We Live in Times …………In sense …..


      Live in Times……….

      We live in times where killing in GAZA is normal as routine, people use to talk over it but it’s alright if going on. We survive in times when we got drone attacks on any land just to make sure that people still knows the supremacy of one giant person’s head or their nation’s foot on other’s land according to their impious will ….

      We live in lives when Burma, hell fired up with humans to fuel the aggression of oppressive even then its easy for world to have BMW rides on the contrary.

      We live in Times……….
      Surely we have the bigger picture here, on borders the situations are critical we say enemies to those who are cross boarder but we raise objections, rallies and protest against the Govt inside of the house, what we say we don’t measure …

      What we do, we justify by own sight and again killing is not big deal it is an art for human today …. Be a Man is phrase to justify the killing of same kind…. This is a Man today full of conflicts, full of impious activities and full of killing through thought, action, tongue, weapons and each resource he may uses for benefits…………

      We Live in Times…..
      When success for us is material and money gain, then no other thing matters much to that level…….. Success lies in killing many and surviving for one ………

      We live in times ….
      Floods, hunger, loss and emptiness ………..We live in times

      We cover one barrier of language to wipe the gap between the nations or humans we got another trial, we done one task to see or have a little ray of hope to rejoice for the task done but then we see things befall…………. We live in times ………

      We judge, we rule, we agree, we disagree, we condemn, we complain…………
      We live in Times ……..

      We learn history and come to know that killing is always been art for human to be disguised to overcome the fear of his short falls or rule his supremacy over others and this history is still the major accrual. Whatever the Era is, human struggle from evil to good and good to evil never left behind this plays ………….

      We live in times ….
      Where science is logical and speeding up many aspects into realities true or superficial both even then religious evolution creations are doubtful and even then Darwin’s theory is part of studies that man is the refined shape of Ape …..

      We live in times …
      In a sense, there is no such thing as failure. There is only sweet and sour reality, and more is learned from the sour, oftentimes, than from the sweet. For failure, hard as it may be to swallow, opens the blinds to the real world, and reawakens the clarity of vision known only to those who have risked, and tasted, disappointment.

      Keep in mind that failure — the final taboo in modern society. But this is just one part of the inevitable cycle of life for those who dare to live fully and completely. Never to fail at all is to fail in the biggest way — avoiding risk altogether, you cannot help but fall far short of what might have been.

      True joy is a beacon in the world, and though it is indeed rare, its presence is an indication of great good fortune, both now and in the future. How could it be otherwise?

      We live in times…..
      Where media is the high up and the eye of Watcher ….. We live in times when relationships are political and social at the same time …….

      All times are good and all times are bad but these times are actually wrapping up the realities near to doom, so far we have faced the world superficially and we have faced the world in reality with the strengths and details of weakness ……… We live in times …

      We watch the movies and presume the reality from there, we grow and educate ourselves and yet convert into the jerks, imitating the false characters and foul games through videos and create the magical expressionistic in short purpose for nothing …..

      We live in times ……
      Reflection of the past and the future itself … It is futuristic yet it is flying high we are connected to the history and yet approaching to new world of innovations yet the killing is there, yet the war between good and evil is there …….

      We Live in Times…….
      We question each other and search for answers when we come to answers we deny actions …. We live in Times……

      Time is wheel of circle and an ultimate entity given by Divine, it represents and carries a change sometimes revolutionary, sometimes gradual change is transformation.

      Time themes the resurrection and renunciation itself ….. Whatever be the signs of nature around, time itself is the biggest entity of absorbing realities its wheel is keeping spinning the pace universal truth designed ……..

      The realization of times left by the watchers, seers and the writers. They speak of times as they see and presume best upon their knowledge and reports and produce notes for the coming generations for the times …………. WE LIVE IN TIMES …………..

Phoenix Marionette


    (Long-lived Bird Puppet)

    Re-generations actually happens, life with in life is the formula. Life lived is actually earned expectancy. Longeivity sometimes is fruitful and sometimes fruitless, depending upon the seed of generation and its worth.

    None other than there is no such reality which is beneath the surface not acknowledged by nature itself. The keen eye can explore the digging holes towards the treasury.

    Usually, the least we survive, the least we grasp the grapes of life, the best we survive the best we grip the grapes. Least survival is a story of beginners, of strugglers where as best survival is for the higher beings, who are wise enough to use intellect in the course of life.

    We mix and match actually the wisdom stuff with emotional sciences. Nature, emotions have nothing to do with intellect. Emotions have their own powerful existence and unseen personas that would travel through mountains and heavens above.

    Intellect is appealing it prevails curiosity to know, to assign the task, to grap and graph the idea to amplify, to grow or a sound gain that has appearance for vanity show. This is kinda fulfillment which comes two ways introvert to extrovert and contentment lies from extrovert gain to introvert …….. Two way traffic into one …. Multitude of fortitude!

    Emotions, unseen and sometimes indescribable yet deplorable, yet well to character and makes character a well……..Deep inside deeper and core. So far the emotions are pure, clean and innocent the touch of Aura of any character would be charismatic and generic.

    Together this blessed higher intellect and emotional persona is actually like a phoenix marionette ……….It will go on in higher objective realization of self reliance, pride in taking up self among others and the connectivity with the Divine …….

    When it comes to Divine, truly enough only the one who has been ranked in this frame of intellect comes emotional sculpture can reach the Jacob’s ladder …..

    Developing a relationship with Divine is easy way to difficult and itself completion to unknown and naming to the reknown ……….. The relation with Divine is actually a blessed union and by birth instinctive connection where it has to be established most of the time.

