Light and Darkness


Sun rise and it gulps the last night saying that Creator makes me the ever light maker for the earth and around the whole other worlds and for the Universe. I’m the one symbolically and vital sign of Creator the biggest object and fire burning specie. That’s true that I lit up the light all around but whence I bring ray of light one place the other stays in the darkness.

The darkness is nothing big or expanding object but it creates shadows even with the little rays of light. This is the ultimate reality that both are important and speech vice versa to each other. The competition becomes when it becomes the part of the idea either darkness works more influential upon or the Light ………………
Sun and the light is substantial but it is more unsubstantial in the same way, the thinking process is the similar like the expansion of the light source or similarly when it get dim and the darkness take its role. Each surviving circular thing works like comes after one another.

The Globe is the mingle world it has many layers of understanding. The reality that if one part of the world stays in life (Light) the other stays in death (Darkness). One rest in one part the another stays another and once it travels to another the former comes in the circle of later.

Burning object spread light and switching off the burning flames cause darkness. This is not that darkness just presents the negative or the evil aspect no its not only that … circle that links with worldly life have its own doctrine and myth but has always reflecting two fold realities and deep meanings. If darkness bring dead ends it gives awareness to lit the light in it, it make an urge to creative being creature, to search for the open edges that make eyes to see.

If concentrate and try to visualize in darkness eyes start seeing in it also it is depends on the exercise how it can be precise and make presence in the darkness of the skull to lit up the flame or creative idea towards light.
Similarly, light has twofold affects if it brings the advantages it also cause effects it can be the way out for the walker and it can be trapped as well it won’t wait for darkness to make someone prey of its learning.
The lesson is that creative minds full of ideas are the part of world which is half in darkness and semi- half in Light and this circle travels on when light comes to the dark areas it become more aware of the flammable areas. In such case it won’t be in darkness any more the light covers and travel.

    Be the Optimistic, Atheistic creative being generate ideas be motivate towards the Light life and life light. Be thinker and innovative for darkness to yield to make field to feel deep the life here after the darkness ? that’s truly bring the life never ends the light never ends the season knows no winter just the spring …………………………..

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