Inspirational Quotations


  • My success and competition is getting tough day by day with myself ….Own self is hard person to be contented…………!!
  • Come on!! I’m a layman…….O Man! A rare common one trying to know myself!!
  • Dig your Fate get the treasure
  • Fate is intellectually sound but human mind does not work there
  • Fate declines sometimes but it never farewell the puppet to rest upon self deceives, it plays upon, tricks upon and checkmate finally …….
  • Going on and on so far the breath last and fate acts………..!!
  • Fate rule mind window also when to open, when to close it distinguish rather better than control
  • Fate is overdue to rule over intellect as well
  • Fate is sound key to open the door infatuated love and featured Divine Love.
  • Far dust you go, climb high to dost, figuration is ultimate the achievement by both struggle and fate be upon your side
  • Once I was hard worker, I struggle a lot but fate was not on my phase, luck was not on my side and I mostly lose.
  • When luck be my coin I have all the treasure mine of mine, I stay king of own kingdom prevail to others.
  • Fate is the prime side of effort.
  • Fate can be reveal by the prevailing the distinguished and diminished thoughts.
  • Time and Fate has one similarity of unpredictability and possibility to be cruel any time of need.
  • Kingdom of Fate is the over ruling the strongest emperors of time of intellect.
  • Fugitive the core of thought for Fate but it is not ……
  • Side of coins are not head or tale, realistically they are one key work (Hard work/ Intelligence) and other Divine (Unseen Fate) sometimes one partial be the king and sometimes the other and when coin just still stand both defused the relation.
  • Intelligence never sounds fate as fate is beyond limits of intelligence
  • Intellect has nothing to do with Divine source, Fate, Heavenly Life the discrimination yet false intellect, fall by heart and upfront by believes.
  • Intelligence itself digging the broader board of chess.
  • Intelligence has role to play over fate signs but just to obey them.
  • Concentration without purity of mind is of no avail.
  • Real practice begins from concentration. Concentration merges in meditation. Concentration is a portion of meditation.
  • You are born to concentrate the mind on God after collecting the mental rays that are dissipated on various objects. That is your important duty.
  • Concentration of the mind on God after purification can give you real happiness and knowledge. You are born for this purpose only.
  • Art of concentration is the best unseen art that draws even the unfathomable, unpredictable, unreliable sketches converting in practice.
  • At your face management never advantage of your source but behind the scene, behind the curtains they know how much even a coin of yours cost.
  • Magic of focus is figurative whatsoever not real but ought to be, and what so ever real would be fragile ….
  • Life of Mind is more than life of Muscle, henceforth the muscle be death mind even stay alive in featured sayings or provoked registered thoughts.
  • Figures receive the command they type they hold pen, they workout and behave like strings to be on harmonium.
  • Commemorate the best times refresh the breathing if inspiration if one been through the hard times.

General Quotes


  • Galaxy is the dream.
  • Pen makes you strong
  • I am dreamer of fantasy
  • True idea is your identity
  • Empty bottle give you space.
  • I wonder my luck to wish me.
  • Life is a book and we are readers.
  • Thought is the delicious food of mind.
  • Elders are very forgettable on their turn.
  • Now a day’s blindness is on the pavement.
  • Walk, walk and walk towards your attitude.
  • Lock your talk, and speak well whenever you do.
  • Prayer makes you week until it would be blessed.
  • I find many things instant of those I lust them more.
  • Just try to make a life sketch never try to make it snap.
  • Give way to yourself your conscious gives you lot and lot.
  • Compliments give you the way to success but if they are true.
  • Pretention in relationships kills the role of characterization
  • How sad! We are making our selves deliberately mummies.
  • Even Sky deceives us it has no color and shows us that it is blue.
  • Make sure about yourself that you are good no one can spoil you.
  • Diary is infact inquiry about you sometimes about reality and others.
  • Incredible inside me that my hopes are for everything yet for nothing.
  • My dreams make me stupid sometimes and they make me wise most of the times.
  • Finding the shade means you are making up your mind to take a walk without shelter.
  • Don’t believe in others just believe in God; trust others but then when you trust yourself.
  • Everybody have feeling but some only feels for them and some only feels that feelings are just the expressing thing.
  • People stare me and sometimes laugh but I remain keep quiet, because I am waiting for my time.
  • I like novelists because they wrote for others; I like writers because they waste their dozes for us.
  • I do believe that whenever you got any idea just make it because if you spend any second to think about that mean you just losing you idea.

Wisdom Quotes


  • ‘Wisdom generates intellectuals’.
  • ‘Wisdom is a weapon for thinker ‘.
  • ‘Wisdom makes Man a Super being ‘.
  • ‘Best communication and better way of conversation itself is wisdom’.
  • ‘Wisdom is not only for wise people but by using it anyone can be wise’.
  • ‘Think, Read & Write these three major qualities and abilities lead to wisdom’.
  • ‘Voice of deep thought and the way of expression for it cultivate wisdom in the Soil that here after becomes tree of knowledge’.
  • ‘Breathing as Crown of Creation and knowing of nothing is befooling human  Identity and ridicules the fate lines of struggle where wisdom stay apart ‘.
  • ‘Perpetual, conceptional and liberal people remain and spend their lives in quest Of knowledge and wisdom’.
  • ‘Keep the wise people to spread knowledge and wisdom as they are the true sharers of truth and divinity’.

The Pen Short Quotes


  • Pen can change the world.
  • One can express his soul by pen.
  • Pen is more powerful than sword.
  • The pen is the most important source of strength.
  • Emotions speak but few are just elaborated by pen.
  • Pen is character itself which becomes persona for humans.
  • Writings are only famous of those who know the use of pen.
  • PEN is the first divine attention that writes every thing before the beginning of eternal story.
  • Lord maketh the Pen first to serve to write the tale of this whole universe from beginning to end.
  • Pen is unconquerable, uninvincible eminent product Omni-present and convincing and can measure the parameters of conscious mind.



  • ‘If I tell u the truth…… It’s not an easy task as it always brings tears to hearts but truth develops learning.’
  • ‘Learning is like dancing with thoughts to some extend’.
  • ‘Learn, learning is strength of soul.’
  • ‘Learning is for all life’s students’.
  • ‘Life is too short to learn every art of divine.’
  • ‘Experience is great source of learning.’
  • ‘To learn is every person’s duty to understand life and his relation with Lord’.
  • ‘ Height on knowledge provides height of learning which dwells the soul in the Identifiable frame’.
  • ‘Complaining for ignorance is for those who have not worth for Learning.’
  • ‘ Fight for learning, live for learning, die for learning it will directly leads to heavens’.

Knowledge Quotes


  • ‘Knowledge shuts a man’s mouth.’
  • ‘Hallow character cannot be the knowledge lover’.
  • ‘Knowledge brings possibilities to impossibilities’.
  • ‘Love and knowledge led upwards to the heavens’.
  • ‘The good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge’.
  • ‘Despite of the fact that Knowledge is power it is way to the strengthen light of Providence’.
  • ‘Knowledge is gate way to the unconquerable Will and unflawed, uneased,Uncased Life’.
  • ‘The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not Understand’.
  • ‘To know is the earnest nature and keen desire of Man, the more he possess the more he concentrate more he gain the knowledge’.
  • ‘Knowledge sprung Eve’s bite of Apple ,thus fruit of knowledge taught the experience of mortal life and immortal life here after, thus introduced death, thus tragedy begins, thus parent grief produced, thus Crown of creation defaults self awareness, self assertion & self monologue’.