Magnitude is frightening……..Magnificent realities explode the mind away….. Sudden happenings never have been being part of acceptance where one can be contented. By force if a human be some one is actually not amiable for acceptance. Acceptance comes over the contentment whatever we do, we think or we want. The UNIVERSE gives you everything you NEED, but you have to pay for everything you WANT!

    The law of destiny
    The law of Karma
    The law of Attraction

    All above three elements are thought provoking for living on earth. What if we don’t follow any rules and try to live, this calls to be taboo and it is forbidden.

    Two ways to live either be submissive either be rebellious to all around. Both ways are demanding and have it’s own nature of sacrifice, loss of in-definitions and on the contrary the gain. Tutelage for both is none. Early it marks escapade later the results.

    All results are always not fair. The results which are unexpectedly not fair are actually sign of more effort and struggle towards the goal to have better and concrete learning and yearnings. As one whom does one work thrice have better practice and value than one who just passes by and gets something for granted and loses the value. Conditions applied speak well of it. Sometimes few frequent practices kill more than anything. It makes the act monotonous and non-vibrant.

    Maze, labyrinth and games are good for mind as conscious works better if it be challenged, so the smarter use their head and be in queue early and first in rank where as they may lack somewhere in emotions or the world that connects to soul and its blessings.

    Physical attractiveness same play good and foul, it effects and causes and it creates the magic of attraction just for while. What if most beautiful badly ruined …..It happens butterfly full of fresh colors does not survive in polluted atmosphere.

    It can be around only the fresh roses and representing beauty of nature. We cannot expect butterflies in suffocation but cockroaches. For both one common aspect is best both breeds don’t kill each other but humans do!

    What ever be the signs we are having in awakening or in sleep they represent the bubble of our own very individual existence. This bubble carries basics as well as particularities. This is though bubble but weigh the pros and corns and the whole major/minor arena of the person’s life/death, actions and repulsion.

    This bubble has hall of mirrors where persona is classified, personality may defined, level of brain be specified and finally the declaration thinking and action of one’s existence. Now, actually what need to identify is how far-sighted and how narrow minded we are to question ourselves and around the universal realities to have the proper answers.

    Because reasoning is one major element of learning, we knew things because we wanted to know, we are by nature curious what we want and what for.

    – How one can assesses the hidden karma, only if head speaks?
    – How one can understands his/her persona, aura, reality of existence, only if intuition/ perception work?
    – How one can ultimate achieves what he/ she sets for him/her, only if struggle to catch the pre-destined stuff?
    – How one can elaborates and satisfied for what he/ she gains, only if comes out of fruit of struggle and application of gained knowledge?

    Mind seeks to learn out of questions and answers but how soul learns? The brain games affect the soul? Soul/ psyche is different entity than the mind? Emotions are connected with mind or soul? So many realities embalmed to humans, so many questions and answers need to be searched out.

    Even the pre-destined elements need to be defined to human world in each approach and in every course of life. Time to time the demand of favor changed but the fundamentalities remain the same.

    Few people ask themselves so many questions that their over thinking bring them to the another edge of the soar where they can only suffer their individual emptiness, gloominess and in revert it comes as apparent anxiety, sadness and loneliness. That does not meant, they are wrong in their thinking patterns. No, not at all its just they attract that energy which infact not the demand of that specific time frame set for them.

    Evaluation of conscience is a different course of study as it grains the morals, ethics and religious aspects to follow. Material world’s speech differs from the conscience’s karma. However, the trial just begins here when we start dealing with self-conflicted two edged extreme thinkings. Self-conflict out of any difference of thinking domain creates huge confusion which ruins the confidence.

    Dare to win self-control and self-conflicted thoughts. As self -winning is the best and biggest victory ever. Self-journey is actually the purpose and this the factual road map for each individual to move on. Try to recognize what lies in self and set the road to follow.

    Though all paths are not set by humans, fate traps.
    Even than dare to win, dare to ……

    Certainly magnitude is frightening by nature but self-magnitude is spiritual meditation best of all essence. Dare open it ………… dare to


DECAY OF SOLITUDE; Hundreds of Years In A Day


    Huge ambition, abundantly realized.”
    One Hundred Year of Solitude

    Why we become so over whelmed with the loneliness sometimes in life. Did we try to search the reasoning by ourselves or we depend on others or blame others for this element? Solitude defines it’s own version and dimension it reflects the same what we actually perceive about it. It’s not evil but it can be if it will be massive for a person for years after years.

