Eccentricities of savior faire and their extra ordinariness never are the nurtured, never be natured. Pinnacle of miracles happened when the leashed level of destruction has been done to the hemisphere. Pinnacle of thought apexes such level, though it might be constructive or destructive.

    Constructive is that part which is clothed these days with the mechanism of universe and so on it would spring on. Rest humane elements are subject to mostly destructive nature. Yes, nature is constructive as well destructive because creation is only because Creator is there. If there is no Creator obviously, there is no creation. So the colors, the flairs and what ever the mirrored qualities or disqualities we assume, we perceive and we understand all come from Divine.

    In human chapters and course of life, its like life comes first than the death, where as this is not the right way to list the realistic element. Death been invented first to represents life it is like per-requisite and per-evaluation of Creator. Maker planned everything!

    But Creator hides His True Essence, so that learning for creation should stay grounded because one of the major sources that derive to learning is curiosity to know. Maker planned everything but hides His True Essence.

    Pinnacle of thought apexes such level……….
    Now to assess the optimum level, see how things work:

    Creations from Creator, Truth from lies, Light from darkness, Life from death, White from black, Woman from man first hereafter men from women, Land from water and water from land and hence constructive through destructive. Maker planned everything.

    Free will from fate and fate from Lord’s Will, who hides His True Essence……
    Maker planned everything ………

    Vertex of heat to hearth and hearth to heat all the tiniest little stuff connected, if there be length that does not mean that it has no edge towards next. If there be congestion there are more view able angles. Again the matter is how the pinnacle of thought works to get the acme for the soul of deed.

    All are connected, conscious to unconscious and unconscious to conscious all connected. In between if there be grey shades, if there be blackness and if there be emptiness all are connected. It about in dot that covers everything. Maker planned everything ……… but hides His True Essence.

    One toughest cookie who will live life to the fullest would achieve this scale, but such achievement also gives the understanding and the knowledge to the hidden secrets, not sure. Now to dot the vividness if it be the art vice versa the same vastness in dot, Complex studies, complicated world and difficult Universal Nature …. Isn’t it?
    Limit the sign sometimes essential, especially to human world it is a key for performance and practice but on the contrary infinity and to its access is also the instinctive need. How would one turn on and fight against instincts if they are just given, just ordered and just done. They would remain the same as designed ………Isn’t it?

    Maker planned everything ……… but hides His True Essence.
    Why? Reason or answer

    Answer may be correctly given by ONE who designed this course of action we as human cannot model that clay here. Only HE can ……..

    Reason is one way of learning and understanding the complications of universal truths, though they mostly sprang up from the deception. So it might be that reason Maker planned everything simply none can challenge HIS SUPREMACY subject to unchallenged remains wholesome and complete. Creator signs and symbols the element of truth that comes from the lies of the universal reflection. Water seems blue; sky seems blue where as originally having no color.

    This is because the core to understand intelligence is blessing. Lord tests the intelligence itself by the deception of HIS Nature. Maker planned everything ……… but hides His True Essence.

    Zenith is the configuration of such truth and it’s deception. Yes….
    Truth also has the deception it never be revealed by Divine’s Nature at once but gradually like a poison.

    Now this poison affects the life or subject to taste the death it depends. Since death is never end its beginning of new journey to next world and of course death is of many types, sometimes physically we are alive morally we are dead. We are alive by mind and by conscience we are dead. Most of times we are alive only by brain and by heart many are dead. Souls are murdered these days due to many reasons …….

    One of the cores ………….
    Maker planned everything ……… but hides His True Essence.

    Eccentricities of savior faire and their extra ordinariness ……….
    Assess and evaluate Nature, Nurture, it’s timings and implementations and halt judging its not human element it’s DIVINE.

    Divine does not allow His supremacy to be shared because, Maker planned everything and hides HIS TRUE ESSENCE………….



    The things we like, sometimes we start disliking at once. Abruptly it happens we disliked specific stuff in life or people and immediate there be some connection that we start liking same ones …… Immediate responses are normal?

    Consistency is valuable most of the times and in each action and course of life even it is declared to be virtue when followed religiously.

    Human attachments, relationships and connections are though vital but simply they are complex as well. With the passage of time few relations got strength and few got the impact of delusion and deception. It’s true characters are masked.

    “Clairvoyance” ability to see beyond physical sight can reveal this element but working on human energy is not normally access able to every common person.

    We can widespread our Aura, we can make connections, we can widespread the wings of our thoughts without speech because we are expressive beings. We can express and impress………..

    What if one day you came by and feel strange magical energy around you that each person magnetically connecting you, interacting you, want your attentions for their work and frames and create an essential importance for you. Is it really you who created the magic? Or this is universal impact or zodiacal impact? What is this?

