The Source of Life – The Colors


Each object or molecule may stay transparent but Lord has not maketh ever thing transparent because dulibility is also a study which is vivid and deep to learn. The source of life is the COLORS and Almighty Allah has blessed, spread and sprinkled them in the whole universe.

Universe adorns and at torn them fabulously with their true identities of meaning hidden even than the colors are the rest of the life recognizations path. There are natural chemistry over the color schemes few of the most vital natural sources are transparent but they reflect color like water of ocean, of rives and seas like SKY.

Consequently, Nature and natural source is full of tangent colors that spread the ray of learning spirit and light of knowing. Color is source by nature is simply and symbolically represents by the Rainbow, this bow sprinkled the rays of different colors seven in number but each of them reflects more colors which has been originated by creative senses of humans.
The artistic side of human senses always intimates something unique and innovative; Colors are the soul of humans’ creative senses, Colors are the source of life and they absorb human’s style and way to adopt them.

Colors brief following symbolic details and expressions:

    ‘’ Color Symbolism Chart’’
    RED- Excitement, energy, passion, love, desire, speed, strength, power, heat, aggression, danger, fire, blood, war, violence, all things intense and passionate.

    PINK- Pink symbolizes love and romance, caring, tenderness, acceptance and calm.

    BEIGE- Beige and ivory symbolize unification. Ivory symbolizes quiet and pleasantness. Beige symbolizes calm and simplicity.

    YELLOW- Joy, happiness, betrayal, optimism, idealism, imagination, hope, sunshine, summer, gold, philosophy, dishonesty, cowardice, jealousy, covetousness, deceit, illness, hazard and friendship.

    BLUE- Peace, tranquility, cold, calm, stability, harmony, unity, trust, truth, confidence, conservatism, security, cleanliness, order, loyalty, sky, water, technology, depression, appetite suppressant.

    TURQUOISE- Turquoise symbolizes calm. Teal symbolizes sophistication. Aquamarine symbolizes water. Lighter turquoise has a feminine appeal.

    PURPLE- Royalty, nobility, spirituality, ceremony, mysterious, transformation, wisdom, enlightenment, cruelty, arrogance, mourning.

    LAVENDER- Lavender symbolizes femininity, grace and elegance.

    AMBER- Energy, balance, enthusiasm, warmth, vibrant, expansive, flamboyant, demanding of attention.

    GREEN- Nature, environment, healthy, good luck, renewal, youth, spring, generosity, fertility, jealousy, inexperience, envy, misfortune, vigor.

    BROWN- Earth, stability, hearth, home, outdoors, reliability, comfort, endurance, simplicity, and comfort.

    GREY- Security, reliability, intelligence, staid, modesty, dignity, maturity, solid, conservative, practical, old age, sadness, boring. Silver symbolizes calm.

    WHITE- Reverence, purity, birth, simplicity, cleanliness, peace, humility, precision, innocence, youth, winter, snow, good, sterility, marriage (Western cultures), death (Eastern cultures), cold, clinical.

    BLACK- Power, sexuality, sophistication, formality, elegance, wealth, mystery, fear, evil, unhappiness, depth, style, evil, sadness, remorse, anger, anonymity, underground, good technical color, mourning, death (Western cultures).

The colors represent so many deep meanings and their presence makes life quite presentable the colors change moods and brings variation in human nature of thinking and understanding. The color combinations bring design senses to humans

Now days the systematic color schemes and their presentations bring so many integral and external coverage to the human domain of thinking and presenting their creative and artistic ideas. A nature gives so many blessed colors to universe and universe wrapped in such colors with dignity of serenity and elegance. The diligence of the colors and its combinations’ are the most beautiful source for the whole universe and human life.

Humans are blessed of so many Natures’ blessings and colors are one of the major source. Colors are the manifestation of natural creativity which covers the depth and dominance of reality in so many shapes and ways. Colors spread happiness and are the surely the expressions of emotions.

Human psyche represents colors and absorb colors with their divine essence and veneration of main identities. Consequently, All colors are the birth of rainbow colors and more to invent that could make more delightful the life of universe………………………………..

