Soul Or Psyche Or Mind


World encyclopedias explain the meanings of these words in the way that these are unseen connected spirits with each other. Few people are of the view that these are interlinked with each other but are different terminologies yet they are not.
Soul and Psyche are both reflection to each other,
SOUL…. it might be negative or it might be positive. That can room the world itself or it can revolves the world around it. Nature has made this creature the most powerful  Source of understanding to The unknown it is unseen yet is endlessly powered enough to be recognized.

PSYCHE is Greek word and has great Greek philosophy and myth that elaborates the fundamentality of it as realistic in sense that it is alive source that Contain pot of knowledge in it has layers that reveals to the Unconsciousness and semi-consciousness of human mind.

If the myths concerns to this huge elaborated topics may consult than the discussion here may convert to the other edge. Here the ground of illustration is Sufism; which indeed the critical world for so many people and most of the sane and mental power provoked people consider it just the goodness of imagination of human mental ecstasy which one can interlinked with soul, psyche and mind. Where as it has more deeper reality.

The invocation of human goodness of thinking, acting, offering virtuosity and human high rank of compassionate deeds which give leads to human heart centre of ecstasy and room of revalidation of true happenings with the strength of zikr and religious conceptual perceptions. This pave way to the actualities of Sufism in Islam it is higher rank of understanding Truth, Love and Knowledge all compassionate realities and integration of Lord; The Creator.

Mind, Soul both should purify and fertilized with the introvert thought to know the Truth, to enhance the Truth, to acknowledge the Truth, invoke the Truth and come on the surface of the outer or extrovert realities with the spark that psyche of one should be based on morals and virtues. Because once this done one can think positive, act positive, react positive and consequently Fate and Will both be conquer positively with the Light of Truth and Knowledge.

‘There is no sin but ignorance’ he who is ignorant can never be the Truth seeker can never have the spot Light of Knowledge, The Light which is referred here is Divine and refers to the Divinity.

To have the Light, Knowledge and guidance of Truth one should be the receiver of the introvert ecstasy by acting upon it the rays of actualities will differ the appearance from the outer colors to the inner bright light that will directly leads the horse of spirit and that will connected to the soul, mind and psyche which will create the Aura of personality and character to the SCALES and the levels of understanding or reorganizations.

Boss Or Bossy Attitude


The one who can never be underestimated, can never be overestimated, one who can never be incorrect just always correct, one who can discover the world in his mind and rule realistically in his mind but himself puffed to be born to rule. The one stay on the top of the world always never mind that sitting on the branch of the tree but should stay always on top with richness and pump and show. The one for whom even the commerce books and studies stated that ‘BOSS IS ALWAYS RIGHT’ and the best successful formula formulize as ‘YES BOSS’.

Few people are of the few that boss is a type of original villain who adores playing with the employees as toys as per his will though that might affect the toy and the key of it lost. Botheration to that villain is just end in the roar of laughter. Such people can’t bear the person as boss, as a person who command them to strike, to develop their career link to the level where the benefit just multiply for directly on indirectly shifts to the person who are just worthy of all richness and credit just because of the illogical logic that ‘HE IS THE BOSS’.

But few people are of the mentality that what ever boss said is right just exaggerates the element on which he emphasizes and just go on the way what ever their actual laziness of stuff conduct them, because they are of the prototype that they don’t like to work hard but like to be part or shadow schemer of the people one or two who work and survive with their dignity and honor.

To say yes to boss is not awkward but good to be promoted this is the mentality over all in the market now a days to fulfill their finance and their career uplift as early as possible. People are going astray by making their own laws and principals just to fulfill their mental commands just to have worldly success where as it is not enough it is not worth living if u don’t prepare to live twofold live by good conduct and compassionate deeds.

‘Money is something not everything’, it is need it should be limited to the need, not for the extraordinary endless desires that’s just purposeless and just to fulfill the human ego or his introvert superior complexes. Finance is essential need of humans today and there is race among the races of human to be on the top of the hill or u might say on the top of Hell not matter what just to wish worldly affairs is accurately the same there is not much difference.