    Certainly it is something in YOU; it shall be your way of thinking or your way of action or your Aura’s dominance which can be established due to certain consistent behavior, study, knowingness or practice. Surely as evident it’s YOU.

    Outer circles are evident too they are not deniable facts, but they are because of YOU and for YOU. So how we handle around, think about and impact ourselves to the life, actions, people and even Divine, it matters.
    We common people are not prophets and we are not chosen ones therefore we are even worthy or bound to the specific circles, though we are. We are not bound, but almost to some extend to fate lines.

    Similarly, one day you immediately find that your are having so lower energy that cannot cope up with the same stuff, your daily job or same monotonous life actions. Why? Any logic behind?

    It’s human nature that for goodness sake he/she wants the credit but for any crisis or critical element that effects as human he/she needs some outer force or some one to blame. Realistic approach is, this is vice versa. This is not only an individual who causes such impact but the forces around too.

    Since, sometimes in life we got such damage to our emotional and psychological arena that we feel and everybody around dishonest and no one to be trusted and we are bare to harmful stuff in life.

    This is psychological and powerful impact but this is archetype of thinking circle of an individual, if experiences constant pressure of negative energies around and persistent level getting low than it’s obvious that one starts condemning around and blaming others for all the trials and errors.

    Various people are of different natures, few took such trials and errors as challenge and don’t stop unless attain what they will for they use two keys, two major D’s determination and dominance towards what ever they want and foresee.

    Circles are true they are of thinking, they are of relationships, they are of attachments, and they are of an individual’s aura and of collective society and onwards of nations, culture their educations ………… Most vital what gives powerful impact is the level of knowingness.

    Illuminations are the higher level, it majorly selects the scope of implementations ………….. We must ask regularly few questions to ourselves like why we need the connections what specific need I have for?
    Am I too emotional and I need some one show my melodramas? Am I too political so show off my speech quality or master mind games? Or else where

    Consequently, talking self and assess your level of linkage is important. As humans we must need our level of interactions and exchange of thoughts and their fulfillment. This could only happen we select our circles right ………..

    Sometimes when fate is dominant we don’t select our circles they are just made but we need to stay in touch with them to create our own!



    Limits and connections two majors to be addressed, both have their consequences both have their ways and results. True is the saying that a wise person in harmony with fate is sensitive but determined.

    Determination is sticking something which is intuitively accurate towards the success it is not equal to stubbornness which can has the bitter results in end. Deepening our sense of purpose is actually fortitude to win observing and absorbing true nature of things.

    Compulsive pathological lying is delusion of a persona, but it’s malicious for one till he/she enjoys. There are lots of socio problems been in our Era promoted that are by Nature and Nurture. Some times genetics are root cause of such nervous barriers and sometimes environmental sources.

    Pre-requisitions, for any pre-advancements, for the growth of psychology and it’s study is useless today by saying this I have my logic, since it is been emphasized that system and most vitally the universal karmic sources themselves drawn the destructive quantity increase to living world.

    Narcissistic approach is much highlighted in humans today. Sociopath and Psychopath is emblem of normality though, pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one’s own attributes are also very obvious, see selfie’s on face book and social media.

    These days social media is portraying the worse image, where as they can play the most morale institution for the humans for learning. Fictitious characters, stories and their false plot creating and wide spreading pseudo logia fantastica in common being more and on. People are interested in day dreaming and fantasizing things which are not actually existing, similarly they web unrealistic images and characters for themselves. Such activity generating many characters out of one person, this is desirable to each person today especially men, by hitting men here, I am again logical because Nature made this gender dominant and being Alpha Male they vibrate this energy more and consider them Hawks.

    Big five personality traits (Openness to experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion/Intraversion, Agreeableness & Neuroticism)
    In humans may elaborate their sense of category of living but this is all about theories. We never exact access the person in situation for the intentions though for actions we have way of manifestations and demonstrations. Consequently, the science we create to understand the reasons of life, nature, actions and most probably the way we think roughly the idea. This idea is actually the seed, the root cause for any result or reasoning.

    Why people are interested in killing time of others? Why people are deliberately torturing and tormenting the psyche of a common and peaceful mind? Why few people are like hawks and some like doves? Why people in this time are more mythomanic, this is generic, genetic or zonal reality? Why people are more pleased by BDSM rather than true essence of intimacy? There are so many questions and no reasonable answers ……..

    The gamut for this karma results how an individual perceives self-schema, Self image is stereotype here and it defines actually three ways:

    1. Self-image resulting from how the individual sees themselves.
    2. Self-image resulting from how others see the individual.
    3. Self-image resulting from how the individual perceives others see them.

