It seems we are working on COLLECTION OF PIECES, as if we are given a glass menagerie. During all this process we are stand still and under learning how the system and the admin of the world is actually operating?

We are aware that there are various orders and systems in the world and each one has defined man and his Nafs/Self in its own way. One of these systems in our age is the materialist order of Marxism which has engulfed half of our globe and ideologically, it has seriously clashed with our Islamic ideology. Marxism has simply defined man as an animal.

Islam defines human to understand vibrantly, through three basic characteristics:
Jism – Body/Physique
Nafs – Personality /Character
Rooh – Soul/Spirit

Religion (ISLAM) taught us the wisdom and the words of Divine source, as creation we cannot deny. Hence, we knew that CREATOR is the Ruler and Sovereignty only belongs to THE ALMIGHTY.

Yet there are many nations around the world not even believe in basic foundation of nature and they deny even the Presence of Almighty. Since they more emphasize physiognomy/physical existence and tangible materials than the reality unseen to belief.

Most of All, I Believe Can’t See
Hidden Truths more Powerful than Appearances.
Though Outlook Captivate
Influential enough to curtain the flaws
Enough to deception, blind us to see through things.

Since we all are evident of the fact that Good and Evil both present.
If Good is omniscient, so does the Evil on its part.

Late Eighteen Century, psychological experts worked on many areas of soul/psyche. This study is experimental and with the passage of time if it adds value of knowing human being, it also navigate previous chapters. Cutting it short, watching with the angle of modern psychic experts even they fully agreed on Freud’s three fundamental levels of human nature/psyche:

Libido > Animal Instincts
Ego > Self/Heart/ Self-Consciousness
Super Ego > Higher Self/Soul

Freud’s acuity of observation is really appreciable. Through his vision at-least, even the jungle man determined to understand the layers of being. Again experiments and the time to time study refers the focused observation of a keener. The dimensional realities may have more beneath the surface.
Spiritually, Human journey never ends, if one errand finish the next one begin. This is because the soul is immortal it stays, leaves and turns to another world till the ultimate decision be made by the Creator.

Biologically, Human journey is also interesting.
I don’t believe in Darwin’s theory, even being a kid when my science book has this topic it really sounds stupid to me. Apes cannot produce a human, maybe human can.

Most worthy script that could be assign as real and one sane spirit can believe, is from the source of religion. Creator made Adam out of clay and appointed as Crown of Creation, as Adam has given and blessed with senses, wisdom and soul.

Now that’s how the journey begins:
Senses/sensory powers, few humans are lesser with and blessed ones are primitively higher.
However every human kind have them.

Simultaneously, the wisdom it may be earned by learning of value addition of knowing/exploration or again stronger element it is given/blessed. Most of humans are deprived of it only lesser marked their identity with.

Similarly, the soul, if it’s blessed it can raise above the oceans and the peaks.If not than human is none other than a lefty, an animal.

This is how religion and its scared branches dealing with spirituality explains layers by layers, layers and layers of human’s nature, again Freud was not a Dervish or a spiritual person but his acuity of observation and curiosity of knowing leads him to the same shore, at some extend where he got the fundamental ties between human psyche/soul/conscience and mind/consciousness.

Man is holding very strong voice inside. That is to say:
SELF (Nafs), ‘The Carnal Self’ predominantly, its nature and behavior has urge to dominate/influence over whatever this being interact with. This is how the journey of human becomes really adventurous. Because of this urge, Man goes after the exploration, stunning constructions, kingdoms/monarchy, beauty and battles/wars.

Further to know this SELF, the emergence of following types in human nature:

Nafs E Ammarah > Animal Instincts
“Indeed the nafs that overwhelmingly commands a person to do sin.” The Holy Quran
The Self/Ego/Psyche which dominates/Impulsive.
In which, Man subjugated by it, subordinate to it, listen and follow all of its dictates and commands.

In its primitive state the NAFS has Seven Characteristics that must be overcome:
Pride > Greed > Jealousy > Lust > Backbiting > Stinginess > Malice

Nafs E Lawwamah > Conscience
“And I swear by the reproaching soul.” The Holy Quran
The Self/Ego/Psyche of self-incriminate and to self-reproach.
In which, Man commits sin after regret/remorse and got guilt. Sometimes he commits and admits sin and refrain from it. Sometimes pre-recognition of evil and hold self to fall for sin.

