Self Entification


Human sciences estimated a lot about world and of course about human existence and relationship between human and the world exploration around. Science and human explore world and key accountancy of knowledge rang wide across.

The debate is of Self Entification either it be the sign of psychological science or emotional one, whatever it necessarily defines human existence in the wider consequence on both ways, both good as well as evil. Upon all the signs and symbols those involve to capture human existence into reality of material and also to delve in the depth of oceans and peak of mountains.

Chosen being is human to incarnate and incarnation of mixture of good and evil. Now this depends on effort of being illumination of wisdom and knowledge that either human wants to be empowered of what into the delving truth of reality in existence. Human conduct is impossible myth based on physical, psychological, substantial, sensual and believing roots this is struggling journey from the ancestors of human existence.

Today human is rather mechanical form of neurotic experiences and experiments. Human neurotic race is unachievable and unlimited in source. Many of us in this race feel the pressure of our thinking imbalance but most of us can’t be aware of all the mortal waves to be stated and to be sanely acted upon.

That is because the lack of self concentration on the emblem and realm level. If we understand one side of our own personality, we definitely ignore the other because human is not self generated being. It is a refined crown creature by the Divine Source and human is near to creation’s perfect among and as compare to other creatures.

According to the Muslim religion especially in Sufism human is the reflection of Divinity and the Divine Essence therefore as a whole human is a wide subject to conquer.

Mental capabilities their resourcefulness their balance and brain activities today all are the front stage show on the phase of earth among the world human races. Human brain is extreme technical and mechanical source it is extra-ordinary in structure especially in function. Though human brain has no brain itself, human desires acts that flourish and human conduct save messages in brain and provide holograms to be in function and be activated as demand that could be positive indeed and negative incase and of course per demand.

Here the exterior atmosphere relationships and interior human emotional science and spiritual conductivity rule and explore. Commonly what collective gatherings and Era perform the same new born and coming generations reform themselves in such shade.

Despite of the fact that human brain has no brain itself and human own self entifications, self anticipations can feed or programme the neurotic essence as human desires, emotional behaviors or spiritual aspects, lead the way to be in delve. So far human brains can mechanically work out the sane, it has the power of hallucinations it is empowered with the essence of adjustments.

Consciousness works for alive arena, sub consciousness the suspension between aware brain/mind and the hidden brain mind unconsciousness. Sub consciousness is rather expansion to both. Being ardent student of this journey and its’ all subjects myself I feel that Mind/ Brain is the strongest essence beast of all other living beasts.

The hidden slept mind/brain (Unconsciousness) is more empowered memory bank. I would rather declare a staircase to the upper most world above heavens and the lower most world of world of knowledge and wisdom.

Yet not completely explored this area of study but yet this brain mind can be declare as self anticipation, Memory room which is connected of conductivity and connectivity of the spiritual Divine Essence and to the material norm of this world within world and here after.

Mind science or brain calibers are more strongly connected and webbed with the sentimental emotional Essence of the human ‘Conscience’ and spiritual essence. Human soul is empowered in declination and inclination of the adaptation of what brain necessarily or unnecessarily does not accept. As an example Miracles as a believe in spiritual essence which are beyond wisdom.

If the mind is prepared source from the Nature than new born should just come in this world and just be ready for the performance on any ground but this is not true this world is learning place for the human mind/ brain instead of trials and tests human brain cannot work steadfast.

Human mind need riddles to solve to be in activated connectivity to get the desired results. Human behavior, emotions and Nature is the Divine essence that could be source of human genetics or the Natural blessed favors but the mind/brain need worldly testimonies.

Anticipations demands tests so do the brain of human for the better work out and best in results for thinking and intellectual resourcefulness. Human emotional behaviors and natural instincts are culcated, captive and cultivated source of knowledge where as brain works with the effort of programming with the practice and time management of mind feed with fruit of wisdom, knowledge and learning exercises.

Tame your practices of positive thinking and positive learnings for the productive and progressive fields that fruit in intellectual wisdom provoked sources so that human brain be the part of humane generous source not that it reacts like machine and destroy all other human aspects of nature, emotions sciences or spiritual consequences.

Brain entities are miraculous by Nature but yet they are structure of flesh and blood they thoroughly need the same natural source of food to be in shape ……

We as today’s human unnecessarily need to be near to nature rather than so mechanical in our attributes instead we are exploiting our own nature systems by our own selves.

Fall in Self Entification and Self Anticipations for the better subjectivity and objectivity ….for better knowing and growing …….

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  1. Jolyn Says:

    Hey, that’s the grtesaet! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?

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