Caged in a Bubble …..!


Yeah finally I got it where I am caged in …………caged in a bubble, a bubble may pinned by circumstances any time, some time and every times but what merely happens is the caged bubble remains the same…..

Bubble and bubbles make their distinction what they carry, what they are ballooning upon …… What they are made up of and how far they transfer the forum …..

Seeing everything as either great or awful cuts a lot out of the picture. Most of life falls somewhere in between. Similarly as caged in a bubble is between where the life and breath could lead up to, now the distinction between life and breath could be easily sorted out once the breath could be held and life could be seized and once breath could be released the life would be at ease.

Caging yourself in something that mind core the aura of thinking but being caged by time’s myth or fate’ will is the what killing sometimes when mind’s entities reserve and deserve the knowledge of knowing all about but even than in tough times it is better to at hands of time and be in will of fate because in trials they could seize or release even better than human own choice…….

Bubble ….How last a bubble could? Yeah for very short frame so does….. The breath does and the life avail …… by taking this breath does…..And when it comes to such understanding that breath always caged in bubble though that journey be begins from the womb where a human figure rest in ball of womb same as bubble and apparently in outer world though the bubble may not be seen but each character caged in certain bubble of breath that be designed for the specific for the selective own.

Bubble …. How last a bubble could? Yeah for very short frame so does the breath realistically, as it proven one breath comes and later dies…… The later dies and the formal lives, the former dies and the later lives …..

So one’s death is gateway to another’s life and one’s life is door way to another’s death, same as one breath kills the next and next coming breath kills the first breath that been taken…..

Imagery be the bubble ……Bubble though has very thin film but it’s been sustain so far it could be…Life in such cage, that lasts the same duration as the bubble lives and dies, bubble be in air and touched the ground or even disappear before touching the surface of the ground…….

I am caged in my certain bubble and you are in yours certain, out of certainties or uncertainties. Everybody caged in certain bubble, knowingly or unknowingly what last is breath in the bubble unless it touched the surface to kill the bubble Aura of circumference.

Bubble may or may not be in origin by appearance, or by existence but what it is just for the shortage of short time frame in such a mere unrealistic reality that couldn’t be apprehend so easily…..

Caged in bubble is though apparently never been realized but it does if intensity could rise up to …… Cage is the cage and trap is the trap…..Cage is similar to trap and trap so far to cage ….Both Bounds….Both Capture…Both Line Up …..Both are far from the sense and ability of liberty and freedom ……

Cage is a cage though it is made up of various bubbles or a single balloon bubble, though it balls around but the character preserved in remains in the orbit can’t untouch the unlined surface ……. Cage is though a cage …. Though it is of bubble ….

Caged in a bubble is the realization of the intensity of the pregnant thought that could breath for a single second and dies in coming next one ……. Cage is a cage though it is of Bubble ….

Finally I got it where I am caged in …………caged in a bubble, a bubble may pinned by circumstances any time, some time and every times but what merely happens is the caged bubble remains the same…..

Changing Horses in the Middle of the Stream


In the middle of the stream what we did to our ambitious rights? Do we justify ourselves or our need of success rank? Is it okay to change so often the track so easily while bothering none other than realistically yourself?

Really it matters the ambition to be someone in something that infact the inspiration? Or just the demand and rule of money is enough? What we do to ourselves when we switch one edge to another or we swing between to gaps of emptiness?

All beings are created with natural talents of their abilities to be on the floor while as being they exist and they appear to sight for the examination. The natural talents are what engulf the entity of identity of being as creation into breath……

The natural talent what horse hold is to be faithfully aggressive or progressive to the road with speed or pace of eagerness towards the success…. Horses associated with running and their run is obviously very symbolic when a riding horse runs it’s elegance provoke the rider towards the achievement.

The wild horse is what resembles ecstasy in favor … … If horse stays still its grace is ambiguous and when such elegancy be in speed than the grace is itself the stream of consciousness.

Now travelling depends on the moods of streams where they stay where they swing ….. Whatever be the creature is the natural essence of grace and ability highlights the Aura of existence that differentiates and cause distinction between the mains or majors.

Main and Majors, they are also majestic and magical when becomes the focus of attention because this is what the focal points in life bringing up anyone’s sense of importance to enhance or to vibe the experiences. Every being has a focal point, where and in which that being survives, strives, live or die …………Every being has a focal point ……Every being has the main and majors …..

Puissant Auxiliary (Mighty Powerful Who is in Favor) is the Source of Mightiness that is the Only and One who can be the Only Knower of every main, major or minor’s foundation of foundation of every entity……

Every major or minor all entities kinda like time, fate, orbit of life, universe and it’s’ all system of revolving …. What He designs is the Ultimate and we as creatures are just the norms of the fascination of the perception of perception ……The perception of perception is the power that engulf and indulges all the entities into the identity of knowing on the surface of acknowledgement.

Change is what nature demands, change is what defines the entities moving and revolving in their orbits and be streamed to the each others’ orbits to be in practice for the reorganization of creations’ originality be formed and surfaced.

The beginning is sometimes or mostly complex in many aspects, sometimes very vibrant or oriented what starts inspires it lead to the end. Sometimes it is burdened with boredom but once it goes further it smoothen the ideas to stream up to thread up to the end ….And surely all well if it ends well…

Because it rewards and open doors to the ultimate reality of the soul where as in the world of entities the soul is subject to strive what destined to be or what out to be out of best of best of perception of perception.

