Renunciation & Resurrections


Speech : Culprit Is You My Heart

    Culprit is, you my heart!! Yes you my heart, you created the world which does not exit, you made the world which not exists …. Observe and absorb your stance, the stance that makes the experience sojourns …….

    Culprit is, you my heart ……Yes you my heart …Culprit is, you who read and write for and sake of destiny be made, you are the board for destiny, the board that explains what destiny up to for you ….. We are culprit to our destiny not to deeds these deeds are seeds of destiny ….I

    n another words destiny seeds the deeds …. So what we play is the cards’ role ….

    The role of cards is bestowed not been selected, never choicer by us, never choose by us luck the fate is when been alarmed or been asked from the destiny being ….

    Culprit is you my heart, yes you my heart how much your abortion in you …you are just a piece of flesh

    Always lead your heart, always follow your heart it will never took you wrong it will never blemished you if you the heart is true and truly passionate and enfolds with true emotions…… Follow your heart ……
    Thy is the asset ….. Though you are my culprit my heart as you created the world which does not match this apparent world …. But your given world is all beauty, is all the charm, and is all the heavens …… Yes you my heart you are the friend you are the foe, you the sign of sign the soul’s demand …. The soul’s command …

    Culprit is you my heart!! Yes you my heart you created the world which does not exit, you made the world which not exists …. Observe and absorb your stance, the stance that makes the experience sojourns …….

    The seasons are subject to life and death, Nature is subject to life and death, Universe and universal all products are subject to life and death…..

    Life and death is the major circle here in this world of transformation, in this world of termination, where one comes another go …. Another comes and the later go …

    We are not the culprits of our deeds … We are the culprits of our writ of fate…. We are the culprit of our destinies ….. Where these waters stay perhaps the central place is the Heart …if one source to be most focus to blame …..

    Yes you my heart …culprit is, you my heart you created the world which does not exist ….. The clash of your given world is vice versa you give the picture of Heavens here I deal with hell ….. You have pitcher of soul …Here I have the broken mud pot …….
    Culprit is you my heart, my friend my foe, my centre, my focus, my and myself…..Culprit is you my heart ….. I sojourn the journey I made, or I want to be through, let me sojourn ….

    Change is subject to transformation and this world is full of it, here birth is important but rebirth more important than that, the concept is psychological as well as spiritual but true …Transformation is vital….. Opening of doors, one to next, next to next and to next …..

    Culprit is you my heart, my friend my foe, my centre, my focus, my and myself…..Culprit is you my heart ….. I sojourn the journey I made, or I want to be through, let me sojourn ….

    Culprit is you my heart!! Yes you my heart you created the world which does not exit, you made the world which not exists …. Observe and absorb your stance, the stance that makes the experience sojourns …….

    This world has fundamental reality of birth and re birthing, Renunciations & Resurrections ……

    What is Renunciations…..?
    It is mingling one same product with one same or one different product with different…

    What is Resurrection ….?
    The alive considered or is dead and then gain rebirth by nature, by instinct by force, by law, this Psychological rather than logical, this is Philosophical rather than rational, this is not methodological at all.

    Even then it happens by the differences, the seasons live and die, the light live and die by prevailing darkness, Day live and die when night approaches, Green leaves live and die when get yellow and rotten and so on this journey…. Travel starts from one edge to another live and die … Similarly the Human Nature, Spirit and Soul live and die in vertical limits…… We daily sleep; we die temporally and then survive….

    Daily the human muscles live and die new one generated when old one dies… One sheep die the another produce … The other produce the later die…

    This is the law, rule of thumb, no one can change it but this has change in it when renunciations and resurrections of new and old things been collective.

    We are forced to deal with the ‘underworld’ of life – the part of life that most people tend to ignore. The person confronts death in various ways – usually on a psychological level.

    (No one dies even a millisecond before their allotted time.)

    Sometimes there are near-death experiences with this transit. Generally people attend more funerals. There is a need to cope with – to come to terms with -death.

    The purpose is to lose the fear of it. So many of our true hopes and aspirations are blocked by the fear of death.

    A Child cry when get first breath in the world and this is considered positive sign for the live started, we cry when some one dies and took last breath… At both stages the fear lasts, level out To and Fro …

    People fear success, or the achievement of their heart’s desire, because somehow it ‘seems dangerous’ – one could die in the process. So, learning to deal with death will help us to live our lives in the now and in a better way.