    Now the reasons, causes and effects begin from here and than it interprets various aspects interacting with others. Our time defines the person who odors maximum triarchic model (Boldness, Meanness & Disinhibition) which is simple the accurate sign of psychopath these days.

    More or less this is true that out of 10 we are interacting 4 are psychopath or sociopath. Especially when the interactions are mostly of voice command and in person no one is interacting. But people are communicating their emotions by words, expressing it and try to empathize the emotions through reading and finally they fulfill their greed via voice command but out of that this is a stereotype of evil adultery which imprints badly the soul.

    Now the problems are many and solutions are none as the controlling authorities or counseling authorities do not bother the social grooming and governing any more. We know what people beneath the surface are doing, how evil they becoming day by day, what procrastinations they have for just better source their erotic needs to be fulfilled but so far no actions we web to count on them.

    Concept of liberalism is controversial here. Origins, Operationalizations, and Observed Linkages with Personality and General Psychopathology all are inter connected aspects. Personality of human is complex; it is emblem of mind map and intensity of emotions. Then again the day first to till the youth image of a personality the experiences, course of actions and reactions matters a lot.

    The circumstances that would be imprinted on conscious mind, though on unconscious mind actually mask conscientiousness. Machiavellianism is the main trait today for personalities around who believes short way to success in each aspects of life.

    Hexaco model of Dark triad would be more explaining term for such level. That’s true that highly sensitive person may fall to this scope of living but usually hypersensitive people are prey of such therapists. Watchfulness is essential since this is vice versa. Hence, mental disorders, abnormal social behavior, failure to recognize what is real, multiple personality/ split personality disorders which are genetic and environmental both elements.

    All this represents Schizophrenia, the signs are very obvious in humans these days. I would believe that this Era itself represents its time when humans are naturally more afflicted of this all than nurture.

    The mask of sanity which people have adopted in veil of religion is nothing but boasting of their false super ego, the end for this people defined none because they would believe for the moment staying and moment livings.
    Immorality, unethical attributes social and individual living bondages ….How we define them where as attractions to multiple or opposite sex is inhuman where as to restrict to one up to some extend would be trial most of times in living era.

    This is what we evaluate in societies these days; even history is evident over it. The kids by their own father been rejected to groom but other person may adopt for the social bondage (though they are not emotionally connected). Celibacy is evident then out of many reasons but is this human? Where as human 6 basic needs defined as:

    Self-Fulfillment Needs
    Psychological Needs
    basic Needs

    Is our fate is so easy today to have above all?

    Does we all are fulfilling the natural all needs? Desires and range of destinations are far above. The third world countries, even the first world countries are producing more sociopath and psychopath rather than healthy wealthy wise humans.

    The purpose here is not the denial of the creativeness, discoveries, innovations and the master mind activities of humans they are obvious and are ruling; on the contrary the grey shades of the today’s human are very obvious. They are having more darker area than the brighter one. New humans covering the range of old ones, even than once they reach to level and age of later one’s they realize the same grey shades. The black and grey area is increasing; knowingly we are certain of the reasons even than we fall to the traps.

    Yeah attachments, emotional links today are traps, intimacy and expectation to be cared is a trap because dysfunctional is obvious. What kinda attachments we have secure, anxious, avoidant or anxious –avoidant? Where we fall? Where other’s fall? We should evaluate …We should assess what behavior we are adopting time to time and why? Are we consistent in our behaviors, if yes than why….if not than why?

    Let us think about it …………
    Let us think and evaluate our own grey shades and than of others……..

    To Be Continued!!

Foot of Destiny


    Destiny is not in the lines of hands but the lines of fact, the facts unknown to human worldly eye, the facts have reality that take the breath away………….

    The happy feet you have, so the happy destiny you may have. Destiny may also appears the ugly feet that brings destiny closer access to walk, through over surface, walk over rock even beyond rock —-What we need to access, what is the secretive knowledge to know what will be our destiny?

    Went to the so called religious people who said about other and don’t know about their own? Is this a right way? To say and share all your reality and plans to the people around without knowing either they have better intentions or evil eye upon your fate blessings?

    What a big deal?
    This is open world we need to be open not close. This is world of variety we need to be intuitive but communicative at the same time.

    Now let’s just glance on this how institution works?
    Is that the sixth sense? Any blessing? Any special force to understand the hidden realities? Logically it’s noting just presumably the perception of senses that provides the touched feel………So far stronger the persona consumes, huge ‘the Sword of Damocles”

    What’s the big deal? Nothing much ……..
    The contents of varieties of soul around the world wonder the mind, that how closely they are web together yet they have differences. That how possibly the same blood, same natives, same relatives and the same siblings are distracted by the actions and reactions and difference of opinions of each other. The whole universal karma is strange enough to understand, the levels we explore yet remains incomplete to some extent. We stay remain curios to know and we remain still to mysterious of Nature and Universe.