Now it is said that balance is the ideal track but in universal entities they themselves consume the extremes, change always comes after stream of extremes this is realistically seen and analyzed very closely. Actually the exam is of everything on the earth what and which is the most appealing itself …….

Extremes and stream to extremes all are two way roads nothing is one way though apparently they suppose to be but they are actually not, every road is two way road….So the change itself travel over the same journey on same two way track though with extremes but with stream now that stream may enhanced be the stream of consciousness or stream that be reflected in the mirror……

The mid way is sometimes naturally the goal oriented but sometimes it is killing to the consistency it just simply hanged up and hanged up things left that charm to appeal … the appealing subjects or objects never hanged they just derived to, move to , smoothen to though gradually but they do … expect and accept the change….. Bow and bent towards change …Rolling and revolving along with change …

Each sign has two ways of expression, impression, cause and effects that why not the change or stream of decision though be riding the fast track horse or the emblem of grace though it is just for the recreation of soul …..

Though it may provoke negative entity to change the horse in the middle of stream but according to the circumference it would be the most appealing and most deserving act that could reward endlessly …. This spirit adds on taking risk and creative people do risk for their innovative inspiration be true with the Truth, be clear with the Knowledge…..

They took decisions no matter how the situations or the circumstances alarm to ….They stay self aware and being self aware they how to engulf the talent to provoke their control over the natural entities ……

Human may be a clay puppet but it has guts of clay modeling as well a man can be best in clay molding and clay modeling if he as self be the charmer of the soul and realistic towards its own basic true charm……

Ambitions are what we made by our thinking or by our force of perception if in perception, in imagination it can be than in practice it also could be …. Can be or could be human mind entities but to the soul there is no limit ……Access beyond the light of the soul then you may realize the light itself the soul there is no light beyond that if soul perceives the same ……….

Extremes and stream to extremes all are two way roads…… Be a horse in spirit of faithfulness whatever be the ambition the soul has designed for the human existed appealing entities …..There is no wrong changing the horse in the middle of stream the destination demands the rewarding character to be more versatile and wide spread to knowings…………

What we can do is Nothing!!


Special wheels of Lot, Chance, Destiny, Fate & Time …. …… These are the entities which are beyond control of humans and they are predictably very unpredictable. They can be smoother for the peace and harmony of the souls and they could be destructive for the surfing of knowing…..

What we can do is Nothing! They are pre-defined, pre-destined and pre- planned!

Truth is that we struggle for what already written and that to be destined… Pre-destined entities sooner or later come front and play the role themselves as they have been commanded…..

The commanded entities are strong enough to fight back, here struggle is just the name of little touch to heart for rest remaining test and their spirit will be so high that one cold be wind storm to be in the facet of their appearances…

The commanded entities are tough rather toughest when one tries to swim against them but those who went with waves they favor the water edges not themselves only the obstinate can try well to their willingness but then the matter is special wheels of Lot, Chance, Destiny, Fate & Time are the entities which are beyond control ……. What we can do is Nothing! They are pre-defined, pre-destined and pre- planned!

Pre-planned Essences of Divine are much higher in worth than the planned by the earthly beings as they plan with the blindness of the sight but the Divine is the Ultimate has all Knowledge, has all Control and has all the Observance from end to ill end from beginning to beginning from end of end and from beginning of beginning.
Obviously when it comes to the Divine Entities and Essences than what we can do is Nothing! They are pre-defined, pre-destined and pre- planned!

Dimensions and dimensional realities are what connected with the breath, soul and spirit of humans and they be acted or reacted the way absorbs by the behavior or attitude of humans in their channels of experiences and in their orbits of living.

The person who been through trials and be preserved not immediately but gradually and definitely wins the favors in which the breath, soul and spirit be harmonized and flourished …..

But oneself be through what designed for self to be adorned no one else or no other self can help for the circle or orbited entities when they be lashed out. Here obviously the emblem of emotion raise as what we can do is Nothing! They are pre-defined, pre-destined and pre- planned!

In life circles there are lots of sharp turnings where one could feel helpless despite of the fact self struggle hard, effort more than energy and enough to the beliefs of believes that self nevertheless whatever holding faith done much to wait the favor of Divine but pause, get what seems nothing, get what apparently emptiness or instead of having all the human excess and access self remains the sand toy handled by threads at the place in such bindings what we can do is Nothing! They are pre-defined, pre-destined and pre- planned!

Similar to the extent that despite of unwillingness our loved ones left us for the world unknown humans like us neither seen nor been there before but be there on our turn, as we comes from unknown to known and then return to unknown ….This is what the pre-orbited ……

But when someone dies to whom we ardently and adorably attached and loses breath in front of us despite of the fact we see, we watch, we feel, we connected, we can touch apparent and we can sojourned or we can imagine the journey hereafter but at that stage if some ne near, dear, closest left us here again what we can do is Nothing! They are pre-defined, pre-destined and pre- planned!

Emotions the intense emotions are kinda like same of come from unknown to known and then return to unknown, intellect and sanity to some extent as well come from unknown to known and then return to unknown…. Here again what we can do is Nothing! They are pre-defined, pre-destined and pre- planned!

The unknown is known and then unknown… but this unknown is known everywhere, in everything, in each entity, in each dimension and in each Self of Self, though remains in oneness or this oneness be multiple in facets …… Here again what we can do is Nothing! They are pre-defined, pre-destined and pre- planned!

Faith is also commanding, the source of demanding and it worth the same control which is pre-defined, pre-destined and pre-planned and when it be on the path which orbited the positive synergies the creations are in ideal role and they role to rule the ordered myths in the practice….