    The heavenly bodies are signs that rotate and they have certain houses and poles to describe of bestow the details to humans physical realities …. Such houses/Poles of realities not only deal with death, but with its corollary – resurrection. And, after what you’ve been through, resurrection is in order.

    This is something to study then to apply to life. We see resurrection, renewal all around us all the time. Nature is doing this all the time. One day ‘dies’ at midnight and instantly a new day is ‘born’. The old year dies on December 31 and instantly a new year is born. In the winter the foliage dies, but is reborn in the spring. Let us not mourn the dead but, when confronted with death, let us look for the resurrection and renewal that must follow. Life never dies. Only what is born, dies.

    Rebirth is actually based on thinking, Renunciations & Resurrections subject to thinking process and to aspirations level. On a more mundane level, this is to get involved in detox regimes of all kinds. A time for getting rid of all the effete, useless material that clutters our lives – whether it be in the body, in the home, in finances or on the mental and emotional level. Old, destructive emotional and mental patterns should die -just as viruses or destructive bacteria in the body should. This is the death that gives new life.

    The end justifies the needs, the ends justify the means, the ends subject to needs, deeds and ultimately to means all are subject to one focal point and then to spread wide …

    All of us in this life die every day and live every day our first breath die to give birth to another and this what is happening to all other aspects, Yes it is certainly happening.

    Man is an amphibian beast six times role in one; this is what actually refers to same soul and spirit. This soul which is arrest in this mud pitcher is full of light but lives in darkness … Light only explores when the darkness been known and darkness been only seen when light been know…

    So the speech begins or ends culprit is you my heart, are you ….. Are you my heart? You made the world which not exists, you created the world which is imaginary, and images are for the perfect soul that holds nothing but everything …. But this everything is not possible henceforth because nothing lasts forever here …..

    The culprit is none other than you my heart you created the world that conflicts with this …… The culprit is I this heart full of such intense emotions …..

    This is not the mountains we conquer but ourselves …. I conquer you or you conquer me here at this stage? Culprit is you my heart …..

    I conquer you … Or you conquer me ….

    Culprit is you my heart ……
    You created the world which not exists …



    The most important science on the phase of earth …. Yeah it is a rocket science if we make it … Then it will be the most complicated task because it is not one way….. It is two way traffic, it is two ways path have the same destination if the souls of interactions are the same and have the similar and common goals.

    The wishful results in the life are not that much especially when the clock is revolving anti considering the Time ….

    It happens that time stays same for everyone but in scales but clock stands still for few people and they stuck in their set standards … but what are the standards? What actually they are? We set them based on materials, or the sound level of learning, or upon the spell of earned knowledge? We set upon wisdom, upon knowing, upon ourselves or upon character’s exchange …. This is the focal point upon characters’ exchange….

    It is complicated give and take, when you are taken you are taken, when you are giver you are giver …..You can be destroyed can be damaged but cannot be defeated ….. To take is the sign you have to be giver by multiplying two …

    Public optimum …. The scope is to cover YOU and yourself in the merging waves of characters ….Optimum level is that positive characters are the positive source of exchange they vibrate the inspiration, the source to imagination of ecstasy based on Truth.

    Characters that are the positive in energy, in thinking, by soul and in their actions they are actually the smooth road for the driving to one edge to another. They make the traveling smooth with harmony and peace because they are actually for this purpose on the phase of earth. This is only be done when they recognize their actual purpose and they implement pragmatically for which they are made up of.

    On the contrary the evil force is also generating, it has also the quality to be think and done … Yes only this force is so quick to be in implementation, it got ways without traps and what it demands it just commands … So Think done is the quickness and readiness of the negative entity.

    This does not meant that positive energies lack in power…Noops… They are actually so sound in it but as they enhance the consistency so they consume time… Consumption of time is also one of the positive sign because it contacts with and contains the perseverance….

    To better interact with the world and the people the basic step is to groom SELF. To Groom and up date self thinking, self image, self ideal image or self productive or constructive aspects … Whatever related to self ….. Now self focus is also of two types because here in this world everything is splitted in two, every thing is divided into two and this division in two is the apparent in reality converse or contrast it becomes one …

    Yes oneness is the sign … Oneness is the actual concept …. Oneness in everything yet apparent everything has two ways, two divisions ….
    Well if oneness is the topic to describe here than each aspect will be then associated with it and here the topic may convert to another level, being a describer here the motive is to explain another topic with brevity, as Brevity is the soul of wit… The terseness is important here to the relavant topic …

    Oneness is the topic …. No Self is the topic here …. Self image and the explanation of the topic that it has also two major aspects… One is of the self positive image and character and second part is of self ego … Self ego is the centeral aspect what ever be the rope out side hanged to the self and self ego hanged to this rope…

    Self character is the sign of existence and sign of understanding that one breathing living creature is sound naturally, and instinctively the self being is the character which exist not because for the sake of existence but for the real and course reality for the purpose given to be enhanced .

