Passion, Spirit, Wisdom, Intelectia, Spectrum of Universe all are the proportionally, positioning of purpose of attaining all in mind and conscience which is not yet pre-defined….. Benefiting the idea in to theme of vision, then convert in the letter of wisdom for others as literature learning is the higher worth of identification as achievement ……..  All passion in magnetic magical effectiveness through sound words and keys of inspiration through visionary language is literature …..

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Yamu –E- Ashura !!


Moharram Alakram is the first month of Muslim Year Hijri and it is the most significant of all other eleven months the 9th and the 10th dates of this vital month are the most important one. Through reliable Islamic resources these two days are of great worth and interprets the sign of many happenings, those are recommended to the human world in reference to the relevant prestigious people of the times and ages.

Yamu –E- Ashura –>

The days vital for the Creations of universe, Heavens and Earth, Day and Night, Good and Evil….. The importance witnessed through that Adam A.S got the forgiveness, Noah A.S got the reward of Ark’s miracle, Younus A.s got freedom from whale’s tummy, Yaqoob A.S got favor on same day, Moses & Huron A.S got the empower of Faith, Abraham A.S became Khalil and got rid of Namrood’s Fire, Adrees A.S stepped forward towards heavens, Saliaah A.S has the Miracle of Born Camel………….

And Holy Prophet Mohammad PBUH (Khatam-Un Nubieen) got the victory and spread world wide the Message ……………

All the happiness of the of Prophets greatest miracles associates with these Important Days………… BUT One Sorrow that would be mountain enough over and above all the great happenings…..The Martyrdom Of Hazrat Husain R.A in Karbala!!

This world history is strange enough to copy the exact facts, history revives its’ importance due to the causes sound and effect. Whenever the world histories get the revolution or red revolution it always provokes the sign after the biggest happenings. This human world and history is full of the wars and actions, sometimes over the religion, sometimes over the lust of land and treasures……

When ever happened over the purpose of lust of land and treasure it always conclude the selfish and mean consequences to the remaining and coming generations. But when ever these wars conclude against the cruelty, for truth, for the ONENESS OF ALLAH and for Creator’s Favor these wars concluded the positive results of serenity, solace and peace of knowledge and truth here after that could educate the generations after generations for the sour results of the bloodshed and the sacrifices of the martyrs for the noble causes.

These important days are vital because of not only the Battle of Karbala but because of many reasons and reasoning for the universal manner and universal truth. The world and history is significant of happenings, and happenings are the core results of the decisions or attitude of thinking though they could be on the partial level of human or they either are divine.

Ashura are the days, way recommended and memorable by the religious sector of Muslims and Jews …….. Muslim commemorate in the essence of the religious significant days of rare happenings by the Divine power, they are positive based on serenity mostly accept one element the martyrdom of Holy Prophets grandson Hazrat Husain A.S, The alternation of Moses A.S from the pharaoh for Bani Israel, The forgiveness of Adam A.S, the creations of creations of universe, earth and heavens, the beginning of life and death, all introduced ………………

There are most empowered predictions are also associated with these two major days, and it has been declared by Holy Figure that the Armageddon, and the day that banish the worldly life and this universe that would be the Yamu- E- Ashura as these are the declared days of happenings that could be Of Divine Essence ………….

So far there are lots of studies on the phase of earth, the religion and the belief study cannot challenge because they conclude and sustain Divine Essence and where there is Divinity, there is only obedience be needed, the decline is out gauge and worth nothing but empty vessel…………..

These days are of greater worth and of significant and perhaps we can say but cannot feel in that way unless we have the evidence of happenings in our times……BUT who believes they just bow bestow, stay obedient and declaration would be their essence of attitude, who decline they don’t even rely over they own selves to be trusted as their inner house of heart stay empty and dark ………..narrow and dead……….deaf and paralyzed………….

Be Alive, harmonized, true, realistic, be enlightened, be straightened , be open and wide, be blessed, be a Believer have faith of true significances …………Be follower of True Realities bestowed by Divine Source ………….

The Culture of Muslims


‘ For every one of you we appointed a law and a way, and if Allah had pleased He would have made you a single people, but that he might try you in what He gave you. Therefore vie with one another in doing good. You will all return to Allah and He will inform you about that which you differed.’’

(The Holy Quran5.48)

The culture of Muslims has ever been bound by geographical or climatic considerations, for Islam is a universal path and therefore accessible to all peoples. In 1990 it was estimated that there were over one million Muslims living in disparate geographical areas covering several million of square miles stretching all the way from China and the Pacific Rim to the Atlantic, as well as in Europe and more recently North America, Muslims have thus inhabited every possible climate and terrain. The Arabian heartland of Islam mainly encompassed the desert regions where scattered group settled in oases, and nomadic pastoralists inhabited the vast but still habitable areas around the cities. Cultivated areas in the great river deltas where ancient cultures once flourished, such as the Nile Valley, Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley, and elsewhere, were farmed by peasant-folk. The mountains, hills and the forests found more toward the northern areas of Muslim lands were also home to many. Muslims are represented in every race, ranging from Chinese and Mongolian to Turkic, Aryan, Semitic, African, European and India.