This oneness could be also in multiple facets…. Here again what we can do is Nothing! They are pre-defined, pre-destined and pre- planned!

But when the same entity is another dimension of orbit where it can clashes and be destructive than the killings, the bloodsheds, the loss of humanity, about the race distinctions, the religious differences wars, the battles of opposite minds, the dead corpses and all the unpeaceful activities they just be in flow and if they be happened and maketh their existence among so many other existences then here again…..

Again here what we can do is Nothing! They are pre-defined, pre-destined and pre- planned!

I am not the self controller, myself is not what destiny is ….Me is not the writer of my fate that maketh my Self …. ….. Surely for other selves are not by themselves they have been ruled, they have been chased, they have been controlled and so the whole Universe and Universal entities and dimensions been controlled by Creator, He is the Holder and Beholder …… For such chance of entity …. What we can do is Nothing! They are pre-defined, pre-destined and pre- planned!

There are lots of aspects that are uncontrollable; they are unconquerorable and the human triumph over them possibly not possible …Again here for such chance of entities …. What we can do is Nothing! They are pre-defined, pre-destined and pre- planned!

Special wheels of Lot, Chance, Destiny, Fate & Time…… these are the entities which are beyond control of humans and they are predictably very unpredictable. Come from unknown to known and then return to unknown…

Again and again to such holes, to such orbits, to such circles, to such entities, to such dimensions, to such ……Again here …. …

What we can do is Nothing! They are pre-defined, pre-destined and pre- planned!

Life Through Reflections……


    Life through reflections, Life through words, Life through images, Life in reflections, Life in words, life in images …. Life it exists…. Life where we will find you…. Where … Do in reflections….Do in Images….Do in Words… Where do… Life where we will find you …..

    Quest for you is time’s desire…..Quest for you is Destiny’s desire…..The desire itself desires for you ….
    Life through reflections, Life through words, Life through images…… All are same untouchable …. All in all are same untouchable….. Where do… Life where we will find you …..

    Life you are what spreading wings over like dove…….But what enhanced if you be quested always …. You be questioned always… You be lives in and yet flew away, you be the sigh of breath yet you be that take away ……. Where do… Life where we will find you …..

    Life through reflections, Life through words, Life through images…… All are same untouchable …. All in all are same untouchable….

    You exist, you echo, you be invented, you be prevented…… You have phases like faces, you character the man and man characters you ……… Where do… Life where we will find you …..

    You emblem of intensity, velocity of emotions yet you become perilously the drop vanished in huge waters…
    You are the sign, you are symbol, you are what you are, you are what you ought to be, you are what happening, and you are what destined to be ….. Where do… Life where we will find you …..

    Life you mirror yourself, watched your image and disguised yourself in reflection, you be there if words could capture you….. You delight; you embrace the one who character you …..
    Seems you breathe in the beauty and beauty breathes you …. Where do… Life where we will find you …..

    Quest for you is time’s desire…..Quest for you is Destiny’s desire…..The desire itself desires for you ….
    Life through reflections……..Life through words, Life through images, Life in reflections, Life in words, life in images ….

    You be showered, you be shadowed, you be reflected, you are what imagination’s fancy and you are shadow of thinking, thinking shadow you life! You the reflection of thinking shadow…. Where do… Life where we will find you ….. Life, you thinking shadow…You be thinking’s shadow …..

    You be the journey with in journey, you be the dream with in dream, you be the errand with in errand that just meet one edge to another end …..Life~!

Life where we should quest you ….Life should we see you through reflections, should we…. Should we see you through images, should we…… Shall we …. Should we see you through words or beyond them …. Life where…. you are captured in mirror of reflection or in reflection of mirror?

Life where it is when one quest and where it is when it never be quested just lived, life is alive … Alive though not getting you…. Life! Those who are trying to, they be salient as speech decently never have words to express you ……

Reflection are strangely shadowed they formed, reformed and also transformed. They may appear on the surfaces but they never be captured as staying images. But even reflection stays an image in the eyes of beholder.

Beholder’s eyes are kinda like mirror when reflections be captured there…… And reflections are mirror when they stay in beholder’s eyes …..

Life is also a series of reflection, series of images and long series of words; all in one similar to each other. Reflections are what exist but they actually are not they are of subtleties of realities.

Reflections have many shades, many colors but sometimes they remain transparent for the solemn soul. Compare to reflection, soul may interpret the same somehow because soul is for real with many and various subtleties but even than soul has no shape as it exists and controls but even than it’s reality remains like the reflection.

Reflection mirrors in the pure waters and in the purity of the oceanary objectivity stays subject to charm the soul. Charm to soul and soul charm to something……Charm to something or charm to nothing or charm to anything or charm to everything ……

Life in few aspects are so mysterious, pretty mysterious enough that one caught up to the level and understanding to that levels seem to be possibly impossible and such the subtleties of reflections of realities they give the inside, they give knowledge where one understand beyond understanding but expression may lost there it can’t be describable …..

Describable are the things not the subjective to things……Describable are the emotions not the subject to emotions ….. Describable are the possibilities not the subject to possibilities …..

Consequently, touch is out of reach, out of reach is what the touch……is never be achieved is the reflection of what soul depicts it can be seen and more surely can be badly and tempted to feel but touch is out there ……
To touch sometimes to so many realities are not possible but even then they exist strongly with the sense of control and they are sensory and stay long and captured a lot that lots of other seen existing stuff never grasp that strong.

