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Knowing…… Learning ………We want to know because we are curious. We are curious because this is our Nature. We are Nature, but Nature is not us. Unheard, unseen and untouched Nature yet more powerful, adhesive, abrasive, prolific and unpredictable. Full of wonders, this land is, this earth is and so the Universe. And so the […]



Select it wisely, when it comes to pick the thought for action. Select it sanely. Our power of thinking design the circle of acts, very commonly it is said. How commonly it is practiced? This is important question. Life turns, it’s colors and stages by switching off and on courses so randomly. Human sensory character […]



Obsession and possessions to hold on something special or something apparently seems special to some one leads to lie of deception. Deception is rapport with lie hidden with truth and deception is rampant; it certainly flourishing unchecked. Truth from lies is a biggest discovery we come to know when we interact with the characters. This […]

DECAY OF SOLITUDE; Hundreds of Years In A Day


Huge ambition, abundantly realized.” One Hundred Year of Solitude Why we become so over whelmed with the loneliness sometimes in life. Did we try to search the reasoning by ourselves or we depend on others or blame others for this element? Solitude defines it’s own version and dimension it reflects the same what we actually […]



How we perceive our shoes in real life lets evaluate It symbolizes person’s destiny? It signifies opportunities for a person? Significance of person’s behavior towards possibilities? Affluence out of person’s efforts? Purport of person’s direction? Substance of person’s struggle to gain the favor of fate? Importance of effort or free will? If’s and but’s are […]

Phoenix Marionette


(Long-lived Bird Puppet) Re-generations actually happens, life with in life is the formula. Life lived is actually earned expectancy. Longeivity sometimes is fruitful and sometimes fruitless, depending upon the seed of generation and its worth. None other than there is no such reality which is beneath the surface not acknowledged by nature itself. The keen […]

Observations !


Strange are the happenings around the world if inner prospective is not indulging or revolving around the same we look outside. The compelled realities are sound enough for the conscious efforts we do, because so far it is natural actions, reactions or implementations may design upon the coerced manifestations. Revitalization needs nonchalance approach when wisdom […]

A Tale of a Dreamer


Profound Character Priceless Soul Pointless Figure Esteemed Personality Extravagant Persona Epitome Feminine Profound Character >> She always saw the flight of birds around and loves the most that fly high above in sky. Weird enough her feelings sometimes she becomes happy of the same flight yet afraid of the same. Happiness and fear both always […]

Same door for Every One


I assume living here is just a passage through I assume living here is sometimes stages through turnings and passing through doors ….. One door to another the journey prolonged or finished …. I assume living here is just a passage through …….. I assume there is less focal view time outer to window, as […]

The Third Eye


The Third Eye; The Preconception, The perception… During the course of life I wander and wonder all along that how fine is the idea if everything and every channel must be smoothen and directed as Myth or as per given books. How much the life is easier if the predicated given books are easily being […]