The Culture of any people is based upon sets of values and perceptions which motivate them to behave in a particular way and there are several factors that underlie the distinctiveness of Muslims culture. It is primarily, of course the Din and courtesy of Islam —–the behavioral patterns, practices, and the perceptions of life —- that have unified the Muslim people and which enable us to talk about an ‘’ Islamic culture.’’ Because Muslims believe in the One All – embracing God and that this life is a preparation for the next, their perception, evaluation, and living of life’s experiences are shaped by the extent to which this understand has been absorbed into their lives and transformed their outlook.

When different races, tribes and nations assimilate the Din deeply and correctly, one finds that they first identify themselves as Muslims before nations, societies, or races. Equally, when Islam does not become deeply rooted in the people, the national, cultural or other group identities take precedence over their faith to the detriment of its application. Although Islam naturally united the Muslim peoples, one cannot claim that is produced cultural uniformity. Everyday life in Indian Muslim household in Delhi was not the same as that of its Moroccan counterpart in Marrakesh. However, they would have shared their love for The Last Prophet (PBUH), their attitudes towards family honor (especially regarding their womenfolk) and toward their land, animals, and shrines. Their festivals would be similar and they all aspired to do on Hajj. But Indian family would also be very conscious of class or caste considerations and other related customs as an impinging legacy of Hinduism, which would be alien to the Moroccan.

A second factor in uniting the Muslims masses was the inevitable use of Arabic. Because the Holy Quran and the traditions were in Arabic, Muslims naturally learnt it and that common denominator of language generated a basic sense of connection between them.

A third unifying factor underlying Muslim culture is general uniformity of the religious rituals, especially the Salat and Hajj. The connective power of collectively performed, meaningful rituals is nowhere more epitomized than in the great universal and spiritual market place of Hajj. The once yearly pilgrimage brings truly diverse people together, placing them under the eye of God on a platform of equality in worldly status, humbled and dispossessed of any material or social power.

The unifying characteristics of Islam touch upon every aspect of life from the way a Muslim regards water (whether it is ritualistically pure to enable its use in ablution); to modesty regarding one’s body (for both men and women); to protecting women from the harsher aspects of public life; to the etiquette of conducting fair and just business transactions; to upholding honorable conduct in war or peace. The entire spectrum of human experience is provided for in the Din.

The Future of Islam


‘’Allah never changes a favor (condition) which He has conferred upon a people until they change what is in their own selves, and surely Allah is Hearing, Knowing .’’

(The Holy Quran)

The Muslim world, and indeed the rest of the world, has been overcome by commercial, technological, monetarist and political dominance of the West. More than a thousand million Muslims are divided into hundreds of economically impoverished, politically and socially divided groups. Whenever a people forget that the purpose of this life is to know the Lifegiver, they become denuded of any creative energy or vitality, spiritual or material. The rest of the world is also undergoing a similar process of fragmentation and erosion of moral and higher human values. The early power and oppressive dominance of the Church with its superstitious dogmas were finally rendered ineffectual by the scientific and industrial Revolution, which reduced its power to mere ceremony. Real power went into manufacturing, production, finance, and commerce. Until that time, however, commerce had been subservient or married to the church. Whenever commerce superseded the authority of the church it was broken, as in the case of the Knights Templar, who was in effect the first European banking system.

By nineteenth century the power of money and banking had overtaken every other power base. The advent of sophisticated industry, vast supra-national commercial concerns, and the two World Wars of the twentieth century have globalized the power of money. With the crumbling of Communism the cantilever equilibrium of Capitalism has disappeared and there is no clear political direction for the so-called world leaders. The church lies defunct, the creative manufacturing period is effectively over, and the hopes aroused by the promise of science and money together solving the human problem have been shattered. In the post Gulf, war era, the fragments of atomization of the human situation are evident everywhere. This is the day of reckoning, the day of which Holy Qur’an says ‘’ Whither to flee? (17.10). This is precisely the point where grassroots awakening to original Islam is most likely, initially on an individual basis and leading later to collective and societal communities.

In the present world situation there are several factors that will influence the future of Islam. With the coming of the jet age and satellite communication, the world has indeed become a closely interlinked global entity. The egalitarian advantages of independent civil and municipal services are universally acknowledged. The military is no longer of any consequence as it is subservient to the monetary system. The ultimate decision for the deployment of military force in the West is based on economic factors.

Muslims in the East are beginning to realize the extent of the erosion of both their material and moral inheritance. The rapid rate of population growth in many Muslim Countries compounded by increasing literacy and higher education is bound to produce greater awareness and deeper natural connections between Muslims in all parts of the world, in spite of state controls and political barriers.

It is unlikely that Muslim countries will go through the same rational and evolutionary processes of economic union that have taken place in Europe. People themselves will begin to find that they have much in common with other Muslim across the border because Islam does not differentiate between race and color.

They will begin to discover the collective strength which they had lost, and will rediscover their true Din. Artificial state borders will be ignored and in time disappear in the same way that Soviet Union has disintegrated. As the so- called ‘’Muslim states’’ become ineffective and redundant a new system will arise which will be totally different from anything we have experienced to date.