To exaggerate apparently does not last more just for seconds, this life is like bubble and human is sane being so he must not wish to have the life of the bubble. So pretentions, exaggerations, deception won’t last much but the dishonor it cause remains forever and most importantly it cause humiliation in another world where the scale can just weigh the deeds to be the treasury part of characters.

Boss is human also at least, it is common study that psyche revolves around the line which ever human draws for their lives to fed on. So instead that the people who work under start condemning the boss should understand the level of expectations of that person. As President of any state needs the ministers and the sub advisors to be the magnifying glass and the eye of President to have view of whole nation and their problems same is the case with boss he need the executive class to be the people who must be Tirecious to assume the introvert all thoughts as the APPLE products works and USB works to copy data (hahaha).

It is not false to say that boss and bossy attitude bears the spirit of Politian’s …..They debate; they put their ideas on table not matter what how much controversy it contains, what ever be the reason it cause benefit from each edge to them. Then what if they cynosure themselves, so what if they are bit egoistic, so what if they do business infact they are humans having supreme and superior complexes.

Every character has positive and negative approaches, so in any case it should be admitted that bosses are also humans. To do job it is essential that boss is right, yes boss but infact having such gratitude you will learn much about the life to serve, it is up to the person concern how much to which extend he/she will learn. In case if patience will be out of limits than u should not sustain such place or such boss which bridle upon the psyche of yours, because work and career is the most important element so if it is not highly adorned than it must be at least satisfying.

To command others is not a gratitude or correct aptitude but to logically and philosophically convey the ideas and to be the gardener is vital to be the role of boss because the management of one man can’t last much, one man show or dictatorship never bring fruitful results. But the people who first be the good humans and honor the humanities their managements rule the world. So the concept of democracy is announced in the nations they support such provoked person to be their leader to be their guider so that others can have the benefits from their experiences as well.

This is need with in humans to be socially connected and to be healthier by having loyal and sincere attitudes to grow, else where the distortions exploit not just one place or organizations but whole nations, whole races.

We are at the worst edge where we MESSIAH to be on earth must we are getting mechanical not only by mind but also by behaviors and emotions. That should not be prolonged any more that world just stay and survives for one man’s honor, for one man’s mind, for one man’s story and others just remains the pathetic puppets. First in the hands of Fate and than pathetically puppets in the mere hands of humans of his own kind as well who tame them or use them for their own sakes.

Consequently, it is hence proved that Bosses are also humans they are just provoked by extrovert or introvert mental or behavioral complexities which cause them to be the Boss or to be Bossy …. In case every person confront such figures in life, in life we as crown of creation have key to live and many other formulas to manipulate so why not to handle this as well …. Why not??

Science As Key Knowledge


To know things really from the soul object fundamentally, completely and totally to enhance the motive for life is called science as per my chemistry. Science is sort of knowledge that adores nature’s reality and to know the God and His Creations and the whole Universe form the beginning to onwards.

Science believes in logic. Logical and meaningful objects are the basic subject of science it has many branches of other knowledge as well that provokes its miraculous jobs more easier. Human is a being whom the curiosity of knowing is naturally culcated due to which man discovers the machines and rockets and other mechanic objects those raise him up to the level to enter in the space to foot upon the moon, to realize that solar system is the most powerful of all other systems and we have other planets they revolve around sun including our own home Earth.

To experience and to make experiments upon logic to know the things is science major concern. Now experiments always never get positive results but if wisdom works than they always respond positively. As Newton discovers the gravitation because of his natural wisdom which get help through the extrovert logic that he comes across to understand by thinking hard and concentrating upon on edge of reality.

Similarly, all the extravagant inventions by all the intellectuals are because of their concentration and logical strike over the natural resources to understand objects and observe them and than vomit to world in shape of discoveries.