    Now what is the purpose here? The purpose is to explore the wisdom with the wit of knowing and to apply this wit with brainy ideas to balance the pulsive emotions, to implement actions into practice and practice into actions ….

    It is about having a baby to the self that you long to be, your ideal self. But before this can occur, the old self, the old character, the old mindset has to die. And thus such home (of recreations in self) is also associated with loss of lifestyle. Generally the loss of lifestyle that happens is more on a psychological stage.

    Those innovative on the religious direction encounter the loss of lifestyle of the ego or of certain features of the ego. That less innovative encounter the loss of lifestyle of certain psychological or psychological styles, perhaps the loss of lifestyle of some old addiction.

    If you go through one home to another home transportation and nothing in you has passed away, well, you have not really prevailed. Just as the new day cannot start until the old day is deceased, so the new you cannot be created until the old you (the one that has been developing all the issues and dramas) is gone. Usually this is a procedure and does not occur all at once.

    But now you create improvement here if you think so and by THE WILL to do … Yeah by free will to do though free will is also to some extend clayed and played to and act under Fate but it is some thing which exists with force … The force to DO ..

    Sometimes energy in the home delivers real encounters with death: lifestyle and loss of lifestyle types of downturn, near-death types of encounters, or a need to cope with the loss of lifestyle of someone near. The purpose here is to obtain a higher knowing of loss of lifestyle. It is never penalties. People often have goals of loss of lifestyle under these transits.

    This is another way of dealing with loss of lifestyle on the psychological stage. As described, old factors of you and yourself should pass away and thus it is quite organic to have goals of loss of lifestyle. Be ideal in all that you do, and, of course, do your preparation before developing significant strategies.

    Your economical lifestyle now or then stays under evaluation for many more several times .Your objective is quality. Once this is accomplished, your economical developing choices will be easy. Your associate, associate or present really like is still in an annually economical optimum and still seems more awesome with you than regular.

    Wellness still needs a lot of viewing and care. Wellness in you, in self …in character … most traumatic times are the times when there are changing seasons though outside in Nature or in your inside season. So keep in thoughts our past conversations.
    New Synthesis …. The creation of a new entity or idea from elements not previously joined. This new synthesis must be needed to every self now and then by the converting and conversing times, with the age and with the stage ….

    Self image is for remunerating and regenerating sometimes subject to the consequences because consequences are made for the regenerating or recreating, polishing or revising the structures or the practices or home works. Do your new home works when the old ones are not working.

    Self Image…. Am I in an ideal stage of my S-e-L-F I-m-a-g-e? Does any one has Ideal Self Image? Again the answer – What Ever I am…. I’M ….. I AM!!

    What ever I Am is by nature what I can adopt and what I can act is the favor of Will. Adaptation is of course based on the outer interactions….. Interactions are the most important myth ever made. If they are sound you have sound proofs of the practices, acts and actions …

    Wisdom play role, as the pulses and heart is the course is the center of course. Self character is the observer, the analyst… So there can be miracles if we believe so if one believe to generate and work out for ideal self image he/she can ….
    Then again Interactions though it be with the SELF or with others … It is the HOLY Aspect it is worth living because it what LORD is counting up there ….

    Be solid in Interactions, Be Truthful in Interactions, Be the one originally you are in Interactions … Be the REAL YOU ….

    Be the real YOU is the Upper echelons of process, progress, purpose and prosperity ….

Distance ….. Distances!!


    So far instantly the sight travels, distance never be covered by the sight as sight has the limitations. Far sighted things are vague enough to carry, to adore to understand and to analyze…..

    Is there any book of logic that defines the distance chemistry, is there any school of principal that elaborates the distance created blue feelings? Is there any equipment that could measure the emotions been evaporated or aspired by the gaps and the gulps?

    Emotions travel also, yes they do travel where as the distances are certain and static, they remain the same, emotions travel with the senses….. Distances have nothing to with senses and emotions …. Infact there is no comparison of Distances with the Emotions but they lingered hanged up with the entities.