    Intellect and emotions (Naturally, Psychologically and Spiritually) both together actually design the character by deed, by need, in deed, in need and indeed……. The one obtain purity would be the most enhanced character ………

    The alienation of one could be cause the rest deformity.
    Intellect though or the emotions subject to puppeteer for the puppet.
    Try to find out how this alien virus turned you into a doll. The task is to escape, to emerge from the chrysalis and get back to your true individuality. This isn’t easy as there is always the risk of moving on to another image (unwittingly) after metamorphosis.

    Appearances are normal component of life and relationships. They are part of the game, and you will have learned to join in without placing too much importance on them.

    It seems that neglecting something; want to walk before you can crawl.
    A marionette’s puppeteer is called a manipulator.

    The Quantum Leap
    Pythia, “When something is asked what it means, it won’t let on”.
    Only Virgil’s words can help you now: “Look closely and go on!”

    Sometimes the word of a topic itself is the explanation of the sentences and yet the explanation needs the promotion or support of the power words.

    This truth can’t be denied that every character some what is the phoenix marionette and those are powerfully enough who have the strong blend and emblem of intellect and emotions, together holding them and balance them is an art and patience is the key to balance the scales. Patient in the sense of the word’s original sense “patientia”: forbearance of exigencies, enduring trivialities and ordinariness in everyday life……

    The language of heart speaks of the Divine …….The version of intellect is the logical journey to cut down the crops for new weeds and seeds ……..

    This is Quantum Leap here on earth for the rest and next life for each higher being blessed by Supreme Nature phoenix marionette which last forever (hereafter) even then never last forever ……

    Next life is forever, this life is a chapter …. Study the chapters ….Read them and feed the best items ………… Long-lived Bird Puppet ……. Ashes and soil …..

    Sculpture yourself and see in mirror how the puppet looks …..
    Surely mirroring the puppet is sign ……..Every character is a sculpture of fate itself; ripen up the destiny that defines hidden treasures…….


Bemoan Character


    Express discontent or sorrow over……..
    Lament …….. Over loss of innocence ……..

    A positive aspect of event the most difficult obstacle is that it may cause a person to turn inward, and gain greater depth and character. While the ignorant bemoan their fate and seek to blame their problems on others, the wise seek the cause of the problem within themselves. Through this type of introspection, obstacles become a means for personal growth and self-discovery. Without air resistance, no plane would ever fly.

    If you are facing temporary obstacles, try not to be overly concerned. Obstacles are a part of achieving every goal and furthering every undertaking. Setbacks and reverses can affect morale, but keeping up your self-confidence in the face of challenges is part of a successful solution to many of life’s problems. Obstacles of short duration are best handled with a yielding attitude. Go around the rock; don’t put your shoulder to it.

    One hears thunder unexpectedly! First comes fear, then a sharpening of one’s vision. Recall a close brush with danger — a falling branch, an automobile accident barely avoided, an escape from a potentially violent confrontation.

    Such incidents arouse every nerve fiber in your body in a brief wave of terror, but soon, once the danger has passed, give way to a heightened awareness of the world. The same process also occurs with other types of shock — the loss of a job, the sudden departure of a loved one, business failure and so on.

    The lasting impact of a major shock can either be stimulating or debilitating, depending upon one’s strength of character. The critical factor is the ability to shake off fear, thereby transforming anxiety into a laser-sharp perception of the world around you.

    When overtaken by crisis, the wise search their hearts for inner strengths in order to face their life with courage. This often means daring to take an unexpected path — to bounce back quickly and self-confidently after failures, to have faith in the eternal when confronted with death.

    We tend to think of shock only in the context of unpleasant events. We can also be jarred, however, by the sudden release of tension that comes with unexpected joy or success. To keep your bearings in the aftershock of either trauma or victory, it is essential that your inner compass be aligned with ‘true north’, that magnetic force which guides you toward fulfillment of both your deepest desire, and your highest destiny.

    The state of innocence has less to do with age than attitude; innocence springs from a heart that remains open to joy and wonder. Innocence, when guided by a firm faith in what is right, brings supreme success. Naiveté unanchored by an ability to discern right from wrong, on the other hand, brings misfortune.

    The hallmark of innocence is a willingness to treat others with compassion and respect in a natural way. Those who possess a pure heart are best guided by their instincts and intuition. Thinking too much makes it difficult to hear the guidance of the heart, the suggestions of a clear intuition. Stay simple and be wary of cleverness.

    Sooner or later in stages of life one makes self a bemoan character, it becomes loss of innocence which rebelled by the experience, agony dealings, and harshness of other beings or from whom we expect ……….

    Consequences are subjection or election of circumstances they can’t rule, they just intimate, what rules is actually the institution of a person that would be consolidated through spiritual journey.

    Never fool yourself for the juggling of world around with your intuition, as intuition comes to those who have the struggle for fulfilling their dreams, few vigorous dreams are so important to achieve that no other worldly aspect stay in front of it.

    Don’t bemoan over the deeds been just acted over ruled ………Be attentive to the guts you been blessed and go on the way along ………..

    Be a character that could cover all the bemoaning of life through the inspirations of discovery and gain ……..

Contour Cauldron


      Heavy feelings are the part of life but they must not be life, no one likes to have heavy feelings for the soul, it just happened by universal law

      The desires of your heart do come from your Soul. Your Soul which is the Higher or Expanded Self that knows all that you are capable of being and doing. It sees your true potential and sends you the longings to fulfill your heart’s desires because they are the only desires that are truly worthy of your achieving. Yes, there may be many other things that you accomplish and manifest in this life that are good and worthwhile. And yes, they may fulfill you on different levels for a time.