    So still there is no big deal?
    Extremes of two edges are obvious. It effects, defects and affects ……….

    By default Nature is doing this all and Nurture is the receptive force. Nature is constructive yet destructive itself these two extremes are by default and Divine. Nurture is may conceived to be that people cater them and made them to some extent this is the component but again instincts are higher and instinctive quality is ruler, as human we cannot deny this.

    We got to be sometimes in the middle of stream to know how it would felt at heart and we need to be at edges for salvation. What we need it’s defined how we need it is not?? We mostly need to be digged out …….Strive to dig how the need would be fulfilled is the first action once it would be done the reactions, effects and causes would came after.

    Challenges are not the issue to deal with, they came just to reform the mind and intellectual games would be more interesting when one cope it up with. In fact the core reality is to stuck some where in life and mostly on the course which is against will, mental energy and satisfaction is killing. Soul been greatly harmed by this and it will cease the ability to perform.

    This era which defines it’s time itself, is full of perils. By analyzing this element there are logical reasons behind because nature and Nurture both mostly now dome and domain the destructive part as universe is getting to black hole.

    Suspicious components are obvious when delusion and illusions stage the world. Curiosity was once the source of learning to seek knowledge now a days a weapon to use kill others. It leads to destruction if over whelmed in any case.

    What is the bid deal? Is it any?
    We have the seed of though in our minds but we impelled to kill the source to grow the plants and trees for fruits. It’s natural and nurtured both ………….

The Light of My Soul ……..


    The light of my soul, that exceptional ray
    How false I was in my earlier enlightenment…………How false

    I thought light of my soul lays in my innocence, purity and holiness ……. How false …….

    The conscious effort of playfulness is everything to the world of Alpha being

    I’m no one and stands for nothing but submission

    And when it comes to the light of my soul
    I realized how false I was in my knowing before opening that door

    That specific door I got the key
    The color of that door of my blood
    The light of that door of my soul
    Yet the world behind and ahead is none mine

    That specific door I got the key …………
    I realized how false I was in my knowing before opening that door
    The world behind and ahead is none mine

    The light of my soul, that exceptional ray
    How false I was in my earlier enlightenment

    These stray reflections now converted to hallucinations
    Leaving the smoke of emotions indoors with youthful folly
    Be decided the world behind and ahead is none mine ………….

    I realized how false I was in my knowing before opening that door

    An ornamental feel of this lead is my errand to where?
    There ………. By opening that door ……Behind that door

    And when it comes to the light of my soul
    I realized how false I was in my knowing before opening that door

    My soul is pure, so that my body to be as well
    The light that travels in, adorn it for a while
    Living the joy of moments, left nothing but scars

    Gentle penetrations are expected
    The influence of human affairs come more through strength of character

    Let my soul be my character lays in innocence, purity and holiness
    Let it be …………. That ray to stay exceptional don’t impelled it to be optional

    Opt to reality, none exist
    Alpha beings are wholesome of grey shades ……. The shades unknown to me earlier

    How false I was in my earlier enlightenment…………….



    Magnitude is frightening……..Magnificent realities explode the mind away….. Sudden happenings never have been being part of acceptance where one can be contented. By force if a human be some one is actually not amiable for acceptance. Acceptance comes over the contentment whatever we do, we think or we want. The UNIVERSE gives you everything you NEED, but you have to pay for everything you WANT!

    The law of destiny
    The law of Karma
    The law of Attraction

    All above three elements are thought provoking for living on earth. What if we don’t follow any rules and try to live, this calls to be taboo and it is forbidden.

    Two ways to live either be submissive either be rebellious to all around. Both ways are demanding and have it’s own nature of sacrifice, loss of in-definitions and on the contrary the gain. Tutelage for both is none. Early it marks escapade later the results.

    All results are always not fair. The results which are unexpectedly not fair are actually sign of more effort and struggle towards the goal to have better and concrete learning and yearnings. As one whom does one work thrice have better practice and value than one who just passes by and gets something for granted and loses the value. Conditions applied speak well of it. Sometimes few frequent practices kill more than anything. It makes the act monotonous and non-vibrant.

    Maze, labyrinth and games are good for mind as conscious works better if it be challenged, so the smarter use their head and be in queue early and first in rank where as they may lack somewhere in emotions or the world that connects to soul and its blessings.

