The Pen


In this world the pen is the vital aspect of education. The history of pen is eternal and divine it is the strength of pen that what ever human can sketch or save will revert back as it is after so many centuries.

These days living in the digital age, you get so caught up in emails and Face book and Twitter. There’s something to be said about handwritten notes–they really show how much time and effort you’ve put into the thoughts.

There are so many other terminologies to replace the pen in these living days but even than Pen stays in its position it can not replace by any new terminology.

Pen is the product of achievers now days, business symbol as well and arts and craft do explore by this tiny little object. To say it object is not fair because this is powerful source that may convert pagan to accept the truth is real sense.

To convert is not that easy but PEN can do this!

Pen is divine source; ink of it is like an ocean that can consume many species deep inside to develop them to be care taker of them. A pen is very important because a hand-written letter has explosive social impact.

The words written once can never erase as the pen got the importance of words by explaining and elaborating the idea what ever the writer wants to express.

To write is not important but what is written by the quality of pen and style and theme may express by the wordings are more important.

Pen is the most expressionist unconquerable object that may describe any subject of life. It plays vital role for the status and stasis of human up bringing and human idsyncrasis are only impressionistic because of PEN.

It is understood that LORD Himself defines the importance by blessing human to:


The importance of pen is verily mention in ISLAM and Morley in other religions too. The life is too short to understand the importance of PEN however KALAM is profound and extravagant that achieve the identity of reality.

PEN is sort of puzzle but not to those who know the way to use it if the use of it is positive than one can conquer the world around if the use is damaged by one’s own prejudiced mind than there is no worth of it.

It is worth living and worth developing that pen can underestimate, overestimate and even cause extremism in writer through which he can explores the world.

World will not last forever so do every worldly thing but as PEN is divine source which remains in the same position and strategic.

Consequently it is not a product that violates seasonally it is itself a character, a persona, a self writer and a divine speaker through the hands of writers.

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