It will not be based on a western-style federation or union, themselves the sophisticated products of a long history of economic rationalization, for while Muslims may have adopted Western-style civil services and the ideals of democracy, they have no concomitant technological or monetarist tradition to support these structures. What is more likely to happen is a spontaneous and organic rise of coalitions between people, but not based on a centrally governed state. ‘’Self-regulating anarchy’’ may well be the most appropriate description of the early stages of the new order.

Islam will not rise universally in any shape that we can predict because it has never before occurred on a global scale. The world is now so interlinked, however, that Islam will make its impact in a manner which no one can reliably forecast. An important factor is the growing number of Muslims in the Western world, which is estimated at over 20 million if we include North America. Whilst this number is steadily increasing (Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world), awareness of Islamic teachings as well as commitment to the Din is growing in parallel. Arabs nationalism and statism are ideas from the past. In the meantime, Islam has broken loose from the past barriers of tribal or cultural confinements. The original prophetic teachings are as clear and timeless as ever. Original Islam will be rediscovered once people become tired of looking for salvation in the godless post-economic deserts. For the intelligent, sincere seeker there is no excuse or escape from the prophetic way.

The future of Islam will start, not with some evangelical event but by simple transformation through suffering and destitution. It will begin with love for true Islam in the hearts of men and women, from which will rise the post –modern Islamic way of life, bubbling out beyond and above state boundaries, selfish regulations, and all other artificial barriers. Islam recognizes only one barrier, and that is ignorance of Allah, for it leads to living in this world without a spiritual ideal and framework of moral conduct. To live truly in Islam is to be accountable to Allah at all times, remembering death with every breath and it is from that remembrance that every instant of life becomes a living experience.

The awakened Muslim interacts in this world as a courteous wayfarer, taking what is essential to continue on the journey of discovery. The path begins by acknowledging the outer creational world and leads to the discovery of the ever-present Divine Light within. When this mature state is achieved, then the original human virtues of love, generosity, tolerance, and service to others become the order of the day and the foundation for a moral and just society.



The Holy Prophet (PBUH) the Last Messenger of Almighty Allah is the highest in stature an blessing upon all the Universe an for all the living creatures. His humbleness, love, kindness, piety,honesty and tolerance weave the world to the path of harmony . He taught to enhance the pattern of life to be successful in the worldly affairs and be in higher rank hereafter. His Message is Islam and His Alive Miracle till the judgment day is the HOLY BOOK QURAN which is full of all the knowledge, Realities and Truths .We are lucky to be His followers who is nothing but all Mercy for us .



It is said rarely, randomly, usually and most of the time by people of all Era and all religions that conceptionally or really there is world where the EXISTENCE MAY EXIST the day before. That must pronounce as PRE-EXISTENCE.

As far as the religious concept it is clearly the reflection that soul being made by LORD initially and as foremost job. Soul is the most historic and ancient being itself which is equal to light it has no weight but it is ‘JUST AND BY THE ORDER OF LORD’






The light of soul is the guider, it pricks as a sign of conscience, it brings logic to the human mind to ask, it cause the consequence for human mind to think, and finally it lead human conviction

to decide to enhance the ultimate way.

Pre-existence is the scale of knowledge it is true and truly mentioned by Prophets and apostles that souls has been made earlier and preserved for the day to come by on the phase of earth by the ‘WILL OF LORD’.

Adam was made with clay and ALLAH ALMIGHTY ordered soul to entered in it as soul represents light and the dummy of clay was full of darkness soul once circle around and find that as per order of LORD it has to stay in it according to HIS WILL and LORD has designed its age as well to stay in dummy of clay but when ever it comes in front of LORD it will be in the same shape of ALLAH has maketh it.

The subject of Pre-existence is the reflection to soul. It is made before the universal objects and worldly affairs it is hence proved. It is preserved up there is the world unknown to human mind or vague to his memory and unseen to naked eye of humans. But there is world where there are souls alive and preserved by LORD ALMIGHTY.

Does SOUL have any image? Does it have any specific shape?

Does SOUL really exist? SOUL and BODY it is strangely interlinked where as both are opposite to each other. Body made of clay represents darkness. Soul springs out of light, no match with body.

But even stays in it.

In Abrahamic religions, pre-existence is the belief that each individual human soul existed before conception, and at conception (or later, depending on when it is believed that the soul enters the body) God places one of these pre-existent souls in the body. In Christianity, pre-existence contrasts with reductionism and the more widely accepted version of creationism which both hold that the individual human soul does…

Pre-existence before life, or pre-mortal existence refers to the belief that each individual human soul existed before conception, and at conception (or later, depending on when it is believed that the soul enters the body) one of these pre-existent souls enter, or is placed by God, in the body. This belief is held to a varying degree in Abrahamic and other religions. Alternative positions are traducianism and creationism, which both hold that the individual human soul does not come into existence until conception. The boundaries of the before life are debatable, since there is controversy over when a human life formally begins.

Pre-existence in Christianity:

“The idea that certain things pre-exist in heaven has a long history in the Biblical and early Jewish traditions. Knowledge of this history is essential for an understanding of the idea of pre-existence in the New Testament”

The earliest surviving Christian writings on the pre-existence were from Origen. Origen posited in a speculative work that the soul was assigned a body as a penalty for its sin of looking downward toward the corrupt earth. He also taught that Jesus Christ was actually born of the Father before the world began or before any other creatures existed.