The Last and The Least Generation


    It is true that nothing lasts forever and so do never be any being lives forever, generations comes and gone with the passage of time and with the change of Time and Era. Time never returns back but it recalls the older days and gives the memory and the remembrance.

    The generations always are the reflection of the time and the Era they live and they portray the whole identities of the happenings all around. The differences rise when the time adds on the ages; time is old enough but still remains young with every new Era and generations to lead them to the way from life to death, beginning to end.

    The last generation must recognize with the true spirit of religion by the end of the day of material life of the world we can’t consider any time prior the end of the time because only Lord Almighty knows the realities well we just can estimate with the levels of myth and the literature we are having based on truth.

    The least generation would be the one which stay on the world near to Kiama (Kiamat) and the rest generations will be gone with the passage of time and its circumference. The Muslim Ummah understands the props and corns of this Era in light of Holy Quran and Hadith.

    Life of earth for humans is not forever but worth last as per the deeds of human themselves. The World has been adjusted to clock needles with the passage of their movements. The generations are worth living till the arena stays over the humans acts and this is the main motive that human acts bestow upon their human deeds.

    Generations known upon their genetical identities and these may lead to their natural needs and their provoked ideas and the groups of people may acts and reacts in their said circumference in accordance to the environmental and educational grounds of group of humans living in.

    Generations to generations the cultural heritage, educational ideals and the lots more shifted one after another one time era to another time frame. Time and its limits and its implementations always be upon the changings. Character reveals over their acts and speeches and the generations known of their own introvert identities and their innovations to the outer world. So do the generations known and last their images and learning in shape of literature and history and their history revives them in such course the way we read and search for the earlier the former will seek about us.

    Through the Divine source and essence we come to know that remaining and the least generation could record the Muslim Ummah and world ends upon and rest starts the new journey of ever living here after ………………..

Metaphysical and Cosmological Doctrines


Pure Metaphysics, which is also the theoretical dimension of salvific knowledge, is the science of the Real and is therefore most essential for human beings, since they have ultimately no possibility of escaping from reality. In the modern West, metaphysics and gnosis soon became a branch of philosophy, understood in the modern sense, and this subordination was followed by the complete rejection of metaphysics by many schools of Western thought, especially from the nineteenth century onward, as we see in Marxism, Comptianism, logical positivism, Anglo-Saxon analytical philosophy, and the like. Soon real metaphysics was forgotten, not to mention the means of realizing its truths.

But the thirst for real knowledge continued to manifest itself in certain Western souls, who again turned to the Orient and with its help, to the forgotten metaphysical tradition of the West. In this quest for metaphysical knowledge Hinduism, especially the school of Advaita Vedanta, attracted many people. It is only during the past few decades that the metaphysics of Sufism, as elucidated primarily in the works of Ibn’ Arabi and his school (to which I shall turn more fully in appendix has become available to the larger Western public.

This vast body of metaphysical knowledge, along with traditional cosmology, which results from applying metaphysical principles to both the macrocosmic and microcosmic domains (not what is understood by cosmology and psychology today), is one of the great legacies of Sufism. This body of knowledge provides a key to understanding the nature of the Real, the reality of the cosmos, and our own being. It contains a map for getting from Here to There as well as the means of realizing that There is Here and Now, at the centre of our being and in the present moment.

In the traditional Islamic world this knowledge was known to only a few, but now with the spread of all kinds of modern secular philosophies and problems created by ill-posed questions that threaten the very citadel of faith, this metaphysical and cosmological knowledge bequeathed by over a millennium of Sufism to the present- day generation is of the utmost importance for psychology, the Islamic tradition as a whole. It also provides the necessary preliminary map for those, including non-Muslims, who want to know who they are, where they are, and where they should be going.

Metaphysics and cosmology is interconnected to some extent, therefore is launch the inner and outer world to be connected and be the part of logical mind to understand and soul to absorb it.

Talented People are Crazy and Crazy people are Talented ……


Well said for the skillful that they are talented enough to be called crazy. Somewhat because of their skills and intellectual moves and measures and their introvert idiosyncrasy.

Normally, there are so many scales to measure the growth and the mental intelligence of a person. Mostly, in human world, the mental source and the brain storming the most vital in caliber and preferably appreciable commonly but if a man is not much intellectual than how it would calculate further on.