    Human behavior is one good reason of it. People isolate themselves due to many conditions and out of many reasons. The damage caused my relations, the difference of mental scale, level of thinking and detachment of social activities. One of the major reason is lack of intrinsic motivation of an individual, when one after another the tasks/ trials or experiences which provide the tragic zone to the character or set backs which saddens him/her to excess. Once the balance is out in terms of mental, psychic, spiritual or worldly affairs and relationship’s chemistry nothing left human.

    Now, what if one is isolated in life, an individual is lonely, is it for sure that he or she may has any psychotic or neurotic reasons behind? We in scientific thinking implied so? Scientific behaviors conclude only this?

    What if the people who gain the spiritual essence in their lives and higher stature of occult sciences where they can see through things, are they all have psychic problems? Aren’t they? Isn’t it? Really…………

    Solitude is an alliance; it develops sense to those who better utilize it for the sake of self- development, however it is not that easy for every common person to adopt. For this self –reliance, higher intentions required. The world we are surviving in, actually living on trends of ill-trades, where youngsters even olders prefer those activities only, less or more important to kill the time.

    Yeah the unwanted humans are excess today. World, Universe and the Existing humans don’t want them to take their place. Older humans who gain the experience on the surface of earth don’t want new comers with new innovations to be the livers ……Surviving is a chemistry it’s natural depending on needs……….

    Corrosively, this world is full of unwanted humans; they add on crowd or left an individual so alone in his/her domain. Yeah we are dealing with excesses bestowed upon us by Divine. Divine balance is out. Realization concluded nature is at extreme ……… Isn’t it?

    Usually in solitude people inclined towards the element which they usually hide from others and prefer to have entertainment for their sake despite of the factor or fact declaration that what is and if purpose behind.

    Again all not same, Newton only discover what he did because he concentrated and focused extremely in salience over his intention to invent what hides in unconscious mind. He brought to the conscious mind and to the conscious world.

    The point to be made here solitude is natural salience which provokes the opportunity for human to sense and work out for the deep indulgence in self and natural resources to understand even to communicate with Mother Nature, and that Nature nurtures human conscious mind well driven by the essence of unconscious realities.

    Each and every human is unique, this is how one-self and interacting with others sense his/her true identity. This is how we define our universal realities when we interact with others we learn from them and out of this we try to give our best doings.

    Whence we are in solitude, than how we learn?
    Do we really learn from salience?
    Do we honor our own loneliness and of others a holiness?
    Why we befall to such essence of Nature?
    To whom we speak access and communicate in salience?

    We can ask nice questions to ourselves for the better answers, at least we don’t get what exactly we want by the end of times we can sense, only sense around ourselves and sometimes that’s enough.

    Shaft of theft is inside each soul and the fears and threats that can tear off
    How to manage the emotions we jungle in and juggle ourselves with? It’s complicated but easy if we gonna make it. Can only happen, when we mining out our own very business, as business for business to be done!

    We can define ourselves by our doings in this world and action is by nature though by force of Divine or by the effort of will one choose to implement. Both are mazes, both are interlinked that decline or inclined and both are pointed and appointed.

    Feeling like a day of hundred days of solitude is remarkably foils, an archive of many habits and old shaft thinkings and junk of memories. Nostalgia is a huge fit which humans use to linger the time they are in. Truly, it helps.

    The memories recalled, or brain membrane that recalling the incidents again and again actually burst and manages the emotions we revolve and survive in. That is a karma of human mind bondage with junk of emotions hits the surface now and than, again and again or whence one try to allow.

    Watchfulness is essential, three categories as mentioned, hitting of memories with bondage of effective emotions (Happened or Happening or Gonna be Happen)

    i)- Happened – Past Memories and Emotions (gained or violated)
    Condition depends on an individual either it could be now or than, again & again or if one allowed to if he is too strong to deal with

    ii) – Happening- Present Action and Feeling (Goal set to achieve or pass the time as comes). Condition applied here only how in current situation the person attentively involved in the doings either he loved to do or impelled to do …..

    iii) -Be Happen – Future yet to come, Plan and Practice for (Objective or Subjective)
    Condition applied here how the emotions affiliated with the thinking pattern towards. So it could be the reason of thinking which can conclude the memory of future prospect. That makes the huge room for human existence for hope and so on to go on …….

    See the picture, than the colors, than the shades and finally it’s reflection.
    Watchfulness is essential here …………Words are expressions, so without words we humans have language too and it is more powerful and massive to communicate.