Science is any case is supportive and helpful aid to Human and for Human lets observe in case of Medical Science as it prolong the basic age of Man as once only because of virus of Flu or temperature people die just because they have no defence against it. Comparatively, today this is not a problem as it can easily be controlled by the low doze of pills. Today medical science may bring the alternative options for each natural element as well, even artificially baby can generate and can be abort as well, and infact medical science is interfering more and brings causes to the nature’s laws and natural processes to fulfill Human mental egoism.

As this is law of nature, in this Universe each thing has negative and positive impacts so do the Science has as well as if we analyze Chemical Science, the bombs and explosive materials are bringing harm to our own home land earth. Man is so cruel by mind when he thinks, concentrates and indeed made the explosive materials and utilizes them for his power to be fulfilled and his dominance to be shown towards other mankind races and the other nations.

Science is actually the name of the provoked ideas about knowing the Universe and all the creations of Almighty Allah. Searching is the key element, after finding clues in mind to concentrate the upon the ides to scratch the reality and than to adopt the logical ground of proving an experiment is Science’s work.

Science is the twofold identity to know objects from introvert reality to extrovert and from extrovert to introvert realities. Unless it proves it self and visualize the proven logics. Once it be than Science stick to the proven experiments and than the practice will prove Science more wide spread and authentic.

Consequently, Science is basically the provoked or spangled idea that can seed out only on basis of proofs. One who search, find and concentrate to dig the identity of it will get advantage. Other who banishes the power though of knowledge or any other can get nothing but their own powerless egoism.

Customer Services


Customer Services

Customers are the most vital source and component of business to render services to em is an art that will measure their expectations and as a result we have satisfaction of customer. Good branded customers can be secured and be the regular customer of any business or organization only because of basic professional strategies, which has been segregated for the professionals here, by this presentation the fundamental concepts of rendering customer services can be spranged out and will definitely helpful and supportive for all working people.



‘All the world is stage and all of us are acting characters’ Shakespeare said these golden world earlier to express that this phase of life is just like bubble this is also his philosophy to some extend. Similarly life on the earth of humans is the name of rolling up adventures or several plotted stage drama. Any stage show has the major aspects and the portrayal of it must be succeeding by the characters portraying.

That’s true that characters always appreciated by the audiences when the writer of the character works so hard and creative artistic powers has been showered or shown to the story, plotting and the most important emphasis of character positively culcated.

Each story of the play, drama or stage show contains story around which the characters revolves. From the very beginning this concept is over viewed that there are always two types of characters. Evil characters as well as positive characters. This chemistry of evil and goodness expel the experiences and the ground realities around the characters. Most importantly it effects, cause damage or sustain the characters. What ever is the atmosphere or the environment the character have around that will build up or construct the major aspects of the characters.

This article relates with the actual characters and the story writer is no one but the DIVINE source and plotting is not fictitious but rather implemented over the deeds which helps or delves after death period so that plotting is the most vital as well because it has been controlled by the Fate. Similarly the characters respond.

Infact as the story has been always the major element and always wrote re-arranged and reset before any action to be taken so here the matter of discussion is very clear as well. The story of this earth beginning and ending is already stated and saved on the DIVINE BOOK with all the signs with all the characters with all the details. The difference is that Man is so timid creature compare to DIVINE source so his plots and his stories are timid as well and can’t cover the universal all in all things, where as DIVINTY can any thing by saying ( KUN FIA KOON ).

Man imitates its’ fate and DIVINE guidance in any way. So this universal truth and universal story has been originated by LORD to examine who will serve and who will not? Man himself is the creature who is bond to serve yet in same instance it neglects. The two major sources can effect. Being a character the reality of soul and truth should be recognized and should be templated. The character that is solid if the Writer wants to be him. Every story has the protagonist and plotting of the story revolves around him. Each story has villain as well that cause upheavals, create problems or want to snatch the fate of the protagonist from which he might be jealous of.

There are tragic characters though they are solid or based on truth. There are negative characters that have no certain reason to that but they remain the same as their Fate dominates so. Few one are good and sustain themselves to be and are the racing character who keep the pace on the track of life.