The highest point of scale of learning and highest point or scale of performance must calculate. This is commonly known to the common people that talented people are intellectuals it might not true; In fact a common man can exercise to be uncommon and be famous or best in performance through exercise and practice.

The talent may calculate by the best way of thinking and selecting the way and field of performances the best way to access a person’s own commitment and his own scale of working.

The estimation of craziness of scale can measure upon the level of talent and the persons’ activities and positive attitude over the field of his performance. Introvert character can access their own standard and merit upon his talent identifications and morals of learning and contemplation level.

The positive level of understanding over the work and establishment of talent caliber can calculative with the challenge and merit achievement of persons’ own.

As target achievement must be calculative on such standard. We must not or one must not compare or contrast him/herself with any other being because each being’s living atmosphere, environment standard, merit, Fate, circumstances trials of life and contemplation of actions, scales of learning and experiences are different. So one cannot compare her/himself with another in such case he/she insult him/herself as personality and character building.

The personality and the characterization is the most vital caliber of understanding and a vivid subject to learn and to act. The difference may cause due to the caliber level but most of the people don’t want to be best in action, practice and performance.

Talented people may not compare themselves with others because they have their own caliber and the standards to be achieved. Their level of satisfaction depends on the target their internal world has been estimated for them. The outer world for them is just the scale of performance they seek and be aggressive upon their internal will and their goals to achieve.

Talented people are commonly none of the common people but even than being rare they are common they don’t consider their talent to be sold but to astonish world around they born to spark and give the saga of the mega structures.

The world’s development based on the merits of the talented people’s innovative ideas and their practices. So do the world of human well organized of the presence of talented people who are intellectually crazy for the development and for the growth collectively and for their individual identities.

Establishments and developments are talented people’s subject with open secret, as they demonstrative and amuse upon the work’s best results and orientations. The talented people are smarter enough to explore their brain storming through their highest crazy ideas and their practical contemplative.







As far as the era concerns, ‘’ Today the world itself is marketing.’’ Marketing is becoming cost theory as it is today itself a persona, which speaks; Universal concept of:





The supply chain theory is the instinctive, the cost and value, the purchase and investment —any business might linked earthly or airy believing in the sprang up twilight of ideology of MARKETING. Marketing is beckoning of each and every product, consumer, concept, regulatory momentum, conceptions, pragmatism, mechanism………….. .To explains it in text itself indescribable, to cover it in words not that easy, consequently here the representation itself by MARKETING as persona or self monologue:



The right product, in the right place, at the right time, at the right price

(I’M)—Marketing is the process whereby society, to supply its consumption needs, evolves distributive systems composed of participants, who, interacting under constraints – technical (economic) and ethical (social) – create the transactions or flows which resolve market separations and result in exchange and consumption.
















SWOT itself is self explanatory which leads the marketing to the any business towards strategy and planning .Strengths to analyze the availabilities, possibilities and utilization. Weakness to analyze the meekness and the disadvantages and hamerstia of the organizational setup or productivity or services selling. Where there is any draw back internally in scanning than there are almost each kind of opportunity that should be availability for the growth of individual as well organizational setup. Externalization may cause the threats that effect as sales lead for the competition. All these fundamental sources refer to SWOT vertical scope that defines MARKETING the assessment of productivity to sell at best.


                                                                    ENVIORMENTAL SCAN

                                                                      /                                  /

                                                          Internal analysis              External analysis

                                                                  /                                    /

                                                     Strength –weakness          Opportunity -Threats


                                                                          SWOT MATRIX



To plan the strategy the most vital sign is to keep in mind the idea is the purchase and distribution element .Ongoing review & augmentation of business & marketing strategies , Conducting Market Research ,Customer Perspective, Differentiating:, Creating Visibility, Developing Channels to Distribute Product/Service, Establishing a Marketing Budget, Trial & Error , Tracking Results, Following Through

  • Market dynamics, patterns including seasonality
  • Customers – demographics, market segment, target markets, needs, buying decisions
  • Product – what’s out there now, what’s the competition offering
  • Current sales in the industry
  • Benchmarks in the industry
  • Suppliers – vendors that you will need to rely on


Marketing is the effective procedure of generating responses, hopefully in a predictable manner. The three components of marketing are:

1. Make the “Big Promise”
2. Document your claims
3. Make as irresistible and/or as risk free an offer as possible.

With certain established products and services, the”Big Promise” is known and the value (price) is a”given”. Secondarily, the “Documentation of Claims” is not necessary, with value also a”given.” But for the sake of a worst-case scenario, let’s walk through a start-up product or service…


The Big Promise This is the process of describing, in a personal and relatable way, the benefits of responding to your stimulus. You are either solving a problem that you have already explained, or you are enhancing the consumer’s personal life condition in some way that’s preferable to the status quo, using one of the four basic human desires.


