Aks…………… !! ( Reflection )


Paniyion main jhanak kr dehty hain

Dahrye hain Aks abi talak

Wohi Aks hain jin ko shiad hum kehi phenchanty hain

Wohi Aks hain, janay kabi

Kud sy Lagtye hain

Kabi Tum sy lagty hain

Paniyion main jhanak kr dehty hain

Dahrye hain Aks abi talak

Yeh kesy Aks hain dahry rehty hain

Rooky rehty hain

hum chalnyee bi laghyee tu yeh dahryee rehty hain

hum jo dahrena chahain tu yeh chalnyee laghyety hain

Paniyion main jhanak kr dehty hain

Dahrye hain Aks abi talak

In ko hum saya samajhyee, in ko hum rahyee samjhyee

Na janay kia kashish lyee hain

Hum jo bi samajyee

Yeh hum ko aksr ajnabi lagtyee hain

Ajnabi bi lagyee tu kehi kud sy lagtyee hain

Kabi Hum sy lagtyee hain

Kabi Tum sy lagty hain

Paniyion main jhanak kr dehty hain

Dahrye hain Aks abi talak

Chaltyee chaltyee hum yeha aa phonchyee hain

N janay yeh kub talak in paniyion pr dahrye rahyee

Aur Na janay kub talak hum jhanakty rehyee

Paniyion pr yeh yadion ky Aks dahry hain

Yeh Rooh ky neesha hain

Ab talak hain , na janay kub talak hain …………

Paniyion main jhanak kr dehty hain

Dahrye hain Aks abi talak ………………..

Majood ……………


Her her Naseeb lika ha us kitab main, jis ki tabeer kud insan ka Wajood hai

Wajood main jo Majood hai, mafqood ki miraj hai

Wohi aik bunyad hai, Wajood main jo Majood hai

Her her naseeb lika hai us kitab main ……………..

Yeh safar na koi aam hai, jaha serf maarfat ky charchy hoon

Yeh safar na koi khas hai jaha shanasai kuli numaiash hoo

Deda-E hijr rako wajood main jo miraz-E Majood hai

Yeha kuli hain sari kirkian jaha roshnion ka nazool hai

Her her naseeb likha ha us kitab main

Jis ki tabeer Majood hai ……………………Wajood hai kisa muktasir

Wajood main wo Majood hai …………..

Bulleh’s Poetry


The blossoming of love is strange and wondrous!

When I acquired the knowledge of love, I dreaded the mosque.

I fled to my Lords dwelling, Where a thousand sounds reverberate.

When love revealed its mystery to me,

The parroted words vanished. Inside and out, I was cleansed.

I saw my Beloved wherever I looked.

Heer and Ranjha are already one.

But Heer, deluded, still searches the woods.

Here Ranjha is with her, And she does not even know it.


I am tired of reading the Vedas and the Koran!

Obeisance has only abraded my forehead.

God was not in Mecca, nor any holy place.

But whoever finds Him becomes brightly illuminated.

Burn the prayer rug, break the clay pot,

Divest yourself of rosary, bowl and staff.

Those who love – proclaim repeatedly and loudly,

‘Eat the forbidden! Forsake halaal!’(a lawful diet)

You have spent your life in the mosque,

Yet your heart is filled with filth.

Not once did you discern that God is One!

What is your point in making this racket now? Your devotion was loveless.

Now your protestations are worthless.

Bulleh says, I would have remained silent,

It is love that compels me to speak forcefully.

The blossoming of love is strange and wonderful.

Bhaanve Jaan Na Jaan VeDe Aa VaD Mere

Whether or not you know this,

Enter my courtyard.

I adore you (I would sacrifice my life for you),

Enter my courtyard.

For me, there is nobody else but you.

Though I search every forest, plain and desert.

Though I search the entire world.

Enter my courtyard.  People believe you are a lowly cowherd,

Named Ranjha.

But you are my faith, my religion.

Enter my courtyard.

I left my parents for love of you,

My Lord, Shah Inayat.

Honor this love I bear for you.

Enter my courtyard.

    Banish the timekeeper, my beloved has come home, my precious one!

    Again and again the time keeper strikes the gong,

    Diminishing this night of our union.

    Were he to look into my heart,

    Himself, he would fling it away.

    The unheard music plays majestically.

    The singer accomplished in rhythm and measure.

    Forgotten are my prayers

    As the distiller gives me plentiful wine.

    At the wondrous sight of his face,

    All my sorrows vanished.

    The night marches on. How can I extend it?

    O build a wall against the day!


    I have lost myself.

    I can not remember when I was wedded.