    Physical attractiveness same play good and foul, it effects and causes and it creates the magic of attraction just for while. What if most beautiful badly ruined …..It happens butterfly full of fresh colors does not survive in polluted atmosphere.

    It can be around only the fresh roses and representing beauty of nature. We cannot expect butterflies in suffocation but cockroaches. For both one common aspect is best both breeds don’t kill each other but humans do!

    What ever be the signs we are having in awakening or in sleep they represent the bubble of our own very individual existence. This bubble carries basics as well as particularities. This is though bubble but weigh the pros and corns and the whole major/minor arena of the person’s life/death, actions and repulsion.

    This bubble has hall of mirrors where persona is classified, personality may defined, level of brain be specified and finally the declaration thinking and action of one’s existence. Now, actually what need to identify is how far-sighted and how narrow minded we are to question ourselves and around the universal realities to have the proper answers.

    Because reasoning is one major element of learning, we knew things because we wanted to know, we are by nature curious what we want and what for.

    – How one can assesses the hidden karma, only if head speaks?
    – How one can understands his/her persona, aura, reality of existence, only if intuition/ perception work?
    – How one can ultimate achieves what he/ she sets for him/her, only if struggle to catch the pre-destined stuff?
    – How one can elaborates and satisfied for what he/ she gains, only if comes out of fruit of struggle and application of gained knowledge?

    Mind seeks to learn out of questions and answers but how soul learns? The brain games affect the soul? Soul/ psyche is different entity than the mind? Emotions are connected with mind or soul? So many realities embalmed to humans, so many questions and answers need to be searched out.

    Even the pre-destined elements need to be defined to human world in each approach and in every course of life. Time to time the demand of favor changed but the fundamentalities remain the same.

    Few people ask themselves so many questions that their over thinking bring them to the another edge of the soar where they can only suffer their individual emptiness, gloominess and in revert it comes as apparent anxiety, sadness and loneliness. That does not meant, they are wrong in their thinking patterns. No, not at all its just they attract that energy which infact not the demand of that specific time frame set for them.

    Evaluation of conscience is a different course of study as it grains the morals, ethics and religious aspects to follow. Material world’s speech differs from the conscience’s karma. However, the trial just begins here when we start dealing with self-conflicted two edged extreme thinkings. Self-conflict out of any difference of thinking domain creates huge confusion which ruins the confidence.

    Dare to win self-control and self-conflicted thoughts. As self -winning is the best and biggest victory ever. Self-journey is actually the purpose and this the factual road map for each individual to move on. Try to recognize what lies in self and set the road to follow.

    Though all paths are not set by humans, fate traps.
    Even than dare to win, dare to ……

    Certainly magnitude is frightening by nature but self-magnitude is spiritual meditation best of all essence. Dare open it ………… dare to


DECAY OF SOLITUDE; Hundreds of Years In A Day


    Huge ambition, abundantly realized.”
    One Hundred Year of Solitude

    Why we become so over whelmed with the loneliness sometimes in life. Did we try to search the reasoning by ourselves or we depend on others or blame others for this element? Solitude defines it’s own version and dimension it reflects the same what we actually perceive about it. It’s not evil but it can be if it will be massive for a person for years after years.

    Human behavior is one good reason of it. People isolate themselves due to many conditions and out of many reasons. The damage caused my relations, the difference of mental scale, level of thinking and detachment of social activities. One of the major reason is lack of intrinsic motivation of an individual, when one after another the tasks/ trials or experiences which provide the tragic zone to the character or set backs which saddens him/her to excess. Once the balance is out in terms of mental, psychic, spiritual or worldly affairs and relationship’s chemistry nothing left human.

    Now, what if one is isolated in life, an individual is lonely, is it for sure that he or she may has any psychotic or neurotic reasons behind? We in scientific thinking implied so? Scientific behaviors conclude only this?

    What if the people who gain the spiritual essence in their lives and higher stature of occult sciences where they can see through things, are they all have psychic problems? Aren’t they? Isn’t it? Really…………

    Solitude is an alliance; it develops sense to those who better utilize it for the sake of self- development, however it is not that easy for every common person to adopt. For this self –reliance, higher intentions required. The world we are surviving in, actually living on trends of ill-trades, where youngsters even olders prefer those activities only, less or more important to kill the time.

    Yeah the unwanted humans are excess today. World, Universe and the Existing humans don’t want them to take their place. Older humans who gain the experience on the surface of earth don’t want new comers with new innovations to be the livers ……Surviving is a chemistry it’s natural depending on needs……….

    Corrosively, this world is full of unwanted humans; they add on crowd or left an individual so alone in his/her domain. Yeah we are dealing with excesses bestowed upon us by Divine. Divine balance is out. Realization concluded nature is at extreme ……… Isn’t it?