”Everybody ages! The result of aging for you is less stamina to do the things that you want to do.”


Here we have described the problem. The consumer’s imagination will fill in the blanks according to his/her own personal desires and fears.

Promise: ”We have a new way for you to maintain your stamina!” Here we have described a solution to the problem that we have brought to their attention.


Document Your Claims ”Over 100 homes in your area have benefited from our services. References are available, hundreds of people are now enjoying much more ability to—The National Association of –says ’it’s a proven fact, it works!’”. Documenting your claims is mandatory to penetrate the bulk of potential new customers. Skimming the top of easy, gullible people is not conducive to sustained profitability. The goal is for your solution to the problem, or the missing out on the enhancing benefits of your product or service, to generate an attitude of, ”if it works as well as you say it does, how can I not buy it?” (assuming that it’s affordable). Therefore, you are pre-solving any potential objections to the acceptance of the value, guaranteeing a sense of trust that the product or service will deliver.


Make the Irresistible Offer Minimizing the consumer’s risk is now easier, because of proving the claims, but still, motivating them to respond is best done by a justifying-of-action offer, as irresistible as possible, that’s also as risk-free as possible.


”Double Money-Back Guarantee”, “Don’t Pay for 30 Days”, or”Call by ____and get a free______”


The goal of all of this is to have a response that equals “You can’t possibly lose, it’s risk-free;

you can only gain the result that you want or need.”



  • Focus of your customers
  • Offer excellence
  • Keep tweaking your web strategy
  • Schedule market time and money.


Monopoly to multiply the coins, for which playing is the vital and most important part,

Keeping above elements in view one can make better and even out dated and out

Sourced marketing success and outcomes.





Simultaneously, the marketing today is a world of track to be followed, the upbringing of this source is most probably is of online E-Communication this is the framework that might possibly outlook express of earning. In today’s era Communication marketing, E-Marketing is the up dated source and is open horizon for the working caliber people. A client for marketing and marketing for clients is very obvious, the props and corns of this may lead the way to advertise the true identity of the work source and its productivity.


Surfing and browsing: to search out the way out for the nerve storm is the occupation, this occupation materialized, palletized, dramatized and designed for which the whole panorama is marketing. In today’s world the searching for clients through yellow pages , through directories, customs or multi- leads are viper and violated to some extent , only because of the advantage of E-line communication, Online possibilities, marketing necessities , delegation in clientage , clients who magnetically themselves connected to this E-line or Online –marketing web instead of to search them and approach them for business collaborations .


For such business collaboration clientage value most and for clients the marketing E-line and online communication, consequently to sum up the idea of marketing truly is:


                 Online Marketing  x  Business  x  Strategies  =   Marketing Clientage 

                                         E- Communication


Thus the marketing conceptually formulize as that successful approach towards wider horizon must lies under the web based online marketing which itself wide spread, no need of formal attribute of marketing .



In another word:


In today’s world the searching for clients through yellow pages , through directories, customs or multi- leads are viper and violated to some extent , only because of the advantage of E-line communication, Online possibilities, marketing necessities , delegation in clientage , clients who magnetically themselves connected to this E-line or Online –marketing web instead of to search them and approach them for business collaborations .

Education is a journey to learn …..


Education is a learning Art, An Art which covers the practical approach through theoretical exercises. Education is key to open door towards the understanding to the known world and to the known world to the unknown world.

It strengthens the soul of learning and provides the ultimate goal to achieve and gives meaning to the human thinking and mind to divert and discriminate the innovative ideas towards the upbringing of human worldly life learning is of two major types, one leads the road to practical world and approaches pragmatic seen innovations, discoveries and mega structures.