    Quest for nest and nest quest is obvious in this world but who can make nest over the slippery waters… Does any one can? No one can …. Never … Never Ever be …

    The distances themselves quest for the ends, each way has the end but distances has no ends , it is the journey with in journey, it is distant far away for the distance.

    What else one can do if the distances themselves become the language and define what emotions can….. What else one can do if the natural resources and instinctive all aspects been covering and rolling up the different perspective….

    Perspectives for distances … All around the world are different yet where ever you are in the world… It is in shape oval….

    This is the year 2013 and the distances to the central point of one’s standing to another is gummed, this is the year 2013 and the century is static yet Universal entities are revolving., this is the year 2013 yet the emotions of this Era Human is the same of the First Human, this is the year 2013 and the world remains in shape oval …. This is year 2013; yes it is year 2013 yet ….

    Time, Years, Distances and Emotions all are strange in their resolving and revolving entities, they have their existing circles yet they empowers the another, interact with each other …..

    Only the Creator is the Creator of all Creativity….
    All above are Creator’s Creativity …

    Destiny is also His Creativity. He Creates we copy, He Generates we creep….
    Every thing is copy of copy…. Origin is Nature; Nature is originality fake is the reflection which is of origin which disappears with moth light what stays the receptivity with deceptively…. I am talking about Destiny of Destiny! Struggle is something Destiny is everything!! A command is of Rule and of Ruler.
    Destiny is one focal point and distance is associated with….. Distance of destiny or destiny of distance both varies one scale to another ….

    This is all about here in the world distance to destiny or destiny to distance….
    Traveling is for sure the possibility to explore….

    Destiny of distance obviously fluxes with distance of destiny….
    This flux emanates and rejuvenates with Destiny to Distance and Distance to Destiny…

    Provoke the thought it seeds the incredible duel, doings, deeds …. Yes Indeed.

Area Of Limits


    This is the area of limits when it is designed to be hold on.
    Area of limits …

    Do we have limits or any area of limits in life to carry on or hold on? Do we pass through any sublime system to believe in any ideology? Do we have actually any grounds to move forward or to keep us hold back to and in lines?

    We have limits to physical realities and universal approaches but we have no limits to spiritual levels, soul animations and for the imaginations.

    Human Imaginations are as vivid as wide as the ocean and as sky, it is emblem of so many various aspects. Imagination is one powerful reality in which one can travel from one world to another, one level to another, in present, in past and in future as well.

    Here is no area of limits, here no limits to the thoughts, to the realities with in mind layers and waves of thoughts. Here every thing is possible; here everything is profound and sound. Here nothing is impossible, nothing is no where…. here the ecstasy of achievement, here the diligence of success and here all the wills are granted.

    When it comes to will and the wants of human, all are not amplified as the sound realities but Man wishes to have them done in any case. World is full of wants and wills but all wants and all wills are not subject to fulfillment in fact sometimes the most heart throbbing and breath taking desire is also not in catch of human fist.

    Why is so?
    Why this world is so complicated when it clashes with human wills, human wants and human needs? Why as human himself is not the lord to mount and to create, human himself not the one pore or pure the nature, human himself is not the holder of the instinctive intimations…..

    Why is it so? Why the human world is getting so complicated? Or it was always the same complicated to all thinkers of times? To all logical minds who quest to have the desirable answers?
    Why is so?

    The world is full of wanderers, full of mysterious, full of colors, full of surprises, full of differences and different species. World is full of variations, full of vividness and wideness yet it turns around to the knot and dot from where it’s been started. World is oval in shape no matter what happened where one goes, always drop down breath from the beginnings dots….

    Beginnings and beginners are eye openers to the world if they have inclined and keen of their imaginations and their flourished thoughts. The world is a teaching place, similar it is the place one can learn according to the capability and skill of a concern.

    Human instincts are the major signs of the creative identity, the capabilities and skills are subject to human instincts and natural abilities these always differ from others due to which variety , difference , jealousy, pride and comparison been generated.

    Area of limits are predefined to manage the physical realities but area of limits are open headed when it comes to human mental energies, spiritual powerfulness, imaginative qualities and perceptional heights…..

    There of, there are certainties yet uncertainties, reliabilities and vulnerabilities, possibilities and impossibilities ….

    This is the area of limits when it is designed to be hold on.
    Area of limits …

    Boundaries are certain and certainly made up for the protection not for the hindrances. We are making boundaries for causing turbulence for ourselves by ourselves, we are establishing such links that are web locked and web logged…….