    This is how the solitude, salience and loneliness is ………
    Massive in unspoken, unsaid words ………Magnetism and magnitude of this alliance so effective can’t be denied, it can even destroy and even defeat.

    Unwanted humans creating crowd everywhere yet approach of an individual in living in this era, vibrating decay of solitude, year of many years of hundred years in a day of salience.

    One hundred year of salience and solitude
    Years of year’s loneliness yet converted

    Ardently, abruptly and abundantly realized massive ambitions ……
    Journey sojourns ………..




    How we perceive our shoes in real life lets evaluate

    It symbolizes person’s destiny?
    It signifies opportunities for a person?
    Significance of person’s behavior towards possibilities?
    Affluence out of person’s efforts?
    Purport of person’s direction?
    Substance of person’s struggle to gain the favor of fate?
    Importance of effort or free will?

    If’s and but’s are threads. These threads are controlling and sometimes controlled. Master mind takes it up. Brain games are essentially major. It’s up to each person’s own declaration that how he/she can conclude or tender shoe’s importance or significance for him/her-self.

    Up to my mind shoe defines for a person the way of action, smooth walk and actualization of the possibility or of walking path available. If the shoe is not suitably fit in, it gives the tough time. Most of times even the shoe which is apparently rotten but if it is comfortable it is always be the preference in times of use.

    Perhaps, today’s world has different story high heels though how much they are effecting the body structure even than it’s trendy to wear them where as wearing heals actually reserving oneself from the common effort of daily activities too.

    Again brisk walk always associated with the joggers and the flat shoes, why by the way? Because it speeds up the process, boast energy and motivate to struggle to get on.

    In our modern world of science, the brands, the patterns, the expensive shoes and their display business this is all by actually the manifestation of the need what human realized time to time. With the passage of time the needs been converted and raised up to the level where desires been converted to the basic needs.

    Truly, it happens and being revolving in a specific circle we all are part of it. We all some what follows the trends and moves because without that you are not actually ponder or tender in the maintained or manifested system.

    This is how we see our world in existence for shoes, the apparent predictions and practices ….. What if shoes are associated more than that …….. What if shoes with laces are malice and malisons ………. What if shoes are nascent ….. WHAT IF!

    Few people relatively to psychology they would say there are no IF”S and BUT”S but to some extend they are wrong… If’s and But’s are for reasoning the things and in fact reason out is vital science for mind development and mind manipulations.

    Laces for shoes to tie up, tighten up, to maintain well and finally for a shape.
    If they can be predicted more than that than it would be ………..

    The point here to be made is shoes and laces are of massive significance of life’s aspect. The people who are in business and at business of life they actually know their shoes and laces well. Shoes for them, their own directions, desires, dedications and diversions. Laces for them, their links, lacks, Longtivity of initiatives and limitations.

    Economical views along with political concepts in this world of machine very concrete and substantial. World around according to my calculations and earnings counts more of economical need rather than social, therefore social needs been exploited and wiped out as a policy and policy holders only shows their flexibility where they perceive their financial or material benefit or gain. Such as an evaluation of a classy business man who suppose to be so conscious of his wearing shoes as it represents his keen sense of predating the business opportunity and possibility for sure yes and of course of his dominance towards the interactions of characters. Probably, this would add on to his mood and ego as well.

    See how people can see through things or assess through the appearances, but this all could be estimations to know the character or the personality, beneath the surface there are no ultimate material or clothing or shoes or laces available. The apparent shades may be the most different and deceptive of the inner reality but it actually threads the keen will of the person’s choice.

    Selection of red shoes instead of black is not just because only of color, it could have deeper meaning and depends of course the sequence of a person. Selection of heels or flat shoes again would not only because of apparent selection but it could be of inner influence to impact outer surface.

    This is how a sight of a person can be changed and way of thinking …….
    Shoes and laces are connected, the good thing is their appearance and reality somewhat match. Color to shape, shape to size, shine to show and toe to pop really it matches

    Significance of images, symbols and signs are too correct and wisdom would be earn through it. Nature given us also signs to understand His Techniques and Ways, so do we human in our world follow the same.

    My mind hits me to select this very symbol to elaborate; this is as I have keenly observed that shoes for foot and laces for connection how important they are. On land, on mountain what ever be the surface it needs the cover. Uncovering places are rare else where everywhere we need the cover.