    Usually in solitude people inclined towards the element which they usually hide from others and prefer to have entertainment for their sake despite of the factor or fact declaration that what is and if purpose behind.

    Again all not same, Newton only discover what he did because he concentrated and focused extremely in salience over his intention to invent what hides in unconscious mind. He brought to the conscious mind and to the conscious world.

    The point to be made here solitude is natural salience which provokes the opportunity for human to sense and work out for the deep indulgence in self and natural resources to understand even to communicate with Mother Nature, and that Nature nurtures human conscious mind well driven by the essence of unconscious realities.

    Each and every human is unique, this is how one-self and interacting with others sense his/her true identity. This is how we define our universal realities when we interact with others we learn from them and out of this we try to give our best doings.

    Whence we are in solitude, than how we learn?
    Do we really learn from salience?
    Do we honor our own loneliness and of others a holiness?
    Why we befall to such essence of Nature?
    To whom we speak access and communicate in salience?

    We can ask nice questions to ourselves for the better answers, at least we don’t get what exactly we want by the end of times we can sense, only sense around ourselves and sometimes that’s enough.

    Shaft of theft is inside each soul and the fears and threats that can tear off
    How to manage the emotions we jungle in and juggle ourselves with? It’s complicated but easy if we gonna make it. Can only happen, when we mining out our own very business, as business for business to be done!

    We can define ourselves by our doings in this world and action is by nature though by force of Divine or by the effort of will one choose to implement. Both are mazes, both are interlinked that decline or inclined and both are pointed and appointed.

    Feeling like a day of hundred days of solitude is remarkably foils, an archive of many habits and old shaft thinkings and junk of memories. Nostalgia is a huge fit which humans use to linger the time they are in. Truly, it helps.

    The memories recalled, or brain membrane that recalling the incidents again and again actually burst and manages the emotions we revolve and survive in. That is a karma of human mind bondage with junk of emotions hits the surface now and than, again and again or whence one try to allow.

    Watchfulness is essential, three categories as mentioned, hitting of memories with bondage of effective emotions (Happened or Happening or Gonna be Happen)

    i)- Happened – Past Memories and Emotions (gained or violated)
    Condition depends on an individual either it could be now or than, again & again or if one allowed to if he is too strong to deal with

    ii) – Happening- Present Action and Feeling (Goal set to achieve or pass the time as comes). Condition applied here only how in current situation the person attentively involved in the doings either he loved to do or impelled to do …..

    iii) -Be Happen – Future yet to come, Plan and Practice for (Objective or Subjective)
    Condition applied here how the emotions affiliated with the thinking pattern towards. So it could be the reason of thinking which can conclude the memory of future prospect. That makes the huge room for human existence for hope and so on to go on …….

    See the picture, than the colors, than the shades and finally it’s reflection.
    Watchfulness is essential here …………Words are expressions, so without words we humans have language too and it is more powerful and massive to communicate.

    This is how the solitude, salience and loneliness is ………
    Massive in unspoken, unsaid words ………Magnetism and magnitude of this alliance so effective can’t be denied, it can even destroy and even defeat.

    Unwanted humans creating crowd everywhere yet approach of an individual in living in this era, vibrating decay of solitude, year of many years of hundred years in a day of salience.

    One hundred year of salience and solitude
    Years of year’s loneliness yet converted

    Ardently, abruptly and abundantly realized massive ambitions ……
    Journey sojourns ………..




    How we perceive our shoes in real life lets evaluate

    It symbolizes person’s destiny?
    It signifies opportunities for a person?
    Significance of person’s behavior towards possibilities?
    Affluence out of person’s efforts?
    Purport of person’s direction?
    Substance of person’s struggle to gain the favor of fate?
    Importance of effort or free will?

    If’s and but’s are threads. These threads are controlling and sometimes controlled. Master mind takes it up. Brain games are essentially major. It’s up to each person’s own declaration that how he/she can conclude or tender shoe’s importance or significance for him/her-self.

    Up to my mind shoe defines for a person the way of action, smooth walk and actualization of the possibility or of walking path available. If the shoe is not suitably fit in, it gives the tough time. Most of times even the shoe which is apparently rotten but if it is comfortable it is always be the preference in times of use.

    Perhaps, today’s world has different story high heels though how much they are effecting the body structure even than it’s trendy to wear them where as wearing heals actually reserving oneself from the common effort of daily activities too.

    Again brisk walk always associated with the joggers and the flat shoes, why by the way? Because it speeds up the process, boast energy and motivate to struggle to get on.