      Yet they never seem to be what you truly want for yourself and your life. There is always this longing for “something more” that you may not always be able to define in words, and yet you recognize as coming from the deepest part of yourself. You may have thought that by achieving goals that you hoped would take the place of your true heart’s desires that you could feel satisfied and happy with that, that the longings and the “what if’s” would somehow be diminished and eventually cease to be. Yet you can never put out the fire of your own Soul!

      Life is HUGE ! It is magnificent! It is filled with wonder and experiences that are simply waiting for us to wake up to the reality that they exist! Life and we ourselves are so much larger, expansive and creative than we give it and ourselves credit for.

      Higher Self ….. Original You …. Self Soul …..
      You do not have to sacrifice what is heartfelt to you. You are here on this earth to increase the Light and Joy of life. You can do this best by allowing your own Soul to guide you to that which makes you truly happy for then your joy and happiness will radiate out into all of life which will uplift and inspire countless others!

      To fulfill what actually soul’s desire, the fundamental of all is the true relationship which is as grounded as Nature as sound as Instincts…..

      Relationships are most important entity that should web and gel with in so intimacy that no outer course can hit or violate its centre points. Web and gel are fluid of course, it could easily be effected and fall away.

      Contouring elements are essential in relationships to make them intense and make them close – This contouring is communication, what ever be the signs of life do condensate and communicate with each other in relationship because in relationships salience is killing sometimes. It won’t help in close relationships but it would affect the closeness.

      When the multiple groups of people are wavering around they would never succeed, the core relationship in worth, unless interactions between the two get pure understanding and natural alignments.

      Small groups of people make good acquaintances and fair deals instead of enlarge circles they are not actually concerned with each others emotions intensely. They just took notice or granted the crowd but better reasons for their sake or others.

      When cook something in a cauldron, what ever the ingredients are, on fire in such utensil every thing is mixed- This is called relationship. Relationship needs everything mixed and matched!

      A hidden source of power for the great is the study of the past. The lives of wise and successful men and women are like buried treasures of wisdom. Great good fortune comes to those who unearth these valuable treasures by applying the lessons of the ages to current events.

      Complex is the human, who is introvert, surely because he/she juggles with his own layers of thinking, course of actions and emotional chemistry, if unbalanced then nothing left if balanced, all done successfully.

      Humans are changed, they accept change and those who do not they are actually not developing them selves. Change to values left no humans but the varmints, change to course of actions which are apparently beneficial but actually not is worthy to rapid wrap up.

      Nature has it’s own pace, it is over governed by Supreme and THAT SUPREME is of all MIGHTINESS, as human what we can do if HE makes others against us, makes our owns against us or makes us alone in bewilderness, in darkness what goodness left if nature be harsh ….. This all happens by the will of GOD, as HE is the Master, He Rules….

      What will be the Ruler, if His state is just and prosper?
      What will be the Ruler, if His state is ugly and diseased?

      This core reality here is will comes from strong not from weak…….Weak is receptive of what strong perceptive. Weak just do what strong tame to……..

      If we as human cant understand ourselves how come we can to our Maker, Creator … We can’t. The one who understand himself/herself certainly the mysterious treasures are there so same related to Creator.

      What ever we suffer or gain it’s all because the Creation Will to …. It’s just that Ruler delivers the good and rebel the evil and surface it as figure ………He took responsibility of Goodness and repel the other but all done by HIS WILL surely!

      One who understands the nature of time, recognize & understands best situations, who understand situations recognize & understand human and who understands others, actually recognize & understand own self, the one recognize own self recognize and understand THE LORD !
      Solutions are many to none sometimes and solution none to many complications sometimes, consequences and circumstances are there, wise try to be over whelmed by anything in the world because this is actually the sane’s choice.

      This world is full of everything it depends on our choice what we pick to have and what we pick to give- Sometimes choices been made by others for us, those are what our fate circles been commanded and recommended by others even then SUPREME Decides !

      Human relation to understanding, from dealings to implementations all are bounds……
      Web is very weak but even stronger if the centre stay in connection – Bound is all …

      Stick to the communications of own and the ones you care most ….Bound them in tough times and in easy ways …..Go Ride the life don’t let life ride You !

      Dream and try to fulfill it, our purpose for coming into this life is to recreate heaven on earth………. Contour Cauldron


Estranged Bugle


    It’s been with the passage of time, we learn we experience and we get matured …. This is common saying but during this twofold journey where we have the spirit development and the physical enhancement we have many jolts, halts and many hiccups…..

    The most vital law of karma is to ‘LET IT GO’, the most courageous, the person who absorbs many unwanted, different and opposite burdens of emotions unequivalent to his/her nature and even than stay align to the affairs worldly and universally.

    Flamboyant is one in terms of radiance to light, truth and known realities. When we have an eye which becomes keen to know about the inner truths that would actually help to jolt the outer world. Here on earth there are many of many fates so far the humans.

    We struggle to get what we want; we never struggle for others to get what they want. We use struggle for self redemption, we don’t apply this formula for redemption of all. There are lots of people who need sparkling characters to support to them; there are less people who actually promote their working for other’s sake

    The hemi-sphere of today’s human brain is self cored, self recorded and elf to the verge where the materials are the standard, materials are the command, materials are the brain speech and materials are the ultimate behavior as conclusion. Trends to be followed, trends to be announced and trends to be flourished, so far what ever be in practice, all about human earthly and mechanical inventions.

    Thread the game, the game will thread itself back……Thread the player, the player will thread the game in response. This is intransigency, that would vain or vein the brain!

    Clairsentient is a higher quality of second in rank to Philosophical idioms ….
    Androgynous is also known for the strong personality that could gain ultimate success for the colorful exuberance and eternal gain!

