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All About Faith


Here wins, who possess the knowledge of practice for the ultimate goals with consistency and persistence ………….. Map the human existence from the day first is though complicated, similarly as to calculate the end of human world and the human history, literature and the whole profound universal existence. Whole of realities are not the mere […]

Submission to Fate Forgeries


Fog, Fog and fog around, the smoke is out but the fog is in. How to explain this fog of heart, how to elaborate this smoke from ice, how to give words to this wheel that could roll and can bring all the memories ……..How could one ……. How could one can possible enhance or […]

Shoring Oceans ……. Salient Edges !!


Riding on the horse is a fascinating experience and it is enchanting so far that could ride on the nerves on human to tame the most faithful creature as a rider. Similar is the inspiration to fly in the air, very alluring and magical experience for sure again similar as to dive in the waters […]

Flight of Imaginations


Sitting in the class room while apparently concentrating the book reading the flight of imagination is there, while working on the office table apparently staring the system the flight of imagination is there, instantly walking on footpath while thinking certain things of purchase the flight of imagination is there, Co-instantly creating check and balance to […]

4 P’s;


Preparations, Planning, Penetrations & Practice Sensitive being who feels a lot and knows little is the most unfortunate being, most unlucky creature under the sun in this whole universe. Sensitiveness is just not an emotion but it is actually the unknown, unseen and indescribable myth that connotes the sense of feel most in range. Some […]

Bliss Beyond Belief !!!


So often I think the most Divine and Heavenly aspect in the life for this worldly life and thus figured out that bliss beyond belief is the actually the seed of knowledge of prayer to Creator. The prayer is the most important practice of Ibada; it adds the value to the life and to the […]

Forwarding To The World Unknown….


Truth is somewhere hides under waters or beyond the highest mountains, or in heavens but it has such powerful existence that no one can underestimate it or estimate it to the direction of his own. Truth has its such existence, the presence that it connects, contributes and consummate. Truth is the converse reflection of reality […]

Wanderings of Mind


Mind is mysteriously extreme and extremely huge factory of sounds of thoughts. Mind is the partner role of brain and brain is the labyrinth of various numerous and unlimited imaginative perceptives, predictive innovations and periodic assertiveness. Mind is the huge factory of memory making, recalling the moments saved in it sometimes it make so vague […]

Unknown Reasons


All and all have reasons at core, in depth and in reality but are they actually? Sometimes we stay happy for the reasons unknown and sometimes we stay delusional for unknown reasons, sometimes melancholic, sometimes tragic and sometimes beyond the boundary of human existence and even so easy to forget the miraculous providence of truth […]