    In our modern world of science, the brands, the patterns, the expensive shoes and their display business this is all by actually the manifestation of the need what human realized time to time. With the passage of time the needs been converted and raised up to the level where desires been converted to the basic needs.

    Truly, it happens and being revolving in a specific circle we all are part of it. We all some what follows the trends and moves because without that you are not actually ponder or tender in the maintained or manifested system.

    This is how we see our world in existence for shoes, the apparent predictions and practices ….. What if shoes are associated more than that …….. What if shoes with laces are malice and malisons ………. What if shoes are nascent ….. WHAT IF!

    Few people relatively to psychology they would say there are no IF”S and BUT”S but to some extend they are wrong… If’s and But’s are for reasoning the things and in fact reason out is vital science for mind development and mind manipulations.

    Laces for shoes to tie up, tighten up, to maintain well and finally for a shape.
    If they can be predicted more than that than it would be ………..

    The point here to be made is shoes and laces are of massive significance of life’s aspect. The people who are in business and at business of life they actually know their shoes and laces well. Shoes for them, their own directions, desires, dedications and diversions. Laces for them, their links, lacks, Longtivity of initiatives and limitations.

    Economical views along with political concepts in this world of machine very concrete and substantial. World around according to my calculations and earnings counts more of economical need rather than social, therefore social needs been exploited and wiped out as a policy and policy holders only shows their flexibility where they perceive their financial or material benefit or gain. Such as an evaluation of a classy business man who suppose to be so conscious of his wearing shoes as it represents his keen sense of predating the business opportunity and possibility for sure yes and of course of his dominance towards the interactions of characters. Probably, this would add on to his mood and ego as well.

    See how people can see through things or assess through the appearances, but this all could be estimations to know the character or the personality, beneath the surface there are no ultimate material or clothing or shoes or laces available. The apparent shades may be the most different and deceptive of the inner reality but it actually threads the keen will of the person’s choice.

    Selection of red shoes instead of black is not just because only of color, it could have deeper meaning and depends of course the sequence of a person. Selection of heels or flat shoes again would not only because of apparent selection but it could be of inner influence to impact outer surface.

    This is how a sight of a person can be changed and way of thinking …….
    Shoes and laces are connected, the good thing is their appearance and reality somewhat match. Color to shape, shape to size, shine to show and toe to pop really it matches

    Significance of images, symbols and signs are too correct and wisdom would be earn through it. Nature given us also signs to understand His Techniques and Ways, so do we human in our world follow the same.

    My mind hits me to select this very symbol to elaborate; this is as I have keenly observed that shoes for foot and laces for connection how important they are. On land, on mountain what ever be the surface it needs the cover. Uncovering places are rare else where everywhere we need the cover.

    So the rhetorical triangle here represents the writer, the audience and the content. The writer works at ethos, audience generates pathos and content produces the intellectual vibes. The rhetoric questions remain the same, philosophically they are deep to enhance the reality so must ask again and again the same, shoes along with laces signify what:

    It symbolizes person’s destiny?
    It signifies opportunities for a person?
    Significance of person’s behavior towards possibilities?
    Affluence out of person’s efforts?
    Purport of person’s direction?
    Substance of person’s struggle to gain the favor of fate?
    Importance of effort or free will?

    Think to get your own answers, own digged answers are always way better in understanding and much more powerful as in learning ………


Confrontations Synthesis


    The twin houses of mystery and discovery rule any journey. Each new day is launched on a fresh landscape, one that reaches out to grab our full attention. Though new adventures are a great teacher — and often a great equalizer — there is an art to living lightly in a strange land. Mindfulness and discernment become the keys not only to success, but also to survival.

    Universal realities are all about confrontations, when their syntheses are due. There are mix energies with frames of mirrors and flames of emotive forces. What if balance has been created to each soul to rise as pious? What if the desires been objectified as goal orientations? What if eye watched the same when t closed and opened? What if?

    If’s and But’s all for vain for sure. Filling words …….
    Where as mostly designed to use or to argue ……….. Logic is not only the science to understand the realities. No and never.

    Precautionary the revealing insight, seeing through things is a prophecy based spiritual essence, it would be only the blessing or it would be an opening door upon Divine Selections.

    Dilemmas are immense when these energies have been clashed among the parties. One could see through things a farsighted person actually in situations, mostly been degraded by the majority and of course majority is authority. Wisdom is one sign of precautionary insight but is not on the whole stamp.

    We say to the world the word, the brains are different. Average functions are same but Divine did the multi-serene inventions and births to each individual. Every individual is not just the norm made up of the blood, veins and so called brain but also of the most paramount entity soul. So when the brains are different so do the souls.

