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Technologies of Millinium 2000


Rockets, Satellites, Wireless connections, Cell phones, Remote less Devices, Gigantic Machines all these inventions by human genius mind explore the universe through his intellectual approach. Now a day there is no life with out the technical objects. Human can not think life without technology today. Mornings to night and so on humans are living among […]

Soul Or Psyche Or Mind


World encyclopedias explain the meanings of these words in the way that these are unseen connected spirits with each other. Few people are of the view that these are interlinked with each other but are different terminologies yet they are not. Soul and Psyche are both reflection to each other, SOUL…. it might be negative […]

Boss Or Bossy Attitude


The one who can never be underestimated, can never be overestimated, one who can never be incorrect just always correct, one who can discover the world in his mind and rule realistically in his mind but himself puffed to be born to rule. The one stay on the top of the world always never mind […]

Science As Key Knowledge


To know things really from the soul object fundamentally, completely and totally to enhance the motive for life is called science as per my chemistry. Science is sort of knowledge that adores nature’s reality and to know the God and His Creations and the whole Universe form the beginning to onwards. Science believes in logic. […]

Customer Services


Customer Services Customers are the most vital source and component of business to render services to em is an art that will measure their expectations and as a result we have satisfaction of customer. Good branded customers can be secured and be the regular customer of any business or organization only because of basic professional […]



‘All the world is stage and all of us are acting characters’ Shakespeare said these golden world earlier to express that this phase of life is just like bubble this is also his philosophy to some extend. Similarly life on the earth of humans is the name of rolling up adventures or several plotted stage […]