    So the rhetorical triangle here represents the writer, the audience and the content. The writer works at ethos, audience generates pathos and content produces the intellectual vibes. The rhetoric questions remain the same, philosophically they are deep to enhance the reality so must ask again and again the same, shoes along with laces signify what:

    It symbolizes person’s destiny?
    It signifies opportunities for a person?
    Significance of person’s behavior towards possibilities?
    Affluence out of person’s efforts?
    Purport of person’s direction?
    Substance of person’s struggle to gain the favor of fate?
    Importance of effort or free will?

    Think to get your own answers, own digged answers are always way better in understanding and much more powerful as in learning ………


Confrontations Synthesis


    The twin houses of mystery and discovery rule any journey. Each new day is launched on a fresh landscape, one that reaches out to grab our full attention. Though new adventures are a great teacher — and often a great equalizer — there is an art to living lightly in a strange land. Mindfulness and discernment become the keys not only to success, but also to survival.

    Universal realities are all about confrontations, when their syntheses are due. There are mix energies with frames of mirrors and flames of emotive forces. What if balance has been created to each soul to rise as pious? What if the desires been objectified as goal orientations? What if eye watched the same when t closed and opened? What if?

    If’s and But’s all for vain for sure. Filling words …….
    Where as mostly designed to use or to argue ……….. Logic is not only the science to understand the realities. No and never.

    Precautionary the revealing insight, seeing through things is a prophecy based spiritual essence, it would be only the blessing or it would be an opening door upon Divine Selections.

    Dilemmas are immense when these energies have been clashed among the parties. One could see through things a farsighted person actually in situations, mostly been degraded by the majority and of course majority is authority. Wisdom is one sign of precautionary insight but is not on the whole stamp.

    We say to the world the word, the brains are different. Average functions are same but Divine did the multi-serene inventions and births to each individual. Every individual is not just the norm made up of the blood, veins and so called brain but also of the most paramount entity soul. So when the brains are different so do the souls.

    Difference of opinion actually distinguishes individuality and its impressions. Certainly in all frames in all gestures all never be same. Twice energies mix and fix. Whatever is influential would win the race. Contretemps bring the variety of thoughts in flames just to be sure if they are positively taken by the audience, if caused grudges it would be failed of the objectivity of attributing the acknowledgement of the learning of shifting of the thought.

    Feign of argument of any kind would effect both ways. Obviously the bitterest effect preserved in heart would be poisonous where as anger that out burst the bitter words would affect the character’s dealings. Both ways have their consequences!

    Easy to say difficult to act!
    Most of the people say, less act and template incorrectly. Synthesis for confrontations cannot be one sided.

    It is seen that truth lies in one to the fullest but it prevails half with the wrong doers as well. The ratio of moral even in this era is effective because Divine has HIS plans for the universe and its end.

    Near to end things loose their satiability and stability, it has been observed.
    Near to death materials loose their links and roots, it has been seen.
    Near to periphery objects loose their margins and spheres, it has been analyzed.
    Near to …….

    Divine has HIS PLANS ……..
    Insight is one key that perhaps open is door, might the blessed one can do or the people who think deeply to touch the spheres of the realities.

    Divine has HIS PLANS ……..
    Confrontations are real but apprehend as deceptive. We realize sometimes only one aspect we left another. All balls cannot be circled or can be catches in one go ……

    Easy to say difficult to act!
    Most of the people say, less act and template corrective as well.
    Synthesis for confrontations cannot be one sided.

    The twin houses of mystery and discovery rule any journey and every journey.
    Errands would be made in any case more or less one place to another to seek, to learn and to act.

    Let the confrontations actively be on track for those who deserve the upper hand. The people who deserve more value than the ordinaries. Errands should be made …….

    Divine has HIS PLANS ……..
    Though the mortals most of times have not……
    If they have though…. Could be modified as only Supreme can Rule

    Divine has HIS PLANS ……..
    Insight be given to the Divine Selective Beings ……………
    Universal realities are all about confrontations, when their syntheses are due……

Two Vital T’S


    1. We are common laymen we don’t know much about the universal agility, predominant changings and the smart mind games. Yet we can sense the humane innocence, diligence of feelings and psychological moves from affirmative character’s vibes.

      Cordially, words are sometimes not enough to express and in this world there is no measurement for the true feelings and spirit of truth as auxiliary that only found in few these times. We are fortunate to be crowned by such support, if we have!

      Accumulation, verbatim, staunchness, servileness, nadirness and erudite replete templations been done and we are fortified against the trash walls of the negative forces. When timely support of characters are around. Lord whispers in hearts, therefore treating hearts consciously are a vital job.