    Difference of opinion actually distinguishes individuality and its impressions. Certainly in all frames in all gestures all never be same. Twice energies mix and fix. Whatever is influential would win the race. Contretemps bring the variety of thoughts in flames just to be sure if they are positively taken by the audience, if caused grudges it would be failed of the objectivity of attributing the acknowledgement of the learning of shifting of the thought.

    Feign of argument of any kind would effect both ways. Obviously the bitterest effect preserved in heart would be poisonous where as anger that out burst the bitter words would affect the character’s dealings. Both ways have their consequences!

    Easy to say difficult to act!
    Most of the people say, less act and template incorrectly. Synthesis for confrontations cannot be one sided.

    It is seen that truth lies in one to the fullest but it prevails half with the wrong doers as well. The ratio of moral even in this era is effective because Divine has HIS plans for the universe and its end.

    Near to end things loose their satiability and stability, it has been observed.
    Near to death materials loose their links and roots, it has been seen.
    Near to periphery objects loose their margins and spheres, it has been analyzed.
    Near to …….

    Divine has HIS PLANS ……..
    Insight is one key that perhaps open is door, might the blessed one can do or the people who think deeply to touch the spheres of the realities.

    Divine has HIS PLANS ……..
    Confrontations are real but apprehend as deceptive. We realize sometimes only one aspect we left another. All balls cannot be circled or can be catches in one go ……

    Easy to say difficult to act!
    Most of the people say, less act and template corrective as well.
    Synthesis for confrontations cannot be one sided.

    The twin houses of mystery and discovery rule any journey and every journey.
    Errands would be made in any case more or less one place to another to seek, to learn and to act.

    Let the confrontations actively be on track for those who deserve the upper hand. The people who deserve more value than the ordinaries. Errands should be made …….

    Divine has HIS PLANS ……..
    Though the mortals most of times have not……
    If they have though…. Could be modified as only Supreme can Rule

    Divine has HIS PLANS ……..
    Insight be given to the Divine Selective Beings ……………
    Universal realities are all about confrontations, when their syntheses are due……

Two Vital T’S


    1. We are common laymen we don’t know much about the universal agility, predominant changings and the smart mind games. Yet we can sense the humane innocence, diligence of feelings and psychological moves from affirmative character’s vibes.

      Cordially, words are sometimes not enough to express and in this world there is no measurement for the true feelings and spirit of truth as auxiliary that only found in few these times. We are fortunate to be crowned by such support, if we have!

      Accumulation, verbatim, staunchness, servileness, nadirness and erudite replete templations been done and we are fortified against the trash walls of the negative forces. When timely support of characters are around. Lord whispers in hearts, therefore treating hearts consciously are a vital job.

      Presumably, the world is a place where challenges, successes and performances spread around mainly two aspects trials and tasks. Trials are rough so do the tasks but both have major difference trials re-emanative and tasks are human designed elements.

      Tasks are fulfilled and set to be assigning character in designed frame where as trials have their own intensity and destiny handled by divine.

      Tasks can be deviated where as trials are specific, fix and deserve perseverance and patience from the character. Differences make life colorful and argumentative as obvious. We see one side of frame rest another over looked most of times. If we see both we cannot decide easily what should be our human will for any specific task or trial.

      Lets have the vision through the feelings not by the worldly aspect what gonna be the results? Surely as per the classifications of the worldly affairs it won’t that much sound. People think that wisdom is the main source to sort out the problems tasks and trials can be more presumably addressed better in energy with mind than soul. How true this is …..

      Analysis anticipated clearly recommended that any task or trial can be only sorted out with the min-max ratio when the mind is attentive and spirit is high to gain. This spirit of gaining is soul’s intensity and emotional force. What is our performance it is actually what we feel about doing things, work or any task.

      Lots of determined people hit the level of their super-ego to attain higher and most eligible level and they gain it because they stay determined to do that or perhaps they are instinctively stubborn enough to attain what they set as their targeted goal.

      Time is the source of learning and templations, trials and tasks are both connected but few tasks are human made and they are killing for others in aura and enjoyment for the one who thinks this is for outcomes. Brain games are actually the tasking few people implement for learning applications and others just play with them.

      Consumption of thinking over the aspects matters for the applications. Tasks and trials are solid entities therefore associated with strength but for sure sometimes they are hard to acquire for better results because they make the negative entities and circles to spread.

      Obviously, all the brains are not equal but they have capability to enhance and they differ to add on variety. Therefore the tasks and trails are different and unique for each brain to test their abilities and capabilities. Opportunities and possibilities to be oriented are more or less better or worse depending on the circumstances and destiny.

      Important two T’S they work out for the learning and applications……….
      To Be Continued !