This is thought provoking that characters are ruin by the situations or by their inner thought, by reactions, by their desires, by wrong approaches or what??? As there are so many elements involve to damage a character or to make a character remunerable and unforgettable forever.

All characters by force of nature, and fate identity are different but the combination of good and evil for each character is always is there. Nevertheless, the reality shows and the caricatured beings are most probably the same. Original characters need the shed and the shadow of fairy characters must to be moving on. Folk tale characters, fairy tale characters, imagery beings all are possibly the work product of Man’s mind but they have emphasis and key role for lead roles.

There are lots to explain as a character one by one as the characterization is the most vital and the vastest theory to explain one can never fully understand the role or the character on humans that has bestowed by Lord. Imitation is humans’ key job to do as they always fulfill their curiosity by imitating the nature and its all phases.

‘Copy of copy’ that’s what Man’s essential job to do; characters are interesting though they may adorn different clothes over them while portraying the story. Characters which remain the positive and perform good acts remain in the memories of the others where as the characters that perform negative roles do also be in remembrance of people but as evilest and devilish.

Character makes the personality traits sufficiently enough that should be in focus for the story writer, for story teller and for the whole other impacts.



Who seeketh Me findeth Me.
Who findeth Me knoweth Me.
Who knoweth Me loveth Me.

Who loveth Me, him I love.
Whom I love, him I slay.
Whom I slay, him must I requite.
Whom I requite, Myself am his requital.

The path of truth results in discovery of the Truth, which means knowledge of it. Moreover, the truth is such that one cannot know it without loving it. And that love leads finally to the embrace of God, Who in turn loves those among His servants who love Him. In the metaphysical sense, however, it is God’s love that precedes human love.

This are the poetic verses based on realistic love (Ishq-E-Haqeeqi) this is mostly not the understandable element for every one but for the luckiest souls only the selective and chosen souls.

This monologue is for the beginning of poetry introduction. Poetry is the most expressive writing source on the phase of earth for humans’ literary world. The most beautiful way to express the emotions and the inner thoughts. The imagination world where any thing can be achieved where nothing is impossible.

Poetry is of many kinds which all has been guided and chartered in the literature. Poetry is the version that has been used by earlier and the earliest humans as well and by almost the nations of the world, by the humans of different cultures and heritages.

The purpose of the poetry is to express the human with in need of understanding of physical reality and the spiritual reality as well. Poetry based on REALITY directly linked with the LIGHT OF KNOWLEGDE OF CREATOR that will create the alluring impression on human mind and his life all over this will be achieved by only the blessed thinkers. The poetry based on ROMANTICISM is the human mental and psychic supreme work that elaborates different and several phases of knowledge. Romanticism itself has two types one that has the direct light of truth and second approach is of the beauty that either be of nature, humanly or of the mechanism.

Consequently, poetry is the corner which is favorite chapter of work for the literature lovers. So here the poetry may consult through other channels means that will be linked of great ancient and modern poets and as well of mine.


Thou Art of the Artist,

Thine Artist is the Truer,

An Artist Knower of all knowledge,

The artist to whom all the colors are known so easily,

Colors to paint the picture of whole universe,

Thine Art,

Reality to that Artist is Mirror,

Light to that Artist is also the Reflection,

Thine Artist is the Truer,

Thou Art of the Artist,

What else the knowing,

If one can’t capture the same color,

The Ray that holds the Truth of the Truer,

Only Ray be enough to be the mystical,

The whole picture of that Artist beyond the mental awareness,

Thine Art,

Reality to that Artist is Mirror,

Light to that Artist is also the Reflection,

Thine Artist is the Truer,

Thou Art of the Artist,

There is No One In The house But The Master Of The House


See with eye of inwardness the inner reality of the world,
For with the outward looking eye thou canst never see the inward.
Every level of existence, all that constitutes that many levels of the universe, all the creatures from the fish in the sea to the birds of Paradise are nothing but the


This is said in spiritualism and in the Sufism that TRUTH is in knowing and understands of the DIVINITY and THE DIVINE EXISTENCE which have no face but it is wide spread every where as a spirit and the Ray of LIGHT. The Reflection of Truth is every where it is up to human mind and knowing that how come that some what to how much in the extended form Man got the knowledge of the Truth and to have the Realistic Ray of Light.