    It’s not me who seek the young fool, but the young fool seeks me, this means >> first of all, that the youth himself must be conscious of his lack of experience…….. Then act…. Young men think old men are fools; but old men know young men are fools. … What the wise seek is in themselves, what the fool seeks is in others. …

    Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other ……

    The Fool is associated with circumstances that are unique, unpredictable, and inscrutable — one who is suspended between realities. The Fool is often portrayed as an empty headed simpleton unaware of the forces that move him to and fro, following his impulses. But tradition tells us that this Fool has a secret that protects him: the magic of synchronicity.

    He proceeds without calculation, spontaneously, without hesitation or resistance. If you trust in your own mystery and that of Divine Providence, you can step into a new realm of opportunities. For now, trust your instincts. If you have no expectations, you have nothing to lose. If that’s so……… I am a Fool!!

    As a person it is false statement one is alone, none is never alone, and infact loneliness is one good virtue that tames the beast in the worst tracks if the insight be alive ……

    Yin and Yang ……..
    Black and White……..
    Left and Right ………
    Good and Evil ………

    All about journey innocence to experience, that would lead one’s stubbornness reflex in determination or one’s determination flux in stubbornness ….. Never mind the natural unpredictabilities don’t take up to mark on your personality stay light to universal approach be strong and enhanced in your own thinking at least this will call upon reward and regard ……..At Least !

    Peculiarities and the fogy spectrum of instinctive specific aspects, multitude of changes are its part of action. Synthesis, you will never discover the true extent of your own abilities until you, at least once in your life, dive into a crisis with complete abandon, dedicating every ounce of your energy, every fiber of your being, to the cause at hand. Dare to win!

    When the roof is collapsing, run first, choose your destination later.
    Extraordinary times bring out the best and worst in people. Natural disasters bring with them stories of great heroism — but also looting and rioting. When the pressure is on, powerful moments present opportunities to make positive gains………….

    I understand that streams don’t climb mountains but descend instead……
    Niched within the shadowy reaches!!

    Resist the temptation to strike out prematurely. Gather strength behind you, and summon your inner resources, because arresting decay is no simple task.

    When you do act, make your strike as precise and clean as the path of the surgeon’s knife.

    The ever-spinning wheel of life never reaches an absolute conclusion. Just as a hidden sadness resides in the heart of true euphoria, just as the seeds of great achievement often sprout first in a cauldron of adversity, so too no end is ever really complete without a new beginning stirring inside it.

    Though we divide life into categories in order to understand and master it, experience itself is seamless……

Observations !


    Strange are the happenings around the world if inner prospective is not indulging or revolving around the same we look outside. The compelled realities are sound enough for the conscious efforts we do, because so far it is natural actions, reactions or implementations may design upon the coerced manifestations.

    Revitalization needs nonchalance approach when wisdom mixing up with the physical realities. Change is the only constant dexterity! Truly enough it teaches all the standing…..

    Demarche of knowing the world around is sometimes deliberate effort and more often for rest of the common it is not, they derive to. Flight to the source of intimations and flight to the source of unknown entities both never be same and both never be compared because both have very different nature of teachings.

    Such observations bring to lime light that grief to the human world is actually what the sense of being is, at the ultimate level with the limitlessness or unlimited essence. Emotional and psychic dilemma kills the soul, once a being eagerly wants he should have, if not it will cause deformities up to the level where Heavens not gold only the wish of a being which been innocently occurs.

    Innocence may face experience; rest stays experience on stair case because this mortal living is subjective to seductive realities. Innocence sooner or later may have to be deflowered.

    This is Divine Law here; beings are made actually to transform one identity to next, to enunciate one change to next, to resurrect one wounding hit to next ……. This is universal law that each soul here will experience the coerced manifestations, depriving one’s soul from the best ardent need and from one’s soul’s wishful deeds.

    In such course what happens who loose or been through the grief of life, some interact to point out others and become harmful to others to stay maximum harmless to themselves- Such becomes creed.

    Next category of those who confront their grief of life of fate’s ultimate stone upon them they become their worst enemies they stay harmless somewhat to others but the most harmful to them selves. So far if they are harmful to themselves simultaneously they are harmful to those are in their circle vice visa …… Both categories are of common people and they stay the way fate throws stone to them ….

    Tinge & Trine is there when we access the third higher most category, which is of the people who preserve the grieves of realities in the physical world of their spiritual and soul’s wounds. The perseverance is highest most degree to gain the ultimate goal. The patience is known here after nothing else and to gain this level in this mortal world is not easy …… It’s the most challenging task!
    Hard to explain all the conscience’s speeches and conscious effort speeches as all have not language to say. What exactly a human wants, is severe issue to dominate, as it is the same domain that what exactly the Divine wants from human. All is the point, where started finished the same.

    Completeness is dual and dialing object, there is no perfection to completeness and there is no completeness to perfection …… Now it would be the decision of wisdom either it would be the object or entity.

    Let wisdom play its tricks all the way along where this journey lasts because wisdom can carry one close to the Truth, Light and towards the Ultimate goals…….

    Strange are the happenings around the world……I am a stranger to such strange happenings and these are stranger to me, acquaintance is just a chance where it took knowing to world is enhanced, where dropped ignorance is just the fate nothing else.

    Conscious efforts are submissive and subjective…… though they become the natural addictions which are core when lost balance, when created in frame of balance then it would be the nib of pen to write a conscious fate according to will …..

    Its been ages we are analyzing the behaviors of humans, its been ages we are studying about universal truths, yeah and its been ages we are traveling from the first being to the last ……….What we carry in self many tiny worlds, those little worlds spoke to the outer surface if been called so……. The outer world is all about performance, who did well end well, who drop the balls drop the sight ……

    Perseverance, Patience & Performance all interlinked, all for the ultimate winners, those who carry above will lead their ways to the gain, contentment and prosperity ….. Balance the motto to log the eternal dignity …..

