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December 8

Inspirational Quotations

My success and competition is getting tough day by day with myself ….Own self is hard person to be contented…………!! Come on!! I’m a layman…….O Man! A rare common one trying to know myself!! Dig your Fate get the treasure Fate is intellectually sound but human mind does not work there Fate declines sometimes but […]

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November 12

General Quotes

Galaxy is the dream. Pen makes you strong I am dreamer of fantasy True idea is your identity Empty bottle give you space. I wonder my luck to wish me. Life is a book and we are readers. Thought is the delicious food of mind. Elders are very forgettable on their turn. Now a day’s […]

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April 19

Wisdom Quotes

‘Wisdom generates intellectuals’. ‘Wisdom is a weapon for thinker ‘. ‘Wisdom makes Man a Super being ‘. ‘Best communication and better way of conversation itself is wisdom’. ‘Wisdom is not only for wise people but by using it anyone can be wise’. ‘Think, Read & Write these three major qualities and abilities lead to wisdom’. […]

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April 19

The Pen Short Quotes

Pen can change the world. One can express his soul by pen. Pen is more powerful than sword. The pen is the most important source of strength. Emotions speak but few are just elaborated by pen. Pen is character itself which becomes persona for humans. Writings are only famous of those who know the use […]

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April 19


‘If I tell u the truth…… It’s not an easy task as it always brings tears to hearts but truth develops learning.’ ‘Learning is like dancing with thoughts to some extend’. ‘Learn, learning is strength of soul.’ ‘Learning is for all life’s students’. ‘Life is too short to learn every art of divine.’ ‘Experience is […]

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April 19

Knowledge Quotes

‘Knowledge shuts a man’s mouth.’ ‘Hallow character cannot be the knowledge lover’. ‘Knowledge brings possibilities to impossibilities’. ‘Love and knowledge led upwards to the heavens’. ‘The good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge’. ‘Despite of the fact that Knowledge is power it is way to the strengthen light of Providence’. ‘Knowledge is […]

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