Another, is theoretical it describes the truth, reality and doctrine to follow. It may be or not be the completely grasped by everyone. Because its effort is more difficult than the complications of seen pragmatic learning. The practical learning has a chain of several implemented exercised logic where as the theoretical study only through imagination psychic world and teaches morals and ethics.

The theoretical doctrines may challenge by humans different groups who have different thoughts and vibrations towards worldly life but to the enhanced world of pragmatic field education perhaps coverts on the logic and as the calculations remains common and usual upfront to human mind so different nations, different doctrines believes all gathered upon it.

Logic is one side of learning aspect and metaphorical reality is another. Both differs but speculatively remains the same up to the mind caliber level of understanding and skill to template it, will revealed or decreased to the scale of knowledge.

Multiple options come forth which taught different scale of knowledge according to the circumstances. Learning is input and output of the positive or negative experience proactive and of the screening stages. So far, the knowledge performs very much vital development for the upbringing of the learning. The difference or segregation of knowledge and learning is manipulated and pre-existed and pre-defined.

Learning is another name of practice and knowledge is another name of knowing the world around, it will be mutably challenging the doctrines, it is mostly theoretical though logical but not pragmatic. Consequently, what we prefer accordingly to the circumstances and consequences the most practical approach which shows results as compare to the transformation and mutable knowing.

Education is sister concern to learning, it is powerful if the learning bestow and flagged upon the correct pragmatic terms. Education is journey to learn and this journey continues in every aspect of life at every stage of life of human. Education is exploration of knowing the world and the starting up the lead role in the field of selection as per the skills and the talent one enfolds in his/her character or personality.

To learn is important, because learning and qualifications differentiates the literal and illiterate calibers, it make understand and to adopt the correct way on which one can template the good actions for the betterment of the sco-economical growth of human worldly life and here after.

Human born to learn, this motive is the most honorable of all other…………………

Human World



The Most Vital Saga is Human Emotional World!!! Nothing is important than Humanity……………. But what? Is this the world which is made for Human for Humans’ sake and full of absurdities of humans’ own irrational actions?

The Dilemma begins if man wants the complications of his destiny be stronger enough to ruin and trap him in the maze of his own thinking which is not always correct. See the world around, trusting History as guide what happened to the human world. How’s hysteric the world could be if the same thesis be recalled again, which is truly happening?

All the way the mixture of everything never makes doctor’s medicine for benefit but the original true experimental product. Practice is the experience of exercise which can contains the human world and its’ actions be controlled to the truer way.

The beginning of any work makes most preferably the construction of the standard for the up running learning of human actions. Human is the most complicated being yet human analyzed himself approx sixty percent. The remaining part of forty percent still under reorganization and recognization.

Human World is full of sound and actions, full of emotions and inspirations and yet empty with the acquaintance of knowing all the dynamics and beyond that. Why is so? That human has his own self decisions over his own greed and over that he may cross any limits if the myth or doctrine of definition for the pre-historic to end will not be the guidance for him.

Pre-historic or historic definitions and the myth available contain all the aspects of human indeed temptations with the Time and Ages and his passage of yearnings. Man develops strange contacts reference to his best inventions and discoveries but what if all these lead to same Black Hole?

The developments of human contain the skyscrapers, the mega structures, the innovative modes and role models of his own challenges. His competition is not with the other human race or skin but to himself, because sixty percent of his own mind has been captured with his own vibrant mega thoughts that not yet explored yet wholly.

Human world is the part of major elements where he depends on Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Man is a microcosm of nature and so the five basic elements present in all matter also exist within each individual. The human microcosm is mega structure of nature and totality of existence as Human existence is the fundamentality and originality of all other existences. Human caliber is the founder of other living beings and all other invented beings are part of invincible and inevitable source of human lead. So the ultimate Crown of Creation and of existence awarded the Human by nature. The incarnation of these human five major external microcosms of life develop the five sense internal hearing, touch, vision, taste and smell. And the cosmic demonstrations and the demonstrative spirit enclosed as:

Ether – The Sound
Air – The Touch
Fire – The Vision
Water – The Taste
Earth – The Smell

Ayurveda regards the human body and its sensory experiences as manifestations of cosmic energy expressed in the five basic elements. The ancient Rishis perceived that these elements sprang from pure Cosmic Consciousness. Ayurveda aims to enable each individual to bring his body into a perfect harmonious relationship with that Consciousness

Human World occupied of external Evil, Goodness, Spiritual Fate Modules and the Experiences of his own Mental Exercises and Practical Experiences. However the vital role still there of consciousness which lead to the way of logic.

