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Miracles of Mysticism


‘’My madness is part of debate of world’s journalism; my madness is non subject of those who can’t be mad until they taste the same doze of it. This would be madness in sense of nature of the world of materialism they can’t estimate this madness, the metaphysical effects of it, they can’t understand this […]

Inner Saint


Verily, the connection between the anthropos ( human beings, including the male and female) human nature and human being is not of the bodily relation but of the divine essence that could lead conscience, consciousness and soul interlinked and connected with each other. The consciousness, the aware conscious though have the self-identity and here by […]

Prestigious Coin


The coin used at the time of need is the sigh of relief of having desired thing well in time frame of necessity, similarly in the opposite situation if the need is there and coin would work out for the desired caused it would be the sake of fake and one can only condemn the […]



The most important character, the conscience which is hidden but the impelled source to recognize one self, most of the times it is positive but it could be on any track whatever it will be inclined to, this is what actually human consciousness attached with, this is infact the human world to identify and to […]