    It is not possible to hide,

    This complete grace that is upon me.

    Many magic spells were cast,

    Magicians came, big and small.

    Now that my beloved is home,

    I will remain with him for a hundred thousand years.

    Says Bullah Shah, in this beloved bed

    I have crossed over to the other side.

    Finally, my turn came,

    Separation is no longer possible.

    Banish the timekeeper, my beloved has

    come home, my precious one.

 The hajjis go to Mecca.

My beloved Ranjha is my Mecca.

Yes, I am crazy! I am wedded to Ranjha.

Still my father pushes me.

    Yes, I am crazy!

    The hajjis go to Mecca

    My bridegroom, within me, is my Mecca.

    Yes, I am crazy!

    Hajjis and ghazis both lie within us,

    Thieves and pickpockets too.

    Yes, I am crazy!

    The Hajjis go to Mecca

    But I am going to Takht Hazara.

    Yes, I am crazy!

    Wherever is your beloved, there lies Kaaba,

    Though you search the four books.

    Yes, I am crazy! Why should I go to Kaaba

    When I long for Takht Hazaara?

    People worship  Kaaba,

    I worship my dearest Friend.

    I long for Takht Hazaara.

    Beloved Raanjha, seeing my defects,

    do not put me out of your mind,

    Remember(think of) this worthless one.

    I long for Takht Hazaara.

    Though I cannot swim,

    It will be your shame if I drown.

    I long for Takht Hazaara.

    I found no one like you,

    Though I searched the entire world.

    I long for Takht Hazaara.



    Turn your face toward me,

    my dear one,

    Turn your face toward me!

    It is you who inserted the hook in me,

    It is you who pulls the cord.

    Turn your face toward me!

    The call to prayer came from your throne in heaven,

    The sound reverberated in Mecca.

    Turn your face toward me!

    Says Bulleh, I will not die,

    Though someone else may.

    Turn your face toward me!



          Translated by Suman Kashyap


    Stay silent to survive.

    People cannot stand to hear the truth.

    They are at your throat if you speak it.

    They keep away from those who speak it.

    But truth is sweet to its lovers!

    Truth destroys shara (shariah).

    Brings rapture to its lovers,

    And unexpected riches,

    Which shara (shariah) obscures.

    Those lovers cannot remain silent

    Who have inhaled the fragrance of truth.

    Those who have woven love into their lives,

    Leave this world of falsehood.

    Bulleh Shah speaks the truth.

    He uncovers the truth of shara (shariah).

    He opens the path to the fourth level,

    Which shara (shariah) obscures.

‘Spiritual Ballads’


My Eyes Pour Out Tears

He left me, and himself he departed;

What fault was there in me ?


Neither at night nor in the day do I sleep in peace;

My eyes pour out tears !

Sharper than swords and spears are the arrows of love !

There is no one as cruel as love ;

This malady no physician can cure.

There is no peace, not for a moment,

So intense is the pain of separation !

O Bullah, if the Lord were to shower

His grace, My days would radically change !

He left me, and himself he departed.

What fault was there in me ?

By: Bulleh Shah

No Other Thought Exists

Repeating the name of Ranjha

I have become Ranjha myself.

O call me ye all “Dhido-Ranjha,”

let no one call me Heer .

Ranjha is in me, I am in Ranjha,

no other thought exists in my mind.

I am not, He alone is.

He alone is amusing himself.

By: Bulleh Shah

You Alone exist

You alone exist; I do not, O Beloved!
You alone exist, I do not!
Like the shadow of a house in ruins,
I revolve in my own mind.
If I speak, you speak with me:
If I am silent, you are in my mind.
If I sleep, you sleep with me:
If I walk, you are along my path.
Oh Bulleh, the spouse has come to my house:
My life is a sacrifice unto Him.
You alone exist; I do not, O Beloved

Souls Reunited

Staring intensely
Eyes focused
Gaze unaltered
Complete strangers
Or are we?

We talk, we stare
We gaze some more
We don’t speak a word
We embrace
Souls reunited


‘I Have been Pierced by the Arrow of Love’


I have been pierced by the arrow of love,

 what shall I do ?

                                                                                                                                 Bulleh Shah —Century’s Spiritualism

I can neither live, nor can I die.

Listen ye to my ceaseless outpourings,

I have peace neither by night, nor by day.

I cannot do without my Beloved even for a moment.

I have been pierced by the arrow of love,

what shall I do ?

The fire of separation is unceasing !

Let someone take care of my love.

How can I be saved without seeing him?

I have been pierced by the arrow of love,

what shall I do ?