“Jesus Christ Himself, who came, was born of the Father before all creatures; and after He had ministered to the Father in the creation of all things, for through Him all things were made” (The Fundamental Doctrines [A.D. 225])

The doctrine also derives in part from a repudiation of Greek thought by Tertullian, who argued that for each immaterial soul a material body was created. Neither the Old nor New Testament deals directly with the question of pre-existence; however, it can be inferred from numerous passages that the pre-existence is not a concept or doctrine supported by the biblical text. For example, in John 8:23 Jesus says:

’ You are from the realms below; I am from the realms above. You are from this world; I am not from this world.’”

(Jesus did come from the spirit realm. But, as Jesus said, other men did not.) Romans 9:10-12 says: Re·bek?ah conceived twins … when they had not yet been born nor had practiced anything good or vile, in order that the purpose of God respecting the choosing might continue dependent, not upon works, but upon the One who calls, it was said to her:

“The older will be the slave of the younger.”

(If the twins Jacob and Esau had lived previously in a spirit realm they certainly would have built up a record based on their conduct there. But they had no such record until after their birth as humans.) On the other hand, Paul says in Ephesians 1:4 that “he hath chosen us in him before the foundations of this world Jeremiah 1:5 reads that,

“Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee.”

Nevertheless, it may be argued that these passages refer to foreknowledge, and not necessarily pre-existence. In historical Christian theology, Jesus pre-existed as the Word who was created all things in heaven, or earth, visible and invisible, and also was born as the Son of God. While orthodox Christian doctrine insists that humanity did not pre-exist, there are those who postulate that the biblical tradition says otherwise.

It is unclear, however, whether those Church fathers who held that humanity did pre-exist, adopted this idea from Plato or Greek thought, or from the biblical text itself.

Pre-mortal existence in Mormonism:

(Latter-day Saints):

The concept of pre-mortal existence (sometimes referred to as pre-mortal life or, incorrectly, as pre-existence, from the traditional Christian terminology) is an early and fundamental doctrine of Mormonism. In 1833, early in the Latter Day Saint movement, its founder Joseph Smith, Jr. taught that just as Jesus was coeternal with God the Father

“Man was also in the beginning with God. Intelligence, or the light of truth, was not created or made, neither indeed can be.”

This manner of reference, however, is a little misleading, seeing as Latter-day Saints believe there was a spiritual creation quite some time before the physical creation (intelligences always existed, as stated, but spirits and intelligences are not precisely the same thing); the difference between intelligences and spirits largely seems to be an arguable moot point, so far, until further revelation is given (but, suffice it to say, there are spiritual bodies as well as physical bodies, according to LDS doctrine). In 1844, Smith taught:

“[T]he soul—the mind of man—the immortal spirit. Where did it come from? All learned men and doctors of divinity say that God created it in the beginning; but it is not so: the very idea lessens man in my estimation…. We say that God himself is a self-existent being…. Man does exist upon the same principles…. [The Bible] does not say in the Hebrew that God created the spirit of man. It says ‘God made man out of the earth and put into him Adam’s spirit, and so became a living body.’ The mind or the intelligence which man possesses is co-equal with God himself…. Is it logical to say that the intelligence of spirits is immortal, and yet that it had a beginning? The intelligence of spirits had not beginning; neither will it have an end. That is good logic. That which has a beginning may have an end. There never was a time when there were not spirits; for they are co-equal [co-eternal] with our Father in heaven.” (King Follett Discourse)

After Smith’s death, the doctrine of pre-mortal existence was elaborated by some other Latter Day Saint leaders, primarily within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its break offs. Although the “mind” and “intelligence” of humanity were still considered to be co-eternal with God, and not created, Brigham Young introduced the idea that the “spirit”, which he distinguished from the “mind” or “intelligence”, was indeed created and not co-eternal with God.

Young postulated that we each had a pre-spirit “intelligence” that later became part of a spirit “body”, which then eventually entered a physical body and was born on earth. In 1857, Young stated that every person was “a son or a daughter of [the Father].

In the spirit world their spirits were first begotten and brought forth, and they lived there with their parents for ages before they came here.” 4 J.D. 218.

Among Latter-day Saints the idea of “spirit birth” was described in its modern doctrinal form in 1909, when the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints issued the following statement:

Jesus, however, is the firstborn among all the sons of God—the first begotten in the spirit, and the only begotten in the flesh. He is our elder brother, and we, like Him, are in the image of God. All men and women are in the similitude of the universal Father and Mother, and are literally the sons and daughters of Deity.” MFP 4:203.

This description is widely-accepted by modern Latter-day Saints as fundamental to the Plan of Salvation. However, among other Latter Day Saint denominations, there are differences of opinion as to the nature of the pre-mortal existence.

The mainstream LDS Church teaches during the pre-mortal existence, there was a learning process which eventually led to the next necessary step in the pre-mortal spirits’ opportunity to progress.

This next step included the need to gain a physical body that could experience pain, sorrow and joy and “walk by faith.” According to this belief, these purposes were explained and discussed in “councils in heaven,” followed by the War in Heaven where Satan rebelled against the plan of Heavenly Father.