    This is the area of limits when it is identified it should be to firm with.
    Area of limits …

    We are not the being of our will that wills can rule all the times, we are the beings under ruling authority where wills be slay and slaved to the commanding authority.

    Area of limits is the area where one defines the ideals or the balance between the acts and the implementations of the keen desires. All should be balanced with in lines, defined or predefined, either based on religion or upon ethics …. All should stay in line

    Beyond line is the area for soul …. For Imagination …. For perception
    Beyond line is the boundary of vividness where construction may be of pearls and may be of petal ….

    Beyond line is the limit for limitless ….
    This is the area of limits when it is identified it should be to firm with.
    Area of limits

    This is the area of limits when it is designed to be hold on.
    Area of limits …

Sinking Hole …


    Holes are narrow and the narrowness is not appealing, hollow and shallow are the characters that make themselves the holes. There are people who are like sinking holes. They themselves become the sinking holes inside in their emblem of emotions and so they vibrate the same layers to the other.

    There are questions in the world more than answers but sound answers keep the peace in. All questions are not but answers and all answers never fit in to questions. This world is a question for one who understands and quests the answer right, can get the treasures of meanings. Meanings for nothing for else but actually for the self existence.

    Self image is the one reality and self existence is else, both differ in variety, two halves of the same coin.
    Self image is the core identity of any being, the diligence, grace and beauty is the instinctive weakness and essentiality for this image else where it creates the dissatisfaction that wide spread and vibes to other images and damage the impression of expression which is essential for the existence and breathing bodies.

    Self existence is the not that one could be existed or created the frame of breathing or performance himself but the main concept here is that self existence is the realization of the self identity in the specific frame of practical role that been bestowed to the human for the performance of the ground level.
    There are lots of religions in the world all consumes the version that command the line to hold for the betterment of human existence but if holding the limits are not the part of human practice than there is no religion that can work for the human diligence and grace.

    Proof of the realities is out here in this box of universe where the intellect is subject to I-Q box which itself is the examination. Here the Learning is the Earning ….Earning is Learning ….

    There are lots of questions and every question is not answerable….Answers are less to all the questions …Questions to believes are illogical because question of belief is out of the boundary of believing or holding any favor of faith . Intellect never works to believes, intellect is out of the ring where comes the wave of believe. Many questions and answers to none …..

    Self image is important which creates or controls the ego of self, positive ego should stay maintained in any case it gives the identity in the frame where confidence may sprang but the negative ego is just nothing but the fire on water.

    Self existence is the fatal if one try to be the controller on ground breed, it is something bestowed and controlled beyond intellect just act the stated, just perform as mentioned in the script the script which is directly indirectly related to fate.

    Characters are what their internal frame been constructed in adsense of their self image and self existence. Characters are sinking holes when they counts outside for the others and stop the counting for themselves for the estimation of their own rankings.

Convince Or Confuse Them……


    Interesting is the talk that seeds to conversation for the sake of knowing the real idea behind any frame of mind when it comes to the exchange of communication between two, three or more.

    Whatever be the panel of communication the real Strategical mind is the inventor who perceive another’s idea with the sense of obligation, sense of smelling and send of identity.

    The matter of object is sometimes not that important and sometimes very effecting the sharp mind enhances the strategy of developments.

    Sooner or later in life, what we do it depends on the idea of practical source to be implemented, sometimes we strongly believe in something which destroys us externally as we firmly believe in where as the universal realities are not of the same signs.

    Truth of truth is that believe is to be tested and believe which is not tested is not believe but a fake affectation. Now the difference between the believe and the estimation of anything associated with faith is quite higher because they both been place in two scales. Both been detected and tested in their own way by Destiny and Divine.

    What Divine does to us we do the same to our own breeds convince them by law, order or by nature or if not than confuse them by the source which has the strength. Convince them or confuse them by this strategy the half of the business been done.

    Interesting is the talk that seeds to conversation for the sake of knowing…..
    The knowing is what is the identity that has no resource to boundary it stays with the soul
    and limitation of the enhancing power, it is empowered itself and empowers the one who
    Wants to adorn …….

    Convincing is the same empower when it is logical and when not than it needs some
    strategy and best of all to confuse in front of you who has lack in knowledge or in

    The business is done in all the way when convincing is the power and when it is unbreakable in expression to others, it never happens that it never works, it always works when picked and delivered by the intellectuals but when it is not tooled well than confusion is the core impression that can rule …..