In its advance state the NAFS has Scale like qualities:
To & Fro pendulum choice between good and evil > Experience over Innocence > Conscious Struggle

Nafs E Mutma’innah > Peaceful Soul
“Oh reassured soul, return to your Lord well pleased, and pleasing to Him.” The Holy Quran
The Self/Ego/Psyche that has reached a state of Serenity.
In which, it has no unlawful desires. The state where faith completes the soul and fills it with higher aim to please Creator all the way/ in any case and to be pleased by Creator.

In its riped state the NAFS has gained the Peace:
Earned Serenity for better sake of hereafter Rewards > Instead focusing on Worldly affairs.

Human has life cycle/ developmental zone of body shaping/period of growth I-E childhood, adolescence, maturity and old age. Similarly, The SELF has seven stages of developments:

The Inciting Self > Al-Ammrah
The Self-Accusing > Al-Luwwmah
The Inspired Self > Al-Mulhamah
The Self at Peace > Al-Mumainnah
The Pleased Self > Ar-Rayyah
The Pleasing Self > Al-Maryyah
The Pure Self > Al-Sfyyah

Ensuring that ILIM; knowledge has given such source of learning to humans. It’s not essential that every human passes or surpasses successfully all these stages. There are several humans, they even can’t touch the base of any level, and they keep themselves believing Marxism, mere animal instinct to live this life.

Life of human is apparently simple yet it is not that plain in reality.
It is connected, affiliated and bridged with many unseen realities, this is how one journey is the source of another. Body transformation to thinking aspects, from self to the conscience, from Nafs to consciousness, from self to soul.

Goal orientation, the higher attainment of aims and the twofold exploration of life and hereafter, this journey only be achieved by the souls, who are blessed and bestowed with extravagant strength. Believe, Faith, Patience and Reliance on Creator Alone are the core elements, pave way ahead for soul’s purity and rewards hereafter.

How far humans are following the given guidance by Providence/Divine?
Still the people are not clashing upon the religions?
How many of us, think and act according to the given doctrine?
Even after the completion of the Peace/ISLAM, do people really practicing it?
Why around the world, every religion splitted and has many sects with in?

We need to understand and develop our clear comprehension with this reality that Creator has not only made only one kind. Almighty Allah has made many kinds/beings and whole universe that we can see or we can’t. Hence, Jinn’s are also one of the kind Allah made.

We have clear references from THE HOLY QURAN, where it has clearly intimated how, when and why Satan envied Adam and swear to harm the mankind till the Day of Resurrection/Day of Judgment, so ALLAH has granted him this time bar.

We are facing the consequences, what that ultimate enemy of our mankind prevailing upon us. Today this world of materialism, economy of paper money and GOVT control system all in all is none other than the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN. The world dictator somewhat on the base level is Satan, though without the word of CREATOR, not a leaf can fall but here is the matter of RULE.

Once mankind interrupted to help each other, follow the profane desires of Nafs (through which Satan whispers)And prefer cruelty instead of humanity and kindness, somewhat the MERCY of Heavenly Kingdom been uplifted.

Out of many institutes/organizations today are mere puppets and their governess, is actually subject to evil forces, with the same evil aim of Satan, to destroy and deploy the mankind from their nature, purity and goodness.

Self goodness is subject to effort, whereas good soul is certainly blessed.
Wise people think beyond reach and they knew every matter exists only threading with unseen powerful impact of unseen reality, hence they try to dig it, surf it and try to set higher goal to be rewarded in world hereafter.

Undoubtedly, there is a life before this life and after this life.
We are making our transaction just in the middle of stream. Therefore, the beginning and the end both are two edges though seems departed yet their corners are somewhat knotted.

This world is not a play land that people will kill each other and will not answerable. This not power game at all. Everything has purpose, time, quality & quantity. So everyone is answerable for the deeds the select to act.

The followers of evil can plan foul games but can’t win.
The best of all PLANNERS, is always the CREATOR HIMSELF.

We are nor prophets/saints that we may born innocent and die the same. We are layman/humans we are emblem of so many layers hence we may commit mistakes and sins at any stage of life. The best part is to identify own actions and correct them in the light of given Divine Doctrine to avoid joining/ sharing the slightest ray of SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN.

May light, wisdom, blessings and goodness the source of illuminating our souls.May we follow the Right Path, the Path of Right Doers.

Humans can be civilized only if they practice humanity within the range and boundary.We all are connected in one way or another, we all are faulty or we all are none.

Promises to others have no worth, but self promise to be convicted that as Crown of Creation, I am the being would stay faithful to my Creator; The LORD of the UNIVERSE and will not disobey against ALMIGHTY’s WILL.

Don’t allow them, make yourself an easy prey to Satan or his followers.
Be tough to evil by acting such goodness that weigh more than anything in the Scale.

Peep inside.
Don’t see things but see through things!