Illusion (Optical, Visual, Precautionary Powers)

Individuality is most famous in this era.
Everybody around so conscious to build self and social image, however, forget to establish strong ties with self to polish the character. Yes, self is important so does the image but again this is not the only way of expression or communication, people made so worldwide. This is one side of the story, the other side voices us that human is by birth, a mimic creature.

Psychic abilities are doorways/pathways to understand the multi-dimensional realms. That’s obvious that we are in the most grave and lowest rank of universal circle where the law of gravity and regulations are dependent on physical realities.

Those physical realities have several shapes of matter and life spams. It begins and it has end and then there are recycling. Human consciousness and mind comprehend this, yet reality and universe are far behind this, directly or indirectly relates with metaverse and metaphysical world.

The unconscious dept and darkness gives the impression that Mind is a labyrinth or a galaxy. Mind and its labyrinth are never equal or similar of each and every human, yet it has many differences. It’s all about mind, what mind sounds like but its not true.

Human is emblem of unseen airy materials (at a time and at force of tasking) the action we see is very lesser of them. We can only explore or assess we are trigged to, else where around serval elements to whom we are not much sensitive therefore we are unable to adhere their importance.

In this era, more or less selfishness is the new branding and every body practice it somewhat to gain what ever is designed to attain. Worldly material is the base and is the goal, the generations after generations even transgress the base or goal orientation, yet they won’t realize the importance of life and self.

Religion taught, human misled. Science taught; human misled even. Why that is so?
Because if human race denies the unseen, they would never be understanding the core reality. Each and every thing can’t be examined or need experimentation.

Things are practical where we have gravity, and space has no gravity, yet it has creations. Such creations differ from our physical grounds, but they are alive, have their source and part of cycles (life and death). With in seconds man’s mind can jump into the past (memory) by the sense of nostalgia and the next second could be hitting future by the power of imagination (predicting future).

Mirroring of own mind and imagination is the most difficult task, it may grant an age, or it may grant the life cycles. Life never ends, it just changes the phase and face. It continues, till CREATOR designed it to be.
Now human knows the concept of eternity and mortality and that material is to perish even than human race and generations much wasted in the same domain.

How can this imagination reflect into several phenomena?
The power of mind is obvious. The mind is the real giant it can be immortal, or it can be mortal. It could make the choice out of what is what and what is why. Conscience is the speaker of it and expresso of pragmatics. Consciousness and unconsciousness both are mysterious realms, inside the waves and vibrations are different and outside different. If one could align both energies, such synergy can be leading for focus.

Attention spam and concentration again the vital most grounds to excel. A child has this lesser so keeps jumping on knowing and exploring. We grew and became mature, and we practice concentration to achieve the optimum level of outcome. Now outcome may be as per the desire or may not be as per the desire but in both ways it’s a success, how? Simple as out of it we learn, as learning is the journey ……. Intention and attention both pave way to the right peak, now its up to human will either adopt it through negatives or through positives.

The philosophy of knowing and being known to/from and how? This is something which is built in, its in nature and in nurture. Nature and nurture both mirror each other, hence we learnt that mirroring is science yet a myth and may be a religion. Whatever be, the truth is it is practical, and it is a language and helps in linguistics, it built the language and linguistic and it may ruin it too.

Creator and Creations mirror each other.
Right and Wrong mirror each other. Left and right does the same.
Man and Woman mirror each other.
Nature and Nurture mirror each other.
Body and soul mirror each other.
Light and darkness mirror each other.

Any what’s not?
I mean mirror each other, every sense, thought reflects and radiates and display the art of mirroring. My readers, do you get an idea what is this mirroring?

It’s the same image/reflection generates from the original. Though it has no physical reality yet its feasible and concrete in influence. It shows and says what’s not been noticed without mirror or reflection. Here I am not talking about the shades or shadows but about reflection and mirroring as same to same, one to one and one on one.

Differentiation is obvious of shade or shadow and of mirroring or reflection.
Each has importance, yet significance of uniqueness.

How can science translate it?
The best configuration is Neuro Linguistic Programming. It did explore several realities peeping inside the mind of a human and identified many seen and hidden elements. But again, the gaming is of nothing but words, yes words. Powerful and influential words, those words trigger your emotional realms. Makes you nostalgic, empathic or give you signs to have self-pity. Agree this or not but it is partial truth that words play with emotions they even control, rise or make your self esteem lower.

What left if words drain you, up to the level where your energy is null?
What if words make you toxic?
What if words cause you injury and won’t heal?

All happening, all such happening.
Words mirror the same reflection or shadow.
It all about mirroring yourself or others, here or here after.

Mirroring is an art, yet science ….


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