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March 27

“The Militarist Origins of Tyranny”

Mesopotamia (means land between the rivers) an ancient name of Iraq, the famous rivers Tigris and Euphrates crossing this land makes it the most fascinating inhabitant. As the world history is evident of this land’s civilization from the ancient times estimated from 3500Bc when the Uruk and Ur was the focal lands. The first of […]

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January 29

Mothers of Prophets (A.S )

The most beautiful aspect about women hood and motherly love is indescribable so far. This graceful thing is the role of mother in the Holy Lives of four Prophets; Hazrat Ismail (A.S), Hazrat Mosses (A.S), Hazrat Esa ( Jesus A.S ) and Hazrat Muhammad ( PBUH). Therefore we’ll have to recourse to the revealed religions. […]

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April 20

The Pre-Mature Burial ;Pre-Mature Death

There is no need to be taste death obviously to have burial. In today’s world the death is on the way. In fact death is the over period of this world but the world has the sign for another.  Alive beings are also buried among walls or under the false materials of social systems. The […]

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