The fundamental states of reality may be summarized in many ways, as we see in different Sufi texts. In simple terms terms they can be enumerated as one, the corporeal; two the psychological and the imaginal; three the angelic and archangelic, which is also the world of the intelligences and archetypes; four, the divine Names and Qualities; and finally, five the Divine Essence. From the ontological point of view, one can speak of Beyond-Being, Being and the Logos in divinis, identified also with existentiating Principle, the ‘’WORD’’ by which things made, and finally, the realm of separative existence.

As for the spirit (al-Ruh in Arabic) it may be said to be at the border between the Divine and created orders. Each of these levels in the hierarchy is itself comprised of grades and stages, as for example the various grades of the imaginal world. Not to be confused with the illusory and the imaginary (which in the ordinary usage of the term is associated with the unreal while the imaginal world is real on its own level), and the hierarchy of the angels as well as the archangelic world, with which Christians are very familiar. But each grade of being or level of reality is finally nothing but Divine Presence. In fact, being and presence are ultimately the same as far as Sufi metaphysics is concerned. That is why one of the well known versions of Sufi cosmology speaks only of presences and going back IBN ARABI categorized all the reality in Five Divine Presences.

The Five Divine Presences, which are another way to indicate the hierarchy of being, are enumerated and described by IBN ARABI as follows;

First — Hahut, the level of Supreme Essence of the Divinity.

Second—Lahut, the level of Divine Names and Qualities and Being as ontological principal of creation; this level contains the uncreated logos or intellect.

Third —- Jabroot, the arch angelic level and the higher Paradisal worlds as well as the created logos.

Forth— Malqkut, the subtle domain and the imaginal world standing immediately above this world but stretching to the Paradisal realm.

Fifth—-Nasut or Mulk, which corresponds to the humans to the human material and terrestrial world.

Keeping and having such Divine identities in Sufism there was the rare concept that Master himself is every where, in each essence there is Divine Holy Essence. Divinity is the most complicated communication in human and humanly affairs but Sufism is the delve of that reality or to achieve the Realistic approach where once can get the Light of Truth and Divine Essence.

My Visit To Delhi & Kashmeeri Gates


It is been pleasure to be at such places, such place which once considered to be the entrance of Sultans, Kings or Queens. Places where once the royal bloods were allowed their royalty, their sawariees like elephants and the camels and the horses. Their royal grander, their glorious aptitude and amplitude, their honor and respect, their greet celebrations beyond their expectations, their splendid gratitude and their welcome from those huge gates with shown respect and down to earth necks by slaves and the people of sub servants. This what the history told us and people of seventeen to eighteen century keep going on through this practice with due course.

In 2009 this is end view mere beginning of 2010 twenty ten now a day sun rises it shines the same the way it do before two centuries but now there is no sultans and kings to be awaited now these places are similarly crowdy but converted. Now these places are the wonder places. Where there is the biggest market of clothes especially for the wedding ceremonies. These days converted all history and background of these places as the most important business of time. The bridal wears the clothes of each type fashionable in reasonable prices. These gates are full of people all the time because represents the central city. Shops having stalls, eatables and of course the traditional dresses as retail market all there.

Internally through entrance of DELHI GATE there is ‘Gurudwara’ as well the worship and holy place for shiks. The door for that ‘Gurudwara’ is as old as the place itself when their holy traditional days come shiks of India came to this holy place and having ‘Urse’ type ceremonies. They considered still that their ancestors are still resting and alive here. Once upon a time it is not only said but also stated by men of history as it repeats itself it is the most holy and respected place for the shiks and still it is for them. This place becomes so crowdy and awkward all the gaint size sheiks come here and start their traditional holy acts. How that ‘Gurudwara’ inside it is my lust to be seen but as the door was locked up with heavy chains and big bang lock I was unable to be inside it is said by the people of the place that it is just open once in a year during shiks visit. As curiosity is always killing element I have wondered that what happen inside. What exactly there is in the ‘Gurudwara’? But I come across to know that inside there are graves of scared people of that religion that have been worshipped by the race here after of this religion.