Life in words and life of words are infact provoke the same illusion or delusion the reflections to do and they remain well mirror to the persona’s who played with them or swings with them make the jess of for intellectual therapies…..

They have also sensory reality again can feel they have level of emotions…..has expression the impression is there but touch is out there ……

Life through images are more speech ably speechless, they presume, they preserve, they hold on, they keeps what keeping they throw what throwing according to the seer’s watch……….

And accordingly what itself demands to be because it is alive, it is as alive as reflection, it is as vital as reflection it is as clear as the image, it is as true as the words, it’s as magical as the charmer’s charm, it’s as magnificent as the magnum of pearl and it is as real yet disguised as THE REFLECTION ……….

Life the reflection of the reflection, Reflections is what life’s image and the living moments are the words for the speech that allures ……..

The reflection in the water
The things I want in life
Are of the reflections in the water
When I go to touch it
It ripples and fades away

Only then re-appear
To toy and taunt my head
For then again I try to touch it
It ripples and fades away…

Sometimes it laughing at me
And at times it would glare
I would still try to touch it
It ripples and fades away

Every day I would sit for hours
Staring at the reflection in the water
I would reach out my hand and try to touch it
It ripples and fades away

    You be the journey with in journey, you be the dream with in dream, you be the errand with in errand that just meet one edge to another end …..Life~!

    You are chapter within chapter, you are ocean with in ocean, you are what within you within you……Life is what life within you….Life is what the breath within you… Life is what the essence within you, life is what nature within you, life is what the thinking within you, life is what the moment of living within you, life is what momentum of moments within you, life is what the counting of breath within you ……….

    Life is what the life within you ….. Do in reflections….Do in Images….Do in Words… Life is in reflections, in images, in words…….

    Life through reflections, Life through words, Life through images, Life in reflections, Life in words, life in images ….
    Where do… Life where we will find you …..Where we will…. Will! Where you find HER (Life)?

Magic Or Miracles…Magic And Miracles…….


Ages ago, humans practices beyond the limits of the Ethical grounds and they want to fulfill their each and every desire by the shortest possible ways and through the easy going elements.

Humans are very complex and complicated beings when it comes to their super ego and their lust of having the desires been fulfilled at once and every desired things material or humane all be at their toes.

Humans from the ancient Era believes in the means which are not actually the true signs of nature but they exist because the Evil do exist. And Evil is the force for which Creator forbids but as a tough trial of Adam it is prevailed in the life, in existence on the phase of earth to have the testimony.

In such course of hard exam lost humans are most of the times remain failure. From the ancient Era to till now it just happened that human’s lust is the biggest enemy of the times ever, of human’s life, of human’s actions, of human’s own wills and of human’s destiny …….

From the Holy Scriptures of ancient times as they are from the Divine Essence but with the passage of time the Evil doers they penetrate to transformed the Holy Scriptures by mingling of human thesis that could lead astray to many of humans to the way which is not directly or indirectly related to the positive energies but to the evil does….

Such way not only leads astray various human beings of the times but also attacked to the precious most Essence of Human Faith…

Yeah Faith that is unseen force of guidance that maketh the believe comes true and it’s Creator’s bestowed favor upon the human beings to see through seen realities to unseen realities which surely exist and may gonna happen as Lord promised for those….. So since ancient times to till date the magic been defined and so the Miracles do as well…

Now when we debate over then a long questionnaire be the part of discussion over such debatable topic; various questions kinda like:

What is Magic? On the contrary what is Miracle? What actually the difference between them both? What they infact predict? What they prove? How they relate to faith or believe? And why they happened…. Surely they happened? They really affect or sustained for the history or for the times ahead?

Many of many and lots of lots questions intellect produce to be convinced by logic or be logically consumed…… Consumptions, assumptions rest or quest of truth…..

From the Holy Book Al-Quran; that is revealed and The Holy Quran is the authentic message that describes about actually of magic and also about miracles. There is actually immense and vivid difference between the magic and the miracles.

Magic the source of those who believes to be their lust be the charmer of their souls, minds and their needs and they be alive to each corners of life according to their perceptions.

Miracles are what Divinity favor to those who are innocent and just follow His Given Track and they must need the crystal clear signs to provoke thoughts among the peoples and to the rest of the world so that they be keen in thinking for the unseen Divine Source Who is actually the Ruler, Creator, Universal Truth, Omni-Present and the Ultimate Reality to be Known………

Magic the study and knowledge of short lived charms, knowledge of deception and destructive realities that warn nothing but introduce one to have hell be bestowed in living every breath here in this world and hereafter……

The Magic is truly happened it exists as the evil does but it is the knowledge of deception, in which one deceives himself more than others in which one sold the soul to evil in the hands of super ego which lies himself as did by Dr. Faustus as mentioned by Christopher Marlowe.

Such deception is the killing source that in beginning seems very fascinating and afterwards its nothing but worst for ending and then there is no way out. Magic does affect to those who easily submissive to the evil, it plays with those who maketh themselves puppets for the same mud made pots or puppets of just like them (same humans just like them)……….

The magic is something which is associated with evil and it is associated with human lust of having the impossible as possible unethical as ethical, immoral as moral, unphenomenal to phenomenal ….. It could be anything in the beginning but surely nothing in the end…..

Being human no one is the writer of destiny no one could, every person has been alarmed, has been armed, has been clothed with the Divine Given Destiny and the only Ruler is Creator no one else could who can allow the destiny be in threads to humans …..

Miracles are the support to mankind to strengthen hem in their Faith track and to make them believe that their Guide provided by Guider is the best of all other self created thesis.

