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Passion, Spirit, Wisdom, Intelectia, Spectrum of Universe all are the proportionally, positioning of purpose of attaining all in mind and conscience which is not yet pre-defined….. Benefiting the idea in to theme of vision, then convert in the letter of wisdom for others as literature learning is the higher worth of identification as achievement ……..  […]

Yamu –E- Ashura !!


Moharram Alakram is the first month of Muslim Year Hijri and it is the most significant of all other eleven months the 9th and the 10th dates of this vital month are the most important one. Through reliable Islamic resources these two days are of great worth and interprets the sign of many happenings, those […]

The Culture of Muslims


‘ For every one of you we appointed a law and a way, and if Allah had pleased He would have made you a single people, but that he might try you in what He gave you. Therefore vie with one another in doing good. You will all return to Allah and He will inform […]

The Future of Islam


‘’Allah never changes a favor (condition) which He has conferred upon a people until they change what is in their own selves, and surely Allah is Hearing, Knowing .’’ (The Holy Quran) The Muslim world, and indeed the rest of the world, has been overcome by commercial, technological, monetarist and political dominance of the West. […]



The Holy Prophet (PBUH) the Last Messenger of Almighty Allah is the highest in stature an blessing upon all the Universe an for all the living creatures. His humbleness, love, kindness, piety,honesty and tolerance weave the world to the path of harmony . He taught to enhance the pattern of life to be successful in […]



It is said rarely, randomly, usually and most of the time by people of all Era and all religions that conceptionally or really there is world where the EXISTENCE MAY EXIST the day before. That must pronounce as PRE-EXISTENCE. As far as the religious concept it is clearly the reflection that soul being made by […]



This is the ultimate truth that the CREATOR is undoubtedly ONE. His ONENESS is the sign of Almighty and Glory of His actions. Centuries ago many pagans ought to believe in other concepts they start thinking conceptionally that GOD’S PRESENCE is just and must but His world is just like the earthly beings. Those pagans […]

Existence Part 1


This is the most critical, complex and vital topic that spot light towards the major aspects: The Creator, The Creation, Birth and death, pre-birth, cosmology, universe and its’ purpose more over this topic is as vast as ocean, even I can consider that even the five oceans eventually join and will become the pen even […]

What Is Literature ?


Literature originated from Latin word ‘littera’ describes the meaning ‘’acquaintance with words & letters’ .It covers whole ground of life aspects and spheres. Literature is a term used to describe written or spoken material. Broadly speaking, “literature” is used to describe anything from creative writing to more technical or scientific works, but the term is […]