‘’All religions are scared, it is up to the believers that how much they believe in it and be on the righteous path.

Belief is like wax if it burn it will die, when it die it becomes thick.’’

So far every person need religion it is up to his hunger how much he get it and smuggled it digest it and stay healthy. I am getting out of way I guess I must write on religion than I put this theory on that topic. Here interestingly I’m writing about my visit of Lahore’s most important gates where I have been shopping, investigating, searching, looming, wandering, wondering and been effected of fit if history. This is what a writer is ‘experience of one man knowledge for thousands.’’

I have visited that place but all of you are also now on the path through your imagery eyes of mind and soul. However ‘Gurudwara’ was interesting perhaps that was graveyard inside but as the graves are scared for the believers of that religion so that what ever they belief it is religion for them. More interestingly ‘Guru Granth’ the holy book of this religion is being originated pioneer of ‘Sikhism Guru Nanak Dev’ and after that the leading ten Gurus similarly explore their religious journey by excersing the spiritual ballads, conscience based songs and holy hymns.

That is knowingly interesting and keenly entertaining for the knowledge of the different religion. Lead to that ‘Google’ is fabulously fantastic which round the world in words to read, to know, to write, to explore and to make a person aware of world of different phases and phrases around.

As I stated that retail cloth market was huge and interesting to shop on. Wedding dress designer wear all their even it named as now days as Azam market where as in previous centuries it was called as ‘Chota bazar’. Wuhhhh the place was ancient and apart of rare heritage of Pakistan the walls, the turns and the narrow lanes all spoke history with me. As I was walking through I have been thinking that it might be possible that once any sultan disguise himself and be here just to be have survey of his ruling area markets and people. I wished to catch the area through the digital camera but as usual I forgot to bring as it remains in custody of my junior stubborn brother.

As far as the Kashmiri Gate is concern (made in direction of master piece of beauty of Lord Kashmir), the most fabulous thing about it that there is a girl’s school inside it. Well it is school in 2009 and beginning 2010 where as centuries before it is royal residence, a beautiful haveli of a shah a great master piece of Muslim Mugal architecture. It is like Mehal too good and splendidly arranged. Uniquely these gates are standing from last two and half centuries and still are there with the same grander. These gates represent the identity of their own time and infact of era representing in the same way as they it appears.

Consequently, the place is focal point of ancient era and represents the cultural heritage of Pakistan. Alas, those places are not much promoted and in care as they deserve even than strong enough that can be stand still another coming two centuries.



‘’ World is a sound that heard by the profound ears’’

Group of people make society, different people make different societies depending on their own thinking and their mentalities. Few people have typical mentalities that led them to generate society in form of what it apparently seen or realities may hide under it. Different groups have their own ethics and manners these days due to which they have the attribute which have causes and effects to others.

Most of the people condemn each other for the different opinions that raise conflicts and contradiction. The two competitors raise the anguish and two different edges that the viewers remain salient to have decision for one. Consequently, it is just that one can decidedly or undecidedly just have form to be chosen or selective just to be counted in it.

In today’s world humans are specifically categorized in different society in order to recognize through their form of living. There are majorly three categories once upon a time.

1- Aristocratic Society

2- Middle Class

3- Lower Class

Above mentioned categories are revised in new Era as narrated


1- Aristocratic Society

(i) Elite Class      (ii) Medium Higher Class (iii) Elite Lower Class

2- Medeochors

(i) High Middle Class (ii) Medium Class    (iii) Lower Class

3- Poor Class

(i) Poor Medium Class     (ii) Poor Lower Class

By explaining these classes it’s just to make easier the way to define the group of people alive and around on the phase of earth. Elite class are those simply for whom the design of this mortal world this earth has been invented to be in the richest form. They must have every thing before them just in seconds because of the power of money for which today’s Man can kill his own blood with out any other reason.

