knowledge of practice for the ultimate goals with consistency and persistence ………….. Map the human existence from the day first is though complicated, similarly as to calculate the end of human world and the human … Continue reading

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