Spiritual Truth


Friends if the truth of my state ye have understood,
Here lies your path before you: follow in my footsteps,
For by Heavens, here are no doubts, no vague imaginings;
I know God, with a knowledge part secret, part proclaimed.

I drank the cup of love, and then possessed it,
And it hath become my possession for all time.

God reward him who lavished his Secret upon me,
For bounty, true bounty is to bestow the Secret,
I hid the Truth on a time, and screened It well;
And whoso keepeth God’s Secret shall have his reward.

Then when the Giver vouchsafed that I might proclaim It,
He fitted me — how I know not—-to purify souls,
And girded upon me the sword of steadfastness,
And truth and piety, and a Wine He gave me,
Which all who drink must needs be always drinking,
Even as a drunk man seeketh to be more drunk.

Thus came I to pour It—nay, it is I that press it.
Doth any other pour It in this age?

This poem contains the basic features of being a true Sufi Spiritual Master, including the ability to guard the secrets of God as well as to divulge what needs to be divulged to those ready to receive it. Sufism is sometimes called the School of Secrets (ASAR), the latter term referring to the Divine Mysteries. The function of the master is to receive those Mysteries, realize that Divine Knowledge, attain the wine and pour into each cup that is, the being disciple according to his/her capacity.

Seeker’s Quest


Where art thou O Saki, where art thou?
Come forth for my soul yearns for that wine,
That ruby wine tasted by the pure in paradise.

Come O Saki pour thy wine into the vessel of my soul,
Wherever thou art, I shall search and find thee,
And having found thee shall never let thee go,

Until my thirst is quenched and my being drenched
In that wine which we drank in the pre-eternal dawn,
And shall drink again in the beatific eve of our earthly life.

The spiritual wine, the pure wine mentioned in the Quran and cited so often in Sufi works, as it once the fire of Divine Love and the light of illuminative knowledge and gnosis. It is also the invocation of God’s Names.

The disciple is the vessel, into which this wine is poured once the vessel is emptied of its pungent liquid of selfish passions.

The spiritual master is therefore the Saki who pours the celestial wine into the being of the disciple. The serious seeker is in quest of the authentic Saki and does not cease his or her quest until the Saki is found.



Who seeketh Me findeth Me.
Who findeth Me knoweth Me.
Who knoweth Me loveth Me.

Who loveth Me, him I love.
Whom I love, him I slay.
Whom I slay, him must I requite.
Whom I requite, Myself am his requital.

The path of truth results in discovery of the Truth, which means knowledge of it. Moreover, the truth is such that one cannot know it without loving it. And that love leads finally to the embrace of God, Who in turn loves those among His servants who love Him. In the metaphysical sense, however, it is God’s love that precedes human love.

This are the poetic verses based on realistic love (Ishq-E-Haqeeqi) this is mostly not the understandable element for every one but for the luckiest souls only the selective and chosen souls.

This monologue is for the beginning of poetry introduction. Poetry is the most expressive writing source on the phase of earth for humans’ literary world. The most beautiful way to express the emotions and the inner thoughts. The imagination world where any thing can be achieved where nothing is impossible.

Poetry is of many kinds which all has been guided and chartered in the literature. Poetry is the version that has been used by earlier and the earliest humans as well and by almost the nations of the world, by the humans of different cultures and heritages.

The purpose of the poetry is to express the human with in need of understanding of physical reality and the spiritual reality as well. Poetry based on REALITY directly linked with the LIGHT OF KNOWLEGDE OF CREATOR that will create the alluring impression on human mind and his life all over this will be achieved by only the blessed thinkers. The poetry based on ROMANTICISM is the human mental and psychic supreme work that elaborates different and several phases of knowledge. Romanticism itself has two types one that has the direct light of truth and second approach is of the beauty that either be of nature, humanly or of the mechanism.

Consequently, poetry is the corner which is favorite chapter of work for the literature lovers. So here the poetry may consult through other channels means that will be linked of great ancient and modern poets and as well of mine.


Thou Art of the Artist,

Thine Artist is the Truer,

An Artist Knower of all knowledge,

The artist to whom all the colors are known so easily,

Colors to paint the picture of whole universe,

Thine Art,

Reality to that Artist is Mirror,

Light to that Artist is also the Reflection,

Thine Artist is the Truer,

Thou Art of the Artist,

What else the knowing,

If one can’t capture the same color,

The Ray that holds the Truth of the Truer,

Only Ray be enough to be the mystical,

The whole picture of that Artist beyond the mental awareness,

Thine Art,

Reality to that Artist is Mirror,

Light to that Artist is also the Reflection,

Thine Artist is the Truer,

Thou Art of the Artist,