The politicians, business men, under world and others are in the category who has their every wish in front of them for which a poor person waits for his whole life.

Medium category of group of people are the people who enjoy every thing and yet deny what they are and what they have they disgrace the people under them or lower them and in praise of the higher in position people and ought to be the same the possess so many ambiguities in the instance that they can not abolish.

The poor people remains in the same graph and wonna stays what ever they are. If they are beggars they want to be in same frame professionally just to be growing in this profession they don’t want to grow or to polish themselves for other activities of life. Once upon a time the poorer was actually poorer.

How far the life is expanding its wings the air changes it’s directs as well.So what ever be the people are they are not in with the characterization what Lord has maketh.



Lahore is very ancient and historical city having its own basic tales related to all kind of cultural people submerged with different people of religions. This city is full of energetic people having different occupations. Having fort of Mugal Era of 1600 – 1800, having identical places, having lights in the whole city, having the mixture of old and modern Era signs, still having tangos’ and the modern invented lamozeen.

Lahore represents different colors of different heritage; nothing is missing in Lahore each and every variety, each and every favor of LORD. Multi-cultured people who are living here believe in their own spirits. Caste system is still there. People are fond of gatherings and eatables. They are very interested in all the lively activities of life and its sequences.

LAHORE IS REKNOWN AS CITY OF GATES due to the magnificent architect of Muslims governors and sultans who rule the city with high temperament to be raised in high stature as they are still after so many years. They have been successful in their thinking to adorn the city in jewel of thought to be known in be in front of all other cities of the world.

Lahore has many significant historical memories but one the most that it is considered the city of gates exactly as Venice considered to be as city of bridges and river city. The little sketch of the city as gates narrated as:

1- Raushnai Gate

It is located in North. The “Raushnai gate ” Or ” Gate of Light “is located between the Royal palace and citadel. There is a very famous gali / street commonly known as the shahi mahala. The name shahi has been given after the Shahi Qila. People living here are simple. There are various food shops located around the gate. Now-a-days people are making good use of gate as they have established a public call office under the gate.

2- Bhatti Gate

It is named after the Bhattis, on ancient Raj put tribe, which invaded the quarters in old times. The most popular market here is the Hakiman wali bazar as the name suggests there are a number of Hakim shops here. A museum is also located near Bhatti gate, where there are a number of ancient remains of different old times.

Old house of famous poet and philosopher (Allama Mohammad Iqbal) is also located in Bhatti gate. He used to live here when he was doing his graduation. An old school named Victorian school is also located here; it is given the name Victoria after the name of Queen Victoria. People of Bhatti gate are lively and they love to eat heavy and good food mainly Sri pai, halva puri and lasi. The favorite sport among the people here is wrestling. Famous wrestler Kala Maro also belongs to Bhatti gate.

3- Mori Gate

It is the small of all gates of this great old city. It was an outlet for the refused and sweepings of the city. It is known for its big fish market and surgical goods, that is the biggest surgical market of Lahore. Another specialty of this gate is furniture polish commonly known as ” Lakh “. It is the best polish for wooden furniture and the one produced here is known for its quality. People of this gate love to fly kites and a big kite market is also located here. During the Basant season there is a tough competition among the shopkeepers about the quality and sale of kites.

4- Lahori Gate

This gate is commonly known as the Lohari gate. When the city was rebuild by Malik Ayaz during the time of Mahmud, the quarter of the city first populated was about this gate, which together with Lahori mandi was named after the city.

A beautiful mosque names as Muslim Masjid is also located near this gate. Biggest optical market of Lahore is also located here. Many flower shops are situated here, in which flowers of every kind and specie are available. The people here are co-operative and lively. They love to eat heavy food. The tomb of Qutb-Ud-Din Aibak is also situated in Lahori gate, adjacent to Anarkali bazar.