Consequently, the Consciousness, Sub – Consciousness & Unconsciousness in the human psychological world controls the most important part of human life, as an individual human pertains the most identical vision through this world on earth as living being.

The saga of human life and his parameters depends upon the mega structure of human control access which in front of that human is just a creation. The controlling authority is LORD Almighty and Fate the written book to return and implement the happenings.

And The Bird Fly Back ………………


Journey of life started once the life begins, and the journey of survival begins where life struggle to live. More or less the beautiful example of living somewhat is the life of a bird which struggle hard to live and survive. Bird is a simplified nature being which travels with the measures of seasons, delight of seasons of sorrows and seasons of willingness. Bird has home after home and after. Bird originally the form and presents the reformation of life aspects with change.

Types and breeds are different their sub-services to seasons are also different. Irrevocably their serves as well.

One of the birds I may recognize and considerably comes beyond Access Bridge keeping purpose in mind in moves and in flight. This bird was trapped years to the season unchanged which times bird thinks to be static not dynamic where as apparently the seasons always has variations but not desirable switches or change which that bird want to enhance.

Consequently, the bird fly to the known, yet unknown territories roam around, consumes time for their own flights and for the act of fly- Simantanoulsy of this bird during swifting of flight learnt a lots of change chains of variations and conditions of nature. During this journey of flight bird at least desirably struggle for the right directives correct flows and diversify arts to more on.

Bird across others, their signs and symbols bird comes know its reality and originality. Bird comes to knew henceforth the flight of ecstasy during the change of flight of this very special journey. Is it the temporary change for the bird where bird was delighted enough to have new evolution, evaluations and resolutions. But might aspects return back and start to stand where begins like finished where started.

All the creatures are subject to Time and Time has many images and frames of Ages. I won’t remember that bird anytime shows its’ belonging to the world where it timely bestow upon to be. The bird belongs to the land of his own imagery of own thinking own world this own world does not refer his misery to the outer world but it belongs to the exceptional level of being prominent of being special. The journey of flight of this bird does not refers to the outer most coverage of only being in the fly but it also refers the spiritual world of knowing.

Symmetrically there is no arrangement in life and over its path all going on over HOPE ways, all flying over HOPE SKY ROADS. The Bird as a symbolism the most vary being and free liver and the most lucky, the one being which is not afraid of the results here after in another life. Birds and their nests are the grouping but the specific exceptional this bird is rare because it understand the rare consequences and unrealized way outs as well.

Birds travel not only based on rational reason of seasons’ change but also because of their questing over the actual and the most appropriate nesting all around the world where it must be proficient or sufficient enough. Their travelling is very significant for those who can estimate the nature and its’ moods through seasons and angels of the learning through. Lighter or harder, sooner or later through light or dark bird accept and consider nature close to heart and embrace its’ future in nature’s arms. Bird is not frozen being not static but dynamic, therefore the variations caused to its life are truly enough accepted to………………….


Human World


Considering the blood and clot mixture of soil becomes human The LORD Almighty’s crown of creation. This is the prime creation above all yet the most paralyzed to have guidance and key direction to live upon & to follow the certain myth which may control this beings psychic emotional and sentimental world around. Myths, doctrines and religions never be the complicated thesis to follow but man made itself when they tried their false wills to rule them.

Supremacy itself a disease, which cause fatal reasons and results upon Man and Man made world. Is it not a rare question or a reap question based on rhetoric practice that why man utters such sins that caused ‘ PARADISE LOST ‘ MAN HAS ALL THE POWERS AROUND AND ENSLAVE TO HIS WILL IF HE TRIED TO BE enhance his life based on logic , literature itself becomes impressive if his logic remains the best in shape with time and schedule of his implemented life.