Nature entitled and has given the quality to mankind that they can make what is not actually exist it is the quality or disquality both in same instance……… if one could imagine the best thought to be creative and constructive than in the same instance mankind has power to imagine the worst thought to be non-creatively destructive towards everything to every living being even to same race ….

We get knowledge that Creator has had send two angels named as Haroot and Maroot in the times of Prophet Hazrat Suleiman A.S and they taught knowledge of Magic to the people of that times but they align and warn before teaching such knowledge but people most of that times used it negatively and to fulfill their lusts.

From Creator it was the trial for the mankind of that times as what they select out of these teachings either they stay preserved with the blessings already given to them or they keep caught on the traps for the flying birds but sorry to mankind’s material desires they always select the magical beautified traps instead of what quaintly the quality and quantity already given to them.

Miracle is the universe, from the dot of atom to the birth and death of mankind all in all miracles. The live miracles the dark sheet of sky holding the unlimited, uncountable and infinite number of galaxies of stars and planets …..

The sun to moon, moon to earth, in earth the universal truth consuming all the living kinds, the waters of waters ….the oceans……The living species under water or over the lands …the creatures of all creations all in all are alive MIRACLES of CREATOR.

These be in life with the order of Creator and stay till His order be Behold……
Further there are list of Miraculous happenings in The Holy Quran which described the unhappenings as happenings because to LORD EVERYTHING IS EASY and CREATOR JUST ORDER BE and the happenings BE UPON HIS ORDER….

Creator is the Ultimate Truth the Ultimate Reality and He has all the Knowledge for all the realistic truths that happened already and surely what destined to be….

The positive and negative energies are for human intellect to judge their selection for the deeds for their prevailing existence if they have the favor of their free will for a while than what they actually utilize it with their intellect to flourish their souls.

Magic is a negative alignment for the happenings for shortcomings and short lived empty blackness where as the Miracles are what all related to the existence, related to the life, related to the unseen realities of LIGHT and which is directly the Essence of Divine Actions they hold all the preservence and hold all the waters of spiritual ecstasies…..

We live in the broken world none other than all of times for all the earlier humans the world was also broken because the positive and negative energies always at wars, because the evil and the good always in front of each other to act or react same if the topic concludes that Magic and Miracles always stays aside from the day first of the universal history it is not wrong but the truth of truths in the totality.

Magic or Miracles both exist the difference is magic spells and vanished whereas the miracle happens and stays with its originality till end times after times, history after history to elaborates its importance to the intellect to prevail the thought and soul be demonstrative to the inclined subjectivity and objectivity…….

Present Era, unfortunately is the time which is most alarming to the mankind all around the world on the phase of earth yet we as mankind making this time worse in being and also in appearing because nonetheless most of the race who commonly believe in easy availing the lust of their desires they are playing with magical consequences despite of the fact they didn’t reward or award but depart the soul with the connection of purity and when purity and innocence is lost the lost of every precious conduct be lost ….the meaning of lost even condemns the favors than ….

We actually believe, we infact have faith but our practices lose the control over the focal point that preserve the significance of knowing. We as mankind in present getting so stubborn to realize the unrealized but even than disobey the Given Myth which is Divine.

Our difficulty is trying to reconcile suffering and a loving God. We want to believe, but all the bad which happens around us seems to make believing impossible. We crave to find some meaning to life and the bad things that happen to us.

Strongly enough when ever magic prevails and darkness be descend than the need and the call for Light is must and currently mankind needs the Miracles; the Miracles that can wide awake the eye and maketh it the seer for the Truth, for True Knowledge for the existence and prevailing of Light and for the significant souls t be lived …..

    Wide Awake ….. The Seer

    If we are going to live the life of our dreams and fulfill God’s call on our lives we need to focus our intentions.
    Dreams and passion might be the launching pad, but sooner or later we must use those things to create life.
    Every great journey begins with only potential and possibilities.

    What can happen as you begin to dream and imagine and open up the full spectrum of all possibilities of your future is that you end up dreaming and never living.

    God’s Kingdom doesn’t belong to the rich and powerful or the moral and the religious, but those who live by Love and Trust……….

    Our souls crave. We crave things like intimacy, truth, and significance. In this life we learn, listen, read and write about a human in search of significance. A quest for significantly significant significance of human soul’s eternity………

    “What we do in life echoes in Eternity.”


Absolute Words


Sometimes we lack absolute words to express the absolute impressions and expressions. Sometimes we don’t have absolute words, tongue, version or signs to express the absolute realities which we have had explored but didn’t captured them consciously—

Conscious realities are always somewhat very opposite to the unconscious realities and they are actually very opposite to sub-conscious realities, all are connected to some extend strangely.

Strangely connected and extended these each of the corners are the product of whole universal backup for each human being and the hidden truths for the character and character’s life orbit, character’s life orbit have had been preserved in these corners with vague shadows, one who is sane enough to explore these corners, actually concentrate over the hidden core realities to except the external circulation of life and universal truths.

Consciously delivered, consciously acted, consciously approached, and consciously promoted conscious dealing all are abstract somewhat there …..Uncertainty is understandable and most distressing all the way. Uncertainty is surely understandable But it is also reality though that “To every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.”

Everything happens by reason and same instance everything happens by chance both navigate each other but even than create paralysis balance, static sometimes and dynamic on the other , this creation be on the ground when absolute words play magic absolutely……

Absolute words corrupt absolutely and absolute words effect absolutely for the causes and effects that may implement all over for the sudden and hidden actions and reactions…….