5- Shah-Alam Gate

This gate is named after Shah Alam Bahadur Shah Zafar (the son of successor Aurangzeb). This is the biggest electronic market in Lahore. This is the known to be the biggest retail market of electronic goods. Rang Mehal is situated in this gate and in Rang Mehal “Sua bazar” is located which is well known for its jewelry shops.

The Soneri Masjid is also located in this area; the name soneri has been given to the Mosque as the tombs of this beautiful mosque are Golden (soneri) in color. Lal Masjid is also located in this area. The ‘Kulfis’ of this area are really delicious in taste and are very famous among the Lahoris. ‘Potoras’ of this area are well known for their taste and quality.

6- Mochi Gate

The Mochi gate, the name is the corruption of the Moti, a pearl. It was called so after the name of Pandit Moti Ram, an officer of Akbar, who resided here at that time.
The most popular place of Mochi gate is the Lal Haveli. Mochi gate is known to be the “Heart of the Lahore city “. It is the biggest political place of Lahore and many political processions have taken place here.

The people of this area love to fly kites. It is a big market of dry fruits and fire works of every kind are available here. Rafiq Sweet House is the well-known sweet shop of the area. The owner of this shop started his business here with only one shop and now there are 12 branches of Rafiq Sweet House. Among the foods available here “Kabab’s “of this area are a real specialty.

7- Akbari Gate

The Akbari gate named after ‘ Jala-Ud-Din Muhammad Akbar ‘, who rebuilds the town and the citadel. Close to this gate the emperor also founded a market, which was named “Akbari Mandi “. It is the biggest retail market of Lahore, in which food grains of all kinds are available.

8- Delhi Gate

The Delhi gate is named as Delhi gate because of its opening on the high road from Delhi to Lahore. A big cloth market is located around Delhi gate. It is a big retail market of clothes. A variety of other shops are also located near the Delhi gate, known as “Chota bazar “.

9- Yakki Gate

The Yakki gate, originally known as “Zaki Gate” , that being the name of a saint. Who, according to a tradition, fell fighting against the “Tataraies” who invaded Lahore. Zaki Pir fought them with great courage and bravery. During the fight his head was cut off from his body at the gate but his body kept on fighting for some time and at last fell in the quarter of the city closed by. One tomb of this great saint is build where his head fell and the other tomb is where his body fell. There is school for blinds situated near Yakki Gate. There are a number of havelis located in and around the gate. A number of temples are also located in and around Yakki Gate.

10- Sheranwala Gate

It is also known as “Khiziri gate “, the river in former times followed by the city walls and the ferry was near this part. The gate was, therefore, named as Khiziri after the name of Khizz Elias, the patron saint according to the Mohammedan belief. Ranjit Singh kept here two domesticated lions in a cage, and the gate came to be called as “Sheranwala gate” Or “Lion’s gate”.

11- Kashmiri Gate

The Kashmiri gate, so named, because it faces the direction of Kashmir. A big retail market of children shoes is located in this gate. There is a big beautiful girl’s college is also located here. This college is built in an old haveli of a shah. Which is a beautiful example of Mughal architecture.

12- Masti Gate

The Masti gate, the name is the corruption of “Masjidi” or pertaining to a mosque. The mosque of Mariam Makhani, the mother of Akbar,  is in its immediate vicinity. The people here love to eat heavy food and there are many shops of foodstuffs located here. Milk shops of this area are very famous and the milk available here is full of taste as they add many things to it, which make its taste a lot better then the original milk.

13- Taxali Gate

The Taxali gate so called from the “Taxal “, or Royal mint, having being in its neighborhood during the period of the Mohammedan emperors. There is a very famous shoe market located here known as Sheikupurian Bazar. There are a variety of foodstuffs available in and around this gate. In which most famous are Sri Pai of Fazal Din commonly known as “Phaja”. Among sweet stores Taj Mehal and Shahbudin Halwi are famous.

All gates has its own significance and history they are templated in this historical city with all the momentary memories and the details itself of the Era and the people around it. Lahore is the city of lively people; it is ancient in identity and very significant and famous as well around the world.

Lahore Tales