    Thinking is bound to what the practical circle revolves, since the logics where the mental capacity demands and convincing where the Will demands and when Will is storming or not storming or stemming right then the impression to trap in fronts with the sign of confusion ….

    Convince them or confuse them ….The deal of business done!! Half of the success achieved and half by cashing your identity of true idea!!

    Interesting is the talk that seeds to conversation for the sake of knowing…..

Natural Ability!


    1. ‘Practice maketh a man’ true statement, but actually practice is some sort of exercising the elements more and more to portray the image in accuracy. Accuracy is achievable either by the practicing the element more and more or by the instinctive qualities. When it comes to instinctive qualities they are actually the fundamentality of any core reality to be in shape.

      More than practice the Natural Ability is the course of reality which is much appreciable, natural ability with practice is just like building a golden castle in the middle of stream of oceans where there no heavy layers can affect or cause any fault or damage but only the the alluring wonders that captures the sight, that captures the mind, that captures the soul, that captures and sprang the inspirations and motivations.

      Natural Ability is bestowed quality it is in higher in stature than the practice element, because practice is subject to energy and consistency and natural ability is matter of unpredictably just the performance at once. At once …..

      Finding solutions through experience again it is like practicing the ground elements
      Resolving issues via skill and decision power is what the instant creditability. The focal
      Point of understanding is that Natural Ability paves the destined components strongly in
      Shape and Identity rather than the excursing one thing again and again.

      Both becomes the emblem of innovative creations only practice is time taking consistent
      approach which is like standing up to the staircase step by step towards adopting virtues
      by natural ability is abrupt effect and impression of enhancement rare one are the
      Characters who absorb and been blessed with high Natural Abilities.

      They are fortunate people instinctively but among people they will be a bit sufferers because others rank them judge them aside them peril them being collective and get jealous of them natural ability in higher stature. This been by Divine command by nature that they been blessed the others are not than how come they be at theirs.

      Natural ability is the source which does not need the identity of competition it comes from the nature an instinct that would just command for the performances upfront. These are the positive entities yet they rest effect negative to the beings who are not blessed to such rank.

      Consequently Nature is the Divine Essence that is Rulling, Commanding, Dictating and of course the Capture Power of everything around. The Will is also the source that comes from the same orbit. Orbiting the Will and the Command both together in same scale rank is surely not easy and certainly very complicated.

      Rank your knowledge to explore the real in you and to search the real ability of Divine Blessing and revolve your efforts around it certainly then the impossible will be possible, the unachievable will be achievable.
      Draw the lines to carry the road, decline the dawn that could be harmful……. Portray what imagination speaks ….Color your personality peeping inside your own winning abilities. Won yourself to won others.

      Findings are for none if not done for yourself…… Natural Abilities may be polished with the Wit of understanding and with the wit of intellect and with the Wit of experience …..

      Draw ….. Draw the picture for the sake that gives inspiration ….Draw what drawing demands, act what practice demands, experience what will commands…… Perform what ability demands …..Demands the command and command the demands ……

      Rank your knowledge to explore the real in you !
      Practice is Something and Natural Ability is Everything !!

  • Crusades of Experience


      The most enhancing and the most complicated entity in Universe is time, unforeseen, upfront, unpredictable, and unfathomable and the most important entity that can be friend or foe.

      No one ever predict the actual practical course about it. The world around revolving for better cause and the figures, available one not much up marked sometimes, perhaps most of the times.

      Often sometimes the foggy things get so clear to the normal eye and sometimes the facts in front become the foggy unremembered dreams. No better half, no better course, no source, if the revolving circle trapped somewhere.

      What externalization we need, some times to better explore and enhance?
      How many rhetoric questions? Do all these questions have logical practical answers? Or just the estimations?

      What? Why …. How far? And when? Questionnaire …
      A long catalogue of human dialogue based on questions reasonably there are not such reasonable logical answers because most of the mechanism in this universe is rather magical or miraculous.

      When there is no other purpose left of questioning than the counting of the leaves on a tree itself an exercise. When no exercise works then the mathematics does though it will be on the surface level.

      Experiences come from practicing life itself, lots of exercises, lots of experiments, though good or bitter, sour or dainty all are emblem what person’s desire to be in the revolving circle…..

      Most often the experience themselves defined, destined, bestowed again though bitter or good, sour or dainty all are bestowed, for granted, for the sake of sake pre-destined, pre-planned, pre-practicing for the pre-puppets on the phase.