Pre-existence in Judaism:

Some believe that the idea of an immortal soul was not originally part of Jewish theology, but that it became so after Jewish contact with Persian and Greek thought.

In rabbinical literature, the souls of all humanity are described as being created during the six days of creation (Book of Genesis). When each person is born, a pre-existing soul is placed within the body.

In Tractate Sanhedrin, the question is asked, When does the soul enter the body of the newborn? The answer “at birth” is rejected in favor of an intermediate stage within the womb, usually interpreted as 40 days after conception, after which it is traditionally believed that a baby is taught Torah by an angel.

Within the Jewish scriptures, the Tanack (commonly called the Old Testament by Christianity), there is a passage used to teach that the spirit within humans did not pre-exist, but was created within each person in the womb:

“The burden of the word of the LORD concerning Israel. The saying of the LORD, who stretched out the heavens, laid the foundation of the earth, and formed the spirit of man within him” (Zechariah 12:1. The Holy Scriptures: JPS. Copyright 1917 by the Jewish Publication Society of America)

Pre-existence in Greek thought:

Plato believed in the pre-existence of the soul, which tied in with his innatism. He thought that we are born with knowledge from a previous life that is subdued at birth and must be relearned. He saw all attainment of knowledge not as acquiring new information, but as remembering previously known information. Before we were born, we existed in a perfect world where we knew everything. This theory is similar to reincarnation, though there are differences – for example, Plato only believes in one earthly life.

Pre-existence in Islam:

In Islam, all souls are believed to have been created in adult form (before earthly life) at the same time as when  God created the father of Mankind, Adam.   The Quran recounts the story of when the descendants of Adam were brought forth before God to testify that God alone is the Lord of creation and therefore only   He is worthy of worship (Quran chapter 7, verse 172), so that on the Day of Judgment, people could not make the excuse that they only worshiped others because they were following the ways of their ancestors.     God then removed the memory of this event from the minds of Mankind (leaving only an innate awareness that He exists and is One, known as the Fitra in Islam) and He decreed at which point each and every human would be born into the physical world and who would be the direct parent/child to whom in humanity.

So the PRE-EXISTENCE is truly exists it is believable because ISLAM stamps over it keenly and if MAN pay attention or think over or be the solitude lover he may get signs for this ultimate reality very easy. Soul make human realize that there is nothing new and all that happened once or it is just happened before the consequence I have been through just now ……..

Make yourself believe that ………….




This is the ultimate truth that the CREATOR is undoubtedly ONE. His ONENESS is the sign of Almighty and Glory of His actions. Centuries ago many pagans ought to believe in other concepts they start thinking conceptionally that GOD’S PRESENCE is just and must but His world is just like the earthly beings. Those pagans were misguided by Satan to think and act upon.

Since ADAM was created this high stature KALMA TAIABA written in THE LUH-HAY-MAHFOOZ (book of fate) which reveals the ONENESS of Allah Almighty and that MUHAMMAD (PBUH) are the least PROPHET of ALLAH.

Since all the Prophet and Apostles bring the same religion on the phase of earth to taught Mankind and their theme and purpose behind the same the guidance of Mankind and to admit, commit and convict upon that Allah is one and no one can be like HIM as HE is the MAJESTY, CREATOR, SUSTANINER, ETERNAL, THE MOST POWERFUL AND THE GREATEST who can control the day and night, every living species, HE is responsible to fed to HIS every creative living species.

All Apostles taught verily the way to bestow upon Him and the guide line to adopt the accessories and the true convicted way to lead their lives so that they can Reward in the end. Their revelations are Just and for the betterment of Mankind or the people who are followers of them in that era. They guided them to bestow to the Creator who remains merciful to them hereafter the death of this life. Their teachings based on none but on the authentication because all revealed to them was directly by the LORD; the CREATOR who is ONE.

Sine we humans categorized the ages to know the our own identity of past and history which itself revives now and than there are different stages of man to be developed in convert in today’s image where Man made world is so fascinating that he has no time to praise his own mind and body as an earthly being while standing in front of mirror. He starts praising his appearance without noticing that in his figure’s back the art work is of NATURE. Today man is so powerful considered on the basis of money that is also man made thing only for earthly use. Man is today the creator the architect of skyskpers but even than the views are panics about the CREATOR!!

Since the day first the reality is ONE and till the day end and even hereafter the reality remain the same. ONENESS is the actual reality of LORD that can not be estimated. One who don’t believe in the oneness or existence of Allah he has just dead soul and his inner self has no light to understand the truth and light of the CREATOR.

There is no GOD but one and He is the fittest MIGHTY and the divine source who is eternal. There is no one who can control the east and west and the whole universe.

Oneness of Allah is the reality which is mention in Holy Quran in various Verses. It is also mentioned in other religion’s receipts that ALLAH IS ONE and his ONENESS IS ALL SPREAD.


Existence Part 1


This is the most critical, complex and vital topic that spot light towards the major aspects: The Creator, The Creation, Birth and death, pre-birth, cosmology, universe and its’ purpose more over this topic is as vast as ocean, even I can consider that even the five oceans eventually join and will become the pen even than they will be unable describe the truly the reality of EXISTENCE.