    Many of my observations are deeply connected with universal bubbles in range and beyond range…… I have absorbed a lot, so far that could manifest its’ own realm …

    I have been toy to this world,
    My menageries are the images,
    Reflection to those there is no mirror
    There is no mirror to that very reflection
    Vary to the images though carry
    Tiled my identity one of the finest day
    Though persists the Grecian urn,
    I have been toy to this world…………..
    Insouciance thy speech, dexterity the style
    Cover the web with marble,
    Lean the velvet dying
    My menageries are the images
    Reflection to those there is no mirror
    Let be the conscience my guide, let be the conscious my hive …. Let be the toy quiet
    Quiet to quests of realm, Tiled my identity one of the finest day
    My menageries are the images,
    Reflection to those there is no mirror
    I have been toy to this world…………..

Beacon in the Night


Resilience is the greater feasibility and ability of all, the tested faith should be treated of such ability to handle. Faith is to be challenged, to be tested, and to be hit under circumstances where grounds are wavy.

Such personality consumer assures of legend as:

‘’ I assuage bruised egos, and serve as the mediator in heated debates. Faith is to be challenged. I have devoted my life to the ways of spirituality and creativity. I love tending to the seeds of spirit, and I plant these seeds in a quiet persistent way within the people around me. All my words have an underlying meaning, and I speak with purpose. My subjects might only hear my surface speech, but I am purposefully planting seeds of well-intent within their hearts as I speak.

My beauty is legendary, and I realize my attractiveness is part of my effectiveness. Poise is my natural state, not because I feel I must put on a mask. Far from it. My transparency and humanity combined with my royal status is what makes me magnetic’’

Keep your wits about you, when it comes to the self analysis of your own faith.
One should be like Sunflower: If you’ve ever observed this happy flower, you’ve noticed that its head always looks to the sun. This is the message of the sunflower “always look to the light” for the answers and guidance you seek.

Realizations for the perception of faith generate:
What are your natural gifts?
Just as my calming aura is a natural gift, you have similar radiance. Together, we can discover these indwelling gifts.
What if you had no sense of entitlement?
I would be queenly without being a queen. Let me show you how to be regal on your own merit.
Do you utilize temperance as a tool for spiritual, intuitive growth?
Take my hand (of a faithful and of faith holding person) and I will share how balance and patience nurtures the growth of spirit.

In turn, the growth of everything around us is insured.

Faith is like a beacon in night. Now this beacon is upto the worth so much strengthened so much brighter, weak in beam definitely topple to the waves and air around

Faith is the powerful tooling that leads the way. Having faith is actually tacking self upon the best of knowledge sulfates in the soul by Divine, having best of knowledge enhanced and creep by the externalization of the universal truths around and having best of knowledge to carry the power of perception

Faith handles well speed of thought, speed of deed and speed of action ……….
Having faith is easy, carrying it longer way is complicated and when it been challenged and tested then to save it for the darker era of life is the most complex.

Let say, having faith its part of ground that commitment is important though it is business though it is relationship. Violating it is actually losing the honor … Commitment lost faith lost …..Holding this virtue with value adds on the worth, losing this virtue with undervalued of specific component standing for nothing.

And certainly nothing is just nothing or just anything but nothing!

Focal point here is the carrying and caring the stance of faith though it is just a simple smile to a kid for the raise of innocence. Whatever be the action it should be crystal clear.

The abuse begins where the perception of things are deceptive. Deception is two coined two side of same coin or one card with many meaning. Deception not evil unless be unveiled, deception is not evil unless veiled. Sorting this up Faith is not part of deception but travel through the ways where deception is the key to open the crystal doors. This is maneuvering and managerial not political.

The obsession begins where perception of things are diplomatic. Diplomacy is fine word to apply to the course of action where one should enhance the favors for all. But this is not realistic in changing aspects.

Nature is of multitude, so are the instincts therefore one stick to all is not favorable in anyway or everyway. Diplomacy is positively practical term that would be commencing and for designing ‘all well if ends well’. Sorting this up Faith is part of diplomacy because underlying the intention is ’to make happy all’

Focal point here is the carrying and caring the stance of faith in all terms, in aspects tough it is business or though it is relationship. Though it be for the eternal gain or though it for the worldly gain, establish Faith doing all smaller thing of life it would give the higher and bigger picture for long ahead.

Beaming light in dark is actually the beacon in night …….This beaming and beacon is actually the Faith which vibes through the speech of soul.

Let your soul speaks of what it would be blessed and designed for ….
Let your Faith’s light be the part of this life that could enlighten the world around…
Let your transparency of perception, clarity of thinking and mirrored imagination out extend blend with your faith to be immortal > As this is the actual goal of soul (Divine essence) to achieve almost impossible for immortal and eternal happiness.

Faith is light for sure, faith is reflection of soul certainly and faith is what for human is crown of creation. Let nose the head right to honor the crown!

I searched my beacon in night, did you got yours?
I have owned my faith for better reasons and with in best of transparent occult sciences, did you have yours?
I travel long way to route the correct direction and to remote of excess and access, did you plan yours?

I have the beams, the beacon in night ……….
Did you have yours?

Sure to remember faith to be challenged, to be tested!!

It is listening and responding to call !!

A Tale of a Dreamer


    Profound Character
    Priceless Soul
    Pointless Figure
    Esteemed Personality
    Extravagant Persona
    Epitome Feminine

    Profound Character >> She always saw the flight of birds around and loves the most that fly high above in sky. Weird enough her feelings sometimes she becomes happy of the same flight yet afraid of the same.