      What can be eliminated against this by effort? What effort itself …… when efforts are themselves a salve. An effort itself a salve to the destined course? What analysis, what out comes, what enhancement? What is what, when efforts are also salve ……

      Yes, enslaved to the unknown consequences, beyond human resources and managements. Beyond calibers and Maintaince.

      Enslaved ….. The efforts are enslaved … They are enslaved to blind fates, unbreakable destinies of the norms of the earth…. Enslaved …

      The human of this Era salved not only to time, to universe, to destiny but to also all the mechanism and mechanical entities. True enough that human and their live strategies all are enslaved to the Universal courses.

      All the realizations of the Universal truths and realities are the Crusades; surely they are crusades of experience. Nothing on phase of earth is with out reasoning where there is no reasoning there is no logic of breathing creatures, those souls of world are empty.

      Emptiness is somewhat also the part of universe but not all areas are empty. All areas have their own definitions. Every thing has importance when it is in the spot light on enhancement but this is also truth that every being every person surf the whole breaths some times in searching the stage to be in spot light.

      But few or less there are people who lose this opportunity when should be availed…… However the world is all about the performance during in transit of this performance juggling with all crusades of experiences.

      Heavy days, heavy feelings, heavy loads are there in air, in land in whole universe but then there are signs of refreshment as well…. This is all about exploring the directions and has enhancement and observance. Absorb the waters when in shape of drops or when in shape of layers try to absorb and see through …

      This world is about all crusades of experiences …. All about crusades …. All about experiences … Absorb the water when in shape of drops… Juggling the best is the performance among rest …. All about crusades …. All about experiences…

    I Toy the Words ….


      Just quest to think and think to quest! See I toy the words! Words to select to write and to say always should be the most important but duly in the world we are living we are conscious of our speech and not conscious what to speak where to appropriate to speak…..

      Character within character I toy the words….. I troy the words, sentence to character …. Character to sentence ….

      Never be bored or cynical yesterday is the thing of the past…… bad luck comes by pounds and goes away by ounces; you’re in the same boat.

      Don’t let your fears blind your trust, but allow your trust to blind your fears. There’s always a flip side to everything…… Flip side to everything everywhere …..

      Focus on the positives and you will realize how someone has gone to great lengths to make you happy and prove their love to you….. One song can change a moment, one idea can change a word, one step can start a journey, but a prayer can change even an impossible …..

      Quest to think and think to quest …… I toy the words.

      Words are weapon; they are what represent the thinking in practical aspects. Words are of what thinking spells, now tow major realities of universe that rules, embellish or demolish positive or negative…..

      Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior. Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.

      When we keep the negative aspects in all above major elements than the negativity the fruit and reward in all aspects…..

      Character is what emblem of many aspects that comes from the outer course or via inner universe. What impact is the soul enhancement, the soul which is higher in stature and hyper sensitive perceptive and conventionally, conceptually high always been trapped in the pot of this mud (physical body).

      Hyper sensitive perception is one of the core realities that are attached with the emotions, now emotions are not science, not logical all the time infact emotions are never logical. Sentiments have their own version they are not logical at all but what they are they are deep as ocean expression to them itself is an art A brilliant art, an art at soul is incredible.

      I toy the words when I can’t toy with toys…. I toy the words is an expression which enhance no emphasis on ‘I’ but on ‘Toy’ and ‘Words’ ….. Tasking the words and toying them like balancing the scale……. I Toy the words and when I don’t toy the words I simply troy the words.

      Creating a magic is from the spell of words, innovative to be in thought need expression in words. In Era we are breathing lots of brilliant thinkers and writers are there but even then they can’t wholly explain what they been through ……

      Every human is unique, what differs them is just the anatomical variations and such variations are natural and nature holds and plays, here nature toys ….
      Just quest to think and think to quest! See I toy the words! Words to select to write and to say always should be the most important but duly in the world we are living we are conscious of our speech and not conscious what to speak where to appropriate to speak…..

      Character within character I toy the words….. I troy the words, sentence to character …. Character to sentence ….

    We Live in interesting times!


      This is best of times; yet worst of all times even then this is most interesting of all times. We have everything before us yet we have nothing before us even then we have interesting productivity & conductivities before us.We live in interesting times …..

      We are having day light but we are not restoring light. We are having day but we prefer to make night mode as a day and day as a dream sleeping. We are curved, we are flexed and we are perplexed. What if we been through all this yet we live in interesting times.

