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Specie’s Speech ….


Water World Specie’s Speech …. I am a dolphin; my world is full of waters…. Full of ecstasy ….I am a dolphin ….The light I got from the world around delighted my soul I live under waters but there is no darkness….. I am a dolphin … Under waters there is a world full of […]

The art of Talking Myself!


I have nothing learn more intense and better than talking myself, I never ever have a better friend than myself conscience…. I have never been in heavens before until I have start talking myself . I was a cute kid when I use to make imagination world of my own identity, my games were pure […]

Life writes the Questions we pursue the Answers !


How far this narration is correct? Is it alright to mention that we as human peruse the answers to life given questions or life itself states……. Yeah it is up to the level of anticipating that what actually the worth making, perceiving and the thinking towards the consequences of life. Life is not a straight […]

Life Through Reflections……


Life through reflections, Life through words, Life through images, Life in reflections, Life in words, life in images …. Life it exists…. Life where we will find you…. Where … Do in reflections….Do in Images….Do in Words… Where do… Life where we will find you ….. Quest for you is time’s desire…..Quest for you is […]

From My World to Yours… …


The happiest times may occur in the most unexpected places where hidden secrets have a way of escaping. Everything happens that happened to be! Which not gonna happen is actually fascination, imagination, perception or beyond that you are lucky if you seen or feel such things, that you have access and excess to them! Essence […]



From the smile of a new born baby to the innocence of face of kitten all in all is beauty…… Nature disguise in mother’s instinct or the blooming flower all in all is beauty…… playing child in fantasy and the splendid roses all in all is beauty ……. Sky to the green lands, trees to […]

Aesthetics Sense


Aesthetic Sense is a sense just like other five basic senses in human structure, it may compare to the common sense or on the contrary it may little higher in stature than the common sense, because common sense is a sense which is not commonly used by common people upon the common aspects of life […]

The Source of Life – The Colors


Each object or molecule may stay transparent but Lord has not maketh ever thing transparent because dulibility is also a study which is vivid and deep to learn. The source of life is the COLORS and Almighty Allah has blessed, spread and sprinkled them in the whole universe. Universe adorns and at torn them fabulously […]

‘Castle Of Thought’


So far the ‘Castle of Thought ‘never exists in reality, but it depends on a person to make reality as refine as per his image of thought. Reality has its’ own truths, own false, own success, own falls; it brings forward what a human can estimate sometimes and may not judge most of the times. […]

The Pen


In this world the pen is the vital aspect of education. The history of pen is eternal and divine it is the strength of pen that what ever human can sketch or save will revert back as it is after so many centuries. These days living in the digital age, you get so caught up […]