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The theme of life divided as mainly two domains. There is salt which is white and another is pepper which is black. School of thought for the white and black is simply truth and lies. Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing. We learn the most core lessons from liars, they challenge us […]



‘’ They are not Solitary Rulers, they are all that, we are not.’’ Power elite; why supremacy is enjoyable and attractive, needs are defined to them or connected to them?? ‘’This world is Sojourn, Journey to next we started the Horizon”. You never resolute things by hand you actually resolute things by your thinking. If […]



Magnitude is frightening……..Magnificent realities explode the mind away….. Sudden happenings never have been being part of acceptance where one can be contented. By force if a human be some one is actually not amiable for acceptance. Acceptance comes over the contentment whatever we do, we think or we want. The UNIVERSE gives you everything you […]

Legitimate Factors


To stay abreast, life is such a sandwich ……… Truly it is, in it’s own versatility of uncertainty ……… Where to dude….. where to and where from we with draw that sign of spirit and unconquerable will to be that graceful, to be part of all the rapid changings this life is bringing….. To stay […]

Contour Cauldron


Heavy feelings are the part of life but they must not be life, no one likes to have heavy feelings for the soul, it just happened by universal law The desires of your heart do come from your Soul. Your Soul which is the Higher or Expanded Self that knows all that you are capable […]

Estranged Bugle


It’s been with the passage of time, we learn we experience and we get matured …. This is common saying but during this twofold journey where we have the spirit development and the physical enhancement we have many jolts, halts and many hiccups….. The most vital law of karma is to ‘LET IT GO’, the […]

Drawing Lines in the Sand ….


Drawing Lines in the Sand …. Harmless days are when I thought I am in the middle of danger, in the mid of whirlpool, perils are all around, the walls around are getting tight, I am afraid, I am scared, my frets are just nothing but just frets …. My Fears are just nothing but […]

The Coins …


Coins; The key coins or the manuals … I found and lost so many, I kept the less… The kept ones are not desirable they are subject to net, The lost were the desirable but out of the nest The found were kinda silver lining, they never took as best Endings are the findings, finding […]

Area Of Limits


This is the area of limits when it is designed to be hold on. Area of limits … Do we have limits or any area of limits in life to carry on or hold on? Do we pass through any sublime system to believe in any ideology? Do we have actually any grounds to move […]

Crusades of Experience


The most enhancing and the most complicated entity in Universe is time, unforeseen, upfront, unpredictable, and unfathomable and the most important entity that can be friend or foe. No one ever predict the actual practical course about it. The world around revolving for better cause and the figures, available one not much up marked sometimes, […]