    Happiness and fear both always associated with her sense of ecstasy and faith. She watched all day the bird’s flight with sense of happiness and sense of fear, with sense of wonder and with sense of curiosity. She watched birds flight in a day and she watched stars all night twinkling in the sky. Watching sky is an inspiration for her, or watching birds or stars….

    Considering birds they are actually the sign of nature which represents the law of change, motivation and immigrations.

    Considering stars they are actually the sign of nature which represents the law of serenity, beginnings, twinkling and light.

    The way she thinks becomes the ultimate centre of her dreams or it might say that her dreams allure her to just watch the sources that actually the reflex of her dreams to be achieved.

    She is a wonder lady, full of surprises in gestures, full of mysteries in impressions and full of generosity of goodness …. Surely she is a wonder lady … A feminine with originally holding cup of ace.

    She is a wonder lady when salient she is nothing but listener, when salience she keeps her salience in soul, as soul and her salience is soul and her soul is salience …she is a wonder lady when speaks her speech catches almost impossible in words …….she is one goodness in two ways and in two ways a goodness of same coin. A rare coin never found by any discoverer !

    She watches the clock so often, try to understand the language of needles voice, she is of the view that needles has not just voice but speech of unknown language which she will understand some day or somewhat each day …….

    To her every breath has a voice, every breath has a language… does she maketh the voice of speech as voice of salience and voice of salience as voice of speech…… She is dreamer of her own goodness and a dreamer of ultimate goodness ….

    Success to her is of her own sake…. Not of the worldly aspects but of the eternity but of the spirituality ……She works for the prosperity and gain the harmony between the success and prosperity ……….Success to her has the dignity of earning because she thinks true success is earned by the handwork of hardwork and labor of liberty then the dignity and honor be earned ……

    She is a dreamer, she sees through things, she jumps towards conclusions; she finishes the lines prior before drawing the targets …. She is giant in her wishes … she is true in her reality …. She is a true being and seems to be queen of pinnacles …..

    She involves her spirit in each action therefore her actions never escape from the central aspects of living and earnings … who not so ever done the error of trusting life events and honesty of relationship? Who so not ever …… she did well …. She does in all aspects ….

    She has the core clean spirit and skin ………clean skin with clean spirit that makes her dreamer, a watcher, Alpha of her own soul and omega of her own wishes …… She is a charmer though she knew no tricks of magic ……. But yet she is magical and queen of charms and charmers.

    She denies her own attractiveness so often but the synergies around Cash and Goth her deceptiveness as her diplomatic assignments. Her diplomacy is out of experience to level the scale because leveling the scale is political somewhat she does little to balance the relationships in trust for good faith……..

    She is tangled and entangled to the situation she lives in the characters she deals with but what if she be the still same where her innocence lies….is it wrong to carry the innocence along with constantly though….. No … Yes in worldly affairs …

    The experience is there where innocence is heightened …. She realized with passage of time that she should carry experience though to cut the existing grass ….. This is experience and diplomacy and such diplomatic experience to cut the grass with same level is the sign of perfectionists not of the evils ……… To copy perfection is actually assign to crown of creature …. .. What if she portrays what assign to her?

    A mass of reality, ingenuity (the quality of being clear & original) is her grace. Astuteness (shrewdness in intelligence) is her honor. Audacity (a willingness to take bold risks) is her habit of actions.

    Knowledge of occult sciences; the science of the secret of nature physical, psychic, mental and spiritual are her fundamentalism of yearnings and learning.

    Language of her is pivotal of crucial importance in relation to the development or success of something else and everything. She is an Epitome of dignity, grace, attractiveness and specialty in reality. Her facet identical as light and moon ….

    She is caprice of qualities … She own banality as disgust, for her subjugation is unlawful and evil… she mirror herself in all aspects, emulated correctly and contour outline for her live path to follow.

    Refined is the way of thinking when we actually interact here in this universe, this place is all about characters they actually interpret our actions in theirs and in their ours we all thread out with each other and we must care to catch the exact needed thread well in time.

    Here in this world it is all about the characters
    Here in this world is all about the threads
    Here in this world it is all about the characters and threads

    Handling of threads and characters are actually the skill and art of the artist here. Spread colors of esteemed blessings the soul been blessed inside throw outside what packed in it but first intuitionally realize what is packed in it? This is also a truth everyone throws the same stuff tangles or clipped inside.
    The profound character is actually the one character that intuitively high and self awareness would be mirror to the physical and eternal living …..

    This is every character breath as soul and this is none of any character if it just be the perception … This is truly tale of a dreamer ….. Or Dreamer’s Tale that’s just nothing but comes true one day …..

    A Tale of a Dreamer …. Profound Character!!

    Here in this world it is all about the characters
    Here in this world is all about the threads
    Here in this world it is all about the characters and threads

    To Be Continued ……

Colossal Satchel


      Satchel, what little needs for the journey …..
      Colossal, what immense needed to soul ……….

      Satchel is good enough so far if it is small it could be favorable to carry, if it is immense and heavy it would need more effort….more strength. In accordance sometimes the tiny satchels are good and sometimes colossal satchels …… It depends on needs, certainty of wishes …….

      Peace is my religion; harmony is the soul …….
      Imitating of the practice of perfectionists is the target in each step….

      They could not workout what they ended up witnessing in truth. Were they viewing a vogue catwalk over the premises of Bird’s Nest?

      Indeed…it absolutely was of that kind. It absolutely was a refreshing manifestation of how vogue is overpowering the unique fields.

      In Life:
      You are being asked to face something invisible, but which is very real. It is a suppressed fear, an anguish which has never healed, or even a psychological constraint which someone is imposing on you. You have the energy to conquer this thing, but you continue to revisit it in occasionally (temporarily) because you are subject to a recurring feeling of insecurity.

