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Essence of Main Major 6 C’s


Conscience, Consciousness Connection, Connotation with Creator’s Commandments Prophesies are nearly to be fulfilled the true ones and this just been prophesized by the Prophets of all times and ages by the Will of Creator. One of the most important reliable and prophesized connections is also subject to the development of the wheel of life, fate […]

I killed the Liar


As liar never has an identity, how often I think this dilemma yet the only identity of lying within the consequence of struggle and just live in a moment. Yes, how often I think how malice and dainty it looks to the outer world and to the tongue when its train goes on lying and […]

Delve In ‘Selves’


It is just not the emotion but more than that, very strong, very fascinating and it trapped me in the crown of jewel, the best of all, the rest of all, quest of all and nest of all …… ‘Myself’ is a core of that crown of jewel, it contains selves, many selves, but most […]

Aggressive is Progressive!!


Living is not just a mere chance of acting the best in the trial but is possibility to achieve impossibilities through uncertainties of a certain plan to grow , to sow, to reap, to fertile and to make what actually does not seems to be. The power and the thinkable adjustment which comes from human […]

The Crowd…


Noise…..Aloud noise…..people of certainly of all ages uncertainly uncertain of uncertainties …..Noise….Crowd …they are all around, some are revolving each other, some are revolving around themselves…..They rose up and make noise …..This crowd … The huge crowd that makes the thinkable annoyed … The crowd that make nothing but protest against everything especially about living, […]