      Presumably, the world is a place where challenges, successes and performances spread around mainly two aspects trials and tasks. Trials are rough so do the tasks but both have major difference trials re-emanative and tasks are human designed elements.

      Tasks are fulfilled and set to be assigning character in designed frame where as trials have their own intensity and destiny handled by divine.

      Tasks can be deviated where as trials are specific, fix and deserve perseverance and patience from the character. Differences make life colorful and argumentative as obvious. We see one side of frame rest another over looked most of times. If we see both we cannot decide easily what should be our human will for any specific task or trial.

      Lets have the vision through the feelings not by the worldly aspect what gonna be the results? Surely as per the classifications of the worldly affairs it won’t that much sound. People think that wisdom is the main source to sort out the problems tasks and trials can be more presumably addressed better in energy with mind than soul. How true this is …..

      Analysis anticipated clearly recommended that any task or trial can be only sorted out with the min-max ratio when the mind is attentive and spirit is high to gain. This spirit of gaining is soul’s intensity and emotional force. What is our performance it is actually what we feel about doing things, work or any task.

      Lots of determined people hit the level of their super-ego to attain higher and most eligible level and they gain it because they stay determined to do that or perhaps they are instinctively stubborn enough to attain what they set as their targeted goal.

      Time is the source of learning and templations, trials and tasks are both connected but few tasks are human made and they are killing for others in aura and enjoyment for the one who thinks this is for outcomes. Brain games are actually the tasking few people implement for learning applications and others just play with them.

      Consumption of thinking over the aspects matters for the applications. Tasks and trials are solid entities therefore associated with strength but for sure sometimes they are hard to acquire for better results because they make the negative entities and circles to spread.

      Obviously, all the brains are not equal but they have capability to enhance and they differ to add on variety. Therefore the tasks and trails are different and unique for each brain to test their abilities and capabilities. Opportunities and possibilities to be oriented are more or less better or worse depending on the circumstances and destiny.

      Important two T’S they work out for the learning and applications……….
      To Be Continued !

  • Own Swagger


      Self importance is not bad deal, but what actually it deals? We have to think and should revise the themes ……Should we …….

      Certainly we have to …. Fashionable or smart moves are not argumentative but they actually raise fatal attractions and such attractions may cause and affect both ways …..
      Looking into the supremacy of the characters in the world is watching the power elite believing power as earning but nothing last forever ……..

      Looking into the diplomacy of the characters in the world is watching the pendulum moving to and fro as trying to stick to one point but everything is unpredictable …….
      Looking into the hypocrisy of the characters in the world is watching the fire in woods spreading swiftly edge to edge, burning all over but water is the remedy it sufficiently works …….

      Looking in to the dominance/ ascendancy of the characters in the world is watching the accuracy under treat within the time bar but one is not always right ……….
      Looking into the realities of the characters in this world is watching water from surface yet to the depth with naked eye.

      Crossing a river or ocean if there is no soaring boat it would seems impossible, but if it is thousands of impossible miles over the oceans can be voyaged. We over due, estimate or under estimate the identities of characters or self somehow in certain or uncertain consequences of life.

      Importance to self or rather than self both are needed and vital in balance because here on earth all the universal truths are mirrored. Each character is mirrored to self and to some extend to self like reflection in another, in such case two different people of different background may attract to each other magnetically and magically that they knew each others from ages.
      Moreover, it happens too that people interacted daily for years and remain strangers to each others as they have no interest as interactions.

      Attractions, interactions and intentions counts…. How people perceive things and how they implement the stuff. Such behaviors pre-defined or defined in verb would actually brief human attitude.
      There are people who are very strong by nerve, they know how to spell and expel. They know how to deal with things and people in an impressionistic way.

      There are people who are not strong by nerve; they do not know the tactics or techniques to communicate or to gel in the society as sparkling characters.
      A person who carries the higher spirit with the true attitude towards the consequence with strong head has individual and defined swagger

      The group of characters who gathers at one point with one aligned spirit of idea with keen intentions have the same spirit and inspirations to deliver the best.
      Being a character, than collectively as nation the swagger is vital to establish nation spirit and slogans to gather on one point and vision to wide spread their energies for betterment.
      So far, attitude of expression is the strongest of among all others, better the attitude as conducts better the source of vision and thought.

      We need to look upon the attitudes we adopted from ages and from old traditions, we should keep adopting them as they are the righteous and correctives. But if old traditions could be the hindrance to the learnings then they should be revised in safe hands.