      You should not live with this curse any more. You must banish it definitively and you will have to make the effort to do so once and for all. This thing overshadows your personality and prevents you from blossoming fully in your inner personal life as well as in your intimate relations with those you love the most. Be courageous and face it one last time, with an above average determination. Your force of character is colossal, so free yourself. You will succeed!

      In Real:
      COHERENT; MY subconscious is begging ME to find greater stability, both material and intellectual.

      I have big ideas, but I always give up on putting them into practice.
      I have to be more organized about MY future projects.
      I need to prioritize MY thoughts and MY wishes.
      I have an opportunity to gain access to a higher consciousness, but first I have to free MYSELF from unrealistic beliefs and mental concepts that keep multiplying in MY mind and keep ME from making very significant spiritual progress….

      Time to time, with passage of time every priority coverts in minority somewhat and every minority converts in priority to some extend. What we have to took notice about in time for time sake and with passage of time is govern ourselves in better aspect of give and gain…….

      Throw stone in waters and realize stone has weight so it must go under waters and touched the depth. The stone touched the dept and stay in dept. But if we could compare the feather with stone ….. It could not ……….

      Feather stays and floats of the surface of the waters.
      Hence forth, sometimes we need to be a stone to touch the depth and sometimes we need to be feather. Some times we need to be in weight and sometimes we need to be light.

      Weightment is vital so do the light approach to life. Balance the chemistry and see the results. Complications are the core straws…… To linger …….To maintain …..

      Favorably this life ends one end to another one edge to another and this is best part because end is awaited and well ending is the core purpose. No matter what hard feelings been absorbed during the transit if the results are good everything is fine …..

      Looking around everywhere we see the negligence on the part of humans or on the part of nature … Whatever the be the source the core reality is to cop up with the given situations and circumstances though via humans or via nature …..

      Time and Nature actually are the two major characters who are political and radically in one constant thing that is Change ………..Change that always deals with resurrections and renunciations ……….Life to one thing death to another ……..Death to one and life to another this is the process, infact the chain process ………

      Chain process of changing aspects dealing one to another edge to edge, cut to cut wave to length ……Every body concludes life to some extend on turning of dimensions where the major happenings done for the sake for others or for themselves …….

      What we do we need to be updated with, we humans need actions to temple not reactions to cultivate. Actions should be of that course that could be readable and gradable…..

      We should have to look ahead simultaneously we need to look at back as well in order to glimpse and glance over the missed and gained opportunities……

      We live in the times of energies and synergies, we will die in the times that would be constantly be in revolving wheel ….Lets be revolved and revolve the wheel of Time with utmost favor and inclination to west the quest.

      What if we look the conscience is clean and clear it would not give the worldly materials in shape but surely it would invest in the world here after…..
      Little is needed to cut this world till edge to another little is needed here the little vast the reward hereafter carries little here and prepares to enjoy immense here after …….

      Satchel, what little needs for the journey …..
      Colossal, what immense needed to soul ……….

      Journey with in journey, learning with in learning, quest with in quest and life with in life, consciousness with in conscience that would be and should be clean…..

      Cleanness required regular check and mobbing … Do it where there needed for the sake of goodness and cleanness!! And for this the best:

      Peace is my religion; harmony is the soul …….
      Imitating of the practice of perfectionists is the target in each step….

      What little needs for the journey ….. …. Satchel
      What immense needed to soul ………. Colossal……

      Satchel > Little to carry……. Colossal > Immense to have


Same door for Every One


    1. I assume living here is just a passage through
      I assume living here is sometimes stages through turnings and passing through doors ….. One door to another the journey prolonged or finished ….

      I assume living here is just a passage through ……..
      I assume there is less focal view time outer to window, as there are many doors to cross and to open …….

      Few doors opened already, few closed after opening, few opened just for the passage way and rest waited to be opened … I assume living here is just a passage through …..

      A passage …. Applause to that personality who paves the passage as smooth as line, this is sometimes almost impossible to enhance …… I assume living here is just a passage through …..

      Pass through ways, passing through the doors not equal but they are equally challenging sometimes to some characters, goodness is enough that one just passes by ….. Just not stuck in the middle streams ……..

      Commencing element here, Plato says ‘’ The God of love lives in a state of need’’; we simply need love and we can’t live without it. Evolved in the three major aspects:

      - Lust
      - Romantic Love
      - Essence Attachment

      Lust ; one of the major sins and it is nothing but a fatal attraction for the sake of attraction to be fulfilled and it won’t effect long just for the time’s charm timely. It effects and exploits the soul and fulfills the charms of physical reality just on the basic appeals.

      What else if lust be resisted? What if one be trapped in it? Always two side of coins…Always twin questions when it comes to mind and thinking always threat is on the higher stair than the believe initially because it seems alike.

      Believe has its own passions on grounds, on threads and beyond limits and threats are also some source of energy that essential for neurotic awareness and intellectual vibes to be implemented as wisdom to the challenges in life.

      Challenges that have appearance on ground are smaller in ratio than the challenges and ambiguities hidden beneath psychological or spiritual levels. Lust is hidden sin as well as apparent whence it is so forceful in appeal. It is challenge for human on surface and in surface.

      This ruins the honor, the respect the chastity …. Kinda warm eaten for the human qualities ….This will make the disaster to all the human gained character merits to the edge of black hole and remaining part which just left will nothing just beastly maintained.

      This is part of human disintegrated essence yet it is universally known that this available to each human ego and super ego. Every and each human has this as facet somehow, apparent or hidden … But has this as a junk ……Bin this Sin …..Sin to Bin ……. This malicious, charmful and harmful >> Charmfully harmful …. Personality with chastity, character with honor never be trapped to this sin to this web where no value could stay.