Though the statement of the reality been that absolute power corrupts absolutely but when power be hidden in words than words took the place of weapon or they be the absolute power of control or absolute power of rule. Absolute determination over conquerors or corruptors ….

Absolute resolutions are the absolute words that be sink hole to all theories, statements and philosophies. Absolute words are what absolutely demand the right opportunity of right circumstances to be said to be convinced or to be persuaded.

Words can do what actions sometimes nothing, because actions most of the time has paralysis without the motivation of the words, without the inspiration of words and without the pulp of words magic of impression in actions or over actions.

Words can do what images do, words can do what practice do, words can do what nature do, words can do what creates, consumes and control heart beat, words can do what take breath away and words can make alive a life forever or may maketh sentenced death.

Word are no remedy for dead, words never workout for them who never worth saying or obliging them, words are nothing for no one unless they been quoted with the accent of impression what in front the being deserves or what the in front the appearing demands.

Strive for higher grant when it comes to the selection of words, because once they been said or delivered to never be returned back unless been reacted to …..For the selection of words what we do in present era? We select most surely what we listen…

Yeah mostly what we listen … If we listen the abusive language we adopted the same despite of the fact it is ruling all over our nerves fevering us without the reasoning of adaptation ….

Such adaptation left us nothing but the uncultured norm of the day with the award of nothing but the spender of time, spender of life and spender of each breath that lot has bestowed or written for the specific time. Yeah such way left us just the spender not the liver not the being been dignified……

What we learn is the second highest most rank what we deliver, for such the practice and the platform effects but this be selected by the civilized beings though they pretend to even than or few are what their refined instincts and nature alarmed or directed them ….

Present Era? Woah …. Nevertheless it is not much efficiently designed for the burden of speech there are lots of ways just to communicate the levels once we have of sound conversations are hanged little but though the presentation still there ….

Words are what the thinking give birth, words are what the instincts directed to be and words are what they have to be according to the situation, according to the audience, according to the being, accordingly to the personality ought to deliver and accordingly to the purpose……

According to the purpose is what actually words sound, what actually words are made up of…… Words are empty unless they been rule by the expressionistic speech of the enhance character that could be strongly and magnetically connected to the lead of Mercury (planet of communication).

Words may spell the listeners if they be worthy of the discussion or more effective in competition to allure the senses of beings towards any inclination that be practice through actions. Select and choose words than deliver them with utmost care as they create, sound and reveal the character and personality’s whole idiosyncrasies ….

Strive for higher grant when it comes to the selection of words as they be actually carrying the absolute power to create, control and consume gravity. Absolute words corrupt absolutely and absolute words effect absolutely for the causes …….. Uncertainty is surely understandable But it is also reality though that

“To every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.”

Absolute words are equal to the absolute realities; absolute words are the selection of wit, wit the selection of Essence that derives, delivers and demonstrates …..Absolute words are absolute wit absolutely… … Absolute words……

From My World to Yours… …


The happiest times may occur in the most unexpected places where hidden secrets have a way of escaping. Everything happens that happened to be!

Which not gonna happen is actually fascination, imagination, perception or beyond that you are lucky if you seen or feel such things, that you have access and excess to them! Essence the Divine!!

Your world is not much different to mine but it is significant, it has all elements that could link up to mine but even than what are the differences?

Difference is your eyes are two fixed to your face and mine fix to mine unless one’s eyes do not step other’s sight can’t be the tears of the same eye.

Perfection is nowhere in the world, but when it comes to my fascination it is, when it comes to my incredible imagination it is, when it comes to the art of perception of mine it is and when it lacks indoors of mine consciousness somewhere than I will conceive it from the Nature’s extracts and from Creator’s work which is more than perfection, more than perfection of perfection.

Perfection from my world of Nature to yours is not much distant but even than far behind or far beyond what it seems and what it ought to be.

Again the matter is of difference? Difference from My World to Yours…….

What shines is light or reflection of light, the morning drop like a pearl or the eyes those eyes that are more worth than pearls and reflects more than light as they can enhance the image just like mirror captures unless the image dropped by eyes once lashes clicked and in mirror one face can’t stays longer and so many faces travel to watch in it. Difference from My World to Yours…….

Perfection is nowhere in the world…but close to it many things even the man made things near to perfection what causes? Flawless practice is close and near to perfection……. Nothing is perfect but perfection has the boundaries the closet of it is flawless practice. Difference from My World to Yours…….

Difference remains the difference when it is distant in thought and may not be wiped from the image of thought but if could be erased from there than there will be no differences …….

Even yet they were but they will than transformed and transferred into the newest aspect of similarities. Now what cause similarities? Similarities ….. From My World to Yours…….

Easy to endure, when a swan swims over water and when two ducks swim over water, their swimming generates the generosity of gravity they make the water circles around and these water timely circles are exactly the orbits of chosen swimmers of their kind the similarity arise when they together face, feel, fret, fight, follow, frost, forward and find what the Nature culcated to them…… From My World to Yours…….

The happiest times may occur in the most unexpected places where hidden secrets have a way of escaping. Everything happens that happened to be! From My World to Yours…….

Life at my door is what I look into the reflection of images of own conscious or unconscious mirror and life at yours gate what want deserves to be at edge …In My world want wants me to Will the blanks, at yours the blanks are subject to Will and want rush to crowd…..

Everything happens that happened to be! From My World to Yours…….