In common usage, Existence is the world of which we are aware through our senses and persists independently without them. In philosophy the word has a more specialized meaning, and is often contrasted with Essence. Philosophers investigate questions such as “What exists?” “How do we know?” “To what extent are the senses a reliable guide to existence?” “What is the meaning, if any, of assertions of the existence of categories, ideas, and abstractions’’.

The word “existence” comes from the Latin word exist ere meaning “to appear,” “to arise,” “to become,” or “to be,” but literally, it means “to stand out.

The word ‘exist’ is certainly a grammatical predicate, but philosophers have long disputed whether it is also a logical predicate. Some philosophers claim that it predicates something, and has the same meaning as ‘is real’, ‘has being’, ‘is found in reality’, ‘is in the real world’ and so on. Other philosophers deny that existence is logically a predicate, and claim that it is merely what is asserted by the etymologically distinct verb ‘is’, and that all statements containing the predicate ‘exists’ can be reduced to statements that do not use this predicate. For example, ‘A Four-leaved clover exists.’ can be rephrased as ‘There is a clover with four leaves.’

This philosophical question is an old one, and has been discussed and argued over by philosophers from Parmenides, Plato, Aristotle, through Avicenna, Aquinas, Scouts, Hume, Kant, Kierkegaard and many others.

EXISTENCE is not just a phrase it reflects light, it reflect knowledge, it reflects the spirit and it’s light. In Urdu it must announced as WAJOOD and the word HASTI very vast very deep, very heightened terms to understand or to argue upon. This is INDESCRIBLE to some extend by my measures. Existence is the master piece in my mind and I try my level best to illustrate it in the same way I have sketch in my mind (INSHALLAH). EXISTENCE’S first part based on:





The divine existence of GOD ALMIGHTY is obviously the foremost important reality to understand truly. If we go through the measures and study of religions than there are many religions who are not but prey of prejudice and unable to understand the reality of their Creator they just like their human appearance and by human thought and WILL try to capture the DIVINITY as a position of earthly source they made the deities and semi-deities and Semi god like caricatured charcters (NAUZ-BILLAH) reference to GREEK mythology.

In Indian Myth they worship the Statues of mud and soil in that sense where as it is nothing but ALL FALSE. On the phase of earth there are zitherists who believe that fire is most vital and powerful element so they start worshipping it as a LORD (NAUZ-BILLAH).Similarly there are so many other foolish humans who are lunatics and maniacs as their souls are dead to understand the reality and they will remain in darkness because they can’t able to work out to achieve the light of knowing their actual LORD THE CREATOR.

Jews are of the view that Moses is the ultimate prophet and after him there is no one who can better taught the religion and the way he leads is the final and the Ten Commandments for which they have just raise slogans but they did not firmly faith upon. They belong from Ethno religious group the Israelites (sometimes referred to as “The Twelve Tribes“). So these are the people who deceive themselves and they borrow and buy the world of affectation instead of the final happiness the life hereafter death.

In Christianity, it is religion which based on monotheism believes in ONE GOD; THE CREATOR but they mention the concept of trinity (Holy Spirit, The Father, and The Son) conflicts. Bible the book reflects the light on so many aspects of life but this is one of those divine books revealed of Prophets by LORD to teach their followers the way of life the way of action for it. Unfortunately people misinterpret the true identity and deceive themselves by convicted to false faiths. (Linked Article by William Lane)

  • ISLAM :-

Means PEACE is a religion bestowed upon humanity for the ultimate betterment of life and life here after death. HOLY PROPHET (PBUH) the IDEAL and the most honorable, respectable the LAST PROPHET and THE MESSENGER of ALMIGHTY ALLAH wide spread ISLAM by elaborating the oneness of Allah Almighty. The Divine Book HOLY QURAN is itself the miracle that brings forward the whole reality about life, death about creation about CREATOR. There are so many signs and elaborations till the doom’s day. Islam is a not only a complete religion but the way to the true destination it is straight path to find the will of Creator.

There are so many false theories about ISLAM people are prejudice about it and the conveyers sometimes fail to describe the actual and true identity of it. People disregard Islam due to their own mischievous behavior or by the own rebellious attitude to deny truth.

To KNOW THE CREATOR is an urge deeply rooted in human structure and it is with in need of human soul to know about his LORD THE MAKER and his purpose to make the whole universe. Man is vicegerent on the phase of earth being crown of best creation his mental archive and conscious design is of that sort that he can imagine the known and unknown realities and at his back up of mind he thinks that he has been through all this before. The human structure not only contains this but as MAN is NATURE’S master piece so it has spiritual strength and other guide lines too with in himself.

Atheists believe that there is no divine force that draws the sketch of this world but how ridiculed they are in their thought where as how it can be possibly true that one can be own self and there is no any controlling power. To ridicule the reality can not abolish it so the purpose to state the EXISTENCE as an article with foremost attention with chosen the ultimate reality THE GOD; THE CREATOR to know and to vibrate the true idea that conquers the heart to bow before, to kneel before, prostrate before the LORD who



There is no GOD but He- The living the self-subsisting, Eternal. No slumber can seize Him nor sleep. His are all things in the heavens and on the earth. Who is there can intercede. In His presence except as He permitteh? He knoweth (what appearth to His creatures as) before or after or behind them. Nor shall they compass aught of His knowledge except as He willeth. His Thorne doth extend over the heavens and the earth and He feeleth no fatigue in guarding and preserving them. For He is the most High THE SUPREME in Glory.