      We communicate in interesting times, we conversed and condensate in interesting times yet we mis-understand most of the times and been misunderstood most of the times. Times are times, this is precious most commodity referred in universe and for universe to calculate what been invented and circulated.

      But been times are the striking element then what is of the struggle? Is it under the time commodity? Or is it fixed with the other vital entity?

      What if the times been struggling to the subject of struggle? What If…
      Ifs & Buts all are correct but the reasoning is the soundest reality.

      We live in interesting times, we care for diseases, invent the preventions yet we kill each other with flavored diets. We care for the new generations and yet we prefer the existing beings just the breathing handicaps…… We live in interesting times…..Best of times yet worst of all times … We live in interesting times…

      We survive with in limited sources, we live in the height of desires, we wish the best for ourselves and we cut the rights of others for our own benefits …. We live in interesting times.

      We travel, we guide, we stay, we fly, we rest and we road the long ways to homes yet we stay in search of home all the times … We live in interesting times. …

      We rule the countries, we made the assemblies, we do politics, we rule the land, we rule the people, we raise slogans for the poor for the needy yet we suck the veins, the blood, we have blood for blood sake, we say we are humans we are for the obedience of humanity yet we the best of skills is killing prior for the investments and profits. We live in best of times, yet worst of times. We live in interesting times …

      We enhance qualifications, we deliver knowledge, we gain for the sake of gaining materials, we work in circles, run in circles and run after materials, we can offer modesty in exchange, we offer ethics in exchange, we offer virtues in exchange …..

      Exchange of what …..Of course the highest most demand of materials, the highest most ranking of substantial reality as Money….. We live in best of times yet worst of times…. We live in interesting times….

      We delighted to have spring but depressed to have springing, we are drawing, we are sketching the world of our imagination in practical course, we are leaving the practical realities to the assumptions… certainly we live in interesting times….

      Surely we live in interesting times that we become almost dead and yet the medicines and drugs can make us alive… We drug ourselves to violate the Truth the bitterest realities yet we can’t we puppet ourselves to the domains, to the human managements that just tame for their self sakes, Surely, Certainly and Realistically we live in interesting times…

      What we say we do not operate…. what operate? We exactly do not know … What do…. can’t say. We contradict, we raise objections, we make policies and we ourselves violate them … Surely, Certainly and realistically we live in interesting times…

      We live in best of times yet in worst of times … We live in very interesting times. We see daylight and use curtains in home, we don’t like stones but we decorate them and we wear them and make ourselves special and precious wearing stones, we don’t like road stones but we cave ourselves in mountains.

      We condemn solitude yet nature is itself salience. We oblige salience but we do loud most of the times … We live in interesting times…..

      We thought for the sake of thought we live for the sake of living, we luxury our lives we comment to exterminate the Brutes yet we them selves are facet of same…. Really we live in interesting times….

      We work, we demand most, we require the most and we deliver less ….

      We live in interesting times… We live in all times when it comes to lucid imagination of dreams, we live and can fly one beginning to another end, we live in all times we are curios by nature to know and yet remains unknown for all existing entities and major facts we exist and we exit so easily that records mark nothing but astonishment… We live in interesting times…….

      We Start, we end despite of the fact that few beginnings have no ends … the carry the stream of consciousness where time, frame and physical realities matter nothing they have no boundaries ….. We live in interesting times….

      Times are times, they never stay the same, they curve, they change…Time is a changeable entity, its’ Divine, time represents Nature’s thought…

      Time is what associated with knowing yet unknown… Time is Time it can symbolize yet we symbolize ….. We live in best of times yet worst of times ….. We live in interesting times …

      People say we live in the times of war, people say we live in the times of spring ….
      People say we live in the times of seasons of death ….What ever the situations….what ever be the times all lives in specific frames, all survive in times that could be commemorating …Times are history and history represents time ….

      We live in ideal times where we have sky skippers, yet we live the worst times of mechanism and machines, as machines are not ruling us replacing us, machines are replacing flesh and bones so easily …….

      We live in easy times; we live in busy times…. We live in best of times, we live in worst of times yet we live in so much interesting times ….

      We have everything before us and we have nothing before us sometimes….. We are directly going to heavens and we are in the same time directly going to another way … We live in interesting times …….

      The epoch of light and the lighten is the hope, we live in the times of hope though false though correct …. We live in interesting times!