Outside crowd do nothing but ruin the actual spiritual beauty that one naturally wear in to conscience where as in my world the inner crowd is enough to explore there were lots of lots colors yet to examine. Exploration in important and that’s enough for the gregarious being who Will at Own……. From My World to Yours…….

Examination is must where one analysis the reasons with the liquid of logic but the sky’s limit can’t analyze or can’t me examine, the star’s birth or death can’t be count on or examine, if dreams live on than there life can’t be examine……

The differences or similarities all worth in human world to the celestial beings to the pure beings and to the beings who are mingles to light to knowledge there be just is just….There be the happenings of the crystal practices, metaphysical realities and the imagination on stage in character for the performance ……This what bridge from my world to yours…….

From my world to yours ……

On The Wings of An Angel…


    What you do is in your Nature

On the wings, the white wings that can carry me as easily as the morning drop on the fresh green leave ………
Flight over those wings was near to ecstasy and more than that, it exceeds the earthly standards, worldly aspects and its extension brought …..

What I would say no earthly humane feelings but they also exceed moreover than, yeah more than that and more than anything and more than everything ……………..

Wings are the fascination, fascination of my fascination, I been always fancy them if I would be a bird I would be much enhanced of this fancy in real that is pleasant experience of flying in the air while having the ecstasy as the life’s need, life’s way and life’s routine ….

Possibly it was possible to see the world while flying, possibly it was alive and dead the same, it was alluring and weird the same, it was pleasant and ugly the same, it was of happiness less and full of worries and miseries in same instance ….

What you do is in your Nature ….Truth is that, and true is not the statement but the depth of it that what you do is in your Nature….. Instincts never be over fluids or over flourishes but they could be when they are subject to Nature’s capture.

Now the nature capture is of various aspects but the keen one is that nature itself allures and dominates what the instincts and the consensus consume they perform the same. The extract of nature may perceive or conceive by the outer source of nature or might perfume or illuminated by the inner source, the perception directs the actions and conceptions maketh them willeth…….

What nature can do, it just does …….sometimes predictably and most often unpredictable it does not even alarms for the certain catastrophes but it has its own count ability full and final in totality.

There are signs …..Even in bearing the worst tragedy there is enjoyment of instincts of nature, even killing self in gaining self through worst there been also hidden charm of instincts of nature.

Flying on the wings, cling with the twins and watch around in the air with watery eyes weak eyes though it’s charmingly risk but has its own taste of instincts of nature. Flight over those wings was near to ecstasy and more than that……Fascination of fancy it is keenly important for sane and even for insane.

Sane charms it in senses where the conscience expand and consciousness recalled what nature sounds, voice in and the same one get aloud whereas insane has no boundary of senses the foundations and limitations crossed, fired and exceed to the level of nature that nature will not communicate or conversate through curtains but by the character himself…………..

Wings, white wings, an angel wings and the flight over such wings kinda like to see, to hear, to taste and to feel nature very closely, nearly and dearly. An angel is pure, innocent; the innocence which does not know the trap of sin and sin is not made for an angel to commit, an angel is orderly being, the being who took the orders and be submissive for the actions as stated. An angel is by light and light is to spread. The spreading has the power to rule over; the rule is what subdues of what be….

So the selection for the pure innocent aspects is easy to be on the track and be consistently absorbed with their magnificence of it that beautify each day, each moment they glory of it could rise up to have the flight over the while wings of an angel……Woah! What a dream I have had though with the open eyes or while fallen asleep ……

On the wings, the white wings that can carry me as easily as the morning drop on the fresh green leave…..Flight over those wings was near to ecstasy and more than that….

    What we do is in our Nature…. What you do is in your Nature….. What I do is in my Nature….What Nature does it is in ITS Nature …..

When Time is Counting On… Self pointing on ….


When time is counting on me, it is the worst of situations among all …yet the best and worst of all sequences because when time is my competitor I never compete at best, when it comes to time it is creepy it can linger or could be faster when it come to my abilities to compete time.

I always give up not because that time born to win but because I always feel at good when I lose in front of time because time has the skills for the ages and all the ages and for handling all the characters of the specific dimension livers.

When time is counting on me, it is the worst of situations among all…. Yet the best…
Truly when it comes to face the facet of time and its’ favors than it will be the most exciting of all the aspects but extracting anything from time favor would never stays and time is the unicorn of change……. When time is my competitor I never compete at best because unicorn may exist in such unshaped of shape of time …..

Time has bad habit of winning over all, time is conquerors many because time has the skills for the ages and all the ages….. When time is counting on me, it is the worst of situations among all….Yet the best …

I do not condemn time for what it did, or does….I just try to debate what if it could be worst in all ages and what could be even more worst in all times of times … Who lives here forever? Of course no one…Nothing lasts forever….Nothing

Yeah nothing even this conqueror time one day will die, will rest, will stand for the rank of justice….. It will meet the change of course, the change of duty and the chain of death …..….. When time is counting on me, correctly time does count, what will be the way of time for each character it could be different …..

The philosophy which is love of wisdom or love for wisdom, what wisdom prevails? What wisdom veils? To veil the hidden the philosophy insertion is the biggest of truth to catch the enquiry about the unseen realities …
Like Time is unseen reality but it exists and its existence is not only strong but most powerful in all unseen existences …Well don’t interpret that it is more powerful than Truth no not that but it is nonetheless lower than rank …..

Time philosophy is the deepest of ocean pearls so far to reach there is not that possible but if could be than the wanderings are there and of course the soul astonishment… Astonishment is one key element which is associated with the time and its steps for the human world’s handling…..

