Mothers of Prophets (A.S )


The most beautiful aspect about women hood and motherly love is indescribable so far. This graceful thing is the role of mother in the Holy Lives of four Prophets; Hazrat Ismail (A.S), Hazrat Mosses (A.S), Hazrat Esa ( Jesus A.S ) and Hazrat Muhammad ( PBUH).

Therefore we’ll have to recourse to the revealed religions. It is surprising to note that the responsibility of up bringing these four Prophets, in their childhood was entrusted to their mothers. And their fathers could not share it. Because, the fathers of few Prophets has died before their births and the few others were not available with them in their childhood. But it is a natural thing. It can neither be considered a sudden accident nor a strange thing but the abundance of mother’s passion of love, affection and sacrifice demanded that they should play their roles in bringing up those Holy Prophets (A.S) who were chosen for the guidance of humanity at large. As the Holy messengers, bearers of those religions were brought up their mothers so, their religions can’t degrade the dignity and status of mother. Allah says:-

‘’ Hold fast to the faith of Allah according to the pattern on which He has created mankind. There can be no change in the creation of Allah.’’