(Ayyat-ul kuris)

Holy Quran is the divine book that elaborates the PRESENCE, THE PROVIDENCE THE MAKER with all his powers and praises. He Himself taught humans to say His Glory and He communicated in a lyrical way:

In the name of ALLAH most Gracious most Merciful

(God) Most Gracious! It is He Who has taught the Quran. He has created man: He has taught him speech (And Intelligence).The sun and the moon follow courses (exactly) computed; and the herbs and the trees both alike bow in adoration. And the firmament has He Raised high, and He has set up the balance (of justice). In order that ye may not transgress (due) balance. So establish weight with justice and fall not short in the balance. It is he who has spread out the earth for His creatures: therein is fruit and date palm producing spathes (enclosing dates): also corn with its leaves and stalk for fodder and sweet smelling plants.

Then which of the favors of your Lord will ye deny??

He created Man from sounding clay. Like unto pottery. And He created Jinn’s from fire free of smoke. Then which of the favors of your lord will ye deny??(He is) Lord of the two East’s and Lord of the two West’s. Then which of the favors of your lord will ye deny? He has let free the two bodies of flowing water meeting together between them is a Barrier which they do not transgress. Then which of the favors of your lord will ye deny? Out of them come pearls and Coral. Then which of the favors of your lord will ye deny? And his are the ships sailing smoothly through the seats lofty as mountains. Then which of the favors of your lord will ye deny? All that is on earth will perish but will abide (forever) the Face of thy Lord full of Majesty Bounty and honour. Then which of the favors of your lord will ye deny? Of Him seeks his needs every creature in the heavens and on earth every day in new splendour doth He shine. Then which of the favors of your lord will ye deny? Soon shall We settle your affairs or both ye worlds! Then which of the favors of your lord will ye deny??

O ye assembly of Jinns and men! If it be ye can pass beyond the zones of the heavens the earth, pass ye! Not without authority shall ye be able to pass! Then which of the favors of your lord will ye deny? On you will be sent (O ye evil ones twain!) A flame of fire (to burn) and a smoke (to choke) no defence will ye have. Then which of the favors of your lord will ye deny??

When the sky is rent asunder and it becomes red like ointment. Then which of the favors of your lord will ye deny? On that day no question will be asked of man or Jinn as to his sin. Then which of the favors of your lord will ye deny??

For the sinners will be known by their marks and they will be seized by their forelocks and their feet. Then which of the favors of your lord will ye deny? This is the Hell which the sinners deny. In its midst and in the midst of boiling hot water will they wander round! Then which of the favors of your lord will ye deny? But for such as fear the time when they will stand before (the judgment seat of) their Lord there will be two gardens. Then which of the favors of your lord will ye deny? Containing all kinds (of trees and delights). Then which of the favors of your lord will ye deny? In them (each) will be two springs flowing (free). Then which of the favors of your lord will ye deny? In them will be fruits of every kind two and two. Then which of the favors of your lord will ye deny? They will recline on carpets whose inner linings will be of rich brocade the fruit of the gardens will be near (and easy of reach). Then which of the favors of your lord will ye deny? In them will be the maidens chaste restraining their glances whom no man or jinn before them has touched. Then which of the favors of your lord will ye deny? Like unto rubies and coral. Then which of the favors of your lord will ye deny?

Is there any Reward for Good –other than Good? Then which of the favors of your lord will ye deny? And besides these two there are two other Gardens. Then which of the favors of your lord will ye deny? Dark-green in color (from plentiful watering). Then which of the favors of your lord will ye deny? In them (each) will be two springs pouring forth water in continuous abundance. Then which of the favors of your lord will ye deny? In them will be fruits and dates and pomegranates. Then which of the favors of your lord will ye deny? In them will be fair (companions) good, beautiful. Then which of the favors of your lord will ye deny? Companions restrained (as to their glances) in (goodly) pavilions. Then which of the favors of your lord will ye deny? Whom no man or jinn before them has touched. Then which of the favors of your lord will ye deny? Reclining on green cushions and rich carpets of beauty.

Then which of the favors of your lord will ye deny?

Blessed be the name of thy Lord full of Majesty Bounty and Honour

ONENESS OF ALLAH is the message of Islam who taught the true way to have identity and knowing of Maker :-


We can and we should still be faithful and responsible to His word, but we must rely on His Presence all the time even in micro mini seconds:

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him (His presence), and He shall direct your paths.’’

To write on to explain, to praise the Glory of Allah is endless and has no limits. Being a human tiny in stature it is not easy to think even the apart of His NOOR, His Light.

Existence first chapter narrates the short praise to Almighty Allah which is divinely described by Holy Lord Himself in His least book after that no revelation on earth will be bestow till Kiamat; Dooms Day. The Presence and the acceptance of Presence unseen is the divine light and to follow the path and be obedient to the path is the purpose that idealizes to the way of Light, the Knowledge and ultimately to the Reward.