Time connections with the self and the acts, actions, inactions, interactions or reactions both are parallel to each other they could be luckily balanced in so many aspects but most of times the age of time always stays strong in the enhancement. For the assessment time is pre-destined to be being and pre-destined in appearing. Time is pre-destined to act and to trace, to stick, to hold, to be stony or be so fast ….

Time is pre-destined reality, time is pre-destined truth, time is pre-destined destiny of its own, time is pre-destined frame of art, time is pre-destined knowledge that spread the unicorn wings all above and beyond, time is pre-destined destiny, time is pre-destined of fate and Time is pre-destined as Time, Time is time reflection to itself, mirror to itself, Time is self….Self is time..

Time counts on so does the self counts on ….When time counts on it compete and allow line for competition and when self counts on it also acts the same…Self measures the to and fro movements of pendulum of time and time teaches how self enhance its mathematics to be analytical for the thesis of life.

For self is a sea boundless, measureless, countless, limitless, timeless, frameless, chanceless and soundless ….. For self is what everyone and everything …For self is someone and yet no one…For self is nothing but everything….For self is nada but even then the whole of existence…

For self is from light to light… For self is a journey …Is a journey to light, to Truth…to Ultimate… For self is a destiny, for self is a destination ….But self journey is more worthy of destination but destination sounds the proof of the journey in existence ….

For self is pre-destined of self, for self is pre-destined of time frame ….For self is what self demands, what self desire, what self wants, what self hire to be, what self does how? For self is pre-destined ….. Pre-destined as the Willeth of Creator …

Our God, who art our winged self, it is thy will in us that willeth. Our Creator maketh self the soul to be recognized to be submissive, be prostrated and to be bow towards none other but to the Creator…..

Those selves submissive are the successors, are the conquerors, are those who conquest no wars, no battles but conquest themselves against their desires do not of worth and worst than any appearing war or battle… Those selves who are submissive…

For self is the destiny of destiny of its own sake…For self is a sketch what Truth design, what Knowledge beguile, what Light invent ….For self is self like time is time and destiny is destiny ……..

When time is counting on me, it is the worst of situations among all …yet the best…… I always give up not because that time born to win but because I always feel at good when I lose in front of time……..

Time counts on so does the self counts on…… Time is pre-destined reality……. For self is pre-destined of self…… Time is self….Self is time…….. Our God, who art our winged self, it is thy will in us that willeth…….

A Barefooted Muse


Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails….

Explore, Dream , Discover, anticipate, assess, quest, search, find, state, write the stories you know, you perceive, you conceive, you listen, you act, you imagine and do write the story of heart of pure soul.
Listen to the voices of heart, listen to the air of soul, listen to the salience ….

Yeah salience has very strong language … Listen to salience and try to understand what wisdom demands what sane deserves ….

Listen to salience and speech to salience, the salience taught what the words never did, never do and never could….Listen to the salient that it creates the flute of music for the life that could explore and awake the virtuous and victorious in actions.

In the depth of your hopes, desires, acts and actions lies your silent knowledge of the beyond; salience can make you believe to achieve. Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing.And when you have reached the mountain top, then you shall begin to climb.And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.

What comes to the salience is the joy to estimate the salience with its presence with its existence that could teach oneself for the both majors presence and existence delve in self. Self is surely the countless and measureless vertical and complex limit of limitless and of time of timeless.

Existence is mirror to presence so does the presence is mirror to existence both have the reflection in darkness though and also in light and when their reflection not be seen it could be felt by the one who seed the salience in heart, salience in conscience and salience in consciousness.

The reflection of thus of that watery and oceanary mirror be seen by the awaken eye of the salience listener, salience speaker, salience writer, salience painter and the salience is though art of art and though artist of its own type very precious of all jewels. Those who worth, they worthy of that existence and presence in shade…

Salience is barefooted for those who even feel the bit of it, it is muse of interesting discovery of a journey that could lead to no ways new but the exploration of unknown aspects of own self that could never be awake of hidden in the deepest core.

Salience is barefooted muse, unseen prostration to unseen upon faith, and if faith be staunch then the existence be everywhere, presence be everywhere, serenity of salience be everywhere if nothing be here or there and everything be the part of nothingness and so does the nothingness as everything…..

The footprints of bare feet are there, the chaser is the one who must hold the sight not just the eyes, people hold eyes yet they stay blind, what be the must for prostration is the sight that hold on for the preservence and for the surety of salience.

The artist is that, the artistic creativity is that, the alluring charm is that and the magnetic qualities be in it when it be absorbed, when it be observed…

A barefoot muse salience of a salient edges, of salient leaves, of salient trees, of salient stand mountains, of nature though or of nature’s major controls as time or fate. Salience of fate is the peakest of ecstasy and salience of time the weakest of ecstasy when one become strong the other be weak and one is weak the other be strong and whence both are at the scale they made the salience be prevailed …

The prevailed salience is the veil of the identities of realities; the veiled salience is the consciousness to the prevailed salience, the former is the lead the later is seed both are and both ways layers the essentialism of fundamentalism and the coverage of hidden to unhidden and unhidden to hidden …Unhide the hide and hide the unhide code to life of salience and to the salient souls ….

Get the peace of barefooted muse of salience for the self as if it be the conqueror than no other conquest needed and no other conquest be the charmer of soul ….

A barefooted Muse ….Salience as the performer, salience as a character, salience as an actor, salience as salient and salience as salience ownself what actually gives worth to speechless words ……………

To Be Continued