      Swagger is an attitude that defines individual strength and of communion courage. Consequently, the reasonings are none but it builds confidence to the souls and the appearances collectively.
      Humans are specified with the sense of dignified roles and briefed ideas where as characters are verse to the environment and communion developments.

    Legitimate Factors


      To stay abreast, life is such a sandwich ………
      Truly it is, in it’s own versatility of uncertainty ………

      Where to dude….. where to and where from we with draw that sign of spirit and unconquerable will to be that graceful, to be part of all the rapid changings this life is bringing…..

      To stay abreast, life is such a sandwich ………
      Truly it is, in it’s own versatility of uncertainty ………

      We roam the world and come to know that religion is code of conduct. No religion taught the learning beyond humanities but when it comes to moderations or liberal approach people separate the religion from their acts and actions for the routines…..

      Confusions been caused from ages to ages, decays after decays …….
      It is in nature that human separate one level of origin to another. They actually don’t respect the difference of opinions when they took them personally.

      Let’s say every religion has procedure for the marriage contract or bonding two people in such a relationship that could frame out respect for generations. Traditions and cultures are different but bonding aspect, the need of living or the instinctive desires are the same they could not be negotiated or could not be denied.

      Now if Muslims says only Nikkah is legitimate factor for the bonding. No!
      But yes as it is Sunnah of Holy Prophet PBUH so is the right way …….. But repeating Sunnah with out the spirit of Sunnah is wrong just to fulfill the need for sake not the respect worthy values of life.

      Now days this legitimate aspect is equal to lust fulfillment. So when the generation been raised in such circumstances they neglect the original version of the topic and practical aspect and based on traditional norm what ever be the easier way to fulfill the need they may adopt that.

      So the young generations though they are in Muslim community or in Muslim countries they are equally doing the same stuff which is legally, morally and religiously not legitimate. They support this ideology because they themselves lack the practice and they didn’t watch their times to follow this religiously.

      Values never be prompted just by sayings, they have been rooted robustly by practicing the right directions. The biggest ambiguity and immorality is caused when an intellect being just come to the grounds to content the animal instincts. Societies, nations and communities been vanished, completely destroyed and been distracted by this very need that humans just follow their instincts without any values or ethics been carried.

      Relationships are the emotional tag and feelings are tangled with the relations so intensively that any emotional set back in such corner destroy the whole panorama of life. This is just the lack of understanding to the values and to continue the right practice that could be coloring life now in different aspects.

      Legitimate factors are the keen elements, to be implement in this era of change where each day seems to be a flight of dimensions.

      Humans need mid ways and easy references without any cause and effect theory, because easy ways lea to luxurious life and that is what demanded by each person but what if all the bosses and there is no labor?

      The best day is a day we work ………….True enough work is actually the Ibadaa ore than worship, more than prayer as it is the direction hat keep the psyche intact with the factors we are circled in.

      To stay abreast, life is such a sandwich ………
      Truly it is, in it’s own versatility of uncertainty ………

    Intellectual Maniacs


      Brilliant minds, formal minds, primary or average minds or superlative minds all are brainy to some extend but the idea of rationality, is central to the explanation of human behavior.

      Behavior to some extend cannot be separated from the brainy activities interlinked and interconnected with all the fundamentalities of human needs. Human nature carries unique veracity and versatility in its own way.

      Innermost nature is innocent, free from blame and always spiritually worthy. Only the outer persona – the role we play – is subject to blame.

      Being human, one gets subject to misfortunes. Your deepest and most natural self is not to blame. Suffering comes by not knowing what you are underneath all those layers of personality. Be natural and unpretentious.

      Mind is the source of knowing and it is the major key driver to any extend a person can ride to. Inventions and innovations are the most vital sign of human mind boast to get the amazing imaginations comes in to the reality where as it sounds sometimes magic that one speaks from north of America to the Oceania.

      Brainy people are unpredictable they switch gears in middle of stream because they hit the ideas so often and rapid and they move on, in their own directives and directions which they want to convert or correct according to their experiments and assessments.

      Consistency is one stressful practice that could hold a brainy person stuck or fix in the box which is out of gauge aspect for the brilliant minds.