Existence; Presence, Providence, Majesty The Allah is every where. End is the terminology which is for mortal and mortality.

Existence of His is immortal and Eternal.

Almighty Allah is truth else all false……….

Existence chapter one based on ultimate truth The LORD I have disclosed here and now halted by words further on this topic but this never be elaborates completely and cannot be so that will remains continue forever to write again and again

What Is Literature ?


Literature originated from Latin word ‘littera’ describes the meaning ‘’acquaintance with words & letters’ .It covers whole ground of life aspects and spheres. Literature is a term used to describe written or spoken material. Broadly speaking, “literature” is used to describe anything from creative writing to more technical or scientific works, but the term is most commonly used to refer to works of the creative imagination, including works of:

PROSE — Other prose Literature (Philosophy, history, journalism)
ORAL LITERATURE —- (debates, speeches, literary conversation)
NARRATIVE FORMED LITERATURE —– (Electronic Literature, films, videos, soap operas, graphic novels, Comic books)

Literature represents a language or a people: culture and tradition. But, literature is more important than just a historical or cultural artifact. Literature introduces us to new worlds of experience. We learn about books and literature; we enjoy the comedies and the tragedies of poems, stories, and plays; and we may even grow and evolve through our literary journey with books. Ultimately, we may discover meaning in literature by looking at what the author says and how he/she says it. We may interpret the author’s message. In academic circles, this decoding of the text is often carried out through the use of literary theory, using a mythological, sociological, psychological, historical, or other approach. Whatever critical paradigm we use to discuss and analyze literature, there is still an artistic quality to the works. Literature is important to us because it speaks to us, it is universal, and it affects us. Even when it is ugly, literature is beautiful. ‘Literature’ is primarily divided into three categories: Poetry, Drama, and Prose. Each category is further sub-divided into genres and sub-genres. Literature consumes the literary genre that explains its literary work in wider concept enlisted below:

  • Autobiography, Memoir, Spiritual autobiography
  • Biography
  • Diaries and Journals
  • Electronic literature
  • Erotic literature
  • Slave narrative
  • Thoughts, Proverbs
  • Fiction
    • Adventure novel
    • Children’s literature
    • Comic novel
    • Crime fiction
    • Detective fiction
    • Fable, Fairy tale, Folklore
    • Fantasy literature
    • Gothic fiction (initially synonymous with horror)
    • Historical fiction
    • Horror
    • Medical novel
    • Mystery fiction
    • Philosophical novel
    • Political fiction
    • Romance novel
    • Historical romance
    • Saga, Family Saga
    • Satire
    • Science fiction.
    • Thriller (Conspiracy fiction, Legal thriller, Psychological thriller , Spy fiction/Political thriller)
    • Tragedy

    Further to know about literature there are many themes and text are available, the following link explains unique thought about knowing literature and to understand:

    What is literature? A Definition Based on Prototypes by Jim Meyer

    No definition of literature is really possible; perhaps not desirable either. What is literature can better be understood if we consider the following issues with the help of our actual experiences of reading:

    * How is a work of literature?

    * How is a story told in a work of fiction?

    * Do the characters in a drama/novel resemble men and women in real life?

    * Why has a play like Dr. Faustus or Hamlet attained universality? What makes the

    ‘Particular’ so ‘universal’ in literature?

    * What devices of language and structure are employed in a work of literature?

    This list of issues is perhaps inexhaustible. Hope you can initiate your investigation whichever way you find interesting. These provoked rhetoric questions linked literature with its elements in fiction and in drama Plot, Character, Setting, Theme, Structure, Point of view, Conflict, Diction & Foreshadowing. Poetry enhances the theme, the lyrics denoting Etc.

    Literature is history.  Its truth in recording the human experience far surpasses the accuracy of history books which are interpreted and reinterpreted by historians, and edited and reedited by the various powers who gain of the country in which these histories are written.

    Napoleon himself stated that “History is a fable agreed upon.”  In his famous “War and Peace,” Count Tolstoy writes a two-fold book:  a narrative set against the background of the Napoleonic Wars and a commentary on what forces enter into history.  In contrast to the contentions of many historians, Tolstoy dispels the theory of cause and effect in his reflections of the occurrences that constitute “historical events.”

    He realizes that there is an internal force in human beings which affects a revolution, not a particular incident.  History, much like his narrative, evolves from the hearts of man, Tolstoy purports.  The famous French critic and philosopher from the Enlightenment Period, Denis Diderot wrote.

    The truest history is full of falsehoods, and your romance if full of truths. Of paramount importance to any culture, literature is immortalized truth that is not tampered with; it is the veritable outpourings of men’s souls, a truth that is renewed over and over with the recordings of other poets and writers…………..


    Consequently, Literature is all about life and its aspects. Experiences, History, Culture, Ethics, Religion and Environment these are the most vital components for literature fabrication and generations.

    Remaining the provoked ideas, literary work and details about literary work and artistic writings are established in defined categories and best links may approached to have better exercise and practice to be the best representative …………

    Following phrases capture the true identity while explaining the ground reality of literary art, craft and gallery of production.