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Black Water


Imperialistic approach ” EXTERMINATE ALL THE BRUTES” ……………. This is the revolutionary clause of those who believe if they people are not sane actually not tamed as per their chemistry than just exterminate them, not matter what they are humans, no matter what they are living beings , no matter what they have also right […]



Relationships are like wax they stay if the temperature may provided at norm, they melt if get fire close by. Good, fair, honest and sincere relationships are¬†precious and great blessings of Creator though they will be the blood ones, the kin ones or just acquainted with the time ………..Honor relationships with acceptance, speech brings¬†you close […]

Corporate World


Corporate World is not Fool’s Paradise, but it is the realistic World where the fittest can survival over and up to the Will, Power, Strength and autonomy. The Weakest can killed, can degraded. Ever Sun rising brings unpredicted day of life, one can survive, other can lose. One can stay, other should leave. One rise […]