Human is a complicated being, undoubtedly from the beginning of life of a spam sperm to the strength of worldly human today. His world is as wide as he wants to make it and his world is as small as his though and imagination could reach. The sleeping imagination of imagery never works well Hide and seek of external world is not much important but of Man’s own inner world of his conscious does matter. Man is not a being which is symmetrically arranged or a exercise machinery to carry on one edge. No not at all human is compassionate about all the materials outside which has been disclosed with in him by Nature.

Man and Man’s world is somewhat self-existed it becomes exhausted when the self appearance and own decision exceeded. This world is over ruled as well, mostly by Fate and rarely by temporary actions template worldly by worldly beings. When it comes to the edge of ruling or we say over ruled what does it sounds like?

Its sounds like the man exceeds in his negative selfishness and considering his supremacy diligence his will upon other beings just like him. He feels for himself only and left his democracy just for a recalling name. The difference raise here when a man considerably justify his own actions just for himself. His own self remains high in stature rather than any value or goodness that must rule his life and actions.

The history repeats itself very clearly the literature is a mirror to time to ages to age of time but morally in all ages in all times the worst circumstances and the situations than man kills his own breed his own generations. He himself becomes pathetic sympathetic and drowned and himself becomes the murderer as compare to human there is breed of insects cockroaches who are rest good beyond goodness to man they never commit killing for their beings as humans do.

Human world has been assessed and analyzed right after in all the ages when man feels within the need to resolve and preserve the goodness of the Nature mystery and of the knowing. To know is not much important but to know with the tendency of implementation more reliable. Human world and humans are of many types and according to their morals, myths, doctrines they have their own thinking’s and priorities. Few prioritize knowledge, others prioritize magical knowledge and the originals only the true actions that can lead to the Paradise road ………………. To Be Continued

Awake Up ………………Time to Think!!!


Tick…. Tick ….Tick ………..Tick ……..
Times running out …………… Awake up for the revival to see the morning light that brings the dead in life that change sleep in to into wake up mode. Awake up for the best of the times, awake up to catch up with the Time ………. Awake up to be early, awake up to be steadfast to catch up ….. to catch up the time , the schedule ………..But truly can it happen? A man can run faster than time to achieve that destination ……….

A question destination what it called or did anyone know that destination?

A struggle to gain money is only money not for any eternal achievement, similarly the hard work for worldly affairs just count on the over the earth not beyond that. However wake up to answer that vital question that either really man is constructing world beyond world? Constructively, Man is launching big bang building, sky scrapers but what even than millions are on roads. Social well fairs and people express the empathies but what if still the poors are there with their complexities. Business growing one sided and aristocrats are the high above the second sky but what? If they have no ethics but to use keen near to fulfill their own selfishness. Sports are their but what? If the just joke to gambling.

Awake up …… Time is running fast ………The horse of Time is not ordinary it won’t stay or eat or wait it just run out. It is enemy to those don’t understand its version. Friend to those who rush with it. True enough to reality man is not awake in this era but actually sleeping deep in the cave waiting for that first ray of light to be awake.

What if the person awake the world has been changed so much beyond his approach, what if he awakes no loved one aside and no irritating neighbors, No solace of words of mother………….. What if eye opened in such world once and one realize himself alive but not breathing?

Answers are so much just for thinking what about to act? If one person channelize to be on path and road to straight to destination it can’t possible the success so near so easily but together it can possible with indeed good support and help of good ones.

Awake up to catch the clock aside and halt the ringing alarm if you can but what if one try to do that cannot be able to do …………………..he wish to do so but it has been late to act ?

Time to think…….Prior before a body is under sand and soul has been captured to the cage where it can live forever and no escape. Time to think to look morally over the deeds commixing on so that ethically and religiously to be recognized.

Planning of humans are as fake as his life to this earthly world therefore to be awake is sound not for the body but for the soul. The alarm of clock is for the worldly sense of the human but the alarm to the soul is the awareness and the TO THINK …………….

Certainly, To Think is the key success for the soul awareness and the main essence of it to allow access to the inner knowledge to be the most sustained and explicable, the most free as being not having fret of bounding the edges …………..No wait or fear to be kill by time where as to explore time as ride…………………Awake up ………………

TIME TO THINK ……………………….