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Maple Leaf!!


Some what it is very tough to make others understand the season changings prior without evidences what they do while knowing such hidden things? As they are not eager to learn or they did not try to manage the seasons as per the level of understanding. Seasons reflects through the leaves. Green leaf presents the […]

Sayyidah Hazrat Hajirah; Mother of Hazrat Ismail A. S


Then………………..Then she ran quickly towards opposite hill called Marwah; in order to find any beam of life. But nothing visible even at a long distance. In this way she has taken several rounds between Safah and Marwah. She became dead tired and sat down on the ground while embracing the will of Allah. But innocent’s […]

Light and Darkness


Sun rise and it gulps the last night saying that Creator makes me the ever light maker for the earth and around the whole other worlds and for the Universe. I’m the one symbolically and vital sign of Creator the biggest object and fire burning specie. That’s true that I lit up the light all […]

Frets // Fears


Fear is a sense, it is natural somewhat but sometimes it will be descend upon the creature though because of circumstances, the circumference in which living or the immoderate happenings around the scheme of the creature’s around. This is just natural implementation over the sense of creature that sense of terror always strong in mammals […]