      We have three major aspects to assess the situations or circumstances of life around

      – We explain things, emotions or skills as we see
      – We assume/ perceive things, emotions or skill we want / ought to be
      – We follow things, emotions or skills they way dictate to us

      Now three categories of brainy people who fit them up in the system or make the system for others

      – They practice things in such a focus/consistent way that they upgrade the level of earlier ratio of success
      – They imagine, innovate and discover the ideas and ways to assign the implementation therapies and theories for the engaged and in gauge people around lesser than their thoughts
      – They made things happened in their own unique way. They don’t copy don’t cheat but they create and invent

      Mind brings logic as reason.
      Reasoning is one core subject that humans are on earth and universe been created. Rationality and rational behavior is uniqueness, attractiveness and elegance of any character that swims in it. Logic, reason and rationality our interlinked together they generate mind and brain that could rule over.

      Intellectuals are unique because of their way of thinking because they are not traditional or a cultural norms they provoke a rebel attitude somewhat when they are inclined to picture any of their basic idea. Their contentment level is strangely different they don’t fulfill themselves or feed themselves over the generic available stuff or sometimes they overly want just that.

      Intellectual maniacs require something new, different and frequent if they have the constant frame or routines they would become de-motivated over the approach. Some times such maniacs know what they want and sometimes they don’t know what actually they want.

      For them the things are, as they are not very interesting. For them things ought to be are interesting. If’s and but’s they always create and always mention for better reasoning or rationalizing their thoughts frequent in frame.

      Maniacs are not those who mess around but those who make fuss, out of mess invent something which wonders at mind magic. Mind has magical force and brain is magical by Divine Force because the thought itself is a bubble it last only and so far it could be breath to mind’s energy.

      By Grace Mind is active alive drive remains in a micro mini second it would several images, many and more vibrations of thoughts relating to mass of past experiences that delve into nostalgia, related to present domain where what happening acceptable or devastating or jumping to the future how it would be at next place.

      All such stages are actually the mind ages, brain’s games.
      Intellectuals are keen seekers they observe best what they watch and they perceive what they intend to watch

      Watching around and intimating prior is their sign to mis-match them sometimes under the circumstances they been trapped or they been put in

      Devastatingly, here in world all living creature been thrown of somehow of reasoning. We create logic or we dig logic this all depends on the ideology of rationality how it been taken and how it been given.

      How this rationality been expressed? This is through the behavior ………
      Behaviors are pr-defined or been assess through many studies from the ages till this age still there is room of working for each individual to examine the act of behavior for him/her self, because self is the key and character that holds all the strength.

    Religion My Flag


      Breath at length … wishing these days ……..

      All the responsibility lesser or more suppressed or oppressed been forwarded to those who raise the slogan religion as their core activity.

      Yes they are pure or dirty this is not the concern. Whatever they are if they use religion to tag their self ego boastings, self satisfactions for the sake of their false conscience seeding, yes surely they are the culprits ………..

      Culprits, we know them and we don’t punish them …..
      We know them and we assure t doom ourselves not the root cause.

      ‘The act of following is often seen as a lesser state of leading ‘

      Setting Morals High”- When working with others, keep your standards high. Involve yourself in high-quality, team-building enterprises. The result will be successful.

      “Gathering with a Common Cause”- Don’t gather together with the wrong people, let your idea/cause/project will meet with strong objections. Secure those who share your vision. Put yourself in other people’s shoes and you will succeed

      “Sharing of Purpose”- Gathering with others will fuel and enhance the shared purpose. If everyone did not see eye-to-eye at first, they will soon.

      However, the wise person remains cautious and knows that success often comes with associated dangers. Spend your success wisely and save portions for a time of need. Abundance can come and go. Stay in contact with the person within. You are your own best kept treasure. You are what you are seeking, and always have been.

      “The Cauldron”
      But remember that you are what you consume……. Good things come from good thoughts and energies…… To give is to receive actually!!

      Protection comes through intuition in other ways as well
      And as we do unto others so too shall it be done unto us

      The grace of the material world when something is pleasing to the eye, it can fuel success and happiness. The grace of the soul is when is pleasing to the actions engraved to others, it can fuel success and happiness original ………

      Hitting back to the core subject holding a flag of religion does not meant to be clear in thought and direction over the knowledge given by religion, its just the folly and deception to self where conscience unfriend the soul to truth, knowledge and Divine….

      Exemptions, wish that it would be a night mare that some one pinched us and we woke up from this dreadful and deadfall sleep. Wish it could be …..
      World around makes us so drastic in actions that we don’t even know that which act can be a sign of gain or loss for us.

      The extreme forces out there, they are not preachers of religion they are nonetheless the people who lack direction and spirit in their lives.

      Religion is not a flag it is a direction towards the Divine, to know His creations and HIM through his creations. Drop tagging yourselves so called names like Muslims, Christians or Jews … Drop it ….. Name yourself as a human, a being, a creation by original.