      Romantic Love; This is just once happened in life or it might happened manage times depends on the opportunity and essence where there the ray there be the romance…….Romanticism is itself a whole myth, it explains life from the strand of commence, from instinctive reality, from where it starts where it can ends………..

      This could be befallen from the lap of mother to the innocence of cute bird…….This could be embodied from the sight of lover to the green leaf floating in the waters ….. This could be with the flying air to melodious voice.

      Romanticism is one good reality of Divine itself, full of bounties of beauties, panoramic essence, wholesome of extravaganza and mirror to realism. Romanticism and realism best of age identity on earth, best of human invasion for life art gallery ………best of expression romanticism and realism …..

      Romantic love is the best source of knowing things through essence of peace and harmony, it comes when once never been in agony of emotions or it more strongly comes when one been through the heights of agony of emotions.

      No matter what it’s been provoked it teaches, it could make humans learn the science of emotions….. Yeah emotions are somewhat irrespective to science, chemical, mechanical and biological ……….

      In Relationships that would be occur in glance or last in seconds or it could hold tight for ever, usually it recorded with the significance of just a glimpse and lasted upto more than nothing … The strings of this emotion should be tackled and handled like music and melody than it stay alive forever and ever ……

      Analysis recorded stated that these days humans just fall to it easily but not hold it upto the delicacy of this emotion the way it should be carry on……

      Essence Attachment; This is the bond of relationship though it is a burden or though it would be fun this is all about the bond we have with another person in any relationship. To whom it’s been established fairly and loyally it is the best emotion.

      Matching up personality Types, when comes to include or conclude for things:
      Explorer, Director, Builder & Negotiator >> The law of Karma represented ‘’ What goes around comes around’’

      This reminds of a short term of story as:
      Once a person annoyed but the prize of the happiness was just a smile in revert nothing else that person never expect more in relations. But Alas that person has no true relations all are fake centered.

      Annoyance of own is the Rudeness of LORD >> Ruthless the being who keeps and kept carelessness to delicacies of thread. Deep enrolments and involvements risk tragedies, usually tragedies won over the weakness of the deep and true emotions. Intensity is one of the modes that could drive this essence more in the deeper consequence.

      This world is full of mysteries around, full of tragedies around, and full of encounters of interruptions and assertions. Here are traps for those who free livers; here is liberty for those who don’t know the essence of emancipations.

      Clearing the mist, in mind, body & soul
      We have so many crimes of passion when we are rejected by emotion of love; clinical depression, bring down suicide and murder rates >> Same Door for Every one!

      Yeah this is the emotion that could derive and would design for each breath taker ….. Every human has encounters to this ………. Same door for every one
      I assume living here is just a passage through
      I assume living here is sometimes stages through turning and passing through doors ….. One door to another the journey prolonged or finished ….

      Door or Card….. Game is always tricky …. Tricks always been tackled by the wisdom fairly …Use it or preserve it, have it or leave it…..The door remains the same in image for all but for different in realism to many….The card remains the same in image for all but for sure different in realism to many

      What if thought provokes so for favor?
      Indicates that you will have a lot of irons in the fire—be careful not to get burned! You may overextend yourself. Though you typically enjoy being busy, there will come a time to delegate if possible to reduce your stress and give you more time to enjoy a taste of freedom. Choose your challenges wisely, and you will be able to give more of yourself to them.

      The Ace of Cups reminds us that the law of the universe is Love. This magical affinity holds atoms together and draws souls into harmonious relation. This is a card and its appearance heralds a time of great connectedness, both with others and with our own inner selves.

      The door to your heart is opening, and only good things will come of it. Like a bee spreading pollen as it travels, this journey will fertilize every facet of your life and of those around you, spreading joy, pleasure, and fulfillment.

      This is an especially creative time, ideal for the conception of a great work. The ultimate in benevolence, card foretells a favorable outcome in every matter. Drink from the fountain and be inspired by the beauty and harmony of the Ace of Cups. If there is any …….. Card or Door! Somewhat same for everyone

      The Two of Pentacles marks the search for equilibrium during a very busy time. You are juggling a life full of projects and commitments, trying to find the resources to support them all. Your life is a balancing act between worldly affairs and inner challenges, responsibilities and having fun.

      The juggler’s trick is to maintain grace, gaiety, and adaptability in the midst of change. She shows you how to combine outer achievements with inner growth, allowing one to feed the other. If you can manage to keep up your present commitments, this is an excellent time to begin new projects.

      Money and energy are available for these endeavors, but you will need to take a few risks and make full use of your talents. Even if your hands are full, you have the opportunity to learn to see the sacredness in daily tasks, and develop spiritually through work and play.

      ‘What goes around comes around’
      ‘Same door for every one’
      ‘Clearing the mist, in mind, body & soul’
      ‘Ruthless the being who keeps and kept carelessness to delicacies of thread’
      ‘Door or Card….. Game is always tricky…….’
      ‘One door to another the journey prolonged or finished ….’
      ‘Believe has its own passions on grounds, on threads and beyond limits’
      ‘The God of love lives in a state of need’………….

      Deny or accept this is same card and same door fort every one, it could happens anyway or should take chance of this is intense of all trials, verge of all tests and veracity of all doings …………

      I assume living here is just a passage through
      I assume living here is sometimes stages through turning and passing through doors ….. One door to another the journey prolonged or finished ….

      This is just nature remains the same it just changes the modes, cards and doors to represent annoy or agony or shift grudges one to another, it vary one person to another ……… One to another, shift and move, thrift and thrill, trial and twist … paranoia and pendulum ………..

      I assume this place is just flux or reflex of another….. I assume not to greed in but truly and entirely in instincts there is greed for emotional paces ‘The God of love lives in a state of need’………….