      My book is holy and impressionistic not yours………
      What we apply is actually our knowledge our learning not the book closed ranked at shelve.

      Holding a thought by revision of the sense that reports around the world over the religion extremism is nonetheless is world war which is open ended. It has no end ……..

      It has no end unless Divine force now wipes the conflict of conscience and conscious birth differences rooted in humans ……

      Excess to any extend is fatal
      Balance is sound voice to sweat hearings
      Giving is taking infact
      Religion is my flag if it is based on humanism not barbarism ……….

      Vessels getting empty pore the limitless waters
      Darkness is eating, dense the unconquerable light
      Conscience is dead, spirit the live of body again
      Consciousness the drive, route the destination as objective

      Let the desire flourish, let the garden been watered
      Let the air been cleaned, let the breath be at length
      Let the sound voice to sweat hearings now

      Giving is taking infact
      Religion is my flag if it is based on humanism not barbarism ……….



      Imperatively matured maneuverings that consolidate something which embark the science of understanding over the diplomacy. Under observations the subject is real and compact.

      Diplomacy is not a negative term; it would rather consider a professional or political term. Any consequence in which one thinks of benefit is not actually the wrong element. Unless it reflects selfishness as core

      Consequently, diplomacy is actually a professional flux of the political concepts that varies from one situation to another. The best professional is one who is performer under any circumstances that would cause pressure but it would be actually the level of interest for that person who takes this up. The performer foresees the hidden easiness with the complication.

      So Diplomacy is term which can hide the actual intention with the cover image of little villain to show off what ever is hidden mysteriously it could worth goodness or it could worth evil. Both ways are there ……..

      Diplomatic demarches are delivered to the appropriate official of the government or organization. Demarches generally seek to persuade, inform, or gather information from a foreign government. Governments may also use a demarche to protest or object to actions by a foreign government. Informally, the word is sometimes used as a verb to describe making or receiving such correspondence.

      Correspondence and co-ordinations are the channels that would thread and bridge the complex and different minds with the identification of similarities. World around resources carry similarities with uniqueness.

      The political aspects related to life and the commercial zone provoking the material that is more fickle and fake rather than privileged. Humans on collective board actually share the views to be gathered on one agenda but they usually adopt the separate ways of actions. Mutual consent is there but reflection in theory rather than practical.

      Diplomacy is one key role for the personalities camouflaged on the path of commercial reality of the humans who sprang up to the level of rule. Again voting to statement that diplomacy is though political but positive term what stand for negative is hypocrisy; that in fact has no worth for carrying the care or mutual understanding for any aspect but the key is to root the gambling for the sake what ever the ill will designed.

      Stage by stage with the reference of time activities, the initiatives of intellectual brains on the collective board support the surface reality to the mutual benefit of the humans.

      Governments and the people held responsible for the public services and for the upbringing of the common man took the best of the demarche considering the situations or circumstances positively. Standard operational sciences are always idealistic in frame but what matters, is the implementation.

      There are democratic republic states who have the constitutions to follow what lacks in is the implementations by force of mind or practice in common to have the results collectively.

      Supremacy is one major complex that violates the gathering of the communion to community and community to common. Superior always suppress through strategies that could down the grace of common to raise up the stature of the one who wants and can enjoy the supremacy.

      The height cannot be compare with the depth both have their own fascinations, own limitations, comprehension and the majestic impressions. Same is the case with the first step of the ladder and the last step of the ladder. It can be symbolized as the supremacy and the minority or inferiority ……..

      Ranking define the scale of acknowledgment and so far this is the ground reality that one who trusted the guts self would be more enhancing then the person depend on others to make the direction clear.

      Mutually buzzing is important but the salience of a character into the inner self gathers more of the sort one looking forward. The world is full of the specs around handling and dealing so many commercial business, corporate sector, private associations, and government regulations aside. Ruler ship or dictatorship sooner or later under any or out of any hard and fast rule we all have to deal or interact with humans; the mankind.

      Though in higher circles and more in strength or lower in rank or interacting with fewer all are some how diplomatic and carry the demarche and with out it no one works in professions and now a days not even families and in group of common people exchange of thoughts

      We gain one thing and we loose on another side
      We done with much of materialism, wealth and fame and yet we are agar to do same more. Instead of we have been fetching ourselves far from the ethics and morals and the values for the community as common and for collective and even for individuals.

      Demarche towards carrying the balance for both aspects is unknown these days to most but yet few try for it plainly and transparently……….